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Destiny’s Child Back Together! Listen To New Single Right Here!

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All you fans of Destiny’s Child have wondered since 2004 if the super group Destiny’s Child would ever hook back up in the studio and record a new album. Well get happy because they are back!

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are back with a new album coming out soon called “Love Songs” produced by Pharrell Williams. And a new single called “Unclear” Listen to the song by clicking the link above.

Truth be told a new album and single by DC is needed in the music industry right now. Because the question is where are the r&b male and female singing groups? They are just not around on the Billboard charts these days. But for sure when Destiny’s Child goes into the studio for anything, it will soon be HOT on the Billboard charts. This is for sure.

And check this out readers. Michelle and Kelly will join Beyonce on stage in a few weeks when B performs at halftime of the Super Bowl. This will be great! We already know this!

So listen to the new single and we will let you know what is going on with the ladies in the future right here on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City News Magazine”   Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: T.I.

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Lately I noticed a lot of positive press on Clifford Harris aka T.I. and this is a good thing. Because for awhile it was nothing but negative when it came to the rapper, actor and business owner.

He has got a pretty long rap sheet when it comes to breaking the law but it seems he has learned his lesson after his last visit to the pen. He is trying to be a great father to his kids and a role model for other kids and is trying to make his company Grand Hustle  something to deal with in music, tv and in Hollywood.

T.I. (pic with our own Seattle Mariner hat on) has shown on his reality show on TV with his wive Tiny that he does not want to be a father his kids do not know. He  is a caring dad to his kids and it seems he has a great relationship with Tiny who he has been with a long time.

With a lot of hip-hop these days sounding the same, when you hear a joint by T.I. you know it is T.I. He is one of my favorite hip-hop artists for sure. He has a new cd coming out soon and like the rest of his past cd’s it will sell big time because T.I. knows how to put out hits. That’s for sure. And he is a good actor too unlike many other rappers who try to act in Hollywood. He can really act. If you have seen his acting you will agree.

And it seems he is doing a lot in the community with toy giveaways at Xmas and turkey giveaways at Thanksgiving and he recently said he would not let a daughter of his date Chris Brown if they were old enough to date Brezzy. We all know what Brown did to Rihanna. That was a great statement.

So a big shout out to T.I. for getting his stuff together on the behalf of his family and fans. The future looks good for him in music and in Hollywood.    Gordon Curvey

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Macklemore Disses African American Media In His Home Town

“One Man’s Opinion” By Gordon Curvey

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I have waited awhile to write about this situation readers. Because in reality at first I was proud of this artist for putting Seattle back on the hip-hop map.

As a lot of you know Seattle’s own Sir Mix-A-Lot led by Nasty Nes and Nastymix Records put Seattle on the hip-hip map in the late 80′s and early 90′s with hit’s like “Posse On Broadway” “My Hooptie” and the monster hit “Baby Got Back”.

That song was a HUGE hit for Mix. And then later Seattle got known for the home of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and other huge bands. But then all of a sudden here comes this cat named Macklemore. And he is for sure making a BIG name for himself in hip-hop/rap music.

But readers their is a problem. As you can see Macklemore is white. I say this because it seems he is disregarding African American media in his home town of Seattle, Washington and it is a problem folks.

A few months ago he came home to play a sold out show. I obtained his latest music video from a promoter back east. Before this show, Macklemore and his hip-hop partner Ryan Lewis went on local radio station KUBE93 with Eric Powers and Dirty Harry (pic). So I knew he made that visit to KUBE93.

So right before Macklemore hit town I requested a short interview with him for my 22 year old legendary northwest program “Music Inner City TV” and was turned down with a terrible excuse.

I was told that Macklemore was ONLY DOING NATIONAL PROGRAMS and interviews because of a “problem with his voice” SAY WHAT????? Not only that, I was told I cannot get tickets to the show!! I am not telling you a lie readers.

Recently Macklemore has appeared on “Ellen” and “Jimmy Fallen” and other programs BUT the African American owned nationally known and award winning program that has interviewed Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Chaka Khan, Al Green, Micheal Jordan, Rick James, Smokey Robinson, Toni Braxton, and on and on….no interview just excuses not to do it. And yes…we have even had a exclusive interview with media icon OPRAH.

But this white hip-hop artist has said no to a interview with his hometown urban music/interview program. What is the problem? Does he think he is too big for my program? We are a 24 hour program on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand. Not on public access folks. So I am putting Macklemore on blast here on “M.I.C News Magazine”

Macklemore needs to realize he is making dollars off of the backs of music that was started by African Americans in the streets of New York. In reality IT IS OUR CULTURE that he is paying his bills on!!

So he needs to wake up and realize that KUBE93 does not run Seattle’s hip-hip scene. It is shows like “E’s Way Radio” and of course “Music Inner City TV” Someone needs to make Macklemore aware of this, as quick as you rise to the top…the quicker you can fall. REAL TALK.

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Music Inner City Bio: Justin Bieber


I have sat back and watched all the press and articles etc on teen heart thob and idol Justin Bieber.

Wondering just how talented this kid is. And I have finlly made up my mind.

For sure readers, Justin Bieber is a very talented artist and performer. I went to You Tube and watched a lot of video of Bieber when he was a little kid performing for his mom at age 5 and 6 and he could really sing then.

Everyone now knows the story of how Justin was discovered. And now he can’t go anywhere without cameras flashing and a big traffic mess. Bierber says he has had a normal childhood or as normal as possible. Yeah right!!! That ain’t true.

Did you watch the Oprah interview with Bieber? It was great. It showed me he is “trying” to grow up as normal as possible for a young fella that is worth millions and millions of dollars and has A BILLION….THAT’S RIGHT A BILLION hits on You Tube! This is crazy readers!!

He is as popular as Micheal Jackson was. The Beatle’s was. Frank Sinatra was etc. He is a icon already at such a young age.

The question is this. As he gets older, how long will this popularity last? Will Justin Bieber continue to be this worldwide pop idol or will he slowly drift away and we will wonder what happened to him? I guess we will see what happens.    Gordon Curvey

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The Game Gives Back To The Community In Compton

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If you readers know anything about the 22 year history of “Music Inner City TV” and “Music Inner City News Magazine” you know I try to bring you information that the “majority” media will not bring to the table.

So many times African American males and even females but for sure males are made out to be “thugs” and have a police record a mile long. You hear about black men who hit their lady or a black man who is caught with drugs and etc. Not enough is said about POSITIVE things African American men do in the community. So we try to change that here at M.I.C!

That is why I bring you this information about rap artist The Game. So many times you hear about The Game in the news about negative crap. Which I have to keep it real, most of it his own fault.  But deep down inside, the cat is a good dude if you can get past the “thug” image he raps about in a lot of his songs and some something portrays in his life.

For the last few years The Game has posted up in Compton at Thanksgiving and gave away plenty of free turkeys to families in the Compton, California area. He also gives away free toys for kids at Xmas time. This is great on his part to take time and some of his money to make sure some families will have a big turkey on the table at Thanksgiving and some Xmas gifts under the tree at Xmas.

But as I said you will not hear about this kindness on CNN or MSNBC or Fox News!! No way!! But that is why we have Vibe and the Jet Magazine and Ebony Magazine and others including us here at “Music Inner City Entertainment” and our sister sports site “Sports Inner City Online” at so we can let you readers know that people of color like The Game do positive things too!!    Gordon Curvey

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Braxton Sisters To Pitch New Talk Show Soon

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If any of you are fans of our website (and a lot of you are from all over the world and I thank you) you know I have put some of the Braxton’s on blast…mainly Tamar.

Main reason I put Tamar on blast is because I feel that she is using big hubby Vince for his money and she has used her big sis Toni name to boost her career. Have you watched the reality show with Vince and Tamar? It is obvious as two left shows that Tamar is taking advantage of poor Vince. He just does not see it because he is sprung if you know what I mean.

Any way the rest of the sisters including Toni want to start a new talk show. The show would be like “The View” With different topics and guests and a segment with Mama Braxton also. I think it is a good idea that might work.

There is a lot of new talk shows that have started or will be starting like Steve Harvey, Katie, a new talk show with Queen Latifah, the return of Ricki Lake,  and more. So add the Braxton sistas maybe on the list.

