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M.I.C.TV Tacoma News Tribune Story/March 1996

Thanks to Peter at the Tacoma News Tribune (now The News Tribune) for sending me a article from 21 years ago on yours truly and “Music Inner City TV” Man how time goes by readers. Here is the story from March 1996


Reporter: Marisa Lencioni; The News Tribune
Day: Saturday
Print Run Date: 3/2/1996
Digital Run Date:

Tune in to MTV, and you get the same Top-10 videos played over and over again, between the cartoons and awards shows. Tune in to BET, and you get videos not usually seen on MTV, but without a lot of context or discussion. However, if Gordon Curvey has his way, there may be yet another video viewing alternative for Northwest music fans.
“I always wanted to be a disc jockey when I was younger, ” Curvey said. “Don Cornelius (the host of ‘Soul Train’) was my idol.” Curvey has finally realized his chance to play disc jockey, but with music videos instead of records. The Seattle native will host his own half-hour special of rap and rhythm and blues videos and talk called “Music Inner City” at 1:30 p.m. Sunday on KTZZ, Channel 22.

But what makes this more than a video show is Curvey’s idea of adding discussion and debate around the videos he plays. The theme for Sunday’s show is “Gangsta Rap – Good Or Bad?” and interspersed among the videos will be discussions on the topic with Seattle-area high school students.

“My main goal is to try to reach the youth with this show, ” Curvey said. “If adults watch, that’s OK, but I want to get the kids thinking.”

“Music Inner City” can currently be seen weekly on public access cable TV Channel 29 in Seattle at 2 p.m. Thursdays. Though the show’s had a successful six-year run on public access, Curvey’s dream is to have his show seen as widely as possible.

“I kept bugging KTZZ to air my show because I wanted to bring it to a larger audience, ” Curvey said. “You know there’s only one black-owned radio station in the area? And the station that has an all black-music format, KUBE, doesn’t have one black disc jockey. I don’t feel like we as African Americans are being well represented through the media around here. I’m trying to build a relationship with other media that has the same audience, and no one wants to cooperate. It’s devastating. So I’m trying to do my own thing.”

Curvey got his start as a video jockey about six years ago, with the help of disc jockey “Nasty Nes” Rodriguez and his record label GORDON CURVEYNastymix. Nasty Nes helped Curvey to secure videos from record companies to air. With the videos, Curvey showed interviews with artists and public service announcements ranging from anti-drug and -violence messages to admonitions to stay in school. This became the “Music Inner City” formula. Curvey convinced KTZZ to give his show a shot, and he has secured the one-time airing on Sunday.

Projects that benefit young people and the African-American community in the Northwest are what motivates Curvey. A part-time counselor who works through the Seattle Parks Department, Curvey said the idea behind “Music Inner City” is to reach local youth in a way that’s being overlooked: through the music they like.

“Rap music is all about us talking about what’s happening in our community, ” Curvey explained. “The images and messages in it really influence our youth. Some kids I talked to like gangsta rap and don’t see any problem with it; others think it’s bad. But it’s important to talk about it.”

Curvey said he tries not to censor the types of videos he shows, but definitely will not show videos that contain either extreme violence or degrading images of women.

“It’s not that all the videos I show have to have a positive message, ” Curvey said. “The experiences we talk about in the music aren’t always positive. But I know kids are watching so the real hardcore gangsta stuff or the videos that degrade African-American women, I won’t play.”

He said he appreciates KTZZ’s willingness to take a chance with the show and reach the audience Curvey said is usually ignored by mainstream TV.

“You can look at the TV ratings and see shows like ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Friends’ at the top, but that doesn’t reflect the African-American community, ” Curvey said. Shows like “Martin” and “Living Single, ” which consistently rate in the Top 5 with black viewers, usually rate in the lower fourth of the Nielsen ratings. “But I know the community is watching this. I’m doing it for them.”




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“Music Inner City Bio” Usher Raymond

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

usherWatch “Sports Inner City TV” right here! From the Seattle Seahawks Training Camp, Vmac in Renton, Washington.

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In the entertainment game, it is good to be a triple threat. Singer, dancer and actor. Only a few can do this big time and they are Beyonce, “J-Lo” Jennifer Lopez,  Justin Timberlake and Usher Raymond. There are others but the folks I mentioned are doing it on a big scale.

I remember interviewing a very young Usher Raymond when he was a young teenager out on the road with his mom as his manager. He came to Seattle to perform. You could tell when he was a 14 or 15 that this young fella was going places. He could sing and dance and had he knew what he was doing on the stage at a young age. He was trained well.

Usher is 37 years old and born in Dallas, Texas. His mom and former manager is Jonetta Patton and his father is Usher Raymond III. He has two children.  He was born in Dallas but was brought up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He and family moved to Atlanta and at 12 his mom started to put a young Usher in singing contests.

A young Usher grabbed the attention of a person who worked for LaFace Records. And in the summer of 1994 Usher released his first album called by the way “Usher”. Singles from that album included “Can U Get Wit Me” and “Think Of You”.

Raymond really blew up in the late 1990s with his second album called “My Way” which came out in 1997. The album produced his first U.S. Billboard Hot 100 #1 single called “Nice & Slow”. That album has went six times platinum by the Recording Industry Of America. Usher album “My Way” won him his first Grammy nomination in 1998 for the single “You Make Me Wanna”.

That song also went to #1 in the UK singles chart and US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts. In 2001, Usher’s 8701 album produced Billboard Hot 100 #1 single with the song “U Remind Me” and also “U Got It Bad”. That single won him his first Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance in 2002. The song “U Don’t Have To Call” won him a second Grammy in 2003. That song is my favorite song by Usher.

His 2004 album “Confessions” made him one of the best selling artists of the 2000s decades. “Confessions” sold over a whopping 20 million copies worldwide. And the album had FOUR singles IN A ROW on the Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles with “Burn”, “Yeah”, “Confessions Part II” and “My Boo”. “Confessions” obtained three Grammy Awards in 2005.

“Here I Stand” in 2008 and “Raymond v. Raymond” in 2010 debuted on the top of Billboard 200. Other hits by Usher include “DJ Got Us Fallin In Love” (great song) and “Scream”, also “There Goes My Baby”, also “Climax”.

Check this out. The RIAA ranks Usher as one of the best selling artists in American music history!! This is big. He has sold over 23 million albums and 38 million digital songs in the US alone. His worldwide sales are over 43 million albums and 75 million records overall. He also has won many other awards including 18 Billboard Music Awards and 8 Grammy Awards.

In 2009, Billboard named Raymond the #1 Hot 100 artist of the decade. For sure Usher at age 37 has had a great career and he is still young readers. He has so many mountains to climb in his career. Usher has a big movie coming out in which he plays the great boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in a movie about another great boxer  Roberto Duran called “Hands Of Stone”. It is suppose to be great movie.

More big things are in store for Usher. Remember he is only 37. His talent will continue to grow.

“Music Inner City TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand & Xfinity X1/All west coast markets/Washington State-Oregon-California/go to “get local” and then “inner city tv” Coming up in a few days new program with guest via Skype from Miami rapper Purpose.

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Pills At Home Of Prince Powerful Drug Fentanyl

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Watch the latest edition of “Sports Inner City TV” from Seattle Seahawks Training Camp at the Vmac in Renton, Washington.

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Prince-Rogers-Nelson-DeadThis is a really sad story if you are a fan of the late great Prince. Just like “The King Of Pop” Michael Jackson. A really sad sad story of a man who died too young of using drugs.

A story has come out that mislabeled pills were seized at the home of Prince after he died. Of course he died of a overdose of the very powerful drug called Fentanyl. Prince died on April 21 at his studio/home right outside of Minneapolis.

Right from the jump myself and many others said drugs was the problem of his death. Of course we were right.

I have not even heard of Fentanyl. But the drug is 50 TIMES STRONGER THAN HEROIN! And it is often sold illegally. So I hate to say this but did the late singer get the drug illegally? If so, this is very very sad readers.

When I had my right lung removed in 2010 due to a rare form of pneumonia called Pseudomonas, when I came home I was given a lot of pills to bring home for pain. One of which is Hydrocodone. Another drug that is very powerful. Not as powerful as  Fentanyl but powerful.

But thank god I did not get hooked to the drugs. And when I recovered, I did not take the drugs anymore. But some people get hooked sorry to say and many times it ends up in death.

More information will continue to come out regarding the death of Prince who was 57 at the time of his passing. Family is fighting over his estate which is valued at around $500 million. We will keep you informed when more news come out on the death of “The Purple One”, the great Prince.     Gordon Curvey



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T.I. Wants To Help Kids With Their Education

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

t.i.To many times we hear about hip-hop/rap artists maybe getting in trouble or going to jail for one reason or another. The media will jump right on it when a hip-hop/rap artists is in trouble. This is for sure.

But check this out readers. How about when these artists do things on the positive tip? Do we hear about it like we hear about when these artists get in trouble? The answer is no. I have saw articles where artists buy Xmas gifts for the needy. Buy turkeys and Thanksgiving dinners for the needy and even buy a car for someone who needs a car to go to work. And much more.

Problem is you have to search for the story. This is unfair ladies and gentlemen.  Rapper and actor T.I. is doing something real positive for the youth we need to know about this readers.

He recently announced a partnership with music streaming service Tidal to launch the “Money Talk With Tip For Education” program. Now though June 15th participants can sign up to raise funding for their projects on spreading education awareness via Crowdrise. Then they can be able to post their Crowdrise projects via social media channels using the hashtag #TIDALXMONEYTALK in order to be considered eligible for the education challenge. This is great what T.I. is doing.

The top five finalists will have the chance to get the amount they raised matched by T.I. and Tidal.  Enriching the lives of today’s youth is something the Atlanta native knows all too well. The father of seven says his involvement in the education challenge is an natural extension of his own daily duties at home.

On June 15 Tidal will reveal the five finalists who have raised the most funding on its site. Then on June 22, T.I.and Tidal will announce and will match the donations of the official winner by up to a whopping $250,000 which will be used towards launching the winner’s proposed project.

T.I. does more than this folks. He is making his name known not for not just being a great rapper and being a actor in movies and on t.v. but he is making his name known as a person who cares about inner city youth not just in the ATL but everywhere. This is a good look for T.I.


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M.I.C-Internet T.V./Topics: Felix Hernandez/Prince & More!

felixhernandez1Watch “Sports Inner City TV” webcast 24-7 on-demand with special guest “King” Felix Hernandez. From Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club in Seattle. This webcast is from our Comcast-Xfinity On Demand programs!

Watch via smartphone, tablet, mac and pc! Just hit the screen to the right and enjoy the program! Special thanks to the Seattle Mariners.

New “Music Inner City TV” internet only webcast below. Topics include: More news on the death of music icon Prince, Jay Z and Beyonce rumors and more!! Via Ustream TV 24-7 on-demand.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


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Shocking Death Of Prince: “M.I.C-TV” Webcast

prince-purple-rainA “Music Inner City Television” webcast via Ustream. The legendary Prince at age 57 at his studio Paisley Park Studio in Minneapolis. He was a trend setting icon who left us way to early. Check our webcast that includes a Prince music video.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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Slick Rick Finally Becomes A U.S. Citizen

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

V103 Rap Down Rewind Featuring Bell Biv Devoe And Salt-N-PepaRap legend and icon Slick Rick has finally become a U.S. citizen. Marking the end of his long battle against deportation. Good news for “The Ruler”

Slick Rick became famous when he joined another legend, Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew, had fought really hard to become a citizen of the United States and he has finally obtained his wish.

