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Why Do African Americans March on MLK Day In Seattle?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

kenya marketLadies and gentlemen thanks for coming to my website to read my posts and my thoughts here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” and “Sports Inner City Online”  It means a lot. It really does. One thing that bothers me is MLK Day here in Seattle.

WHY do African Americans get together every year at Garfield High School to talk so called “unity” and to speak about racism and exclusion of African Americans and people of color and more topics concerning people of color? Why? To me every MLK Day here in Seattle gets me very very upset! People then march to downtown. FOR WHAT????

Watching African Americans “trying” to have some type of unity FOR ONE FREAKIN DAY!!! It is a damn joke ladies and gentlemen! Do we as African Americans have unity during the year? I SAY HELL NO!!

Readers AFRICAN AMERICANS HAVE NO UNITY IN SEATTLE as far as I am concerned. African Americans have ZERO mom and pops stores in the Central Area or Rainier Valley. ZERO folks!! Also African Americans have ZERO malls full of businesses like the picture here of a mall on Rainier Ave South here in Seattle FULL OF BUSINESSES RAN BY CITIZENS OF KENYA!!

I ask you readers how come we do not a mall full of businesses ran by African Americans? NOT ONE!! The Asian American community and now East Africans HAVE MALL AFTER MALL AFTER MALL AFTER MALL of businesses. AFRICAN AMERICANS A GRAND TOTAL OF ZERO!! Asians run Viet Wah grocery stores and of course have a community in the INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT/CHINATOWN FULL OF BUSINESSES RAN BY ASIAN-AMERICANS!!

I listened online to the MLK Jr. event at Garfield High here in Seattle. I did NOT hear speakers telling us or asking us African Americans to be small businesses owners like other races. What I did hear is the same ole same ole blaming the white man for our condition.

This is BS!! Truth be told my worse enemies as a business man HAS BEEN MY AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE!! Real talk ladies and gentlemen Uwajimaya-Pics_Outside-Store-Front_IMG_0812real talk for sure. Blaming Trump for everything. Can we blame Trump for African Americans not opening up MALL AFTER MALL of Asian and now East African businesses? HELL NO!! Can we blame Trump for many young poeple buying $5,000 rims to put on a 1989 Monte Carlo?

Buying rims instead of pooling our money like the Asians and East Africans and having a meeting at someone residence to discuss opening up a new business. This is what African Americans as a whole in Seattle like to do. Buy a new car etc instead of opening a new business.

Asians and East Africans have total unity. They do not wait until a special day to unite. Truth be told I have a story to tell but NO AFRICAN AMERICAN has asked me to speak on MLK Jr. Day. I had and still have a dream. I wanted to be a broadcaster when I was a teenager and I worked my ass off to have a name all over the music industry. I have TWO PROGRAMS that air 24-7 all over the west coast and stream online. Now I am trying to blow up my NBA webcast “Sports Inner City/Off The Court”

Hopefully I will obtain a badly needed Angel Investor or major sponsor. I say a prayer everyday. I don’t wait until MLK Jr. to try to act African American for a day and then the next day back to the same. That ain’t me. I can go on and on about the fake MLK Jr. Day here in Seattle.

Where are these so called leaders who show up at MLK Jr. Day every year when ANOTHER young brotha or sista is shot and killed in the streets of Seattle? WHERE IS THE DAMN OUTRAGE??? I don’t see it!! But let a white officer shoot a black person we are outraged. Give me a break readers. This upsets me big time.

So in ending, why do African Americans march on MLK Jr. Day in Seattle? Sorry to say to me it is a joke and total waste of time. I am sure many of you will not agree. That’s ok. I am a big boy.

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Too Many Three Point Shots In College/Pro Basketball

currythreepointerI love the game of basketball. It is my favorite sport followed by football. When the NBA and college season comes to a end I go into a sports depression. Thank god for NBA TV!! It has NBA news and games all year long!

But as a basketball junky I am really bothered by something and if you are a true hoops fan you should be bothered by this too. And that is too many three point shots by players in college and the pros. Of course in college the three point line is much shorter from the hoop than in the NBA. But it seems it is not making a difference. Too many three point shot attempts.

Readers too many times I see a player drive to the basket and has a easy 15 or 16 ft shot in college/pros. Instead of taking the easy shot the player will pass back out to a teammate who is beyond the three point line for a shot attempt.

Sports fans WHY are college and pro coaches allowing this to happen? It should not happen in my strong opinion. Sorry to say this three point shot barrage got worse in basketball because of one player…Golden State guard Steph Curry. Of course Curry takes hella three point shots during a game. And a lot go in. The other day Curry made 10 three point shots for goodness sake!

But as a lover of the game of basketball, I have a problem with all the three point shots by Curry and many other players. Hell Curry will pull up from just beyond the freakin half court line!! I guess Head Coach Steve Kerr does not have a problem with this because many of Curry’s shot attempts of course goes in.

Former NBA head coach and current NBA analyst Mark Jackson used to have a problem with all the three point shots saying young youth want to pattern their game after Curry and go to the gym and practice nothing but three point shots. Not a good look.

Let’s hope head coaches in college and the pros get hip to all the three point shots and tell their players to drive to the basket or take a pull up 15 foot jumper instead of passing out to a player for a long three point shot. In my opinion this is not good basketball. Young kids are being shown the wrong way to play the game. All the three point shots by players are messing up the game of basketball. Do you feel the same? Leave a comment.

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Will Smith Cannot Watch “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” On TV

ARTICLE FROM (full story click here)

fresh-prince-of-bel-air-cast1I was looking online for stories to talk about on my two websites “Music Inner City News Magazine” and “Sports Inner City Online” And I saw information about actor Will Smith and I said this is kind of interesting.

Some of you reading this were not even alive when Will Smith first came on the scene as part of the hip hop group Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince which had a big hit with “Parents Just Don’t Understand” in the late 80′s. And that was the start of super stardom for Will Smith. one knew how huge of a performer Smith would become.

In the early 90′s a TV show was made to make Smith a star on tv and in music. The program was called “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”. It became a instant hit. It was a very funny show with a great cast.

Of course the star of the show was Will Smith. “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” lasted a long time on tv. And it ended the way the cast/producers wanted it to end. Truth be told, the program had good ratings even after six or seven years on the air. But this is what happened.

While Smith was still doing “Fresh Prince” he started making and staring in big Hollywood movies. Movies that did very well when it comes to the box office. So Will said enough with the tv program and went on to super stardom in Hollywood. He became one of only a few African American male actors.


Will became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Yes some of his movies did not do well in the box office like “Wild Wild West” and others but that is the way it is in Hollywood. When you are a actor or actress every movie you are in cannot be big hits.

Recently their has been talk in social media regarding Will and the cast of “Fresh Prince” getting together for a reunion show etc. But other cast members said no way without the actor James Avery who passed away a few years ago. Of course he played Uncle Phil on the show.

Smith said the other day that he cannot look at reruns of the “Fresh Prince”. Which by the way is running every day and still a funny program to watch.

He said when he first started he mouthed his words and we can see Smith mouth moving when other actors/actresses said their lines. And you know what? Will is true readers. I went to You Tube to view “Fresh Prince” shows from 1990-1991.

The mouth was moving when others said their lines!! Wow! Plus Will said he is 49 years old soon to turn 50. But that means nothing because I see “Rosanne” is returning on the air and she is older too. Anyway let’s see what happens in the future if Will and the cast of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” will return for a reunion program.

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Why We Do Not See MLB Players Doing Commercials?

ARTICLE FROM (Full article click here)

beckhamPlease listen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcast right here. Entertainment and sports and political news and views plus classic soul and hip-hop and smooth jazz music and more.

On this podcast among the content is my EXCLUSIVE interview I did here in Seattle a few years ago with media icon OPRAH WINFREY!!

NEW “Sports Inner City/Off The Court” coming at ya real soon! Covering NBA news and views PLUS what current and ex NBA players/coaches are doing off the court. Plus view a classic or new music video some from NBA players!! Watch 24-7 on demand!!

Also listen to “Sports Inner City Radio” Just click “Sports Inner City Radio” link at the top of th home page. Urban sports news, Seattle Seahawks coverage and more including classic soul and hip hop and smooth jazz music and more!!

Sports fans I have tried to get opinions from sports radio hosts and others who lve Major League Baseball as to why we do not see MLB players doing commercials/marketing on the TV. It seems lovers of the sport refuse to answer at least here in Seattle on sports radio KJR/710 ESPN.

When I turn on TV I see commercials/marketing by almost 100% current and former NBA and NFL players like KD, CP3, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Damian “Dame D.O.L.L.A” Lillard, Lebron, Aaron Rodgers, Shaq, Barkley, Dr. J, Russell Wilson, Russell Westbrook, Odell Beckham Jr, Dez Bryant, Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Kobe, Brett Farve, Kyrie Irving, Tom Brady, Von Miller, Anthony Davis,  Curry and more!

Tonight I just saw a brand new commercial from the quiet man of the Spurs Kawhi Leonard for Nike/Jordan brand sneakers with rapper Nipsey Hussle. Great commercial because it shows another side of Kawhi. (click here for story).

But readers I do not see hardly any Major League Baseball players on TV doing commercials/marketting. The question is why? I only see former player Johnny Bench and David Ortiz and Frank Thomas that’s it. Correct me if I am wrong readers. Is it because baseball players do not have personalities like many many NFL/NBA players? I SAY YES THIS IS WHY!!And it is a major reason why young African American youth turn from playing baseball to playing hoops and football at age 12 or 13 or 14. Don’t agree? Well in any major city check out baseball teams in high school. Basically all white teams.

david price

MLB is at fault in my opinion. They do a flat out terrible job of marketing to inner city youth. Plus they need to make games go faster because most young African American youth think MLB very very boring.

Which in my opinion it is. There needs to be a 20 sec clock for pitchers and MLB needs to have a new rule to stop batters from messing with their batting gloves EVEN WHEN THEY DO NOT SWING!! This needs to stop in my strong opinion. The Mariners Robinson Cano is guilty of this big time!!

So hopefully the management of MLB will see what is going on. Because as former Seattle Mariner and current Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones says “Baseball is a white sport in America” and it is readers. If you can please go to You Tube and watch comic Chris Rock’s HBO comments on how white baseball has became in America. Sorry to say Jones and Rock are correct. Marketing of the sport to the “hip-hop generation” is just not happening like it is in the NFL/NBA.

Most African American youth CANNOT name three MLB players. These are true facts. If you do not believe me go to a Boys & Girls Club or community center in the inner city of America and ask a group of young African American kids to name three MLB players of any race. They cannot do it. This is sad readers.

I blame MLB management and also the few African American players in MLB for not reaching back in the community to get young African American kids to stay interested in baseball beyond age 12 or 13. And MLB needs more African American players with some type of personality like players in the NBA and NFL. Singing “God Bless America” at the 7th inning ain’t going to reach young inner city youth.

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Why Millions Of Americans Miss The Obama’s

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Obama-Barrack-Obama-Fist-Bump.021916I think back nine years ago when President Barack Obama became the first African American President Of The United States and Michelle Obama became the first African American First Lady. As a African American I was so very very happy. I am not going to lie, I cried!!

I never thought I would ever see a black man as the most powerful person in the world. But it happened. When President Obama became President millions and millions of citizens felt proud. Proud to be a American. I should say more proud to be a American. Truth be told, every time I saw President Obama or First Lady Michelle I was happy. When EVER I saw Prez Obama or Michelle on TV I stopped what I was doing to watch. Press conference after press conference. Speech after speech.

Of course President Obama and First Lady Michelle became role models for millions and millions young African Americans and people of color and we felt it was great to have someone who looks like us in the White House.

Of course the President could have done more as a African American in the White House. He could have spoken out more on all the killings in his home city of Chicago. He could have made more visits to Chicago. And he could done more on the unemployment situation going on in the African American community. We can also say of course all President’s could have done more….right?

But again millions of us felt happy and proud to have a African American as President and felt proud Michelle Obama was our First Lady. Michelle Obama used her platform to speak to young African American girls. Asking them to take education serious and stay out of gangs and do not use drugs. She was a TREMENDOUS First Lady. Hell many say she was more popular than her husband. And she is popular as hell right now as is her husband.

As we know, President Obama not only won the first time he ran he won a second term also! A African American man won two terms as President Of The United States. Unreal ladies and gentlemen.

Readers I was lucky enough to cover President Obama aboard Air Force One when ever he visited my city of Seattle, Washington. In the eight years he was President I covered Air Force One at Seattle-Tacoma International airport five times and EVERY time it was a thrill to see the big 747 with the United States Of America land and then finally stop about a 100 feet from all the reporters.

It was just great!! I can go on and on about my thoughts on the eight years of the first black President of the U.S. During the last few years in the White House, this businessman Donald J. Trump said over and over that President Obama was born in Kenya. Even with the President showing his birth certificate that let EVERYONE see Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Last time I checked Hawaii is a state in the U.S.

Trump continued time and time again to say Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Today as the so called President, Trump STILL thinks President Obama was born in Kenya. It is a fact that Donald Trump (will NEVER call him President) has shown that he HATES President Obama!!

Since he has been in office Trump has NEVER said ANYTHING positive about the eight years of President Obama. NEVER ladies and gentlemen has Trump said anything positive regarding President Obama. This is just flat out wrong!! Keep in mind readers, President Obama walked out the White House with a WHOPPING 60% APPROVAL RATING!! Currently Trump’s approval rating is at a VERY VERY LOW 36%!!

President Obama is smooth! He knows how to handle Trump. Yes I wish Prez Obama would speak out more when Trump criticizes him over and over but this is the way he has decided to handle Trump right now. But Prez Obama is writing a book.

Cannot wait until his book comes out. It should be VERY VERY interesting!! I just am thankful that I had a chance to witness eight years of President Obama and First Lady Michelle. A dynamic couple. Two very intelligent people. Two tremendous role models for younger African Americans and people of color. And oh yeah it has been great to see Malia and Sasha grow up to be beautiful young ladies.

For sure from time to time I will be writing about President Obama and First Lady Michelle (will ALWAYS be First Lady to me)  activities as private citizens. Slowly Prez Obama is doing more public speaking and Michelle also. Hopefully both of them will soon give their honest feelings on this fella who lost by a 3 MILLION votes and a man who is totally unfit to be President…Donald J. Trump.

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Asians & East Africans Network/African Americans Another Story



FOLLOWED BY A NEW “Music Inner City Radio” podcast! Both podcasts include hip-hop and classic soul music!! Grab your headphones and enjoy everyone!!

 ”SPORTS INNER CITY TV” WEBCAST!! “S.I.C-TV”/from the red carpet 2017 ESPYs/Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

For those of you who do not have Comcast On-Demand or Xfinity X1. Yours truly and Twin Tammy J aka Tammy Jackson Cloy conducting short interviews on the red carpet PLUS of course hip-hop and r&b and pop music videos and more!!