Of course the Braxton’s possible talk show will feature new songs from Toni and the sisters. As of now Tamar is not involved because she is with Tiny Harris (rapper/actor T.I.’s wive) new late night talk show starting soon on VH1. We will keep you up to date on the possible new talk show by the Braxton sisters.    Gordon Curvey

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T-Boz Blasting So Called Reality Stars With No Talent

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I watched for the first time in awhile “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” today and saw a bunch a motor mouth females with one thing in common……NO TALENT!!

New cast member the beautiful Kanya Moore has her own movie production company and she is a former Miss America. But have you seen her act? She is terrible for real! She cannot act what so ever.

So Ms Moore is joining the rest of the no talent crew of RHOA. The same goes for other motor mouth sistas on “Basketball Wives Of L.A.” and  “Chrissy and Jim” (why they got a show is beyond me) and other reality shows.

So when I came upon the article about fomer member of the super group TLC, T-Boz saying reality shows is full of folks with no talent, I said YES!!! Toz is telling the truth because in her opinion and my mind too reality shows should be about stars like Lil Wayne or Jay Z and Beyonce or Lady Ga Ga or Usher. Not NeNe and others with ZERO talent. Just a loud voice and a big booty!

Thank god for reality shows that feature people with talent like Mary Mary and Keyshia Cole or T.I. Those are the reality shows that are real.

So I will be watching T-Boz new reality show on TLC that will be starting soon because another member of TLC, Chilli’s reality show was real good. Also I have always respected T-Boz as beautiful African American female who has faught illness but continues to fight and stay a respected woman.    Gordon Curvey

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Is Minaj And Carey Battle Made Up For Ratings?

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I am sure you guys have saw the news about Nicki Minaj cussing out Mariah Carey on the set of “American Idol” recently. I saw this story and said to myself “What in the hell is this” I could not believe this story.

Why would Nicki want to cuss out Carey? To me these two are completely different personalities. Different as night and day. One is a rapper with a few hits and one is a mega-star that has sold millions and million of records and most likely is worth about $500 million. Has this problem between the two got out of hand? Some say it has. Some say this crap is made up.

There is a report that Minaj has said she would hurt Carey. So Mariah has brought in more sucurity on the set of “Idol”. Man this is CRAZY readers!! What is REALLY going on?

The question needs to be asked. Is this “battle” between these superstar females real or made up for rathings of a program whose ratings have been going downhill the last few years? I think it is made up for ratings. But then again I could be wrong. Maybe these two females just cannot stand each other. This could be true.

Some say Carey and another superstar female “J-Lo” Jennifer Lopez, who used to be a judge on “Idol” are superstars but also are “real” sisters from the hood or inner city and the hood or inner city have not left them despite their millions.

Anyway we will keep you up to date on the date on the Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey “battle” right here on “M.I.C News Magazine”   Gordon Curvey

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Ooh Ooh NBA Players Trying To Rap Again….Will They Ever Give Up?

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I ran across this article and I said I have to write about it. And that is NBA players “trying” to show their skills in rapping again. I said to myself “Ooh Ooh again…NBA players trying to rap”

A few years ago I was sent a few cd singles in the mail. One by “The Black Mumba” L.A. Laker superstar Kobe Bryant (f) Tyra Banks. I am telling you the truth……Tyra Banks!!! And another by another all time great Allen Iverson. Iverson readers can rap. He really can. BUT Kobe? The joint by Kobe and Banks was one of the WORST songs I have EVER heard! I mean EVER heard!!! It was terrible!!.

Then you have big Shag, Shaquille O’Neal being a MC. I was 50-50 on Shaq. He was O.K.  And here is one thing about big Shaq’s cd’s. IT SOLD!! Cat’s bought his music. He put out cd’s that went gold.

So now let’s talk about what is going on now. NBA players like Josh Smith, Baron Davis, Juwan Howard, Carlos Boozer, Shawn Marion (say what?), Trevor Howard and others are joining former guest on “M.I.C-TV” Trina, Birdman, The Game, Twista, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Snoop and others  to put out a new cd called “Full Court Press Vol-1″.

The cd is going to be released sometime early in 2013. Truth be told a few of the NBA players like Stephen Jackson and few others and really throw down as a MC. I guess we have to see when the cd comes out who you readers and others feel about NBA players “trying” to rap. Or will you say I like did. “Ooh Ooh NBA players trying to rap again”.    Gordon Curvey.

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Vincent Wake UP!!! Tamar Is Using You Bro!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I watched Tamar and Vincent new reality show tonight and I just have to finally say what others ain’t saying. And that is Tamar Braxton is a golddigger and is using the HELL out of her husband Vincent. Dude needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

Tamar is a female that has “tried” to blow up in the music game like big sis Toni but the fact of the matter is she is NOT as talented as Toni. She has rode the freakin coattails of Toni for years. Not only that she is jealous of Toni. Tamar wants to be Toni Braxton but she is not Toni. She is Tamar. She needs to look in the mirror and realize that.

I watched her new reality show that of couse is a spinoff of her show with her sisters and heard her talking in third person, and watched her driving around in a new Rolls Royce etc. She is driving that Roll because of Vincent. What has she done to drive around Atlanta in a Rolls?

Of course Vincent is a top of line record producer and manager who is working with top of line artists like Lady GaGa and many others. Cat is no joke. But the real joke is this. Vincent needs to realize that just because Tamar might be giving him all he wants in the bedroom ain’t everything.

He want to have a family and have a baby and his lady Tamar is worried about her new cd and becoming a superstar like Toni and other acts her husband works with. If this is really going on I think it is terrible. And the female gets Vincent’s credit card and shops, shops and shops! Vincent wake up man!!!

I mean let’s face it. Tamar as well as the business he is in almost killed Vincent a few months ago. The stress almost did him in but he gets out the hospital and goes right back to his gold digging lady. Yo big Vincent….if the female really loves you, she would have your first child and make you happy.

I say this because I had the same thing happen to me of course in a much smaller way.  I wanted a child and this so called lady I married named Elizebeth just wanted her green card and get her singing career going in the U.S. She is from Kenya. She did not love me AT ALL!! We talked about names for the baby folks. If it was girl we were going to name her Sasha after President Obama’s daughter but she never wanted a child. She just wanted her green card. She NEVER loved me at all!!

Readers I hope big Vincent will wake up and leave Tamar and realize that she does not love him. She is just worried about her singing career and going shopping and trying to be a superstar like her sister Toni. But guess what readers? IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!!! So I guess Vincent needs to wake up and Tamar too.

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Beyonce Is A Role Model For The President’s Kids

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Readers let me know if you think Beyonce is not a role model for young girls in the inner city of America. Because she is a lady who has done everything right so far in her career.

As a member of the great super group Destiny’s Child, in her movie career and of course as a solo performer she is at the top of female performers or hell any performer. When you go to a Beyonce concert it ain’t about a performer standing at the microphone singing or a performer walking from left to right on the stage.

When you go to a Beyonce concert it is about entertainment and excitement. She is only 30 years old but she has so many hits to sing at a show. Songs of her own and with Destiny’s Child. Again remember she is only 30 years old.

But off the stage Beyonce and her superstar hubby Jay-Z are trying to make a difference. They are huge supporters of President Barack Obama and have helped to put MILLIONS behind the President to help him in his re-election battle with Gov.Mitt Romney. Big money folks.

And the President has said that Beyonce is a role model of his two young daughters Malia and Sasha. And the President is telling the truth readers. Beyonce is a great lady and a VERY talented lady. Who is making a difference on the stage and off the stage. Big shout out from “Music Inner City” to Beyonce and for sure Jay-Z!     Gordon Curvey


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Anita Baker Brags On Brezzy & Says He Is Great

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Well you can agree with her or not agree with her but singer Anita Baker has a lot of good things to say about singer Chris Brown. Please read the article above to read all her comments.

I don’t know about you but I just cannot get over the beat down he gave Rihanna a few years ago in L.A. I have tried but I just cannot get over it and every time I see him perform on TV etc I just get a uneasy feeling about him. Others have totally  forgiven him but I have not. He beat the hell out the beautiful Rihanna. He really did.

Ms Baker is right. Brezzy is a very very talented young performer. And he has a LONG career ahead of him. He can become another Sammy Davis Jr. A singer, a actor, a dancer and more! Including rapping! The sky is the limit for Chris. But I am sorry I just see problems in the future. I hope I am wrong.