Immigration officials has tried for years to kick him out of the U.S. after he pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder in 1991 and because of that he spent five years locked up.

“The Ruler” whose real name is Ricky Walters, has recorded big hits that became classics like “Mona Lisa” and “Children’s Story” and “Teenage Love”. He has his own style and when you hear him on the radio or where ever you know it is Slick Rick if you know about the history of rap music.

He was sworn in as a citizen recently at a official cermony in New York alongside dozens of other new citizens.

S.L. said “I am so proud of this moment and so honored to finally become an American citizen. This has been a long time coming for me and I am relieved to finally put this long chapter behind me. I want to thank everyone, my family, friends and fans who have supported me and stuck by me over these 23 years.

Congrats to the legend Slick Rick from “Music Inner City”

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I Have Much Respect For John Legend

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

john-legend-billboard-650I have learned to respect singer John Legend. We all know he is a great singer and songwriter. A Grammy and Oscar winner.

But I am also learning to respect Legend not only for his singing, but because he is a community activist. John is using his platform as a performer to help change a way of thinking about problems in the inner cities of America.

Legend is a member of President Obama’s “Brother’s Keepers” organization to help young African American boys in America. The group also has former guest on “Music Inner City TV” Tyrese Gibson and others in the group.

John Legend was born in 1978 in Xenia, Ohio. He is one of four children of Phyllis Elaine and Ronald Lamar Stephens. In his childhood, Legend was homeschooled on and off by his mom. Like many other African American singers, he started singing in church. I hear this from guests all the time.

He started playing the piano at age seven. At age 12, Legend attended North High School. He attended the University Of Pennsylvania where he studied English and African American literature.

In college, John served as president and musical director of a co-ed jazz and pop froup called Counterparts. His lead vocals on the group’s recording of Joan Osborne’s “One Of Us” received critical acclaim landing the song on the track of the 1998 “Best Of Collegiate a Cappella compilation” CD.

And I guess the rest is history. He has went on to become a superstar. But like I said I am respecting Legend more because of his speaking out on issues in the African American community.

Most performers sit back and count their money and buy cars and boats and expensive stuff. Which Legend may also do. But unlike others, he has also decided to use his name to speak out on issues. Like for instance he and Donald Trump Jr. recently had a Twitter battle about Trump Sr.

Big shout out to John Legend. A man I have learned to respect on stage and off and you should too!!


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Does Kanye West Really Need Therapy?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Ladies aKanye-West-2016nd gentlemen it is time I do a story on the very talented but confused Kanye West here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”.

I try not to bash African Americans on my sites but in this case I have to get it in. Not bashing West just giving my views.

Guess people really started to wonder what is really going on with West when he jumped on stage and surprised everyone including Taylor Swift a few years ago and took the microphone and said Beyonce should have won a award and not Taylor. That was just flat out wrong for Kanye to do that to Taylor. Ever since then I have grown to like Swift. Not really her music, just how she handled that event.

Since then West has continued to say and do things that make me and others wonder what is wrong with this dude. It is obvious something is wrong mentally with Kanye. It just is. So a question has to be asked. Does Kanye West need a doctor. Does he need therapy? I say yes.

Is it a mental problem or is it a emotional problem or is it a financial problem with him? For goodness sake, he has came out and said Bill Cosby is innocent. He has said he is the best artist in music history. He blasts his ex lady Amber Rose and so on. For sure West is a rapper who is one of if not the best rapper in the history of hip-hop/rap music. This is for sure.

But something is very wrong with the brotha. Recently he tweeted he is $53 million in personal debt. He went on to say…are you ready for this ladies and gentlemen, that instead of opening a school in Africa, “fellow rich people should support him!! He was directing this to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who West begged him to give him $1 BILLION!! SAY WHAT????

He also said he would take support from Google co-founder Larry Page or from other Sillicon Valley rich folks. This shows that Kanye has a very serious problem. Or is it just a act for publicity? I think he needs therapy. And needs it now. This is my opinion.

He is a father of two little kids with Kim Kardashian. He should get the help now before his children realize something is wrong with daddy. Do it before it is to late. I just mentioned only a few of his outburts over the years. On social media and in interviews. He will go off like a fire cracker at any time during a interview. The person doing the interview has to be ready for anything when they deal with West.

Rap artist Rhymefest who has worked with Kanye a lot of songs has recently pulled away from working with him. He said “my brother needs help, in the form of counseling. Spiritual & mental. He should step away from the public and heal”. Real talk!!

I agree with Rhymefest. West should get help now. Hell recently he went off on Taylor Swift AGAIN saying “Hell I made the bitch” WHY would he say that about Taylor? What in the hell has Taylor Swift done to him? Is West a HATER against Swift because she has obtained hella Grammys and American Music Awards etc? I say yes!! He is a hater against West. That is stupid and crazy.

So in ending, I am tired of Kanye West going off on people. Some say he has not got over the passing of his mom who died a few years ago during a simple breast procedure. He and his mom were very very tight. But what ever the reason is, I join others who are starting to say it is not publicity when it comes to West and his outburst. This very talented fella should check himself in and get badly needed therapy immediately.


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Natalie Cole’s Family Upset At Grammys

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

natalie-coleI cannot put into words how I feel about what the Grammys did or should I say not do for the late great Natalie Cole. Truly truly sad.

Ms. Cole died in January due to complications from health issues she had. She was 65 years old. Natalie fought drug issues for a long time and also fought hepatitis that led to her having a kidney transplant in 2009.

The Grammys did not have a tribute to Natalie during their telecast BUT had tributes to David Bowie and Glenn Frey who also recently passed.

So how did this mis-treatment of Ms. Cole take place? This is crazy. This is a outrage ladies and gentlemen. Natalie is a nine time Grammy winner plus she was nominated 21 times!!  But others were given tributes who came nowhere near Ms. Cole as far as Grammy wins and nominations!!

Robert Adam Yancy, Natalie’s son said “Here is a woman who has been in the business for four decades, had 21 Grammy nominations and won nine Grammys. She deserves more than a minute and a half tribute. It was shameless the way they minimized her legacy. We will find solace in her legacy as well as her endless fans around the world.”

“Words cannot express the outrage and utter disappointment at the disrespectful tribute, or lack thereof, to a legendary artist such as our sister,” Cole’s sisters Timolin and Casey said.

Cole’s image was included in an “In Memoriam” video with other artists who passed recently. That ain’t enough to a STAR like Natalie Cole!! This treatment of the late great Natalie was tremendously wrong by the Grammys.

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2 Chainz Pays Vet Rent For A Year And More!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

2-chainz-pays-disabled-vets-rent-for-one-year-christal_rockAs many of you already know, many of the stories I do here on “M.I.C News Magazine” are stories the mainstream media mainly does not touch when it come to African Americans and people of color.

But let a African American entertainer of sports star get in trouble with the law and it is headline news everywhere. This is a fact readers. Here is a very positive story regarding rapper 2 Chainz. He has started a foundation called T.R.U Foundation and it is doing great things for people in the inner city of the U.S. Things you did not know about.

Recently 2 Chainz and his foundation provided rent for a entire year plus furniture for a disabled veteran’s home. Deirdre Plater is a single mom who like many has had a hard time making ends meet. Plus she cannot find a good job.

2 Chainz found out about Plater not having any furniture in her house and he contacted her about helping her out. After meeting Plater 2 Chainz went on Instagram and said he remembered what it was like to have nothing. And he also said he felt it was important to give back. And 2 Chainz did just that.

What the brotha did for this lady is just GREAT. And truth be told, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS and NBC should have done a story on what 2 Chainz did for this lady. I truly think the majority media does NOT want to tell POSITIVE stories when it comes to African American males.

This is going on because in the news rooms of America the people who are in charge to decide what will be on the news on a daily basis are one color sorry to say and that is white. This is just a fact readers. Here in Seattle that is true at KOMO TV, KING-TV, KIRO-TV and KCPQ TV and the Seattle Times and not only that, their is only ONE African American news reporter on TV in Seattle. ONE!! And on sports radio only ONE on the air on a regular basis Gee Scott on 710 ESPN and on sports radio KJR their are ZERO African Americans on the air on a regular basis with his or hers program.  This is a huge huge problem.

So again, I think what 2 Chainz did for the lady is a great thing!! The media may not care but we here at “M.I.C News Magazine” care.  Gordon Curvey

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Erykah Budu Should Have Put R.Kelly On Blast!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

kellybudupicThe other day I watched the Soul Train Awards on BET. I was saying to myself DAMN this is a really good program this year. A lot of good performances and a real good host this year too.

I think singer Eryah Budu did a real good job as the host. She was very witty and she let her personality shine during the show. I enjoyed the R&B cypher with the legend Eddie Levert and Ki-Ci Hailey and others. That was great. I also enjoyed the tribute to Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds with various performers singing some his hit songs he wrote. Singers like Fantasia and others including Bobby Brown sang their hit song the was written by Babyface Edmonds. Real good segment.

My girl Budu event did a piece on Iggy Azalea basically saying she is not a rapper! Wow!! That was deep readers. But then later in the program Budu lost me and many others I see online when she was introducing singer R.Kelly.

Erykah went on to say “I know they said no red cups y’all, but this man has done more for blacks than anyone” SAY WHAT???? I KNOW SHE DID NOT SAY THAT!!! But she did.  Kelly then came out singing in a crowd of folks dancing like it was at a outdoor party. He say while holding a big cigar and he sang many of his hits. The crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Guess the crowd have forgot that Kelly’s history of having sex with young girls. Basically raping young girls. Kelly given had a shame marriage to 15 year old the late Aaliyah a former guest on “Music Inner City TV”

There was tape that millions of people watched online that leaked showing R. Kelly having sex with a young girl some say was as young as 14 or 15. Kelly said that was not him. The brotha LIED!!! THAT WAS HIM IN THE TAPE. In many peoples opinion R. Kelly is a sick puppy who prays on young girls instead of ladies his own age.

So why did the Soul Train audience give Kelly a freakin standing ovation? I am at a complete loss on this readers. Guess the audience does not give a damn or did not want to think about R. Kelly messing around with girls 14 and 15 and 16 years old. What a damn shame!! I wonder who picked R. Kelly to perform on a national stage on the Soul Train Awards. Did they even think of Kelly’s dirty history? I guess not!!

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Rap Icon Nas Receives W.E.B DuBois Medal From Harvard

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

NAS_320One of the reasons I started my website years ago was to bring more positive information to my readers and “Music Inner City TV” fans about African Americans and people of color.

Why you ask? Because the “majority” media does a great job in NOT telling you the stories I try to bring to our readers. To many times we hear and read about African Americans and people of color when they do NEGATIVE NOT POSITIVE. This is a fact. So I do my best to bring positive stories to everyone but of course I have to bring a few negative stories to our site too. That is just the way it is sorry to say.

But here is a positive story about rap icon Nas. He recently received the W.E.B. DuBois Medel from Harvard University. Keep in mind also Harvard established the “Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship” in honor of the rapper.

This great award is the highest honor given out by Harvard’s African and African American studies department. And the medal goes to Black people who have had an influence on the world.

Others who have won the award include the legendary Muhammad “The Greatest” Ali and former Attorney General Eric Holder and other Black scholars. So this is a great award given to Nas. And one reason he is one of my favorite all time rappers is because this brothas tells a story in his music. It ain’t about f..king females and smoking weed and his videos are not full of brothas driving around in Bentley’s and big Mercedes and Ferrari’s they cannot afford!! If you do not understand this go look at some Nas videos.