Also watch our red carpet program from the American Music Awards. Both red carpet program are airing right now via “IBM Cloud Video/Ustream. Just click the Ustream links about. NEW LIVE programs starting soon!

Spinoff of “M.I.C-TV” and “S.I.C-TV”/Comcast Xfinity On-Demand/Xfinity X1/Washington State-Oregon-California/go to “get local” and then “inner city tv”. On Xfinity X1, go to “Xfinity Services” first. Advertise with us on TV or online!! Call 206-445-3989 or reach out via Facebook or via Twitter Or email us at 

I am lucky enough to be in a position to have both of my television programs “Music Inner City TV/Sports Inner City TV” airing 24 -7 on Comcast Xfinity On Demand and Xfinity X1 in Washington State, Oregon and California.

Having said that, I have tried to reach out to network with other people in the media in Pasco/Kennewick, Washington and Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California all cities where my programs air.

Zero networking has happened. Ladies and gentlemen everyone I reached out to are African American. The lack of networking would not happen with any other race but African Americans in my opinion. It seems African Americans as a whole do not know what networking is.

One of the reasons why African Americans do not have tons of businesses up and down MLK Jr. Way, Rainier Ave South, East Jackson, East Yesler etc here in Seattle. Mall after mall after mall of Asian and East African own businesses. African American malls? ZERO!! They have banks, grocery stores and of course the International District ie Chinatown.

Others work together, have meetings, drink beer and have dinner and pool their money in order to open up a new business. flipinomarketinseattleAgain in my opinion as a whole African Americans just do NOT network and pool our money like other nationalities do.

 The question is why African Americans here in Seattle seems to have the “I gotta get mine, you get yours” way of thinking.

I have talked business many times with Asians and East Africans. And I was married to a lady from Kenya. I listened, watched and learned how their communities work. How the….network. I wish African Americans would learn from their communities. I want to network with a possible angel investor or a major sponsor. This would make me very very happy.

 I want to network like the Asian and now East African community. But also I want to do business and see more networking opportunities with African American as well as with Asians and East Africans.

I want to see at least ONE mall full of African American owned businesses in the Seattle area. It seems again as a whole, African Americans just want to open up another bar b cue place or barber shop or beauty shop or detail shop or of course another church. The Asians have EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS YOU CAN ALMOST THINK OF. Just look around.

Of course as the producer of two TV shows that air on Comcast I would like to generate MUCH MUCH more advertising dollars so I can go the bank with a big smile on my face like the Asians and now East Africans.

Gordon Curvey

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Halle Berry Wants Folks To Do More Than Talking

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

halleberryWe have followed her career and the men have always said DAMN SHE IS FINE!!

After two decades men are still saying those words readers. And oh yeah she is a Academy Award winning actress.

But Halle Berry has something to say to the black community. We have to do more than talk about work in our community. We have to do some work.

Ms. Berry wants to say people have to do more than scream “Black Lives Matter” People in the community have too dig deep and give back in our communities and do some work.

The Academy Award winning actress wants to say a few things to her Hollywood friends say they support the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  She is tired of folks running their mouths but then do nothing to help make a change. I hear Halle on this!!

Berry said she is “tired” of folks complaining. She said recently “In my world, I get so tired of people complaining about oh Black lives matter and they pontificate and pontificate about it, and I say, well what are you doing about that? It may not seem significant to you, but that’s how we start. Have you called your local politicians? Have you written a letter?”

Halle Berry went on to say “I don’t have time for people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk” SAY THAT MS. BERRY!! I feel the same. That is why I respect singer John Legend and Lebron James the our Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett and his brother.

Unlike Micheal Jordan and Tiger Woods and even Kobe Bryant, and many Hollywood stars and music stars, Berry and the Bennett Brothers and John Legend and Lebron are not afraid to speak out on issues when it comes to the African American community. It think this is great for them to not sitting back on their cash. They want to make a difference. or or


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Unfair & Wrong HUGE Rent Increase/Dakota Apts In Seattle

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

dakotaaptsLadies and gentlemen something big time wrong is going on at the apartment building I have lived at since 2007 and that is the Dakota Apts here in Seattle and I want all my many Facebook friends to know about this.

Independent Living has for some reason decided to have a HUGE rent increase to the tenants here at the Dakotas and it is UNFAIR AND VERY VERY WRONG! I have been here at the Dakotas since late 2007. Going on a decade. When I first moved in my two bedroom apt was renting for $885. I had a medical discount on my rent.

Now here in July 2017 my rent goes up to $1015. YES the Dakota Apts rents are lower as a whole than many other apartments in the Seattle area. As many as of you may know, Seattle’s rent for apartments has jacked up higher than ANY city in the U.S. the last year and the question is why readers?

The Dakotas were built to help people have a place to stay without the sky high rents that other places have. And to have a cleangarbageNEWSMALLER and safe place for the tenants. Over the years our rent for our apartments have slowly went up and up. No more than $25 a year. But all of a SUDDEN we get a note on our doors a few weeks ago that our rent here in Dakotas will go up BETWEEN $65 TO $300! THE QUESTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS WHY! Why all of a sudden is our rent going up BIG TIME? I am very very angry!!

Here in Dakotas we used to have tenant meetings with management so tenants can discuss possible problems or even new ideas for the place we stay in. But the last few years their has been zero tenants meetings. I have asked the management here to hold a few meetings BUT it has went in ear and out the other.

The management has a master plan and I see it. MOVE AFRICAN AMERICANS AND EAST AND WEST AFRICANS OUT WHO MAY BE LOW INCOME AND SLOWLY MOVE HIGHER INCOME WHITE FOLKS IN. Yes the gentrification that has hit the Central Area is hitting the Dakota Apartments here in Seattle. It is WRONG AND VERY UNFAIR.

garbageNEWSMALLER2Readers I had a long talk with management of the Dakotas and he “tried” to talk down to me but it did not work. I am a educated black man and not a dummy. I see what is going on. After I brought up the high rent prices in Seattle and the Dakotas rent prices he kept trying to throw that in my face. It did not work!

Ladies and gentlemen the management want to increase our rent BUT will not keep the Dakotas clean ie garbage areas, plus folks smoking weed in the hallways and garage, NO SECURITY AND MUCH MORE!! Look at the attached pics!! Youth smoke weed in the hallways DURING THE DAY FOLKS!! Nothing is done by management!!

Seattle is turning into yuppie land. Apartments are going up with sky high rents so Microsoft and Amazon workers as well as Boeing workers etc can have nice places to stay. Meanwhile, “lower income” families will suffer and maybe become homeless because they cannot pay their rent, put enough food on the table, pay their light bill, their cable bill, phone bill and medical bills.

This HUGE AND UNFAIR AND SHOCKING rent increase might put families out on the street. It will take food out babies mouthsgarbageNEWSMALLER3 and will make people suffer depression and maybe even became suicidal. Does the management of the Dakotas care? HELL NO! They see dollar signs to help with repairs.

Readers since this short letter about our rent increase here at Dakotas was left on our doors I have not been able to sleep because I am so damn upset. This is the BIGGEST RENT INCREASE IN THE DAKOTAS HISTORY. It is BY FAR.  Most of the time it is a $15 to $25 increase, NOT BETWEEN $65 TO $300!! The question readers is WHY THIS HUGE INCREASE IN OUR RENTS?

I have been online and making a lot of calls this past week and I have learned a lot. Find out what I have learned at a meeting of Dakota Apartments tenants:

Dakota Apartments/3642 33rd Ave South in Seattle/THURSDAY JUNE 22nd at 7pm/ More information call 206-445-3989

If you are a tenant or if you are just a concerned citizen..I will see you at the meeting.

Gordon Curvey




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M.I.C.TV Tacoma News Tribune Story/March 1996

Thanks to Peter at the Tacoma News Tribune (now The News Tribune) for sending me a article from 21 years ago on yours truly and “Music Inner City TV” Man how time goes by readers. Here is the story from March 1996


Reporter: Marisa Lencioni; The News Tribune
Day: Saturday
Print Run Date: 3/2/1996
Digital Run Date:

Tune in to MTV, and you get the same Top-10 videos played over and over again, between the cartoons and awards shows. Tune in to BET, and you get videos not usually seen on MTV, but without a lot of context or discussion. However, if Gordon Curvey has his way, there may be yet another video viewing alternative for Northwest music fans.
“I always wanted to be a disc jockey when I was younger, ” Curvey said. “Don Cornelius (the host of ‘Soul Train’) was my idol.” Curvey has finally realized his chance to play disc jockey, but with music videos instead of records. The Seattle native will host his own half-hour special of rap and rhythm and blues videos and talk called “Music Inner City” at 1:30 p.m. Sunday on KTZZ, Channel 22.

But what makes this more than a video show is Curvey’s idea of adding discussion and debate around the videos he plays. The theme for Sunday’s show is “Gangsta Rap – Good Or Bad?” and interspersed among the videos will be discussions on the topic with Seattle-area high school students.

“My main goal is to try to reach the youth with this show, ” Curvey said. “If adults watch, that’s OK, but I want to get the kids thinking.”

“Music Inner City” can currently be seen weekly on public access cable TV Channel 29 in Seattle at 2 p.m. Thursdays. Though the show’s had a successful six-year run on public access, Curvey’s dream is to have his show seen as widely as possible.

“I kept bugging KTZZ to air my show because I wanted to bring it to a larger audience, ” Curvey said. “You know there’s only one black-owned radio station in the area? And the station that has an all black-music format, KUBE, doesn’t have one black disc jockey. I don’t feel like we as African Americans are being well represented through the media around here. I’m trying to build a relationship with other media that has the same audience, and no one wants to cooperate. It’s devastating. So I’m trying to do my own thing.”

Curvey got his start as a video jockey about six years ago, with the help of disc jockey “Nasty Nes” Rodriguez and his record label GORDON CURVEYNastymix. Nasty Nes helped Curvey to secure videos from record companies to air. With the videos, Curvey showed interviews with artists and public service announcements ranging from anti-drug and -violence messages to admonitions to stay in school. This became the “Music Inner City” formula. Curvey convinced KTZZ to give his show a shot, and he has secured the one-time airing on Sunday.

Projects that benefit young people and the African-American community in the Northwest are what motivates Curvey. A part-time counselor who works through the Seattle Parks Department, Curvey said the idea behind “Music Inner City” is to reach local youth in a way that’s being overlooked: through the music they like.

“Rap music is all about us talking about what’s happening in our community, ” Curvey explained. “The images and messages in it really influence our youth. Some kids I talked to like gangsta rap and don’t see any problem with it; others think it’s bad. But it’s important to talk about it.”

Curvey said he tries not to censor the types of videos he shows, but definitely will not show videos that contain either extreme violence or degrading images of women.

“It’s not that all the videos I show have to have a positive message, ” Curvey said. “The experiences we talk about in the music aren’t always positive. But I know kids are watching so the real hardcore gangsta stuff or the videos that degrade African-American women, I won’t play.”

He said he appreciates KTZZ’s willingness to take a chance with the show and reach the audience Curvey said is usually ignored by mainstream TV.

“You can look at the TV ratings and see shows like ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Friends’ at the top, but that doesn’t reflect the African-American community, ” Curvey said. Shows like “Martin” and “Living Single, ” which consistently rate in the Top 5 with black viewers, usually rate in the lower fourth of the Nielsen ratings. “But I know the community is watching this. I’m doing it for them.”




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What The Hell Is Wrong With Steve Harvey!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

steve-harvey-act-like-a-successLadies and gentlemen I have been holding back from putting comic/talk show host/game show host Steve Harvey on blast but I guess now is the time because this dude is out of control as far as I am concerned.

First this cat has a meeting with Donald Trump (refuse to call him President) that many in the African American community was not feeling at all and that is a fact. Football great Jim Brown and Kanye West also had meetings with Trump. Harvey comes out the meeting with Trump smiling and bragging on Trump. Give me a break readers. Harvey got roasted by many in the African American for his meeting with Trump.

First of all I have never thought Steve Harvey was that funny. I watched the Steve Harvey Show and never thought he was funny. Cedric The Entertainer was funny. Not Harvey. Others on the program were funny. Not Harvey. Plus I watched “The King Of Comedy” many times and I feel all the other comics were funny as hell…except Steve Harvey. Real talk!!

I will give the dude credit for doing a bunch of things to the table. But after reading this recent story about Harvey I have lost total respect of him. Who in the HELL does he think he is?

Harvey’s talk show is moving from Chicago to L.A. soon. But guess what readers? Harvey reportedly did not tell his Chicago staff that most of them will be fired. But not only that. Harvey told staff members that they should not make eye contact with him unless he, himself requested it!! This is real folks!! And their is more readers.

Steve sent a memo to staff at the start of the fifth season of his talk show that informed each employee they would no longer be allowed to speak with him without a appointment! This is crazy!! And he told staff that there will be no meetings in his dressing room. No stopping by or popping in. NO ONE!! And NO ONE can come to his dressing room unless invited.

Plus he told staff his security team will stop everyone from standing at his door who have the intent to see or speak to him. And he wants all the “ambushing” to stop and that includes his TV staff and you must SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!!

And it goes on and on. Read more at the link above. Steve Harvey has lost his freakin mind folks!! WHO IN THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS? What the hell is wrong with Steve Harvey? Harvey needs to get down from his high platform and join us normal folks down here at sea level. Maybe I should not feel this way but I hope Harvey’s ratings will go downhill on all his TV and radio programs!! You cannot treat people in this manner.

Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes (f) the late Teddy Pendergrass had a big hit called “Bad Luck”. This is what I wish for the big headed full of himself, Trump loving Steve Harvey!!

Gordon Curvey


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MLB Star Adam Jones Called The “N” Word In Boston

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

adamjonespicwithgordonBelow is a email I sent out to various people in the media here in the Seattle/Tacoma area regarding former Seattle Mariner and now Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones.

Who was called the “N” word and fans tossed peanuts at him in a game in Fenway Park in Boston. Truly truly sad readers. Pic of myself and Adam here.