But I hope Ms Baker remembers one thing that I think and many many others think and that is if he beat the hell out of Rihanna once, he can beat the hell out of some other female. That’s for sure. Because it seems Brown has a temper. Have you seen Chris smile after he performs at the BET Awards or other events? He seems to be a great performer but kind of angry too.

I wish Rihanna would not deal with Chris anymore. There is a pic I saw from the recent MTV Video Awards with Chris kissing Rihanna and of course Rihanna told Oprah he still loves him. I wish she would FINALLY get over Chris and move on. I wish Ms Baker would have said some of the things I am saying here in her interview.      Gordon Curvey

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New Singer Making A Name For Himself: Daniel Peter/Part One

There is a new young fella making a name for himself in the music industry and his name is Daniel Peter. Peter was born in Webster City, Iowa. He is just 14 years old. He made his first music video in January in Los Angeles. His latest video is currently running on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” with guest Arrested Development. It was produced by my good friend Curtis Elerson.

Yours truly interviewed young Daniel via Skype video from his home in Ames, Iowa. It was a great interview. We discussed his young career, girls, his education, his future goals and much more. It will air soon on “Music Inner City TV”

Peter’s parents are David and Brenda Peter. I know they are proud of their young son. One of the questions I asked Daniel is besides his parents who are his influences. He have to watch the program to find out who he says and more. Peter’s website is at and is a informative site on his upcoming singles, album and more.

I also asked Peter about him being so young in the business and can he handle it like say Justin Bieber or other young singers. Again you have to watch my interview with Peter coming up soon on “M.I.C-TV”

Peter’s Facebook page is at  and his Twitter page is at  Check him out readers. You will know about this young fella because he is very talented.

Some folks will say he is a Justin Bieber clone. I say not. He is Daniel Peter and he wants people to know that. He wants to make a name for himself and have a style all his own and have a long career in the music industry. This industry can mess you up mentally and it will make you want to give up but after talking to Daniel I think he is in it for the long run.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on Daniel Peter right here on “M.I.C News Magazine”    Gordon Curvey

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T.I. Is Tired Of So Called “Fake” Rappers/Are You?

Our prayers go out to families of the victims of the terrible and senseless tragedy in Colorado.  What would make anyone do such a thing! It is beyond me.

Part 1 of a two part story on young singer Daniel Peter coming up on “M.I.C News Magazine” And a new “Music Inner City Radio” podcast also coming up on Saturday.

ARTICLE FROM (click here for full story)

This is a interesting story but really not new. For years certain rappers say other rappers are rappin about things they have never experienced. Back in the day rappers was saying this all the time. But rap artists continued to sell cd’s and write lyrics in songs that are not real or yes….fake.

Look at the videos. Cats flying in Lear Jets, driving in Bentley’s and having lobster for dinner. When in reality these cats are flying coach, driving a 1996 Buick, and is having hamburger helper for dinner at night.

So now add rapper/actor T.I. to the list of rappers who are upset that rappers are writing lyrics that they know nothing about. One thing for sure, T.I. can be real about his lyrics.

This is why he is one of my favorite artists because dude is real. Yes he has made a lot of mistakes and went to jail more than once because of his mistakes. But he seems to have rebounded from his many mistakes and is becoming a better artist, a better father to his kids and a better actor too. And by the way unlike other rappers, T.I. can act.

I hope T.I. can really stay out of jail and continue to make good music and take good parts in movies. He is still a young cat with a long future ahead of him. I hope I don’t have to write about T.I. heading back to prison again.  Gordon Curvey

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E-Dawg: Putting It Down For The SeaTown

There is two words to describe the artist named E-Dawg….hard work! This brotha has worked hard for a long time in this thing we call hip-hop. He has kept his name in the public eye since the early 1990′s. On the grind on stage and producing cats and now on the radio.

Over the years E-Dawg and myself have had a lot of debates and yes we had a huge “beef” that a lot of you may know about but our debates were about cats in the hip-hop game from the Northwest and why artists from this area have not “blown up” on a national scale. And in the end we always agree on one thing…..hard work.

One thing for sure E-Dawg has worked hard. In the early 90′s E-Dawg dropped a Northwest classic and also put his name out their on a national basis with the joint “Drop Top” I have played the video for the song more than any video in my more than 21 years on broadcasting “Music Inner City TV” I get requests from cats from time to time to play “Drop Top”

From the 90′s to 2012, E-Dawg has kept his name out there. He is not only a hip-hop artists but now he is behind the mic at local channel 1150am KKNW with his radio show called “E’s Way”. Playing the cuts from the Northwest and beyond. He joined myself as part of the KKNW airwaves family. Check it out every Sunday from 6-9pm Pacific Time. On Saturday night from 6-9pm, it is my long time friend Lady Scribe with her program brought to you by E’s Way.

Recently E-Dawg had two successful events where many artists had a chance to do what they do best behind the mic. It was “Shut The Stage Down” Part 1 and Part 2. At Part 1 yours truly was given a award for my work over the years with “Music Inner City TV”.

It was a great night for me at the event because I felt a lot of love from a lot of people. I drove home with a smile on face because I am so used to haters. But that night at E-Dawg’s event it made me real happy for sure. Shout out to E’s Way again for giving me that award.

It seems to me and others that E-Dawg is trying to make a difference. He wants to see cats really make a name for themselves in the music game from the Northwest. That was what “Shut The Stage Down” Part 1 and 2 was all about. Giving artists the stage to perform to the masses. To show their true talents. And that is what the two events did.

So a big shout out to E-Dawg for what he has done though the years and what he is doing now. He is giving back on the stage and off the stage. We should all say thank you to the brotha!  Gordon Curvey


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Drake Vs. Brezzy: Was It A Brawl Over Rihanna

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I don’t know about you but I am TIRED of hearing or reading about possible problems with Drake of Chris “Brezzy” Brown on the net at various websites. I want to read or hear about something positive.

Read the above story about a fight at a club and people were hurt. Thank god no guns used or it could have been a terrible situation. And sorry to say the fight could be about singer Rihanna of course Brown’s ex. And their has been rumors about Drake and Rihanna dating also.

If I was Brown, I would want to have ZERO negative things said about me in the media after beating up Rihanna a few years ago in Los Angeles. The media ripped him up for what he did and I mean ripped him up readers. But instead over the last few years we have saw Brezzy walk out of interviews and more negative things. Remember Brown has been on probation so he really cannot mess up.

Drake has not hit a lady or anything like that but he has been in the news in a nagative way too. Mainly over beefs with other rappers. In my opinion, the beefs he has had with other rappers is about on thing…..Jealous feelings. Cats are jealous because he is one of a few rappers how has truly blown up in the last few years. He is always on the Billboard charts. He is selling cd’s folks. Real talk.

Fans of Brown and Drake hope they are not fighting over Rihanna. And I hope Brown will ALWAYS stay away from Rihanna!! After what he did to her I hope they will keep distance from each other. Will that happen? We will wait and see.

Gordon Curvey


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Opinions On KUBE93 Summer Jam/The “N” Word Etc.

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I watched the KUBE93 radio station online yesterday (June 9th) and was very bothered at what I heard and saw. First let me start with what I heard over the air on KUBE’s website.

Of course KUBE93 was pumping up their Summer Jam which was held here in Washington state at a beautiful location called “The Gorge”. About a hour and half drive from Seattle. I clicked on the screen for “Summer Jam TV” and was shocked at what I heard. KUBE93 site was playing UNCUT hip-hop music. So they means that the word NIGGA and MUTHA FUCKA and FUCKIN A BITCH and SMOKING BUD  and even songs with gun shots was being played. I was shocked.

I sent a text to KUBE93′s GM Lisa Decker regarding this issue. She was not aware of this. But the music continued until the SJ started about 4pm. Readers in my opinion this was wrong!

Then the SJ started and I watched the whole event via a webcast on KUBE93′s site. I watched artist after artist get on the SJ stage and use the N word and MF this and other foul speech. Now let’s be real, rappers will be rappers and most of them use the N word etc at will in their lyrics. Don’t get it twisted.

BUT what I am saying is this. These artists are using these words with young kids in the audience. So who is the blame readers? Parents for letting their kids come to SJ and hear these African American artists use the N word etc over and over or is KUBE93 the blame for at least not putting “Parental Guidance” on the tickets and online and commercial spots on KUBE93? Who is the blame?