I truly think that young rappers of today need to study a artist like Nas. A true hip-hop/rap artist. It ain’t about the big cars and the females almost naked in the music videos etc. It is about songs and videos that make you think and learn. A lot of artists today make songs that make you think about firing one up or other negative crap.

But Nas ain’t about that. That is why he is a legend and a icon. Shout out to the brotha for keeping it real for over 20 years. And I hope he continues to bring us knowledge behind the mic.


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Miche’le Speaks Up On The Movie “Straight Outta Compton”

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Michel+le+Toussant+R+B+Divas+Premieres+West+9-q_iObRsnYlListen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcast. Entertainment and political news PLUS classic soul and hip-hop and soon a new national release will be played also!! Grab your headphones and enjoy our professional sounding program from the studios of “M.I.C Entertainment” in Seattle.

And a new “Sports Inner City TV” webcast coming at ya RIGHT NOW featuring our interview with Kansas City Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain.

And more including comic Chris Rock take on why African Americans are not interested in baseball anymore. plus a classic hip-hop or r&b music video!!

Watch via your smartphone, tablet, mac or pc WHERE EVER you are at in the world!! Urban sports news and issues PLUS classic music videos and sports interviews!!

In case you have been under a rock somewhere or maybe on the moon or Mars you know a new movie recently opened about the legendary rap group NWA. Commercials were EVERYWHERE on TV. I mean EVERYWHERE!!

Of course the movie is named “Straight Outta Compton”. About the rise of Ice Cube, MC Ren, Dr. Dre, the late Eazy E and Yella. Who started in the hood of Compton as kids and they became rich and famous and for sure trend setters. The group was known for their violent street lyrics on their songs as well as violent music videos with gun play all over the videos.

I started my program in December 1990 when NWA was still very very hot and I ain’t gonna lie I played their videos because they were so hot.  Ice Cube had just left the group. I caught heat from folks for sure for playing their music. Believe me I did readers.

Of course Cube left the group in 1989 to be solo artist and soon a movie actor and writer and producer. Eazy nwa-movie.pngdied in 1992 of AIDS. And the group was history including Dre becoming a billioniare. But their music kept on selling to this day.  But there have been a lot of rumors about relationships that went sour a few of the group and that is mainly Dr. Dre.

Back in the day cats knew about the Dr. Dre’s stormy relationship with entertainer Miche’le. Word is Dre beat her up a few times. And so it was no surprise that Dr. Dre and Miche’le relationship was left out of “Straight Outta Compton”

Miche’le was recently on Vlad TV and said “Why would Dre put me in it. I mean cause if they start from where they start from I was just a quiet girlfriend who got beat up and told to shut up”

But she said said she would go and watch the movie but she said that she has her reservations on how the group may be portrayed. By the way Dre and Miche’le have a son who is now 24. Very interesting comments from her and her relationship with Dre. A relationship that she stayed in despite rumors of abuse by Dre.

Oh yeah, the movie opened up making a whopping $56 million in it’s weekend opening!!! The largest opening EVER for a music biopic in the U.S. Projections had the film grossing only around $25 million!!! In second place for the weekend openings was “The Man From U.N.C.L.E” which took in only $13 million.

Check this out finally readers. The NWA movie had a budget of $29 million to make compared to “U.N.C.L.E” which cost around $80 million to make. WOW!!! I have a 70 in TV with a home theater system. I am going to wait for the movie to come on Comcast On-Demand. It will hopefully be on real soon.

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Did Nick Gordon Give Bobbi Kristina A Toxic Cocktail?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Premiere Of Tri-Star Pictures' "Sparkle" - Red CarpetBREAKING NEWS: For all sports fans watch “Sports Inner City TV” right here. 24-7 on demand. Just click on the “Sports Inner City TV” screen to the right. Covering “urban sports” news and issues and exclusive sports interviews.

Watch my interview with “The Professor” JOHN CLAYTON right now from the Vmac/Renton, Washington at Seattle Seahawks mini-camp.

Coming up: Kansas City Royal centerfielder Lorenzo Cain, Jama Crawford Pro Am Game interviews and from Seattle Seahawks Training Camp and more!!

PLUS classic soul/hip-hop music videos and more! Watch via smartphones, tablets, pc or mac!! Anywhere and anytime!

This story is one of the worst stories ever in entertainment history. This is a fact. As we all know Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late great Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown recently passed away at the too young age of 22.

She died in hospice care July 26 hear Atlanta six months after Brown was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub on Jan 31. Her mom was found almost in the same way when she died in Los Angeles more than three years ago. By the way I was in L.A. with Tammy Jackson-Cloy when Houston died. It was a day I will NEVER EVER forget.

Now Whitney’s daughter has died. Truly sad. And many think this dude Nick Gordon is the reason Bobbi Kristina is no longer here. Bobbi Kristina and Gordon say they were married. Some say including the Houston family say they were not married. And some say that Gordon fed Brown a lot of drugs including drugs that killed her. And that he spent a lot of Bobbi Kristina’s money that her mom left her in her will. So now we have big news.

The administrator of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate has filed a wrongful death count to a lawsuit against Nick Gordon. This is only to get more nasty ladies and gentleman. One reason is this. Whitney left about $21 million for her daughter that the bulk of it she was going to obtain by age 30. Many of us have saw in social media and elsewhere that the Houston family may be in a battle over the money with Bobby Brown. Who will control the cash? Guess we will see.

Again readers this is  a very very sad situation. Bobbi Kristina just could not handle the passing of her mom. She just never got over it. Whitney and her daughter were very very tight. Brown is having a rough time right now dealing with the passing of his daughter. We will keep you informed on the latest news here on our site.

Gordon Curvey


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2015 BET Awards: One Of The Best In Years!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

2015 BET Awards - ShowAs always since the start of the Black Entertainment Television event “The BET Awards” I applied to cover the event for our fans and followers of “Music Inner City TV” and “Music Inner City News Magazine” For the first years we were allowed on the red carpet and I made my way to L.A. happy as hell to obtain interviews with the entertainers on the carpet.

But for the last seven years for some unknown reason my program has been refused coverage on the BET Awards red carpet and of course yours truly is very sad about this but hey what can I do? Nothing. Just try to cover the “BET Experience” and be happy with a second prize.

So as millions of others I watched the red carpet coverage and the main show. And as far as the main show was concerned in my opinion it was one the best BET Awards in YEARS.  The almost four hour event was very very entertaining and that is real talk readers. For those of you who do not know it was the 15th anniversary of the BET Awards.

The program started with a powerful performance by Kendrick Lamar standing on top of a police car. In a short speech by actor Micheal B. Jordan, he dedicated it to the”BlackLivesMatter” movement and he spoke about the terrible terrible savage killings of 9 African Americans at the historic Emanual A.M.E. church in Charleston, S.C. and Jordan spoke on the police shooting Ferguson, Mo and also brotha Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore. Of course it was veryjanetwithgordonpic timely. And I enjoyed the Bad Boy 20th year performances by Diddy, Mase, 112, Lil Kim and Faith Evans and of course Biggie from heaven.

All night it was one great performance after another.  And the program was hosted by “Black-ish” stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross and they did a real good job in my strong opinion. Much better than recent hosts of the event.

The  legendary Smokey Robinson was honored with a award and he spoke to the audience in a deep way. Asking  young stars who “think” they are a huge stars to slow their roll and “Don’t get full of yourself” The crowd stood up and gave the Smokey a standing ovation. Then Smokey sang a few of his of course MANY MANY MANY hits he has wrote for himself and MANY others. In the audience was his lady and also his best friend, another flat out legend Barry Gordy the founder of Motown. By the way I had to meet Smokey in L.A. And asked him a quick question.

Also it was great to see Janet Jackson (pic of yours truly hangin with Janet here in Seattle a few years ago) who has been away for awhile out of the public eye for the most part. BET honored Janet with the Ultimate Icon Award and for sure she is a icon. Ciara, Jason Derulo and Tinashe danced to the music of some of Janet’s big hits. Ciara did a great job! You know they had to be nervous performing in front of there idol.

The BET Awards was a great and very entertaining program, it really was. Wish I was in L.A. to cover it for “Music Inner City TV”.  Gordon Curvey


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Akon Wants To Help People In Africa With Electricity

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

akonpic#4To many times we read about the negative things black people are doing or have done. Not enough is said about the positive things black people are here in the U.S. and in the world. I find this to be a huge huge problem.

Hell if you watch “The Insider” or “Access Hollywood” or “Extra” or “OK TV” you would think black folks are not around making movies or making good music. If you do not understand what I am saying then watch the programs readers it will prove my point. But let Chris Brown or Lil Wayne etc do something wrong and BAM!! HEADLINES BABY!!!

But here is a singer/songwriter who is doing things that NEED TO BE DISCUSSED AND TALKED ABOUT!! His name is Akon (pic of Akon on “M.I.C-TV” in L.A.) The Senegalese-American entertainer is doing something that is off the hook for sure. He started “Akon Lighting Initiative” in 2014 with Thione Niang and Samba Bathily to help 600 million Africans who still don’t have electricity.

Akon’s website at said without power more than 3.5 million Africans die every from harmful pollutants or fores in the home produced by costly and toxic solid fuels. So Akon and his crew has a goal to develop and innovative solar powered solution that will provide African villages with access to a clean and affordable source of electricity.

Thione Niang said “Africa, with its 320 days of sunshine a year is suited to the development of solar power, particularly since 622 million Africans still do not have access to electricity”

Check this out readers. 70% of Africa population under 35, Africa is the country with the youngest population today in the world. One of the challenges it faces is trying to train and create sustain employment.  “We expect the Africans who get trained from the center to devise new, innovative, technical solutions,” said Niang. “With this Academy, we can capitalize on Akon Lighting Africa and go further”

So again big shout to Akon and his crew. What is doing for the people of Africa is just great. And as I said this kind of story needs to be talked about on all the gossip programs. But let Akon beat his lady or get caught speeding and is given a DUI, it is all over the place in the media and this is just plan wrong.

By the way a few years ago Akon came to Seattle and appeared for my TV program at Rainier Community Center and did a interview and signed pictures and take pics with his fans. Akon is a good dude!!

Gordon Curvey




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Diddy Is Hip-Hop Wealthiest Artist Beating Dr. Dre

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

combs8Listen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcast right here. Entertainment and political news plus classic soul and hip-hop music and exclusive interviews and public service announcements. Grab your headphones and enjoy the program!

And watch “Sports Inner City TV” webcasts via Ustream TV! Urban sports news and issues plus classic soul/hip-hop music videos and exclusive sports interviews and public service announcements.

In some circles hip-hop/rap takes a huge hit. Like making artists the reason for violence in the community and so on. But one thing for sure hip-hop music makes a whole lot of money for a whole lot of people. For some they are very very very rich because of hip-hop and their side ventures that have started.

Recently Forbes released its annual Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest list and the lists says that Sean “Diddy” Combs is the number one artist thanks to his many businesses he is running. That includes Ciroc vodka, Sean John apparel and the recently started Revolt Television. And the list says all the before mentioned businesses has earned Diddy $735 million. Diddy was #1 on Forbes list in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Combs said recently “I did the research and did the work to make sure thatdr-dre I was a master in whatever category I went into, too” during a 2013 interview with the Huffington Post. He went on to say “If I went into apparel, I wanted to know everything about that. I went into spirits, so I knew everything about that. I’m starting Revolt, and I’m still learning on that one.

