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Is Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna A New Hot Couple?

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rihannaleopicNEW “Music Inner City Internet TV” webcast via USTREAM TV is now online. Topics include singer Angie Stone, “Blurred Lines” vs “Got To Give It Up” and more classic soul from the “Queen Of Soul” Aretha Franklin. Just click the USTREAM TV SCREEN. Produced with the USTREAM PRODUCER.

New story  about my views of the “Gentrification Of Seattle’s Central Area” coming right here very soon!!

I was digging on the net for interesting stories for my website and came about this story that hit me like a ton of bricks..bam..pow!! Is superstar actor Leonardo DiCaprio dating superstar Rihanna?

Guess it may be true readers. They have been seen at different parties together and DiCaprio attended Rihanna 27th birthday and they were seen hanging on to each other all during the party.

But there is also rumors Leonardo has eyes for a model named Kelly Rohrbach who is a lady born in Barbados.

So I guess it is known that DiCaprio is known playboy when it comes to the ladies.

Rumor is Leo is the one who put on the birthday party for Rihanna. Word is when it comes to Rihanna they have been seeing each other since January. Both of these people have been rumored with plenty of others. But truth be told I do not think this couple will last long at all. DiCaprio like I said is a playboy. Will Rihanna stand with this cat when he is rumored with this lady and that lady in social media?

And on the other side, Rihanna is a beautiful female who guys want to be with. With social media the way it is, a rumor can hit Twitter or Facebook etc that Rihanna was seen with this dude or another dude what ever and the relationship is over with Leo.

Yeah they look good together but that mean NOTHING when they are as high profile as they are. So is this couple a real couple? Are they in love or trying to be in love? How will “Uncle Jay Z” feel about this relationship? Time will tell.

Gordon Curvey

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Giulina Rancic Makes Terrible Comment About Zendaya’s Dreadlocks!

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giulinapicRancic UPDATE: E Network thinking about firing Rancic. People at the network are very very upset at her and want her removed from the network. Follow up story soon right here.

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I have always liked to watch the red carpet events from Hollywood and then I watch the late great Joan Rivers put folks on full blast over their outfits on “Fashion Police” on E Network.

On the program was Kelly Osborne and Rivers and Giuliana Rancic and another person. I always thought Rancic was a very down to earth person and host. But now I think totally different about her because of her comments about Zendaya Colman who is a  star from the Disney Channel.zendaya

Zendaya came to the Oscars and went down the red carpet with her head in dreadlocks. Guess it shocked a few people including Rancic. Who went on “Fashion Police” and said that Zendaya’s dreadlocks smells like “patchouli” and weed!! SAY WHAT? I know Rancic did not say that over the air but she say that and a lot of people are really upset at Giulina.

What Rancic comments about Zendaya show again is racism is alive and well in America/Hollywood and I feel in a big way that Giuliana should be fired or suspended for a month without pay from the “Fashion Police” What has happened is Rancic saying she is “sorry” for her comments yesterday on “E News”. To me that ain’t enough. I am not buying this “sorry” crap. Rancic said after she is being blasted all over social media that all this is a “learning experience” The hell with that!!

She should have already been educated! Kelly Osbourne is very very upset at Giuliana over her dreadlocks comments and said she may stop doing “Fashion Police”. And I do not blame her at all. How can Rancic have the freakin nerve to say what she said about Zendaya’s dreadlocks?

It is VERY OBVIOUS that Giulina needs to take DIVERSITY TRAINING as soon as possible. E Network should suspend her without pay for a month a two right now. Saying she is very sorry is not enough.

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Only 32 African American Winners In 87 Years Of Oscars!!

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OSCAR-DIVERSITY-570derrick-rose“MUSIC INNER CITY SPORTS” BREAKING NEWS: Bulls guard Derrick Rose out with a knee injury. Operation soon! TERRIBLE NEWS FOR THE NBA AND BULLS FANS!! Rose cannot stay on the court!!

“Music Inner City Radio” podcast. This week a audiocast of a recent “M.I.C-TV” program with guest new singer BRIELLE. Plus hot new music! Just put on your headphones and enjoy the interview and music!

Plus watch the most recent “M.I.C-TV” program below. Watch via smartphone, tablet, pc or mac!!

The Academy Awards was held in Hollywood and I decided not to watch the event. I boycotted the Oscars because of the flat out racism going on with the organization of the Academy Awards and the event.

And I have learned today that the ratings for this years Oscars telecast were down 19% and the lowest since 2009. Maybe because millions of other African Americans and people of color decided to boycott the Academy Awards also like yours truly.

It is a outrage what is going on readers and everyone should be shocked that this happened in 2015 in America. It is like African Americans are not making movies or acting in movies. If you watched the Oscars you would think it is 1935 instead of 2015.

How can it be that ALL 20 ACTING CATEGORIES WHERE WITH WHITE ACTORS? How can this be?

Here is some more shocking news. There has been ONLY 32 TIMES IN 87 YEARS OF THE ACADEMY AWARDS THAT A AFRICAN AMERICAN HAS WON A AWARDS!! ONLY 32 TIMES!! That means ONLY 32 WINNERS OUT OF MORE THAN 2,900 WINNERS. That number includes John Legend and Common win this year for best original song. THIS IS A OUTRAGE!

The Academy Awards committee is made up of 94% whites!! Plus Halle Barry is the ONLY black female to win Best Actress in the HISTORY of the Oscars for her performance in “Monster’s Ball” in 2002. THIS IS JUST FLAT OUT WRONG!! You cannot tell me that a black female has not had a performance in a movie worthy of Best Actress. Cannot tell me this readers!!

Something is VERY VERY wrong when it comes to DIVERSITY in Hollywood. The question is what can be done about this huge problem? Will it take a major protest by the NAACP or National Action Network or the Rainbow Coalition? Action needs to be taken about the racism going on in Hollywood. With only 32 winners of Oscars in 87 YEARS, everyone should take notice and work on this problem immediately!!


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Amber Rose/Khloe K Beef: Is O.J. Her Real Father?

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amber-rose-1024BREAKING “MUSIC INNER CITY SPORTS” NEWS: Former NBA player and former Seattle Sonic Jerome Kersey has died at age 52. More details to come.

As some of you know I have wrote stories regarding how amazed I am at the popularity of the Kardashian Family. I have always wondered why are they so damn popular. It is crazy readers. It really is.

All you have to do is go to the store where the magazines are and look for the gossip area and you will see the Kardashian Family all over the place in different magazines. Then go online to gossip sites like Eonline, The Insider, People etc.  Kardashian stories everywhere! The question is why readers? This is a family with zero talent. Cannot sing or dance or act. Why are they so popular?

If it is not Kim, it’s her sister Khloe, or it’s their mom, or it’s Kim and Khloe’s little sister’s and brother. Or it is Bruce Jenner. They are all over the headlines when it comes to gossip. Unreal folks..unreal.

Of course Kim is always in the news because she is married to Kanye West. Man…what a couple! I am surprised the relationship has lasted this long to be truthful. And Kim is always in the news for what she is wearing or even not wearing. Of course we first learned about Kim when a sex tape got out to the public with former boyfriend Ray J.

So lately their is news that model Amber Rose and Khloe are beefing. And recently Amber says that football legend OJ Simpson is her real father and this story about OJ might being Khloe’s father is not a new story. It has been in gossip news before. Maybe Khloe should address this rumor but I guess it will be hard to prove with OJ in jail.

Anyway I am wondering what is the next Kardashian story that will be in gossip headlines? All this about a family with ZERO talent. Gordon Curvey

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Hip-Hop-Rap Categories NOT Shown On Grammy Telecast!! WHY?

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kendricklamarCheck out the latest in sports news via YARDBARKER below. Updated EVERYDAY! And look for a new edition of “Music Inner City Radio” and “Music Inner City Internet TV via Ustream TV soon RIGHT HERE!!

 Well as a person in the music industry for over 24 years producing my program “Music Inner City Television” I could not wait to watch this years Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. I could not make the event this year.

As always the legendary LL Cool J did a great job. He always holds it down at the Grammy Awards.  It was a good show readers but there is a major and huge problem. And here is what it is. The 57th Grammy Awards decided to announce the Hip-Hop-Rap categories BEFORE the freakin broadcast on CBS. This was the first time this has happened since 1990.

MTV said this “If rap decides that it wants to regain respect at the Grammys, given what happened Sunday night, though deciding the annual event is out of touch and doesn’t matter is another valid option , it may be time to again do what Will, Jeff and the rest did in 1989″

Led by Will Smith and Jezzy Jeff, they boycotted the 1989 event in protest kanye-west_1200-600x600for the lack of recognition of hip-hop on the Grammys telecast. I agree with MTV who always shows hip-hop-rap respect during their MTV Video Awards and movie awards. Hey how come Kendrick Lamar did not perform? At this years event?

You KNOW Kanye West had something to say about the total disrespect shown by the Grammys in showing the hip-hop-rap awards during the broadcast. West said “If the Grammys want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t going to play with them no more. Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his awards to Beyonce and at this point, we are tired of it. Because what happens is when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in there face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you are disrespectful to inspiration”

West went on to blast the Grammys and I agree with everything he says. In my opinion it is the same as the Oscars disrespectful actions by not nominating NOT ONE African American for the top awards. When it comes to African Americans only John Legend and Common and the movie “Selma” was nominated for anything. This is sad. This is racism.

Some could say a lot of hip-hop/rap songs this past year was not the greatest. Some say also hip-hop-rap may be in serious trouble. Everything sounding the same. Some say hip-hop needs a infusion. But that is no excuse for the Grammys to not show the winners during the more than two hour program. This is just flat out wrong. Period.

And folks, Beck beating out Beyonce for a award is just FLAT OUT WRONG!!!! How did this happen? How could it happen? Who votes for winners? Are they all old white guys and gals like who vote for the Oscars? I think so. I really do readers.   Gordon Curvey

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Do You Think Beastmode Was Not Wanted As Super Bowl MVP?

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marshawn-lynch-31superbowlpicNEAs many of us in Seattle try to get over the stupid ass play that was responsible for the Seattle Seahawks not repeating as Super Bowl champs, a lot and I mean a lot of tweets by guys and gals on Facebook are saying something ain’t right when it comes to Marshawn Lynch.

Something just does not smell right. Entertainers and sports stars are coming out saying is very very wrong as to why Beastmode was not given the ball at the one yard line for a most likely touchdown. Inside in a matter of freakin seconds Russell Wilson for some unknown reason tried a damn pass and it was intercepted by a unknown player on New England.

And before you know it, game over. Repeat over. As a sports fan I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER get over this loss. NEVER NEVER NEVER again readers!!! I just do not understand and will not understand why this play was called by the Seahawks. A stupid inside slant call at the freakin one yard line. INSTEAD OF GIVING THE DAMN BALL TO THE BEST DAMN RUNNING BACK IN THE NFL. Just pure stupidity readers!!

I went from pure happiness to pure depression as a sports fan in a matter of seconds. I was ready to grab my video camera and run down to bars and other places by Century Link where the Seahawks play. I stay a few minutes away from the stadium. I wanted to catch the pure joy of fans because of our hometown team repeating as Super Bowl champions.

Twitter and Facebook was full of former and current NFL players in total flat out disbelief.  They just could not understand WHY Marshawn was not given the damn ball. Guys like Dieon Sanders, and new rushing king Emmett Smith and former Seahawk Golden Tate just could not understand the play call. Smith said it was the worst play call in sports history!! Tate said Beastmode should be “livid”

A report has came out that Lynch was offered a huge contract extension by the Seahawks that would make him one of the highest paid running backs in the NFL. Here is a question some are asking. Will Marshawn want to come back to Seattle? This problem of Lynch not getting the ball near the goal line is nothing new. Google it readers.

Finally some think Marshawn was not given the ball at the end because most likely if he would have scored he would have been named the Super Bowl MVP. And then their would have been a good chance that Beastmode would not talk to the media like he has recently. Maybe only for businesses he is getting paid from like Skittles etc. Many people think this is a fact.

Sports radio hosts on local sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN totally put this down but many in the black community think some may not have wanted Marshawn Lynch to be MVP. I think it is true. I will never ever get over this call until I die. I do not care if the Seahawks return to the Super Bowl and win, I will never get over Marshawn not getting the damn ball. Play calling by the Seahawks has been a problem. This problem is a serious problem. Will it get better next year after this crap at the Super Bowl in Arizona? I guess we will see.

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Beastmode Has Been Offered Massive New Contract By Seahawks

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Marshawn-Lynch-3My thoughts on the TERRIBLE 28-24 loss by our Seattle Seahawks to New England just hit the Ustream TV screen. 24-7 on-demand.

As I type this article I have learned some great news for here in Seattle and Seattle Seahawks fans. All season we fans and media in Seattle have asked a question that none of us had a answer for.