Readers everyone in charge at KUBE93 which is a Clear Channel station, is white. Eric Powers, Karen Wild and the before mentioned Lisa Decker. KUBE93 is a no show in areas where African Americans stay or hang out. Plus they do zero advertising in the African American owned media. So in other words the Clear Channel owned KUBE93 DOES NOT give back to the African American community BUT makes millions of dollars playing music by African Americans and rakes in big money every year  with their Summer Jam which features a roster of ALL African American artists.

It seems others are afriad to speak up here in Seattle. Afriad of their “rep” etc. Why this is going up here in the Northwest is beyond me. Maybe the rainy and cloudy weather makes folks lazy or something. I really don’t know.

But the weather or what ever will not stop me from standing up for the African American community readers. I am just that kind of dude. KUBE93 has used black music for years and does not play local artists except for a Sunday night program when the least amount of listerners tune into KUBE AND DOES NOT GIVE BACK!

I will deal with that issue of not playing local artists very soon right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

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Listen To Whitney Houston’s Last Recorded Song Right Here!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

As some of readers know myself and Twin Tammy J was in Los Angeles when the legendary Whitney Houston passed away a few months ago. You can watch the interviews we did in L.A. by going to the “Television Show” link.

It was god up above who placed myself and Tammy in Southern Cal when Whitney passed. We were also in L.A. for THE SAME EVENT a few years earlier (Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party) when singer Chris Brown beat up the beautiful Rihanna. Can you imagine that?

Sometimes I sit and think that I was their in L.A. when Houston passed and the problems of Brown/Rihanna. Sometimes god works in strange ways. He really does. He had a reason to have myself and Tammy in L.A.

 When I watched the Billboard Music Awards the other day I watched the moving tribute to Whitney by John Legend and Jordan Sparks. Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina made her first public speaking appearence to say thanks to everyone who has supported her and the Houston Family. I ain’t going to lie, a few tears fell out my eyes readers.

In a few months the last movie Whitney played in the re-make of “Sparkle” will hit the theaters. You know the promotions will be very big soon for the movie. That is for sure!!

But check this out you can listen to Whitney’s last recording right here via  Just click the link above this blog. She recorded a song called “Celebrate” with her co-star of the movie Ms. Sparks. Like her daughter Bobbi Kristina said their will NEVER be another Whitney Houston. A TV camera went over to singer Brandy and you can see the word she mentioned. As Bobbi Kristina said “Never” Brandy also said while she cried……”Never”     Gordon Curvey

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Keyshia Cole Coming Back To B.E.T This Fall

Singer Keyshia Cole is returning to B.E.T in the fall with another reality program called “Keyshia Cole: Family First” It will be great to see the beautiful Keyshia back on TV.

The program will be about her life with her husband NBA player Daniel “Bubbi” Gibson and there little child and what happens to them from day to day. A lot of folks thought the weddiing of the two was taped for the reality show. As of now we just have to wait and see if it will be shown.

Of course this is not Keyshia’s first time with a reality program. She was in “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” on B.E.T fior three seasons and it did very well.

 She thought it would good to end the show so she can just think about family and her musc career. And that is what she did.

The first show also had her mom and sister on the program, Frankie Lyons and Neffe Pugh. And we know that a spinoff of Keyshia’s first show “Frankie and Neffe” started on B.E.T. but it did not do well in he ratings and the show was dropped by the network.

So anyway Keyshia’s new show will start in the fall. It will be six episodes and will be produced by James DuBose who also was the producer of  “Tiny & Toya”

 DuBose also produced Keyshia’s first reality show. By the way Keyshia is a former guest on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” I really like and respect Keyshia because she seems to be a very down to earth female and very very grounded. More details soon on her new reality show on B.E.T Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: Usher Raymond

M.I.C Bio For Usher via (Click here to read)

For the last 15 years he has put out hit after hit on the Billboard charts. He is a entertainer like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson. A triple threat in the entertainment world.

He can sing, dance and act. Other than his marriage, you have not heard negative things about Usher. He is about entertaining us with what god gave him to do. And he has done just that.

If you followed Usher’s career, you know he had to deal with the voice change growing up just like the late “King Of Pop” Micheal Jackson had to deal with and other singers who started singing in their teens. But that did not stop him from pounding out the hits.

Now with his foundation “New Look” he is trying to help inner city youth with their dreams. His foundation has made a change to a lot of young people’s life’s and former President Bill Clinton recently invited Usher to speak at his Clinton Foundation event.

So a big shout out to Usher Raymond for what he is doing in the community and behind the mic and on stage. And just think folks…..he is still young!!   Gordon Curvey

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Rihanna’s Dad Makes Comments On Chris Brown & More

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Saw a article on where Rihanna’s father made some comments concerning her health and former boyfriend Chris Brown.

Please read the article above to see what he said but I have my own views on the beautiful Rihanna also.

Rihanna is a talented and very beautiful young lady. But I am tripping as to why she would spend one second with a guy who BEAT THE HELL OUT HER!!

Readers go back and look at the face of Rihanna after Brezzy beat her. Look at her face folks. Again, HE BEAT THE HELL OUT OF HER!! Folks can say it is her life etc which is true. But I am just giving my views. I know plenty of you ladies reading this agree with me.

Yes Brown has done well since the terrible incident with his community work and more and has had big hits and even won a Grammy recently but I am sorry, he is still a young man who can STILL have a problem with anger and take it out on Rihanna or another lady.

In my opinion and many many others, Rihanna should TOTALLY stay away from Chris Brown and deal with other fellas. She may always love Brezzy and Brezzy may always love her but I think they should move on with their careers away from each other. This is “One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

Another edition of “Music Inner City Radio” podcast will be online very soon! Bringing you entertainment and urban sports news, politics plus classic soul, hip-hop and r&b and exclusive interviews.


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Why Is Macklemore Getting All This Publicity?

“One’s Man Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

I have been producing “Music Inner City TV” since Dec of 1990. And I have not seen a Northwest hip-hop artist(s) get as much publicity as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in a long time.

I am wondering why this is going on? I am not hating on the fellas but I am a little bothered by this. They are on the cover of XXL Mag for their freshman class. Freshman or seasoned vets, why are they getting all this press?

You have artists who have served their dues in the game here in the Northwest like E-Dawg, Silver Shadow D, Mac Slug, Sonny Bonoho and others. They have not been on the cover of XXL Magazine etc or have got all the media hype as these fellas.

Others have made great music over the years in hip-hop here in the Northwest but they are not getting all this pub. I am starting to wonder what is the reason? Is there music that much better than other NW hip-hop artists? Is it Macklemore is being marketed better than others?

Or is it………….sorry to say, skin color? Some say hip-hop has no skin color but readers something is just not right here. I just do not understand why Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is getting all this publicity. They are becoming the “face of NW hip-hop” When cats think of NW hip-hop artists they will think of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

There are cats with as much skills and more in my opinion then these guys. I am just keeping it real. And these guys have been behind the mic in the booth for years and put out good music just like Macklemore and Ryan BUT for some reason they have not “blown up” like these fellas.

Again I am not hating readers but I am just writing what others are saying in the streets and elsewhere. I hope I do not get bashed about this story but it is something that has to be brought out and talked about and discussed. I am kind of tired of seeing all this publicity on these fellas when others are trying to get there name out in the masses too. What is Macklemore doing that others are not?

Guess I will see them on 106 soon? If they are doing the right thing to market themselves…..then others need to learn what they are doing.

Hey here is a idea, jump on M.I.C-TV! Holla at us at 206-445-3989 or e-mail us at  or reach out via Facebook at

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Whitney Laid To Rest in New Jersey

It has been very very different week for myself and Tammy Jackson-Cloy. A very strange and different week.

God had a plan for us to be in Los Angeles at the same time and same hotel that the great Whitney Houston passed away. The Beverly Hilton Hotel. (Myself interviewing Garcelle Beauvalis about Houston at Clive Davis Party below) I still cannot believe we where there. It is like a dream. It is another chapter to my book I want to start writing one day.

I will never forget Tammy calling me as I was trying to relax my motel on Hollywood Blvd. in L.A. I just interviewed Northwest rapper Mac Wayne outside of the motel when Tammy called me about Whitney dying.

That night as we taped interviews at the Beverly Hilton as Whitney’s body was still upstairs was something I will NEVER EVER forget.

