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Browns Myles Garrett Says KD “Broke The League” I AGREE!

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kdwinningmvp2018If you are a sports fan you know the Golden State Warriors won another NBA title the other day by sweeping away Lebron and the Cleveland Cavs 4-0 in the NBA Finals. Three titles in four years for the Warriors. And many are not happy with Golden State and I am one of them as well as a NFL player.

Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns says with Kevin Durant joining a already great team it “broke the league” I agree 1000% with Garrett! To this day I have a huge huge problem with Durant leaving OKC after the Warriors eliminated OKC in the playoffs a few years ago.  I just think it was wrong for KD to join a already great team at GS with Curry, Green, Thompson in place on the team. A team that won over 70 games WITHOUT Kevin.

Curry, Green and Thompson did a great recruiting job in getting Durant to come to the Warriors as a free agent. But I agree with Myles Garrett. And many other NBA fans agree also that Kevin Durant choice to join the Warriors was just unfair to the rest of the NBA. If you noticed NBA commissioner Adam Silver was not to happy on the stage when he presented the Warriors with another NBA title trophy. I was not happy too.

Watching KD holding his second MVP Finals trophy in a row and watching Durant and his teammates kissing the title trophy made me go grab my remote and go watch something else on TV. It was not a good look in my opinion readers. It just was not.

Now NBA teams are trying to figure out how to stop the Warriors from winning another title and then another title.  Because truth be told the Warriors are still a young team and just make a few adjustments here and there to continue to win NBA titles. The NBA finals ratings suffered because fans are tired of seeing the Warriors.  Tired of seeing them in joy after winning another title. Everyone knew at the start of the season who would play in the NBA finals….the Warriors vs. Lebron and the Cavs.

So readers I hope and pray as a NBA junky that the rest of the NBA will wake up and knock the Warriors off their pedestal. No more damn titles. I do not want to see the Warriors in the Finals anymore! I do not want to see KD smiling after winning another title. I know Adam Silver is in agreement with me and many other NBA fans.


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Do We Take For Granted How Great Lebron James Is?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

LeBron-JamesBack in 2002 I heard about this fella in high school who is crazy good out of Ohio. So good he can go into the NBA at the age of 15 or 16. He was that good in high school ladies and gentlemen. This young fella was named Lebron James.

He was one of the most hyped up high school players since Lew Alcindor aka Kareem Abdul Jabbar. And James has lived up to the hype. He has turned into one of the greatest players of all time. Some say he might be better than MJ.  James is 6-8  and 280 is strength and speed. He can play all positions on the court. He can play point, small forward and power forward and even center. Not many players can do this effectively.

James is very intelligent and is a student of the game. He can tell you about great players of past like Elgin Baylor and Wilt and Jerry West and The Big O and many more. He did not go to college but he is no dummy. This is a fact.

Look at what he has done. He might be in the NBA Finals AGAIN with the Cavs. Year after year after year Lebron is playing in the NBA Finals. With Cavs or the Heat, James is in the freakin Finals every year. If it was anyone else sports fans would say they are tired of seeing James in the Finals. I have not heard anyone say they are tired of James in the Finals I just have not. Sports fans love to watch greatness. In James we are watching greatness.

This fella is 33 years old and is showing zero signs of slowing down. Game after game after game, Lebron is getting 40 points, 15 rebounds and six dimes. He is making others on the Cavs better. He is pushing the Cavs to again be in the NBA Finals to maybe again match up against KD, Curry and Klay and the Golden State Warriors.

Everyone wants to see the Cavs-GS in the Finals again. I know ABC does. As I type this, the Celtics are pushing the Cavs. Making it hard for the Cavs to maybe be in the Finals again.  But folks while we watch great games in the playoffs by Curry, KD and others,  NO ONE can match Lebron and his great play in the 2018 NBA Playoffs. We are watching pure greatness by James. It is unreal folks.

Lebron is playing so great I wonder do sports take Lebron’s greatness for granted. After a 40-15-6 game do we say “Oh it is just another game by Lebron”. I know for sure I do not say that. As a NBA junky,  I KNOW I AM WATCHING GREATNESS!!

One thing for sure and that is Lebron James is a freak of nature! I hope all NBA junkies will realizing what we are watching. We are watching greatness by Lebron James and I know their will not be many if any one else like him.


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Matt Calkins Of The Seattle Times Should Be Fired!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

My opinions on Seattle Times sports writer Matt Calkins AGAIN putting a African American on blast in his articles in the Times. He has done this over and over and over again. In my opinion Matt Calkins should be fired asap!!

gordonandmichealbennettTo my many FB friends the following is kind of long but it is my true feelings on the BOGUS charge against former Seahawk Michael Bennett. It is how I feel. It is a reply to motor mouth Matt Calkins of the Times who has made a habit of putting Bennett/Sherman on blast in the Times sports section. He should be fired!! PLEASE READ BELOW.
AGAIN Matt Calkins is giving his one-sided white man’s views on a black man in the white owned media..The Times. A opinion on a intelligent, educated African American man in Bennett who is bold enough to challenge racism in America which has got worse with the fella in the White House.

Bennett also speaks out against police who has shot unarmed black men OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITHOUT WHITE OFFICERS NOT SPENDING ONE DAY IN JAIL for their actions!! Hell Bennett has also spoke about the shooting and killing of the African American sista Charleena Lyles by the police in the area.


Another black man has been shot and killed in Sacremento. Will the white officers who killed this African American brotha be charged? HELL NO!!!

So we in the black community know black folks will NEVER see a white police officer get charged and convicted of killing a black man or lady. NEVER!! Including in Texas!!! These are some of the issues Michael Bennett AND Richard Sherman were bold enough to speak out about off the field.

So all of sudden in Trump loving Texas (who has a governor who is a friend and a tremendous supporter of Trump) Bennett a 6-4 265 pound HUGE black man is charged with pushing a 66 year old paraplegic lady after New England won the Super Bowl last year. A game in which Bennett’s brother won as a member of NE. GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK!! This is a bunch of BS!! PLUS THEIR IS NO VIDEO OF THE ALLEGED INCIDENT!!!!!!!

When I saw all those white policemen in Texas hold that bogus press conference about the bogus charges on Michael Bennett I thought about racism against black folks in the 60’s in Selma, Alabama or in Mississippi.

Don’t get it twisted, IF Bennett did what he is charged with then BENNETT IS WRONG!! But in my strong opinion this is all about a outspoken, intelligent and educated African American man who has spoken out AGAINST white officers killing unarmed black folks, being retaliated against by white folks in a state that supports one of worse so called President’s already in American history!! a ALLEGED INCIDENT THAT HAPPENED MORE THAN A YEAR AGO!!!!!!


It can be blatant or subtle but we African Americans deal with racism everyday when we walk out our doors. Has Calkins experienced this as white man putting African Americans on blast in the white owned Times? HELL NO!!

To have this blog with this title (“REACTIONS TO MICHAEL BENNETT ARREST WARRANT SHOWS THAT FACTS DON’T MATTER”) AGAIN Matt Calkins as well as many other folks who have left their comments here are brainless with it comes to what black men like me or even a black man with money in Bennett go though EVERYDAY in white America. THESE CHARGES AGAINST BENNETT ARE BOGUS!!! REAL TALK!!! And again MATT CALKINS SHOULD BE FIRED BY THE TIMES!!



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Bennett/Sherman Follow Reynolds Out Of Seattle!

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“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

meandbennett2016I knew this was going to happen sports fans. The removal of Micheal Bennett from the Seahawks or from my city of Seattle. And it happened because Bennett was traded to the champion Eagles for a 5th round pic and some dude no one knows of.

The Seahawks removed Bennett from the team because in my strong opinion him being a leader in speaking out on the way former guest on “Music Inner City TV” QB Colin Kaepernick was treated by the NFL. Plus Bennett took stands on the African American sista who was shot by the police here in Seattle and other issues that have to do with the African American community.

Now Richard Sherman is gone. Signed with the 49ers less than a day after being cut by the Seahawks. He signed a three year contract. Wow it will be very interesting when the Seahawks and 49ers meet.

Sherman did a lot in the community for inner city kids. Held a big softball game every year at Safeco Field. He did not have it last summer. Ummm I wonder if that was a signal of his departure from Seattle? Maybe so ladies and gentleman. All I know is Sherman and Bennett are gone. Sherman is a 49er and Bennett is a Eagle.

Bennett had became a leader in speaking up on issues PLUS he did a lot for young African American kids. Speaking at schools and community centers in the Seattle/Tacoma area. But I guess the Seahawks said enough is enough we have to get rid of you. Sherman did the same.

Of course Bennett took a stand for Kap in not standing for the anthem. As did Sherman. In the end the Seahawks said no more of this radical stuff shermanso bye bye Micheal Bennett and Philly will say hello Micheal Bennett. Surely it is not because of Bennett’s play on the field he was traded.

This is a fact. Some say the “Legion Of Boom” for the Seattle Seahawks is over. The Seahawks have made massive changes to it’s coaching staff. Hell just about everybody is new except for Coach Carroll.

In my opinion the Seahawks have got afraid after a 9-7 season. I just do not understand readers. Bennett has been traded and guess what sports fans? Richard Sherman another outspoken African American man who like Bennett are very intelligent, follows Bennett out of Seattle and maybe even Earl Thomas. This is crazy in my opinion.

Bennett and Sherman follow another African American sports star out of Seattle who took off their uniform and went on to help the African American community and youth. former Seattle Mariner Harold Reynolds.

haroldreynoldsReynolds along with Wayne Perryman formed a organization (read link above) to try to help young black kids to look good when looking for a job and other helpful things. Guess what readers? Soon Reynolds was shipped out of Seattle just like Sherman and Bennett were shipped out of Seattle by the Seahawks in my opinion.

Yes I know MANY will disagree with my thoughts. Guess what? I don’t give a damn! I am hurt that Bennett and Sherman are gone from my city. Bennett has formed a relationship with schools and he said that will continue even if he is in Philly. I do not know about Sherman and the relationships he formed here.

Hell If I was a African American sports star in Seattle, I would be afraid to really speak up and help the African American community like Harold Reynolds and Bennett and Sherman. Because if they do, they are asking for a ticket out of Seattle!

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Lebron Will Not “Shut Up And Dribble”

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lebron-james-laura-ingraham-e1518826475937NEW edition of “Sports Inner City/Off The Court” webcast is online right now! Just click on the screen to the right. Watch via smartphones, tablets or pc WORLDWIDE!! NBA news and views and what ex and current players and coaches are doing off the court.

WHAT THE f..k”!! In many strong opinion and millions of others Fox News host Laura Ingraham a tremendous Trump supporter was way out of control and way out of line when she said Lebron James as well as Kevin Durant “Need to shut up and dribble” the other day on her Fox News program after KD and James made negative comments about Trump on a webcast hosted by ESPN host Cari Champion.

Lebron said during All Star Weekend in Los Angeles that he will not shut up and dribble in response to Ingraham. What Ingraham said WAS THE EPITOME OF FLAT OUT RACISM!!

Fox News management for years and years have allowed the white hosts on Fox News to put African Americans and people of color on blast over the air. Blasting African Americans like Rev. Jesse Jackson or Rev. Al Sharpton or President Barack Obama and NFL QB Colin Kaepernick and more!! Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and other Fox News hosts treat black folks like dirt over the air!!

Ladies and gentlemen Lebron James is the best role model in pro sports for inner city kids. Period. He speaks his mind on sports issues, politics and much more!! He is not afraid to speak up unlike Tiger Woods and Micheal Jordan and others.

