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Violence In Auburn, Wa Leaves Three Dead! Violence Has To Stop!

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Today is a beautiful sunny Easter Day here in Seattle, Washington. I go to my laptop to read the news as I always do and went to the Seattle Times’s site and saw news of more violence where people are pulling out guns and then all hell breaks out and three people are dead.

This follows a shooting last week where another person was shot and killed. The shooting where three young people was killed happened in Auburn which is near Seattle. It happened at a sports bar. As you see in the pic from the Times you see crying relatives or parents or friends knowing that someone in their family was killed or injured on or before Easter Day. This is another family that will see a young person dying and dying way to young. Way to young.

Here is a question. How come this violence has to happen? How come folks can’t go and have a good time and get in their rides and GO HOME??? Why is it certain folks want to solve things by pulling out guns? When you do this it can only lead to death a terrible injury or big time jail time. In my opinion as a older cat when ever I hear of another young person dying to senseless violence it is like a family member of mine died too. I feel terrible. And ANYONE reading this should feel sad like I do.

As the Producer of Seattle’s own Music Inner City TV, I have for more than 22 years asked EVERYONE to give advice to young people about staying in school and stopping the violence in the streets and other things geared towards young folks. From Oprah Winfrey or Micheal Jordan to a local artist, I ask them to give their advice. Their is TO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE DYING IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA!!

Keep in mind, there a little baby that was shot and killed recently in Chicago due to senseless violence! Soon readers young people will have nowhere to go and have fun and hang out so then what will happen? More violence? I am trying to figure this out. Back in the day if a person got angry or something a fist fight would happen. But not these days. Cats are pulling out the 9′s and firing like they are on Gunsmoke on TV. Something is wrong.

As President Obama is saying. Too many guns are in the streets of America. Something has to be done. The NRA and right/Republican Party needs to stop fight the President on this issue and come to the freakin table with the President!! If not, we will hear about more people dying like the killings in Auburn, Washington and else where in America. THE VIOLENCE HAS TO STOP. My prayers go out this Easter Day to the family or relatives of the folks killed and injured in the Auburn violence. WE HAVE TO STOP THE VIOLENCE AND INCRESE THE PEACE IN AMERICA!! Comments? or  or 

Gordon Curvey

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Bieber and Other Stars Have Problems With The Paparazzi

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

As you know people and families have to try to put food on the fridge, gas in their cars and have to pay their bills every month. And those people include the paparazzi in Hollywood and New York and other cities. Those of you who don’t know what that is. That is folks who take photos of stars etc to sell to the many magazines and now online outlets all over the world.

A lot entertainers do not have a problem with the paparazzi and love to get their photos taken where ever they are at. And others do not like it when the paparazzi is following them EVERY WHERE. And I mean every where!!

One star who is having a huge problem is Justin Bieber. This cat cannot go to the bathroom without hundreds of folks trying to take a pic. And in his opinion and mine, it has got out of hand. And it seems Justin is getting fed up and at times is fighting back at the paparazzi. The other day overseas he went off on the paparazzi as he and his bodyguards tried to enter his SUV.

With Bieber being such a huge star right now it is a big problem that is getting worse when it comes to him being out in the public. He cannot do anything. Cannot go the beach, cannot go out to have dinner. Cannot go to Burger King for a burger etc. Bieber is a 19 year old fella. This is a problem that comes with being such a worldwide superstar. And sorry to say, when it comes to Bieber it is what happens when you become a superstar. He should not have become a singer and just grew up as a regular teen. But he decided to be a entertainer. So sorry Justin you just have to try to handle the paparazzi the best way you can without getting violent. But it has got out of hand.

Also actor Alex Baldwin has had many problem with the paparazzi. And he has fought with them over and over. He of course is not a worldwide star as Bieber is but he still has problems when he tries to go to dinner with his lady etc. It is a known fact Baldwin does not like the paparazzi.

Other stars like Rihanna and Beyoncé and Usher etc seem to not have problems with the paparazzi. You never hear about other big stars like them having problems. But for sure you hear about Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and Alex Baldwin and others having problems with the paparazzi. So it is a problem because like I said, the paparazzi are trying to make money. Just like Bieber and Baldwin are. Who wins readers?

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Music Inner City TV From The Grammys & Clive Davis Party Soon!

We are proud to say that “Music Inner City TV/Online” was in the building in Los Angeles for the 2013 Grammy Awards in the Staples Center and the legendary Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Yours truly and my sponsor Al Moton obtained as many interviews as we could at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party’s red carpet and I think we did a good job in asking the stars to speak to our audience in Seattle and Western Washington state on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand. We air 24-7. Go to “get local” and then “around the sound”

Among the stars we interviewed was Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Akon, “Access Hollywood” host the very fine Shaun Robinson, Brandy, Gayle King, Future, New England Patroits owner Robert Kraft, 49er QB Colin Kaepernick and more! (pic of yours truly in front of the Lakers/Clippers store/Staples Center in Los Angeles).

If you did not know myself and Twin Tammy J (Tammy Jackson-Cloy), was in L.A. last year when the legendary icon Whitney Houston passed away. So this year we asked the stars how they felt about the one year since Whitney passed plus of course we asked the stars to give advice to young people watching and listening to our program.

And we was posted up backstage in the media room for the Grammys. I did a lot of networking and meeting new people in the media from all over the U.S. To me it is not work when I attend these these events. It is fun!! And I thank god we are allowed to cover the events for our audience. This is real talk!!

So look forward to watching our programs from L.A. in a few weeks on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV”.  Gordon Curvey

“The Glove” and former Seattle Sonics great, Gary Payton as well as another former Sonic Spencer Haywood was nominated as finalists for the NBA Hall of Fame. Story on “Sports Inner City Online”

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Spike Lee Needs To Stop Hatin On Fellow Film Makers!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I don’t know about you readers but I am getting kind of tired of reading about producer/director Spike Lee talking negative about fellow film makers in Hollywood. He needs to stop in my opinion.

To me it is childish on Lee’s part to blast other producers and directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Tyler Perry.

It is nothing new for Lee to put Tarantino on blast. He has done it before. And of course Lee has talked very very nagative on the “Madea” films that has made millions and millions of dollars for Tyler Perry.

Now Lee says he will not go see the latest Tarantino film that stars former guest on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” Jamie Foxx “Dajano: Unchained” To me it is stupid and crazy on Lee’s part to say that. For me, truth be told I am waiting for the movie to hit on Comcast-On Demand. I don’t want to sit and watch a two hour and fourty-eight movie in the theater. It is not because I don’t to see the movie like Lee.

It will be interesting to see how Lee feels when a producer/director talks negative about one of his future films. That will be very interesting readers. Again I hope Lee will stop hatin on other film makers. It is only fair.

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Racism In The Tech World? It Is A Huge Problem

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Tonight I was on the net looking for good stories for “M.I.C News Magazine” and BAM I came across a story that made me very happy and also very sad because I have been waiting for a major story on the racism in the tech world.

If you read the story above and if you are a African American like me with two websites that is getting a lot of traffic every day but need help to really became a major player you might get a little depressed. I work very very hard to bring to the table two nice websites with good stories and issues here on this sites. My sports site “Sports Inner City Online” at But I want to make money with my two sites. Just like many whites and asians.

I have tried to reach out to a group of fellas here in the Seattle area for instance who have a website called Geekwire ( and they also have a radio show. I asked them to do a possible story on what I am trying to do and they gave me the cold shoulder and did nothing for me and to be truthful, it was racism.

These same fellas help to put on tech events etc in the Seattle area. The people who attend these events are almost 100% white. I see the pics of the events and watch the web shows online and see zero black faces. The price to go to these events are also high so a lot of African Americans or people of color may not can afford to attend.

Recently I tried again to reach out to the fellas at Geekwire about maybe helping me with a story or maybe introducing me to people in the tech world who might can help me. The did not respond to my emails or calls. So it seems I am running into racism like a lot of African Americans have suffered.

I been watching a program named “Bloomberg West” on Bloomberg TV almost EVERY night for the last year. The program features information and stories about the tech world and business world. It is broadcast from San Francisco near the tech capitol of the U.S. The Silicon Valley.

There has been a grand total of only two African Americans I have seen on the program in a year. TWO. It is like African Americans are a complete no show in the tech world or Silicon Valley. Just whites and asians. That’s it folks. Something is very wrong. It is racism.