Also Combs is busy promoting a new business and that is Sean John unisex fragrance called 3AM which was recently put in stores. Diddy beat out Dr. Dre for #1 artist making $700 million.

#3 is Jay Z at $500 million and #4 is Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson at $155 million. At #5 is Birdman of Cash Money at $150 million. Cats making a lot of money for sure!

Of course the guys are not just making money from their music. They have spread their wings to start other businesses. Of course they have started businesses that have flopped. That happens all the time. Bill Gates and and others have experienced disappointments in business ventures. But that did not stop these fellas for their dreams to make money.

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Nelly Is Arrested For Felony Drug Charges In Nashville

ARTICLE FROM (Click for full coverage)

nellyWell I guess it was going to happen sooner or later right? Though his career Nelly has basically stayed out of trouble and out of negative headlines but now it has finally happened readers.

Nelly was arrested recently in Nashville after police pulled the tour bus over he was riding in for not having proper tabs or display a U.S. Department of Transportation and International Fuel Tax Association sticker.

The arrest was made of Nelly because troopers allegedly found five rocks was said to be meth and also they found some weed. Nelly who is 40 years old and whose real name is Cornell Haynes was released the other day after posting a $10,000 bond. If this story is true, it is truly sad and I hope he was not involved in using meth etc. Because he should be a role model for his kids.

Again if true this will be a sad story to follow for his kids who I have seen on his reality program. If true how will Nelly explain this to his children readers? This is the major question. Too many times folks are in the limelight seem to forget they are in the limelight and do stupid things and things that is not role model like for their kids. This is wrong and in my opinion should never ever happen.

Of course Nelly will plead not guilty to the charges against him. We will see if his “star” status will stop him from getting a few days in jail or a heavy fine.  And what will this negative story do his career? Time will tell.

Of course this is not good when a lot of citizens think rappers/hip-hop artists are full of thugs and people who do not follow the law. In my opinion if you are going to be in the public you CANNOT be at clubs at 2 or 3am and getting in fights and and other thinks. It just should not happen. In a small way, I cannot hang up at a club and getting drink after drink etc

I hate to see this arrest happen to Nelly. We will keep you informed on this case against one the favorites in hip-hop music.  Gordon Curvey


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Music Inner City Bio: Usher Raymond

USHER BIO: (Click here for bio)

usher-raymond2I first interviewed this r&b singer and actor when he was about 13 or 14 years old when his career first got off the ground here in Seattle. You could tell at that very young age that Usher would be a star in the music industry.

A lot of young talented people come and then they go but not Usher Raymond. He has followed up one hit with another hit and then another hit and so with that when Usher does a concert he has a concert if you know what I mean. He FOR SURE ain’t no one hit wonder. He has a catalog of hits to play at his concerts. And of course Usher has fans in every part of the world so he can have concerts in every part of the world.

Of course he is not the late “King Of Pop” Micheal Jackson (who is) but in my opinion he has been the nearest thing to MJ. And yes of course MJ is a idol of Usher and if you go to a concert by Usher you will see the dancing by Raymond that can remind you of MJ. The same goes for Chris Brown.

Yes Usher has had some controversy in his life but that happens to high profile entertainers from time to time. So it happened to Usher with problems with his former lady and his kid he had with her. It got real deep and it was covered by the media big time but that case was settled and Raymond has moved on with his career. Which for him is a good thing.

And Usher is still a young man even though it seems he has been around for decades. When you are as talented as Usher is his career can continue until he is a old man or should I say older like Sammy Davis Jr. or Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly did. Because like the folks I just mentioned, Usher not only can sing and dance but he can act too. And he is a good actor too. He is a triple threat in entertainment. Like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez.

Please read the bio link above and learn more about Usher and stay tuned for the next move by this talented fella. By the way, “Music Inner City Television is featuring Usher and the making of one of latest music videos “Good Kisser” on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/24-7/Western Washington state/go to “get local” and then “around the sound” and online soon too right here!!  Gordon Curvey

Coming up on “Music Inner City Television” will be “M.I.C-TV” from the red carpet from the 2015 Stellar Gospel Awards from Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted by Tammy Jackson-Cloy aka Twin Tammy J and also Power 99.1 Pasco-Kennewick, Wa morning host Reka Robinson.

And soon check out the “new look” of our program. And hopefully soon we will have a “gossip” segment on the program much more entertainment including of course hip-hop/r&b/pop AND gospel music videos and of course interviews with folks in entertainment, sports and more!

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Hip-Hop-Rap Categories NOT Shown On Grammy Telecast!! WHY?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

kendricklamarCheck out the latest in sports news via YARDBARKER below. Updated EVERYDAY! And look for a new edition of “Music Inner City Radio” and “Music Inner City Internet TV via Ustream TV soon RIGHT HERE!!

 Well as a person in the music industry for over 24 years producing my program “Music Inner City Television” I could not wait to watch this years Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. I could not make the event this year.

As always the legendary LL Cool J did a great job. He always holds it down at the Grammy Awards.  It was a good show readers but there is a major and huge problem. And here is what it is. The 57th Grammy Awards decided to announce the Hip-Hop-Rap categories BEFORE the freakin broadcast on CBS. This was the first time this has happened since 1990.

MTV said this “If rap decides that it wants to regain respect at the Grammys, given what happened Sunday night, though deciding the annual event is out of touch and doesn’t matter is another valid option , it may be time to again do what Will, Jeff and the rest did in 1989”

Led by Will Smith and Jezzy Jeff, they boycotted the 1989 event in protest kanye-west_1200-600x600for the lack of recognition of hip-hop on the Grammys telecast. I agree with MTV who always shows hip-hop-rap respect during their MTV Video Awards and movie awards. Hey how come Kendrick Lamar did not perform? At this years event?

You KNOW Kanye West had something to say about the total disrespect shown by the Grammys in showing the hip-hop-rap awards during the broadcast. West said “If the Grammys want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t going to play with them no more. Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his awards to Beyonce and at this point, we are tired of it. Because what happens is when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in there face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you are disrespectful to inspiration”

West went on to blast the Grammys and I agree with everything he says. In my opinion it is the same as the Oscars disrespectful actions by not nominating NOT ONE African American for the top awards. When it comes to African Americans only John Legend and Common and the movie “Selma” was nominated for anything. This is sad. This is racism.

Some could say a lot of hip-hop/rap songs this past year was not the greatest. Some say also hip-hop-rap may be in serious trouble. Everything sounding the same. Some say hip-hop needs a infusion. But that is no excuse for the Grammys to not show the winners during the more than two hour program. This is just flat out wrong. Period.

And folks, Beck beating out Beyonce for a award is just FLAT OUT WRONG!!!! How did this happen? How could it happen? Who votes for winners? Are they all old white guys and gals like who vote for the Oscars? I think so. I really do readers.   Gordon Curvey

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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Will & Jada’s Kids Release New Single “Melancholy”

ARTICLE FROM Listen to the song ( click here)

Willow Smith, Jaden SmithUPDATE ON SHARPTON STORY: Rev Al Sharpton AGAIN is out front on a major case. Now it is the Eric Garner case in NY. WHY does Rev Al put himself outfront in headline making cases? Read my article below.

We have seen these young teenagers grow up because they are the kids are very famous parents Will and Jada Smith. Of course we know Jaden and Willow have decided to follow their parents and be in the entertainment business.

Will has been in the public eye since he himself was a teenage rapper and became a Grammy winning rap artist as a member of the group DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince with his childhood friend Jazzy Jeff. And soon after having huge success as a rap artist he went on to star in “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” and then he became a superstar movie actor and make millions and millions in Hollywood.

So Willow and Jaden did not have to worry about meals that is for damn sure. They grew up with very rich parents. So when they decided to act and be in music they for sure had doors open up for them. Come on folks we know this for sure. The do NOT have to worry about a damn thing when it comes to putting out music and even getting parts in Will and Jada’s movies.

Something we have seen sorry to say is kids of famous parents having huge problems with drugs and even depression and even yes…suicide. It has happened over and over. Kids of famous parents sometimes feel major pressure being a son or daughter of a famous and rich mom or dad and they have problems dealing with normal things we deal with in life.

But it seems Jaden and Willow Smith are growing up without big time headlines. Willow was in the news recently about taking a questionable pic with a fella a little older than her in a bed but that drama quickly died down.

So here is a new single called “Melancholy” by Jaden Smith featuring his sister Willow. I have my thoughts on the song but I will keep my thoughts to myself. Click on the link above listen to the song and email me your thoughts at

Gordon Curvey

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Why Is Brezzy ALWAYS In Trouble?/Watch Prince On SNL!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

chrisbrownIt is AMAZING to me that a young man that is worth about $24 million is ALWAYS in freakin trouble. The question is why is Chris Brown always getting in trouble and when will it stop.

Of course it started with him beating up his former girlfriend Rihanna in Los Angeles a few years ago. Myself and Twin Tammy J was in L.A. when that incident happened.

Hell if I was a young lady I would have nothing to do with Brown because it is obvious he has a big time temper and can blow up at any time. Some say it he hits a lady once he will do it again. And I think it is a matter of time before he does attack another female.

But Brezzy does more to stay on the police blotter than iust beating up a female. He goes to clubs and gets in fights and now he recently got a speeding ticket. Of course Chris spent months in jail for his fighting in a club. His probation says he has to stay out of trouble.

Again it seems to me and others that it is a matter of time because Brown goes to jail for a long long time. If this happens readers it will be very very sad for him and his millions of fans. The question is does Chris care about his fans when he is always in the news for the wrong reasons? He is very very talented as we all know. He can sing, dance and even act. He is a potential triple threat in the entertainment industry.

Other triple threats in entertainment include Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and a few others. But if Chris Brown is in jail he cannot be a triple threat. It is for Brown to get his act together…before it is too late. Real talk.

Chris Brown needs to realize he has young fans who look up to him and follow him good or bad. He is only about 26 years old. Of course it is not to late to change for the good. He can do it. He seems to be a intelligent fella who makes stupids moves. He needs to pick a different crowd to be in his inner circle of friends.

Maybe he needs a new manager. Where is his mom and dad giving him advice? How bout a family member who can talk to Chris about good and bad. How bout another entertainer who can talk to Brown. I want to see this talented cat do well because he is so damn talented!

Grab your headphones and enjoy the new edition of “Music Inner City Internet Radio” hosted by Gordon Curvey. Mixing Music & Sports. PLUS classic soul/hip-hop and exclusive interviews!


(Watch Prince on SNL/click here)

Watch superstar Prince performing on Saturday Night Live.

prince420One thing for sure when Prince performs HE PERFORMS!! To really experience Prince you have to watch him and band in person. It it something you will never forget.

Some people do not like Prince and his music. And truth be told their are MANY of his songs he puts out I do not like at all. But when he puts out a song I am feeling….I really feel it!! The band that performs with Prince is just tight!! It has ALWAYS been that way. Just like back in the day with the band that performed with “The Godfather Of Soul” the late James Brown. Prince and Brown made sure that their bands is the top of the line. Justin Timberlake is the same way.

Anyway check out Prince who performed on SNL recently hosted by Chris Rock.

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Suge Knight And Katt Williams Arrested For Robbery

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

suge-knight-katt-williamsThere is one dude I wish the worse for. And that is Suge Knight. I just do not like the dude. He is a big arrogant thug. If you know me I hate the word “thug” but when it comes to Knight I will use this word. He is a thug!