  • Good afternoon everyone. Gordon Curvey here. First of all I want to say thanks for your support through the years. Yes I had a problem a little while ago when I was tossed out of Safeco but that is water under the bridge.
    But the water has not went under the bridge when it comes to what I strongly believe is sad to say racism in MLB. And the above article points this out. I have interviewed former Mariner Adam Jones. A great young man who was the worst trade trade in Mariner history. He does a lot for the community of Baltimore in the inner city.
    When I read crap like what happened to Jones it bothers me. It bothers me that their is ONLY 62 African American MLB players currently on MLB teams. Only 62. Ladies in gentlemen this is why I request to come to Safeco and interview the few African Americans that are in the majors. To get their feelings on the lack of African Americans in MLB.
    I truly believe also the marketing of the Mariners and MLB IS NOT reaching “the hip-hop generation” like the NBA and NFL is doing. I see the Mariners commercials and truth be told I have to use the word “corny” Young inner city kids cannot relate to those spots. These are just facts.
    Young African American kids turn to football/basketball by age 12. I work with kids everyday. I asked a bunch of 10, 11 and 12 year old African American kids to name three African American MLB players. They could not name ONE! But of course they can name a whole bunch of African American NFL/NBA players. This is sad. They do not see ANY African American MLB players doing commercials. Unlike Lebron, Curry, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Harden, Barkley, Shaq, John Wall, Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Odell Beckham Jr, Cam Newton and more!!
    Chris Rock AND Adam Jones said  baseball is a “white man’s sport”. Below is the link to Rock’s segment on HBO where he talked about how white baseball players are and the crowds who attend the games also.
    In my opinion the bigots who called Jones the N word and tossed peanuts at him etc should NEVER be allowed to attend aadamjones-web1-master768 Red Sox game and should be fined $25,000 also. Adam Jones said this should happen and I agree 100%. MLB has a problem. And the commissioner was right to address this problem today. The Mayor of Boston did also.
    Ladies and gentlemen this is 2017 not 1948. MLB tries to celebrate “Jackie Robinson Day” every year. This is a joke! A big fat joke! Jackie would not be happy knowing their are ONLY 62 African Americans in the majors. And only two African American managers in Baker and Roberts. When I turn on a Mariners game from Safeco it is a sea of white faces.
    Yes I am very upset at this Adam Jones story. With Trump in the White House (well sometimes he is in the White House), racism is showing that it is alive and well. Just look at his cabinet.
    Over the years I have asked the Mariners to help me with advertising dollars with my business. I have not obtained one penny. I get a bunch of excuses. My program airs 24-7 in Washington State/Oregon and California on Comcast-On Demand and Xfinity X1. My entertainment program AND my urban sports program. And we stream online at and  We are not a little public access program. I have been in broadcasting over 26 years folks. And have interviewed legend after legend after legend.
    • Tim and Rebecca and Kelly and others who attend games at Safeco, take a look around in the stands. And see at the white faces. Root TV for sure shows them. Their is a segment during the games where they have Mariner fans on trips over seas or at home. They are ALWAYS white! ALWAYS.
      It is sad. It is just the opposite at for instance the Warriors game tonight a Cavs game or Spurs game or a Seahawks game. You see diversity. You see America. You see African Americans, Native Americans, Whites, East Africans, Asians etc.
      The terrible story about Adam Jones in Boston shows me again why I am needed with “Sports Inner City TV”. Sorry to say racism is alive and well folks.  Sports radio KJR with it’s all white regular on air staff day and night for instance cannot discuss racism. They have never experienced it. Sorry to say EVERY African American man in America has. Including Adam Jones, David Price and others. We experience it EVERY DAY when we walk out our doors.
      And with Trump in the WH, things will not get better. See ya.
      Ladies and gentlemen the last day or so since this Jones incident happened, I have heard African American MLB players wondering what in the hell is going on. This is 2017 not 1948. And they are also saying a lot of incidents have happened for some reason in the city of Boston.
      It is known in the black community that Boston is a racist city. But readers I don’t give a damn!! I feel the sport of baseball is racist. There outreach to the African American community is terrible. And it seems it is getting worse not better sad to say.

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Do Not Like All The Talk About Trading Sherman!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

shermanAs a sports fan I am really bothered by a few things. The lack of diversity on local sports radio KJR here in Seattle. The lack of marketing/and lack of African Americans in Major League Baseball and something else.

And that is all the discussion of trading Seahawks great Richard Sherman. All of a sudden for the last month their has been discussion everywhere on sports media about the possible trade of Sherman. The question is why?

Why is chatter going on about trading a great player who also gives back to the Seattle/Tacoma community to the youth and families.

I have my opinion ladies and gentlemen. My opinion is this. Richard Sherman has always been outspoken on racism and how African Americans are treated. He is one of only a few sports stars who is not afraid to speak his mind. Lebron James is another one and also fellow Seahawk Micheal Bennett is another one and few others.

Also if you follow Sherman last season he had a few “incidents” that made headlines in the sports world. Sherman had a incident on the field during a game when he disagreed with a call made by the Seahawks offensive coach over a goal line play that was called.

And Sherman showed his anger and got into a sideline situation that truth be told did not look to good. Also Sherman had a incident with local sports radio host Jim Moore in the locker room. In my opinion, Moore was totally in the wrong. Moore talked “down” to Sherman like he was a “intelligent Negro” and not a Stanford educated brotha who is also from the hood of Compton.

Richard was not having it and fired back at Moore. One thing led to another and of course local sports media took the side of Jim Moore BUT national media did not. They felt like I did that Moore asked question after question in a very arrogant manner.

Sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN mostly white hosts put Sherman on full blast. It was wrong in my strong opinion. So as a result of the two incidents last season, Sherman as decided to boycott local Seattle sports media as far as giving interviews etc. Only a few will land a interview with Sherman. I am trying to be one of them.

This boycott will be interesting when Sherman has his Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game at Safeco Field here in Seattle during the summer. Who will cover the event from the local Seattle media? Cannot wait to see!

So with all the negativity this past season when it comes to Sherman comes this trade talk. As a sports fan this is TOTAL BS! It is flat out wrong for our football team to “listen” to offers for Sherman. Yes Sherman makes a lot of money and yes the Seahawks can save a lot of money and trade him etc. But why even discuss the trading of a great player who is still playing at a high level at age 29. I just do not understand this.

Seeing articles about where is a good fit for Sherman etc really upsets me as a Seattle Seahawks fan. Some sources are saying that if the Seahawks trade Sherman it is a signal of the ending of the teams run for the Super Bowl. I saw Bennett on ESPN and he said it would be a bad move for the team to trade Sherman. Of course he cannot say what he REALLY feels because he is employed by the Hawks and he just recently signed a new extension to pay his big $$.

So let’s see what is going to happen to Richard Sherman. This sports fan will be very very interesting. We will keep you informed here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” and also on “Sports Inner City Online”

Update: I wish the Sherman Family would stay off sports radio KJR. Branton Sherman, Richard’s brother went on Dave Mahler’s program to discuss his brother. KJR and 710 and other sport media in this town is helping to drive Sherman out of Seattle! Richard said he is boycotting local media. Branton should do the same!!


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“Music Inner City TV” Webcast/Topics: Trumpcare, Diddy & More!

diddyopeninghisschool“Music Inner City TV” webcast from Seattle, Washington. Topics include Trumpcare failing, Sean “Diddy” Combs opening a new charter school for children and more. Hosted by yours truly Gordon Curvey. A spinoff of our main programs “Music Inner City TV/Sports Inner City TV” on Comcast-Xfinity On Demand and Xfinity X1/all west coast markets/ Washington State-Oregon-California. Go to “get local” and then “inner city tv”

Comments: or or   Webcast made using Ustream Producer.

If you Don’t see the video and are using Windows XP IE 8 or belowclick here to download google chrome to view the show

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Gentrification In “My Neighborhood” Hurts Me So Much!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

central-district_chart-780x520Ladies and gentlemen I was born here in the Pacific Northwest in beautiful Seattle, Washington. Yes it rains a lot but it is still a beautiful city. When the sun is out you cannot beat our city.

But things are really changing in my city. The traffic is some of the worse in the US. The price of apartments is SKY HIGH!! And I mean SKY HIGH!! A one bedroom averaging around $2,100!! This is crazy but it is real sorry to say.

When the Section 8 program opens up for it’s lottery THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people apply.

I grew up in the Central Area (or the CD..Central District)) of Seattle. It used to be a African American area. Full of places to have a good soul food dinner. Places like Mrs. Helens, Oscars, Thompson’s, Deano’s. Or a great hamburger and fries at the Doll House or Sammy’s or a little further out at “The Rose Patel”  Places to play pool and have a drink and play darts and dance and play dominos among other African Americans. Thank god Ezells is still around!!

We had mom and pops stores like Jordans to buy a pop or chips or Richlens. We also had Joes owned by the late Joe and Mea. Two very nice Asians. There were like family to me just like Mr. and Mrs. Jordan who are still with us in the 90′s. We had IGA Grocery store and Madrona Pharmacy.

I can walk down 23rd and East Union and East Madison and East Jackson and East Yesler and see others who look like me. It was a community. We felt relaxed being among our own. During the summer Madrona Schools basketball courts were full with cats waiting to be on the court to hoop. Even across the street at the full court, it was packed. Just like at the covered court on Yesler. We had the Mardi Gras Parade and had thousands of black folks at Judkins Park for the festival. Their was huge ferris wheels and kids rides etc.

But readers starting about 10 or so year ago things started to change in a very rapid way. What happened was a word called gentrification. Other words property taxes in the Central Area started to jump up very very quickly. To the point where African Americans who have had their homes in the CD for decades could no longer pay their their taxes and other things to help keep their homes. And the make up and diversity of the CD changed. And changed big time.

The diversity of the neighborhood I grew up in was going down the tubes. To me readers it makes me very very sad. What has central-district_400happened is simple. Whites who could effort to buy houses and pay the sky high rents in the CD moved in, African Americans who sorry to say could not pay to stay in the CD had no choice but to sell their homes and move to Kent or Burien or even Tacoma where rent is much cheaper and property taxes are much lower. And apartment prices were lower too.

The Central Area has turned into “yuppie land”. I work as a Adult School Guard for the Seattle Public Schools for Madrona on 34th and East Union in the CD. I grew up 4 blocks down the street on 30th and East Spring. I went to Madrona School as a kid.

It is tremendously sad that every day when I come home, I have to sit down and decompress because I do not hardly see any black faces in the neighborhood I grew up in…the Madrona area. Basically all I see is white upper middle class white faces. Who have no African American friends and no sense of our culture and no knowledge of the history of the Central Area. They do not realize that the CD in 1970 was over 73% African American. Now it is only 19%. And going down.

Here in Black History Month it is sad to see my neighborhood turn into almost like Beverly Hills. With plenty of expensive Volvos and Mercedes and BMWs and Audi’s etc going up and down the streets of the Central District. Sad.

The changes that has happened to Seattle’s CD has happened in other major cities but that will not stop me for feeling hurt about seeing the area I grew up in completely and utterly change. Folks who work at Amazon and Microsoft at high paying positions have moved into the new apartments and townhomes that have been build in the CD. Soon Red Apple store on East Jackson will be no more. This will hurt me DEEPLY! The place where Richlen’s used to be on 23rd is longer there.

Shout out to Wyking Garrett for trying to keep our culture and businesses in the Central Area. Despite the fact that Wyking does not respect me and my VERY VERY hard work with my media since 1990, I respect his grind to help the African American community. Real talk.

I will be back soon with more thoughts on the gentrification of Seattle’s Central Area.





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Is There Racism Going On With Red Carpet Coverage Of L.A. Events?

”One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Grammys-LogoI have been holding back on this story for awhile now but I can no longer keep this inside of me readers. I am asking the question is their racism going on in red carpet coverage of Los Angeles events such as the Grammys, Clive Davis Pre Grammy Party and more.

Have to ask this question.I started “Music Inner City Television” in 1990. I started applying for red carpet coverage of the Grammys six years later. I got denied again this year for red carpet coverage for the Grammys. This is 20 years in row I have been rejected. The last few years by Roger and Cowans in Los Angeles is the organization that takes care of who is on the carpet.

My program is one of the longest running entertainment/interview program in the industry. On the air for 26 years. In my opinion this should not happen to a program like mine. It should not. But it is happening for my programs and audience on television and worldwide online.

It is very sad that I continue to obtain the same two paragraphs every year in my decline letter. Telling me about they can only place a fraction of the requests on the red carpet for short interviews with entertainers. And the event has a very low amount of space for folks wanting to be on the red carpet. The same two paragraphs EVERY YEAR FOR TWO DECADES!!

Yes I realize that events like the Grammys and AMAs and Clive Davis get applications from the United States, Canada, Mexico from all over the all over the world.  I am not stupid. I have been in the entertainment business for 26 years.

It is just my feelings that my programs (Music Inner City TV and Sports Inner City TV) have served it dues, for sure MIC-TV has ladies and gentlemen. The Seattle/Tacoma/Everett area is the 14th largest radio-tv market in the United States. Having said that Comcast-Xfiinity On-Demand and Xfinity X1 has allowed me to air my programs not in just in the Seattle area and Western Washington. But in many other markets.

We also air 24-7 in Eastern Washington that includes Pasco, Kennewick, Yakima, Spokane. Place we broadcast in Portland, Oregon and in the Eugene-Springfield area in Oregon. We also broadcast in Merced, Modesto, Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno, the Bay Area of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose and Richmond. And into Santa Barbara and Culver City and all cities in between in California, Oregon and Washington State. All west coast markets.

In other words, not trying to brag but my outlets are no joke. But I guess the Grammys etc take me and my audience as a joke. A public access program. We are not a public access program folks. I strongly feel we should be allowed to cover events like the Grammys and Clive Davis.

Finally I have to say this. When I am lucky enough to be on the carpet in L.A./Hollywood at a event, I take a look around and see very few African American ran media on the red carpet. The question is why? Are they being rejected for coverage year after year like yours truly? I would like the answer. I really would.

Feeling very very frustrated? That is me. Angry? That is me. Kind of depressed? That is me. All I can do is apply. Guess their is nothing else I can do. And sit back and continue to get the same two paragraphs year after year rejecting me.





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People Of Color Are In Trouble With The Election Of Trump

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

donald-trump3 As we all know now, your next President (not mine) will be the bigot and sexiest and racist Donald J. Trump. As a African American I am very sad and depressed that Trump was somehow elected to take over for the first African American President, President Obama in January.

How did this happen? It happened because Trump reached his base. Angry white men and also females. Angry because they were tired of a black man in the White House the last eight years. Pure and simple. Trump slogan was “Let’s make America great again” and “let’s take back our country” and crap!! Code words ladies and gentlemen. Code words for RACISM. He means let’s make America white again.

Trump was supported by a flat out racist in David Duke and supported by white nationalist and white supremacist organizations all over the United States. Why did this happen? Because Trump was talking stuff they wanted to hear in EVERY speech he gave. This is a fact.

Donald Trump knows NOTHING about the African American culture and our problems. He makes crazy comments like “I have support from the blacks” WHAT KIND OF RACIST COMMENT IS THAT? He has discriminated against against African Americans in renting from his apartments in New York. He wants to ban Muslims from coming into our country. He wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the U.S. He wants to get rid of Obamacare quickly. These are problems folks. Real problems. BUT angry white folks, the supporters of Trump did not give a damn voted for him to become YOUR next President.