I want to try to be a tech entrepreneur. My sports site “Sports Inner City Online” is one of only a few “urban” sports websites on the Internet. Covering people of color in the sports world. I need a angel investor or other types of help so I can take the site to where it can a success. But I think I am running into racism. I need to be a guest on “Bloomberg West” or have a story done on my sites by Geekwire.

In my opinion if a possible angel investor would look at what I am trying to do, they would invest. Remember both of my websites are spinoffs of my TV show “Music Inner City TV” which has been on the air for 22 years here in Washington state. We are on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand 24 hours a day.

It is time for people like me who are African American and have dreams of being a tech entrepreneur and make millions of dollars like many white folks and Asians to get help along the way. Racism in the tech world is real folks. Now is the time for people in the Silicon Valley and even here in my area to realize this and let’s work together to try to solve this problem of racism in the tech world or the problem will continue to get worse and worse.   Gordon Curvey

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Is Reality Show Featuring The Houston’s Too Soon?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I don’t know about you but I think it is way too soon to have a reality show featuring the late great Whitney Houston’s family. Of course that includes Whitney’s daughter 19 year old Bobby Krintina. Known as Krissi on the show.

It has been less than a year ago when Houston died of a drug overdose in the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles and a reality show already? I am sorry folks I have a problem with this. Is it about money? Why would Whitney’s mom Sisssy Houston, who is also a great singer agree to do a reality show when her daughter just passed last February? They should still be getting over the death of Whitney, in my opinion in private.

But they decided to let everyone see what the Houston family is going though since Whitney died. I have watched the first two shows and I don’t like what I have seen. It shows me that the Houston famiily should be very concerned about young Bobbi. It seems she is doing a lot of what her famous late mom did and that is drinking. It seems Whitney’s sister in law and brother are getting concerned about Bobbi Kristina.

Also the reality show is giving the world a chance to see Bobbi Kristina being in love and in a love affair with Whitney’s GODSON!!! I am not lying folks. This is real talk. This is crazy. Bobbi is really in love with this dude. Say what????? I wonder how Bobbi Kristina’ daddy singer Bobby Brown feels about this?

Speaking of Bobby Brown, he just checked himself into rehab again for his drinking problems. Keep in mind that Whitney had a drug and drinking problem and now it seems Bobbi is drinking and her dad has a drinking problem. It is not good for Bobbi who is still getting over the loss of her loving mom.

So in ending I just think a Houston reality show is just not needed and I am totally shocked that the family agreed to do it. By the way Bobbi is going to get a lot of money from her mom.  $20 million fromher mom’s estate. She will get $2 million when she turns 21 and the rest when she turns 25 and 30 years of age.

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Zero African Americans Won at 2012 Emmys!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I watched the 2012 Emmys last night and was very upset at what I saw readers. I watched only TWO African Americans nominated for a award. Don Cheadle and Maya Rudolph. Only two. What is going on?

And of course Cheadle and Rudolph did not win a Emmy. Readers you cannot tell me that more African American actors were worthy of being nominated or winning a Emmy this year. Something is very wrong. First of all a question needs to be asked are African American actors being offered top of the line roles in Hollywood. I am talking about on TV and the big screen.

I guess I will answer that question. African Americans are not being offered good parts to play on TV. Pure and simple. I guess it would help if more African Americans were in a position to offer roles for African Americans in Hollywood.

The red carpet show on E I guess was a preview to the 2012 Emmys because Ryan Seacrest and his crew ONLY interviewed ONE African American actor during the two hour program. That was it. The rest was of course white. It is like African Americans are not on TV or in Hollywood so I am here to say something big time is wrong on TV and in Hollywood.

African Americans need to demand to obtain more good roles to play on TV and on the big screen. If you watched last night Emmys it was the almost total exclusion of African American or black faces. This is wrong. This is unfair.    Gordon Curvey

Read about the terrible call made in the Monday Night Football game here in Seattle between the Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. It was the worst call I have ever seen in a sports event. Go to “Sports Inner City Online” 

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A Lot Of People Have A Problem With Perry Movies

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A lot of folks seem to dislike movies by Tyler Perry. I am one of them sorry to say. If you know the story of  Tyler Perry you will say damn this cat is a very talented and lucky man.

Perry used to sleep in his car. He was dead broke and homeless. But while being homeless he wrote his first plays and the rest is history. He is now a multi-millionaire and one of most powerful cats in Hollywood. Or should I say Atlanta because his studios are in the ATL. Yes he has his own movie and TV studio in the ATL.

As we know a lot of his success is from movies starring Tyler playing Madea. A so called old African American grandmother with a very big mouth.

Tyler Perry playing Madea has helped to make him a very very rich man. But with the success of his Madea movies it has brought out people in the African American community who have a huge problem with Perry’s movies. People like fellow movie maker Spike Lee. Lee has said what many others have said about Perry’s Madea movies.

Lee has said that the role of Madea puts African Americans in a bad light. Just like Amos and Andy back in the day. Lee has a big problem with Tyler Perry movies as do I. I don’t give a damn about how much money he makes. The Madea movies in my opinion are terrible and I will not watch another movie of Perry’s if Madea is the main role.

Gordon Curvey
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Raven To Marry Her Girlfriend And Wants First Lady To Officiate!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story clcik here)

When I was on the net looking for stories to write about I came upon this story and I said I am going to write about this. Raven Symone who we watched grow up on the “Cosby Show” and “Hangin With Mr. Cooper” and then “That’s So Raven” I guess is getting ready to marry her girlfriend model AzMarie Livingstone.

And guess what readers? Raven wants First Lady Michelle Obama to officiate!!  There has been rumors for a long time about Raven and her love affairs with females. Of course she always said it is her business who she loves etc. Just like their have been rumors about Queen Latifeh and other stars.

For those of you who don’t know, in 2004 I had a few extra coins and I flew Raven and her dad up from Atlanta to Seattle. In two days we went to EIGHT schools and three community centers to visit the kids. Raven was about 12 or 13. It was so a lot of work breaking down audio stuff and setting it up again etc but myself and good friend Donna got the job done. It was a lot of fun seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they saw Raven. By the way I also did a Garfield High School visit by Latifeh.

I also hooked up with Raven again a few years ago when she came to the area to perform. We again went to three community centers and had a lot of fun again seeing the happy faces. The last visit Raven’s mom Lydia was with her. So I guess you can say Raven and I are friends. In more than 21 years of producing “Music Inner City TV” I have never done events with stars like I did with Raven.

Well I just feel what ever makes her happy then so be it. You never here about Raven in trouble. She just does her thing in Hollywood making movies and TV shows and if she is happy with another female…..oh well. I am sure her parents do not care for this but Raven is a grown lady. Lets’s see if it hurts her career.

Gordon Curvey

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Jada Pinkett Smith Is Looking Good At Age 40

You have to realize readers actress Jada Pinkett Smith is looking good at age 40. That is for sure. She is doing something right to keep in great shape. If you check out the pic you would not think she is 40 years old.

Smith is a actress. producer, director, author, singer-songwriter and businesswoman. She started her career in 1990 when she had a guest apperence in the sitcom that was short lived “True Colors”. Then she starred in “A Different World” that was produced by Bill Cosby and then she was featured with Eddie Murphy in “The Nutty Professor”. And she starred in movies such as “Menence II Society” and “Set It Off”. She has been in more than 20 films that also included “Scream 2″, “Ali” and more.

Jada started her music career in 2002 when she helped create the metal band Wicked Wisdom. In 1997, she married rapper and actor and producer Will Smith. They have two children, Jaden and Willow. The couple founded the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, a charity organization which focuses on inner-city youth and family support and has worked with non-profit organizations like YouthBuild and the Lupus Foundation of America.

Pinkett-Smith majored in dance and theatre at the Baltimore School for the Arts, graduating in 1989. She continued her education at the North Carolina School of the Arts. After that she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

A lot of you young people don’t know that Jada and the late great 2Pac were in love for awhile back in the early 90′s. 2Pac was in serious love with the beautiful Jada. She even appeared in a few of 2Pac’s music videos. Recently Jada was the Executive Producer and starred in a TV show on TNT called “Hawthorne” It was on from 2009 to 2011. In spring 2012, Pinkett-Smith started a web only series called “Red Table Talks” and the first show featured her daughter and her mother. By the way, Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith two kids are doing their thing in the music  and in Hollywood.

Check out more information on Jada at       Gordon Curvey

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Korean-Americans Running To The Bank Selling Black Hair Products

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Readers I have wrote about this before and I am going to write about it again. It is something I am really bothered by but it seems no one else around here wants to speak out about this. But this writer will.