Of course many think he damn sure knows how and why the late great 2pac was killed. If you think Knight does not know who killed Pac, I have a bridge in North Korea for sale! He knows who killed Pac and maybe even Biggie. It is flat out crazy that NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED FOR THE KILLING OF 2PAC, BIGGIE AND JAM MASTER J!! Something is flat out shaky as hell.

I am not to crazy about Katt Williams too who is always getting in trouble. He is a very funny dude and is very talented but he is wasting all his talent by always being in the news for the wrong damn reason. The question is why cats like Katt, Chris Brown and Knight are always in the news for the wrong reasons?

So now their is a report that Williams and Suge were arrested for robbery. Read the story above for details. Of course folks are innocent until found guilty but as far as I am concerned when it comes to Suge Knight he is ALREADY GUILTY!!! I hope he is convicted and is thrown in jail with a quickness. Maybe one day Knight will come out with the truth on who killed 2Pac. All of Pac fans all over the world want the truth.

Gordon Curvey

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Again ZERO Seattle/Tacoma Hip-Hop Artists On Awards Program

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey


My views on our Seattle Seahawks loss to the St. Louis Rams on Monday and I for sure have some views..right on Monday on “M.I.C News Magazine” Sports fans be sure to come back!

I may get some folks mad at me but I have to say how I feel instead of holding it inside because that makes stress. I have enough stress as it is readers and that is real talk.

Many times I have told folks that what would make me happy is to see someone from the Seattle-Tacoma area OTHER THAN MACKLEMORE blow up and I can see him or her on “106th & Park” and other programs. Also I want to go to and look at the charts and see a local artist blowing up on the charts OTHER THAN MACKLEMORE!!

The only time I really smiled was when the ladies of hip-hop took over the stage and ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN GUESTS ON “Music Inner City Television”, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Brandy and Yo Yo!!

Well after watching BET’s Hip-Hop Awards program tonight it really upset me AGAIN to not see a Seattle-Tacoma rapper in the Cypher throwing down lyrics. It really bothers me this has happen EVERY year since the start of the program.

So of course if they are not performing in the Cypher, they for sure are not performing in the main part of the show. What upsets me is cats and gals from EVERY REGION IN THE U.S. PLUS TWO PERFORMERS FROM CANADA performed on the Cypher, BUT AGAIN ZERO FROM THE SEATTLE/TACOMA, WASHINGTON AREA. Terrible!! The question is why does this continue to happen?

Is it artists around here know nothing about marketing themselves and their music? Is their music good? What in the hell is the problem? Readers as a REAL O.G. in the music industry after running “Music Inner City Television” since 1990, I can go off and say a lot of stuff and give my honest and true opinion on this topic but I will just toss this topic out there like I did on Facebook for people to think on.

E-Dawg has had 8 or 9 events called “Shut The Stage Down” here in Seattle where artists can perform their music. I have seen a lot of talent their plus I just know their is talent in the Seattle-Tacoma area. But it just seems people just are not doing something right to blow up like artists in EVERY OTHER REGION IN THE U.S.!! After watching BET Hip-Hop Awards AGAIN it was another wake up call about the local hip-hop scene and how cats do not want to do the right type of marketing and do not want to improve their craft. As the late Teddy Pendergrass sang “Wake Up Everybody”

“Sports Inner City Television” hosted by Gordon Curvey via Ustream TV from the studios of “Music Inner City Television” in Seattle, Washington. Topics include Percy Harvin trade to the New York Jets and more PLUS a video by Seattle’s own Kevin Gardner.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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Tamar Braxton’s New Single/Listen To it Right Here!

ARTICLE AND SONG FROM (Click right here)

tamar-let-me-know-artOne thing you can say about the Braxton’s and for sure Tamar Braxton, they know how to keep the family name out in the public and in social media and more. You have to give it to them.

The Braxton’s mom did a great job in bringing up her kids. I watch their reality show all the time. Of course I wonder like many other reality programs if things are fake or is it real. Some seems it is fake to keep it real. But anyway that is just me. But one thing is for sure and that is Tamar for sure is trying to come from under big sis Toni’s “superstar tent”

Yes we all know when we think of the Braxton’s we think of Toni first. It will always be this way. No matter how hard the other family members try and that is a fact readers. But soon folks will think of Tamar too along side of Toni. Because the lady is making a name for herself singing and also her other reality show with her husband Vince and her new talk show “The Real”. By the way the talk show is a good program I must say.

With so many people trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry, Tamar needs to thank god everyday that she is doing well on TV and now in music. Truth be told Tamar can really sing. This is a fact. She can really sing. The thing is in the music industry of course is to find good songs to record for the listening audience. Songs can sell and that people feel.

Listen to Tamar’s new single called “Let Me Know” right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” by clicking the link above. It is a good song by Tamar Braxton. The female can sing and has of course like the rest of her sisters…personality. That is what I like about her.  Gordon Curvey

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Are Tamar And Hubby Vince Having Big Problems?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

tamarandvinceRight from the start I knew this relationship was doomed. And I am sure many others felt the same. Big Vince and Tamar Braxton just did not look righ

But you can bet that no more children will around for this couple. Because as it says in the article it seems there is trouble in their relationship and again it is not surprise to me. Tamar has a tremendous ego. She is about Tamar. Again that is why I was shocked that she gave up nine months to have a child. But readers everyone knows if you watch the Braxton sisters program and Tamar and Vince program, Tamar has a big mouth. Let’s just tell it like it is folks. She does.

And in my strong opinion and others, Tamar and her sisters ALL ride the coattails of Toni. Toni will always be the star of the family. ALWAYS! This is just a face and everyone knows that. Toni Braxton even though she has not had a hit record in years she is still a superstar. The other Braxton sisters are followers and always will be. Yes Tamar had a marginal hit and got nominated for a few awards, but STILL Tamar is a follower of Toni.

So we will see what happens to Tamar and Vince and their relationship. If I was Vince I would say see ya to the motor mouth Tamar. I would not be with a egotistical female like Tamar. It ain’t worth it. His health is already not good. Why ruined it more. Gordon Curvey
t and sound right. It just gave me the wrong vibe when I watched their reality program.

I was shocked that they had a baby. I think it was a plan by Tamar. You see if many of you do not know Vince is paid. He runs the career of Lady GaGa and other big stars. He makes a lot of money and Tamar knew this folks. She ain’t no dummy. She she’s a cash machine. When I watched their program, I hardly ever see Tamar looking in Big Vince’s eyes. When I see this, their relationship just looked one one-sided to me. It looks “fake”

It seems Vince really loves Tamar but I do not think Tamar loves Vince as much as he loves her. Mainly Tamar is about Tamar. Vince basically talked Tamar into having a child. And Tamar finally gave in to have a child. But she REALLY did not want to do it.

Gordon Curvey

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What Has Happened To The R&B Groups?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)


I have been in the music industry for over 23 years as the producer of Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV”. I have seen changes in the industry and some are good and some are not good and that is for sure.

Some think hip-hop is sounding alike and needs a infusion of talent. And reader a lot of people think this way. No joke. Some are listening to only old school classic hip-hop from 2 pac and Biggie and EPMD and Big Daddy Kane and NWA etc. Some like to listen to old school r&b like from Silk and Boys II Men and Jodeci and more.

If you noticed when the BET Awards had a segment with Silk and Color MeBadd and few more came on the stage, the crowd went CRAZY! The crowd loved it when these cats hit the stage.

So the question is readers is this. What has happened to the r&b groups in the industry? They are not doing to much recording. Yes some of them are touring and doing concerts but they are not recording new music. Well the group Jagged Edge is changing this.

They are recording new music and wants to bring the r&b group back. Wants to bring r&b music back.

I think this is great. The industry needs it. Fans need it too. JE is a very talented group. We have had a few young r&b groups come on the scene but lately I have not heard to much from them as far as new music and even new music videos.  So it will be a fresh of air to hear JE back making music.

You know what will be good readers? If Ki-C and JoJo and the group Jodeci can get their demons right (ie drinking-drugs), and follow JE and make some new music for all their fans. That will be off the hook. Man…..if Jodeci would have hit the stage at the BET Awards things would have been real wild. Now I have to say this. I have seen some recent performances of Ki-C and JoJo and their performance was one word  TERRIBLE.

So like I said folks, let’s hope they can clean up and get Jodeci back and they can join Jagged Edge and maybe Silk and even Boys II Men can make a “mainstream” hit music again. It will make a lot us happy.

Gordon Curvey

Listen to the “Hot 12” with D Duane RIGHT HERE! Just click the “podcast” link above and enjoy the program!

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KUBE93’s Eric Powers Tweet To The Legendary Chuck D Right Here!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

rosenberg_400Many of you know I am speaking out big time on Seattle, Washington based KUBE93 led by program director Eric Powers. And I am following “the lead” of one of founders and father’s of hip-hop/rap Public Enemy lead man Chuck D. A member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

Chuck D is fired up because of the lack of radio airplay for local artists, not just on Hot 97 in New York but radio stations everywhere including now KUBE93 here in Seattle. Thank god for Chuck because he has NEVER been a artist just to make a album and perform shows and sit back and count his money. No this is not the dude!!

He speaks out on issues concerning African Americans and people of color. He is known for this all over the world. He makes money not just from Public Enemy and Flavor Flav, he speaks at universities and other places. That is Chuck D.

So I reached out to Chuck via Twitter the other day regarding KUBE93 after learning about Chuck speaking out about Hot 97’s Summer Jam and Chuck hit me back and I sent him more info on KUBE. And soon Chuck hit Eric via Twittter.

And readers I was SHOCKED let me repeat SHOCKED at what Eric Powers said back to Chuck and here it is:



PD of KUBE93/Seattle Eric Powers and his sidekick Derty Harry… Please respond to emails & calls regarding your AIR


Get your facts right…this is weak man!


Eric Powers HAS THE FREAKIN NERVE TO TRY PUT CHUCK D ON BLAST!!!!! Maybe Eric had to many beers that night or something readers!!

Sorry to say readers BUT there is now two white guys who have now “tried” to fire back at Chuck D because he has THE NERVE to speak out on the current state of radio not giving local artist love during prime time and the names are Eric Powers and this fella Rosenberg who is a DJ on Hot 97 in New York.

Having said that, listen to Rosenburg’s comments about Chuck D below as well as Chuck D’s on the departed “Arsenio Hall Show” a few months back when he discussed his feelings about local artists and more. On the “M.I.C-TV Ustream” webcast I found a song I had via VHS by Public Enemy from 1998 called “Give It Up” and there is a couple of seconds where the picture is messed up but that’s it.

I hope local artists in Seattle and Tacoma area will STAND UP and make your voices heard!!

Listen readers I let Chuck D know what is going on and that is the only time local artists besides Macklemore and Ryan Lewis get radio airplay is 11PM ON SUNDAY NIGHT on a program called “Sound Sessions”

Next time I will address a local legend who has a radio show on KUBE93. Stay tuned.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


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Legendary Chuck D On A Mission For Hip-Hop Music

chuckdposterARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

As some of my followers and fans know I am a outspoken young man (lol) who is not scared to speak up on issues. From sports to entertainment to politics and more. I am not the “normal” African American Seattle resident who seem to be worried about their “rep”. So many say silent.

I am not the one! Hopefully you have checked out my previous story on Seattle’s KUBE93 radio station. First of all, as I said in the story program director Eric Powers has decided to ban me from their Summer Jam the last six or seven years. Only Eric and music director Karen Wild and others know why. At first Powers toward me they cannot let me backstage for possible interviews because if they let me backstage they have to let other media. But that is bullshit.