Woods and MJ are to worried about their brand and their image. James as well as KD have a image and also a brand but they are not afraid to speak up on killing of unarmed African Americans by the police. And I am proud of James for being a leader on the court and off the court.  James has a production company and has had programs on cable tv.

He has also started a online site called “Uninterrupted” for sports guys and gals can speak out on issues and more. A good site to go to folks. I go their all the time for the podcasts and webcasts!

I had a problem with KD joining GS but put that aside I am proud of Durant. Like James he speaks out on issues along with Melo, CP3, D-Wade and more. Check out the link above for more info on Fox News host Ingraham and her stupid, wrong and yes racist comments about Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Truth be told, Ingraham is WORSE with her views on people of color on her radio show as is Hannity.

NBA All Star Weekend news: Please watch “Sports Inner City/Off The Court” with NBA news and views and off the court news on players and coaches. Plus All Star game interviews held during All Star Saturday. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE NBA!

The Nets Spencer Dinwiddie won the skills event.  Devin Booker of the Suns broke the record of points to win the 3 point contest and the Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell won the dunk contest. I feel Larry Nance Jr. did the best dunk. Finally the NBA All Star game was won by Team Lebron  and led by Lebron James 148-145 in a great for one All Star game!

James won  the MVP of the game. Defense was played folks!! I loved it! One thing the NBA All Star Weekend shows is how diverse the crowd was at Staple Center unlike the MLB All Star Games. And how the NBA has embraced diversity and the “hip hop generation’ UNLIKE MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.




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Too Many Three Point Shots In College/Pro Basketball

currythreepointerI love the game of basketball. It is my favorite sport followed by football. When the NBA and college season comes to a end I go into a sports depression. Thank god for NBA TV!! It has NBA news and games all year long!

But as a basketball junky I am really bothered by something and if you are a true hoops fan you should be bothered by this too. And that is too many three point shots by players in college and the pros. Of course in college the three point line is much shorter from the hoop than in the NBA. But it seems it is not making a difference. Too many three point shot attempts.

Readers too many times I see a player drive to the basket and has a easy 15 or 16 ft shot in college/pros. Instead of taking the easy shot the player will pass back out to a teammate who is beyond the three point line for a shot attempt.

Sports fans WHY are college and pro coaches allowing this to happen? It should not happen in my strong opinion. Sorry to say this three point shot barrage got worse in basketball because of one player…Golden State guard Steph Curry. Of course Curry takes hella three point shots during a game. And a lot go in. The other day Curry made 10 three point shots for goodness sake!

But as a lover of the game of basketball, I have a problem with all the three point shots by Curry and many other players. Hell Curry will pull up from just beyond the freakin half court line!! I guess Head Coach Steve Kerr does not have a problem with this because many of Curry’s shot attempts of course goes in.

Former NBA head coach and current NBA analyst Mark Jackson used to have a problem with all the three point shots saying young youth want to pattern their game after Curry and go to the gym and practice nothing but three point shots. Not a good look.

Let’s hope head coaches in college and the pros get hip to all the three point shots and tell their players to drive to the basket or take a pull up 15 foot jumper instead of passing out to a player for a long three point shot. In my opinion this is not good basketball. Young kids are being shown the wrong way to play the game. All the three point shots by players are messing up the game of basketball. Do you feel the same? Leave a comment.

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Why We Do Not See MLB Players Doing Commercials?

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beckhamPlease listen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcast right here. Entertainment and sports and political news and views plus classic soul and hip-hop and smooth jazz music and more.

On this podcast among the content is my EXCLUSIVE interview I did here in Seattle a few years ago with media icon OPRAH WINFREY!!

NEW “Sports Inner City/Off The Court” coming at ya real soon! Covering NBA news and views PLUS what current and ex NBA players/coaches are doing off the court. Plus view a classic or new music video some from NBA players!! Watch 24-7 on demand!!

Also listen to “Sports Inner City Radio” Just click “Sports Inner City Radio” link at the top of th home page. Urban sports news, Seattle Seahawks coverage and more including classic soul and hip hop and smooth jazz music and more!!

Sports fans I have tried to get opinions from sports radio hosts and others who lve Major League Baseball as to why we do not see MLB players doing commercials/marketing on the TV. It seems lovers of the sport refuse to answer at least here in Seattle on sports radio KJR/710 ESPN.

When I turn on TV I see commercials/marketing by almost 100% current and former NBA and NFL players like KD, CP3, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Damian “Dame D.O.L.L.A” Lillard, Lebron, Aaron Rodgers, Shaq, Barkley, Dr. J, Russell Wilson, Russell Westbrook, Odell Beckham Jr, Dez Bryant, Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Kobe, Brett Farve, Kyrie Irving, Tom Brady, Von Miller, Anthony Davis,  Curry and more!

Tonight I just saw a brand new commercial from the quiet man of the Spurs Kawhi Leonard for Nike/Jordan brand sneakers with rapper Nipsey Hussle. Great commercial because it shows another side of Kawhi. (click here for story).

But readers I do not see hardly any Major League Baseball players on TV doing commercials/marketting. The question is why? I only see former player Johnny Bench and David Ortiz and Frank Thomas that’s it. Correct me if I am wrong readers. Is it because baseball players do not have personalities like many many NFL/NBA players? I SAY YES THIS IS WHY!!And it is a major reason why young African American youth turn from playing baseball to playing hoops and football at age 12 or 13 or 14. Don’t agree? Well in any major city check out baseball teams in high school. Basically all white teams.

david price

MLB is at fault in my opinion. They do a flat out terrible job of marketing to inner city youth. Plus they need to make games go faster because most young African American youth think MLB very very boring.

Which in my opinion it is. There needs to be a 20 sec clock for pitchers and MLB needs to have a new rule to stop batters from messing with their batting gloves EVEN WHEN THEY DO NOT SWING!! This needs to stop in my strong opinion. The Mariners Robinson Cano is guilty of this big time!!

So hopefully the management of MLB will see what is going on. Because as former Seattle Mariner and current Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones says “Baseball is a white sport in America” and it is readers. If you can please go to You Tube and watch comic Chris Rock’s HBO comments on how white baseball has became in America. Sorry to say Jones and Rock are correct. Marketing of the sport to the “hip-hop generation” is just not happening like it is in the NFL/NBA.

Most African American youth CANNOT name three MLB players. These are true facts. If you do not believe me go to a Boys & Girls Club or community center in the inner city of America and ask a group of young African American kids to name three MLB players of any race. They cannot do it. This is sad readers.

I blame MLB management and also the few African American players in MLB for not reaching back in the community to get young African American kids to stay interested in baseball beyond age 12 or 13. And MLB needs more African American players with some type of personality like players in the NBA and NFL. Singing “God Bless America” at the 7th inning ain’t going to reach young inner city youth.

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MLB Star Adam Jones Called The “N” Word In Boston

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“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

adamjonespicwithgordonBelow is a email I sent out to various people in the media here in the Seattle/Tacoma area regarding former Seattle Mariner and now Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones.

Who was called the “N” word and fans tossed peanuts at him in a game in Fenway Park in Boston. Truly truly sad readers. Pic of myself and Adam here.



  • Good afternoon everyone. Gordon Curvey here. First of all I want to say thanks for your support through the years. Yes I had a problem a little while ago when I was tossed out of Safeco but that is water under the bridge.
    But the water has not went under the bridge when it comes to what I strongly believe is sad to say racism in MLB. And the above article points this out. I have interviewed former Mariner Adam Jones. A great young man who was the worst trade trade in Mariner history. He does a lot for the community of Baltimore in the inner city.
    When I read crap like what happened to Jones it bothers me. It bothers me that their is ONLY 62 African American MLB players currently on MLB teams. Only 62. Ladies in gentlemen this is why I request to come to Safeco and interview the few African Americans that are in the majors. To get their feelings on the lack of African Americans in MLB.
    I truly believe also the marketing of the Mariners and MLB IS NOT reaching “the hip-hop generation” like the NBA and NFL is doing. I see the Mariners commercials and truth be told I have to use the word “corny” Young inner city kids cannot relate to those spots. These are just facts.
    Young African American kids turn to football/basketball by age 12. I work with kids everyday. I asked a bunch of 10, 11 and 12 year old African American kids to name three African American MLB players. They could not name ONE! But of course they can name a whole bunch of African American NFL/NBA players. This is sad. They do not see ANY African American MLB players doing commercials. Unlike Lebron, Curry, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Harden, Barkley, Shaq, John Wall, Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Odell Beckham Jr, Cam Newton and more!!
    Chris Rock AND Adam Jones said  baseball is a “white man’s sport”. Below is the link to Rock’s segment on HBO where he talked about how white baseball players are and the crowds who attend the games also.
    In my opinion the bigots who called Jones the N word and tossed peanuts at him etc should NEVER be allowed to attend aadamjones-web1-master768 Red Sox game and should be fined $25,000 also. Adam Jones said this should happen and I agree 100%. MLB has a problem. And the commissioner was right to address this problem today. The Mayor of Boston did also.
    Ladies and gentlemen this is 2017 not 1948. MLB tries to celebrate “Jackie Robinson Day” every year. This is a joke! A big fat joke! Jackie would not be happy knowing their are ONLY 62 African Americans in the majors. And only two African American managers in Baker and Roberts. When I turn on a Mariners game from Safeco it is a sea of white faces.
    Yes I am very upset at this Adam Jones story. With Trump in the White House (well sometimes he is in the White House), racism is showing that it is alive and well. Just look at his cabinet.
    Over the years I have asked the Mariners to help me with advertising dollars with my business. I have not obtained one penny. I get a bunch of excuses. My program airs 24-7 in Washington State/Oregon and California on Comcast-On Demand and Xfinity X1. My entertainment program AND my urban sports program. And we stream online at and  We are not a little public access program. I have been in broadcasting over 26 years folks. And have interviewed legend after legend after legend.
    • Tim and Rebecca and Kelly and others who attend games at Safeco, take a look around in the stands. And see at the white faces. Root TV for sure shows them. Their is a segment during the games where they have Mariner fans on trips over seas or at home. They are ALWAYS white! ALWAYS.
      It is sad. It is just the opposite at for instance the Warriors game tonight a Cavs game or Spurs game or a Seahawks game. You see diversity. You see America. You see African Americans, Native Americans, Whites, East Africans, Asians etc.
      The terrible story about Adam Jones in Boston shows me again why I am needed with “Sports Inner City TV”. Sorry to say racism is alive and well folks.  Sports radio KJR with it’s all white regular on air staff day and night for instance cannot discuss racism. They have never experienced it. Sorry to say EVERY African American man in America has. Including Adam Jones, David Price and others. We experience it EVERY DAY when we walk out our doors.
      And with Trump in the WH, things will not get better. See ya.
      Ladies and gentlemen the last day or so since this Jones incident happened, I have heard African American MLB players wondering what in the hell is going on. This is 2017 not 1948. And they are also saying a lot of incidents have happened for some reason in the city of Boston.
      It is known in the black community that Boston is a racist city. But readers I don’t give a damn!! I feel the sport of baseball is racist. There outreach to the African American community is terrible. And it seems it is getting worse not better sad to say.

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Do Not Like All The Talk About Trading Sherman!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

shermanAs a sports fan I am really bothered by a few things. The lack of diversity on local sports radio KJR here in Seattle. The lack of marketing/and lack of African Americans in Major League Baseball and something else.

And that is all the discussion of trading Seahawks great Richard Sherman. All of a sudden for the last month their has been discussion everywhere on sports media about the possible trade of Sherman. The question is why?