I am watching CNN and their are protests in the streets of New York, Chicago and here in Seattle. People are angry folks. Angry that Trump was elected as President. A racist and sexiest clown was elected as President.

This bigot STILL thinks President Obama was born in Kenya. This is racist to the core. Just like he is. And don’t forget what he said on thehillary-clinton-color-purpura-06 Access Hollywood bus in 2005 with Billy Bush. He said made comments about a ladies “p…y” and more!! This is a OUTRAGE that this bigot and sexiest was elected President.

Yes Mrs. Clinton made mistakes in her run for President. She did not go to major parts of the United States to speak and spend campaign money and we are seeing now that was a huge huge mistake.

You have to give it to Trump. He went every to speak. He worked his ass off. I will give him that. He worked very very hard to get elected. And I guess it paid off. Because his angry white base put him in office.

He said over and over and over that the election will be “rigged” Does he think that now since he won? HELL NO!! Folks what the election of Trump has sadly shown us is that racism is ALIVE AND WELL in America and we area DEEPLY divided nation. African Americans/people of color on one side and whites on the other side. This is truly sad.

This dude treats females as sex objects and bimbos. Look at what he said about grabbing females by the p…y! And this fella is your President how can this happen? It is a bad dream for me and millions of other African Americans and people of color AND yes millions of Clinton supporters of all races. This is a divided nation ladies and gentlemen. People are upset and angry that Donald J. Trump will be President. I have not been able to sleep. I get emotional when ever I discuss this bigot being President.

Trump will undo EVERYTHING that President Obama has tried to do the last eight years. Do you think Trump knows ANYTHING about historical black universities that President Obama has tried to help? HELL NO!! Does he care? HELL NO!! This cat TRIED  to come into the inner city for a FEW speeches. That was a joke. He had his uncle tom puppets with him when he went to a African American church in Detroit etc.

Also keep in mind readers, Trump said MANY MANY times that we can walk down the streets of any inner city AND GET SHOT!! What kind of ridiculous comment is that? Trump knows NOTHING, let me repeat NOTHING about the inner cities of America.

TRUMP WAS BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON IN HIS MOUTH!! HE DAD LEFT HIM MILLIONS. He has NEVER had a broke day in his 70 years on this earth. Just like his children. They went to best schools and drove the best cars and had steak for breakfast. Steak for lunch and steak for dinner. Drank the best wine. Never paid for seat on a plane and waited in line at the airport like the rest of us.

President Obama has to meet with Trump in the White House. He has to do it since Trump is the new President. I just think and will always think that Trump should NEVER step foot in the White House. But he won and he will be moving in the White House in January. President Obama has to meet with a man who STILL thinks he was born in Kenya!! These are facts readers. President Obama has to meet with a bigot who STILL thinks he is WAS BORN IN KENYA!!

As I have said, I think as many others think that Trump is a racist and a bigot. He said time and time again “Let’s take our country back” WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THAT FOLKS? He meant he wanted his white angry base to vote for him as President so he and help take the country back into white hands for white people. That is what he meant readers.

There are millions of people who are now very very worried that their families might be deported very very soon when Trump walks into the White House. This is a HUGE HUGE problem ladies and gentlemen.

I will be back soon with more views on the election of Trump as YOUR next President.

“NEW” look “Sports Inner City TV/NBA” webcast starting in the next few days right here! Covering off the court issues and news about former and current NBA players and coaches.

Watch the webcasts via smartphones, tablets, mac or pc. Spread the word ladies and gentlemen about this unique webcast coming at ya from a city that does not have a team but hopefully we will when a new arena is built here in Seattle, Washington.






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Late Night Host Stephen Colbert Talks About Racial Tensions

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

stephen-colbert-1-800To be truthful with you I really do not watch late night tv talk shows on NBC, ABC and CBS. I really miss “The Arsenio Hall Show”, the 1st one and the second one which by the way one stayed on TV one year. Mainly in my opinion because it was not promoted like Conan and other programs.

Arsenio always gave hip-hop-r&b acts a stage to perform. Like the late 2pac and Public Enemy and the late Eazy E and High 5 and Snoop Dogg and the late Whitney Houston and New Edition and many many more. And gave veteran acts too a stage to perform too like the late Sammy Davis Jr and the late Prince and Patti LeBelle and many others.

The late night talk shows just do not have the African American guests and artists like Arsenio did. But when I am online, I once in awhile read comments that “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert has made about race in America. And I liked what he said.

Recently he made some comments about the racial tensions in Charlotte after the killing of Kieth Lamont Scott by cops in the city. He said “The shooting of African Americans by police officers and the community outrage that follows seems to keep happening over and over again, no matter how many times we do nothing”

He went on to say ” I wish there were some kind of respectful, silent civil protest that could engage in that wouldn’t enrage the other side,” And he also Colbert said “In face of continued heartbreaking racial strife, all eyes turn to civil rights icon, the Rev. Dr. Donald J. Trump.” He went on to say more. You can find it on You Tube.

Good thoughts from Colbert about the racial tensions in America ladies and gentlemen. If you did not know, “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon caught hell because of his lightweight so called interview with Trump. No tough questions what so ever. He asked to test his hair etc on the show. Give me a break Fallon!!

We need more celebrities like Stephen Colbert to speak out. Bruce Springsteen ALWAYS speaks out about racism in America. That is why I really like the dude. Unlike the clown Kid Rock! Who has constantly blasted President Obama and recently blasted 49er QB Colin Kaepernick.

Shout out to Stephen Colbert. He seems like a great fella who realizes there are great problems right now in America between African Americans and white Americans. It is sad to say but it is a fact.

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I Am Going To Miss President & First Lady Obama

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

michelle-and-president-obama-on-cover-of-essence-2-500x333Watch our NEW “Sports Inner City TV/NBA” webcasts right here. Covering the National Basketball Association with views and news and interviews.

Plus hip-hop/r&b and pop music videos. Watch via smartphones, tablets,mac or pc 24-7 on demand.

Also listen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcasts. Entertainment news plus politics and sports. Plus classic hip-hop and r&b and smooth jazz music and interviews.

About nine years ago I heard about this man named Barack Obama. We was coming to speak at Garfield High School here in Seattle. I heard he was was a dynamic speaker and is making a name for himself in Washington D.C.

To my surprise the Garfield gym was packed to the gills with people. It was a summer day in Seattle. It was so packed, that a few people passed out and had to be helped out. Anyway this guy, Sen. Barack Obama gave a speech that was like a African American preacher in a inner city church. It was great. It was uplifting. It was dynamic. It was Sen. Barack Obama.

Soon after that, Sen. Obama announced that he would run to be the first African American president in U.S. history.  Before he announced he was running, I had really never followed politics that much. I did but not like I did when Sen. Obama announced he was running to be President.

When ever he gave a speech out on the campaign road that was on CNN or MSNBC or C-Span I was watching! I did not miss a speech. I just had never thought I would see a African American man doing this well in a run to become President. Of course, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton ran for President but this is not a put down of them but we all knew they could not win.

This time with Sen. Obama, the polls showed that he could become President Of The United States!! The campaign moved on and Sen. Obama got stronger and stronger in the approval ratings. The debates happened and he did great. It was shocking that Sen. Obama would defeat Sen. McCain and become PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! I would never EVER EVER EVER thought I would see a African American President. It was a unreal folks.

When Sen. Obama became President Obama that election night, I cried ladies and gentlemen. I cried. It was a night I will never forget. A African American President Of The United States in President Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama is first class role model for young African American girls. First Lady Obama is a role model is role model for ALL young girls of any color! She is just great! When the President and Michelle depart the White House both of them are going to do so much. Speaking, writing books and so much more. They will be in high demand and that is for sure.

The speech she gave the other when she put Trump on blast was one the greatest speeches I have ever heard. It was just great. President Obama also knew that speech was great.

I will be typing more stories on my feelings about President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama. One thing I will say right now, I am going to miss both of them as my President and my First Lady.

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Icon Jackie Robinson Would Not Stand For Anthem Too!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey


Watch “Sports Inner City TV” webcast right here. Just click the screen on the right.

Which features comments from a few Seahawks from the locker room of Century Link after the Seahawks/Cowboys game. PLUS watch a program from Seahawks Training Camp/Vmac in Renton, Washington. Player interviews plus hip-hop/r&b/pop music videos!

Watch via smartphones, tablets, mac or pc! Special thanks to the Seattle Seahawks!!

I am sure that many many of you will disagree with me and what I am about to say here on my website. If so, I am sorry but it is truly how I feel about 49er QB and former guest on “Music Inner City Television” Colin Kaepernick. (pic with myself and Kaepernick)

First of all I am sure many of you have never met Colin. Well I have met him and interviewed him. He has appeared on “M.I.C-TV” two times. I interviewed him a few years ago in Los Angeles at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party. And he also appeared on our program a few years ago at the Body@ESPYs pre show for the ESPYs also in L.A. Interviewed by Curtis “Boss” Elerson.

Kaepernick is a very intelligent young man. I am hearing and reading a bunch of crap from mostly white folks concerning Colin and his decision not to stand for the national anthem before a 49er per-season game. Ladies and gentlemen I DO NOT have a problem with Kaepernick and his protest.

And if he wants to not stand for the anthem all season, I do not have a problem with that. Colin feels America has not treated African Americans and people of color well and it is the truth. Kaepernick feels America allows racial inequality. Well it is the truth. If you think racism has got better in America because the first African American President..President Barack Obama was elected  and re-elected, you are wrong folks.

It does not matter if you have millions like Colin or if you are homeless, a black man experiences racism in one way or another EACH ANDJackie Robinson EVERY DAY! This is a fact. When Colin says his stance is bigger than football and it would be selfish on his part to look at it any other way. I agree again with Colin. He said that he was not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. He also said there are bodies in the street and people are getting paid leave and getting away with murder.

Yes, many folks think Kaepernick not standing for the anthem is disrespectful to America. People are saying he picked the wrong way of taking a stance. Well who says? In his mind he feels his way was the way to get attention. I do not have a problem with his feelings.

I have just learned that the great Jackie Robinson said in 1972 that he does not stand up and sing the anthem because of what black people experience in America. WOW!! Jackie Robinson said this folks!! A sports icon and legend! Now decades later, Kaepernick is basically saying what the great Jackie Robinson said decades ago. So now are certain people are going to bash Robinson in his grave? Ummm?


Guys like Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman says Colin could have picked another way of speaking up. Well I disagree with Sherman and by the way this is not the first time I have disagreed with Sherman. Real talk. A lot of times I agree with him, a lot of times I do not.

Some say he has basically made his way out of the 49ers camp by taking his stance. He was in a battle for the starting QB position. Head coach Chip Kelly already has a rep for really not getting along with African American players. Would it be a good look for Kelly to cut Colin now? I would say HELL NO!! He would catch hell from the NAACP, the Urban League, Rev Al Sharpton’s National Action League and Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition. Not a good look.

You know what REALLY REALLY GETS ME PISSED? It is listening to sports radio hosts who let’s keep it real, who are mainly white, TRYING to discuss a issue THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT!! And that is the topic of RACE AND RACISM.

I just listened sports radio KJR and Dave Mahler on the Kaepernick situation. I listened to a point then I had to turn the radio off with a quickness and that is for sure.  Mahler TRIED to give his CLUELESS opinions on race and racism. DAVE MAHLER AND MOST WHITE SPORTS RADIO HOSTS DO NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT THE EXPERIENCES OF AFRICAN AMERICANS AND PEOPLE OF COLOR IN WHITE DOMINATED AMERICA!!!!!

It turned the radio off when Mahler started to take calls from KJR’s target audience….white suburb living, no African American friends or associates, no knowledge of our society or our culture listeners. Who of course would get on the radio and blast Kaepernick. Then Mahler had the nerve to have a African American former Seattle Seahawks player , Bryce Fisher on his show. I did not have to listen to know what Fisher was going to say because the brotha is a former member of the Air Force. You know he was going to disagree with Kaepernick and his protest.

It again shows something I have fought for and spoken out about for years and that is the inclusion, not the exclusion of African Americans as sports jocks on sports radio. Because readers IT IS A FACT, that whites and African Americans think differently on just about EVERYTHING, including the topics of race and racism.

Keep in mind readers that Colin has NOT broken any NFL rules. The 49ers released a statement supporting Kaepernick’s right to choose whether or not to acknowledge the national anthem.

I saw online that some brainless clowns have burned Kaepernick jerseys to protest the national anthem. Give me a break folks. Of course the folks doing this are NOT African Americans. Today thank goodness I have heard the leading scorer of all time in the NBA and now a community activist the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Seahawk player Michael Bennett and other sports stars support Colin and his protest. Including a mannwho is known for his famous protest in the Olympic’s back in the 60′s, Tommy Smith. That makes me very very happy. If you disagree me…sorry.

This young man is joining Lebron, Melo, CP3, D-Wade, WNBA players and more in speaking out in there own ways about police shooting of African Americans. Readers we know it is WRONG for police getting shot and killed. THIS IS A FACT. Also a fact is this. what Colin Kaepernick said is flat out true. And that is in just about EVERY killing of a African American by cops, they have not been charged or on PAID leave!! This hurts me, it hurts Kaepernick, hurts Melo, CP3, Lebron and D-Wade and millions of other folks.

YES, black on black crime is WRONG and it needs to stop. But also the killing of African Americans by police needs to stop. Sports radio hosts like Dave Mahler and others DO NOT spend time around African Americans in our community. They know NOTHING about us. They are guessing. They “wonder” about us. Guys like Dave Mahler on KJR here in Seattle NEED DIVERSITY TRAINING in a worst way!! It stands out like two left shoes the lack of knowledge guys like Mahler and other folks in the media when issues of race and racism like this Kaepernick protest comes up.

So again I am proud of Colin and protest. It makes me proud to see a man who in reality can take his millions and say f..k black folks! And not say anything about race or racism like Tiger Woods. Micheal Jordan in a surprise to everyone, recently donated to African American organizations and even spoke out about black folks getting shot by police as well as police getting shot. Colin can just get his millions, drive his Jag or Benz and be happy. He has decided not to do that!! He cares about the plight of black people.

The NBA and now the NFL. I am waiting on a few African American Major League Baseball players to stand up and speak out. Let’s see if this will ever happen. Until that time, shout out to Colin Kaepernick. A brotha who even with MILLIONS in the bank has not forgot where he has come from. That is a good look!!

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“Music Inner City Bio” Usher Raymond

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

usherWatch “Sports Inner City TV” right here! From the Seattle Seahawks Training Camp, Vmac in Renton, Washington.