Over and over on sports radio callers and hosts have asked will this season that we all know has ended with the Seahawks returning to the Super Bowl down in sunny Arizona be Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch last season in Seattle as a running back. We have asked this question because we all know what Lynch means to this team. Some say he is the real face of the Seahawks. Not Russell but Marsahwn Lynch!

Well fans this morning the morning of the Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks vs the New England Patriots, we have a answer. The Seattle Seahawks have offered Marshawn a huge contract extension that will make Lynch the second highest paid running back in the NFL behind Adrian Peterson. And who knows where he will be playing.

It is reported that “Beastmode” will be offered a $10 million a year contract and will most likely keep Lynch as a Seahawks for the rest of his playing career. It is also reported that the Seahawks and Marshawn reps have been working on this extension for weeks. Of course this is BIG BIG news for all Seattle Seahawks fans here in Seattle and all over the world.

This will be good for Marshawn’s kids he is leading in his hometown of Oakland. Hey hopefully Lynch can start doing some work for kids here in Seattle too. Because I DO NOT see enough Seattle sports stars a lot of work with young African American kids and people of color. Which I will be writing about right here in “Music Inner City News Magazine”.

Stay tuned for my information on this breaking news regarding a huge new contract offered to Beastmode. And please listen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcasts and “Music Inner City Internet TV” via Ustream for more sports news and entertainment news and of course news on our Seattle Seahawks!!

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After MLK March In Seattle Back To Same Ole Same Ole

“One Man’ Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

mlkpicseattleIf you know anything about ya boy Gordon, you know I do not have a problem speaking my mind on issues. Some of you may disagree and some may agree with my views. But I will say how I feel.

In this story I am writing about something I feel very strongly about. And that is our so called African American community or should I say Negro community here in the home of the Seahawks..Seattle, Washington. I have been here all my life folks. But we have a huge program in this city in my strong opinion and that is NO UNITY!! NO UNITY IN THE NEGRO COMMUNITY OF SEATTLE!! A SHAME!

As Negros here in Seattle we have no unity. We don’t speak to each other, we do not open up different kind of businesses other than ANOTHER church or ANOTHER restaurant serving food to make you fat and have diabetes and high blood pressure, ANOTHER barber shop or beauty shop, and that’s about it as whole.  It is a shame. You know why? Because the few businesses we have we do not support them.

Look at the Vietnamese and Koreans and now the East Africans. They come to America to make money and bring up their kids. Most come here with NOTHING but a pair of worn out shoes and what they and their children are wearing on their backs. BUT guess what? They will go to school and learn a trade and safe their money and have a meeting at someones place and pool their money and then open up a mom and pop store or a cell phone business or a travel agency or a $1 store or a grocery store(s) or a donut place and MANY OTHER TYPE OF BUSINESSES.

Meanwhile we as Negros in Seattle walk around and past by each other and do not speak to one another etc. Here is a example. I am a Adult School Crossing Guard for the Seattle Public Schools at 34th and Union here in Seattle. I am telling you the truth folks most white folks pass buy and speak to me with “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”. Some will say “The sun is out and it going to be a nice day” or “Have a good weekend” or “How about the Seahawks” etc.

BUT sorry to say most African Americans or Negros will pass right by and say NOTHING!!! Like I am a invisible man or Casper the Ghost or something. Most Negro females will pass by looking mean like a parent just died or their dog ran away or they just had a argument. So I will go out my way to speak to them after they pass by. Some I will ask….how come we do not speak to one another as Negros.

Some will say “I am sorry I was day dreaming” or “my mind was drifting” etc.  Give me a break with the “day dreaming” crap. We have a very serious problem readers if you are a African American reading this. Yeah we can get together once a year and “act” like a real black man or lady to sing “We Shall Overcome” and then march to a empty building on MLK Day. Meanwhile MLK Park is empty.

But guess what readers, the next day IT IS BACK TO THE SAME OLE SAME OLE. No unity, not speaking to each other, not opening up new businesses etc. If you are in Seattle, get on the bus or your car and start in the International District/Chinatown and then get on Rainier Ave South or MLK Jr. Way South and count how many small malls FULL OF ASIAN OWNED BUSINESSES. It is unreal. Count how many African American/Negros with a mall full of businesses. The grand total will be ZERO!! The Asians have Chinatown for goodness sake. FULL OF BUSINESSES!! Owned by Asians.

We don’t have a problem getting loans to buy a new Cad SUV or buy $5,000 rims on a 1979 Buick Regal, but how about opening a different kind of business like the Asians and now East Africans? Our priorities are twisted. Very twisted readers. We need to wake up and smell the coffee like other races. They smell the color of money every day when they run to the bank with a smile on their faces and we have frowns and walk  around looking angry and not speaking to one another.

Comments? or 206-445-3989 or Facebook or Twitter at



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Seahawks/Patriots In Super Bowl 49/N.E. Robert Kraft Interview

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

jermainekearseafterTDpicAs millions of other football fans I thought it was over for our Seattle Seahawks. Way behind with little time left. As a sports fan who is here in my hometown of Seattle and I said to myself our run is over.

But OMG! Things started to happen. Seattle obtained a onside kick and then “Beastmode” Lynch blasted for a 24 yard td run. Then Russell Wilson tossed a long 2 point conversation to Luke Willson to make the score 22-19 Green Bay. Then Russell scored on a td. Then Aaron Rodgers led his team down the field and GB kicked a field goal to tie the game.

Then all of a sudden Russell Wilson hit Doug Baldwin for a long pass and then BAM!! Wilson FINALLY connected with a cat who he had tried to hit all game long…local native Jermaine Kearse for td  and GAME OVER!! THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS ARE RETURNING TO THE SUPER BOWL!! It has to be one of the best NFL games EVER!!

Since I was not covering the game in the press room (only one game in two regular seasons in the press room), I had to provide some type of coverage for my African American owned sports media. So I charged up my video camera and hit the road to Century Link Field which is a few minutes from my residence here in South Seattle.

And I posted up right outside of Century Link Field and got a few VERY excited fans to tell us how they feel about the impossible Seahawk win and even tried to holla at a few disappointed Packer fans. You can watch that PLUS my short interview I did with New England owner ROBERT KRAFT a few years ago in Los Angeles. Mr. Kraft was real nice to me to stop for the short interview. So check it out below.

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Phylicia Rashad Finally Takes A Stand On Bill Cosby

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Holly ThomasOne thing for sure others have spoke out supporting the legendary icon Bill Cosby with all the ladies screaming rape and sexual abuse by Mr. Cosby and it has been very very sad in my strong opinion.

Jill Scott, Whoppi Goldberg, and others have taken a stand in support of Mr. Cosby. All of the stars of the “Cosby” show have been silent. Until now because the beautiful Phylicia Rashad has finally spoken out in support of Bill. And I like it. Read her comments in the link above. Ms. Rashad also beautiful sister the multi-talented Debbie Allen has also spoke out in support of Cosby. And that is great.

I am so glad Phylicia has finally spoke up. Because I have ALWAYS respected her as a very intelligent and talented and thoughtful African American sista who is respected in the entertainment industry and out. So in my opinion her words and comments mean something. It realy does.

These ladies have almost destroyed Mr. Cosby’s legendary career by bringing up so called incidents that was supposed to happen as long as 40 years ago at the Playboy mansion and other places. No charges have ever been made against Cosby. The question is WHY? It is flat out amazing readers that none of these females have made charges against Mr.Cosby. The latest, another icon Beverly Johnson. I have lost respect for her.

Johnson comes out of nowhere and blasts Cosby on Dr. Phil and on CNN. Saying Cosby sexually abuse her MANY MANY YEARS AGO!! Give me a freakin break!! In my opinion she and the other ladies are looking to make money doing interviews etc and seeking their “15 min of fame”. Ms Rashad and her sister Debbie ARE NOT seeking their “15 min of fame” Hell no! They are busy producing shows and acting and more. The have never been out the public eye. So again this is why Goldberg and Jill Scott and Phylicia and Debbie support of Mr. Cosby means something and mean something to me and others.

So I am glad Ms. Rashad spoke up supporting Bill Cosby. And I hope more will speak up too.  Gordon Curvey

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Should “Sorority Sisters” Be Removed From The Air On VH1?

sororitysisters2“Music Inner City Television” webcast from outside of Century Link Field after our Seattle Seahawks beat the Carolina Panthers. With fans giving there comments about the game. Webcast up very soon right here!!

I do not know about you readers but their is one thing I am TIRED of and that is turning on TV and seeing motor mouth African American females cussing and swearing all through the programs. TIRED!!!!!!

The question is why does this continue to happen? Are the producers of these programs white or African American? “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and “Love & Hip-Hop” and more have black females not acting like REAL ladies. Instead they act like clowns and buffoons. Calling each other bitches and MFs and “you ain’t shit” and “I fucked you man” and much more!! Are these real classy females readers?

Now ANOTHER classless program has joined the mix…the terrible terrible “Sorority Sisters” on VH1. Who in the HELL gave the green light on this worthless program?? Who are the producers of this crap? It is suppose to be about African American females who are part of college sororities and the things they go though in their routines of being in a sorority. This show should hae NEVER EVER BEEN MADE!!!

But check this out folks. Sorority presidents from Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho, Zeta Phi Beta and Alpha Kappa Alpha have asked VH1 to remove this piece of a show called program. I do not blame them readers. I have watched two of the programs and I just cannot understand why this crap was put on the air. I am amazed. This so called program is one of the worst reality programs in the history of reality programs!!!

Sorority presidents have said in a statement that “Sorority Sisters” is not a accurate reflection of these organizations” Man that is the freakin truth! I know African American females DO NOT act like these motor mouth and loud ladies. Or should I say so called ladies. Using all the cuss words in the dictionary. It is truly truly embarrassing as a African American to see this BS on national TV where millions can watch it.

Folks here is a fact. Millions of non African Americans who watch these reality programs with African American so called ladies cussing and swearing, they think this is the way most black females really really act. Now this is very sad. I hope and pray that VH1 will remove this BS program off the air ASAP!!

Gordon Curvey

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As A “Businessman” My People Have Hurt Me The Most!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

eddie ryeI have been waiting to write this story because I have a rep in the area of being a “whiner” But I cannot hold back any longer folks. The icing on the cake for myself writing this piece is what happened when it comes to the recent Usher concert here in Seattle.

I asked a long time friend of mine to go to the Usher concert to write a review of the concert for me to talk about here on my site. Maybe three paragraphs or so. I got him in the concert for free. So this friend got in the concert and went on to NOT write a review of the concert I got him in for free. So in reality he got to see a FREE CONCERT ON THE BACK OF YOURS TRULY.

This is the most recent situation with my African American people as a businessman that is negative. This month is my 24th year of producing “Music Inner City Television” We are the ONLY program of it’s type on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand that is locally produced.  On the air 24 hours a day basically without the financial support of African American artists and business people. It is truly sad readers.

Here is another story of negativity. As I have said “Music Inner City Television” is having a 24 year birthday this month and their are THREE radio shows hosted by African Americans in the Seattle area. One on the Ztwins, one hosted by my childhood friend Eddie Rye on KKNW and one hosted by James Gore also on KKNW. I have not been a guest on none of the programs to discuss my long history of my program. Nor have I been invited to be on J. Moore’s radio program on KUBE93. I have know Mr. Rye and his family since I was five years old because the Ryes home was right around the corner from mine in the Madrona area when I grew up.

Eddie’s family Brenda and Sally and Jackie and Jerry and Tony and the late Mr. Rye and Mrs Rye are like family to me and every time I see Eddie’s daughter Angela on CNN and MSNBC I feel very happy. I have known her since she was a child.

I have asked to be a guest on Eddie Rye’s program and though a friend of his Haywood Evans, Eddie goes back to a incident about three or four years ago where I spoke out about folks being in the “trenches” in working with inner city kids at a press conference at a local church.

Mr. Rye I learned though Mr. Evans has refused to allow me on his radio show because of that. Even if I did some You Tube work for Eddie, he has refused to allow me on his radio show but he has had folks on who cannot hold my jock. His actions towards me is childish for a man of his age.

Mr. Frank P. Burrow is the host of a morning talk show on the Ztwins radio stations in the Seattle area. I respect Frank because he has been in broadcasting more than 50 years and is a real nice dude. The station is owned by Mr. Chris H. Bennett. I had a TERRIBLE fire in 2005 and Chris helped me THAT NIGHT and bought me hundreds of dollars of equipment at Fry’s to help keep my TV show going on the air. I will FOR EVER let me repeat FOR EVER be grateful to Chris for the help he gave me in my fire in which I lost every thing. VERY grateful to Chris Bennett.