The Korean Americans are “getting over” and getting rich here in Seattle and else where selling African American and black hair products. They are running to the bank each and every day with a smile on their faces. They say to themselves each and every day “Thank god for black ladies, they are helping me pay for my house and feed my kids…thank you black ladies”

To be real, it is a smart business plan by the Korean-Americans. They are saying if the African American community does not want to sell black hair products then we will and at a cheap price. Readers they are doing just that. Selling black hair products to hundreds of thousands of black females at low prices here in Seattle and in many other cities here in the U.S.

The Korean-Americans are smart. They get the hair care products from the far east factories and have them shipped over to the U.S. in bulk and then sell the products and then……..get rich. Buy new cars and homes and take great vacations off the backs of black females. It seems black females don’t care because they are just happy to buy the products they need at low prices.

Lets be real folks. Here is the REAL problem and why I am real upset. While the Korean-Americans are getting rich off of black females, they ARE NOT GIVING BACK TO THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY!! They do not adverise in the African American media ie The Facts and The Medium Newspapers and my media “Music Inner City”

The Korean-Americans places that are selling black hair products like the picture in this article give EXCUSES when asked about possible advertising with African American media. BUT they DO NOT give excuses when taking cash from black females each and every day. They DO NOT give excuses when they hop in their new cars to ride to the bank each and every day with money they made off the backs of black females.!!

It is time for black females to realize one thing. STOP giving your money to Korean-Americans until they start to give back to the African American community media in the form of advertising $$. The time is NOW ladies. Wake up and smell the coffee. They are using you to get rich while you fight to make ends meet each and every day.

OK you can go into the Korean-American owned business above and see a few African Americans working there. I say… what!! To me it is a smoke screen because what they are doing is having a couple of black employees their to help sell the black hair products to the many black females who walk into the business every day like water coming out of a faucet!!

I guess you black females who are reading this are saying that you will continue to give your money to the Korean-American places because they have what you need and their prices are lower than other places that sell black hair products. But I say this black females. STOP giving the Korean-Americans your hard earned money and take a stand and that means paying a few cents more at other places.

Let the Korean-Americans know right now that you will NOT give them your money until THEY GIVE BACK TO THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY!!



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Part 2 On B.E.T./Is The Outlet Black Owned? Hell No!

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

The above link is from a article I found from a few years ago about how disappointed the ex-owner of BET and the ex-wive of the founder of BET, Shelia Johnson felt about BET. The writer of the article Dr. Boyce Watkins had a problem with Johnson’s comments and you may too but one thing for sure is this. She voiced her opinions on BET like I am. I am fed up with the so-called Black Entertainment Television.

BET like I said in Part 1 or my series on the outlet is full of themselves plus they play games with people. I have a friend here in Seattle and a rapper named Mr. Benjamin. He put out a few videos a few years ago. BET promised to play his video on a prime time program. Mr. Benjamin went on local radio and other places to let folks know about his video on BET. Ben was made to look crazy by B.E.T.

BUT guess what readers? It was not played. Of course Mr. Benjamin was very upset. You would be upset too. They played a game with Ben and it was terrible. But this has happened to others too which I will cover in Part 3 on my series on B.E.T.

So called Black Entertainment TV also has played a game with me readers. They have TOTALLY forgot that yours truly led a fight for BET to be shown 24-7 in the Seattle/Tacoma area. It was being cut off at about 6pm at the time in the early 90′s. I contacted the late Seattle city councilman Sam Smith to help our fight for BET.

Councilman Smith called BET back east and a rep from BET flew out to Seattle to meet with us about being cut off at 6pm by local cable companies. I am happy to say because of my fight for BET, it was soon on 24-7 in the Seattle/Tacoma area! BUT BET has TOTALLY FORGOT THAT. Myself and Mrs. Annie Daniels and a few others led the fight to benefit BET!

And for the last five years I have applied for red carpet coverage at the BET Awards and has been turned down! My program “Music Inner City TV” has been on the air more than 21 years. We are one of the longest running music programs in the industry. How can we continue to be turned down is beyond me readers. This is after I stood up for them in the Seattle/Tacoma TV market!! Think about that readers.

Not only that, I made commercials promoting the BET Awards to play on my TV and radio programs. This is AFTER Zabrina Horten of BET sent me a email to ask me what can I do to help promote the BET Awards. So in reality I got used and did FREE promos for BET!! This is crazy and wrong on the part of Zabrina and BET.

In my earlier article on BET I asked a question. What program besides the BET Awards do you say to yourself  ”Man…I got to watch this show on BET” The programs on BET is not that great in my opinion. I see maybe they will do more news in the fall led by former CNN anchor T.J. Holmes. That would be great. Because it is BADLY NEEDED.

Remember this readers. Black Entertainment Television AIN’T BLACK OWNED. It is owned by Viacom!  Magic Johnson’s new TV network and TV One is TRULY BLACK OWNED. Next year Sean “Diddy” Combs new network will start. Another black owned network on Comcast-Xfinity cable systems.

Shout out to Comcast for allowing African American owned networks to be on their systems. They also broadcast my TV show “Music Inner City TV” 24-7 all over Western Washington state!

Part 3 on Black Television Television will be in a few days. I will let you know about a game BET has played with major artists music videos. It will be very interesting so please come on back to “Music Inner City News Magazine”

Gordon Curvey

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The Hell With B.E.T! Magic Johnson’s New Network Is On The Air! website click here

Look out B.E.T! Magic Johnson’s new TV network hit the airwaves the other day and I am happy to see it happen readers because I am not a fan of Black Entertainment Television (aka BET). I don’t like the way they operate their company and I don’t like the programs on the air.

As we all know, Magic Johnson is a Hall Of Fame NBA basketball player. One of the greatest players of all times. Some say he is the greatest because he was a 6-9 point guard. If you know basketball, how many 6-9 point guards can you name folks? Not to many that is for sure.

And just about every thing Magic does it turns to gold. After he left the NBA he has a become a GREAT businessman. He is worth about $500 million. And has put jobs in the inner cities of America. Thousands and thousands of jobs. He is a man who had plans after basketball unlike many other NBA, NFL and MLB players who are broke after making millions on the court and in the field.

Now Magic is starting a new TV network called ASPIRE. It is starting out in cities with big African American populations like New York, Chicago and a few other cities. But it will spread to many other cities in the new few years including here in my hometown of Seattle, Washington.

Aspire will be a success. That is for sure. And I am happy to see it is on the air just like I am happy to watch Cathy Hughes owned network TV One. TV One has programs on the air I want to watch UNLIKE BET. They have hardly any programs I want to watch. Except for the program starring Tracy Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner. That’s about it.

TV One has a great program call “Unsung” about past African American stars who has had problems etc. It is a really good program. Watched one the other day on the legendary Sly Stone. BET in my opinion does NOT have a program that I can say to myself “Man I really want to watch this” And I know MANY of you feel the same. Does BET have a program that you say ‘

BET is full of themselves and they play games with artists music videos and play other games for which I will not get into right now in this article. But I will say this, I was told of a ban that BET put down on certain artists music videos. When I get more information I will write a article about it right here on MIC.

Please hit the link above for more information on Magic’s new network. And if you are in NY or Chicago etc please tune into Aspire. When it finally hits Seattle, I will for sure watch. Because they will have programs I want to view unlike BET!

Again I will be writing more stories on the games BET has played and continues to play with artists and more.

Gordon Curvey


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Arsenio Hall Is Returning To Late Night Next Year

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full article)

Some of you may be too young to remember “The Arsenio Hall Show”. The program ran from 1989 to 1994. It was a successful program led by the comic Hall.

“The Arsenio Hall Show” gave many hip-hop artists and groups a national stage to perform and also politicians and major Hollywood stars. Many folks in the inner city did not watch “The Tonight Show” or David Letterman, they watched Hall’s program to see what star would be on his show.

Arsenio made a point to have a stage and a place on the couch to talk for African Americans and people of color. For that, he got negative press from the “majority” media. Why I don’t understand at all. Maybe that is why he departed his show in 1994 to move on to do different things with his career. Arsenio made plenty of money. Some say today he is worth about $12 million.

But now Hall has decided to return to the late night talk show wars. Older of course but maybe wiser. And I am glad he is returning. TBS tried a late night show with comic George Lopez. In my opinion it was a very good show and he like Arsenio gave plenty of minority acts a chance to perform. He was the first Latino with a late night show. But because of ratings the show was cancelled after two years. I don’t feel TBS promoted “The George Lopez Show” like they promoted Conan O’Brien new show.