Watch via your smartphone, tablet, mac or pc WORLDWIDE! Just click the screen to the right and enjoy the webcast.

In the entertainment game, it is good to be a triple threat. Singer, dancer and actor. Only a few can do this big time and they are Beyonce, “J-Lo” Jennifer Lopez,  Justin Timberlake and Usher Raymond. There are others but the folks I mentioned are doing it on a big scale.

I remember interviewing a very young Usher Raymond when he was a young teenager out on the road with his mom as his manager. He came to Seattle to perform. You could tell when he was a 14 or 15 that this young fella was going places. He could sing and dance and had he knew what he was doing on the stage at a young age. He was trained well.

Usher is 37 years old and born in Dallas, Texas. His mom and former manager is Jonetta Patton and his father is Usher Raymond III. He has two children.  He was born in Dallas but was brought up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He and family moved to Atlanta and at 12 his mom started to put a young Usher in singing contests.

A young Usher grabbed the attention of a person who worked for LaFace Records. And in the summer of 1994 Usher released his first album called by the way “Usher”. Singles from that album included “Can U Get Wit Me” and “Think Of You”.

Raymond really blew up in the late 1990s with his second album called “My Way” which came out in 1997. The album produced his first U.S. Billboard Hot 100 #1 single called “Nice & Slow”. That album has went six times platinum by the Recording Industry Of America. Usher album “My Way” won him his first Grammy nomination in 1998 for the single “You Make Me Wanna”.

That song also went to #1 in the UK singles chart and US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts. In 2001, Usher’s 8701 album produced Billboard Hot 100 #1 single with the song “U Remind Me” and also “U Got It Bad”. That single won him his first Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance in 2002. The song “U Don’t Have To Call” won him a second Grammy in 2003. That song is my favorite song by Usher.

His 2004 album “Confessions” made him one of the best selling artists of the 2000s decades. “Confessions” sold over a whopping 20 million copies worldwide. And the album had FOUR singles IN A ROW on the Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles with “Burn”, “Yeah”, “Confessions Part II” and “My Boo”. “Confessions” obtained three Grammy Awards in 2005.

“Here I Stand” in 2008 and “Raymond v. Raymond” in 2010 debuted on the top of Billboard 200. Other hits by Usher include “DJ Got Us Fallin In Love” (great song) and “Scream”, also “There Goes My Baby”, also “Climax”.

Check this out. The RIAA ranks Usher as one of the best selling artists in American music history!! This is big. He has sold over 23 million albums and 38 million digital songs in the US alone. His worldwide sales are over 43 million albums and 75 million records overall. He also has won many other awards including 18 Billboard Music Awards and 8 Grammy Awards.

In 2009, Billboard named Raymond the #1 Hot 100 artist of the decade. For sure Usher at age 37 has had a great career and he is still young readers. He has so many mountains to climb in his career. Usher has a big movie coming out in which he plays the great boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in a movie about another great boxer  Roberto Duran called “Hands Of Stone”. It is suppose to be great movie.

More big things are in store for Usher. Remember he is only 37. His talent will continue to grow.

“Music Inner City TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand & Xfinity X1/All west coast markets/Washington State-Oregon-California/go to “get local” and then “inner city tv” Coming up in a few days new program with guest via Skype from Miami rapper Purpose.

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Pills At Home Of Prince Powerful Drug Fentanyl

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Watch the latest edition of “Sports Inner City TV” from Seattle Seahawks Training Camp at the Vmac in Renton, Washington.

Interviews with players PLUS hip-hop/r&b/pop music videos and more! Special thanks to the Seattle Seahawks. Just click the screen on the right. Watch via smartphones, tablets, mac or pc ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

Prince-Rogers-Nelson-DeadThis is a really sad story if you are a fan of the late great Prince. Just like “The King Of Pop” Michael Jackson. A really sad sad story of a man who died too young of using drugs.

A story has come out that mislabeled pills were seized at the home of Prince after he died. Of course he died of a overdose of the very powerful drug called Fentanyl. Prince died on April 21 at his studio/home right outside of Minneapolis.

Right from the jump myself and many others said drugs was the problem of his death. Of course we were right.

I have not even heard of Fentanyl. But the drug is 50 TIMES STRONGER THAN HEROIN! And it is often sold illegally. So I hate to say this but did the late singer get the drug illegally? If so, this is very very sad readers.

When I had my right lung removed in 2010 due to a rare form of pneumonia called Pseudomonas, when I came home I was given a lot of pills to bring home for pain. One of which is Hydrocodone. Another drug that is very powerful. Not as powerful as  Fentanyl but powerful.

But thank god I did not get hooked to the drugs. And when I recovered, I did not take the drugs anymore. But some people get hooked sorry to say and many times it ends up in death.

More information will continue to come out regarding the death of Prince who was 57 at the time of his passing. Family is fighting over his estate which is valued at around $500 million. We will keep you informed when more news come out on the death of “The Purple One”, the great Prince.     Gordon Curvey



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Music Inner City TV Bio: TV One & Radio One Founder Cathy Hughes

“Music Inner City TV” Bio: Cathy Hughes

cathy-hughesCathy Hughes is a African American entrepreneur, radio and TV personality and business executive. Hughes founded the media company called Radio One and started TV One.

The company went public in 1998, making Cathy the first and only African American woman to head a publicity traded corporation at the time. She is for sure a trailblazer who has helped put African American owned media on the map.

In the 70′s, Hughes created the urban radio format called “The Quiet Storm” on Howard University’s radio station WHUR, with it’s very first DJ she decided on the late Melvin Lindsey. Before radio, Hughes worked for a African American newspaper called “The Omaha Star” Hughes started her career in 1969 at KOWH in Omaha, but then left for job in Washington D.C.

In 1973, Hughes became the General Sales Manager of Howard University’s radio station WHUR-FM and helped to increase station revenue from $250,000 to $3 million in it’s first year!!

Soon in 1975, Cathy became the first woman Vice President and GM of a station in the nation’s capital. In 1980, Hughes founded Radio One, and with former husband Dewey Hughes, bought  WOL-AM 1450 in D.C. After the previous employees had destroyed the facility, she faced financial problems and soon lost her home and moved with her young son to live at the station.

Cathy Hughes fortunes started to change when revamped the r&b station to a 24-7 talk radio format with the theme “Information Is Power” Hughes served as the stations morning show host for 11 years. WOL is still the most listed to talk radio station in D.C.

Radio One went on to own 70 radio stations in nine major markets in the U.S.  As of 2007, Hughes son Alfred Liggins serves as CEO and president of Radio One and Hughes as chairperson.

In January 2004, Cathy started TV One, a national cable and satellite TV network which bills itself as the “lifestyle and entertainment network for African American adults”. Both Cathy and her son have been named Entrepreneur of the Year by the company Ernst & Young. In 2015, a local business organization unofficially named the corner of 4th Street and H Street NE in Washington D.C. “Cathy Hughes Corner”

I have a lot of respect for Cathy Hughes. She is a strong lady in a man dominated field. She is bringing to the table something that is needed in media and that is diversity. Diversity is badly needed in radio and tv. For instance here in Seattle, there is ONE African American true news reporter in our area in Essix Porter on KIRO-TV. On radio in a market where Ms. Hughes does not have a station, there is barely a regular African American voice on radio.

One of my favorite programs is a program called “Unsung” on TV One. I never miss it. “Unsung” and “Shark Tank” (not on TV One) are my favorite programs on TV. So I hope Ms Hughes and TV One would open a new radio station here in Seattle with a strong signal. That would be great.  I hope you will support TV One and Radio One. A TRUE African American owned and operated media company.

Gordon Curvey


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T.I. Wants To Help Kids With Their Education

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

t.i.To many times we hear about hip-hop/rap artists maybe getting in trouble or going to jail for one reason or another. The media will jump right on it when a hip-hop/rap artists is in trouble. This is for sure.

But check this out readers. How about when these artists do things on the positive tip? Do we hear about it like we hear about when these artists get in trouble? The answer is no. I have saw articles where artists buy Xmas gifts for the needy. Buy turkeys and Thanksgiving dinners for the needy and even buy a car for someone who needs a car to go to work. And much more.

Problem is you have to search for the story. This is unfair ladies and gentlemen.  Rapper and actor T.I. is doing something real positive for the youth we need to know about this readers.

He recently announced a partnership with music streaming service Tidal to launch the “Money Talk With Tip For Education” program. Now though June 15th participants can sign up to raise funding for their projects on spreading education awareness via Crowdrise. Then they can be able to post their Crowdrise projects via social media channels using the hashtag #TIDALXMONEYTALK in order to be considered eligible for the education challenge. This is great what T.I. is doing.

The top five finalists will have the chance to get the amount they raised matched by T.I. and Tidal.  Enriching the lives of today’s youth is something the Atlanta native knows all too well. The father of seven says his involvement in the education challenge is an natural extension of his own daily duties at home.

On June 15 Tidal will reveal the five finalists who have raised the most funding on its site. Then on June 22, T.I.and Tidal will announce and will match the donations of the official winner by up to a whopping $250,000 which will be used towards launching the winner’s proposed project.

T.I. does more than this folks. He is making his name known not for not just being a great rapper and being a actor in movies and on t.v. but he is making his name known as a person who cares about inner city youth not just in the ATL but everywhere. This is a good look for T.I.


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M.I.C-Internet T.V./Topics: Felix Hernandez/Prince & More!

felixhernandez1Watch “Sports Inner City TV” webcast 24-7 on-demand with special guest “King” Felix Hernandez. From Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club in Seattle. This webcast is from our Comcast-Xfinity On Demand programs!

Watch via smartphone, tablet, mac and pc! Just hit the screen to the right and enjoy the program! Special thanks to the Seattle Mariners.

New “Music Inner City TV” internet only webcast below. Topics include: More news on the death of music icon Prince, Jay Z and Beyonce rumors and more!! Via Ustream TV 24-7 on-demand.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


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Shocking Death Of Prince: “M.I.C-TV” Webcast

prince-purple-rainA “Music Inner City Television” webcast via Ustream. The legendary Prince at age 57 at his studio Paisley Park Studio in Minneapolis. He was a trend setting icon who left us way to early. Check our webcast that includes a Prince music video.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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Slick Rick Finally Becomes A U.S. Citizen

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

V103 Rap Down Rewind Featuring Bell Biv Devoe And Salt-N-PepaRap legend and icon Slick Rick has finally become a U.S. citizen. Marking the end of his long battle against deportation. Good news for “The Ruler”

Slick Rick became famous when he joined another legend, Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew, had fought really hard to become a citizen of the United States and he has finally obtained his wish.

Immigration officials has tried for years to kick him out of the U.S. after he pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder in 1991 and because of that he spent five years locked up.

“The Ruler” whose real name is Ricky Walters, has recorded big hits that became classics like “Mona Lisa” and “Children’s Story” and “Teenage Love”. He has his own style and when you hear him on the radio or where ever you know it is Slick Rick if you know about the history of rap music.

He was sworn in as a citizen recently at a official cermony in New York alongside dozens of other new citizens.

S.L. said “I am so proud of this moment and so honored to finally become an American citizen. This has been a long time coming for me and I am relieved to finally put this long chapter behind me. I want to thank everyone, my family, friends and fans who have supported me and stuck by me over these 23 years.

Congrats to the legend Slick Rick from “Music Inner City”

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Thoughts On The Retirement Of Kobe Bryant

kobe#1A “Sports Inner City TV” internet only webcast hosted by Gordon Curvey. Based in Seattle, Washington. Topics include the retirement of Kobe Bryant and the Golden State Warriors winning 73 games. Plus a classic Ice Cube video. Via Ustream Producer. Comments?

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“Sports Inner City TV”/Internet Only Webcast

adjustingglovepicNew “Sports Inner City TV” internet only webcast. Hosted by Gordon Curvey. Urban sports news and issues. Based in Seattle, Washington (U.S.) Topics include baseball players and slow play, NBA “resting” during the season and more!

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M.I.C-TV Webcast: Topics/LeBron James & “Diddy” Combs

LL Cool J honoured with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, America - 21 Jan 2016“Music Inner City TV” internet only webcast. Topics include what is wrong with Lebron James and Sean “Diddy” Combs opening up a school in Harlem. A spinoff of “Music Inner City/Sports Inner City TV”:Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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What Is Going On Between Beyonce And Rihanna?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

rihanna-vogue-cover-april-2016I am always looking for stories for my websites and I saw this story to write about here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” It is a rumor that Beyonce and Rihanna are having a so called “beef”

Word is Beyonce was due to drop her new song song “Formation”, days before Rihanna’s new release “ANTI”, but Rihanna dropped her new release like it was due to be dropped.  So there is word out and about that Beyonce has tried to outshine Rihanna.

Recently Rihanna did a interview with Vogue and she addressed the ongoing talk about her rivalry with Beyonce. She said “Here’s the deal, people just get excited to feast on something that’s negative. Something that’s competitive. Something that’s, you know, a rivalry. And that’s just not what I wake up to. Because I can only do me. And nobody else is going to be able to do that.”

I agree with Rihanna. The media is looking for a beef. Just because Ri is signed to Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z’s label and this release stuff happened the media saying wow what is really going on. When in reality most likely nothing is going on.

As a fan of good music, I do not give a damn who release was out first or not. Who gives a damn ladies and gentlemen? Both of ladies are very very talented as we all know. At times I really worry about Rihanna. It seems she is confused. At times she seems to be really out there mentally with some of stuff she says and some of outfits she wears. Just like Miley Cyrus.

And word is her career is suffering right now. Because it is a fact, her sales of her music is down. Unlike Adele or Taylor Swift. People are asking what is wrong with Rihanna. Well let’s see what the future holds. Ri is younger than B. I will be listening and watching what is really going on with Rihanna. Because I am not worried about Beyonce. She will always stand above the rest in book.


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I Have Much Respect For John Legend

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

john-legend-billboard-650I have learned to respect singer John Legend. We all know he is a great singer and songwriter. A Grammy and Oscar winner.

But I am also learning to respect Legend not only for his singing, but because he is a community activist. John is using his platform as a performer to help change a way of thinking about problems in the inner cities of America.

Legend is a member of President Obama’s “Brother’s Keepers” organization to help young African American boys in America. The group also has former guest on “Music Inner City TV” Tyrese Gibson and others in the group.

John Legend was born in 1978 in Xenia, Ohio. He is one of four children of Phyllis Elaine and Ronald Lamar Stephens. In his childhood, Legend was homeschooled on and off by his mom. Like many other African American singers, he started singing in church. I hear this from guests all the time.

He started playing the piano at age seven. At age 12, Legend attended North High School. He attended the University Of Pennsylvania where he studied English and African American literature.