Having said that I have never been a guest on the daily morning talk show on the Ztwins. I have never been given a reason WHY readers other than “Music Inner City is competition to the Ztwins”   The answer is just no all the time I ask Frank. I have a TREMENDOUS  story to tell listeners about having a dream like Dr. King and I have made most of my dreams come true. Not money wise but the legends I have interviewed is UNREAL. Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Al Green, Ernie Isley, Quincy Jones, George Duke, Big Daddy Kane, Smokey Robinson, Micheal Jordan, Phil Jackson, Ike Turner, Rick James, Chaka Khan, Run DMC and many more.

Plus I never gave up after having this fire and the loss of my right lung due to a rare form of pneumonia in 2011. I hung in their and kept my TV program on the air with very little support.

Finally readers, to the point above. While my African American brothas REFUSE to invite me on their radio shows,  the white man will allow me on their media. For instance their is a sports show called “Northwest Sports Tonight” hosted by my friend Paul Silvi who is the sports director of KING5 TV station here in the Seattle area.

Paul of course is white. I have been a guest on “NWST” at least FIVE OR SIX TIMES OVER THE YEARS! I just pick up the phone or email or tweet Paul and ask him if I can come down to the KING5 studios to tape a segment and talk about the Seahawks or other sports topics and Paul says no problem ALL THE TIME!! But again my African American folks tell me NO as a guest on their programs.

I am trying to figure out why this happens. I have much more to say coming up soon so stay tuned. This is not “whining” readers!! These are facts. If any of you have any feedback please send me your views. email   Facebook   Twitter  Phone  206-445-3989  When you respond please let me know what city or country your are in.  And thanks for your support!!

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Much Respect I Have For LeBron James

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

lebron-james-2-e1412772182241For years and years African American sports stars have stayed silent on issues off the fields and courts of America. Back in the day NFL great and some say the best running back of all time Jim Brown gathered a bunch of great black sports stays to take a stand against racism.

Brown, Kareem, Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali and others got together and held a powerful press conference to speak up. But since then it seems African Americans in sports are afraid to speak up on issues. Micheal Jordan barely takes a stand on anything. He FINALLY spoke up about the killing of Trayvon Martin. Mainly after many others have spoke up on the issue.

Including a sports star who I am gaining major respect for and that is LeBron James. James is not afraid to speak and take a stand on issues.

He uses social media to make comments about the Martin killing, and other issues that deal with African Americans. Including the recent terrible choice to allow the police officer Darren Wilson to walk free for the killing of unarmed African American teen Micheal Brown Jr.

Of course he led his former teammates for the Miami Heat to wear hoodies in protest of the Martin killing. He also spoke up big time on the racist comments by former L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and other issues while others have stayed silent.

When LeBron is finished with basketball he will do well in the business world. He has become a friend of billionaire Warren Buffet and wants to be like him and Magic Johnson and Bob Johnson the former owner of BET and the Charlotte Bobcats now Hornets. He is making investments right now to secure himself of having businesses to run now and when he retires from the NBA.

Much respect to Lebron James. This cat wanted to return home to try to bring Cleveland a world title in sports it has not have in decades and decades and decades. And I hope it will happen for the city of Cleveland and for Lebron.

Gordon Curvey

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Will & Jada’s Kids Release New Single “Melancholy”

ARTICLE FROM Listen to the song ( click here)

Willow Smith, Jaden SmithUPDATE ON SHARPTON STORY: Rev Al Sharpton AGAIN is out front on a major case. Now it is the Eric Garner case in NY. WHY does Rev Al put himself outfront in headline making cases? Read my article below.

We have seen these young teenagers grow up because they are the kids are very famous parents Will and Jada Smith. Of course we know Jaden and Willow have decided to follow their parents and be in the entertainment business.

Will has been in the public eye since he himself was a teenage rapper and became a Grammy winning rap artist as a member of the group DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince with his childhood friend Jazzy Jeff. And soon after having huge success as a rap artist he went on to star in “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” and then he became a superstar movie actor and make millions and millions in Hollywood.

So Willow and Jaden did not have to worry about meals that is for damn sure. They grew up with very rich parents. So when they decided to act and be in music they for sure had doors open up for them. Come on folks we know this for sure. The do NOT have to worry about a damn thing when it comes to putting out music and even getting parts in Will and Jada’s movies.

Something we have seen sorry to say is kids of famous parents having huge problems with drugs and even depression and even yes…suicide. It has happened over and over. Kids of famous parents sometimes feel major pressure being a son or daughter of a famous and rich mom or dad and they have problems dealing with normal things we deal with in life.

But it seems Jaden and Willow Smith are growing up without big time headlines. Willow was in the news recently about taking a questionable pic with a fella a little older than her in a bed but that drama quickly died down.

So here is a new single called “Melancholy” by Jaden Smith featuring his sister Willow. I have my thoughts on the song but I will keep my thoughts to myself. Click on the link above listen to the song and email me your thoughts at

Gordon Curvey

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Tired Of Rev Sharpton Out Front Of High Profile Cases/Fox News

“One Man Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

sharptoninfergusonpicLadies and gentleman I watched the press conference today in Ferguson that featured the Micheal Brown family’s lawyers and others. I just KNEW that the Rev. Al Sharpton would be in front of the freakin cameras.

I was right folks. It seems Rev. Al loves to see himself on TV and online etc. Why is he always out front of high profile cases? Rev Al always says he was asked to show up all the time. I think that is BS. I truly believe Rev Al puts HIMSELF in front of the cameras to be seen. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the case. He likes some Rev Al!

I used to be a tremendous supporter of Rev Al but it has got to the point where I am tired of seeing him out front in press conferences in big cases all over the US. And readers DO NOT think he is doing this in these different cities for free. Hell no! He is making money for himself and his organization the National Action Network.

How come other leaders cannot be out front like Rev Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson or National Urban League President Mark Marial or other leaders in the African American community? Most of the time Marial is there at these press conferences BUT Sharpton is the one HOGGING the microphone all the time. At the press conference today in Ferguson, it was Rev Sharpton out front as always. I am tired of this happening readers.

I am mad as hell that Officer Wilson is allowed to walk in his killing of young unarmed Micheal Brown. It is a OUTRAGE! It seems a black life means NOTHING when a white police kills a black man. The police is ALWAYS found innocent. THIS IS WRONG READERS!!fox-news-logo-png-136240

Having said that I think it is WRONG for folks to riot and destroy black owned mom and pop stores. It is very very sad to see this going on in Ferguson. Yes I understand folks are upset. I am very upset. But people do NOT need to destroy their community. I hope this will stop.

Also readers let me say this. FOX NEWS LED BY SEAN HANNITY AND BILL O’REILLY ARE RACIST BIGOTS along with Megyn Kelly.  I watched Fox News for a little while after the wrong decision was made to let Wilson go. Hannity and O’Reilly and Kelly all were on the side of the killer Wilson. Saying the decision was correct etc. FLAT OUT AND PURE RACISM!!

Finally I wish ALL OF MICHEAL BROWN’S LAWYERS WOULD STAY OFF OF THE RACIST HANNITY AND O’REILLY AND KELLY’S PROGRAMS!! It is beyond me why they would go on Fox News. When they have shown they are racist bigots. Look at the way Hannity and Kelly treats President Obama. I THINK THEY HATE HIM. I also think they are the reason people want to kill the President. I truly believe this readers and I will not change my mind on this.

It is to bad that BET is such a TERRIBLE TV station. They do not have a nightly news show for African Americans and the same goes for TV One. This is truly sad.  Story on this issue soon right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

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Good To See A “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” Reunion @ DWTS!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

FRESH-PRINCE-REUNION-570There are very few movies and TV shows I can watch over and over. I have watched “Coming To America” starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall maybe 30 times in the past. And it is funny every time I watch it.

The part with Eddie playing all those guys in the barbershop is funny every time I watch the movie.  And on TV I can watch “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” over and over. Of course the star of the show was Will Smith who played Will Smith on the show. The program was started and made for him by the legendary and former Seattle resident Quincy Jones.

It had a long six year run on NBC and truth be told the show could have lasted longer but of course Will was becoming a huge Hollywood star making huge hit box office movies. So he said “see ya” to the TV show. In TV six years is long time for like “Fresh Prince” We got to see little girl Tatyana Ali grow up to become a beautiful young lady.

“Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” was just a very good and funny program. Pure and simple. It is STILL doing very well in reruns for sure. With great stories and great timing of the jokes by the entire cast. Karyn Parsons played Hilary, Tatyana played Asley, Joesph Marcell played the butler Geoffrey, Will played Will and the late James Avery was the father and uncle of the family. Avery passed last year. And Alfonso Ribeiro played the popular Carlton on the show.

There has been rumors of a “Fresh Prince” reunion for years but that was ended by cast members when Avery passed. But every now and then the other cast members get together and a event. Rebeiro has said they are like family to him and will always be that way. You can You Tube a program where Will and Carlton got together in England on a TV show while Smith was promoting a movie and they performed the Carlton Dance for audience. It was great!!

Parsons, Ali, Marcell and Alfonso all hooked up for a mini reunion on the set of “Dancing With The Stars” where Ribeiro did very well in and he even did his famous Carlton Dance on the program to the delight of millions. It got plenty of views on You Tube. So again it was great to see most of the cast of “Fresh Prince” again and RIP to James Avery.



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Music Inner City TV At Oprah’s “The Life You Want” Event In Seattle

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

KIMG0068While B.E.T. (Black Entertainment) continue to totally disrespect us, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) continue to respect us at “Music Inner City Entertainment”.

There are a few people I really truly truly respect as a African American and a role model. oprahinseattleOne of them is media icon and former guest on “Music Inner City Television”, Oprah Winfrey. A TRUE MEDIA ICON.

Oprah started from nothing down in a small hick town down south and became a billionaire. It is just amazing when you look at the story of Oprah and it can be a story for young people to look at and realize they can be somebody like the Rev. Jesse Jackson says. Oprah wanted to be known and wanted to be famous and help people. Well she is doing that for sure now.

For 25 years she hosted the “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that aired all over the world. She had entertainers on her show, President’s on her show, people she totally disagreed with on her show. She has used her fame to help people in the U.S. and all over the world. Including starting a school for young kids in South Africa.

Iyanla Vanzant in seattle picWinfrey has also gave millions and millions of dollars to black colleges in the U.S. Oprah Winfrey is just a dynamic ladKIMG0066y. Pure and simple folks and now of course she has new network called OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). At first the ratings were terrible. But recently show hooked up with Tyler Perry to do produce a series a programs on OWN and her network ratings have really improved. And I am very happy to see this happening.

“The Life You Want” tour held by Winfrey came to my city Seattle and with the support of OWN “Music Inner City Television” was in the building at Key Arena to tape video both days of the event. I am one of the few people in the Northwest who is lucky enough to say I have met an interviewed Oprah. That took place in Seattle in 2003.

We will have two programs from the event on “Music Inner City Television” from the event. Details soon right here and on my Facebook page at and on my Twitter page at  I want to thank Mike Check for his support and of course OWN for their great support.

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Why Is Brezzy ALWAYS In Trouble?/Watch Prince On SNL!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

chrisbrownIt is AMAZING to me that a young man that is worth about $24 million is ALWAYS in freakin trouble. The question is why is Chris Brown always getting in trouble and when will it stop.

Of course it started with him beating up his former girlfriend Rihanna in Los Angeles a few years ago. Myself and Twin Tammy J was in L.A. when that incident happened.

Hell if I was a young lady I would have nothing to do with Brown because it is obvious he has a big time temper and can blow up at any time. Some say it he hits a lady once he will do it again. And I think it is a matter of time before he does attack another female.

But Brezzy does more to stay on the police blotter than iust beating up a female. He goes to clubs and gets in fights and now he recently got a speeding ticket. Of course Chris spent months in jail for his fighting in a club. His probation says he has to stay out of trouble.

Again it seems to me and others that it is a matter of time because Brown goes to jail for a long long time. If this happens readers it will be very very sad for him and his millions of fans. The question is does Chris care about his fans when he is always in the news for the wrong reasons? He is very very talented as we all know. He can sing, dance and even act. He is a potential triple threat in the entertainment industry.

Other triple threats in entertainment include Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and a few others. But if Chris Brown is in jail he cannot be a triple threat. It is for Brown to get his act together…before it is too late. Real talk.

Chris Brown needs to realize he has young fans who look up to him and follow him good or bad. He is only about 26 years old. Of course it is not to late to change for the good. He can do it. He seems to be a intelligent fella who makes stupids moves. He needs to pick a different crowd to be in his inner circle of friends.

Maybe he needs a new manager. Where is his mom and dad giving him advice? How bout a family member who can talk to Chris about good and bad. How bout another entertainer who can talk to Brown. I want to see this talented cat do well because he is so damn talented!

Grab your headphones and enjoy the new edition of “Music Inner City Internet Radio” hosted by Gordon Curvey. Mixing Music & Sports. PLUS classic soul/hip-hop and exclusive interviews!