Anyway again this year Powers blocked me and my audience of “Music Inner City TV” from coverage backstage at the Gorge. Meanwhile I went on Facebook and saw people I know and don’t know just hanging out backstage, but ya boy was blackballed by Eric.

So I listened to the SJ at home on KUBE decided to allow the language over the air from Too Short, Seattle’s own Sir Mix A Lot and Ice Cube and E-40 and other. Other words “nigga” and “fuckin holes” and “shake them tiddies” and more was coming though online from the SJ and I was shocked. Why? Because even though the internet is free speech. I just did not think KUBE would allow this speech over the air.

Boy was I wrong! All this readers with plenty of kids in the audience. First of all, why would ANY parent bring their kid to the Summer Jam knowing Too Short  and others are performing. WHY? But I still blame KUBE. Just like the legendary leader of Public Enemy Chuck D blaming Hot 97 for their Summer Jam and more. Chuck is VERY upset at “urban” radio for allowing artist to use the N word to be used a million times at their events. PLUS Chuck D is upset at Hot 97 for not allowing local NY artists to perform at the SJ and over the air. Well this is what I am speaking out about when it comes to KUBE93.

Chuck D means business. Hot 97 has tried to fire back at Chuck. This dj who I will NOT use his name “tried” to put Chuck D on blast over the air on Hot 97 the other day. The station has a reality show on TV also. Well guess what? This dj was BLASTED in social media for trying to blast Chuck D. A flat out legend and a member with Flavor Flav of the Rock N Roll Of Fame. I went online and saw people’s views and EVERYONE supported Chuck and his views!! It was shocking!!

So I was happy that I have backup in my mission from a flat out legend. Here is the TERRIBLE part readers. I put my feeling online at my Facebook page regarding KUBE93 and the N word. I also spoke up about KUBE not giving local Seattle/Tacoma artists prime time air spins. BUT instead of support like Chuck D got in NY etc, CERTAIN PEOPLE STARTED TO PUT ME ON BLAST FOR STANDING UP AGAINST KUBE93!! THIS IS CRAZY!! I mean cats was coming out of the woodwork against me!! CRAZY!!

Yes I got support BUT many others said why I am speaking on KUBE, listen to internet radio and other excuses that I did not see in responses to Chuck D speaking out. JUST AMAZING!! I have to realize I am in Seattle. It seems we are LOST. VERY VERY LOST!! Maybe it is the cloudy weather. I just do not understand us in the Seattle area. It seems folks want to line KUBE93 and Clear Channel’s pockets and bank accounts.

I am not going to be quiet on this topic of KUBE93 and their treatment of African Americans. If certain backwards thinking people want to blast me WHEN I AM TRYING TO HELP THEM then so be it. I am a big boy. Some have said I want something. This is the BACKWORDS THINKING OF NEGROS IN THE SEATTLE AREA. This is one of the reasons why WE DON’T HAVE A DAMN THING IN OUR AREA BUT CHURCHES, BAR B CUE JOINTS AND BEAUTY SHOPS/BARBER SHOPS.

Meanwhile Asians and now East Africans have TAKEN OVER THE RAINIER VALLEY AND CENTRAL AREA where the African American WAS AND I SAY WAS!! Because we do not have that community we used to have anymore. OK I will be back with more news soon folks. And stay tuned because I am not one of the lazy Seattle area Negros!    Gordon Curvey

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Where Is The Local Artist Airplay On KUBE93?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

ericpowersToday I as write this Seattle radio station is holding it’s KUBE93 Summer Jam at the Gorge in Eastern Washington state. And again led by program director Eric Powers, they have blocked “Music Inner City TV” from covering the event.

Now check this out readers. We can cover many Hollywood events including a big golf event on Monday with a big red carpet and stars BUT Eric Powers has blocked us from covering the Summer Jam for about six years in a row. It is a outrage. It is wrong. And yes it is racism. Powers did buy me a nice sound system for my PC after I had a terrible fire in 2005. And I was and still am grateful for that.

But if you know me I have to stand up for my power106protestfolks. And truth be told KUBE93 is not playing local artists during primetime. That is between 3pm and 8pm. The only time KUBE93 plays local artist music is on Sunday night’s “Sound Sessions” at 11pm. That is when the least amount of people are listening to the radio!! Come on readers this is a damn shame!!

You know what readers? Cats in Los Angeles and the Bay Area got together and protested big time against Power 106 in L.A. (pic here in this article of the L.A. Power 106 protest) To say the program director PLAY LOCAL ARTISTS MUSIC!! And guess what? Now Power 106 and also KMEL in the Bay is playing local artists music during PRIMETIME!! Unlike KUBE93. And they will not until cats STAND UP AND PROTEST!! Make your voices heard!

Listen artists. If you plan out being somebody in the music game you have to get local radio stations like KUBE93 to play your music. If you just want to be what I call a “ghetto celebrity” then continue doing what you are doing.

Finally at the Summer Jam, AGAIN KUBE93 stuck local artists at SECONDARY stage to perform instead of performing on the MAIN STAGE AND THIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG!! This local label Lane Records sponsored the secondary stage this year at KUBE’s Summer Jam. And they had to spend a pretty penny for that. ALL THE ARTIST THAT PLAYED OR WILL PLAY THE SECONDARY STAGE IS GETTING ZERO RADIO AIRPLAY DURING PRIMETIME ON KUBE93!!! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??

The other day there was a so called “networking” event here in Seattle. Was standing up for local airplay on KUBE and other local stations Movin 92.5 and a new station 103.7 discussed? HELL NO! It is time for cats to get their head out of the Northwest clouds!! STAND UP AND BE COUNTED AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!! Don’t be happy for where you are at. It is time for folks to STOP GIVING MONEY TO KUBE93 because when you do that they are running all the way to the damn bank OFF THE BACKS OF AFRICAN AMERICANS!! When a station that has NEVER had a AFRICAN AMERICAN DJ DURING PRIMETIME, something is VERY WRONG!!

I am not finished with this topic so turned readers.

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What Is Up With Pharrell Williams/Is He Out Of Control?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

PHARRELL-ELLE-UK-570I guess sometimes certain people or certain entertainers or even politicians get to a place in life and they think they can say or do anything. Maybe Pharrell Williams is one of these people.

Don’t get it twisted, Williams first is a very very talented writer of songs. I am not going to say he is a great singer because let’s keep it real he is not a great singer since he makes songs like “Happy” whose melody and harmony is good it covers up his lack of singing ability.

But Pharrell is it seems is so full of himself that he comes out at events wearing this STUPID pharrell-girlcoverlooking hat on his head and then puts out a cd called “Girls” with all light skinned black ladies. Yo Pharrell check this out bro, ALL BLACK LADIES ARE NOT LIGHT SKINNED!! There are PLENTY of dark skinned beautiful black ladies. Maybe because his lady is a light skinned lady of color then he says to himself he can get by putting all light skinned black females on his cover. Yeah..right!

Then recently Williams for some unknown and crazy reason put’s on a Native American head cover on the front Elle Magazine in the UK.

What is this brothas problem? Should he have realized that PLENTY of Native Americans and Native Americans groups would not be happy with him? Let’s keep it real readers. Where was Pharrell’s mind at or where is it now? Is he thinking correctly? Or maybe this cat just does not care right? Maybe he thinks he is a star and can get by with anything.

I hope the Native American community let’s Pharrell know in a strong way (and they are) that going on a magazine with a full Native American head dress on your freakin head when you are NOT a Native American is FLAT OUT WRONG! And making a cover called “Girls” with all light skinned black ladies of color BUT zero dark skinned ladies is FLAT OUT WRONG! As you can see I am not “happy”.  Gordon Curvey

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Dark Skinned Ladies Left Off Of Pharrell’s Cover?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

pharrell-girlcoverHave you seen the cover of “Girl” by Pharrell? There are no dark skinned ladies on the cover. The question is why readers? Was this planned by Pharrell or what. People are wondering what is really going on.

It seems their are problems with brothers and dark skinned females. I am wondering what is the reason. Yes Oscar winner Lupita is dark skinned and folks just look around on TV and in the movies out of Hollywood and look at gossip magazines and gossip programs like “The Insider” and “Access Hollywood” and “Extra” etc. Do you see stories on dark skinned African American ladies or just dark skinned females?

The answer sorry to say is no. Does Hollywood have a problem with dark skinned females? Do guys like Pharrell and Kanye West and director Steve McQueen and many others have a problem with dark skinned ladies?

I don’t give a damn what excuse Pharrell says in his response to the exclusion of dark skinned ladies on this album cover for “Girls” The bottom is DARK SKINNED LADIES ARE LEFT OFF THE COVER!! PERIOD!!

The question is why? Are guys afraid to be seen with dark skinned ladies or what readers? Do cats think they will be treated better by lighter skinned ladies? What is the problem? I am trying to figure this out.

So yes I love Pharrell’s music etc BUT I am having a problem with his album cover where a dark skinned female is nowhere in sight. The question readers is why is this going on?     Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: Prince

Prince Performs “Munity” on Arsenio Hall Show (Click here)

BET Awards '06 - ShowI have had conversations recently about the state of urban music today with a few friends and it was very interesting to hear other people’s opinion on the state of urban music today. I have my strong opinions.

Then I turn on “The Arsenio Hall Show” and saw a performer who has stood the test of time and marches to his own beat and for years has made his own style and does his own thing in the tough music business and his name is Prince. Prince has his own built in fans who follow him and his music for years and years since he arrived on the music scene in the late 80’s. He is one of a kind.

Prince is not a fan of the internet and that is a fact. He feels people are downloading music and many times artists are not getting paid what they should be paid. He made that point on Arsenio’s program. Fans of Prince know he really does not do to many interviews so it was great to see and hear the Purple One be a guest on Hall’s program and answer questions. He even answered questions from the audience.

The song “Munity” is pure FUNK!! Real music. The way music was back in the day. A song that makes you want to dance. A great tune. Classic Prince for sure. Young artist need to learn from a artist like Prince. He is a GREAT artist and a GREAT entertainer!! The one and only…Prince!

Gordon Curvey

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Why Does Tiny Harris Have To Put “Assets” Online For Everybody”?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

tinyassetsI have been looking for a car to drive and do my business so I have obtained a nice car and I can get back to putting hopefully interesting stories and information for you the readers of “Music Inner City News Magazine”

One story I found kind of bothers me. And that is the lady of T.I. putting pics of her in a swimsuit that shows her “assets” to everyone on Instagram for worldwide viewing. Why would “Tiny” Harris do this and what is the freakin point readers? What is trying to prove? I don’t understand. How does her and T.I.’s kids feel about this?

Fellas would you like your wive to post pics online half naked to folks to see? I am sorry I would like it. I guess Tiny Harris wants everyone to know that see has a big ass right?

This is why their are rumors that their is problems in the marriage of T.I. and Tiny. They say it is not true. But something does not seem right in their relationship. Maybe I am wrong.

“Tiny has tried to do a talk show called “Tiny Tonight” and in my strong opinion it was TERRIBLE!! Maybe one of the worst talk shows in talk show history in my opinion. It did not bring NOTHING to the table. If the producers of that program thought that “Tiny Tonight” was a entertaining program..THEY WERE BIG TIME WRONG!!

Tiny as many of you know was a singer in the group Xscape back in the day. Maybe Tiny needs to get back to singing. That would be a good thing. I think the pics she posted online was tasteless and not needed for her to do. And if I was T.I. I would not be happy. This is just how I feel readers. Again maybe I am wrong.