Why is chatter going on about trading a great player who also gives back to the Seattle/Tacoma community to the youth and families.

I have my opinion ladies and gentlemen. My opinion is this. Richard Sherman has always been outspoken on racism and how African Americans are treated. He is one of only a few sports stars who is not afraid to speak his mind. Lebron James is another one and also fellow Seahawk Micheal Bennett is another one and few others.

Also if you follow Sherman last season he had a few “incidents” that made headlines in the sports world. Sherman had a incident on the field during a game when he disagreed with a call made by the Seahawks offensive coach over a goal line play that was called.

And Sherman showed his anger and got into a sideline situation that truth be told did not look to good. Also Sherman had a incident with local sports radio host Jim Moore in the locker room. In my opinion, Moore was totally in the wrong. Moore talked “down” to Sherman like he was a “intelligent Negro” and not a Stanford educated brotha who is also from the hood of Compton.

Richard was not having it and fired back at Moore. One thing led to another and of course local sports media took the side of Jim Moore BUT national media did not. They felt like I did that Moore asked question after question in a very arrogant manner.

Sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN mostly white hosts put Sherman on full blast. It was wrong in my strong opinion. So as a result of the two incidents last season, Sherman as decided to boycott local Seattle sports media as far as giving interviews etc. Only a few will land a interview with Sherman. I am trying to be one of them.

This boycott will be interesting when Sherman has his Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game at Safeco Field here in Seattle during the summer. Who will cover the event from the local Seattle media? Cannot wait to see!

So with all the negativity this past season when it comes to Sherman comes this trade talk. As a sports fan this is TOTAL BS! It is flat out wrong for our football team to “listen” to offers for Sherman. Yes Sherman makes a lot of money and yes the Seahawks can save a lot of money and trade him etc. But why even discuss the trading of a great player who is still playing at a high level at age 29. I just do not understand this.

Seeing articles about where is a good fit for Sherman etc really upsets me as a Seattle Seahawks fan. Some sources are saying that if the Seahawks trade Sherman it is a signal of the ending of the teams run for the Super Bowl. I saw Bennett on ESPN and he said it would be a bad move for the team to trade Sherman. Of course he cannot say what he REALLY feels because he is employed by the Hawks and he just recently signed a new extension to pay his big $$.

So let’s see what is going to happen to Richard Sherman. This sports fan will be very very interesting. We will keep you informed here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” and also on “Sports Inner City Online”

Update: I wish the Sherman Family would stay off sports radio KJR. Branton Sherman, Richard’s brother went on Dave Mahler’s program to discuss his brother. KJR and 710 and other sport media in this town is helping to drive Sherman out of Seattle! Richard said he is boycotting local media. Branton should do the same!!


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Icon Jackie Robinson Would Not Stand For Anthem Too!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey


Watch “Sports Inner City TV” webcast right here. Just click the screen on the right.

Which features comments from a few Seahawks from the locker room of Century Link after the Seahawks/Cowboys game. PLUS watch a program from Seahawks Training Camp/Vmac in Renton, Washington. Player interviews plus hip-hop/r&b/pop music videos!

Watch via smartphones, tablets, mac or pc! Special thanks to the Seattle Seahawks!!

I am sure that many many of you will disagree with me and what I am about to say here on my website. If so, I am sorry but it is truly how I feel about 49er QB and former guest on “Music Inner City Television” Colin Kaepernick. (pic with myself and Kaepernick)

First of all I am sure many of you have never met Colin. Well I have met him and interviewed him. He has appeared on “M.I.C-TV” two times. I interviewed him a few years ago in Los Angeles at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party. And he also appeared on our program a few years ago at the Body@ESPYs pre show for the ESPYs also in L.A. Interviewed by Curtis “Boss” Elerson.

Kaepernick is a very intelligent young man. I am hearing and reading a bunch of crap from mostly white folks concerning Colin and his decision not to stand for the national anthem before a 49er per-season game. Ladies and gentlemen I DO NOT have a problem with Kaepernick and his protest.

And if he wants to not stand for the anthem all season, I do not have a problem with that. Colin feels America has not treated African Americans and people of color well and it is the truth. Kaepernick feels America allows racial inequality. Well it is the truth. If you think racism has got better in America because the first African American President..President Barack Obama was elected  and re-elected, you are wrong folks.

It does not matter if you have millions like Colin or if you are homeless, a black man experiences racism in one way or another EACH ANDJackie Robinson EVERY DAY! This is a fact. When Colin says his stance is bigger than football and it would be selfish on his part to look at it any other way. I agree again with Colin. He said that he was not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. He also said there are bodies in the street and people are getting paid leave and getting away with murder.

Yes, many folks think Kaepernick not standing for the anthem is disrespectful to America. People are saying he picked the wrong way of taking a stance. Well who says? In his mind he feels his way was the way to get attention. I do not have a problem with his feelings.

I have just learned that the great Jackie Robinson said in 1972 that he does not stand up and sing the anthem because of what black people experience in America. WOW!! Jackie Robinson said this folks!! A sports icon and legend! Now decades later, Kaepernick is basically saying what the great Jackie Robinson said decades ago. So now are certain people are going to bash Robinson in his grave? Ummm?


Guys like Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman says Colin could have picked another way of speaking up. Well I disagree with Sherman and by the way this is not the first time I have disagreed with Sherman. Real talk. A lot of times I agree with him, a lot of times I do not.

Some say he has basically made his way out of the 49ers camp by taking his stance. He was in a battle for the starting QB position. Head coach Chip Kelly already has a rep for really not getting along with African American players. Would it be a good look for Kelly to cut Colin now? I would say HELL NO!! He would catch hell from the NAACP, the Urban League, Rev Al Sharpton’s National Action League and Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition. Not a good look.

You know what REALLY REALLY GETS ME PISSED? It is listening to sports radio hosts who let’s keep it real, who are mainly white, TRYING to discuss a issue THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT!! And that is the topic of RACE AND RACISM.

I just listened sports radio KJR and Dave Mahler on the Kaepernick situation. I listened to a point then I had to turn the radio off with a quickness and that is for sure.  Mahler TRIED to give his CLUELESS opinions on race and racism. DAVE MAHLER AND MOST WHITE SPORTS RADIO HOSTS DO NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT THE EXPERIENCES OF AFRICAN AMERICANS AND PEOPLE OF COLOR IN WHITE DOMINATED AMERICA!!!!!

It turned the radio off when Mahler started to take calls from KJR’s target audience….white suburb living, no African American friends or associates, no knowledge of our society or our culture listeners. Who of course would get on the radio and blast Kaepernick. Then Mahler had the nerve to have a African American former Seattle Seahawks player , Bryce Fisher on his show. I did not have to listen to know what Fisher was going to say because the brotha is a former member of the Air Force. You know he was going to disagree with Kaepernick and his protest.

It again shows something I have fought for and spoken out about for years and that is the inclusion, not the exclusion of African Americans as sports jocks on sports radio. Because readers IT IS A FACT, that whites and African Americans think differently on just about EVERYTHING, including the topics of race and racism.

Keep in mind readers that Colin has NOT broken any NFL rules. The 49ers released a statement supporting Kaepernick’s right to choose whether or not to acknowledge the national anthem.

I saw online that some brainless clowns have burned Kaepernick jerseys to protest the national anthem. Give me a break folks. Of course the folks doing this are NOT African Americans. Today thank goodness I have heard the leading scorer of all time in the NBA and now a community activist the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Seahawk player Michael Bennett and other sports stars support Colin and his protest. Including a mannwho is known for his famous protest in the Olympic’s back in the 60’s, Tommy Smith. That makes me very very happy. If you disagree me…sorry.

This young man is joining Lebron, Melo, CP3, D-Wade, WNBA players and more in speaking out in there own ways about police shooting of African Americans. Readers we know it is WRONG for police getting shot and killed. THIS IS A FACT. Also a fact is this. what Colin Kaepernick said is flat out true. And that is in just about EVERY killing of a African American by cops, they have not been charged or on PAID leave!! This hurts me, it hurts Kaepernick, hurts Melo, CP3, Lebron and D-Wade and millions of other folks.

YES, black on black crime is WRONG and it needs to stop. But also the killing of African Americans by police needs to stop. Sports radio hosts like Dave Mahler and others DO NOT spend time around African Americans in our community. They know NOTHING about us. They are guessing. They “wonder” about us. Guys like Dave Mahler on KJR here in Seattle NEED DIVERSITY TRAINING in a worst way!! It stands out like two left shoes the lack of knowledge guys like Mahler and other folks in the media when issues of race and racism like this Kaepernick protest comes up.

So again I am proud of Colin and protest. It makes me proud to see a man who in reality can take his millions and say f..k black folks! And not say anything about race or racism like Tiger Woods. Micheal Jordan in a surprise to everyone, recently donated to African American organizations and even spoke out about black folks getting shot by police as well as police getting shot. Colin can just get his millions, drive his Jag or Benz and be happy. He has decided not to do that!! He cares about the plight of black people.

The NBA and now the NFL. I am waiting on a few African American Major League Baseball players to stand up and speak out. Let’s see if this will ever happen. Until that time, shout out to Colin Kaepernick. A brotha who even with MILLIONS in the bank has not forgot where he has come from. That is a good look!!

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Thoughts On The Retirement Of Kobe Bryant

kobe#1A “Sports Inner City TV” internet only webcast hosted by Gordon Curvey. Based in Seattle, Washington. Topics include the retirement of Kobe Bryant and the Golden State Warriors winning 73 games. Plus a classic Ice Cube video. Via Ustream Producer. Comments?

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“Sports Inner City TV”/Internet Only Webcast

adjustingglovepicNew “Sports Inner City TV” internet only webcast. Hosted by Gordon Curvey. Urban sports news and issues. Based in Seattle, Washington (U.S.) Topics include baseball players and slow play, NBA “resting” during the season and more!

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NBA Player Found Not Guilty In New York

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

thabo-sefoloshaListen to “Music Inner City Radio” Entertainment/sports and political news PLUS classic soul and hip-hop music and exclusive interviews and public service announcements.

And watch our two webcasts, “Sports Inner City TV” with Seahawks news and more and “Music Inner City TV” a webcast of our latest program on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand!! Wat both via smartphones, tablets, mac or pc ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!

As some of you may know I am a tremendous basketball fan and a NBA junky. As a sports fan one of the worst days as a sports fan was when our NBA the Seattle Sonics left town in 2008 for the dust town OKC.

Many of you also know that the NBA is around 80% African American and the sports media in Seattle likes to put African Americans on full blast any chance they get. For sure on sports radio like 710 ESPN and sportsradio KJR. Mainly KJR.

And also the Seattle Times and the Seattle PI (online). It is a severe problem in my opinion. When brothas do wrong it is all over the radio and TV and newspapers.

But when brothas do right we hardly here anything and this is real. Or when a brotha is found innocent of charges put against them. Like what happened recently to NBA player Thabo Sefolosha of the Atlanta Hawks. Did not hear anything on radio about this.

A New York jury recently found Thabo innocent on three misdemeanorJames-Blake charges. In April, Sefolosha said police caused his season ending leg injury after he left a nightclub in NY. Sefolosha suffered a fractured fibula and ligament damage when he and a teammate were arrested near the scene of the stabbing of another NBA player Indiana Pacer forward Chris Copeland.

After the incident, TMZ Sports released video that shows a group of police arresting the 6-7 Sefolosha and taking him to the ground. But as I said a NY jury found Sefolosha innocent of all charges on him. This is great news. The brotha should NOT have been arrested at all. Again mistreatment of a African American/black man by the police.