(Watch Prince on SNL/click here)

Watch superstar Prince performing on Saturday Night Live.

prince420One thing for sure when Prince performs HE PERFORMS!! To really experience Prince you have to watch him and band in person. It it something you will never forget.

Some people do not like Prince and his music. And truth be told their are MANY of his songs he puts out I do not like at all. But when he puts out a song I am feeling….I really feel it!! The band that performs with Prince is just tight!! It has ALWAYS been that way. Just like back in the day with the band that performed with “The Godfather Of Soul” the late James Brown. Prince and Brown made sure that their bands is the top of the line. Justin Timberlake is the same way.

Anyway check out Prince who performed on SNL recently hosted by Chris Rock.

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Suge Knight And Katt Williams Arrested For Robbery

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

suge-knight-katt-williamsThere is one dude I wish the worse for. And that is Suge Knight. I just do not like the dude. He is a big arrogant thug. If you know me I hate the word “thug” but when it comes to Knight I will use this word. He is a thug!

Of course many think he damn sure knows how and why the late great 2pac was killed. If you think Knight does not know who killed Pac, I have a bridge in North Korea for sale! He knows who killed Pac and maybe even Biggie. It is flat out crazy that NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED FOR THE KILLING OF 2PAC, BIGGIE AND JAM MASTER J!! Something is flat out shaky as hell.

I am not to crazy about Katt Williams too who is always getting in trouble. He is a very funny dude and is very talented but he is wasting all his talent by always being in the news for the wrong damn reason. The question is why cats like Katt, Chris Brown and Knight are always in the news for the wrong reasons?

So now their is a report that Williams and Suge were arrested for robbery. Read the story above for details. Of course folks are innocent until found guilty but as far as I am concerned when it comes to Suge Knight he is ALREADY GUILTY!!! I hope he is convicted and is thrown in jail with a quickness. Maybe one day Knight will come out with the truth on who killed 2Pac. All of Pac fans all over the world want the truth.

Gordon Curvey

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Berry Asks For Reduced Child Support Payments

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

berryLet’s be truthful Halle Berry’s movie career lately has not been the best. Yes she gets paid top dollar as a Oscar winner but I guess she has not got real good roles to play in Hollywood. This is very obvious.

But then again, as a African American actress or a person of color in Hollywood and a female too it makes it even harder. When I watch “Access Hollywood” and “The Insider” and “Extra” and “Entertainment Tonight” you do NOT see stories on black actors male or female. It is like black actors are not in Hollywood. For real readers.

Also Berry’s love life has not been the best too. It seems she goes from man to man. And now she is in a sad battle with one of her ex men over child support payments for her child Nahla.

Halle was ordered to pay $16,000 a month child support payments to Gabriel Aubry. But Berry wants the payments to be reduced to $3,000 a month because she feels Aubry is not looking for work while getting the payments for little Nahla. First of all how does Berry know what Aubry is doing with the payments? She does not know in my opinion.

Also in my opinion Berry should not have had the child. But they did and the judge said pay $16,000 so she should do what the judge says and pay the money. I cannot believe that Halle would ask the judge to reduce the payments. She is worth millions so she should stop complaining.

The poor child is in the middle of this crap. This is why some children grow up with problems with their parents constantly at each other. Truly sad readers. Truly sad.

Watch “SPORTS INNER CITY TELEVISION” below. Topic include is Russell Wilson “black enough”, Kobe Bryant and more!

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Sasha & Malia Named On 25 Most Influential Teen List

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

obamasI kind of feel sorry for Sasha and Malia Obama the daughters of President Obama and First Lady Michelle. Why you ask? It is because these young ladies will have secret service with them for the rest of their time on earth as daughters of the President and First Lady.

Hopefully they will grow up and become well rounded females and hold jobs and have fun as young teens. Of course President Obama and Michelle do there best to keep their daughter away from the public eye as much as they can. Heck when was the last time we have heard them talk in the public eye? It has not been since they were younger in the interview I think on 60 Minutes.

They have appeared at a Washington Wizards NBA game and a few other public events but in reality we really do not see Sasha and Malia much ad this is fact and that is the way the Obama’s want it.

To keep it real this happens to many kids of U.S Presidents. They are kept away from the public eye until they are older. Malia is 16 and Sasha is 13 and we have seen them grow up in the White House. What a way for two young ladies to grow up.

Recently Sasha and Malia were named in a list of 25 Most Influential Teens Of 2014 by Time Magazine. Which is great. A lot of young people want to know what is really going on with Sasha and Malia. How do they enjoy going to a movie or do they go to the movies or what kind of young lady things do they do as daughters of a President of the U.S.

It will be very interesting to see as the young ladies grow older and when there parents leave the White House, what paths Sasha and Malia will take. Will they be more public and do interviews? What college will they go to? Will they play sports? Malia is tall and we do know she is interested in sports. Guess we all will see.

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Sports Inner City Radio

“Sports Inner City Radio” hosted by Gordon Curvey. Urban sports news and issues plus classic soul and classic hip-hop music. Based in Seattle, Washington.

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Again ZERO Seattle/Tacoma Hip-Hop Artists On Awards Program

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey


My views on our Seattle Seahawks loss to the St. Louis Rams on Monday and I for sure have some views..right on Monday on “M.I.C News Magazine” Sports fans be sure to come back!

I may get some folks mad at me but I have to say how I feel instead of holding it inside because that makes stress. I have enough stress as it is readers and that is real talk.

Many times I have told folks that what would make me happy is to see someone from the Seattle-Tacoma area OTHER THAN MACKLEMORE blow up and I can see him or her on “106th & Park” and other programs. Also I want to go to and look at the charts and see a local artist blowing up on the charts OTHER THAN MACKLEMORE!!

The only time I really smiled was when the ladies of hip-hop took over the stage and ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN GUESTS ON “Music Inner City Television”, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Brandy and Yo Yo!!

Well after watching BET’s Hip-Hop Awards program tonight it really upset me AGAIN to not see a Seattle-Tacoma rapper in the Cypher throwing down lyrics. It really bothers me this has happen EVERY year since the start of the program.

So of course if they are not performing in the Cypher, they for sure are not performing in the main part of the show. What upsets me is cats and gals from EVERY REGION IN THE U.S. PLUS TWO PERFORMERS FROM CANADA performed on the Cypher, BUT AGAIN ZERO FROM THE SEATTLE/TACOMA, WASHINGTON AREA. Terrible!! The question is why does this continue to happen?

Is it artists around here know nothing about marketing themselves and their music? Is their music good? What in the hell is the problem? Readers as a REAL O.G. in the music industry after running “Music Inner City Television” since 1990, I can go off and say a lot of stuff and give my honest and true opinion on this topic but I will just toss this topic out there like I did on Facebook for people to think on.

E-Dawg has had 8 or 9 events called “Shut The Stage Down” here in Seattle where artists can perform their music. I have seen a lot of talent their plus I just know their is talent in the Seattle-Tacoma area. But it just seems people just are not doing something right to blow up like artists in EVERY OTHER REGION IN THE U.S.!! After watching BET Hip-Hop Awards AGAIN it was another wake up call about the local hip-hop scene and how cats do not want to do the right type of marketing and do not want to improve their craft. As the late Teddy Pendergrass sang “Wake Up Everybody”

“Sports Inner City Television” hosted by Gordon Curvey via Ustream TV from the studios of “Music Inner City Television” in Seattle, Washington. Topics include Percy Harvin trade to the New York Jets and more PLUS a video by Seattle’s own Kevin Gardner.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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Tamar Braxton’s New Single/Listen To it Right Here!

ARTICLE AND SONG FROM (Click right here)

tamar-let-me-know-artOne thing you can say about the Braxton’s and for sure Tamar Braxton, they know how to keep the family name out in the public and in social media and more. You have to give it to them.

The Braxton’s mom did a great job in bringing up her kids. I watch their reality show all the time. Of course I wonder like many other reality programs if things are fake or is it real. Some seems it is fake to keep it real. But anyway that is just me. But one thing is for sure and that is Tamar for sure is trying to come from under big sis Toni’s “superstar tent”

Yes we all know when we think of the Braxton’s we think of Toni first. It will always be this way. No matter how hard the other family members try and that is a fact readers. But soon folks will think of Tamar too along side of Toni. Because the lady is making a name for herself singing and also her other reality show with her husband Vince and her new talk show “The Real”. By the way the talk show is a good program I must say.

With so many people trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry, Tamar needs to thank god everyday that she is doing well on TV and now in music. Truth be told Tamar can really sing. This is a fact. She can really sing. The thing is in the music industry of course is to find good songs to record for the listening audience. Songs can sell and that people feel.

Listen to Tamar’s new single called “Let Me Know” right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” by clicking the link above. It is a good song by Tamar Braxton. The female can sing and has of course like the rest of her sisters…personality. That is what I like about her.  Gordon Curvey

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Legendary Beverly Johnson Not Happy About Lack Of Diversity

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

beverlyjohnsonIf you are a fan of the fashion industry and is a minority you cannot help from noticing the lack of diversity in the industry. I am not a fan but I do notice the front of magazines in the fashion industry.

On the front of magazines sorry to say you barely see African American females and males on the front of magazines. The question is why? Is the fashion industry trying to say there is not beautiful black ladies and males around the world? What is the problem readers. Something is not right and it is very unfair because I know and many people know their are millions of nice looking people of color in the world.

Look at “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider” and “Extra” and “Inside Edition”. When they do stories on the fashion industry or even just plain stories on what is going on in entertainment it is like people of color are not in Hollywood or New York etc. Again something is very very wrong and a legendary fashion icon is upset.

Her name is Beverly Johnson who is one of first black females to be on the front cover of a fashion industry magazine back in the day. Johnson is speaking out on the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. And she has a point readers.

All you have to do is this. Next time you are in a grocery store or a place that sells magazines, take a look at the magazine section and count how many black females you see on the covers of fashion magazines. You will see very very few if any. So the icon Johnson is speaking out about the lack of diversity. And if anyone can speak out this topic it is Beverly Johnson. This is real.

It is sad here in 2014 that Ms. Johnson has to speak up about the lack of diversity but she feels she has to be a voice on this. Maybe another African American fashion icon, Tyra Banks can lend her voice to this topic. She is coming back to television with another talk show soon so hopefully the two fashion icons can discuss this situation on Bank’s new talk show.

Gordon Curvey

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Tavis Smiley Is A CLOWN And A First Class HATER Of The President

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

tavisfull2Let me make this clear I think our President Obama has not done everything right. He has not been a perfect President. Who is right? But I support the President and have from day one when he and his family moved into the White House as the first African American President. I DON’T CARE WHAT TAVIS IS DOING ON “DANCING WITH THE STARS”!!

But there a clown who I used to really like as a community activist, radio show host and writer and his name is Tavis Smiley. I listen to his radio show at every week. I watch his forums on C-Span he puts on all the time. Some of them are very informative with great guests all the time discussing issues in our communities.

But one thing I am FED UP with readers and that his Tavis Smiley’s hatred toward President Obama. Yes I think Tavis hates our President. It is very very obvious folks. He has wrote two or three feakin books on President Obama and his hatred toward the President. I had a copy of one of them but after reading it I quickly tossed it in the garbage.

Here is what Tavis Smiley hatred towards President Obama is about in my strong opinion. The reason is this. Smiley has invited the President to his forums as a guest a few times. He has even asked Michelle Obama. Each time they have refused. And I do not blame the President because he has noticed Tavis blasting him from the start of his term as President. Tavis was a supporter of Hillery Clinton in 2008. A huge supporter.

So why would the President be a guest on this haters events when he has wrote three books bashing him? Would you be a guest folks? I would not and that’s a fact. Because Smiley has went below the belt in bashing the President. He and his best friend Dr. Cornell West. Both have been on a mission against President Obama.

They both think the President has not done enough for the African American community. They have been VERY outspoken on this too. The President is not stupid. he hears of Smiley and West bashing him. He knows Smiley has written books about the President and what he is not doing for the African American community.

Tavis Smiley is a fool and a clown. He is now saying that the African American race has went down and is doing worse under the President. Why would Smiley make such comments? What is the reason? What Tavis needs to realize is that the President is the President OF EVERYONE!!Not just black folks. When you read Smiley’s books and watch his forums he has NOTHING good to say about the President. NOTHING. The question is why readers? In my opinion he is mad that the President goes to Rev Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Convention as a guest every year but the President does not attend Smiley’s events.

Also when the President calls a meeting at the White House with African American leaders, Rev Sharpton and others are invited BUT Tavis and Dr. West are not invited. Tavis and West are mad about that so they go on a crusade and put down the President at every chance they can get.