Anyway I look forward to the new late night program starring Hall late next year.  Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: Will Smith

Bio from (To read bio click here)

Went online this morning to look for stuff to maybe write about here on our site and I saw that again Will Smith is showing his power at the box office. His new movie “Men In Black 3″ on the first weekend made a unreal $55 million at the box office! That is crazy readers.

Smith is responsible for a off the hook three to four BILLION dollars in box office sales in the movies he stars in. That is BILLION people. When you look for a  sure Hollywood star it is Will Smith. That’s real!

Of course Will started off as a rapper with his friend DJ Jazzy Jeff in Philly when they formed the group DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. They had a monster hit called “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and BAM that was the start of superstar status for Smith.

He became a star as a rapper and then TV star with the “Fresh Prince Of  Bel-Air” and the rest is history. Will has made MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars but he has not forgot where he came from.

He has been very outspoken about the crime in the inner city of Philly and has led marches in the streets and more to show his concern about the killings in the streets of Philly his home town.

He is one of only a few African Americans in Hollywood who has really blown up making movies. Rumor is Will is going back into the studio to make a album. Will we see the return of  Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince in the future I don’t know. We just have to wait and see. But one thing for sure, Will Smith is box office magic for cats who make and produce movies in Hollywood.    Gordon Curvey

Special thanks to artist E-Dawg for giving “Music Inner City TV” a award for our more than 21 years of television broadcasting at his great event “Shut The Stage Down” event here in Seattle. 

Go to  and click  “videos” and then “Shut The Stage Down” to view video from the event. Georgio Brown, producer of “The Coolout Network” also got a award at the event.  E-Dawg produces “E’s Way Radio” here in Seattle on 1150 KKNW.


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Terrible! Free Wi-Fi Pulled In A Major City Like Seattle!

 FROM (Click here for full story)

This city where I stay right now. Where I was born at….Seattle, Washington. It is suppose to be a major metropoliten city here in the United States but guess what readers. I am having second thoughts about that.

About two weeks ago, the city of Seattle stopped it’s free wi-fi service in certain areas of the city because of so called “lack of funding” How can this happen? I don’t understand. I am really upset about this because now I cannot pull over in my car in the Columbia City area of Seattle and pull out my laptop and log on to the net.

I called the Seattle Times to see if they can do a story on this mess and they did and your truly is part of the story. Just click the link above.

I am a tremendous supporter of President Obama. Just look at my website here at “M.I.C News Magazine” and you can find that out. I was and will be a GREAT supporter of our President but one of things the President says in many of his speeches is the wiring of America with broadband and wi-fi.

Now he could be just talking about in the home but he also could mean what was cut from Seattle and it’s free Wi-Fi in our communities. This is terrible.  A lot of people cannot pay for a service like Clear. So now folks have to go to a local coffee shop or library etc. This is just wrong.

So readers if you are in the Seattle area reading this call the Mayor’s office and complain. Tell them you want the Seattle wi-fi service brought back and brought back soon.    Gordon Curvey

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Kim Kardashian Goes From One Rich Man To Another!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

As some of you know I am just AMAZED at all the press a person with zero talent can get. It is unreal readers.

Kim Kardashian and her family CANNOT sing, CANNOT dance, CANNOT act. They can’t do anything but get on TV on their wildly popular reality shows and look pretty but where is the talent???? WHERE????

I don’t understand why their shows are so popular!! I am just amazed. Yes a few of them have opened up businesses that I guess is doing good down in Miami and New York. But why?

Also I think Kloe has messed up NBA player Lamar Odom mind (and another body part). It seems Odom went downhill when he got with her. I feel Kloe should have pressed to Lamar to give his best when he got traded from the Lakers to Dallas. He did not and was cut. Still got paid, but was cut.

And here is another thing that bothers me readers. It seems Kim is going from one rich man to another rich man. A NFL player with money. A NBA player with money. And now a famous rapper with money. Who in the hell is next?

I am sorry to me when I see a pic of Kanye and Kim they just do not look right together as a lovin couple. They just do not. It looks fake. A act. Is it just a BEDROOM relationship readers? I think it is in my opinion. Real talk!

I was at Wal-Mart with my dear mom (87 years old and in better shape than me!) and I passed by the magazine section and saw hella entertainment magazines with Kloe and Kim on the front. WHY WHY WHY? I just don’t  understand folks!

So I wish all the press would end on this untalented family with no talent. Will it end readers? I don’t think so in the near future. This is truly sad that entertainers with TRUE talent that are African Americans and people of color cannot get the press that the Kardashians can.   Gordon Curvey

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Protest Against Spin-Off Of “Basketball Wives” Please Sign It!!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

A protest against a possible new spin-off of “Basketball Wives” has been started and it is gathering steam. You can find out information on the protest by clicking on the link above.

The petition was started by a person named Alexis M. And I am on her side about the petition against this new show called “Ev & Ocho” The show would be about NFL player Chad Ochochico and his girlfriend Evelyn Lozado.

Alexis M started this protest because of the way African American females are shown fighting and swearing on EVERY program. There seems to be a cuss word in every sentence by the motor mouth sistas say on “Basketball Wives”

So why would VH1 have the nerve to start a new program with the worst mouth of them all Evelyn Lozada? Why would Ochochico want to marry a motor mouth so called female like that? Is it the bedroom scene Chad?

Star Jones also recently spoke out about the violence and cussing by the African American females on “Basketball Wives”. She has asked everyone to boycott the program. I hope everyone will do just that and sign the petition against the possible spin-off…..”Ev and Ocho” VH1 is looking at their pocketbooks and pocketbooks ONLY!!!   Gordon Curvey

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Khloe Kardashian Has Ruined Lamars Mind

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

Readers I have made up my own mind that Khloe Kardashian has ruined the mind or brains of Lamar Odom who was released the other day from the Dallas Mavs of the NBA.

Lamar was traded from the Lakers to the the world champs and he never fit in with the team. He acted like he did not want to be their from the start. The camera would show Odom looking sad and depressed on the court and sitting on the bench. This ain’t right. He was acting like a 6-10 baby.

As we know Lamar and Khloe have a reality show and I think and many other think that when Lamar married into the Kardashian family, it was a wrong move and I think it is true.

I CANNOT  feel sorry for Lamar Odom AT ALL. The Mavs did not cut Odom so he will continue to get paid his $8 million for sitting on his ass.

Odom acted very unprofessional in Dallas. He is suppose to be a pro. A player in the NBA. And highly paid. Word is Lamar got into a heated conversation with Dallas own Mark Cuban and that is why he was released.

Like I said, I don’t feel sorry for Lamar. Has Khloe ruined Lamar Odom mind I say yes but Odom is a grown man. I wish he would not get the $8 million and be unemployed for acting like a little baby after getting traded from the Lakers.

Wake up Lamar and smell the damn coffee!!! Gordon Curvey

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Janet Hubert (Aunt Viv) Puts Wendy Williams On Blast Over Whitney

 ”One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

This morning I go online to search for possible stories to write about here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” and BAM this story hit me like a big rock in my face.

A actress that I recently wrote about Janet Hubert who many of you know played “Aunt Viv” on the popular 90′s TV show “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” has wrote a open letter to former radio host and now TV talk show host Wendy Williams over the recently departed mega star the late Whitney Houston.

I have also recently wrote about Wendy and her what I feel big mouth. She has made a career in putting entertainers on blast on her radio show she did in New York for years and now on TV.

Some of you don’t know that Williams put Whitney on FULL BLAST many times over the air during her radio show in New York. And not just behind her back readers. She did it with Whitney on the phone as a guest!!

Williams questioned Houston many times about her widely reported drug problems and her widely reported problems with her former husband singer Bobby Brown and folks things got VERY HEATED between Whitney and Wendy over the air! Very heated.

So Janet Hubert has decided to write a letter to Wendy ( basically blaming Williams for helping to put Whitney in the grave. The letter is deep readers.

I am on Hubert’s side on this issue. I have a problem with Wendy Williams sitting up on her so called high horse every night blasting people. BUT then guess what? WENDY WILLIAMS ADMITS TO USING CRACK!!! Say What????

She was on her high horse blasting Whitney on the phone about using drugs etc and she admits to do doing the same thing!! What a joke! AND Wendy has the NERVE to say since Whitney has died she will never discuss Whitney Houston any more.