As I type this article Whitney was laid to rest in New Jersey. Her nickname was “Nippy” as music legend and Whitney’s cousin

Dionne Warwick told us. “Nippy” is no longer with us but she left us great music to listen to forever.

Her ”going home” was great. Powerfull. With songs by Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Km Burrell, CeCe Winans and R. Kelly. And short speeches from Tyler Perry, Whitney’s “The Bodyguard” co-star Kevin Costner, the man who discovered Whitney and led her career Clive Davis and others. It was a great few hours.

My prayers are with Whitney’s mom gospel great Cisy Houston and for Whitney’s daugher Bobbi.

There are rumors that Bobbi might need help with drug and alcohol. If this is the case I hope and pray that she gets the help VERY VERY soon so we will not here about her dying just like her famous mom.

From Music Inner City please rest in peace Whitney……rest in peace.   Gordon Curvey

More pictures from “Music Inner City TV” trip to Los Angeles and the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party and from our interviews about the passing of Whitney Houston coming up right here.

And programs from Los Angeles on “M.I.C-TV” coming up soon on Comcast/Xfinity TV all over Western Washington state and online rght here!

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Whitney Houston Dies While I Am Here In Los Angeles!!

Readers while others PRETEND to be “so called” broadcasters with ZERO let me repeat ZERO broadcast experience online etc, “Music Inner City” has twenty one years of experience! I am a REAL broadcaster, not a ‘WANNA BE” or a ‘FAKE”  I am getting emails from “SO CALLED” BROADCASTERS” on this new online site. It is CRAZY!!

Having said all that, currently I am in Los Angeles for Grammys week events with Twin Tammy J of Pymp Style (People You Must Pray). We covered the NAACP Image Awards on early Saturday morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And we obtained interviews with actress Tatayana Ali, actor Phillip Morris and others!

Then myself and Tammy got into the car to get ready for our next event later that evening at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel and the legendary Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party where we were on the red carpet.

I was sitting around getting ready then all of a sudden Tammy calls me followed by others telling me Whitney Houston HAS DIED!! I very quickly said WHAT!!!!!!!!!! My phone started to blow up. I then went to the TV and the breaking news said “Whitney Houston was found dead in the Beverly Hills Hilton” THE SAME HOTEL MYSELF AND TAMMY WAS GOING LAST NIGHT FOR THE CLIVE DAVIS PRE-GRAMMY PARTY!!!!

This is a bad dream readers!!!! I was in town a few years ago for the SAME EVENT when the Chris Brown-Rihanna situation went down. Now I am in Los Angeles when mega-star Whitney Houston dies. THIS IS CRAZY! THIS IS WILD! THIS IS UNREAL! God works in mysterious ways folks.

So myself and Tammy get ourselves together and later Saturday night went to the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party at the hotel where Whitney was found. As we get to the hotel, there was every TV truck/crew in L.A. parked outside of the hotel. It was a wild scene.

We parked and got our passes for the event and got on the red carpet for possible interviews about the death of Whitney Houston. And thank god we did get some interviews with a lot of entertainers like superstars Gladys Knight, Toni Braxton as well as Jimmy Jam, India Irie, Gayle King, and others. Everyone was deeply saddened by the sudden death of Whitney Houston.

We are going to the red carpet at Diddy’s Post-Grammy Party tonight (Sunday night) at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion to god willing obtain more interviews with entertainers about the death of the great Whitney Houston. Will report to everyone later on about our trip to Diddy’s party. This is EXCLUSIVE reporting that no one in the Northwest can offer but again god willing we can.

As the legendary Clive Davis said last night at the start of his party “Yes this is a tragic and terrible thing with the passing of my friend Whitney Houston, but the show must go one”   Gordon Curvey

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“Music Inner City” On The Road In Los Angeles For Grammy Events

Just got to my motel on Hollywood Blvd here in Los Angeles. Boy am I tired. But I am ready to handle three red carpets while in L.A. for three days.

Twin Tammy J is here in town from Seattle to help do some hopefully great interviews with a lot of stars in town for the 2012 Grammy Awards at the Staple Center and other events we will be at.

When I come here in Los Angeles to do interviews, it is fun not work. Truth be told I am happy as HELL to get out of Seattle for awhile. I deal with so much negativity, mostly from my own people, it feels great to leave town for a few days to clear my mind.

It seems “Music Inner City” is MUCH more respected outside of Seattle than in. After 21 years on the air, this should not happen. But it does. I thank god that people outside of Seattle in the music industry realize my very hard work for the Northwest and they let me know it.

Anyway I will be giving you more reports and pics from here in L.A. on Saturday.   Gordon Curvey

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The Reason I Started “M.I.C-TV” Don Cornelius Has Died

Listen to the latest edition of “Music Inner City Radio” podcast below hosted by Gordon Curvey and based in Seattle, Washington (U.S.) 24-7 on-demand!!

ARTICLE FROM (full story click here)

I am shocked and saddened today because the person who inspired me to start a TV program named “Music Inner City TV” more than twenty one years ago, Don Cornelius has died at age 75 of a possible suicide.

Word is Cornelius was very sick maybe with cancer. He has not looked to well in recent years. At the BET Awards a few years ago Don had trouble reading the teleprompter to announce the next performer in a tribute to the legendary O’Jays.

As a kid I stood in front of my mirror with a pencil in my hand trying to be like Don Cornelius hosting “Soul Train” He is the main reason I came up with the idea of “Music Inner City TV” in 1990 here in Seattle. And here it is 21 years later I am still producing the show. But it is all because of the legendary Don Cornelius.

And I had a chance to tell Don that he was my “idol” a few years ago at a event in L.A. That was a thrill to tell him in his face that I started my TV show because of him.  God willing “M.I.C-TV” will be around as long as “Soul Train”

Thanks Don for what you did for me and for r&b music. When the word legend is used it for sure is used when we discuss……Don Cornelius.  Rest in peace my brotha.    Gordon Curvey

“Music Inner City Radio” podcast is coming soon right here!

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Family Worried About Rihanna: Does She Need Rehab?

Listen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcast from our radio show on 1150am KKNW in Seattle. That aired 1-24-2012. Entertainment and sports news, smooth jazz, classic soul, hip-hop and r&b and more! 24-7 on-demand!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

As music fans know, singer Rihanna’s life has had it’s share of drama. We are know about the situation with r&b singer Chris Brown. That was terrible. Something a young and beautiful female should not have to go though. Brown was flat out wrong to put a hand on a female.

But he did and the world knows about it. But Rihanna and Brown have went on with their careers. Both of them have had hit songs on the charts in the last few years. That’s a good thing.

Recently their have been rumors that Breezy and Rihanna have been tweeting other AND maybe seeing each other at very secret locations so the media cannot find them. Because we know if that happened it would be on “The Insider”, “Access Hollywood”, “Extra” and on every gossip website on the net.

Now there are rumors that Rihanna’s family is very worried about her health. Readers if you see pics and read stories about her you can see why they are worried. I have seen pics of her looking wild and half naked and doing sex like actions at her concerts etc.

It could be true that she needs some help……maybe rehab. If so she needs to get the help NOW before it is to late and she ends up like MJ or others. And we do not want to see that. I hope her family will sit down and have a long talk with her and discuss her life.

We want Rihanna to be around for a long time so we can listen to the great music she puts out for us the listening public.    Gordon Curvey

Starting tonight you can watch “Music Inner City Video” podcasts right here! Covering urban sports, entertainment and politics PLUS urban and pop music videos and exclusive interviews.

Two to three programs a week 24-7 on-demand. Just click the screen to the right. After tonight, you can find the latest “Music Inner City TV” program as well as HOURS AND HOURS of past programs just by clicking the ‘TELEVISION SHOW” link above. The programs will air in the Windows Media format.

To advertise with us on TV, online and more call 206-445-3989 or 206-414-6118 or e-mail us at  For our VERY low monthly rates click the “ADVERTISE” link above.

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Snoop Co-Hosted “The Price Is Right”/Funds For His Youth League

ARTICLE FROM (Full Story Click Here)

Ran across this story and I said YEAH another story that is not really reported on by the major media. BUT let Snoop Dogg get caught with bud or hit his wife then CNN or MSNBC or Fox News will be leading off their news cast with the news.