Tavis Smiley and his friend Dr. West are flat out haters against President Obama. It is truly sad reader. They need to “grow up” and stop hating the President and realize that the President does not have to attend your events Tavis.

And why should President Obama and his wife attend a event the guy putting it on has wrote book after book putting him on blast and not only that Smiley was putting the President on blast when the President was running back in 2008. Again remember guys like Magic Johnson and Bon Johnson as well as Tavis support Mrs. Clinton. So Tavis and West need to give the President a break and stop the public hate.

Gordon Curvey

Listen to “Sports Inner City Radio” podcast. Hosted by Gordon Curvey. Based in the home of the Super Bowl champs Seattle, Washington. Urban sports news and issues plus classic soul and hip-hop.

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I Saw Trouble For Minorities With TMZ Sports

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

TMZ SportsI am a true sports junky readers. I love the basketball and football and baseball and boxing. Those of the sports I love the best. As many of you may know I have been very very outspoken on the lack of diversity on local sports radios stations KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle.

Where there are only one African American on the air on a regular basis and he is Jerry Brewer. He is only on for two hours a day on KJR. And that is it. None on 710 ESPN. Heck on 710, Mike Salk comes from Boston’s sports radio station WEEI to obtain a on air position on 710. Then after a few years he leaves 710 to return to Boston and WEEI. Then a few months ago he leaves WEEI and returns to Seattle to guess where? That’s right to 710 ESPN with Brock Huard in the mornings. UNREAL!!

I say that to say this. With the lack of black faces on sports radio I saw trouble when TMZ started TMZ Sports. I saw trouble for African Americans who play sports in America. The trouble I saw is African Americans being blasted on the website. I saw it happening and I was right.  TMZ Sports is more “fuel to the fire” for the media to blast African Americans with the lack of black voices around. To me it is unfair. With people of color dominating the major sports I saw the handwriting on the wall when it came to TMZ Sports readers sorry to say.

As we know TMZ Sports broke the Ray Rice situation in the elevator with his lady. Then they broke a second tape of Rice. Since theMI city 1n the “majority” media has beat up on not only Rice but other African Americans in sports.

All this why their needs to be more African American voices on TV and sports media/radio. To in some cases have the “other point of view” because rather if you agree or not whites and blacks think different on just about every thing including sports issues. There needs to be more minority voices readers. This is a fact.

This is why “Sports Inner City TV”/”Sports Inner City Radio” is needed. Another black voice giving the other point of view. Big shout out to Stephen A. Smith and Mike Wilborn, and Jason Whitlock and the hosts of “Numbers Never Lie” on ESPN and few more. But we need more black voices in sports media in America. With all the brothas in trouble in the NFL lately we need black voices to give us some positive stories. Well with “Sports Inner City Radio/TV” god willing I will be another voice in my small way.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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Are Tamar And Hubby Vince Having Big Problems?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

tamarandvinceRight from the start I knew this relationship was doomed. And I am sure many others felt the same. Big Vince and Tamar Braxton just did not look righ

But you can bet that no more children will around for this couple. Because as it says in the article it seems there is trouble in their relationship and again it is not surprise to me. Tamar has a tremendous ego. She is about Tamar. Again that is why I was shocked that she gave up nine months to have a child. But readers everyone knows if you watch the Braxton sisters program and Tamar and Vince program, Tamar has a big mouth. Let’s just tell it like it is folks. She does.

And in my strong opinion and others, Tamar and her sisters ALL ride the coattails of Toni. Toni will always be the star of the family. ALWAYS! This is just a face and everyone knows that. Toni Braxton even though she has not had a hit record in years she is still a superstar. The other Braxton sisters are followers and always will be. Yes Tamar had a marginal hit and got nominated for a few awards, but STILL Tamar is a follower of Toni.

So we will see what happens to Tamar and Vince and their relationship. If I was Vince I would say see ya to the motor mouth Tamar. I would not be with a egotistical female like Tamar. It ain’t worth it. His health is already not good. Why ruined it more. Gordon Curvey
t and sound right. It just gave me the wrong vibe when I watched their reality program.

I was shocked that they had a baby. I think it was a plan by Tamar. You see if many of you do not know Vince is paid. He runs the career of Lady GaGa and other big stars. He makes a lot of money and Tamar knew this folks. She ain’t no dummy. She she’s a cash machine. When I watched their program, I hardly ever see Tamar looking in Big Vince’s eyes. When I see this, their relationship just looked one one-sided to me. It looks “fake”

It seems Vince really loves Tamar but I do not think Tamar loves Vince as much as he loves her. Mainly Tamar is about Tamar. Vince basically talked Tamar into having a child. And Tamar finally gave in to have a child. But she REALLY did not want to do it.

Gordon Curvey

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“S.I.C TV” SEAHAWKS SPECIAL Featuring Head Coach Pete Carroll!

“Sports Inner City TV” webcast EXCLUSIVE from our Super Bowl champs Seattle Seahawks training camp in Renton, Washington and in the locker-room of Century Link Field after the Seahawks-Bears pre-season game in Seattle. Included on the program a one on one with Head Coach Pete Carroll.  Special thanks to Theo Hall aka Mr. Network and the Seattle Seahawks. 24-7 on-demand.

Watch our webcast.  Just click the screen and enjoy the program!

Keep coming back to “Music Inner City News Magazine” for more editions of “Sports Inner City TV” A spinoff of “Music Inner City TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On Demand/Western Washington State/24-7 and “Music Inner City News Magazine” Gordon Curvey

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Love Is Now A Cav With Irving And King James!

jea 0101 wild heatWell all the talk is FINALLY over folks. Minnesota forward Kevin Love is now a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and I am sure he is a very very happy man. Can you blame him?

Love will join Lebron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland to form a very dangerous threesome for NBA teams to deal with starting this coming season. The Cavs have also picked him sharp shooter Mike Miller and James James. Both former teammates with James with the Heat.

The Wolves get rookie and first round pick Andrew Wiggins and another former first round pick Anthony Bennett plus Thaddeus Young and a $6.3 million trade exception. The 76ers get a 2015 first round pick and guard Alexey Shved and forward Luc Richard and forward Richrd Mbah a Moute from the Wolves.

Love is only 25 years old and by the way he is from here in the Pacific Northwest. He is from Oregon. Here is a question NBA fans. Will NBA super vet and former Seattle Sonic and future NBA Hall Of Famer Ray Allen also join the Cavs? I guess we will see soon. We will keep you informed right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

Gordon Curvey

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What Has Happened To The R&B Groups?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)


I have been in the music industry for over 23 years as the producer of Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV”. I have seen changes in the industry and some are good and some are not good and that is for sure.

Some think hip-hop is sounding alike and needs a infusion of talent. And reader a lot of people think this way. No joke. Some are listening to only old school classic hip-hop from 2 pac and Biggie and EPMD and Big Daddy Kane and NWA etc. Some like to listen to old school r&b like from Silk and Boys II Men and Jodeci and more.

If you noticed when the BET Awards had a segment with Silk and Color MeBadd and few more came on the stage, the crowd went CRAZY! The crowd loved it when these cats hit the stage.

So the question is readers is this. What has happened to the r&b groups in the industry? They are not doing to much recording. Yes some of them are touring and doing concerts but they are not recording new music. Well the group Jagged Edge is changing this.

They are recording new music and wants to bring the r&b group back. Wants to bring r&b music back.

I think this is great. The industry needs it. Fans need it too. JE is a very talented group. We have had a few young r&b groups come on the scene but lately I have not heard to much from them as far as new music and even new music videos.  So it will be a fresh of air to hear JE back making music.

You know what will be good readers? If Ki-C and JoJo and the group Jodeci can get their demons right (ie drinking-drugs), and follow JE and make some new music for all their fans. That will be off the hook. Man…..if Jodeci would have hit the stage at the BET Awards things would have been real wild. Now I have to say this. I have seen some recent performances of Ki-C and JoJo and their performance was one word  TERRIBLE.

So like I said folks, let’s hope they can clean up and get Jodeci back and they can join Jagged Edge and maybe Silk and even Boys II Men can make a “mainstream” hit music again. It will make a lot us happy.

Gordon Curvey

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Tired Of MOTOR MOUTH African American Sistas On Reality TV!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

love-hip-hop-atlanta4The other day I grabbed my remote and tuned in “Love And Hip-Hop/Atlanta” to see what is going on. And soon I saw beautiful African American sistas going at each other using the worse speech there is. Or I saw sistas cussing their men.

As a African American it bothers the hell out of me to see the ladies fighting on national or even worldwide TV. I do not know how others feel but I do not like it! You know MANY MANY white folks think the way these sistas act on these reality shows is the way they really act all the time. This is the truth. But I am here to say not all African American females act this way folks.

Sad to say millions of folks tune into these shows just to see black ladies fight and yell at each other. They are not tuning in to see a great love story on these reality shows!! No way.

I wonder how these ladies parents feel about seeing the children cussing out one another. Are they proud parents? I don’t think so. But here is a question. Is all the yelling and cussing between the African American ladies staged? Is it just a act? Some think it is. Sorry I think it is real. A lot a black ladies do use very bad speech. It is just a fact. The question is why? Why do a lot of black ladies or African American females use bad language? Where is it starting?

Do these females care that there children or other family members may be watching these reality programs? Heck do they even care readers? I don’t really know. I just do not understand. To keep it real it makes me real angry to see these sistas fighting week after week on TV. Does it really have to be this way?

Finally, how about some for real African American love stories on TV? Or more dramas that deal with people of color? Does it have to be “Love and Hip-Hop” or “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” etc? I want to see love stories on TV like for instance the movie back in the day “Love Jones” and more dramas. Readers in my honest opinion it is needed very badly. We do NOT need to see beautiful African American females tossing blows at each other and cussing each other out or cussing at the boyfriend. We do not it anymore!

Comments? Listen to “The Hot 12″ with D Duane. Just click “podcast” above and enjoy the show!


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Problems At Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T.) Part 1

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

BET-Investor-LogoUPDATE: Below link is a story from the Huffington Post regarding problems with Mr. Bill Jones and Ms Tonya Hart, two legends in African American media who were refused coverage of the B.E.T. Awards. Article from 7-10-2014.

I have been very silent about this issue readers. Trying not to sound like a cry baby. But I said I have to speak out this time regarding Black Entertainment Television aka B.E.T.

For those of you who do not know, I have been producing “Music Inner City TV” since 1990. December 19,1990 I aired my first program with guest the legendary MC Lyte followed by Seattle native Sir Mix-A-Lot.

It was my dream to be in the music industry since I was a teenager watching Don Cornelius and Soul Train on TV. I said I want to be like him. Hosting my own TV or radio program. What a dream!

It took awhile but I started to have my dream come true and I even had a chance to tell the late Mr. Cornelius that he was my idol. That was great that I had a chance to tell him that. Dreams do come true folks!

Even suffering a terrible fire in 2005 and having a very serious operation in late 2010 in which I caught pnemounia and lost most of my right lung and more, I have kept my show on the air for more than 23 years here in the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area and Western Washington state. I have dealt with plenty of hate and jealous feelings but again, “Music Inner City TV” is still on the air. We currently broadcast 24-7 on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand all over Western Washington state.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to interview legends like Ike Turner, Rick James, Al Green, George Duke, Quincy Jones, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Paul McCartney, Dionne Warwick, Micheal Jordan, Big Daddy Kane, Chaka Khan and many more INCLUDING media icon Oprah Winfrey! BUT for some reason the PR Dept at B.E.T have decided for the last seven years to turn our TV crew down for red carpet coverage of the B.E.T Awards. This has become a problem folks.

In my strong opinion their is ONE person with B.E.T who is responsible for “Music Inner City TV” being at home and watching the event on TV and online at  And when I watched the coverage online I notice other programs on the red carpet that makes me wonder why am I at home year after year instead of being in Los Angeles and doing interviews.  I also go online to You Tube and notice outlets like “Black Hollywood Today” putting video on You Tube from the red capet at the B.E.T Awards and I say to myself how did they get on the carpet? How and why?

I am also aware of another outlet/company that has a problem with the PR Dept at B.E.T. It seems there is a few (or maybe one) very arrogant and mean people/person at B.E.T that hold grudges with people. For instance about 8 years ago I had a difference of opinion with a person in B.E.T PR Dept/management while I was in L.A. for the B.E.T Awards.

I was placed in the media room again. Not on the red carpet and I asked this person why. Things got a little heated between us. Since then, I have told this person I am sorry etc. BUT this person in my STRONG opinion has NOT let me reapeat has NOT forgot our  disagreement and has made sure yours truly Gordon Curvey and my crew WILL NEVER be on the red carpet again. It has been very depressing on my part when for the last seven years I get the same paragraph from B.E.T turning “Music Inner City TV” down for red carpet coverage. Something is very very wrong and I would like to find out what is the problem.