I am sorry I have lost all respect for Wendy Williams. And gained a little respect for “Aunt Viv” Janet Hubert. This is “One’s Man’s Opinion”

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Koreans Making $ From Black Hair Products/Why Is This Happening?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Readers sometimes I have to get deep on a certain subject and here is one. I have wrote about this before here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” but after watching black female after black female run into a certain Korean owned hair product store here in the Rainier Valley of Seattle the other day I had to write another story on this topic because it needs to be told.

The fact of the matter is Korean-Americans are making millions and maybe billions selling black hair products to most willing black females in Seattle and the U.S. BUT here it a HUGE PROBLEM. While Korean-Americans are making all this cash, they refuse to give back.

The Korean-American black hair businesses do not as a whole advertise their businesses in African American owned businesses here in Seattle. Like my business “Music Inner City TV-Radio-Online” The Facts and The Medium. The question is why? Why is it Korean-Americans do not advertise with us?

At the end of each day Korean-Americans laugh all the way to the bank off the backs of black women. This is a outrage that when I ask Korean-American businesses to advertise I get a flat out EXCUSE from the owners. They take but do not want to give back!!

Now I have to say this too. They are smart. Why folks? It is because they get all their black hair products in bulk from Asia and have it sent here each and every day. Korean-Americans just like now the East African and Vietnemese community see $$ signs when they come to America. They want to buy a house and feed their family and drive a nice car etc. The AMERICAN DREAM folks!!

And sorry to say many Korean-Americans are driving nice cars, building homes or buying homes and feeding their kids off the backs of black females WITHOUT giving back to black owned media when it comes to advertising. THIS IS REAL TALK!!

In ending, I am very very upset at Korean-Americans not giving back while I see many a black female running in and out Korean-American black hair care stores. It is time for black females to stand up and take a stand and speak out. Speak out and say “If I am going to spend my money with you, PLEASE GIVE BACK TO MY COMMUNITY” The time is now! Next I will write about the lack of African American owned businesses and why this is happening. Gordon Curvey

Story on former Seahawk Cortez Kennedy going into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame at “Sports Inner City Online” at

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Sports Radio In Seattle Refuses To Have Diversity Over The Air

Listen to the latest “Music Inner City Radio” podcast hosted by Gordon Curvey from the “Music Inner City TV” studio in Seattle. Produced 1-18-2012.

ARTICLE FROM (Full article click here)

As I type this story it is Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As we celebrate his day, I hear about sports radio KJR here in Seattle that has the NERVE to broadcast from a basketball event here in Seattle that honors Dr. King.

The big problem with this is sportsradio here in Seattle has zero African Americans over the air so that means that KJR cannot have any African Americans over the air doing the games. This is sad. This is wrong readers.

In over two decades, KJR have had a grand total of ONE African Americans over the air as a host. ONE in 20 years!! Something is very very wrong about this. It is the “good ole boy network” in full effect at KJR AND the other sports station in Seattle 710 ESPN. Oh yeah…they have zero African Americans over the air too!

So readers, two sports radio stations and ZERO African Americans over the air. Dr King lived and died for inclusion and not exclusion of black folks.

In the last few weeks KJR has started a new night program from Fox Sports Radio with hosts former Seattle area DJ on a music station, T-Man and former major league pitcher Rob Dibble. Two more guys that are not African Americans. Two more guys that will blast black folks at will like it has been for twenty years!!

So right now, Seattle has no local sports shows on the air after 7pm. This is a problem. So my goal is to start a ONLINE sports show via webcasts and podcasts. I have obtained a lot of connections already on the sports side. It is time for diversity on sports radio from Seattle. Even if its online.

I hope you readers will listen to our podcasts and watch our Ustream TV webcasts. We will have interviews, music and more! Dr Martin Luther King Jr. would not be happy about sports radio on KJR and 710 here in Seattle with guys acting like buddies with nicknames etc instead of working sports jocks.

Here is the problem readers with this new nighttime program on KJR, it shows me AGAIN that the management of KJR and 710 do not care about what Dr. King gave many of speeches about. With African Americans and people of color dominating the three major sports, how can 710 ESPN and KJR here in Seattle not have ANY African Americans over the air locally? It is beyond me.  Gordon Curvey

New “Music Inner City Radio” podcast coming soon. Please come back to listen to urban music, interviews and and more!

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Melissa Harris-Perry Gets Her Own Program On MSNBC

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ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Found out some great information today that I did not know but when I found out I was so happy! Professor Melissa Harris-Perry was given her own program on MSNBC starting Sunday Feb 4th.

The program which is not named right now will air at 7am Seattle time. Perry has done very well as a sub for other hosts on MSNBC. The ratings was good and the management at MSNBC decided hey let’s give her a program. This is great. Even though it is early on Sunday, I will be watching. Of course we can always go online to view a webcast of her show on-demand.

A HUGE shout-out needs to go out to the management of MSNBC for allowing African Americans in Rev Al Sharpton and now Proffessor Perry to have their own programs. It gives the nation views and opinions that was not heard before on broadcast and cable TV except for the Rev Jesse Jackson for a short time a few years ago. The program was not on the air very long.

Here is a question. What is CNN waiting for? They are not opening the doors to African Americans to have a program and instead gives a program to Erin Burnett with her show “Outfront”. It is time for CNN to offer a program to say Roland Martin or someone else.

The word is called diversity. MSNBC knows about this word. They also have Tamara Hall hosting news everyday too. Of course you see I am not even talking about Fox News. Why? Because it just ain’t going to happen on Fox News. Real talk. Not in my lifetime.

So a big shout out again goes out to the management of MSNBC for allowing Tamara Hall, Rev. Sharpton and now Professor Perry to host and have their own programs. It makes me very happy!!  Gordon Curvey

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Wendy Williams Needs To Shut The Hell Up!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

BREAKING NEWS: Beyonce gave birth to a baby and herself and father Jay Z named the little baby girl Ivory Blue.

Readers again I don’t like to bash my brothas and sistas here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” but once in awhile I have to give my opinion on a topic. This time it is talk show host Wendy Williams.

She has made a career for herself by putting entertainers on blast first on radio in New York and now a TV talk show host. She thinks she is a expert on relationships because as far as we know her relationship with her husband is solid. But then again she does not talk about love life does she? HELL NO!! Sh talks about everyone else’s love life BUT HERS!! But I think she goes overboard at times.

She went overboard with singer Whitney Houston years ago blasting her on her drug use and her relationship with Bobby Brown and much more including blasting former guest on “M.I.C-TV” the legendary Oprah Winfrey and her friend Gayle King and now she has gave her opinions on singer and another former guest on “M.I.C-TV” Fantasia. (yours truly with Fantasia pic)

Wendy has decided to give her opinions on Fantasia and her relationship with the father of her new baby and how she feels that it was a mistake for Fantasia to mess around with a man who at the time was not divorced his wife In my opinion Wendy went overboard with her opinions on her TV show. Way overboard folks. This is my opinion readers.

But I watched Wendy’s program when she blasted Fantasia and I feel she went over the line. Williams acted like she was a expert on Fantasia and her love life. We do not know how Fantasia really thinks. Who in the hell is Wendy to speak on a relationship that she is not in? Yes Fantasia had a reality show that we the viewers could view see what is going on with Fantasia and her love problems including a failed suicide attempt. But we did not see everything going on in her life.

Well I guess if you are a public figure your life is a open door. And maybe Fantasia left the door open when she did the reality show. But Wendy better watch out because if she has a problem in her relationship or does something wrong maybe Whoopi Goldberg or the website Nicole Bitchie and others might come after her! Real talk! Watch out Wendy!   Gordon Curvey

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277,500 Have Signed Petition To Boycott Kim Kardashian

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I was very very happy to see a protest against Kim Kardashian. I have always said here online that the Kardashian family is a big fat joke who have got very very rich for some unknown reason.

Kim Kardashian got into the public eye when a sex tape went public with her ex man NFL football player Reggie Bush. What a way to become known readers.

Then all of a sudden the Kardashian’s got a reality program. How this happened is beyond me. It is also beyond me why this program became so popular. Why??? I just don’t understand!!

The Kardashian family cannot sing, dance or act. What is it? Why are they so popular? It’s crazy. Every time you walk past a newsstand where the magazines are, you see Kim or here sisters or mom or dad on the front of a magazine. WHY?

So I am glad to see a boycott has started to boycott Kim Kardashian after her in my opinion and many others, fake marriage to NBA player Kris Humpries. It marriage lasted 75 days!! It was staged! It was a fake so called marriage for ratings of the TV show. You have to have a half of a brain not to see this.