Also recently former tennis pro James Blake met with NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and police commissioner William Bratton. This happened because of Blake being taken to the ground AGAIN by NY police after Blake was thought to be a suspect in another crime. Again this incident was flat out wrong on the part of the NY police. These type of incidents are happening all over America.

Finally let me say this. I am very happy justice happened for Sefolosha and Blake. But I also think pro sports stars should stay away from nightclubs because terrible things seem to happen time and time again. We do not hear about Lebron James or Carmelo Anthony or Kobe Bryant or Chris Paul or Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman hanging out a nightclub. Brothas should do the right thing and have a good time at home!!

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Lebron To Expand Scholarship Program To Parents In Ohio

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

LeBron+James+Sprite+Unveil+Refurbished+Gym+R_SFreL6S6vlNew “Music Inner City Radio” podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. Topics include two beautiful sistas Saana Lathan and Viola Davis speaking out about African American sistas in Hollywood an much more PLUS classic soul and hip-hop music!!

And a new “Sports Inner City TV” webcast is up and running with topics like our Seahawks loss 34-31 to the Rams, Seahawks Kam Chancellor holdout and more PLUS a classic r&b music video.

Watch both via your smartphone, tablets, mac or pc ANYWHERE in the world!! So grab your headphones and enjoy!!

If you are a fan of “Music Inner City News Magazine” and “Sports Inner City TV/Online” you know I am a tremendous fan of Lebron James. What James does on the court as we all know is great but what he does off the court to me is even greater!!

James announced a few ago that his Lebron James Foundation is going to help 1,000 kids get a college education as long as they get good grades and graduate in his home city of Akron, Ohio. Now he is taking his help even further.

James “I Promise” program will help parents obtain their General Education Development (GED) The program will pay for testing fees, laptops, bus passes and hand out prizes for good work. Also parents who have children in the Lebron James Family Foundation and wish to obtain their GED are automatically welcome. Readers this is great!! It really is.

Lebron’s program will also ensure parents are prepared to enter the workforce. James has partnered with adult education organization “Project Learn Of Summit County” which will also cover costs for the newly launched program.

Ladies and gentlemen what Lebron James is doing, EVERY ONE should do. James is from the hood or the inner city. He has got filthy rich BUT the inner city has not left James. He cares about kids. He cares about kids and now parents in getting a education and then obtaining a job or even starting their own business like for instance the Asians and now the East Africans.

In ending readers. Here is a big problem. A huge problem. The sports radio business in Seattle (KJR and 710 ESPN) and the U.S. and sports media in general do not want to discuss this issue. They do NOT want to discuss when African American brothas and sistas do great things like what James is doing. Like what NFL legend Dion Sanders is doing opening a school, what former NBA star and now NBA commentator Jalen Rose in also opening a school for kids.

The media do not want to discuss this positive stuff. But let Sanders and Rose and James and other brothas allegedly hit his lady or get caught with drugs and other stuff and it is headlines. YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT!! Shout out to Lebron and Rose and Sanders and other African Americans who are showing concern for inner city kids!!!!

Gordon Curvey

Live streaming video by Ustream

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Oscar De La Hoya Wants To Fight Again…WHY WHY WHY??

Jean Pascal and Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins Announce Upcoming Fight“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

As a sports fan you have to see great sports stars hang around way past their prime. It hurts to see this happen and you should too. Muhammad Ali stayed around to long. Willie Mays stayed around to long. Micheal Jordan stayed around to long. Ken Griffey Jr stayed around too long. Bernard Hopkins stayed around fighting to the age of 49!!

Many others stayed around because their mind says they could still do things they could do when they were younger and their body says another thing because father time waits for no one folks. I will catch up to everyone. So when I see a great fighter in Oscar De La Hoya thinking about coming back to fight again I ask…why Oscar?

De La Hoya is 42 years old. And his promotions company Golden BoyPromotions is doing very well promoting big fights. It makes no sense why Oscar wants to come back. Maybe he notices the huge paychecks Floyd “Money” Mayweather is getting these days. In his last fight with pay per view numbers added on, Floyd made around $200 million. So I guess Oscar says he wants a piece of the pie.

De La Hoya says if he comes back he wants to fight Mayweather or Gennady Golovkin. What I am reading I wonder if Oscar wants to have a couple of warm up fights before he fights huge talents in Floyd or Gennady. I would think so,

So as a sports fan I hope and pray that Oscar De La Hoya will not be given a license to fight again. It will be truly sad to see him get his ass beat at 42 years old. Oscar should just concentrate on his Golden Boy Promotions and leave the fighting to younger fighters. Please do not come back Oscar. It will be a huge mistake if you decide to come back!!

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Manny Obtains A Boxing Lesson From Floyd In Big Fight

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

floyd-mayweather-beats-manny-pacquiao-via-unanimous-decisionWell all the hype is over readers. For a long time as a sports fan we waited and waited for this fight. And it finally happened in the MGM in Las Vegas with Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao meeting Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

As a sports fan I have waiting for this fight and I was happy as hell all day long knowing the fight was finally going to happen. So as many expected, it turned into a complete boxing lesson from a master boxer in Mayweather. Basically he just played with Manny and did what ever he wanted all 12 rounds of the fights. It was another day in the office for Floyd.

Yes Manny scored with a big punch now and then but it did not bother Money. He just stuck to his game plan made by himself and his dad Floyd Mayweather Sr. During the fight Mayweather Sr was pushing his son to do more. But his son kept to what he wanted to do and that is stick and move, stick and move. And after 12 when it went to the scorecards it was 118-110, 116-112, 116-112 all in favor of Money Mayweather. Some say the fight was boring. Not to me. I was watching a great boxer in action.

Pacman said after the fight in the press conference he had a injury to his shoulder that flared up early in fight. Yeah right Manny!! Give me a break. Give us a better excuse than that. Floyd did not fall for the excuse by Manny. He said after the fight that he was fighting hurt too.

Mayweather is a master boxer pure and simple. His record is now 48-0 and he said he will fight one more time in September. He also said he will give up his many belts he holds before September. So younger guys can have a chance to hold a title.

Someone got PAID a whopping $100 million after the fight and it was Floyd. Might of fact he was flashing to the media his huge pay check so they can see the many zeros on his check. Heck before the fight Money was already worth a half a BILLION dollars. Of course he has many big and expensive cars, houses in many cities, a new jet and many many other things a man with that much money can get.

So let’s see what happens next for Floyd and also Manny. Will there be a rematch? Who knows. We will see.   Gordon Curvey



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How Come Baseball Players Are Not Doing National Marketing?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

vlcsnap-2014-09-30-21h45m59s59Some FYI for our readers. I am a tremendous sports fan and their are many issues that local sports radio here in Seattle are not touching or seems to be afraid to discuss over the air. Why I do not know.

And if you know the history of “Music Inner City Entertainment” I have ALWAYS mixed music and sports since we started in late 1990. I covered our dearly departed Seattle Sonics for over 15 years at morning shootarounds and was lucky enough to conduct interviews with Charles Barkley, Chris Webber, Shaq, Isiah Thomas (the Hall of Fame member), Phil Jackson, Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Coach George Karl, Rip Hamilton, Coach Doc Rivers and many many more at Key Arena.

I have also covered our Seattle Mariners over the last six or seven years at afternoon batting practice at Safeco Field and have been lucky enough to interview the legend Reggie Jackson (two times), another legend in Derek Jeter (two times), CeCe Sabathia, Torri Hunter, Dave Henderson, Andrew McCutchen, Mariner broadcasters Dave Sims and Rick Rizzs and many many more over the years. And we have covered our Seattle Seahawks the last three years at training camp and we hopefully can start covering games during the season at Century Link.

Readers what do Dr. J, Barkley, Damian Lillard, JJ Watt, Payton Manning, CP3, Blake Griffin, LeBron, Curry, Shaq, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Reggie Miller, Steve Smith, Kenny Smith, Brett Farve, Aaron Rodgers, our own Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson plus NASCAR’s Dale Jr and more have in common? I will tell you want they have in common.

They are are doing national marketing of products on TV and online and radio. BUT for some reason, Major League Baseball players ARE NOT DOING NATIONAL MARKETING OF PRODUCTSAND THE QUESTION IS WHY?

It seems ONLY L.A. Angel star young Mike Trout and even retired star and the all time hits


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Marshawn Speaks On Super Bowl Play On Turkish TV! (Watch)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

marshawn-lynch2Millions of Seattle Seahawks fans will NEVER EVER get over the play that cost us fans here in Seattle back to back Super Bowl win. We will ALWAYS wonder why Beastmode Lynch did not get the damn ball from the one yard line!

Many fans and even players  think the Seahawks did not Marshawn Lynch to be the MVP. With his personality and looks maybe that was not a good look for the face of the team nationally and worldwide. Most brush that way of thinking off but truth be told many will always think that it was a plan for Lynch not to get the ball and score the winning TD.

Sports radio listeners/callers here in Seattle just could not understand why Marshawn did not get the ball.

Coach Carroll has done his best to explain the call and I will give him credit on that. But Carroll explaining over and over will still not satisfy Seahawk fans. Lynch should have got the ball.

Of course I am sure sportsradio KJR and 710 ESPN and TV stations here in Seattle and nationwide have tried to get Lynch to do a interview and have not Lynch to do it. So guess what readers?

Lynch and a few other NFL players traveled to far away TURKEY and Beastmode FINALLY opened up about the play in the Super Bowl!! No one in the US could get Lynch to do a interview BUT a TV show in TURKEY gets Lynch to open up. UNREAL!!!

Readers if you put two and two together after listening or watching the interview you should think like millions of others think and that is Marshawn thinks the team did not want him to be the face of the Seahawks Super Bowl win. This is how I felt after watching the interview.

Below is the interview and you can form your own opinion.

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Do You Think Beastmode Was Not Wanted As Super Bowl MVP?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

marshawn-lynch-31superbowlpicNEAs many of us in Seattle try to get over the stupid ass play that was responsible for the Seattle Seahawks not repeating as Super Bowl champs, a lot and I mean a lot of tweets by guys and gals on Facebook are saying something ain’t right when it comes to Marshawn Lynch.

Something just does not smell right. Entertainers and sports stars are coming out saying is very very wrong as to why Beastmode was not given the ball at the one yard line for a most likely touchdown. Inside in a matter of freakin seconds Russell Wilson for some unknown reason tried a damn pass and it was intercepted by a unknown player on New England.

And before you know it, game over. Repeat over. As a sports fan I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER get over this loss. NEVER NEVER NEVER again readers!!! I just do not understand and will not understand why this play was called by the Seahawks. A stupid inside slant call at the freakin one yard line. INSTEAD OF GIVING THE DAMN BALL TO THE BEST DAMN RUNNING BACK IN THE NFL. Just pure stupidity readers!!

I went from pure happiness to pure depression as a sports fan in a matter of seconds. I was ready to grab my video camera and run down to bars and other places by Century Link where the Seahawks play. I stay a few minutes away from the stadium. I wanted to catch the pure joy of fans because of our hometown team repeating as Super Bowl champions.

Twitter and Facebook was full of former and current NFL players in total flat out disbelief.  They just could not understand WHY Marshawn was not given the damn ball. Guys like Dieon Sanders, and new rushing king Emmett Smith and former Seahawk Golden Tate just could not understand the play call. Smith said it was the worst play call in sports history!! Tate said Beastmode should be “livid”

A report has came out that Lynch was offered a huge contract extension by the Seahawks that would make him one of the highest paid running backs in the NFL. Here is a question some are asking. Will Marshawn want to come back to Seattle? This problem of Lynch not getting the ball near the goal line is nothing new. Google it readers.