In college, John served as president and musical director of a co-ed jazz and pop froup called Counterparts. His lead vocals on the group’s recording of Joan Osborne’s “One Of Us” received critical acclaim landing the song on the track of the 1998 “Best Of Collegiate a Cappella compilation” CD.

And I guess the rest is history. He has went on to become a superstar. But like I said I am respecting Legend more because of his speaking out on issues in the African American community.

Most performers sit back and count their money and buy cars and boats and expensive stuff. Which Legend may also do. But unlike others, he has also decided to use his name to speak out on issues. Like for instance he and Donald Trump Jr. recently had a Twitter battle about Trump Sr.

Big shout out to John Legend. A man I have learned to respect on stage and off and you should too!!


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Refuse To Watch The Oscars Until They Change

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Oscars-logoFirst of all I want to thank you for your support in coming here to “M.I.C News Magazine”. If you know me I am not afraid to voice my views on certain topics that bother me. Others are scared. I am not ladies and gentlemen.

One of the things I want to voice my concerns about is the Oscars. For two years in a row the Oscars has a grand total of zero African American nominees. Let me repeat. Zero nominees. How on earth can this happen two years in row? What is Hollywood thinking?

This is a severe problem that needs to be changed right now. Not next week or next month. Now.

I truly think Chris Rock should have stepped down and not host the Oscars this years. He should have taken a strong stand to tell the Oscars he would not be used. Many others asked Rock to step down but he did not.

Of course some will not attend the Oscar ceremony because of the total lack of diversity. People like Jada and Will Smith, director Spike Lee and others will stay home. I do not think they will even watch just like I refuse to do. I think African Americans just not watch the Oscars on TV to take a strong stand. Also do not support businesses who runs advertisements on the telecast.

Rock has called Hollywood “a white industry” in 2014. And he is telling the truth. I do not care how many African American presenters will be handing out Oscars because none of people obtaining Oscars will be African American. Give me a break readers.

I watched local TV outlet KOMO last night, a outlet that broadcasts the Oscars, and the news hosts say they could not wait for the Oscars well that’s their feelings because it is not mine and many others who feel the lack of African American nominees for two years in a row is a flat out severe problem. How can they say that readers?

Myself and many others will not be watching the Oscars. I am going to watch the red carpet interviews on E Online with Ryan Seacrest to see how many African Americans Ryan will interview. Then I will watch what Rock will say about the huge diversity problem at the start of the program then I am getting my remote and turn the Oscars off. If you feel the way I do, I hope you why not or did not watch the Oscars. It is time for Hollywood to wake up!!


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Does Kanye West Really Need Therapy?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Ladies aKanye-West-2016nd gentlemen it is time I do a story on the very talented but confused Kanye West here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”.

I try not to bash African Americans on my sites but in this case I have to get it in. Not bashing West just giving my views.

Guess people really started to wonder what is really going on with West when he jumped on stage and surprised everyone including Taylor Swift a few years ago and took the microphone and said Beyonce should have won a award and not Taylor. That was just flat out wrong for Kanye to do that to Taylor. Ever since then I have grown to like Swift. Not really her music, just how she handled that event.

Since then West has continued to say and do things that make me and others wonder what is wrong with this dude. It is obvious something is wrong mentally with Kanye. It just is. So a question has to be asked. Does Kanye West need a doctor. Does he need therapy? I say yes.

Is it a mental problem or is it a emotional problem or is it a financial problem with him? For goodness sake, he has came out and said Bill Cosby is innocent. He has said he is the best artist in music history. He blasts his ex lady Amber Rose and so on. For sure West is a rapper who is one of if not the best rapper in the history of hip-hop/rap music. This is for sure.

But something is very wrong with the brotha. Recently he tweeted he is $53 million in personal debt. He went on to say…are you ready for this ladies and gentlemen, that instead of opening a school in Africa, “fellow rich people should support him!! He was directing this to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who West begged him to give him $1 BILLION!! SAY WHAT????

He also said he would take support from Google co-founder Larry Page or from other Sillicon Valley rich folks. This shows that Kanye has a very serious problem. Or is it just a act for publicity? I think he needs therapy. And needs it now. This is my opinion.

He is a father of two little kids with Kim Kardashian. He should get the help now before his children realize something is wrong with daddy. Do it before it is to late. I just mentioned only a few of his outburts over the years. On social media and in interviews. He will go off like a fire cracker at any time during a interview. The person doing the interview has to be ready for anything when they deal with West.

Rap artist Rhymefest who has worked with Kanye a lot of songs has recently pulled away from working with him. He said “my brother needs help, in the form of counseling. Spiritual & mental. He should step away from the public and heal”. Real talk!!

I agree with Rhymefest. West should get help now. Hell recently he went off on Taylor Swift AGAIN saying “Hell I made the bitch” WHY would he say that about Taylor? What in the hell has Taylor Swift done to him? Is West a HATER against Swift because she has obtained hella Grammys and American Music Awards etc? I say yes!! He is a hater against West. That is stupid and crazy.

So in ending, I am tired of Kanye West going off on people. Some say he has not got over the passing of his mom who died a few years ago during a simple breast procedure. He and his mom were very very tight. But what ever the reason is, I join others who are starting to say it is not publicity when it comes to West and his outburst. This very talented fella should check himself in and get badly needed therapy immediately.


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Black History Month Bio-Denzel Washington

Washington bio from (click here)

denzel-washington-sizedFebruary is Black History Month if you did not know. A month we African Americans celebrate our history in America.

There are so many historical African Americans to write about here in entertainment, politics or sports. Here on “M.I.C News Magazine” I want to give props to what some people say the best actor alive today, Denzel Washington.

Washington has received three Golden Globes, two Tony Awards, and two Oscars for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor.

Truth be told he should have won a freakin Oscar and Golden Globe Award for Malcolm X in 1992. Anyone who saw that movie should know I am telling the truth. I have watched that movie maybe twenty times over the years.  He nailed Malcolm X. It was unreal that he did not win a Oscar and some say it was because of the person he played in the movie and the Academy did not want to “glorify” a person certain folks did not like.

Denzel is a role model all young people should look up to and for sure young African American kids. He is one of only a few African American leading men in Hollywood sorry to say. Himself, Will Smith and a few others.

He also does work in the theater from time to time. In 2014 Washington played the leading role in a Broadway play of Lorraine Hansberry’s classic “A Raisin In The Sun”. The play won a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play. He has shown all though his career that he can handle any kind of role that he decides to do. He is just a great great actor. Pure and simple.

Also Denzel gives back by being a national spokesperson for “Boys & Girls Clubs Of America” since 1993 and is a board member for the organization since 1995. I am sure you have seen Washington and public service commercials he does for the Boys and Girls Club on TV.

Be sure to read the full bio of Denzel on the link above. A Black History Month salute from “Music Inner City News Magazine” to  Denzel Washington.      Gordon Curvey

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Natalie Cole’s Family Upset At Grammys

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

natalie-coleI cannot put into words how I feel about what the Grammys did or should I say not do for the late great Natalie Cole. Truly truly sad.

Ms. Cole died in January due to complications from health issues she had. She was 65 years old. Natalie fought drug issues for a long time and also fought hepatitis that led to her having a kidney transplant in 2009.

The Grammys did not have a tribute to Natalie during their telecast BUT had tributes to David Bowie and Glenn Frey who also recently passed.

So how did this mis-treatment of Ms. Cole take place? This is crazy. This is a outrage ladies and gentlemen. Natalie is a nine time Grammy winner plus she was nominated 21 times!!  But others were given tributes who came nowhere near Ms. Cole as far as Grammy wins and nominations!!

Robert Adam Yancy, Natalie’s son said “Here is a woman who has been in the business for four decades, had 21 Grammy nominations and won nine Grammys. She deserves more than a minute and a half tribute. It was shameless the way they minimized her legacy. We will find solace in her legacy as well as her endless fans around the world.”

“Words cannot express the outrage and utter disappointment at the disrespectful tribute, or lack thereof, to a legendary artist such as our sister,” Cole’s sisters Timolin and Casey said.

Cole’s image was included in an “In Memoriam” video with other artists who passed recently. That ain’t enough to a STAR like Natalie Cole!! This treatment of the late great Natalie was tremendously wrong by the Grammys.

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Major Expansion Into Oregon and California For “M.I.C-TV/S.I.C-TV”

Comcast-on-Demand-LogoNOW AIRING IN NEW MARKETS!! 24 HOURS DAY!!

The last few months things have been falling in place for hopefully to finally make some good money with my media business. God willing that is.

First of all being allowed to cover the 2015 American Music Awards in Los Angeles on the red carpet was a major move. Then I find out that their are people really watching “Music Inner City TV” and soon hopefully “Sports Inner City TV” on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand. And a few other things have fell in place too like having my sports program expanding from online to television!! Another dream come true. But a few days ago I obtained some HUGE HUGE news while discussing my yearly contract with Comcast.

Because of my viewership I was asked if I would like to expand my programs into all of Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand West Coast area!! I said HELL YES!! Keep in mind, since I started “Music Inner City TV” my program was aired just in Western Washington state from Bellingham to the Kels0-Longview area, Centralia, Washington area and over to the coast of Washington. But in a few weeks THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!

Now “Music Inner City TV” and “Sports Inner City TV” will be on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand in of course Western Washington state,bayarea but now we will be seen in Spokane, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Eugene-Springfield, Oregon, Chico-Redding, California, Sacramento,  Martinez, the Bay Area that includes San Fransisco, Oakland and San Jose, Salinas, Fresno, Roseville, Stockton and Santa Barbara all of course in California!! Plus Culver City, Nevada.  THIS IS HUGE NEWS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!

All programs stream online for non Comcast subscribers 15 days after airing on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand at More commercial time added on all online webcasts!!

I am very very happy about this move to Spokane and into Oregon and California. So now I have work to do. I have to promote “M.I.C-TV/S.I.C-TV” in new television markets we will be broadcasting in. I have a good friend in the Bay Area who is willing to join my team to help promote in San Fransisco/Oakland/San Jose area. Starting as soon as my obtain a date we will start and where viewers can find our programs in the new markets, I will be making calls to promote in the new markets. Plus of course using social media and ways to get the word out.

Here is the thing readers. Do you know what has made my program popular over years? It is we provide entertainment via music videos and exclusive interviews that is hard to find on You Tube, VH1, Revolt, Fuse and more. Plus when it comes to sports we touch a niche that is NEEDED VERY BADLY. And that is covering African Americans and people of color in the sports world. Bringing issue to the table that the “majority” media ie sports radio, ESPN, Fox Sports etc are afraid or will not touch. These are facts. For my 25 years of broadcasting I have always mixed music and sports.

So starting soon we will have to not just cover our Seahawks and Mariners and UW etc and other Seattle area sports but we have to throw in coverage of the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trailblazers, San Jose Sharks, SF 49ers, Oakland Raiders (if they do not move to L.A) and other sports teams.

As always all ALL “M.I.C-TV-S.I.C-TV” programs will be streamed online for those you who do not have Comcast-Xfinity On Demand and who stay outside of the Comcast west coast coverage area. Plus we can run more advertising ie commercials on our online webcasts. And don’t forget we also broadcast “Music Inner City Radio” podcasts at “Music Inner City News Magazine” where we can run MANY MORE ADVERTISING COMMERCIALS. Plus we will have “Sports Inner City Radio” podcasts that will air on our sports ONLY website “Sports Inner City Online” at Covering people of color in the sports world PLUS playing classic soul/hip-hop music.

Oh yeah on our new “Sports Inner City TV” programs, we will also play hip-hop and r&b and pop music videos just like we have done on “M.I.C-TV” for 25 years!! So their is one thing that is very very important. We are the ONLY locally produced African American owned business of it’s type running on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand on the west coast. THE ONLY ONE!!

Hopefully it is time for artists, promoters and business owners to come to our table to do business. Get your brand or what you do seen not only in the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett and Western Washington area but now in the Spokane area plus Oregon and California markets!! Plus worldwide via the internet on our websites where we get a lot of traffic from all over the world!!

I will back here on “M.I.C News Magazine” for a starting date for our programs starting in our new markets very soon. A big THANK YOU to Comcast-Xfinity for allowing this big move to happen. Call us now at 206-445-3989 or email us at to start promoting on our platforms. We can also be reached on Facebook at or via Twitter at

Listen to “Music Inner City Radio” for more news on our expanding coverage into major west coast markets PLUS classic soul and hip-hop and more!!



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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: Will Smith


willsmithMusic Inner City News Magazine BREAKING NEWS: Will Smith has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his role in the new movie “Concussion”. GREAT NEWS!!

When this fella first come on the scene as rapper some said the music he made with DJ Jazzy Jeff was should I say “corny”. One of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s big early hits was “Parents Just Don’t Understand” for goodness sake.

But that song really put Will Smith on the map. And he has not looked back. You could see how talented the dude was in the early music videos of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. You could tell then bigger things was in store for Will. And man bigger things did happen. With his TV show called “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” in 1990 he was on his way to super stardom and that was a fact.

“Fresh Prince” was a big hit from 1990 to 1996. Will started to branch off from the TV show starting a year or so before “Fresh Prince” ended in 1996. By the way reruns of the “Fresh Prince” are running everywhere and every day. Keeping money in the pockets of the other performers on the show for sure.

Smith is one only a few “marketable” African American male actors in Hollywood along with Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Forest Whitaker and a few others. Most of Smith’s movies make big money but of course a few of them did not do well in the theaters. But that’s Hollywood. Every once in awhile a movie with high expectations will not do well money wise.

But Smith’s new movie called “Concussion” has a lot of people saying “Oscar” when it comes to Will Smith. That would be great to see Will finally getting a Oscar. Because he is a very good actor. Of course their are problems in Hollywood when it comes to African Americans not getting nominated of Oscars and Golden Globes and Emmys and SAG Awards. Don’t believe me? Well look at the nomination list for the SAG Awards that are coming up soon and the Golden Globes.

So ladies and gentlemen do not be surprised if Will does not get a Oscar nomination. Because it is Hollywood and it has a history of looking over powerful performances by black actors in movies. Sorry to say this but it is very true.   Gordon Curvey


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2 Chainz Pays Vet Rent For A Year And More!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

2-chainz-pays-disabled-vets-rent-for-one-year-christal_rockAs many of you already know, many of the stories I do here on “M.I.C News Magazine” are stories the mainstream media mainly does not touch when it come to African Americans and people of color.

But let a African American entertainer of sports star get in trouble with the law and it is headline news everywhere. This is a fact readers. Here is a very positive story regarding rapper 2 Chainz. He has started a foundation called T.R.U Foundation and it is doing great things for people in the inner city of the U.S. Things you did not know about.

Recently 2 Chainz and his foundation provided rent for a entire year plus furniture for a disabled veteran’s home. Deirdre Plater is a single mom who like many has had a hard time making ends meet. Plus she cannot find a good job.