So read the story via the link above and sign the petition at  I am not a hater folks, I am just a cat who does not like to see people getting over on us the public. Hell, word is Kim took a trip to Haiti just for publicity and not to help the poor of the country still trying to recover the terrible earthquake.

I hope everyone signs the petition to boycott Kim Kardashian.   Gordon Curvey

“Music Inner City News Magazine” Mixing music and sports. New edition of “Music Inner City Radio” podcast coming at ya on Thursday. Urban sports news, urban music and exclusive interviews.

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Motor Mouth NeNe To Leave “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Found out some news you reality TV viewers might want to know. And that is motor mouth NeNe Leakes might be leaving “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” because she is upset.

Why is she upset? Well she is upset she is a hater and is jealous. She is jealous because Kim also of “RHOA” is getting a spinoff program and she is not.

NeNe thinks she is the star of “RHOA” for some reason. The question is why does she think she is the star of the program? In my opinion NeNe has the biggest mouth on the show! Real talk.

Readers I am TIRED of seeing these mouth mouth African American ladies on reality TV. “RHOA”, “Basketball Wife’s”, “Single Ladie’s”, “Love And Hip-Hop” and more are full of loud mouth, foul mouth black women who have to cuss every other word.

So millions of white folks think that is the way most African American females really are. I don’t understand why the African American community is not speaking out more about these reality shows that make black ladies look terrible.

I am pissed off about black ladies actions on these reality shows. I want to shout out singer Toni Braxton who is a former guest on Seattle’s “Music Inner City TV”. While her sister’s run their mouths on “Braxton Family Values” she takes the high road and stays acting like a lady. Much love Toni!!   Gordon Curvey

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Why Is The Kardashian-Humphries Break Up News? WHY!!

ARTICLE FROM (Full article click here)

You must be living under a rock or have on the Moon or Mars or Jupiter if you don’t know that Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries have ended their “so called” marriage after only seventy five days!! Here is the question readers of “Music Inner City News Magazine” SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have people with no damn jobs, can’t find a job, can’t pay their rent or mortgage, can’t put food on the damn table for their kids etc and I go online and site after site has info on Kardashian-Humphries break up as the main headline!!


They cannot dance or sing or act. Is having a big booty talent? I am trying to understand!! I think this marraige was staged for ratings for their TV reality show. That is what I think and many others think. You must be a dummy if you do not agree with me. A dummy!!

The Kardashian Family has NO TALENT. Wake up everybody and realize this!! Gordon Curvey

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Troy Davis Is Executed In Georgia After A Delay

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Troy Davis was executed in Georgia for the 1989 killing of a off duty police officer. But there is a huge problem that happened. Their is a very good chance a innocent man was killed by the state of Georgia.

Former President Jimmy Carter and other national and even world promenent people said that Troy Davis should not die.

Here is question. Where was the voices of Bill Clinton and Rev. Jesse Jackson and Tavis Smiley and Pro. Cornel West?

As always Rev Al Sharpton made his voice heard about the execution of Davis on his Radio One radio show and on his TV show on MSNBC. Rev. Sharpton is always on the front line.

No evidence was ever given that Davis killed the officer. And seven people have said they do not think Davis killed the officer. These are people who at first said he was guilty. Their is even a fella who said HE KILLED THE OFFICER!! But Troy Davis spent 22 years in jail and then finally he was put to death. A innocent man may have died by a lethal injection.

For more details read the link above. But the killing of a man who the state of Georgia has no evidence on in the killing of the police officer should be a wake up call. The United States should do away with the death penelty. Because maybe innocent people will be put to death. The killing of Troy Anthony Davis is very very upsetting and very very wrong.     Gordon Curvey

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Danica Patrick Needs To Win A Race Before Big Move!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Danica Patrick said she is moving to NASCAR next year and will not race in Indy cars anymore but will run in the Indy 500.

Patrick is the spokesperson for GoDaddy and is seen in commercials on TV and billboards and radio commercials so she is well known.

But here is question, when is she going to win a doggone race and not come in the top ten?

When ever their is a race the announcers are always announcing what place Danica Patrick is in. Is this fair to the other race car drivers? Should she get all the pub when others are doing MUCH better?

I think Patrick needs to win a race or two before she makes any move to NASCAR. The question is when will she win a race?     Gordon Curvey

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“Lopez Tonight” Is Cancelled After Two Seasons/It Is Wrong!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Kind of knew it was coming but it is still a shock and I am upset about it. Comic George Lopez late night show is a goner after only two seasons on TBS.

I think it is a bunch of BS! The bottom line is TBS DID NOT PROMOTE “LOPEZ TONIGHT” LIKE THEY PROMOTED CONAN O’BRIEN LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW!! This is a fact!

If you watched NBA games on the sister station of TBS, which is TNT you NEVER saw commercials for “Lopez Tonight” BUT their were PLENTY of commercials for O’Brien. The question is why?

Lopez gave a lot of African Americans and minorities a stage to perform just like Arsenio Hall did back in the 90′s. Conan for sure is not doing that. Personally I do not like O’Brien show and I do not think he is a good comic. I think Lopez is.

I am always wondering why Conan was getting all the commercials and “Lopez Tonight” was not. Well now his TV show is gone and I think it is wrong. I hope the fans of “Lopez Tonight” will call or write TBS and ask them NOT TO CANCEL “LOPEZ TONIGHT” He was the first Latino to host a late night talk show. He may be the last too.   Gordon Curvey

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Has B.E.T Cancelled “The Mo’Nique Show”?

ARTICLE from (Full story click here)

To me B.E.T (Black Entertainment Television) is a big disappointment. The programming on the station is just not up to par. There is not to many programs on B.E.T that I want to see on a regular basis.

I am STILL wondering why they removed the “B.E.T Nightly News” a few years ago hosted by Jackie Reid. I looked forward to the telecast every night. Why they took that program off is beyond me.

Now word is “The Mo’Nique Show” hosted by the comedian/actress may be getting cancelled. The question is  why would B.E.T do that?

If the ratings are not good, then make improvements to make the show better. One of the things they need to do is remove that cat hanging up their on stage with Mo’Nique every program. He even sits on the couch with the guests. Have him at the start and ending of the show and then he can go backstage and chill out.

Also the show needs to have “bigger” stars on the program. A Beyonce or Denzel or Usher or Rihanna or Micheal Jordan or Micheal Vick, hell why not President Obama or Michelle?  That will make the show a better show in my opinion.

B.E.T should not make another terrible move and cut Mo’Nique’s nightly program. Just keep it on the air with a lot of improvements. Will they do that? The answer most likely is no.    Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons bio from click here

We have watched Angela Simmons grow up before our eyes on Run’s House in to a beautiful young lady.

You do not hear about Angela running around in nightclubs and 3am drinking and acting crazy. He is posted up at home.

Some think she and her sister, also very pretty Vanessa are spoiled brats. I think they are very down to earth. Of course they are the daughters of the legendary Rev. Run of Run DMC fame.

Angela and Vanessa are trying to be business ladies and making a name for themselves in the business world.

By the way there brother Diggy is making a name for himself in the rap music world. Umm I wonder what happened to his big brother’s JoJo rap career?

Anyone I am glad to see the beautiful Angela and Vanessa doing well. Keep up the good work ladies!!   Gordon Curvey

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Jury Acquits Casey Anthony Of First Degree Murder/Was It Fair?

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As you most likely know unless you was on Mars, Casey Anthony was found not guilty in the killing of her little baby Caylee in 2008.

Most people are flat out shocked at the decision. But I am not readers. Because I watched the case on TV and the prosecutors did not prove their case against Casey. It is just that simple.

It only takes a few members of the jury to disagree. I knew in my mind Casey Anthony would be found not guilty. I told friends and family my opinion. And I was true.

NOW having said that, I am mad as hell. Why you ask? It is because their is a very little girl Caylee Anthony DEAD!! Tossed in the damn woods to rot!! What a damn shame!!! THEIR IS NO WINNERS IN THIS CASE!!!!

Most likely Casey will be a free lady with time served for the lesser charges she was found guily for. When she is free then what? What is going to happen to her as far as her life? One thing for sure, her little baby is dead.

So the question is WHO KILLED LITTLE CAYLEE ANTHONY? I want to know readers and so does thousands if not millions of other citizens. Who killed that little cute girl?

While the lawyers for Casey Anthony had a “party” after the decision to celebrate their “win” Caylee Anthony is dead. Again, the question is WHO KILLED CAYLEE ANTHONY? One thing we know and that is Casey Anthony was found not guilty for the killing of her daughter.