Finally some think Marshawn was not given the ball at the end because most likely if he would have scored he would have been named the Super Bowl MVP. And then their would have been a good chance that Beastmode would not talk to the media like he has recently. Maybe only for businesses he is getting paid from like Skittles etc. Many people think this is a fact.

Sports radio hosts on local sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN totally put this down but many in the black community think some may not have wanted Marshawn Lynch to be MVP. I think it is true. I will never ever get over this call until I die. I do not care if the Seahawks return to the Super Bowl and win, I will never get over Marshawn not getting the damn ball. Play calling by the Seahawks has been a problem. This problem is a serious problem. Will it get better next year after this crap at the Super Bowl in Arizona? I guess we will see.

Comments? 206-445-3989 or or or

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Beastmode Has Been Offered Massive New Contract By Seahawks

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Marshawn-Lynch-3My thoughts on the TERRIBLE 28-24 loss by our Seattle Seahawks to New England just hit the Ustream TV screen. 24-7 on-demand.

As I type this article I have learned some great news for here in Seattle and Seattle Seahawks fans. All season we fans and media in Seattle have asked a question that none of us had a answer for.

Over and over on sports radio callers and hosts have asked will this season that we all know has ended with the Seahawks returning to the Super Bowl down in sunny Arizona be Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch last season in Seattle as a running back. We have asked this question because we all know what Lynch means to this team. Some say he is the real face of the Seahawks. Not Russell but Marsahwn Lynch!

Well fans this morning the morning of the Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks vs the New England Patriots, we have a answer. The Seattle Seahawks have offered Marshawn a huge contract extension that will make Lynch the second highest paid running back in the NFL behind Adrian Peterson. And who knows where he will be playing.

It is reported that “Beastmode” will be offered a $10 million a year contract and will most likely keep Lynch as a Seahawks for the rest of his playing career. It is also reported that the Seahawks and Marshawn reps have been working on this extension for weeks. Of course this is BIG BIG news for all Seattle Seahawks fans here in Seattle and all over the world.

This will be good for Marshawn’s kids he is leading in his hometown of Oakland. Hey hopefully Lynch can start doing some work for kids here in Seattle too. Because I DO NOT see enough Seattle sports stars a lot of work with young African American kids and people of color. Which I will be writing about right here in “Music Inner City News Magazine”.

Stay tuned for my information on this breaking news regarding a huge new contract offered to Beastmode. And please listen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcasts and “Music Inner City Internet TV” via Ustream for more sports news and entertainment news and of course news on our Seattle Seahawks!!

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Seahawks/Patriots In Super Bowl 49/N.E. Robert Kraft Interview

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

jermainekearseafterTDpicAs millions of other football fans I thought it was over for our Seattle Seahawks. Way behind with little time left. As a sports fan who is here in my hometown of Seattle and I said to myself our run is over.

But OMG! Things started to happen. Seattle obtained a onside kick and then “Beastmode” Lynch blasted for a 24 yard td run. Then Russell Wilson tossed a long 2 point conversation to Luke Willson to make the score 22-19 Green Bay. Then Russell scored on a td. Then Aaron Rodgers led his team down the field and GB kicked a field goal to tie the game.

Then all of a sudden Russell Wilson hit Doug Baldwin for a long pass and then BAM!! Wilson FINALLY connected with a cat who he had tried to hit all game long…local native Jermaine Kearse for td  and GAME OVER!! THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS ARE RETURNING TO THE SUPER BOWL!! It has to be one of the best NFL games EVER!!

Since I was not covering the game in the press room (only one game in two regular seasons in the press room), I had to provide some type of coverage for my African American owned sports media. So I charged up my video camera and hit the road to Century Link Field which is a few minutes from my residence here in South Seattle.

And I posted up right outside of Century Link Field and got a few VERY excited fans to tell us how they feel about the impossible Seahawk win and even tried to holla at a few disappointed Packer fans. You can watch that PLUS my short interview I did with New England owner ROBERT KRAFT a few years ago in Los Angeles. Mr. Kraft was real nice to me to stop for the short interview. So check it out below.

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Much Respect I Have For LeBron James

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

lebron-james-2-e1412772182241For years and years African American sports stars have stayed silent on issues off the fields and courts of America. Back in the day NFL great and some say the best running back of all time Jim Brown gathered a bunch of great black sports stays to take a stand against racism.

Brown, Kareem, Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali and others got together and held a powerful press conference to speak up. But since then it seems African Americans in sports are afraid to speak up on issues. Micheal Jordan barely takes a stand on anything. He FINALLY spoke up about the killing of Trayvon Martin. Mainly after many others have spoke up on the issue.

Including a sports star who I am gaining major respect for and that is LeBron James. James is not afraid to speak and take a stand on issues.

He uses social media to make comments about the Martin killing, and other issues that deal with African Americans. Including the recent terrible choice to allow the police officer Darren Wilson to walk free for the killing of unarmed African American teen Micheal Brown Jr.

Of course he led his former teammates for the Miami Heat to wear hoodies in protest of the Martin killing. He also spoke up big time on the racist comments by former L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and other issues while others have stayed silent.

When LeBron is finished with basketball he will do well in the business world. He has become a friend of billionaire Warren Buffet and wants to be like him and Magic Johnson and Bob Johnson the former owner of BET and the Charlotte Bobcats now Hornets. He is making investments right now to secure himself of having businesses to run now and when he retires from the NBA.

Much respect to Lebron James. This cat wanted to return home to try to bring Cleveland a world title in sports it has not have in decades and decades and decades. And I hope it will happen for the city of Cleveland and for Lebron.

Gordon Curvey

Listen to a new edition of “Music Inner City Radio” hosted by Gordon Curvey right here. Entertainment and political news plus classic soul/hip-hop music, commercials and public service announcements and interviews!

And watch “Sports Inner City Television” via Ustream TV also right here! Urban sports news and issues plus sports interviews and commercials and public service announcements and more! Plus classic soul and hip-hop music videos!

Watch and listen to those programs and watch the latest “Music Inner City Television” program from Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand programs. ALL program 24-7 on-demand AND you can watch our webcasts via your smartphones, tablets or pc or mac so grab your headphones when you are on the bus or walking in your town or at home and ENJOY THE PROGRAMS!

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Charles Barkley Is A For Real Clown

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

charles-barkley-shares-a-laugh-before-the-game_crop_exactLet me make this clear Charles Barkley is a clown. Like a clown in the circus. As a basketball junky and a NBA junky, I am a huge fan of Charles Barkley as one of the best players in the history of the NBA. At 6-5 he did things on the court no other player has done.

Barkley had many games with 32 points and 22 rebounds or 25 points 25 rebounds. He was a great player. There has not been a player of his size to do what Barkley did during his career. And of course he has made a name for himself on TNT with Kenny “The Jet” Smith and Ernie Johnson and for the last few years big Shaq..Shaquille O’Neal.clowns17n-2-web

But to me and many many others, Charles Barkley is a clown. First of all Barkley butchers the english language. Every show on TNT the clown show starts when ever he opens his big mouth. He says things that is so off the freakin wall it is pathetic! Charles Barkley is allowed to say things over the air because he makes a lot of white folks happy because he says things to make them happy.

Barkley has lost track of reality. He is a multi millionaire that stays in a huge house in Phoenix and not only that I wonder when was the last time he went into the inner city and talked to kids and hang out. I wonder when was the last time he went to a African American church? Charles Barkley is from a hick town in  Alabama and grew up very very poor.

Then he becomes a NBA superstar and makes millions and what does he do? He marries a white lady. He forgets about for which he came from. A town called Leeds, Alabama. He does what a lot a black men do. Get rich and turns to a white lady instead of a African American female.

Now Barkley has the nerve to comment on the Micheal Brown killing in Ferguson and other issues that deal with black people. He calls people “scumbags” and agrees with the decision allowing Darren Wilson to walk free for killing a unarmed young black kid. I dare Barkley to agree with the decision!! He is a fool and a buffoon and is a joke to most African Americans. He is not a joke to me. He is a embarrassment to my race.

Emmit Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Micheal Irvin, Warren Sapp and yes Barkley and others are not good broadcasters in my opinion but Barkley is the worst! For some reason he has won a Emmy for being a good host on “Inside The NBA”.  Why I would like to know!! He acts like he speaks for the African American community when he makes these stupid comments on issues outside of basketball.

CHARLES BARKLEY DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME AND THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY. Just like Rev Al Sharpton does not speak for me. No black so called “leader” speaks for me. I speak for myself.

I think Charles Barkley should join the Ringling Bros Circus as a clown. Because that is what he is to most black folks.


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I Saw Trouble For Minorities With TMZ Sports

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

TMZ SportsI am a true sports junky readers. I love the basketball and football and baseball and boxing. Those of the sports I love the best. As many of you may know I have been very very outspoken on the lack of diversity on local sports radios stations KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle.

Where there are only one African American on the air on a regular basis and he is Jerry Brewer. He is only on for two hours a day on KJR. And that is it. None on 710 ESPN. Heck on 710, Mike Salk comes from Boston’s sports radio station WEEI to obtain a on air position on 710. Then after a few years he leaves 710 to return to Boston and WEEI. Then a few months ago he leaves WEEI and returns to Seattle to guess where? That’s right to 710 ESPN with Brock Huard in the mornings. UNREAL!!

I say that to say this. With the lack of black faces on sports radio I saw trouble when TMZ started TMZ Sports. I saw trouble for African Americans who play sports in America. The trouble I saw is African Americans being blasted on the website. I saw it happening and I was right.  TMZ Sports is more “fuel to the fire” for the media to blast African Americans with the lack of black voices around. To me it is unfair. With people of color dominating the major sports I saw the handwriting on the wall when it came to TMZ Sports readers sorry to say.

As we know TMZ Sports broke the Ray Rice situation in the elevator with his lady. Then they broke a second tape of Rice. Since theMI city 1n the “majority” media has beat up on not only Rice but other African Americans in sports.

All this why their needs to be more African American voices on TV and sports media/radio. To in some cases have the “other point of view” because rather if you agree or not whites and blacks think different on just about every thing including sports issues. There needs to be more minority voices readers. This is a fact.

This is why “Sports Inner City TV”/”Sports Inner City Radio” is needed. Another black voice giving the other point of view. Big shout out to Stephen A. Smith and Mike Wilborn, and Jason Whitlock and the hosts of “Numbers Never Lie” on ESPN and few more. But we need more black voices in sports media in America. With all the brothas in trouble in the NFL lately we need black voices to give us some positive stories. Well with “Sports Inner City Radio/TV” god willing I will be another voice in my small way.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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“S.I.C TV” SEAHAWKS SPECIAL Featuring Head Coach Pete Carroll!

“Sports Inner City TV” webcast EXCLUSIVE from our Super Bowl champs Seattle Seahawks training camp in Renton, Washington and in the locker-room of Century Link Field after the Seahawks-Bears pre-season game in Seattle. Included on the program a one on one with Head Coach Pete Carroll.  Special thanks to Theo Hall aka Mr. Network and the Seattle Seahawks. 24-7 on-demand.

Watch our webcast.  Just click the screen and enjoy the program!

Keep coming back to “Music Inner City News Magazine” for more editions of “Sports Inner City TV” A spinoff of “Music Inner City TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On Demand/Western Washington State/24-7 and “Music Inner City News Magazine” Gordon Curvey

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Love Is Now A Cav With Irving And King James!

jea 0101 wild heatWell all the talk is FINALLY over folks. Minnesota forward Kevin Love is now a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and I am sure he is a very very happy man. Can you blame him?