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New Music From NBA Player Metta World Peace

ARTICLE/SONG FROM (please click here)

NEW “Music Inner City Store” from! Mugs, hats, t-shirts, sweaters and much more!

As we sports fans know a lot of sports players also get behind the mic and throw down the lyrics as far as hip-hop and r&b music. In the past “A.I.” Allen Iverson and others have got behind the mic. Even get this….Kobe Bryant tried to rap.

Bryant tried to rap and a few years ago put out in my opinion one of WORST rap songs of all time with model Tyra Banks singing!!! I am telling you it was TERRIBLE!!!! Have not heard from the “Black Mumba” doing another song. THANK GOODNESS!! As far as Iverson…the dude has rapping skills. He really does. Now since he is retired from the NBA maybe he might try to rap again. We will see.

Another NBA player who has tried to rap is Metta World Peace (formally Ron Artest). I have a few of his music videos that I have played on my music video/interview program “Music Inner City TV” here in Western Washington state and here online. Truth be told Metta has done not to bad of a job. Some of his joints are not that bad. Or guess I can say I have heard worse for sure.

M.W.P. who is now playing for the New York Knicks in the area where he grew up at records a few joints during the off season the last few years. He know has a new joint called “Peace” Please click the link about to hear the new song. Like I said I have heard much worse readers. That is for sure. Of course most people think it is a big joke that NBA and NFL players try to rap

In my opinion Metta’s music is not a joke. He takes his music serious. He really does and it shows in the songs he has put our the years and so he does not want to be a joke. H really wants to be known as NBA player who can really rap. So listen to the song “Peace” by Metta World Peace and form your own opinions.    Gordon Curvey

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“One Man’s Opinion”/Topic: Chris Brown And His Troubles

I don’t know about you but I am FED UP reading and hearing about the troubles of the still young and VERY talented Chris “Brezzy” Brown and I am wondering when will the negativity stop?

Of course we all know about his savage beating of Rihanna in Los Angeles. And since then it is one thing after another when it comes to Brown. It seems trouble follows him. And since he is such a star social media and shows/websites like TMZ etc follows Chris and is waiting big time for another problem to happen to Brown so they can blow it up!

Brown who is 24 is already on probation for his problems with Rihanna. And he has had a number of incidents after the Rihanna beating BUT he always seems to escape jail time but for sure Brown can afford top of the line lawyers and he has just that. So when he gets in trouble his lawyers work to get him from going to jail. And it has happened again!

Brown got in trouble AGAIN in D.C. this past week and AGAIN his lawyers worked it for Brezzy not to go to jail. Then I see Brown has checked himself into anger management. And we know he needs it for real! Will it help Chris? I sure hope so readers because Brown is such a talented dude. He is a triple threat. He can act, sing and dance. Just like Beyonce and Usher and back in the day the late great Sammy Davis Jr. He has many years to go as a entertainer if he can clean up the negativity. Because if he does not clean up his “act” he will not make it past his 30th birthday!

We will keep you informed on the problems of Chris Brown right here in “M.I.C News Magazine”   Gordon Curvey

Watch “Music Inner City TV” via Ustream TV RIGHT HERE! Streaming 24-7 on-demand! Entertainment and sports news plus a little politics and exclusive interviews and hip-hop/r&b/pop music videos. Hosted by Gordon Curvey from our studio here in Seattle, Washington (US)

I will tackle stories the media in Seattle/Tacoma will not touch. Advertise with us by calling 206-445-3989 or email us at and on Facebook at

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Why Are Rap Artists Supporting Miley And Her Actions?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I am sure you saw former child star Miley Cyrus performance during the MTV Video Awards with Robin Thicke. It was terrible in my strong opinion readers. Let me repeat…terrible.

Of course we all know it was planned by Cyrus to “stand out from the rest” And I guess she did right? Sticking her tongue out and putting her ass all up on Robin. It was a outrage. Put the next day all the entertainment programs were talking about Miley on MTV just like she wanted. Her plan worked out just fine.

But I have a huge problem with rap artists supporting her and terrible so called performance on the MTV Video Awards. Why are certain artists standing up for Miley? I don’t understand. Is that the way they want they daughter to perform if they enter the music industry? I don’t think so readers. And how come her famous dad is supporting her daughter? I just do not understand. Of course Billy has been riding her freakin coattails anyway right?

Then she follows it up with another so called performance at the I Heart concert in Vegas with outfit on that you can see her breasts but her nipples were covered up. But guess what folks? Everything is working for Miley. Her song was #1 on the charts. UNREAL!!

Gordon Curvey

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Kanye West & Ray J Continue Beef In The Public/WHY?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I think it is ashame that entertainers have to go at each other in the public online or on a so called new song or in other ways like Facebook or Twitter. Some of these beefs get real real serious to the point somebody gets hurt. In other words these beefs are no joke. Someone can get hurt or even killed!

So now we have Kanye West and Ray J going at each other. And truth be told Ray J had it coming from West after for some reason going in a studio and cutting a stupid joint called “I Hit It First” WHY ON EARTH WOULD RAY J DO THAT READERS??

What the so called song is about is Ray J and his relationship with Kim Kardishian.  Of course Ray J and Kim made a very famous sex tape a few years ago during their relationship. So now Kim is with Kanye and even has a baby with West. By the way have you seen a pic a baby? The baby is cute as hell. So why would Ray J make that so called song? It is crazy!!

So West has fired back at Ray J calling Ray J “Brandy’s little sister” WHEW!! That is deep!! Look out for West. He is a lyrical king who will write a joint about Ray J that will be hot!! You can believe that! Ray J will not be able to answer back unless someone writes the joint for him and that is for sure!! Ray J is just hatin that West has Kardishian and he does not. Then again it seems Ray J thinks he is playa.

What I don’t like is all this crap between these two brothas in the public eye. In my opinion this stuff should be kept private between West and Ray J. There was no need for Ray J to go into a studio and make a song called “I Hit It First” HOW STUPID!! Truth be told this song was put out a few months ago and he waited to get back at Ray J. But as I said readers, Ray J is flat out wrong and had it coming from Kanye calling him Brandy’s little sister. Look out folks because their is more to come in this SILLY so called beef.

Gordon Curvey

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Faith Evans & The Trayvon Martin Killing/What Is The Difference?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Watch the latest edition of “Sports Inner City TV” from Century Link Stadium and a interview with Seattle Seahawk Walter Thurmond and more. “Sports Inner City Online”

I was online looking for stories for “Music Inner City News Magazine” and saw this story regarding singer Faith Evans. As we know or maybe you are young and do not know but Evans is the wife of the late Notorious B.I.G Who was shot and killed in 1997 in L.A. after a Soul Train Awards after party. I had just left Los Angeles heading back to Seattle from the Soul Train Awards when this killing happened.

Evans has dealt with one problem for years and years and that is who in the hell killed Biggie. One thing for sure everyone knows who killed Trayvon Martin. It is ashame that Faith has to go to bed every night knowing that the killer of Biggie has not been found. Plus she has to constantly tell the kid now a teenager that the killer of their dad has not been found. This is terrible.

Maybe one day Faith Evans as well as the mom and family of 2Pac and Jam Master J will FINALLY find out who killed their family member and then they can finally relax knowing the truth has finally came to past.

It is amazing to me that the killers of Biggie, Jam Master J and Pac have not been named. We all now that cats in L.A. and N.Y. know who killed these icons been they remain silent. This is a outrage knowing families are still suffering. How can this happen readers just how can this happen? These murders have to be solved!

Shout out to Faith for staying strong. I have always had respect for her as a beautiful lady and artist. Let’s hope she can go to bed one night and sleep well knowing the killer of Biggie was finally found or named.   Gordon Curvey

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How And Why Did Kris Jenner Obtain A Talk Show On TV

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full article)

Some of you may already know I have been a hugh critic of the Kardashian Family. I have always wondered why they are so popular on TV for the last few years with their reality programs.

None of the family can sing or dance or act so what makes them so big on TV readers and I am just amazed why they are making millions of dollars being on TV. Their reality gets renewed year after year.

People just love their programs. It is just amazing folks. I have watched their shows from time time and try to understand the Kardashian Family and why they are so popular. I just can never figure them out.

When you go to Wal-Mart or any big store with a magazine rack you will see magazines with stories about members of the Kardashian Family on many of magazines on the front page of any store.

Now the leader of the Kardashian klan, Kris Jenner is doing her thing as a talk show host on Fox. How on earth did Kris Jenner obtain a freakin talk show? Is it who you know? What is it. She has no experience, can’t sing, cannot dance and cannot act. What talents does she have readers? Again I just do not understand what is going on.

Next month Arsenio Hall and Queen Latifah have new talk shows starting on TV. Of course Hall is returning to the airwaves after being away for almost two decades. But one thing for sure we know he can pull huge entertainers and sports stars and politicians and Latifah is a huge star. By the way Latifah is a former guest on my program “Music Inner City TV” I think her program will do well.

I have noticed Kanye West was a recent guest on Jenners program. Of course West is the father of baby born to one of Jenners daughters Kim. Word is mom Kris was not happy with Kim dating a rapper. But Kris said those rumors were wrong. I have not watched Jenners program but I will one day.

But again I just do not understand why the Kardashian’s family is so big on TV. It is beyond me. Lets see how long kris Jenners program stays on Fox. This will be very interesting to see how many well known guests she can get. I will keep you informed.   Gordon Curvey

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Chaka Khan Says She Will Not Perform In Florida

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I am so glad to see performers lining up to say they will not perform in the state of Florida because of George Zimmerman case in which he was found not guilty by the mostly jury for the killing of young 17 year Trayvon Martin last year.

Performers are saying they are not happy with the laws in Florida that makes it OK for Zimmerman to walk free while Trayvon is dead and his parents are suffering. So artists like Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder and Justin Timberlake and Madonna and Trey Sonz and others say they will not perform in Florida. This is great.

It is time for the state of Florida and many other states to wake up and smell the freakin coffee. Folks are hip to stand your ground law now and are speaking up big time. And they mean business. And you can bet that many more entertainers will agree with other stars and will not perform in Florida until things change. That is for sure readers. Folks are real serious.

Florida and other states need to realize the stand your ground law is just not fair. For sure for people of color. When you look at the rally’s in different cities recently held, people of all colors marched together.

And believe me the rally’s are not over. People are upset with the Zimmerman case knowing that Zimmerman is walking free after killing Trayvon. It hurts me every time I see Martin’s parents on TV. You can see the pain and suffering in their face. It really hurts.

What is going on now is a new civil rights time in America. Young and old are joining in to speak out. Of course clowns like Hannity and O’Reilly and Rush don’t like folks speaking out about the Trayvon death because they think Martin was in the wrong and should have been killed by Zimmerman.

So people are trying to let folks on the right that again they mean business and they will continue to hold rally’s and marches all over America!  Gordon Curvey



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Music Inner City TV Bio: “Uncle Charlie” Charlie Wilson

BIO FROM (Full bio click here)

I was not going to watch the BET Awards for their flat out mis-treatment of my program “Music Inner City TV” BUT I turned on the show just in time to watch the legendary “Uncle Charlie” Charlie Wilson TURN IT OUT!

On stage with Charlie was Justin Timberlake, Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg) and Pharrell. I mean they turned it out folks singing jams by Wilson. Everyone in the building was standing up moving and clapping their hands. For sure Wilson is a legend and can fall back with many hits by himself and with his band The Gap Band and with him making music with many other artists.