Even though I knew she would be found not guilty by watching the case on TV that does not mean I think she may have killed her baby. In time the truth will come out.

Rest in peace Caylee Anthony and I hope justice will be served for you one day.   Gordon Curvey

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Do Reality Shows Show Black Ladies In A Very Negative Way?

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I wrote a story a month or so ago on this and I was checking out and they brought up again the problems of African American females being shown a very negative way on reality shows.

You have “Basketball Wife’s” and “Single Ladies” and “Housewife’s Of Atlanta” and more. Even a few of the reality shows on MTV show black ladies as loud and mean.

These reality programs have black females cussing like a sailor on every program with there necks going from side to side and waving their fingers in each others faces. What is up!!!!

I have a huge program with these programs. What happened to the sweet and down to earth African American ladies or the very intelligent black ladies like Cosby’s wife etc? Why the loud mouth sistas?

Like I said before, the problem with this is with all these loud mouth sistas on these reality programs, PLENTY of white citizens think that is the way African American sistas act all the time. This is a problem and as a black man I do not like it.

On TV and for that matter the Hollywood movies need to show African American ladies in a more positive way!! Why not more dramas or love stories featuring a African American man and a lady? Just like white characters in Hollywood movies? It needs to happen and happen NOW in my strong opinion.   Gordon Curvey

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Kardashian Gets Butt X Ray/WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!

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I go online and the net is full of Kardashian stories. Now the Internet is full of stories about Kim Kardashian getting a X-Ray of her butt.

People think her butt is not real so Kim gets a X-Ray to prove her ass is real. I even watched their reality show and it was part of one of the programs.

The question is WHY do people care if Kim Kardashian ass is real or not? I watch their reality show now and then and I am ALWAYS wondering what is the big deal on the Kardashian family. What talents do they have?

Can they sing or dance or act? NO! What is it readers? You have two Kardashian’s dating or marrying NBA players and people watch their reality program for that? I just don’t understand.

At least Stacy Dash and Lisa Raye and others already had made a name for themselves before they made their reality shows. NO ONE knew of the Kardashian’s expect for their late dad was a lawyer for O.J. Simpson during the famous case back in the 90′s.

Kim Kardashian gets a X-Ray of her ass and it is breaking news all over the net. This is real crazy readers. What in the hell is next when it comes to the Kardashian’s?   Gordon Curvey

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Former Guest On Music Inner City Raven Is All Grown Up

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Besides media icon Oprah Winfrey, my favorite guest in the more than twenty years of “Music Inner City TV” here in Seattle has been Raven Symone.

In 2001 I paid for her and her dad to fly out from Atlanta to Seattle and hang out with the youth of the inner city. And she did another apperence at Rainier Community Center in 2005. She was in town to perform.

During the first visit Raven and her dad stayed in Seattle for two and half days. During that time we went to eight schools and three community centers to meet the youth.

It was a lot of work for me and my little crew of Donna Curvin a few others to finish a appearence and then make a break to the next visit to set up. But it was worth it.

I remember two things that happened during Raven’s first visit. We went into a well known place to eat called Ezell’s here in Seattle. We walked in and I asked folks in line do you know who this is with me? Everyone looked and said “OH MY GOD IT’S RAVEN SYMONE” Folks went crazy. Raven was only 12 or 13 at the time.

Then during one of our last visits, we went to Garfield Community Center and it was packed. Raven sang to a fan of hers who was in a wheelstair with MS. She had a pic of Raven. It was so emotional I had to go outside to cry.

On her second visit it was again at Rainier Community Center. It was PACKED. It almost got out of control but Raven told the crowd on the mic that if things don’t settle down “I’m out” so things got better and she signed autographs for everyone. All my videos and pics of the two events were lost in a terrible fire I had in late 2005. But I do have all the great memories.

I am glad to see that she has turned out to be such a beautiful and down to earth young lady. You do not hear about Raven Symone in trouble or anything like that. Hope we can catch up with Raven soon. We will let you know.    Gordon Curvey

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Hot Stars In Bikinis Or Eye Candy For Summer

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Hey fellas despite the non-summer like weather in here in Seattle. It is summer. So why not have some hot stars here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

Here in Seattle we are having temps in the 50′s and 60′s here in June. It is a outrage. Ladies cannot wear the outfits here in Seattle at Madrona Beach or Alki Beach or Seward Beach etc. They would catch pneumonia!

I am not saying any names but a few of ladies in the pics should NOT be wearing a little bikini. That’s just my thoughts readers. But most of them look real good for sure.

Anyway fellas I hope you like the pics of these stars. Brought to you by and    Gordon Curvey

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I Think Justin Bieber Needs To Slow His Roll

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Check out the pic of pop star Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in the water getting real busy on the kissing tip. Some may say this is real cute.

But remember readers. Justin Bieber is only 17 years old and Gomez is 18. Some may say this pic is showing these young people are moving to quick in their relationship.

In my opinion I think Bieber and Gomez are going to quick in the young puppy love relationship. They don’t know what love is!! They don’t readers. Pure and simple. Again it is PUPPY LOVE that Bow Wow rapped about when he was young.

I think he needs to worry about his huge career right now and put the love stuff to the side for now. He has plenty of time for that in my opinion and Gomez has time too.    Gordon Curvey

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TIRED Of Motor Mouth Black Females On TV!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Last night I watched the first edtion of the VH1 new show “Single Ladies”. The stars of the new show are Lisa Raye and Stacy Dash. The show is produced by former guest on Seattle’s “Music Inner City TV” Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit.

It is ANOTHER show with a motor mouth African American female. This time Lisa Raye. Dash is not a motor mouth on the show. At least not as “loud” as Lisa Raye.

Oh by the way, Lisa wants EVERYONE to say Lisa Raye not Raye or Lisa! So on the program Lisa Raye is a loud mouth sista who ONLY deals with brothas with big cash, big cars and is as handsome as hell in her book. She is that way in real life too.

You can say the same for the motor mouth sistas on “Basketball Wife’s”. On that show sistas are just flat out LOUD. Using the worse language on earth. Snapping their necks from side to side, fingers in the face, and yes fighting takes place.

Here is the problem readers in my opinion. A lot of white folks think this is the way most black ladies act all the time. Loud mouths, cussing etc. It is a huge problem. Why does it have to be this way?

Stacy Dash is much less calmer on “Single Ladies” than Lisa Raye. At least on the first show. Right after “Single Ladies” came “Basketball Wifes” and all hell broke out between the so called ladies. To me it is embarrasing readers.

Of course not all black females are loud and cuss every other word. But if you watch a lot of these shows on VH1 etc you see nothing but motor mouth and loud black females. Something has to change.

If a lot of us complain then things will change. Why not more love stories between a black man and a lady on TV? Where is it? I don’t see it on TV. It needs to happen and happen NOW.

Sports News: The Big Fella Shaquille O’Neal is going to retire from the NBA after 19 years of playing. He was a guest on “M.I.C-TV” three times over the years when his team came to Seattle to play our departed Sonics. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS STORY.

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Smith And Family Guests On Final Oprah Program/”OWN” News

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Well it is about that time. Oprah Wnfrey’s last edition of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is coming up soon and it will be taped at the United Center in Chicago in front of 23,000 folks and we know millions will be watching on TV when it airs.

And Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and family will be among the final guests on her program. Former guest on Seattle’s “Music Inner City TV” Oprah is leaving her show after 25 years on the air.

Of course she has started her own network “OWN” and it has started off kind of slow when it comes to viewers watching her network. Far below expectations.

In my opinion, the programs are kind of boring. And not interesting. And not to many programs that are geared for the minority community if any. I have not seen one yet. I think this a huge problem for her network because minorities watch a lot of TV and I have looked at “OWN” lineup of shows and it is very diappointing in my honest opinion.

Why not a show hosted by  Ludacris or Diddy or Lisa Raye or a talk show hosted by Raven Symone or something like that. Doing interviews with Denzel or Chris Brown or Ice Cube or Rihanna etc? This is not happening on “OWN”

Maybe Oprah will see the light soon and change a lot of her programs on air because right now it is not worth watching in my opinion.  Gordon Curvey

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Will Smith And Son Jaden To Work Together Again

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Will Smith and his son Jaden will be working together again in a new movie real soon. The name of the movie is not yet known but we know what it is going to be about. Click link above to find out more.

Smith and his son worked together a few years ago in the movie “Pursuit Of Happyness” and of course the film did well. Any film Big Willy does well in the box office.