Love will join Lebron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland to form a very dangerous threesome for NBA teams to deal with starting this coming season. The Cavs have also picked him sharp shooter Mike Miller and James James. Both former teammates with James with the Heat.

The Wolves get rookie and first round pick Andrew Wiggins and another former first round pick Anthony Bennett plus Thaddeus Young and a $6.3 million trade exception. The 76ers get a 2015 first round pick and guard Alexey Shved and forward Luc Richard and forward Richrd Mbah a Moute from the Wolves.

Love is only 25 years old and by the way he is from here in the Pacific Northwest. He is from Oregon. Here is a question NBA fans. Will NBA super vet and former Seattle Sonic and future NBA Hall Of Famer Ray Allen also join the Cavs? I guess we will see soon. We will keep you informed right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

Gordon Curvey

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What The Hell Is Going On With Jason Kidd?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

kiddIf you are a huge basketball fan like me then you would know about the “history” of Jason Kidd. Kidd is a Oakland, California legend just like Hall Of Famer and Seattle Sonics legend “The Glove” Gary Payton.

He had a 19 year NBA career in the NBA. And he will be a first ballot Hall Of Fame member in four years. Now let’s get to the point. How in the HELL did Jason Kidd mover from a player to a head coach in the NBA in one year? Someone please explain this to me. Because I just do not understand why he becomes a head coach before guys like Patrick Ewing and others.

Kidd has not been a angel readers. Back in the day their was a big rumor concerning Kidd and ex NBA player Jim Jackson and singer Toni Braxton and it was all in the tabloids. The story was both of them was…….well you know with Toni.  Then their was a rumor he hit his ex wife and recently he was caught drinking and driving. And other things on the negative side with it comes to Jason Kidd.

Now Kidd it seems tried to pull a power move with the Brooklyn Nets. He was the head coach of the Nets and it is reported Kidd wanted  more money from the Nets after seeing Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr getting way more money for a first year coach. And he also wanted more power in player moves for the Nets and word is he did not see eye to eye with Net general manager Billy King.

So now for some reason he is the head coach of the Bucks and head coach Larry Drew was fired after one year. Kidd is good friends with the new owner of the Bucks.  Why does Kidd go from one head coaching position to another? HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? Why Jason Kidd? I just do not understand. Hearing all this negative crap on Kidd makes me want to see him fail as a head coach. I just do not like this power move by Kidd.

Listen to “The Hot 12″with D Duane RIGHT HERE!! Just click “podcast” above and grab your headphones and enjoy the program. Two new programs a month. 24-7 on-demand.

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Time For Washington Redskins To Change Their Name

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for story)

USP NFL: WASHINGTON REDSKINS-OTA S FBN USA VAThe Washington team in the NFL needs to change their name and change it now! The team got a wake up call the other day when a law was passed  where anyone can use the Redskins trademark to make money and the team cannot do anything!

Of course the team led my Dan Snyder will appeal the ruling. But to many Native Americans this is a victory. Native American groups are saying the name Redskins is a racist name which IT IS!  And they are getting more and more support in their battle against Snyder’s team. For instance, the Seattle Times sports department recently said they will no longer use the name Redskins in their sports section. That is GREAT!

It is amazing that Snyder has said he will never ever change the name of the team. He is being very stubborn and very arrogant. He not listening at all to the calls of Native Americans and others to change the name. All he cares about is dollars. It is time for Dan Snyder to wake up and smell the coffee and change the name of the team! The Native Americans groups and others who are standing up will not back down. They mean business!! When will Snyder see that the Native Americans will not back off?

Recently Washington QB Robert Griffin III says the time is not now to comment on the topic. Well what in the hell is he going to say “Hell yeah the name is racist and I think Mr. Snyder should change the name” HELL NO WE KNOW THAT AIN’T HAPPENING!

Why not the Washington Governors or the Washington Officers or something. But for sure the name Redskins has to go!

Gordon Curvey

Watch “Music Inner City TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/24-7/Western Washington State/go to “get local” and then “around the sound” Two to three programs to view ANYTIME!!

And listen to “The Hot 12” with D Duane RIGHT HERE!! Just click the “podcast” link above and enjoy the program! 24-7 on-demand!! New programs two time a month!!

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Seattle Native Jamal Crawford Kia Sixth Man Of The Year

jamal_crawford_clippersSeattle area native and Rainier Beach High school legend Jamal Crawford has won the NBA Sixth Man Of The Year Award for the second time in his long NBA career. Jamal of course plays for the Los Angeles Clippers who are currently playing in the NBA playoffs against NBA MVP Kevin Durant.

Crawford who is 34 won the award also in 2010 as a member of the Atlanta Hawks. Crawford joins Kevin McHale, a person who currently stays in the Seattle area Detlef Schrempf and former Seattle Sonic Ricky Pierce as the only two time winners of the Sixth Man Award in the NBA.

Jamal got 57 first place votes out of a possible 125 and totaled 421 points in the voting. Bulls player Taj Gibson finished second in the voting and Manu Ginobili finshed third. Crawford in reality started a lot of games for the Clippers because of players being hurt on the Clippers but he mainly came off the bench. Crawford scored at 18.6 points a game. By the way Jamal is the oldest player to win the award.

Jamal is good dude who has done a lot of work in Seattle for inner city kids with his foundation and the Jamal Crawford Pro-Am that he puts on every year here in Seattle. A lot of NBA players have flew in the play in Crawford’s event including “KD” Kevin Durant and others. Congrates to Jamal for winning the Kia Sixth Man Of The Year Award and as always we will catch up with Crawford when he returns home to Seattle this summer to do a interview with “Music Inner City TV”/”Sports Inner City Online” (

“Music Inner City Internet TV” via USTREAM TV. Hosted by Gordon Curvey. “Mixing Entertainment & Sports” plus classic soul music and on this program a EXCLUSIVE song by NBA vet Stephen Jackson aka Stak5 about Donald Sterling and more!

Video streaming by Ustream

Gordon Curvey

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What Is Wrong With Heisman Winner Jameis Winston?


“Music Inner City/Mixing Music & Sports”

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Readers I am asking what in the hell is wrong with Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston? Someone please explain because I am lost and confused about this brotha. I really am.

If you have not heard, Winston was cited for stealing about $32 of crab legs the other day. Where is this young man’s mind at? He has to know and has to realize he is known all over the world! He won the freakin Heisman Trophy for goodness sake! You just cannot do the things you used to do and hang out with bad guys etc. Something is not right about this young man’s thinking.

Now he has a record of negativity that is not good. This is the second time Jameis has been cited for stealing out of a store. Plus other problems including a serious rape charges that he can thank the man above that nothing happened with that because some folks think he did rape the young lady but got special treatment because he is a big Florida State football star. Something very shaky happened with that charge and I really think strongly on that.

I am the first one to take up for my African American people against racism etc BUT in this case I CANNOT take up for Winston! He admitted that he stole the crab legs from the store and was fined a few dollars and suspended from the Florida State baseball team where he is a pitcher.

Yes we know young students in college have a rough time getting a good meal at times but I heard things will get better as far as students having more meals and better choice too. But this cat is a big time football star. I do not understand why he does not a few more dollars in his pocket from should I say “under the table” ways if you know what I mean.

Let’s hope that this situation will be the LAST time we hear of this very talented young man doing something stupid. I hope he can sit down with football legend Jim Brown or Micheal Irvin or Rev. Randell Cunningham (ex NFL star) and they can talk with him and help him stay on the right path because I do not want to hear about him doing something REAL stupid and end up in jail for a long long time. He needs to realize that a lot of young kids of all colors look up to him as a role model.

Comment? or or Also I will be doing MUCH MORE “urban” sports related stories and video and radio here on “M.I.C News Magazine” & “Music Inner City TV” We will be using out USTREAM screen for “Sports Inner City TV” Doing this because more minority voices are needed in sports media here in Seattle and the U.S!

“Music Inner City TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/24-7/Western Washington State/go to “get local” and then “around the sound”/two or three programs to view ANYTIME! Watch our webcasts to the right via smartphones, tablets or PC’s or Macs!

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Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling FOR LIFE!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

silver-sterlingAs a sports fan today is the happiest day of my life! The head of the NBA Adam Silver today banned Los Angeles Clipper owner Donald Sterling for life from the NBA and fined him $2.5 million. I have to admit I did not see this coming.

I thought he would ban Sterling for a year or two. But he is banned FOR LIFE for his racist talk against African Americans to his girlfriend over the phone. It was just terrible listening to Sterling telling his girlfriend that he did not want “blacks” at his games at the Staple Center and he did not want NBA legend “Magic” Johnson at Clippers games!! SAY WHAT??? UNREAL!!!

What has to happen now is the other 29 NBA team owners has to vote on if Sterling should continue as the owner of the Clippers. Hey readers what owner what have the freakin NERVE to support Donald Sterling? Who in the hell would that be?

Also folks as a Seattle Sonic fan when our dearly departed Sonics were here in town I was VERY VERY sad when we found out the Kings were staying in Sac-town. But during that fight I learned to respect the Mayor of Sacramento for NBA player Kevin Johnson on how he fought to help keep his team in his home town. And now after seeing Mayor Johnson out front on the behalf of the NBA players in this Sterling mess, I have learned to respect Johnson even more. He is a leader. That is why the players wanted him out front for them.

I feel sorry for the Clipper players and Coach “Doc” Rivers. I feel sorry for the L.A. Clipper organization. Seattle native and a friend of mine is a player on the Clippers and that is Jamal Crawford. Can’t wait to to talk to Jamal when he returns to Seattle and get his views of this crap with Donald Sterling and his views of what he said about African American people.

Happy to see the tweets from players like Lebron and other players in supporting the lifetime ban against Sterling. Happy to see owners like Seahawk owner and Portland Trailblazer owner Paul Allen and Mark Cuban speak out on Sterling and the racist stuff he said about “blacks”

Finally folks what bothers me A LOT is listening to sports radio here in Seattle and the 99% white hosts discussing racial issues. A topic they know NOTHING about. There is three sports radio stations here in Seattle, 710 ESPN, sports radio KJR and 1090 The Fan and their is only ONE AFRICAN AMERICAN AS A SPORTS HOST, Jerry Brewer.

I truly believe that these white hosts do not have any contact with African Americans except when they interview a African American on the air and I truly think is true. I mean I hear the white hosts say “This is racist” etc. WHAT DO THEY KNOW ABOUT RACISM? NOTHING!!

I heard Adam Silver say the NBA family is about DIVERSITY. Sports radio here in Seattle needs more DIVERSITY AND THEY NEED IT NOW FOLKS! Unlike the NBA, sports radio when it comes to African American knows about one thing…EXCLUSION!! More news on the Donald Sterling story coming up soon here at MIC News Magazine and “Sports Inner City Online”



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More Than 700,000 Jam Downtown Seattle For The Seahawks

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Russell WilsonLadies and Gentlemen it is cold as hell here in Seattle as I type this. It was cold as hell also here in Seattle when maybe a million people yelled and screamed for our World Championship Seattle Seahawks.

People started to line up for the best viewing of the parade though downtown Seattle a night before the event in the cold weather! I am sorry folks but THEY WERE SOME CRAZY FANS!! No way on earth would I camp in frigid cold just to wave at a team. NO WAY NO HOW READERS!!

Here in Seattle all buses were packed, the light rail system was packed, their was no parking in downtown for the parade and at and near Century Link Field where the celebration took place. There was no way I was going to mess with the traffic and packing etc even with a TV show I really should have been their to get reactions from the cheering Seahawk fans.