Last year B.E.T. called the Seattle Police on me because they thought I was suicidal after being turned down again for the B.E.T Awards but I was not suicidal readers. I was just upset that my outlet was and is being treated wrong. I was also upset this year after being refused coverage. It has taken me a week or so to cool off.

It is fun being on the red carpet doing interviews myself or running the camera. It is not work at all. And if you know about my program, EVERYONE is asked in our final question to speak to the youth about staying in school and stopping the violence etc.

But the PR Dept and B.E.T has not allowed me to interview entertainers at the B.E.T Awards for seven years in row. While other programs with much less time on the air and much less of a audience is on the red carpet having fun and doing interviews for their audience. Is it political or is it who you know? Or is a person at B.E.T holding a grudge? I think it is the last question.

I think this person doing this to me and my audience should be fired. I think it is very very wrong what this person has done to me and it hurts me and my audience here in the Northwest on TV and worldwide on the net at “Music Inner City News Magazine”  Will I ever be allowed to cover the B.E.T Awards on the red carpet? Who knows. My health is not the best and I may not even be here next year. Only god knows. But as of now if it was up to B.E.T and this one person who has stopped my coverage on the red carpet for seven years in row….I will NEVER be allowed to cover the B.E.T Awards on the red carpet. This is truly truly sad for me and my audience. We are the ONLY program of it type produced in the Northwest of the U.S. This should NOT happen readers!!

Watch “Music Inner City TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/24-7/All over Western Washington State/go to “get local” and then “around the sound”. The ONLY locally produced hip-hop/r&b/pop/sports/interview program in the Northwest! Two-three programs to view ANYTIME!!

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What The Hell Is Going On With Jason Kidd?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

kiddIf you are a huge basketball fan like me then you would know about the “history” of Jason Kidd. Kidd is a Oakland, California legend just like Hall Of Famer and Seattle Sonics legend “The Glove” Gary Payton.

He had a 19 year NBA career in the NBA. And he will be a first ballot Hall Of Fame member in four years. Now let’s get to the point. How in the HELL did Jason Kidd mover from a player to a head coach in the NBA in one year? Someone please explain this to me. Because I just do not understand why he becomes a head coach before guys like Patrick Ewing and others.

Kidd has not been a angel readers. Back in the day their was a big rumor concerning Kidd and ex NBA player Jim Jackson and singer Toni Braxton and it was all in the tabloids. The story was both of them was…….well you know with Toni.  Then their was a rumor he hit his ex wife and recently he was caught drinking and driving. And other things on the negative side with it comes to Jason Kidd.

Now Kidd it seems tried to pull a power move with the Brooklyn Nets. He was the head coach of the Nets and it is reported Kidd wanted  more money from the Nets after seeing Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr getting way more money for a first year coach. And he also wanted more power in player moves for the Nets and word is he did not see eye to eye with Net general manager Billy King.

So now for some reason he is the head coach of the Bucks and head coach Larry Drew was fired after one year. Kidd is good friends with the new owner of the Bucks.  Why does Kidd go from one head coaching position to another? HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? Why Jason Kidd? I just do not understand. Hearing all this negative crap on Kidd makes me want to see him fail as a head coach. I just do not like this power move by Kidd.

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Oprah Says President Disrespected Because He Is African American

ARTICLE FROM (full story click here)

gordonandoprahpicReaders from day one the right and the Tea Party and the Republican Party was out to destroy EVERYTHING President Obama tries to do. Let me repeat…EVERYTHING!! This is just a fact.

The right held a huge meeting on DAY ONE when the President and family moved into the White House as the first African American of the United States. In the meeting the plan against the President was formed. Little did they know four years later he would win again by a landslide. You know the right was very  very upset and still are everyday. Guess they should have ran someone who had a chance to beat the President. Gov Romney and before that Sen. McCain were not the ones to challenge President Obama.pres

As a African American it is truly truly sad to see the pure outright racism by Fox News against the President. Led by Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and others they put down the President on EVERYTHING everyday!! Every topic they disagree with the President. I will bake a cake and celebrate when I hear Hannity and others agree with something the President has done.

Media icon and former guest on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” Oprah Winfrey said in a recent interview that the President is disrespected because of one thing….he is African American. I agree with Ms. O 1000%!! Things have happened to President Obama that has NEVER happened to say President Reagan or Bush #1 and #2. It is all because President Obama is a very proud and very intelligent African American who happens to be the President Of The United States.

Folks I do not agree with everything the President has done or has not done, BUT one thing is for sure I respect him and I am still proud of him becoming the first African American President. I wish someone would challenge Fox News and their mis-treatment of the President. That would make me very very happy.    Gordon Curvey

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Time For Washington Redskins To Change Their Name

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for story)

USP NFL: WASHINGTON REDSKINS-OTA S FBN USA VAThe Washington team in the NFL needs to change their name and change it now! The team got a wake up call the other day when a law was passed  where anyone can use the Redskins trademark to make money and the team cannot do anything!

Of course the team led my Dan Snyder will appeal the ruling. But to many Native Americans this is a victory. Native American groups are saying the name Redskins is a racist name which IT IS!  And they are getting more and more support in their battle against Snyder’s team. For instance, the Seattle Times sports department recently said they will no longer use the name Redskins in their sports section. That is GREAT!

It is amazing that Snyder has said he will never ever change the name of the team. He is being very stubborn and very arrogant. He not listening at all to the calls of Native Americans and others to change the name. All he cares about is dollars. It is time for Dan Snyder to wake up and smell the coffee and change the name of the team! The Native Americans groups and others who are standing up will not back down. They mean business!! When will Snyder see that the Native Americans will not back off?

Recently Washington QB Robert Griffin III says the time is not now to comment on the topic. Well what in the hell is he going to say “Hell yeah the name is racist and I think Mr. Snyder should change the name” HELL NO WE KNOW THAT AIN’T HAPPENING!

Why not the Washington Governors or the Washington Officers or something. But for sure the name Redskins has to go!

Gordon Curvey

Watch “Music Inner City TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/24-7/Western Washington State/go to “get local” and then “around the sound” Two to three programs to view ANYTIME!!

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KUBE93′s Eric Powers Tweet To The Legendary Chuck D Right Here!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

rosenberg_400Many of you know I am speaking out big time on Seattle, Washington based KUBE93 led by program director Eric Powers. And I am following “the lead” of one of founders and father’s of hip-hop/rap Public Enemy lead man Chuck D. A member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

Chuck D is fired up because of the lack of radio airplay for local artists, not just on Hot 97 in New York but radio stations everywhere including now KUBE93 here in Seattle. Thank god for Chuck because he has NEVER been a artist just to make a album and perform shows and sit back and count his money. No this is not the dude!!

He speaks out on issues concerning African Americans and people of color. He is known for this all over the world. He makes money not just from Public Enemy and Flavor Flav, he speaks at universities and other places. That is Chuck D.

So I reached out to Chuck via Twitter the other day regarding KUBE93 after learning about Chuck speaking out about Hot 97′s Summer Jam and Chuck hit me back and I sent him more info on KUBE. And soon Chuck hit Eric via Twittter.

And readers I was SHOCKED let me repeat SHOCKED at what Eric Powers said back to Chuck and here it is:



PD of KUBE93/Seattle Eric Powers and his sidekick Derty Harry… Please respond to emails & calls regarding your AIR


Get your facts right…this is weak man!


Eric Powers HAS THE FREAKIN NERVE TO TRY PUT CHUCK D ON BLAST!!!!! Maybe Eric had to many beers that night or something readers!!

Sorry to say readers BUT there is now two white guys who have now “tried” to fire back at Chuck D because he has THE NERVE to speak out on the current state of radio not giving local artist love during prime time and the names are Eric Powers and this fella Rosenberg who is a DJ on Hot 97 in New York.

Having said that, listen to Rosenburg’s comments about Chuck D below as well as Chuck D’s on the departed “Arsenio Hall Show” a few months back when he discussed his feelings about local artists and more. On the “M.I.C-TV Ustream” webcast I found a song I had via VHS by Public Enemy from 1998 called “Give It Up” and there is a couple of seconds where the picture is messed up but that’s it.

I hope local artists in Seattle and Tacoma area will STAND UP and make your voices heard!!

Listen readers I let Chuck D know what is going on and that is the only time local artists besides Macklemore and Ryan Lewis get radio airplay is 11PM ON SUNDAY NIGHT on a program called “Sound Sessions”

Next time I will address a local legend who has a radio show on KUBE93. Stay tuned.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


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Legendary Chuck D On A Mission For Hip-Hop Music

chuckdposterARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

As some of my followers and fans know I am a outspoken young man (lol) who is not scared to speak up on issues. From sports to entertainment to politics and more. I am not the “normal” African American Seattle resident who seem to be worried about their “rep”. So many say silent.

I am not the one! Hopefully you have checked out my previous story on Seattle’s KUBE93 radio station. First of all, as I said in the story program director Eric Powers has decided to ban me from their Summer Jam the last six or seven years. Only Eric and music director Karen Wild and others know why. At first Powers toward me they cannot let me backstage for possible interviews because if they let me backstage they have to let other media. But that is bullshit.

Anyway again this year Powers blocked me and my audience of “Music Inner City TV” from coverage backstage at the Gorge. Meanwhile I went on Facebook and saw people I know and don’t know just hanging out backstage, but ya boy was blackballed by Eric.

So I listened to the SJ at home on KUBE decided to allow the language over the air from Too Short, Seattle’s own Sir Mix A Lot and Ice Cube and E-40 and other. Other words “nigga” and “fuckin holes” and “shake them tiddies” and more was coming though online from the SJ and I was shocked. Why? Because even though the internet is free speech. I just did not think KUBE would allow this speech over the air.

Boy was I wrong! All this readers with plenty of kids in the audience. First of all, why would ANY parent bring their kid to the Summer Jam knowing Too Short  and others are performing. WHY? But I still blame KUBE. Just like the legendary leader of Public Enemy Chuck D blaming Hot 97 for their Summer Jam and more. Chuck is VERY upset at “urban” radio for allowing artist to use the N word to be used a million times at their events. PLUS Chuck D is upset at Hot 97 for not allowing local NY artists to perform at the SJ and over the air. Well this is what I am speaking out about when it comes to KUBE93.

Chuck D means business. Hot 97 has tried to fire back at Chuck. This dj who I will NOT use his name “tried” to put Chuck D on blast over the air on Hot 97 the other day. The station has a reality show on TV also. Well guess what? This dj was BLASTED in social media for trying to blast Chuck D. A flat out legend and a member with Flavor Flav of the Rock N Roll Of Fame. I went online and saw people’s views and EVERYONE supported Chuck and his views!! It was shocking!!

So I was happy that I have backup in my mission from a flat out legend. Here is the TERRIBLE part readers. I put my feeling online at my Facebook page regarding KUBE93 and the N word. I also spoke up about KUBE not giving local Seattle/Tacoma artists prime time air spins. BUT instead of support like Chuck D got in NY etc, CERTAIN PEOPLE STARTED TO PUT ME ON BLAST FOR STANDING UP AGAINST KUBE93!! THIS IS CRAZY!! I mean cats was coming out of the woodwork against me!! CRAZY!!

Yes I got support BUT many others said why I am speaking on KUBE, listen to internet radio and other excuses that I did not see in responses to Chuck D speaking out. JUST AMAZING!! I have to realize I am in Seattle. It seems we are LOST. VERY VERY LOST!! Maybe it is the cloudy weather. I just do not understand us in the Seattle area. It seems folks want to line KUBE93 and Clear Channel’s pockets and bank accounts.

I am not going to be quiet on this topic of KUBE93 and their treatment of African Americans. If certain backwards thinking people want to blast me WHEN I AM TRYING TO HELP THEM then so be it. I am a big boy. Some have said I want something. This is the BACKWORDS THINKING OF NEGROS IN THE SEATTLE AREA. This is one of the reasons why WE DON’T HAVE A DAMN THING IN OUR AREA BUT CHURCHES, BAR B CUE JOINTS AND BEAUTY SHOPS/BARBER SHOPS.

Meanwhile Asians and now East Africans have TAKEN OVER THE RAINIER VALLEY AND CENTRAL AREA where the African American WAS AND I SAY WAS!! Because we do not have that community we used to have anymore. OK I will be back with more news soon folks. And stay tuned because I am not one of the lazy Seattle area Negros!    Gordon Curvey

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Where Is The Local Artist Airplay On KUBE93?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

ericpowersToday I as write this Seattle radio station is holding it’s KUBE93 Summer Jam at the Gorge in Eastern Washington state. And again led by program director Eric Powers, they have blocked “Music Inner City TV” from covering the event.