Charlie has for sure had his ups and downs. He got caught up on drugs big time but with the help of god and a good lady who stood by his side, (wish I can find a lady like that!!) Wilson came back after a long time away from the industry and came back big and “Uncle Charlie” is respected as a “OG” in the game. He is respected by older folks and the young generation, rappers and r&b singers. The man is just a legend. Real talk.

Keep doing what you are doing Uncle Charlie! We love ya and love ya music and thanks for what you have done for r&b music.

Gordon Curvey

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Will Smith Leads “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” Reunion


There is a TV show that ran for six years in the 90’s and is still funny today when you watch it and that is “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” starring Will Smith.  Smith left the program so he can become a huge Hollywood star and make millions and millions of dollars. The program could have went a few more years.

“Music Inner City Video Podcast”/6-3-2013/Mixing music & sports/Topic: Indiana Pacers Roy Hibbert plus a classic music video by Toni Braxton. 24-7 on-demand. Watch via smartphones, macs, tablets etc. Via USTREAM TV! Below.

Of course Will was a rap star before “Fresh Prince” with his group “DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince”. The group sold millions with the big hit “Parents Just Don’t Understand” It put Smith in the public eye and he has never left. Hell the dude used his real name in the freakin TV show for six years!! It was a real funny program that I watch all the time to this day. It is a funny show. Period.

Smith and his son Jaden have been around all over the world talking about their new movie “After Earth” and movie that started today (May 31st). Just about all of Smith’s movies sell millions and millions. This is a fact. So Smith and his son went on the “Graham Nash Show” in England the other day to talk about the movie and all of a sudden a reunion of the “Fresh Prince” happened on the show.

It started with Smith and his son raping to the theme song of “Fresh Prince” with his childhood friend and a member of “Fresh Prince” crew and of course a member of his group, DJ Jazzy Jeff on the ones and twos. Then another member of “Fresh Prince” Alphonso Rebeiro was invited on stage by Will and he did his famous “Carlton Banks” dance to the song “Jump On It” by the Sugar Hill Gang. It was great. Watch the performance by clicking the link above.

The crowd went crazy. It was great seeing Will  and DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alphonso back together again. The performance has BLEW UP on You Tube with over 11 million views. So it goes to show Will at 44 is still very popular and “Fresh Prince” is still very popular. Who know folks, it might start talk of a “Fresh Prince” reunion with everyone else in the near future. Who knows.        Gordon Curvey

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Brandy Is Not Happy With Little Bro New Joint

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If you know something about the relationship between singer/actress Brandy Norwood and her little brother Ray J you would realize that she really loves her brother and cares about him big time. You saw that in the Ray J/Brandy reality program that was on the air a few years ago.

Some people thought after watching the reality show that at times it seemed Brandy was jealous of Ray J because at that time Ray J was a hot r&b star with a big monster hit/reality show. I never thought that at all. I thought it was Brandy a vet in the game trying to give her little brother some advice. Telling him to slow his roll. Dude had a sex tape out with Kim Kadashian, had a reality show with him deciding who he wanted among these hot females and more.

Brandy is Ray J’s big sister. She has been in the music game much longer than Ray J. If you watched the reality shows with the Norwood family you saw Brandy and her mom and dad trying to give Ray J advice about his career. But of course he did not listen. He said he is a big boy sort of speak. A lot of times he did not listen to mom, dad or big sis.

So now readers Ray J for some unknown freakin reason has put out a new song called “I Hit It First” SAY WHAT?????? The WORST NAME OF A SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD!! Why ON EARTH would Ray J put out a joint about having sex with his ex Kim Kadashian who of course is about to have a baby with Kanye West real soon. What would Ray J write and record a stupid song called “I Hit It First”? Of course big sis Brandy ain’t happy with lil bro’s new song and I don’t blame her at all.

Wonder how the Kadashian and Norwood Family feel about this new song by Ray J about hitting up Kim K. in the bedroom before Kanye. STUPID AND CRAZY!! I don’t blame big sis Brandy for not feeling lil bro’s new joint. Real talk.   Gordon Curvey

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Kelly Rowland Has A Problem Being “Chocolate”

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Here is a question for Kelly Rowland. WHY WHY WHY would you have a problem being “chocolate” girlfriend? I just do not understand. When I first saw this article I got upset at the former Destiny’s Star member.

Rowland is a beautiful African American female and she should be very proud to be a chocolate female!!

I guess Kelly and other “darker” skin females look at music videos and watch gossip shows like “The Insider” and “Access Hollywood” and “Extra”and they don’t see darker skin stars being discussed on the problems. The question I guess is why?

Does Hollywood have a problem with “chocolate” females like Kelly Rowland? The answer is a big fat YES!! By the way Kelly is a actress and a good one too. Does Rowland look at the lighter skin friends like Beyoncé and Michelle Williams and feels “jealous”? But why should she feel jealous? Kelly Rowland is a fine sista to me and MANY others.

Someone really needs to sit down with Rowland and make it VERY clear to her she is beautiful just the way she is and their is NOTHING wrong with being a “chocolate” sista. And just because the gossip shows do not discuss chocolate ladies she should not hang her head. Because I have always thought that Kelly is a fine female. I wish she would record a monster hit song like Beyoncé. Maybe it will happen for her.

Gordon Curvey

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Is Weezy Heading Down The Same Path As Whitney?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I don’t know if you saw that Lil Wayne was recently in the hospital because he had a rough time breathing and other health problems that was related to this problem.

Some are saying that Weezy’s problems are with being hooked on a strong syrup he has been taking for awhile. In my opinion Wayne needs to stop drinking this crap or we will be hearing about him going down the path of the late Whitney Houston. Of course in my opinion Weezy is doing other drugs to that include smoking hella bud.

Wayne is making tons of money and has for years with Cash Money. And now he has been running Young Money. But just listen to Weezy talk. He sounds loaded all the time in my opinion. And from time to time you hear about Weezy doing crazy things and getting in trouble again. When will it stop readers? When he is dead?

Some thought Lil Wayne was going to die last week. Reports had folks giving him his last rights etc. But now he is at home to recover from the problems he was having. But if he keeps drinking the syrup and drinking and smoking etc we will be hearing about Wayne leaving us before he turns 30. It is time for him to change the way he does things.

Weezy is a father and a businessman and a world known rap artist. The thing is Weezy is a very intelligent dude. I have seen him on ESPN’s “First Take” and the cat knows what is going on in the NBA, the NFL and MLB. He knows sports. He was on the show hanging with the big mouth Skip Bayless!!

I am sure he has millions in the bank. But readers if he keeps on doing the drugs, he will not be here to enjoy it and his kids will not have their daddy and Wayne fans will not have any more concerts to go to. Wake up Weezy and smell the coffee bro!! Get your shit together before it is to late.

New “Music Inner City Radio” program with music from the legendary Spinners whose founder Bobby Smith recently passed away at age 76. Smith is the uncle of Seattle resident and business owner and a good friend of “M.I.C-Entertainment”  Tony O. RIP to Bobby Smith and thanks for all the good music you left us to enjoy.

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Jay Z Is Upset About Rihanna Hooking Up With Brezzy Again

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Many of you know I have a problem with Chris aka “Breezy” Brown. I still have a huge problem with this young man on the way be beat up the beautiful singer radio a few years ago in Los Angeles. I was in L.A. when the incident happened.

Readers if you need a reminder on how Brown beat up Rihanna, just Google a pic of her face.  So I am very confused as to why she would go back to Chris and hang out with him etc. I just don’t understand. Yes I know they are young but she should be old enough to know and realize to stay away from Brown. But for some reason she cannot stay away from Chris.

So it is know surprise that Rihanna’s mentor Jay Z is upset at her for going back to Brown. He is like me in his thinking that if he hits you once he can do it again because Brown has shown he has a very bad temper. He has blown up at folks time and time again. This is a fact.

Now I will say this readers. At times I cannot blame Breezy for getting upset at times when he goes to a radio station for a interview and the person doing the interview brings up the Rihanna situation. Sometimes they do it when they were warned before hand not to bring that up. So they do it and he gets uspest walks out of the interviews. Again I don’t blame him.

But again I wish Rihanna can find another fella to be with and I wish Brown can be with another female. Because with Brown’s temper I just think something terrible can happen again down the line. Something the fans of Rihanna and Brown do not want to see.   Gordon Curvey

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Tupac’s Mom Will Release Her Son’s “Entire Body Of Work”

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I saw this story online the other day regarding the mother of the great 2Pac, Afani Shakur. She said she is planning on putting out unreleased music by her late son.

She said “I believe it is our responsibility to make sure that Tupac’s entire body of work is made available for his fans” She went on to say “My son left many incomplete peices and even more unfinished ideas. Using the blueprints he gave us, I am committed to fulfilling this duty.”

It is amazing to me how popular 2Pac’s music is here in 2013. I compare it to how popular Micheal Jordan is. It just goes on and on and on.

2Pac was murdered in 1996 and of course his killer(s) have not been found. Just like Biggie and Jam Master J. It is AMAZING how this can happen!!! How can no one be in jail for the killings of these icons? It is beyond me readers.

I am sure the lovers of 2Pac’s music can’t wait for his mom to put out this unheard music. It seems anyway a new joint featuring Pac is put out from time to time. That is why some folks for some reason think he is still alive.

Pac along with Nas and the late Guru and Chuck D and W.C. and Ice Cube are among my favorite all time rappers. We will let you know right here on “M.I.C New Magazine” when Mrs. Shukur will put out this music by her late son.

NEW “Music Inner City Radio” program coming at ya soon right here on “M.I.C News Magazine” And a new “Sports Inner City Radio” program will be online soon at “Sports Inner City Online” 


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Rihanna Does Not Care What People Think

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The relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown is just crazy! Crazy as hell. Of course you that Chris beat the hell out of Rihanna in Los Angeles a few years ago. I was in town with Twin Tammy J for the Grammys when it happened. Brown was on his way to be the superstar in the music industry.

Brown is a VERY talented young man. He is really. This is a fact. When you go to a Chris Brown show or Usher show, it is just like going to a concert by the late “King Of Pop” Micheal Jackson. It is entertaining as hell. You will not see a dude walking back and forth on the stage holding his nutts and cussing every other word.

And of course Rihanna is VERY talented too. They are both in their early 20’s. One thing for sure I am happy I am not reading about Rihanna or Brezzy using drugs. But you hear other things. Like Rihanna dressing kind of crazy and when she decides not to go back to Chris, she is in the news with other fellas.

The problem is readers, she continues to go back to Brown. WHY WHY WHY?.  I think Rihanna is asking for trouble down the line. I truly think so. The problem is she does not care what we think. If she loves Chris, she is going to go back to him and they will be a couple again.

I just hope we do not wake up one day and hear about Chris Brown attacking Rihanna again. Because as many people have said. If he hits you once….he will do it again. I wish Rihanna would just do her singing and touring and stay away from Brown. It would do so much for her rep in the music community and out. Wake up Rihanna!!   Gordon Curvey

Ray Lewis can ride off into retirement as the Baltimore Ravens beat the 49ers 34-31 in the Super Bowl in New Orleans. The game was stopped when the power went out in the Mercedes Benz Super Dome Stadium. It was crazy! How could that happen in the Super Bowl? Anyway Joe Flacco won the MVP trophy BUT in reality the winner should have been Jacoby Jones who ran back a kickoff 108 yards. By the way Flacco dropped the F word on CBS after the game during a interview. Happy to see Ed Reed winning for the Ravens also!

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