As the trucks went by with all the Seahawk players and coaches and even with team owner Paul Allen, the crowd just went nuts. Marshawn Lynch sat in front of a truck and threw Skittles at happy fans all along the route. And the World Championship trophy was passed from truck to truck so the players can hold the trophy above their heads for the fans. It was really something to see.

At Century Link Field all the players were introduced for the packed stadium. Oh yeah, Century Link Field was packed with mostly season ticket holders. The Seattle Mariners allowed Safeco Field to open up for fans to watch the events on the giant screen TV  and it was packed also. I am telling you Seattle loves the Seattle Seahawks who won their first NFL world title. I just in front of the TV my warm apartment and was just very happy to see all the happy fans. People of all races and ages were just happy with smiles on their faces. Not worried about their bills or other problems. They was just happy that out home team won the freakin SUPER BOWL!!!

I want to thank the fans of Seattle for turning out in the cold cold weather to cheer our Super Bowl winning team and THANKS for the Seattle Seahawks for providing us fans with a great great season. I wish the NBA was watching Seattle. Remember we are without a NBA team since our Sonics left in 2008 for OKC. I pray that we can obtain a team very very soon. Don’t forget the Sonics brought us our first World title in 1979.

There is no way we should be without a NBA team!! NO WAY!!

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We Here In Seattle Are Super Bowl Champions!!!!!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

seattlewinsWE ARE SUPER BOWL WINNERS HERE IN SEATTLE!! Our Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. and it was a BLOW OUT FOLKS!!

It is Seattle’s first big title since the 1979 Seattle Sonics. The city of Seattle and the 12th Man is going crazy!! We are waiting for the big parade here in Seattle. That will be crazy. I hope to be there to obtain interviews with the crowd for my TV show “Music Inner City TV” and for here online at “Music Inner City News Magazine” and at my sports site “Sports Inner City Online”

Word is the big parade will be here in Seattle starting at 11am for our Seahawks. Myself I cannot help to think about two guys on local sports radio KJR. Dave Mahler and his pal (a word Mahler users ALL THE TIME) Hugh Millan wanted Matt Flynn as the starter for the Seahawks over Russell Wilson.

Hugh Millan even said that Wilson was Pete Carroll’s “teacher’s pet”!! NOW WHAT HUGH AND MAHLER????? WE JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL UNDER RUSSELL WILSON!!! Myself and KJR’s Brian Abker stood behind Wilson. AND WE WERE RIGHT!!

I just knew that Russell Wilson was the QB to lead the Seahawks. He is a born leader. This is a fact. Readers we have a very young team too. We can be back in the Super Bowl in the near future. I will be back with more stories on our Seattle Seahawks. WHO JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL!!

PS Wish their was more people of color reporting for the sports media here in the Seattle/Tacoma area. This is a huge problem in my strong opinion. It just is not a good look.

Gordon Curvey

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Our Seattle Seahawks Are Going To The Super Bowl!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

r-MANNING-WILSON-hugeAs a sports fan here in Seattle we have not had to much to cheer for the last few decades. The Mariners suck. The UW basketball and football teams have not been the best. The Seattle Sonics left town for OKC and more.

The team that has brought smiles on our faces here in Seattle is the team that is on it’s way to the Super Bowl on Feb 2nd in East Rutherford, N.J. and that is the Seattle Seahawks. The Hawks beat the hated 49ers 23-17 here in a jam packed Century Link Field. It was one of the greatest football games I have ever seen. Full of hard hits, terrible calls by the refs and fantastic plays. Colin Kaepernick and his team came up short here in Seattle.

The Seahawks will play the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. Of course the Broncos are led by future Hall Of Fame member Payton Manning who was 32-43 and 400 yards against Tom Brady and New England  in Denver. It will be a great Super Bowl in two weeks in N.J. and I cannot wait.  Guys like Hall Of Fame member “Primetime” Dion Sanders think we are in the edge of the world with a comment he made tonight. But that’s OK “Prime” we are in the Super Bowl and we are happy!

It will be a team that many Seahawk players think is disrespected and full of low round picks that will play in the big game. The city of Seattle is going crazy with 12th man fever. Thousands of fans celebrated into the late night here in Seattle. It was great to see. Of course things are rough with the people having trouble paying their bills etc and that is why we need sports as a way to get away and have fun and drink beer and cheer for our winning team. And the team we cheered for is going to the Super Bowl!!

So again our Seahawks will play the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl on Feb 2nd! More stories to come about the Hawks in the Super Bowl.

Gordon Curvey

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Seattle Mariners Land Robinson Cano 10 Years-$240 Million

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

cano23Listen to the best in classic soul and classic hip-hop and interviews from “M.I.C-TV” and more via Ustream TV by hitting the arrow on the Ustream screen. Grab your headphones and enjoy the music. 24-7! Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind & Fire and MORE!

Our Seattle Mariners seems like they are tired of being at the bottom. They made a huge move by getting New York Yankee Robinson Cano to agree to a 10 year $240 million contract to play here in Seattle. WOW!!

Don’t get it twisted readers I am happy as hell that we are getting Cano who is a great player and a proven player BUT I am sorry he is not worth $240 million! No way and no how.

There is zero player today in any sport worth that is worth that type of money except maybe Kobe Bryant and LeBron James in the NBA. For sure in my opinion their is not a MLB player worth this type of money!

The Mariners in my opinion over paid big time for Cano. But anyway Cano is here for the next ten years so let’s see what happens. Will the Mariners make some more big moves? How bout obtaining pitcher David Price or outfielder Matt Kemp? We not more bats in the lineup for sure. Obtaining Cano should just be a start of other moves for the Mariners.

The crowds at Safeco Field has went downhill big time since 2001. So called Mariner fans go to the stadium to drink expensive beer and expensive hot dogs, text their friends or knit a sweater and pay big time for parking. Because the Seattle Mariners have been two words….SLOW AND BORING!

So we sports fans will see if our Mariners make more news via trades or free agent signings. And welcome to the Northwest to Robinson Cano and his agent Jay Z.      Gordon Curvey

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Lebron James Doing Great Things Off The Court Too

ARTICLE FROM (click here to go the site)

bgca-post-img-644x375Does not seem like it but Lebron James of the champs Miami Heat has been in the NBA for ten years. Man how time goes by. James has has been in the sports spotlight since he has been in high school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

When folks saw him in high school everyone knew he would be a NBA superstar and as we all know he became just that.

Winning NBA titles and multiple MVP trophies. And he may win another one this year. Lebron is a freak of nature. He is 6-8 and 260. He runs like Russell Westbrook and dribbles like Magic Johnson. He can play all five positions on the court. And he has. He is by far the best player in the world.

Yes James took a heat for all the big stories about his departure from Cleveland to play for Miami. And maybe it was over the line but people seem to forget that a lot of money was made for the Boys and Girls Club in his hometown of Akron. So that was a good thing.

And since then Lebron has started a foundation called “The Lebron James Family Foundation” and his foundation is doing big things for inner city kids in Cleveland and Akron. What he is doing is great. James has not forgot where he has come from readers. He has built a new Boys and Girls Club in Akon and gave away thousands of new bikes for kids and much more!

He also has bought thousands of computers for other Boys and Girls Clubs. And he has asked his kids that he follows with his foundation to say “I Promise” to get good grades in school and graduate. All this is just great what James is doing.

Folks to many times we here the negative when it comes to African American sports stars in the NBA and NFL. Cats getting caught smoking bud and hitting the girlfriend or getting into a fight at 3am in the morning at a club etc. BUT you do not hear negative things about Lebron James. He plays his games with the Heat and goes home to his family. Others should follow James.

Lebron James is what we call a role model for young kids in the inner city and out. Shout out to Lebron for what he is doing for the kds with his LeBron James Family Foundation.    Gordon Curvey

Drop into EMERALD CITY FISH AND CHIPS in Seattle for some of the best food in town. For more information please click here at or call 206-760-3474. E-mail

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Seattle Mariners Need To Hire Dusty Baker As Manager

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

MLB manager Dusty Baker is a outstanding major league manager. He has won where ever he has been. The Cubs, Giants and the Reds and so teams that need a manager should jump on Baker because he is available.

Baker was recently fired by the Reds after getting bounced in the MLB playoffs. So now the question is where will Dusty end up? I think he should end up right here in Seattle with the Mariners. The Mariners should not waste time. HIRE DUSTY BAKER NOW!

Check this out sports fans. Baker was available as a possible manager for our Mariners back in 2002 and then GM Pat Gillick said “We are not interested” The Mariners DID NOT even interview one of best MLB managers. Let me repeat. The Seattle Mariners did not even interview one of the best managers in baseball in 2002!!! What a damn shame. The question is still hangin in my mind today as to why the Mariner GM said he was not interested in Baker. Read a 2002 article I found about this (link above).

Dusty said at that time that he and his wife loved the Northwest and he said he would love to be named Mariner manager. Of course this did not happen. And since that time the Mariners have not done a damn thing! People come to Safeco Field to knit sweaters, drink $8 beers and $8 hot dogs and text friends on the phone. Because the Mariners are ALWAYS TERRIBLE!! Including this year.

Eric Wedge walked away from the Mariners as their manager a few days ago. As a sports fan here in Seattle I am tired of watching year after year the Rays or A’s or this year the Pirates going to the playoffs while again the Mariners go nowhere after another 80 or 90 loss season. We are one of only a few teams that have not been to the Series. A beautiful ball park with a ugly team!

I listened to sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle and heard so called sports jocks say they don’t think Baker is a good fit here in Seattle because he does not work well with young pitchers. Excuse me readers but THAT IS BULlSHIT!! Why? Because in reality EVERY MLB manager or any head coach in the NFL or the NBA has faults we can knit-pick at! The bottom line is Baker takes teams to the playoffs. Somewhere the Mariners have not been in years and years!!

HIRE DUSTY BAKER AND GIVE HIM SOME PLAYERS AND WE WILL WIN!!! We need a hard hitting almost five tool outfielder. We need a hard hitting first baseman. We need a lot. We need another Adam Jones. If you don’t know the star outfielder for the Orioles was traded to the O’s for basically Eric Bedard who has not done a damn thing since and Jones has because almost a superstar. The worst trade in Mariner history.

So readers will the current GM for the Mariners say we are not interested in Baker again? Let’s see. Gordon Curvey

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“Money” Mayweather Makes $41 Million In One Night!

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full article)

If you are a sports fan like I am you have watched “All Access” on Showtime that features Floyd “Money” Mayweather. They are real entertaining programs and I have watched all of them.

The last few programs showed Mayweather getting ready to fight his next opponent the great young undefeated Canelo Alvarez and the program also showed Alvarez in his training camp getting ready. Of course the program showed the difference in how the two undefeated fighters handled training camp getting ready for the big fight.

Mayweather of course has his “Money” team around him that includes his dad Floyd Sr. and his Uncle Roger training him.  And Canelo had his trainers including his dad and they both trained very very hard for the fight that took place this past Saturday (Sept 14th) in Las Vegas.

As you know Mayweather won a majority decision over Canelo. One female judge called the fight A DRAW!!! This lady must be BLIND like the late great Ray Charles and the great Stevie Wonder and the late great Roy Orbison!! I don’t know what fight she was watching!

Everyone in Mayweather’s corner could not understand why this judge ruled the fight a draw when “Money” won judge about every round. Alvarez might have won one or two rounds. That’s it folks. Singer Justin Bieber was in Mayweather’s corner and he was even wondering why this judge ruled the fight a draw. I sat at home with my mouth opened saying WHAT????