But here is a POSITIVE story of a brotha who is a hip-hop legend and who is about giving back to his hood the LBC in Cali. While other hip-hop/rap artists are one hit wonders, “The Doggfather” has lasting power for sure. He is about to turn 40 big has kept his name in the game sort of speak.

Movies, TV, and music, Snoop is doing it all. He is a entertainer and businessman and a cat who wants to help the kids in the inner city through his “Snoop Dogg Football League”

The league is not just about playing football. To be part of his league the kids have to keep up their grades in school and get a good education or they cannot play in his league. That is great readers.

Recently Big Snoop co-hosed the legendary game show “The Price Is Right” with comic Drew Carey. Money from the show to support Snoop’s youth football league. I think this great and a big shout out needs to go out to the folks at “The Price Is Right” for allowing this to happen.

So I want to say thanks to “The Dogg Father” for what he has done for hip-hop and West Coast music and what he is doing for the kids. Keep doin what ya doing Big Snoop!!

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Hubert From “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” AGAIN Puts Smith On Blast

Listen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcast BELOW. Produced 12-29-2011. Classic hip-hop/r&b and urban sports news and issues. Based in Seattle, Washington. 24-7 on-demand.


ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

If you was a fan of the “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” you know it was a very very funny program that made Will Smith a superstar and a household name. I watch the re-runs on TV and it is still a funny program.

Smith was a big time rapper with his childhood homie Jazzy Jeff and they won Grammys for their music led by their monster hit, “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. A TV program was started just for him and it blew up and sorry to say, when that happens……the haters show up.

This time the hater was a person that was a part of the doggone program, Janet Hubert. For years she has went public putting Will Smith on blast and has even written a book of her experiences on the program. The female has a damn problem and you know what it is readers? JEAOLOUSY!!!! Pure and simple.

What Ms Hubert has failed to see FOR YEARS is that “THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR” WAS A PROGRAM MADE FOR WILL SMITH!!! He was the star. JANET HUBERT WAS NOT THE STAR! For some unknown reason she continues to blast Will in very negative ways in the public. This time calling him a “asshole”

She left the program because she wanted more money like she was the damn star of the show! Funny things is you do not hear or see other members of the cast blasting Big Willy. It is ONLY Janet.

She needs to get over her jealous feelings against Will. Smith is most likely worth $500 million, what is Janet Hubert worth? Where has her career gone? I don’t like to blast my African American brothas and sistas here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

BUT I am just TIRED of reading articles about Janet Hubert talking negative about Will Smith!! Will Smith is a Hollywood mega-star and she is not. She should move on with her career and leave Smith alone. Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: Mindless Behavior

M.I.C News Magazine Bio From Click Here

The group Mindless Behavior is blowing up all over the world right now and I think it is great too see these young fellas doing well.

They are very talented group that can sing and dance very well. Their single is topping the r&b charts and video is #1 on B.E.T’s “106th & Park”.

I hope the group stays together and not be a “one hit wonder”. Will they stay together for years like New Edition or The Backstreet Boys or New Kids On The Block or get older and go there separate ways? Time will tell if this will happen.

The fact of the matter is their are not many r&b/pop male groups young or old any more. The question is why readers? Matter of fact, their are not any female groups too. Where are groups like Destiny’s Child?

Young performers like Mindless Behavior and Willow Smith and Diggy Simmons are making a name for themselves at a very young age. Hopefully they can inspire other young performers to perform just like they are doing right now.

Once again I am glad to see Mindless Behavior doing well. Will they be around for a long time on the music scene? Time will tell.  Gordon Curvey

Listen to the latest edition of “MUSIC INNER CITY RADIO” podcast from our program on 1150am KKNW in Seattle, Washington. Classic soul/classic hip-hop and r&b/urban sports news and exclusive interviews 24-7 on-demand.  New podcast in the next days. Click below.


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Music Inner City Bio: Rihanna

Listen to the latest edtion of ‘SPORTS INNER CITY RADIO” PODCAST (Date 12-4-2011) Urban sports news and issues plus classic soul and exclusive sports interviews. Based in Seattle, Washington. It is 24-7 on-demand! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM.

FULL BIO click here

If you are a music fan you have to realize that Rihanna is a very talented and beautiful young lady. She has created her own style and image unlike many other young singers.

Some think she has gone over the line in some of her actions on stage during her concerts but most do not think that way because when you go to one of her concerts one thing for sure you will be entertained.

Yes the the situation with Chris Brown was not good. It was terrible. I was in Los Angeles with Twin Tammy J for the Clive Davis Awards and Grammy Awards when the incident took place.

Everyone wondered why Brezzy(Chris Brown) came to the Davis event by himself and did not talk to anyone on the red carpet. And then everyone’s phones blew up about the problem of Rihanna getting beat up. It was CRAZY!

I just hope Rihanna finds a good man one day. But she is still young so I hope she takes her time and just concentrate on her career.

I hope she has a lot of role models she can look up to besides her parents for advice. I know she is tight with Jay Z. She has a long career ahead of her and wish her the best. Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Rihanna are three ladies who sing and entertain us too. Again, the future is BIG for Rihanna.     Gordon Curvey

Also listen to “M.I.C Radio” and watch “M.I.C-TV” via Ustream TV by clicking on the screen to the right. Celebrating 21 years of broadcasting!! Music Inner City!!

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Tameka Foster Says Usher Raymond Is Using Drugs!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I saw a story on Sister 2 Sister Magazine the other day that made me say WHAT! The story is Usher’s ex Tameka Foster is demanding that he take a drug test but he does not want to do it.

I guess this made the custody battle between Usher an Foster even worse. This story is not being talked about a lot in the media which is a big surprise to me.

Foster has tried to make a point for instance that Usher was high during a performance in September 2008 in Germany. A video of Usher shows him not acting right on stage and unable to sing. Foster said shortly afterwords she found pills in his pocket. Usher’s folks said he had a respiratory infection but she is not buying it.

Readers what is really going on here? Is Tameka on the grind trying to make Usher look bad in the public eye and make her look good in their battle for their children?

Some think this is part of a “money grab” by Foster. Here is the thing. WHY does she have to talk in the public about Usher that makes him look bad? Does she know how to say “No comment”

I think this is something between Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster. It should be kept between them in my honest opinion. I just hope they will settle what ever is going on for the benefit of their children.

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Jennifer Lopez Steals The Show At The American Music Awards

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I was suppose to be at the backstage media room at te 2011 American Music Awards but because of my operation to check me for bladder cancer I decided to stay home in Seattle and watch the AMA’s on the tube and it was a great show.

Chris Brown did a song and once showed everyone how talented this young fella is. Nicki Minaj opened the program with a dynamic performance. She also won two awards at the AMAs.

But in my opinion and many others believe that “j-Lo” Jennifer Lopez stole the night. She performed the song “Papi” in a flesh colored bodysuit that fitted her just right if you know what I mean fellas!! Rumors are she is dating with a cat who is 24 years old and one of her backup dancers.

One thing for sure J-Lo was looking good at 42. And also she let everyone know this. And that is herself along with Beyonce are triple threat. They can act, sing and dance. This is very rare in the entertainment business. No one can ever say that Lopez is not talanted. She let everyone know she is!

As always the American Music Awards was a very entertaining program. No west coast hip-hop artists but still a good show.   Gordon Curvey

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Heavy D Visited Doctor Before He Died At The Age Of 44

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

What a day November 8th was. We had Herman Cain and his lady problems holding a press conference,  had the news of the child molesting charges at Penn State all over the news and then the death of “The Overweight Lover” Heavy D.

Heavy died to young at 44. He was one of my favorite old school rappers. Back in the day he and his group Heavy D And The Boyz had hit after hit. There music was feel good music. Music that made you tap your feet and move your body.

I remember going to a show at Key Arena here in Seattle where Heavy D his group peformed.  I was amazed how Heavy moved around the stage being a real big dude. Now he is gone way to young.

He performed on the BET Hip-Hop Awards in the ATL a few weeks ago. He performed all his hits. But I did notice he got a little tired near the end of his performace. I noticed it.

You did not hear Heavy D in trouble at the club or any negativity. He was a good actor too on TV and the movies. I know he had to have big plans in the future. Word is he was way overweight at about 300 pounds.