2 Chainz found out about Plater not having any furniture in her house and he contacted her about helping her out. After meeting Plater 2 Chainz went on Instagram and said he remembered what it was like to have nothing. And he also said he felt it was important to give back. And 2 Chainz did just that.

What the brotha did for this lady is just GREAT. And truth be told, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS and NBC should have done a story on what 2 Chainz did for this lady. I truly think the majority media does NOT want to tell POSITIVE stories when it comes to African American males.

This is going on because in the news rooms of America the people who are in charge to decide what will be on the news on a daily basis are one color sorry to say and that is white. This is just a fact readers. Here in Seattle that is true at KOMO TV, KING-TV, KIRO-TV and KCPQ TV and the Seattle Times and not only that, their is only ONE African American news reporter on TV in Seattle. ONE!! And on sports radio only ONE on the air on a regular basis Gee Scott on 710 ESPN and on sports radio KJR their are ZERO African Americans on the air on a regular basis with his or hers program.  This is a huge huge problem.

So again, I think what 2 Chainz did for the lady is a great thing!! The media may not care but we here at “M.I.C News Magazine” care.  Gordon Curvey

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Erykah Budu Should Have Put R.Kelly On Blast!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

kellybudupicThe other day I watched the Soul Train Awards on BET. I was saying to myself DAMN this is a really good program this year. A lot of good performances and a real good host this year too.

I think singer Eryah Budu did a real good job as the host. She was very witty and she let her personality shine during the show. I enjoyed the R&B cypher with the legend Eddie Levert and Ki-Ci Hailey and others. That was great. I also enjoyed the tribute to Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds with various performers singing some his hit songs he wrote. Singers like Fantasia and others including Bobby Brown sang their hit song the was written by Babyface Edmonds. Real good segment.

My girl Budu event did a piece on Iggy Azalea basically saying she is not a rapper! Wow!! That was deep readers. But then later in the program Budu lost me and many others I see online when she was introducing singer R.Kelly.

Erykah went on to say “I know they said no red cups y’all, but this man has done more for blacks than anyone” SAY WHAT???? I KNOW SHE DID NOT SAY THAT!!! But she did.  Kelly then came out singing in a crowd of folks dancing like it was at a outdoor party. He say while holding a big cigar and he sang many of his hits. The crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Guess the crowd have forgot that Kelly’s history of having sex with young girls. Basically raping young girls. Kelly given had a shame marriage to 15 year old the late Aaliyah a former guest on “Music Inner City TV”

There was tape that millions of people watched online that leaked showing R. Kelly having sex with a young girl some say was as young as 14 or 15. Kelly said that was not him. The brotha LIED!!! THAT WAS HIM IN THE TAPE. In many peoples opinion R. Kelly is a sick puppy who prays on young girls instead of ladies his own age.

So why did the Soul Train audience give Kelly a freakin standing ovation? I am at a complete loss on this readers. Guess the audience does not give a damn or did not want to think about R. Kelly messing around with girls 14 and 15 and 16 years old. What a damn shame!! I wonder who picked R. Kelly to perform on a national stage on the Soul Train Awards. Did they even think of Kelly’s dirty history? I guess not!!

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Rap Icon Nas Receives W.E.B DuBois Medal From Harvard

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

NAS_320One of the reasons I started my website years ago was to bring more positive information to my readers and “Music Inner City TV” fans about African Americans and people of color.

Why you ask? Because the “majority” media does a great job in NOT telling you the stories I try to bring to our readers. To many times we hear and read about African Americans and people of color when they do NEGATIVE NOT POSITIVE. This is a fact. So I do my best to bring positive stories to everyone but of course I have to bring a few negative stories to our site too. That is just the way it is sorry to say.

But here is a positive story about rap icon Nas. He recently received the W.E.B. DuBois Medel from Harvard University. Keep in mind also Harvard established the “Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship” in honor of the rapper.

This great award is the highest honor given out by Harvard’s African and African American studies department. And the medal goes to Black people who have had an influence on the world.

Others who have won the award include the legendary Muhammad “The Greatest” Ali and former Attorney General Eric Holder and other Black scholars. So this is a great award given to Nas. And one reason he is one of my favorite all time rappers is because this brothas tells a story in his music. It ain’t about f..king females and smoking weed and his videos are not full of brothas driving around in Bentley’s and big Mercedes and Ferrari’s they cannot afford!! If you do not understand this go look at some Nas videos.

I truly think that young rappers of today need to study a artist like Nas. A true hip-hop/rap artist. It ain’t about the big cars and the females almost naked in the music videos etc. It is about songs and videos that make you think and learn. A lot of artists today make songs that make you think about firing one up or other negative crap.

But Nas ain’t about that. That is why he is a legend and a icon. Shout out to the brotha for keeping it real for over 20 years. And I hope he continues to bring us knowledge behind the mic.


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NBA Player Found Not Guilty In New York

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

thabo-sefoloshaListen to “Music Inner City Radio” Entertainment/sports and political news PLUS classic soul and hip-hop music and exclusive interviews and public service announcements.

And watch our two webcasts, “Sports Inner City TV” with Seahawks news and more and “Music Inner City TV” a webcast of our latest program on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand!! Wat both via smartphones, tablets, mac or pc ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!

As some of you may know I am a tremendous basketball fan and a NBA junky. As a sports fan one of the worst days as a sports fan was when our NBA the Seattle Sonics left town in 2008 for the dust town OKC.

Many of you also know that the NBA is around 80% African American and the sports media in Seattle likes to put African Americans on full blast any chance they get. For sure on sports radio like 710 ESPN and sportsradio KJR. Mainly KJR.

And also the Seattle Times and the Seattle PI (online). It is a severe problem in my opinion. When brothas do wrong it is all over the radio and TV and newspapers.

But when brothas do right we hardly here anything and this is real. Or when a brotha is found innocent of charges put against them. Like what happened recently to NBA player Thabo Sefolosha of the Atlanta Hawks. Did not hear anything on radio about this.

A New York jury recently found Thabo innocent on three misdemeanorJames-Blake charges. In April, Sefolosha said police caused his season ending leg injury after he left a nightclub in NY. Sefolosha suffered a fractured fibula and ligament damage when he and a teammate were arrested near the scene of the stabbing of another NBA player Indiana Pacer forward Chris Copeland.

After the incident, TMZ Sports released video that shows a group of police arresting the 6-7 Sefolosha and taking him to the ground. But as I said a NY jury found Sefolosha innocent of all charges on him. This is great news. The brotha should NOT have been arrested at all. Again mistreatment of a African American/black man by the police.

Also recently former tennis pro James Blake met with NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and police commissioner William Bratton. This happened because of Blake being taken to the ground AGAIN by NY police after Blake was thought to be a suspect in another crime. Again this incident was flat out wrong on the part of the NY police. These type of incidents are happening all over America.

Finally let me say this. I am very happy justice happened for Sefolosha and Blake. But I also think pro sports stars should stay away from nightclubs because terrible things seem to happen time and time again. We do not hear about Lebron James or Carmelo Anthony or Kobe Bryant or Chris Paul or Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman hanging out a nightclub. Brothas should do the right thing and have a good time at home!!

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Wendy Williams Goes In On Terrence Howard!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Wendy+Williams+Casio+Shock+World+2010+qbXsVx0E5CUlWatch “Sports Inner City TV” webcast and “Music Inner City TV” webcast RIGHT HERE via your pc or mac or smartphone or tablet 24-7 on-demand ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! And of course listen to “Music Inner City Internet Radio” entertainment and sports and political news PLUS classic soul and classic hip-hop music!!! 24-7!!

I do not know how you feel about talk show host Wendy Williams but I have some strong opinions. I first heard about Wendy when she and the late great icon Whitney Houston had a tremendous fall out over the air on the radio in New York where Williams was a huge radio dj. That is how she made her name. Blasting folks over the air on NY radio.

You can You Tube the fight between Williams and Whitney. It got real deep. Because Whitney had “the street” in her and truth be told it never left her all the way to her untimely death. So Whitney stood up to terrence-howard-empire-foxWendy. She was not having it at all. That is for sure.

So if you watch Wendy’s show on TV you know she does not have a problem of going in on folks. I am very surprised no one has confronted Wendy more often over the years like the late great Whitney did. I am shocked. I mean Williams calls folks names and every thing. From Chris Brown to Donald Trump or from 50 Cent to Taylor Swift or Kanye West. It does not matter to her.

Now her latest blast is against actor Terrence Howard who is currently starring in the hit TV show “Empire” which I refuse to support by viewing it because it is on Fox owned by Rupert Murdoch who allows Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and others put President Obama on full blast EVERYDAY since the President has been in office. This is real talk. I refuse to give Fox my support.

But guess what folks? When it comes to Terrence Howard I agree with Wendy. Please read the article above and for more information on Howard attacking ladies please Google it and a lot of information will pop up. Readers I DO NOT AGREE WITH A MAN HITTING A LADY FOR ANY REASON!! And Howard has admitted hitting females.

THIS IS WRONG WRONG WRONG and I agree with Williams and maybe Terrence should not be employed on the hit program “Empire” and should enter a program to help him with his temper. Until he does that, he should not be employed on any TV show or any movie role!!!

I think EVERYONE should do what I am doing and not watch “Empire”because you are supporting a business that is owned by a person who has a entire TV network that has been against President Obama in every way possible for seven years let by Hannity and O’Reilly. It has happened on a every day basis. Please try to understand what I am saying readers. Thanks.

Gordon Curvey

Comment? or or

BREAKING NEWS: “Music Inner City TV” will be in the building when President Obama comes to Seattle to support Sen. Patty Murray. We will covering the arrival and departure of Air Force One here in Seattle. Video will be seen soon on Seattle, Washington based “M.I.C-TV”!!



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WHY Do Black Folks Hate Each Other?

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

mlkhatepicReaders one thing I am TIRED of hearing is how certain people do not like me as a person. I have heard this over and over and over. So I said I am going to find out some info on this topic on African Americans hating on each other.

Above is one of the best information I found on this issue. This brotha threw down on the topic. In Seattle there seems to be very little unity among African Americans. Unlike Asians and East Africans and Hispanics. It seems we as black folks seem to be full of hate and jealous feelings against one another.

Heck their is a female having a event that gives out awards in November and in the media section yours truly is not nominated for two years in row!! How can that be readers?

Not only that, their are four radio talk shows in the Seattle area ran basically by African American hosts and yours tuly has not been invited on to be a guest to discuss my long history of broadcasting. All of them have had every Tom, Dick and Harry as guests except for yours truly.

One hosted by my childhood friend Mr. Eddie Rye, one hosted by a person I respect as a broadcaster Mr. Frank P. Barrow, one hosted by Mr. James Gore and one hosted by Mr. J Moore. The question is why? Is it hate? I say yes ladies and gentlemen. BUT I can be a guest on a well known sports program on a “big” local station basically at any time!!

The person having this event I have known since she was young. There are outlets that are nominated in the media section that cannot hold my jock. Real talk folks. I am just keepin it real. The problem is the “Stockholm Syndrome” Pure hate against yours truly folks. And jealous feelings towards ya boy too!!

The article above breaks down in his opinion why we hate on each other. One of the reasons is called the “Stockholm Syndrome” which is a mental illness folks. Yes it is. It started in the 16th century after slavery became legal in the U.S. Read the article to find out more on the “Stockholm Syndrome”

I mean I have a friend who (i think) is part of the “Music Inner City TV” team. I have known this person for years. This person has told me she has tried to sell a few ads for my TV program and people will not do business with my program because they do not like me as a person. Otherwords they let their personal feelings towards me get in the way of business. The “Stockholm Syndrome”.

This is CRAZY. The “Stockholm Syndrome” in full effect baby!! This is one of the reasons why in a small way American black folks cannot build wealth like Asains and now East Africans and of course the Hispanics.

People who talk negative about me DO NOT KNOW ME!! They hear crap about me. It also seems rich NBA players have no desire to be in a position to help other African Americans. I know this for sure. Because I reached out to a prominent very rich NBA player from Seattle who I have known since he was a teenager. I got nothing. Not one red cent. One of the reasons is others who want possible help from this NBA player might have said to him do not help him….help me with my business. So I end up at the bottom of the totem pole sort of speak.

Please read this article folks and LEARN something from it. Because I learned a lot. Real talk. Like I said I am flat out TIRED of hearing people tell me they hate me. Truth be told readers IT HURTS ME VERY VERY BADLY. I mean I am only human. I try to understand why folks do not like me. When all I try to do is provide some entertainment and education that no one in the Northwest is bringing to the table.

When you finish reading this article I posted, think about it. WHY DO BLACK FOLKS HATE EACH OTHER? It is a question that needs to be answered. If not we will NEVER EVER EVER prosper like the Asains and East Africans and Hispanics. If you have a comment on this article and what I am saying also holla back 206-445-3989 or or or

Gordon Curvey

Listen to “Music Inner City Internet Radio” via Ustream. Playing classic soul/hip-hop and smooth jazz 24-7 on-demand. AND listen to our “M.I.C Radio” stream discussing politics and entertainment and again more music! And watch our webcasts too!!

Live streaming video by Ustream

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Lebron To Expand Scholarship Program To Parents In Ohio

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

LeBron+James+Sprite+Unveil+Refurbished+Gym+R_SFreL6S6vlNew “Music Inner City Radio” podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. Topics include two beautiful sistas Saana Lathan and Viola Davis speaking out about African American sistas in Hollywood an much more PLUS classic soul and hip-hop music!!

And a new “Sports Inner City TV” webcast is up and running with topics like our Seahawks loss 34-31 to the Rams, Seahawks Kam Chancellor holdout and more PLUS a classic r&b music video.

Watch both via your smartphone, tablets, mac or pc ANYWHERE in the world!! So grab your headphones and enjoy!!

If you are a fan of “Music Inner City News Magazine” and “Sports Inner City TV/Online” you know I am a tremendous fan of Lebron James. What James does on the court as we all know is great but what he does off the court to me is even greater!!

James announced a few ago that his Lebron James Foundation is going to help 1,000 kids get a college education as long as they get good grades and graduate in his home city of Akron, Ohio. Now he is taking his help even further.

James “I Promise” program will help parents obtain their General Education Development (GED) The program will pay for testing fees, laptops, bus passes and hand out prizes for good work. Also parents who have children in the Lebron James Family Foundation and wish to obtain their GED are automatically welcome. Readers this is great!! It really is.

Lebron’s program will also ensure parents are prepared to enter the workforce. James has partnered with adult education organization “Project Learn Of Summit County” which will also cover costs for the newly launched program.