Will’s son also starred in “The Karate Kid” and we all know Smith’s daughter Williow is because a big music star after her smash hit “Whip My Hair”. The young lady was all over the place performing her song.

Big shout out to Will and Jada for being great parents to their children. They make sure they do their homework and wants them to get a good education.

We will give you details on the new movie starring Will and his son as soon as we find out right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

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Lindsey Lohan Sentenced To 120 Days In Jail

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Actress Lindsey Lohan cannot seem to get her life together. She appeared in court in Los Angeles the other day because she violated her probation.

Lohan was sentenced to 480 hours of community service and 120 days in jail but her laywer filed a appeal and her bail was set at $75,000.

It seems this female is headed to nowhere. Her movie career seems doomed as far as I am concerned. She is a trouble maker. Who is going to trust her to be in their movie? They will not know if she is going to be on time or even show up at all!

Lohan is a very talented actress. It is truly sad that at a young age her career in Hollywood is going down the tubes. Some say her problems started because of her parents who have had their own problems.

Let’s hope Lohan will learn to fly right and get her life together before it is too late and she ends up like Micheal Jackson at a young age. Gordon Curvey

More stories:

-Jay opens launches a news website. Covering the urban world. Read more.

-Tyler Perry finally goes off on fellow filmaker Spike Lee. Read more.

-ANOTHER Seattle native Brandon Roy hits game winner for Portland as they beat Dallas

-Seattle’s own Jamal Crawford hits winning three pointer in win the Magic. Read more.

-Third smallest Mariner game crowd at Safeco Field watch Hernandez win. Read more.



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Tyra Banks Going To Harvard Business School

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Ex supermodel and talk show host Tyra Banks is heading back to school. She plans on attending the Harvard Business School real soon.

Banks wants to know about the business world because she wants to be another Oprah or Bob Johnson in the business world. If you have not noticed both of them are billionaires and have very well in the business world.

I have a lot of respect and honor for Banks. She is a tremendous role model for young inner city young ladies who look up to her as a role model. Banks does a lot for inner city kids with camps and she speaks to kids in schools.

You don’t hear about Tyra Banks hanging out at clubs or getting in trouble with the law. It is always positive when it comes to Tyra.

Not only is she beautiful but she knows what she wants to do. I wonder how classmates are going to feel with Tyra Banks in the classroom.   Gordon Curvey

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Glenn Beck Ratings Take A Big Hit On Fox News

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I am very very glad to read that Glenn Beck’s TV show on Fox News is going downhill. I am glad because of his treatment of President Obama and President Obama KIDS.

Remember readers Beck has made fun of the Prez children, has criticized First Lady Michelle Obama and many more Democrats in dirty ways on his program. But what bothers me more than all is his making fun of Sasha and Milia Obama. THAT IS TERRIBLE!!

So I am real happy to see his programs ratings are down 33%. I am glad a lot of advertisers have taken their ads off of his show too.

Fox News is the voice of the Republican party and the right. That is for sure. Sean Hannity and Bill Reilly and others have a daily plan to blast Democrats and blast President Obama about EVERYTHING. They say nothing positive about our President. Nothing.

Sorry to say readers, it is only going to get worse because of the elections in 2012. Gordon Curvey

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Our prayers go out from “Music Inner City” to the people of Japan after the terrible earthquake that hit their country. The video and pics from Japan is truly truly sad.

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Kevin Frazier To Become Co-Host Of “The Insider”

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Former guest on Seattle’s Music Inner City TV Kevin Frazier (pic with yours truly with Frazier on M.I.C-TV on the right) will soon become a co-host on the TV Hollywood gossip program “The Insider”

Frazier will make the move from being a reporter for the long running “Entertainment Tonight”. We here at “Music Inner City” interviewed Frazier last year in Los Angeles at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party.

He used to be a sports reporter/anchor with ESPN and still does some sport with the Versus Network. He told me he still loves to do sports but also loves to report on what is going on in Hollywood.

Shout out to Kevin for being one of only a few African Americans reporting on what is going on in Hollywood.   Gordon Curvey

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Tired Of Big Momma And Madea Characters In The Theaters?

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I am TIRED of Martin Lawrence running after the big $$ and putting out buffoon acting movies like “Big Mama’s House-Like Father Like Son” I think it is a damn shame. Does Lawrence realize that this character is a put down to the African American community? African American older ladies?

I was watching the Monique Show the other day and as soon as she introduced Martin, I grabbed my remote and went to another channel. I did not want to hear him building up this stupid movie. It seems Lawrence does not care. He just wants the big payday!!

So you have the Big Mama character and the Tyler Perry character of Madea. Another huge black lady acting like a buffoon in Tyler’s movies. What the hell is going

on readers? We can do better than that. I hope Tyler will NEVER make another Madea movie. But guess what? He will because his Madea movies rake in big $$.

In one of my earlier stories I am complaining about the lack of African Americans being nominated for awards at the Oscars and Golden Globes etc. Well with stupid acting movies with Lawrence and Tyler acting like buffoons, one thing for sure Tyler and Lawrence will not get a Oscar soon for those characters. You can bet your bottom $$ on that!!!!!

Next I am going to give my opinions on the program “Housewife’s Of Atlanta”

Gordon Curvey

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Will Not And Did Not Watch This Years Oscars

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Please read the link above readers. It is the reason I will not and did not watch this years Oscars telecast because of total lack of diversity in the nominees in the major categories.

No African Americans were nominated in any major catogories. None. This is sad. With Monique winning last year and other African Americans that were nominated last year, folks were thinking things are getting better. But then this happens this year.

You cannot tell me that their is not one person of color that could have been nominated for something at this years Oscars. Something is wrong.

So as a result I am taking my own stand and will not and did not watch the Oscars this year. Gordon Curvey

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What In The Heck Is Going On With Harvey’s Ex Wife?

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If you go to some of the “urban” sites on the net you most likely have saw a story or two about the situation between comedian and radio and TV host Steve Harvey’s ex wife and current wife. It is real strange.

It started when Harvey’s ex wife Mary putting a series of three You Tube videos out discussing the possible cheating on her with other ladies while they were married.

She went on and spoke out more on You Tube and other outlets. Now Harvey’s current wife, Marjorie is tired of the actions by Mary and wants to sue Mary. I am sorry to say this could get ugly.

Meanwhile, Harvey went on his radio show and said he did not cheat on his ex wife and is

wondering why she is coming out with so called dirt years after they broke up. I totally agee with Steve.

Mary Harvey has come out and said she is broke. In my opinion she is a jealous female who has noticed that Harvey a solid career with a radio show, TV show and has had two best selling books.

Again, as a outsider I don’t understand why Mary Harvey has waited years after she left Harvey to go on You Tube and put Steve on blast. I don’t understand it at all other than one word……jealous.      Gordon Curvey

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George Clooney: Doing Work He Does Not Have To Do

BIO of George Clooney via (Full bio click here)

Actor George Clooney can sit back and look at his bank account and his Oscar he won and drive around Hollywood in his Rolls and enjoy a big nice house on Malibu. But he decides to roll his sleeves up and work for the people in Sudan. He means business. He is very very serious about his work in this African country.

Often times when he is finished working on a movie he is on a plane to the Sudan. He puts his money where his mouth is. His life right now is making good movies and the people in Sudan.

Sudan in Africa is one of the poorest countries on earth. Dirt poor. But Clooney wants to help the people of Sudan in any way he can with time and money. Clooney puts his money where his mouth is. He rolls up his sleeves and goes to work for the people of Sudan.

I just think folks need to know what George Clooney is doing for the people of Sudan. He means business folks and that’s real talk. He is very serious about his work in Africa. A BIG shout out to George Clooney who is a Oscar winner and like I said can sit back and count his money but he does not do that. Thanks George for what you are doing for the people of Sudan.

More entertainment and news gossip coming soon!!

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Breaking News: Mass Protests In The Streets Of Egypt

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Since we have readers from all over the world coming to our site, we want to report on the major protests in the streets of Egypt.

They want the President of more than thirty years, Hosni Mubarak to step down and step down now. He is 82 years old. It is amazing watching this unfold on TV. Showing the huge crowds marching and protesting for change in their country.

Check this out readers. The Egyptian goverment has shut down the internet and that includes Twitter, Facebook and more. That is crazy. But the goverment did just that. But information is still getting out someway and some how. A lot of folks in the country have found ways to get Tweets out of the country.

Please read the above link to more details on the unrest in Egypt. It will be interesting to see how President Obama handles this situation since the U.S. and Egypt are tight. Gordon Curvey

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