Anyway Heavy D leaves us with a lot of good music. And my prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace my brotha and thanks or what you left us in the field of hip-hop music.  Gordon Curvey

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Dr. Conrad Murrey Is Found Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here

I sat amazed at what I just saw on TV. I watched the O.J. verdict, the Casey Anthony verdict, the Rodney King verdict and other verdicts and now I have watched Dr. Conrad Murrey found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the King Of Pop Micheal Jackson. Unreal!

As I watched on Headline News as the verdict was announced Dr. Murrey sat like a statue in his chair. When the verdict was announced he was guilty, Dr. Murrey continued to sit there like a statue.

What I do not like is the crowd I saw outside cheering like they all won the lottery. Here is the thing. This is a VERY sad situation. Micheal Jackson is no longer here and Dr Murrey is going to jail. This is very very sad.

In my opinion it is very sad all the way around. Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson lost her son. Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Latoya, Janet, Rebbie, Marlon and Randy  lost their brother way to young. It is very very sad.

I wish the best for Micheal’s kids. They seem like very down to earth and balanced young kids who want to be in the entertainment industry. My prayers go out to the entire Jackson Family. And may Micheal continue to rest in peace.    Gordon Curvey

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Beyonce And Brezzy Lead Soul Train Awards Nominations

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Singer Chris Brown, Beyonce and Kanye West led Soul Train Awards nominations that was announced recently. Former guest on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” and former member of Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland and Adele had three nominations each.

The Soul Train Awards will be taped November 17th in Atlanta and will be aired on November 27th on BET and CENTRIC. Cedric the Entertainer will be hosting the show.

I don’t know if you noticed but the city of Atlanta is hosting a lot of big events including the BET Hip-Hop Awards and now the Soul Train Awards. So everything is not happening in New York or L.A.

You have to give it to Chris Brown. With all the negative press he got after the Rihanna situation, he kept on the grind and has put out hits. This shows he has a lot of talent. This is for sure.

We will keep you informed on future news concerning the 2011 Soul Train Awards.    Gordon Curvey

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Snoop Dogg To Star In A NBC Sitcom

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A lot of rappers just rap and that’s it. A lot of rappers are “one hit wonders” and you do not hear from them ever again. They have nothing to fall back on.

But that ain’t Snoop Dogg. This cat does a whole lot more than rap. That is for sure. Snoop who will turn 40 soon is setting himself up for a career after his rap career is over. One of the things he loves to do is acting. He has been in numerous movies already.

Now Big Snoop is going star in a TV sitcom on NBC, The is unnamed right now but he will be playing a father on the program. We all know Snoop will do a great job on the show.

You have to give to the Doggman. He does a lot of positive things for kids in the inner city too with his youth football league in Cali and he just expanded his youth league to the Chicago area.

In his youth league, the kids cannot play unless they have good grades in school. That is a good thing. He stresses sports AND education. That is what it is all about.

Snoop uses music to grab us all, even the kids. Then grabs the kids who love playing football with his youth football league that stresses education and football.

As some of you know I had a chance to interview Snoop’s mom and aunt here in Seattle last year (pic above) It was a great interview held at New Hope Church here in Seattle. Snoop’s mom (Beverly Broudous Green) is a minister and his aunt (Erma Vernado) is a gospel singer. Snoop’s mom is on the right in the pic.

I will be writing about Hall of Famer Dion Sanders soon and about his school he is opening in Texas for kids also in the inner city. Shout out to Snoop and Dion for giving back and helping our youth. And I will give you more details on Snoop’s new TV sitcom when we get the details.

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Suge Knight To Help The Waka Flocka’s Career/WHAT?

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When I came upon this story the other day I said WHAT!!! No way. Suge Knight to help the career of Waka Flocka. What a bunch of BS in my strong opinion!!

First of all how can Knight help ANYONE’S career? Yes he did discover Death Row Records and it made millions for him. BUT his millions melted away and soon he dd not own Death Row anymore. Plus dude has gone in and out of jail for various reasons.

But the MAIN reason I have a problem with Waka lining up with Knight is one reason and one reason only in my mind. 2PAC. Who IN THE HELL KILLED 2PAC?

A lot of folks think Knight knows who killed 2PAC or knows something. Remember he was driving the car when Pac was killed in Vegas. To this day, we do not know who and why Pac was killed.

Somebody knows who killed Jam Master J, somebody knows who killed Biggie and somebody knows who killed Pac. What does Knight know?

If I was Waka I would not want to line myself up Knight. That is just a negative in my opinion for Waka. This is just how I feel. Waka is a very talented rapper. Why do this? We will see how and if he can help Waka Flocka’s career.   Gordon Curvey

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Rick Ross Has Seizures On Plane And Misses Concerts

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Rapper Rick Ross suffered two seizures the other day on two different flights. He had to cancel a few appearances because of it.

On Friday Big Ricky fell unconscious right after takeoff on a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. to Memphis, Tenn and received treatment in a Fort Lauderdale hospital.

I will say this about Ross. Maybe this is a wake up call for his to get rid of a lot of weight. He way to big in my opinion. He needs to change his diet and exercise and slim down.

For some reason he likes to show off his big tummy while he is performing wearing open shirts etc. Why he does this is beyond me. To me it ain’t nothing to show off.

Also this incident may be a wake up call to all overweight performers. Do like Jennifer Hudson and get on a diet. I hope Rick Ross will do this that.   Gordon Curvey

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E-40 & WC/Two Artists Who Do Not Get The Respect They Should

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I was watching music videos today with E-40 and WC in them and I thought I would write a short piece about the two artists. Who I feel do not get respect they should.

These two artists are legends. THE HELL with west coast legends. They are legends period! When you turn on the radio and you hear 40 or WC you know who it is right away. They have have their own style.

Some people think Snoop Dogg stole some of 40′s off the rack comments about anything from rims on your car to the girl you are with.

If you talk to 40 about this he might get upset. Real talk. In reality Snoop has blown up big time and is a household name. 40 is well known in the hip-hop game but you really cannot say he is a household name.

WC is Los Angeles to the max. He is unique. He has his own way of dancing and his own way of putting down the lyrics behind the mic. He made a name for himself back in the day with the group WC and The Mad Circle.

He is not a rapper who just gets on the stage and grabs the mic and holds his nuts. He is a rap entertainer in my opinion. He and 40 should be in the VH1 Hip-Hop Hall Of Fame. If Too Short is in, so should 40 and WC. This is real. Why they are not in their is beyond me.

When you here folks discuss the best rappers of all time, WC and E-40 are not mentioned. THIS IS BS readers in my opinion. Both of these fellas are legends and it is time for them to get full respect. If Busta can get full respect and be part of the Cypher on the BET Hip-Hop Awards with other rappers, then so should 40 and WC.  HELL YEAH!!

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Lil Wayne Puts Out 28 Minute Public Service Annoucement

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People just think of Lil Wayne as a rapper who has served jail terms and has had drug problems etc. But I am here to tell you one thing. Weezy is a very intelligent dude.

I have seen him on “First Take” on ESPN and he knows a lot about sports and and can speak clearly about about football, basketball and other sports.

Plus he is a great businessman who is making tons of cash from Young Money Records. And the thing is he is still a young man who still has a lot ahead of him.

So now Weezy has put out a public service announcement about the dangers of young people drinking syrup and he also talks about the passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

How many rappers you know would put out a public service announcement to speak to the masses? I don’t know of any.  I think it is great for Lil Wayne to do this.   Gordon Curvey

Here is the public service announcement by Weezy.

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Diggy Simmons Is Making A Name For Himself In Hip-Hop

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We have seen young Diggy Simmons grow up from a little kid to a young man because of watching him on TV for years on “Run’s House”

Of course his father is the legendary Rev. Run of the group Run D.M.C. Rev. Run has done a great job in bringing up his kids. A great job. Some think Rev. Run’s kids are spoiled brats. I do not think that at all.

It seems to me Rev. Run made his kids get a good education in school and has brought up his kids to want to work hard when they get older. Diggy Simmons has grown up and has worked hard to make a name for himself in hip-hop.

Yes for sure doors was opened up for Diggy because of who his daddy is but truth be told young Diggy Simmons has skills. Real talk. He really does.

Here is a question. If you watched “Run’s House” you will know that Diggy Simmons big brother JoJo is also a rapper but we have not heard from JoJo regarding his music. Maybe we will one day. In the meantime, shout out to Diggy Simmons and we will be playing his videos soon on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV”  Gordon Curvey

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Beyonce Is Having A Baby/2011 MTV Video Awards Review

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A big rumor was flying in the music industry that came true at the 2011 MTV Video Awards in Los Angeles and that is Beyonce is having a baby with Jay Z.