Ladies and gentlemen what Lebron James is doing, EVERY ONE should do. James is from the hood or the inner city. He has got filthy rich BUT the inner city has not left James. He cares about kids. He cares about kids and now parents in getting a education and then obtaining a job or even starting their own business like for instance the Asians and now the East Africans.

In ending readers. Here is a big problem. A huge problem. The sports radio business in Seattle (KJR and 710 ESPN) and the U.S. and sports media in general do not want to discuss this issue. They do NOT want to discuss when African American brothas and sistas do great things like what James is doing. Like what NFL legend Dion Sanders is doing opening a school, what former NBA star and now NBA commentator Jalen Rose in also opening a school for kids.

The media do not want to discuss this positive stuff. But let Sanders and Rose and James and other brothas allegedly hit his lady or get caught with drugs and other stuff and it is headlines. YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT!! Shout out to Lebron and Rose and Sanders and other African Americans who are showing concern for inner city kids!!!!

Gordon Curvey

Live streaming video by Ustream

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1 Trillion Dollars Black Buying Power/Gentrification Of Seattle

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

AQH4034.TIFI am here in my home town of Seattle, Washington. I have been in or near the Central Area my entire time on this earth. The Central Area used to be the African American community. But sorry to say not anymore. It is not the same Central Area anymore.

This word..gentrification has hit my town just like it has hit other major cities.  Whites have moved in and African Americans have moved out.

To me it is truly sad and depressing. The area I grew up in is no longer the same. When I came into the Central Area I see plenty of white folks walking their dogs. Some two to three dogs at a time.

African American owned businesses like Mrs. Helen’s, Thompson’s Point Of View, Oscars, Deano’s, Sammy’s, Jordan’s and more are gone.

No place in the Central Area for black folks to hang out and play pool and have a drink and watch the fight or dance etc.  Things are much much different.

Some say the gentrification of the Central Area here in Seattle was planned. Bring up property taxes to the point where many African Americans cannot pay the taxes and there goes their homes and white folks move in. Now big townhouses and apartments are being built in the Central Area where only a person working at Microsoft can afford to stay their!! The rent will be SKY HIGH!!

Folks another thing is going on here in Seattle and in the US. There is another side to the financial situation. And that is African Americans have a 1 TRILLION dollars of buying power. Yes many of us cannot afford to pay our taxes etc. But then again it seems we want to invest the money we do make in new cars we cannot afford. Expensive Jordan’s sneakers, extensions and other new things.

BUT it seems Vietnamese and now East Africans are opening up new businesses in the Central Area selling EVERYTHING!! And African Americans seem to open up another church or bar be cue place or beauty shop. We seem not to want to open a variety of places like the Asians and now East Africans. I wonder like others where does our 1 trillion dollars of black power is going?

Here in Seattle, on MLK Way South and also Rainier Ave South in the Rainier Valley you can start on East Jackson St. and drive to South Henderson and see very few African American owned businesses. You will see mall after mall after mall full of Asian and now East African owned businesses and ZERO malls full of African American owned businesses. It is just amazing folks.

And the few African American owned businesses we have in the area it seems African Americans do not support them as we should. Ladies and gentleman this is a HUGE problem in my opinion and many others.

Gordon Curvey


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Miche’le Speaks Up On The Movie “Straight Outta Compton”

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Michel+le+Toussant+R+B+Divas+Premieres+West+9-q_iObRsnYlListen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcast. Entertainment and political news PLUS classic soul and hip-hop and soon a new national release will be played also!! Grab your headphones and enjoy our professional sounding program from the studios of “M.I.C Entertainment” in Seattle.

And a new “Sports Inner City TV” webcast coming at ya RIGHT NOW featuring our interview with Kansas City Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain.

And more including comic Chris Rock take on why African Americans are not interested in baseball anymore. plus a classic hip-hop or r&b music video!!

Watch via your smartphone, tablet, mac or pc WHERE EVER you are at in the world!! Urban sports news and issues PLUS classic music videos and sports interviews!!

In case you have been under a rock somewhere or maybe on the moon or Mars you know a new movie recently opened about the legendary rap group NWA. Commercials were EVERYWHERE on TV. I mean EVERYWHERE!!

Of course the movie is named “Straight Outta Compton”. About the rise of Ice Cube, MC Ren, Dr. Dre, the late Eazy E and Yella. Who started in the hood of Compton as kids and they became rich and famous and for sure trend setters. The group was known for their violent street lyrics on their songs as well as violent music videos with gun play all over the videos.

I started my program in December 1990 when NWA was still very very hot and I ain’t gonna lie I played their videos because they were so hot.  Ice Cube had just left the group. I caught heat from folks for sure for playing their music. Believe me I did readers.

Of course Cube left the group in 1989 to be solo artist and soon a movie actor and writer and producer. Eazy nwa-movie.pngdied in 1992 of AIDS. And the group was history including Dre becoming a billioniare. But their music kept on selling to this day.  But there have been a lot of rumors about relationships that went sour a few of the group and that is mainly Dr. Dre.

Back in the day cats knew about the Dr. Dre’s stormy relationship with entertainer Miche’le. Word is Dre beat her up a few times. And so it was no surprise that Dr. Dre and Miche’le relationship was left out of “Straight Outta Compton”

Miche’le was recently on Vlad TV and said “Why would Dre put me in it. I mean cause if they start from where they start from I was just a quiet girlfriend who got beat up and told to shut up”

But she said said she would go and watch the movie but she said that she has her reservations on how the group may be portrayed. By the way Dre and Miche’le have a son who is now 24. Very interesting comments from her and her relationship with Dre. A relationship that she stayed in despite rumors of abuse by Dre.

Oh yeah, the movie opened up making a whopping $56 million in it’s weekend opening!!! The largest opening EVER for a music biopic in the U.S. Projections had the film grossing only around $25 million!!! In second place for the weekend openings was “The Man From U.N.C.L.E” which took in only $13 million.

Check this out finally readers. The NWA movie had a budget of $29 million to make compared to “U.N.C.L.E” which cost around $80 million to make. WOW!!! I have a 70 in TV with a home theater system. I am going to wait for the movie to come on Comcast On-Demand. It will hopefully be on real soon.

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Oscar De La Hoya Wants To Fight Again…WHY WHY WHY??

Jean Pascal and Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins Announce Upcoming Fight“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

As a sports fan you have to see great sports stars hang around way past their prime. It hurts to see this happen and you should too. Muhammad Ali stayed around to long. Willie Mays stayed around to long. Micheal Jordan stayed around to long. Ken Griffey Jr stayed around too long. Bernard Hopkins stayed around fighting to the age of 49!!

Many others stayed around because their mind says they could still do things they could do when they were younger and their body says another thing because father time waits for no one folks. I will catch up to everyone. So when I see a great fighter in Oscar De La Hoya thinking about coming back to fight again I ask…why Oscar?

De La Hoya is 42 years old. And his promotions company Golden BoyPromotions is doing very well promoting big fights. It makes no sense why Oscar wants to come back. Maybe he notices the huge paychecks Floyd “Money” Mayweather is getting these days. In his last fight with pay per view numbers added on, Floyd made around $200 million. So I guess Oscar says he wants a piece of the pie.

De La Hoya says if he comes back he wants to fight Mayweather or Gennady Golovkin. What I am reading I wonder if Oscar wants to have a couple of warm up fights before he fights huge talents in Floyd or Gennady. I would think so,

So as a sports fan I hope and pray that Oscar De La Hoya will not be given a license to fight again. It will be truly sad to see him get his ass beat at 42 years old. Oscar should just concentrate on his Golden Boy Promotions and leave the fighting to younger fighters. Please do not come back Oscar. It will be a huge mistake if you decide to come back!!

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Did Nick Gordon Give Bobbi Kristina A Toxic Cocktail?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Premiere Of Tri-Star Pictures' "Sparkle" - Red CarpetBREAKING NEWS: For all sports fans watch “Sports Inner City TV” right here. 24-7 on demand. Just click on the “Sports Inner City TV” screen to the right. Covering “urban sports” news and issues and exclusive sports interviews.

Watch my interview with “The Professor” JOHN CLAYTON right now from the Vmac/Renton, Washington at Seattle Seahawks mini-camp.

Coming up: Kansas City Royal centerfielder Lorenzo Cain, Jama Crawford Pro Am Game interviews and from Seattle Seahawks Training Camp and more!!

PLUS classic soul/hip-hop music videos and more! Watch via smartphones, tablets, pc or mac!! Anywhere and anytime!

This story is one of the worst stories ever in entertainment history. This is a fact. As we all know Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late great Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown recently passed away at the too young age of 22.

She died in hospice care July 26 hear Atlanta six months after Brown was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub on Jan 31. Her mom was found almost in the same way when she died in Los Angeles more than three years ago. By the way I was in L.A. with Tammy Jackson-Cloy when Houston died. It was a day I will NEVER EVER forget.

Now Whitney’s daughter has died. Truly sad. And many think this dude Nick Gordon is the reason Bobbi Kristina is no longer here. Bobbi Kristina and Gordon say they were married. Some say including the Houston family say they were not married. And some say that Gordon fed Brown a lot of drugs including drugs that killed her. And that he spent a lot of Bobbi Kristina’s money that her mom left her in her will. So now we have big news.

The administrator of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate has filed a wrongful death count to a lawsuit against Nick Gordon. This is only to get more nasty ladies and gentleman. One reason is this. Whitney left about $21 million for her daughter that the bulk of it she was going to obtain by age 30. Many of us have saw in social media and elsewhere that the Houston family may be in a battle over the money with Bobby Brown. Who will control the cash? Guess we will see.

Again readers this is  a very very sad situation. Bobbi Kristina just could not handle the passing of her mom. She just never got over it. Whitney and her daughter were very very tight. Brown is having a rough time right now dealing with the passing of his daughter. We will keep you informed on the latest news here on our site.

Gordon Curvey


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Watch Tyrone Produced Music Video On “M.I.C-TV”

Tyrone Jahdan Red Hot Remix CoverNew “Music Inner City Radio” program now right here on “M.I.C News Magazine” Entertainment news and classic soul/hip-hop music and much more!

You have to check out the new hot music video on “M.I.C-TV” with guest Wyking/Comcast-Xfinity On Demand/”get local and then “around the sound”/24-7/Western Washington State.

The video “Red Hot Remix” released by Tyrone by Jahdan Blakkamoore is from Babylon’s Nightmare album. The song talks about the ills of growing up in the ghetto and how poverty affects children.

Jahdan Blakkamoore has long made a name for himself as a gifted and inspiring Reggae/Dancehall/Hip Hop/Dubstep artist-both nationally and internationally. Jahdan’s sense of melody, superb song writing skills and ability to effortlessly cross genres has solidified his status as a relevant artist in the music industry.

The video depicts the life of three ghetto or inner city youths as they travel though the projects and contemplate their fate.

The cinematography drives home the point as Tyrone produces the background music on his “sound system”; blending the accapella of Jahdan’s vocals with a menacing beat and bass line. The Tyrone directed video provides the perfect visual of the soundtrack. Visit to download this song and others!!

Webcast SOON on “Music Inner City News Magazine” with the music video and guest community activist Wyking! Thanks for the support of Tyrone!!



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Bill Cosby: Camille Cosby Should Leave His Ass!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

bill-cosby-wife-camille-defends-husband-fe_2014-12-15_23-20-29Readers at first when it came to William H. Cosby Jr aka Bill Cosby, I was riding the fence when it came to all these ladies coming out against Mr. Cosby. Most after 30 to 45 years of saying nothing.

I was saying why did these females say nothing for decades and then all of a sudden when a basically unknown comic made a comment or joke during his stage act regarding Cosby and past stories about rape charges against him, lady after lady came out the woodwork saying Cosby raped them after he allegedly give them a pill. From former supermodels Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickerson to many others.

Some famous people like Whoopi Goldberg and former guest on my program “Music Inner City TV” singer Jill Scott stood behind and supported Mr. Cosby until recently when new information has been released to the public by first the NY Times and now CNN. The news is flat out devastating against Cosby.

It shows and tells us that Bill Cosby lied to us. He had us fooled. We loved Fat Albert and loved the movies he made with the legendary Sidney Poitier and his various TV shows like “I Spy” for which he won a Emmy and of course..”Cosby” Where he played “America’s dad” Cliff Huxtable for years on TV. He had all of us fooled readers. And I am upset at Bill Cosby for fooling me and millions of others who looked up to him.

Bill Cosby was having sex or near sex with plenty of ladies behind his lady Camille Cosby’s back. But then again Mrs. Cosby may have known about her husbands cheating ways and STILL stayed with him.  Well readers maybe we know why. MONEY MONEY MONEY for which Bill Cosby has plenty of. Mr. Cosby is worth a reported $400 to $500 million.

Because I think most females would have left a man who was cheating all over the damn place. Did Mrs. Cosby see $$ signs? But wait a minute. If she left Bill Cosby she would have got millions and millions from her husband in a divorce settlement. This is a fact!!

A few weeks ago I hear a comedy routine from a young Bill Cosby in which he told a so called joke about giving a pill to a lady and then the lady was ready to get busy if you know what I mean. Then I also saw a interview with Cosby from the early 90′s in which he ADMITTED to a affair with a lady behind Camille’s back. BUT Mrs. Cosby STILL stayed with him. The question is why?joseph-c-phillips

This story has got real real ugly for Bill Cosby at age 78. Concerts have been cancelled, “Cosby” reruns have been removed from TV and his great reputation he earned since the 60′s has gone completely downhill. This is sad. But I have to say this.

This dude who played Cosby’s son in law on “Cosby” His name is Joseph C. Phillips.(pic) He has turned into a conservative motor mouth. I have seen him on Hannity’s show on Fox News putting down President Barack Obama.  He has recently come out and said “Cosby should go away” and more. THIS DUDE HAS HIS FREAKIN NERVE!! Not trying to take up for the cheating monster Bill Cosby..BUT I am supporting Mr. Cosby on this point when it comes to Mr. Phillips.


Yo Phillips Mr. Cosby hired your ass and you made thousands and thousand of $$ for your part on “Cosby” He may have “fooled” you like he has fooled us but I strongly feel you should have kept your feelings to yourself instead of blasting a man who paid you big time and put your name in the public eye. This is real talk. Some of you may disagree. This is how I feel folks.

Finally I think the elegant and beautiful Mrs. Camille Cosby should leave the cheatin ass Bill Cosby!! He has played SERIOUS games for decades behind her back. Mrs. Cosby has come out recently and said these ladies who have came out against her husband knew what was going on and played along with Cosby. Wow Camille!! Come on now.

Quaaludes was the pill Cosby ADMITTED in 2005 he gave to females to have sexual relations. That ALONE is reason enough for the dignified Mrs. Camille Cosby to pack up and leave Bill Cosby. This is my opinion. More to come right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

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