Now check this out readers. We can cover many Hollywood events including a big golf event on Monday with a big red carpet and stars BUT Eric Powers has blocked us from covering the Summer Jam for about six years in a row. It is a outrage. It is wrong. And yes it is racism. Powers did buy me a nice sound system for my PC after I had a terrible fire in 2005. And I was and still am grateful for that.

But if you know me I have to stand up for my power106protestfolks. And truth be told KUBE93 is not playing local artists during primetime. That is between 3pm and 8pm. The only time KUBE93 plays local artist music is on Sunday night’s “Sound Sessions” at 11pm. That is when the least amount of people are listening to the radio!! Come on readers this is a damn shame!!

You know what readers? Cats in Los Angeles and the Bay Area got together and protested big time against Power 106 in L.A. (pic here in this article of the L.A. Power 106 protest) To say the program director PLAY LOCAL ARTISTS MUSIC!! And guess what? Now Power 106 and also KMEL in the Bay is playing local artists music during PRIMETIME!! Unlike KUBE93. And they will not until cats STAND UP AND PROTEST!! Make your voices heard!

Listen artists. If you plan out being somebody in the music game you have to get local radio stations like KUBE93 to play your music. If you just want to be what I call a “ghetto celebrity” then continue doing what you are doing.

Finally at the Summer Jam, AGAIN KUBE93 stuck local artists at SECONDARY stage to perform instead of performing on the MAIN STAGE AND THIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG!! This local label Lane Records sponsored the secondary stage this year at KUBE’s Summer Jam. And they had to spend a pretty penny for that. ALL THE ARTIST THAT PLAYED OR WILL PLAY THE SECONDARY STAGE IS GETTING ZERO RADIO AIRPLAY DURING PRIMETIME ON KUBE93!!! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??

The other day there was a so called “networking” event here in Seattle. Was standing up for local airplay on KUBE and other local stations Movin 92.5 and a new station 103.7 discussed? HELL NO! It is time for cats to get their head out of the Northwest clouds!! STAND UP AND BE COUNTED AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!! Don’t be happy for where you are at. It is time for folks to STOP GIVING MONEY TO KUBE93 because when you do that they are running all the way to the damn bank OFF THE BACKS OF AFRICAN AMERICANS!! When a station that has NEVER had a AFRICAN AMERICAN DJ DURING PRIMETIME, something is VERY WRONG!!

I am not finished with this topic so turned readers.

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What Is Up With Pharrell Williams/Is He Out Of Control?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

PHARRELL-ELLE-UK-570I guess sometimes certain people or certain entertainers or even politicians get to a place in life and they think they can say or do anything. Maybe Pharrell Williams is one of these people.

Don’t get it twisted, Williams first is a very very talented writer of songs. I am not going to say he is a great singer because let’s keep it real he is not a great singer since he makes songs like “Happy” whose melody and harmony is good it covers up his lack of singing ability.

But Pharrell is it seems is so full of himself that he comes out at events wearing this STUPID pharrell-girlcoverlooking hat on his head and then puts out a cd called “Girls” with all light skinned black ladies. Yo Pharrell check this out bro, ALL BLACK LADIES ARE NOT LIGHT SKINNED!! There are PLENTY of dark skinned beautiful black ladies. Maybe because his lady is a light skinned lady of color then he says to himself he can get by putting all light skinned black females on his cover. Yeah..right!

Then recently Williams for some unknown and crazy reason put’s on a Native American head cover on the front Elle Magazine in the UK.

What is this brothas problem? Should he have realized that PLENTY of Native Americans and Native Americans groups would not be happy with him? Let’s keep it real readers. Where was Pharrell’s mind at or where is it now? Is he thinking correctly? Or maybe this cat just does not care right? Maybe he thinks he is a star and can get by with anything.

I hope the Native American community let’s Pharrell know in a strong way (and they are) that going on a magazine with a full Native American head dress on your freakin head when you are NOT a Native American is FLAT OUT WRONG! And making a cover called “Girls” with all light skinned black ladies of color BUT zero dark skinned ladies is FLAT OUT WRONG! As you can see I am not “happy”.  Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City Bio: “J-Lo” Jennifer Lopez

(Complete Lopez bio click here)

jennifer-lopez-nuvo-tvFolks to be a success in the entertainment industry you have to be different than the rest. You have to have a style of your own. If you want to be a “ghetto celebrity” as I call it and just impress hood then you will not be a success.

The lady I am writing about here is a triple threat in the entertainment industry and she has been around for awhile and is keeping her popularity. Her name is “J-Lo” aka Jennifer Lopez. She can sing, she can dance and she act. It is very hard to be a popular as she is because everything she does is all over the net.

Lopez cannot go anywhere with out cameras flashing everywhere. It is crazy folks. But J-Lo is used to it. It is part of being a superstar as she is. All her relationships is on the net. When you go to the store and get up in the check in line and look to the right or left and there is the gossip magazines with Lopez or Kim K or Beyonce or others on the front page.

J-Lo is popular with all ages and all races. Not to many entertainers can say that. And when you go to a concert by J-Lo is about ENTERTAINMENT! Not just a singer standing up there holding a microphone. Oh no readers! And that is what I like about Lopez. Plus she seems to be down to earth too. Of course we can view her on “American Idol” too. A entertainer like “J-Lo” will have longivity in the entertainment business. Like other “triple threats” back in the day like Sammy Davis Jr and more. Another person is these days is Justin Timberlake. He is a true true talent. I will give my views on him soon.

So as I watched the Billboard Awards the other day and they gave a huge award to Lopez and watched her performance I was very happy for her. Among the things she said after she obtained her award was to give advise to all the little girls and boys watching to keep dreaming and stay positive and you can make it like she did. One thing for sure Jennifer Lopez has made it!  Gordon Curvey

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My Thoughts On The Passing Of The Great Dr. Maya Angelou At 86.

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

MAYA-ANGELOU-large300I do not throw around the word great to much. Micheal Jordan was great. The late King Of Pop Micheal Jackson was great. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was great. Muhammad Ali was great. The late Whitney Houston was great. N.W.A was great. Former guest on “Music Inner City TV” Big Daddy Kane is great. Larry Bird was great. So many you can call great.

But a TRUE great person left us at the age of 86, Dr. Maya Angelou. When ever I saw a interview with her on TV I sat and listened. Because when she talked it was like going to school because I always learned something from this great African American lady.

Yes I was a little bothered when she came out and supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 instead of then Sen. Barack Obama. The first African American who had a chance to be President.

But she had her own reason. As did another great person “Magic” Johnson and another great businessman, Bob Johnson. But that did not stop me from having profound respect for Dr. Angelou. Her good friend and former guest on “M.I.C-TV” Oprah was not happy too because Ms. O was a huge supporter of Sen. Obama.

But anyway Dr. Maya Angelou was a towering force for African Americans. Just a flat out dynamic legendary person. A great great poet, a actor, a writer and much more. Maya would write a poem and read it and it will leave you crying. Just the way she delivered the poem. So emotional and so deep. So much thought put into it.

The world is a much better place because of the GREAT Dr. Angelou. That is for sure. RIP Dr. Angelou. We all love you.  By the way I have to leave you with this. HEY YOUNG PEOPLE IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF THIS GREAT PERSON…READ AND LEARN ABOUT THE GREAT DR. MAYA ANGELOU.  Gordon Curvey

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Are Wealthy Sports Stars Giving Back To The Community?

“One Man’s Opinion” Gordon Curvey

LeBron JamesI went to church on Mother’s Day with my dear mother Mrs. Lorraine B. Harris and my brother Byron Curvey and we heard a dynamic sermon by a man named George Fraser who is a man who helps people who has dreams of starting their own business and more.

He gave everyone at Seattle’s legendary Mt. Zion Church something to think about as they left church. He for sure left me thinking and that is a fact everyone. He discussed a topic that I have talked about many times before in the past here on my website and on radio.

Mr. Fraser talked about how the East Africans and Asians have come to America to make money and feed their family and start a business. They have done a damn good job of doing just that folks. Here in Seattle’s Rainier Valley/Central Area, Asians and now East Africans have opened MALL AFTER MALL AFTER MALL of small businesses all up and down Rainier Ave South and MLK Jr Way South. It is unreal.

BUT as Mr. Fraser talked about, we as African Americans are NOT opening up new businesses like cleaners or a place to buy a new cell phone or a used car or a travel agency and more. We see African Americans as a whole opening up another church or another bar b cue joint or another beauty shop another barber shop. Something is wrong as Mr. Fraser said.

Fraser also made this point and he made it clear as a bell. And that is this. He asked us at Mt. Zion a question. And that is what are the wealthy NBA and NFL and MLB giving back to the community? We all seem to answer …not to much. And this is true. We have a whole lot of Seattle/Tacoma area fellas playing in the NBA right now. And truth be told they are really not doing much for inner city youth and the community ie. Central Area/Rainier Valley.

How bout a new waffle/chicken place like Roscoe’s in L.A. What about a new school. What about a new Boys and Girls Club. What about a new movie theater. What about new low income apartments. What about a new bank? This is not happening. Mr. Fraser said these guys are too busy playing golf and buying Mercedes and huge homes and have forgot where they came from. LeBron James is a NBA star who continues to give back to his home town of Akron. This needs to happen more here in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

It makes me sad as a African American to see others taking over my community. Hell there is not any mom and pops grocery stores in my community anymore. They are owned by Asians or East Africans or folks from Turkey or India etc. Truly sad folks.

Yes we cannot tell rich NBA players what to do with their cash. But it would be nice if these fifthly rich athletes can wake up and smell the coffee and open up their eyes and their brains and say to themselves they are going to give back to my community in which I grew up. I am going to give back to the community like a person who has been in the news a lot lately. Ervin “Magic” Johnson gives back BIG TIME! Unlike what the racist Donald Sterling says!! Sterling was as wrong as two left shoes!! I will be writing more on this topic soon because it needs to be talked about.

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Seattle Native Jamal Crawford Kia Sixth Man Of The Year

jamal_crawford_clippersSeattle area native and Rainier Beach High school legend Jamal Crawford has won the NBA Sixth Man Of The Year Award for the second time in his long NBA career. Jamal of course plays for the Los Angeles Clippers who are currently playing in the NBA playoffs against NBA MVP Kevin Durant.

Crawford who is 34 won the award also in 2010 as a member of the Atlanta Hawks. Crawford joins Kevin McHale, a person who currently stays in the Seattle area Detlef Schrempf and former Seattle Sonic Ricky Pierce as the only two time winners of the Sixth Man Award in the NBA.

Jamal got 57 first place votes out of a possible 125 and totaled 421 points in the voting. Bulls player Taj Gibson finished second in the voting and Manu Ginobili finshed third. Crawford in reality started a lot of games for the Clippers because of players being hurt on the Clippers but he mainly came off the bench. Crawford scored at 18.6 points a game. By the way Jamal is the oldest player to win the award.

Jamal is good dude who has done a lot of work in Seattle for inner city kids with his foundation and the Jamal Crawford Pro-Am that he puts on every year here in Seattle. A lot of NBA players have flew in the play in Crawford’s event including “KD” Kevin Durant and others. Congrates to Jamal for winning the Kia Sixth Man Of The Year Award and as always we will catch up with Crawford when he returns home to Seattle this summer to do a interview with “Music Inner City TV”/”Sports Inner City Online” (

“Music Inner City Internet TV” via USTREAM TV. Hosted by Gordon Curvey. “Mixing Entertainment & Sports” plus classic soul music and on this program a EXCLUSIVE song by NBA vet Stephen Jackson aka Stak5 about Donald Sterling and more!

Video streaming by Ustream

Gordon Curvey

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New Study As To Why Black Ladies Have Short Hair

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

african-american-short-hairstyles-for-women-2013-shortI ran across this story online and decided to bring it to you readers here on our site. It is a study as maybe why African American and black ladies seem to have short hair. It is very interesting.

Of course as a African American men we notice that our black sistas seem to wear a lot of extensions on there head. Truth be told in my strong opinion, a lot of black ladies look good with short hair. Say for instance Toni Braxton. I watch her program on TV with her family and for a few years she wore a lot of extensions and she looked…well ok. But this past season Toni wore her hair without extensions and in my opinion she looked VERY good! Like back in the day when she first became a “star”

Another black female who looks great with short hair is Halle Berry. Fellas weToni-Braxton all can agree with this. In my opinion a lot of African American ladies just look a mess with all the extensions on top of their head. For instance Beyonce in my opinion would look as fine as hell with short hair.

I guess this study shows that African American females need more iron in their systems to help with this problem. So maybe sistas should take more vitamins every day. Maybe this would help.

My goodness I am going to say something right now that African American and black females will not agree with. I think a lot of sistas decide to wear extensions to look “white”. Again why not wear the hair that god planned for you? Why pay money for “fake” hair that looks a mess on a lot of sistas heads? Ladies like Braxton and Berry and and sometimes Kelly Rowland and others look damn good with there own hair.