B performed at the event and of course she was as dynamic as always but she was dressed different. Not the revealing outfits she has on most of the time. You can tell she was covering up something. But after she performed she let everyone see her growing tummy.

The crowd went crazy and the camera went to Jay and Kanye West who was jumping up and down. I was glad to see a happy couple in love celebrating the future little one.

As for the show, like I said Beyonce did a great performance. As did Bruno Mars who did a musical tribute for the late Amy Winehouse. It was really good.

Lady GaGa came out looking like a man in the opening song and again to introduce Britney Spears who won the Micheal Jackson Career Achievement Award.

BUT the performance of the night in my strong opinion was done by singer Chris Brown. This brotha danced his ass off!! Flying above the crowd and landing, then taking off again over the crowd and landing again to dance. It was off the chain!!! Think what you think about Brown and his past problems…….Chris Brown is a very talented brotha!!!! Real talk.   Gordon Curvey

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Ray J Says Kardashian Should Thank Him For Her Popularity/WHAT!

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I could not believe what I saw online when I went to where singer/actor Ray J said Kim “no talent” Kardashian should thank him for her being so damn popular! WHAT!!

First of all, let me say this readers. Can Kim sing? No, Can Kim dance? No, can Kim act? No. What talents does Kim Kardashian have? Why is it that the Kardashian Family is so popular? I just do not understand!!

What ever reality show they do it blows up when it comes to ratings. Why? Bruce Jenner is a former Olympic champ decades ago. His wife has no talent. And her kids have no talent. So why are they so popular? It is beyond me! A lot of folks think the way I do about the family.

As far as Ray J goes. As far as I am concerned he is a one hit wonder who cannot hold a note when it comes to his singing ability and I can act better than him!

He and Kim became popular when a sex tape they made leaked on the net and everybody viewed it. Is this whey Ray J thinks Kim Kardashian should than him for her being popular? I hope not.

I think Ray J should lower his ego and stop making crazy comments like that if he made them. He sounds like a hater or he is jealous.

Man I hope folks will wake up and smell the coffee on the Kardashian Family. They are laughing all the way to the bank. The question is why?    Gordon Curvey

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Jay-Z Tops All Others In Hip-Hop Artists Earnings

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

You have to say one thing about Jay-Z he has made a long career for himself as a hip-hop artist where others come and go in the game.

Of course PLENTY of artists have one hit and fade away. Never to be heard from again. Might of fact VH1 has a program called “One Hit Wonders” but you will not find Jay-Z or Kanye West or Diddy or Eminem on that program for sure.

When you go to a Jay concert you will hear hit after hit. Unlike others who have one or another marginal hit but again not Jay and West and others.

Read the above article to see how much Jay and West earned last year. Of course their new cd is coming out soon. A single called “Otis” is out now. For those of you who are young and do not know who is Otis is. He is a legendary r&b singer Otis Redding who died way to young in a plane crash years ago.

Of course Jay had made millions outside of music too. Just like Diddy. Others should try to emulate Jay and Diddy. If they do, they might do well.   Gordon Curvey

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Royce Reed Blames Females For Being “Negative”

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I ran across this article above while visiting Sister 2 Sister Magazine website and it made me upset after I finished reading the article because of what was said by Royce Reed of the TV “Basketball Wifes”

Reed had the nerve to put the blame on other females for being “negative” The is crazy because if you watch the show you notice she is just as guilty as the rest of the motor mouth sistas on the program. Always cussing and being negative.

Reed needs to look in the mirror at herself before she goes off on other African American females. She gets in big fights with the other females all the time. Is it others fault all the time for fighting and not Royce Reed? Hell no! She cannot blame others. She just cannot.

To me in my opinion the program “Basketball Wife’s” is terrible. It shows black ladies at it’s worst. TERRIBLE language every sentence. Fighting etc. Sad to say a lot of white viewers think that is the way African Americans act all the time.

So I think Ms. Reed needs to chill out in blaming others. She is just as guilty as the rest.    Gordon Curvey

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The Death Of Amy Winehouse Is Another Wake Up Call

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To music fans the recent death of singer Amy Winehouse is no surprise. No surprise at all. It was just a matter of time sorry to say. She was like a walking time bomb ready to explode. The other day it did.

I am a person who likes all type of music. Pop, smooth jazz, some rock, hip-hop and r&b. I liked some of Amy’s songs. She was a talented singer and performer who died way to young.

The question is why is it she could not stop using drugs and drinking so much? Did her friends and family really try to help her? Then again they may have but Amy needed the will power to stop the drugs and drinking herself.

At 27, she died at the same age as other music stars such as Seattle’s own Kurt Cobain (died about 5 mins from my mom’s house in the Madrona area here in Seattle), Rolling Stone member Brian Jones, The Door’s Jim Morrision and another Seattle, Washington native Jimi Hendrix. Both Hendrix and Cobain are buried here in Seattle.

The death of Amy Winehouse is another wake up call about the dangers of drugs and alcohol at the same time. That is a terrible combination. She tried to get in programs to stop the drugs etc numorous times but I guess nothing worked.

Like the music stars I mentioned plus other artists like 2Pac and Biggie, they all died in their twenties. Way way too young. It is very very sad.

Thanks for good music you left us Amy to listen to for years to come. And a prayer goes out to her family and I guess you can say Amy Winehouse is finally at peace.

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Weezy Bans All Alcohol From Tour Bus And Backstage

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I was shocked to read the story I am putting on “Music Inner City News Magazine” right now and that is Lil Wayne banning all alcohol from his tour bus and from backstage at all of his concerts.

This is a good look for Weezy. Of course readers this is something he has to do because if he does the wrong thing as far as alcohol he is going back to jail. A place he does not want to be at.

Here is the thing on Wayne. This cat is a VERY intelligent brotha. I have seen him on ”First Take” on ESPN talking sports with Skip Bayless. And he held his own against Bayless. Which is hard to do. Weezy knows about baseball, football and basketball. He keeps up with what is going on. And he know politics too. He is not a dummy.

Weezy is a artist and a good business person too. He has been in the game since he was a teenager. Thing is he is still in his 20′s. He still has a long career ahead of him.

The banning of all alcohol from backstage and his tour bus is great. Hey what about bud? Just a joke!   Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: Nicki Minaj


If you know about what is going on in the world of hip-hop music you realize one thing and that is the lack of female rappers making good music right now.

Missy Elliott, Eve, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Lil Mama and more. Where are they? Word is Eve is going to realease a cd soon. She was really doing things with her own TV series and more. Repeats are being shown on the TV right now.

There is one female rapper that is blowing up in hip-hop right now and that is Nicki Minaj. One only. Her name is all over the place. She is a marketing machine just like Lady GaGa.

When you blow up like she has OUT COMES THE HATERS AND JEALOUS FOLKS!! A few of them are Lil Kim Lil Mama They are constantly talking negative about Minaj. The question is why?

What Kim and Mama need to do is SHUT THE HELL UP AND MAKE SOME GOOD MUSIC. Lil Mama has the NERVE to say that Nicki Minaj has stole her style!! WHAT?????? GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK!!!!!!! That is crazy.

I wish nothing but the best for Nicki. Hip-Hop/Rap needs somebody like her. With personality and charisma and style and finally saying all that, SHE CAN RAP TOO!!!  Gordon Curvey

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Waka Flocka Talks About Retiring From The Rap Game

Article From (Full story click here)

Just came across a article about rapper Waka Flocka Flame and after I finished reading it I shook my head and said ………yeah right!!

Waka said he is fed up with the rap game and plans on retiring from rapping for good. He is not happy with a lot of things surrounding the rap game,

When you read the article from Flame did not really go into details exactly why he is retiring from rapping. I am wondering what is the real reason he is leaving.

But let’s be real readers. Waka Flocka Flame is not going to retire. You know it and I know it. Their is to much money to be made in the rap game.

In a short period of time Flame has made a huge name for himself all over the world. He has only put our one cd.  Why would he walk away?

I guess only himself and his manager who happens to be his mom know the REAL reason he is talking about leaving the rap business. Again I do not believe he is going to retire. I just don’t believe it. And if you are a fan of Waka Flocka Flame, you should not believe it too.    Gordon Curvey

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