Some females wear different color extensions on their heads….why? In my opinion that ain’t a good look. Yes some white females wear extensions too. But most do not. That is why I say a lot of sistas want to where extensions to look “white” And by the way, here is something that is a FACT. Why is it that the Asians are making MILLIONS sell hair products to black females? This is crazy!!

The fellas…I would be interesting to have a poll to see how they really feel about sistas and extensions. But I guess sistas can care less how black men feel about how they wear their hair. They care about their beauty. Again in my opinion I wish sistas would wear what god planned for them as far as their hair. I think a lot of men will agree with me that a lot of black ladies would look just fine without extensions.

You can leave a comment here or at or or

“Music Inner City TV/Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/Western Washington state/24-7/go to “get local” then “around the sound” or for those of you out of town or do not have Comcast view our webcasts right here. And view via smartphones, pc’s, tablet and more!!

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Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling FOR LIFE!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

silver-sterlingAs a sports fan today is the happiest day of my life! The head of the NBA Adam Silver today banned Los Angeles Clipper owner Donald Sterling for life from the NBA and fined him $2.5 million. I have to admit I did not see this coming.

I thought he would ban Sterling for a year or two. But he is banned FOR LIFE for his racist talk against African Americans to his girlfriend over the phone. It was just terrible listening to Sterling telling his girlfriend that he did not want “blacks” at his games at the Staple Center and he did not want NBA legend “Magic” Johnson at Clippers games!! SAY WHAT??? UNREAL!!!

What has to happen now is the other 29 NBA team owners has to vote on if Sterling should continue as the owner of the Clippers. Hey readers what owner what have the freakin NERVE to support Donald Sterling? Who in the hell would that be?

Also folks as a Seattle Sonic fan when our dearly departed Sonics were here in town I was VERY VERY sad when we found out the Kings were staying in Sac-town. But during that fight I learned to respect the Mayor of Sacramento for NBA player Kevin Johnson on how he fought to help keep his team in his home town. And now after seeing Mayor Johnson out front on the behalf of the NBA players in this Sterling mess, I have learned to respect Johnson even more. He is a leader. That is why the players wanted him out front for them.

I feel sorry for the Clipper players and Coach “Doc” Rivers. I feel sorry for the L.A. Clipper organization. Seattle native and a friend of mine is a player on the Clippers and that is Jamal Crawford. Can’t wait to to talk to Jamal when he returns to Seattle and get his views of this crap with Donald Sterling and his views of what he said about African American people.

Happy to see the tweets from players like Lebron and other players in supporting the lifetime ban against Sterling. Happy to see owners like Seahawk owner and Portland Trailblazer owner Paul Allen and Mark Cuban speak out on Sterling and the racist stuff he said about “blacks”

Finally folks what bothers me A LOT is listening to sports radio here in Seattle and the 99% white hosts discussing racial issues. A topic they know NOTHING about. There is three sports radio stations here in Seattle, 710 ESPN, sports radio KJR and 1090 The Fan and their is only ONE AFRICAN AMERICAN AS A SPORTS HOST, Jerry Brewer.

I truly believe that these white hosts do not have any contact with African Americans except when they interview a African American on the air and I truly think is true. I mean I hear the white hosts say “This is racist” etc. WHAT DO THEY KNOW ABOUT RACISM? NOTHING!!

I heard Adam Silver say the NBA family is about DIVERSITY. Sports radio here in Seattle needs more DIVERSITY AND THEY NEED IT NOW FOLKS! Unlike the NBA, sports radio when it comes to African American knows about one thing…EXCLUSION!! More news on the Donald Sterling story coming up soon here at MIC News Magazine and “Sports Inner City Online”



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No Unity Among African Americans In The Seattle Area/ Part 2

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Space Needle and Mount RainierThanks for checking out my views here on my site. It is just as I say one man’s opinion. As I have said I stay here in Seattle. Home of the Super Bowl champs Seattle Seahawks. I have a apartment on one of the major streets in Seatown Rainier Ave South. I can get in my car and start on Jackson St and drive south to Henderson and this will happen.

What happens is I will no more than 10 African American businesses if that!! BUT the Asians have mall after mall after mall full of businesses like a print shop or a tax place or a cleaners or a place to get a cell phone and much much more. And the East Africans now have malls full of businesses too. BUT we as African Americans seem not to want to open up a business. I don’t understand why. African Americans DO NOT have a mall of businesses!!!

I hear plenty of excuses from my folks. I hear stuff like we cannot get a loan and  the Asians and East Africans can a lot. BUT we can get a loan to get a new fancy Cadillac or a nice SUV etc. PLUS let me make this point clear. You see I was married to a lady from Kenya. I learned how their community works together.

They have meetings at someone’s house and cook food and have drinks and then they will talk business. They will see if anyone wants to open a business and help them or maybe someone is having trouble paying a bill etc and they will try to help. They do tremendous amount of networking as do the other East African communities.

And the Asians have moved to Seattle and will two or maybe three families in a house and save their money and if they don’t have a trade they will go to school and quickly learn a trade and then with the money they have saved they will open up a business. Some Asians get loans from Pacific Rim banks here and overseas. For instance there is a Bank Of America here in Seattle’s International District (ie Chinatown) and that is basically ran by Asians where business minded folks can maybe get a business loan. The Innternationl District is FULL OF ASIAN OWNED BUSINESSES ONE AFTER ANOTHER AFTER ANOTHER. How come African Americans do not have a community like this? Why folks?

Sorry to say folks we as African Americans do not operate in the manner East Africans and Asians do. It is just a fact folks. As a whole here in Seattle and Tacoma we have a bunch of churches, bar be cue joints, barber shops and beauty shops and detail places to get your rims shined up.

It seems we are not business minded like other races are. And the few businesses we as African Americans have we seem to NOT to support them and this is very very sad folks. The Asians have a Asian ran TV channel with loads of commercials from Asian owned businesses that are from all over the Rainier Valley and Central District here in Seattle. BUT I run “Music Inner City TV” and I get EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE from my African American brothers and sisters not to advertise with me at my VERY VERY low rates. They will take there money to “to the white man” This is very very sad.

I have heard excuse after excuse from my race OR they will tell me they are going to spend money with me for a commercial AND THEN DO NOT!! Or it was a FLAT OUT LIE. I keep my rates at a place where they could afford but I barely sell my commercials. So as a result I have to try to expand my reach and try to obtain “white” owned businesses to maybe advertise with “Music Inner City TV” By the way on TV and online at my website “Music Inner City News Magazine” and my sports site “Sports Inner City Online”

The Asians and now East Africans have been here no longer than 25 years. They have Asian ran banks, grocery stores (Viet Wah), and much more and they support their community. They also have a Asian ran radio station PLUS the Asians have FOUR community newspapers THAT ARE FULL OF ADVERTISING!! And check this out folks there dollars rotate in their community BUT our dollars leave our community quicker than water leaving a faucet!! Real talk.

It seems the only time we as African Americans can get together is on church on Sunday. Like I said we don’t have anymore mom and pop stores in the area. The question is why? It seems we as African Americans are full of jealous feelings and hate. I will be writing about this VERY soon.

Thanks for reading this folks. I can go on and on but hopefully some of you will get where I am coming from in this two part piece where I am giving my true opinions on why we African Americans seem to not have any unity in as a people here in the Seattle area.

COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS? or or Also watch “M.I.C-TV” webcasts to the right. From our TV show on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/24-7/Western Washington state/go to “get local” and then “around the sound” Watch via smartphones, tablets and pcs!! ANYTIME!!


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No Unity Among African Americans In The Seattle Area/Part 1

“One Man’s Opinion” Gordon Curvey

seattle-city-skyline-nightI may get put on blast by folks but that is OK because I am a big boy. I feel very strongly about this topic. And the topic is why is it that their are two major streets in Seattle’s Rainier Valley and Central Area and they are FULL of businesses full owned by Asians and now East Africans.

Meanwhile their are few African American businesses in sight other than a few here and their. The Asians have mall after mall full of Asian owned places where you can buy shoes or buy a new watch or plan a trip or print some flyers or buy a wedding dress or a tux and on and on and on. And they support each other. There money rotates in the community.

And now the East Africans are opening businesses like small mom and pop stores or a place to buy a cell phone and other type of businesses.

Again the money rotates among the East African community. They have monthly meeting and do networking and help each other if there businesses may not be doing well. They pool their money as do the Asians. But mean while we in the so called African American seem not to want to work together.

We in the so called African American community seem to NOT want to open up different kind of businesses like the Asians and now the East Africans and they question readers is WHY? I don’t understand. Folks their used to be plenty of mom and pop stores in the Rainier Valley and Central Area.

Now guest what? THERE ARE ZERO AFRICAN AMERICAN OWNED MOM AND POPS STORES IN THE RAINIER VALLEY AND CENTRAL AREA OF SEATTLE!! This is very very sad. We seem to want to open another beauty shop/barber shop or another bar-b-cue joint or another church or another detail place to have your car washed where cats can shine up their $5,000 rims on a 1995 Buick.  Something is very wrong.

And we in the African American community do NOT really support the few places we have. Our money leaves our so called community quicker than water leaving a faucet!! This is real talk folks.

There are African Americans with money and plenty of it. Like for instance the NBA players from the Seattle area. They have millions. Why not open a waffle and chicken place like Roesco’s in L.A.? I think it would do very well in Seattle’s Rainier Valley or Central Area. Or why not a place where we can buy a news big screen TV or laptop or PC. How about a pet shop where people can buy stuff for their dog or cat or pet etc.? It seems the NBA players want to play golf and buy big cars etc instead of opening up a business in the Rainier Valley and Central Area.

I am sorry the RV and CD has turned into yuppie land with white folks opening up businesses and walking their dogs all over a area where you a few years ago would NEVER see a white face. I know because my mother has the same house since 1959. Heck I don’t see a black person walking up and down the hill anymore. The community the way it is hurts me folks.  Part 2 of my views in a few days. Please come back!

Comments? or or Also watch “Music Inner City TV” webcasts (to the right) from our TV program on Comcast-Xfinity TV/Western Washington state/go to “get local” and then “around the sound” Watch via smartphones, pc’s/macs and tablets ANYTIME!!

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Did BMW Swindle Disabled Senior Citizen?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

donaldwhiteIt seems rich people and some large companies victimize the poor and use their money to maybe pay judges, city officials, policemen, state and city officials and lawyers to escape prosecution.

Remorse arising from reality and keeping people awake at night. On public access tv and talk radio. Shows crying and asking for forgiveness. One such victim is Mr. Donald White and his family.

Fraud and unfair and unfair deceptive business practices against his family and even so says Mr. White attempted murder has happened to him.

Mr. White suffered a heart attack and is 65 years old and is also a cancer survivor and he said he has been victimized by the rich. He said their has been a cover up, attempted murder of a senior citizen plus a cover up by the police department, the FBI and a hospital cover up.

Mr. White says he been unable to obtain legal representation in Seattle or has not had a trail. He says he has been denied media coverage BUT we here at “Music Inner City Radio” is giving the public a chance to hear his case against BMW of Seattle.

“Music Inner City Radio” is a spinoff of “M.I.C-TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/24-7/Western Washington state/go to “get local” and then “around the sound” Exclusive interviews plus hot hip-hop and r&b music videos and plus MTV news and video and HOURS of “M.I.C-TV” webcasts and radio podcasts! More than 23 years of broadcasting!!
Music Inner City – Popup Player



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Dark Skinned Ladies Left Off Of Pharrell’s Cover?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

pharrell-girlcoverHave you seen the cover of “Girl” by Pharrell? There are no dark skinned ladies on the cover. The question is why readers? Was this planned by Pharrell or what. People are wondering what is really going on.

It seems their are problems with brothers and dark skinned females. I am wondering what is the reason. Yes Oscar winner Lupita is dark skinned and folks just look around on TV and in the movies out of Hollywood and look at gossip magazines and gossip programs like “The Insider” and “Access Hollywood” and “Extra” etc. Do you see stories on dark skinned African American ladies or just dark skinned females?

The answer sorry to say is no. Does Hollywood have a problem with dark skinned females? Do guys like Pharrell and Kanye West and director Steve McQueen and many others have a problem with dark skinned ladies?

I don’t give a damn what excuse Pharrell says in his response to the exclusion of dark skinned ladies on this album cover for “Girls” The bottom is DARK SKINNED LADIES ARE LEFT OFF THE COVER!! PERIOD!!

The question is why? Are guys afraid to be seen with dark skinned ladies or what readers? Do cats think they will be treated better by lighter skinned ladies? What is the problem? I am trying to figure this out.

So yes I love Pharrell’s music etc BUT I am having a problem with his album cover where a dark skinned female is nowhere in sight. The question readers is why is this going on?     Gordon Curvey

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