But anyway Floyd won the fight and took home at least $41 million and that is not including the pay-for-view gate. Mayweather has not done any commercials on TV but still is the highest paid cat in the sports world. Floyd gave Canelo gave a complete boxing lesson and let everyone know even at age 36 he has a lot of gas in the tank. We now wait to see who Floyd fights next. In my strong opinion the only person who can defeat Mayweather in his class is father time!!    Gordon Curvey

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Allen Iverson To Retire From Playing Basketball In The NBA

ARTICLE FROM (full story click here)

(A.I. wearing Seattle Seahawks hat!)

Well it has finally happened…..maybe. NBA all time great Allen Iverson says he will officially retire from playing basketball in the NBA and elsewhere. Let’s see how this holds up folks.

I say this because I am sure that at 38 A.I. still thinks he can play. I am almost sure of this. But I think it is time for Iverson to move on with his life and get ready for going into the Basketball Hall Of Fame in four years. He should go in on the first ballot just like former Sonic great Gary Payton who is going in the Hall very soon.

What is so sad about the story of A.I. is all the negative press he has got over the years going back to early in his career. On the court he was great, off the court he was not.

But now since he is going to retire, maybe he can be like Mike Tyson and become a positive force in what ever he decides to do. Tyson is doing all kinds of positive things now. Allen can do the same.

Maybe Allen can become a coach or work in the front office of the 76ers. Allen Iverson can do positive things if he wants to. But it is all up to him readers. He has to say that he will do positive things after working off the courts of the NBA and elsewhere.

It is real sad that A.I. blew millions of dollars on big cars, big homes, big watches and chains etc. Word is he still has big money coming in. So the question is what will Iverson do with the big money he still has? I guess we will see. But I hope and pray that Iverson will do something positive in his life. To be truthful I am kind of worried for Allen. I really am.

I am worried because A.I. loved the play basketball so much. Now he is 38 and it is time to move on. So what will he do next? I don’t know readers but I hope it is positive. I don’t want to hear about A.I. getting in trouble. I want to hear about Allen maybe helping kids in some way at a school or a college. Maybe becoming a coach in the NBA or college. We will see what Allen Iverson will do next.

Gordon Curvey

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Are The Rumors True About The Love Life Of Tim Duncan?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Oh my goodness! I was online looking for stories and BAM! I saw this story regarding all time NBA great Tim Duncan. It is unreal but then again folks I guess the saying is we never know about the people that are in the public eye.

The story is about their is a rumor that Duncan’s marriage to his lady Amy may have went downhill when she learned Duncan was in a long time relationship with another MAN!! What?? This is crazy! But check out the story readers. Could it be true? After all did we know about NBA player Jason Collins being gay until he let everyone know? No we did not. I know i did not.

The thing is this is so hard to believe about Duncan. But then again like I said we never knew about Collins. As we know Duncan is a very quiet very laid back dude. Who has kept his private life…private. Hell I don’t think we knew he was married did we? All we knew about Tim Duncan was that he is a all time great NBA player. Some say the greatest forward to ever play the game. Yes he plays center for the Spurs but he is really a 6-10 forward.

When Duncan is in a post game press conference when a reporter asks Tim a question Tim answers the question like he just lost his mom or his dog just ran away or something. Boring! We don’t know anything about Duncan when he walks off the court. Now with this rumor about Duncan and another man out their things might change for Tim Duncan. That is for damn sure!!

IF this rumor is true about Duncan this is a BIG TIME story! A blockbuster!! Will we the public learn more about this? Or do we care about Duncan’s love life? All I know this rumor is huge. MUCH bigger than the Jason Collin’s story. Stay tuned readers!!

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Miami Heat Wins NBA Title For the Second Time In A Row

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

The Miami Heat won their second NBA title in row with a 95-88 win over Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs in seven games. This series was not a classic series it was real fun to watch as a NBA fan. And I am sorry to see the season end. This is a fact readers.

Basketball and the NBA by far is my favorite sport. I just love to watch the NBA. Pre-season, regular season and of course the playoffs. And when the season ends as a basketball fan I get sad. But as a basketball junky I will watch summer league games on NBA-TV starting soon. But anyway the Heat fought very very hard to get another title behind LeBron James 37 points 12 rebounds and 4 dimes. And D-Wade had 23 points and 10 rebounds and Shane Battier had 18 points off the bench that was huge for the Heat because Ray Allen and Chris Bosh did not have many points. Bosh tried to play good d on Tim Duncan all series.

The Heat have now won titles in 2006, 2012 and 2013. James is just 29 years old. He has a chance of course to win many more titles. Remember Kobe has five rings and MJ has 6. These cats will never get 11 like the great Bill Russell who is shown above giving the MVP trophy to James. Russell by the way stays here in the Seattle area on Mercer Island which is right outside of Seattle. I see the great Russell from time to time.

So it will be interesting to see what happens next with the Spurs. Duncan is 37, Munu is 35 and Tony Parker is 31. Duncan had a great season. One of the best of his career at age 37. Hell he made the first team all NBA team this year. Of course we know the big three of Bosh, James and Wade will be back. The “Birdman” Chris Anderson joined the Heat late in the season and added fierce rebounding and defense to the Miami team. Will he be back next season? I guess we will see.

So congrats to the Miami Heat for winning the title this years. And it was a great season for the Spurs who just came up short in trying to get their 5th title.  Gordon Curvey

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Sergio Garcia Makes “Fried Chicken” Remark About Tiger Woods

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

It seems from time to time the world’s #1 golfer has reality hit him in the face. And that is he is the only African American on the PGA Tour and that at times certain fellas like Fuzzy Zoeller and now the motor mouth Serio Gargio makes stupid and yes racist remarks about Tiger.

A few years ago Fuzzy made a comment about a dinner and invite Tiger and serve fried chicken. His career went down the tubes after that remark. Of course Fuzzy said he was sorry but to most the damage was done. But now here comes Sergio Garcia.

It is well known that Tiger and Garcia do not get along at all.  A few weeks ago Garcia said Tiger pulled out a club out his bag right when he was getting ready to hit his ball a few yards away. Tiger said the a course manager said Garcia has hit his ball. Garcia went in on Tiger after the round. Garcia is a motor mouth clown who needs to shut up and win some majors like Tiger has over the years.

Anyway Garcia has now also made a fried chicken remake regarding Tiger!! SAY WHAT?? What is going on with fried chicken and Tiger Woods with certain guys who play the game of golf? For those of you who don’t know, a lot of folks think when a white or non African American like Garcia makes a comment about fried chicken, it is racist.

A lot of people think African Americans love a lot of watermelon and fried chicken. What Fuzzy said years ago regarding Tiger and fried chicken and what Garcia has said regarding Tiger and fried chicken is flat out racist! For Garcia to say he did not mean his comment to be racist is a empty headed reaction. Garcia held a press conference to say he is sorry for his comment. He made this comment about the world’s #1 golfer overseas at a event.  He said he is truly sorry. WHAT HE SAID WAS RACIST READERS.

Here is the thing. What now for Garcia when he comes to play here America? He made his racist comment at a event overseas. What reaction will Garcia get for the rest of his career because readers Fuzzy Zoeller’s career when down hill quickly.  Gordon Curvey

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Selig Starting Task Force Concerning African Americans In MLB

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I saw this happening folks. I look at our Seattle Mariners and I no why a task force is being started by MLB head Bud Selig concerning the alarming decline of African Americans playing Major League Baseball. Our Mariners have zero African Americans on the team this year. This is sad readers.

Currently 7.7% of players in MLB are African American. Why is this alarming to Mr.Selig and many others? Well look at the NBA and NFL. Enough said. MLB has done a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE job in marketing to the African American community. They have started the RBI League to “try” to reach young inner city kids but that is token and it is not working.

Young African American kids are turning to football and basketball when they turn 11 or 12 years old and can care less about playing baseball. When a African American kid turns on the TV they see LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Shaq, Kevin Durant, Kereem, Magic, Kobe, the Manning Brothers, Drew Brees, Chris Paul, Charles Barkley and more. The only MLB players you see are Ryan Howard for Subway and that’s about it. Locally we see former player Jay Buhner doing commercials for goodness sake!! Yes Jay Buhner folks.

Young inner city kids need to see more African American baseball players doing marketing like CeCe Sabathia, Matt Kemp, Adam Jones, Torii Hunter and the Upton Brothers etc. When they see these players they might say “I want to play baseball like Matt Kemp”

As I type this blog, the Mariners are playing the Houston Astros here in Safeco Field. Readers I am searching to see ONE black face in the crowd. The three games so far at Safeco I turn on the TV and cannot find ONE African American in the crowd. Something is very very wrong on the field and off when it comes to African Americans and Major League Baseball.

So Commissioner Selig is starting this task force to see what in the world is going on when it comes to the huge decline of African Americans playing Major League Baseball.  I am glad to see Hall of Fame member Frank Robinson on the task force. As a sports fan it hurts to see the Seattle Mariners with a all white team along with players from South America etc. This week the Texas Rangers will hit Seattle with another team that has zero African Americans on the team. A African American manager but no African American players. WHAT? Their will be two teams on the field with ZERO African Americans on the field and in the dugout. Something is wrong.

This week a new movie on the late great Jackie Robinson hits the theaters. And on the 15th it is Jackie Robinson Day in MLB. I will be writing another story on my views of MLB and celebrating Jackie Robinson Day right here in the next few days. Comments?    Gordon Curvey

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A Look At LeBron James $9 Million Crib in Miami

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

I guess if god blessed you to be a great basketball player and blessed you to make millions at it, you can do and buy a lot of great things like a off the hook $9 million mansion in Miami.

This is what Miami Heat star LeBron James has done and take a look at the house at the link above. It is a beautiful place fit for the 6-8 superstar of the Heat and his family. Man…he has it good when you can come home to this palace after a hard NBA game or come home after a long road trip.

One thing for sure. You NEVER hear about James running around in the Miami clubs at 2am or never hear about James in trouble with the law. It has never happened. He is what you can really call a role model for young inner city kids to look up too.

You already know females have tried to toss themselves at LeBron all the time behind his ladies back but James just plays his games and comes home to his family. I think this is great on his part. Because we know you hear of some much negativity when it comes to African American sports stars. But you don’t see James on the police blotter.

I have heard sports radio callers say the NBA is full of “thugs” First of all who is the “thugs” in the NBA?

And James just does more than playing NBA games for the Heat and does more than living at the $9 million palace in Miami. His foundation gives back big time in Miami and his hometown of Akron, Ohio. He truly has given back.

Now some people have said that LeBron has not been marketed right. And you what. I feel the same. Have you noticed how Payton Manning and retired NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and others like Chris Paul are doing plenty of commercials on TV? Where is James? I do not see him doing to many commercials. I am wondering why.

Anyway this crib is off the chain. Like I said, god has touched him. Touched him big time.   Gordon Curvey

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WHY Did SI Come Out With Story The Day Of Super Bowl Press Day?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Here in my hometown of Seattle, Washington certain so called sports jocks on sports radio are letting their feeling known on Baltimore Ravens future Hall of Fame member Ray Lewis. And it is getting worse by the day. And in my opinion unfair!!

Of course certain clowns like KJR’s Ian Furness and fellow clown Jason Puckett are blasting Lewis and bringing up the 1999 case in which two people were murdered in Atlanta. The murders are unsolved. Some think Lewis was a part of it & he knows what happened and who killed who. But Lewis has “tried” to move on from the case but this situation will follow Lewis until he dies.

Furness and others in sports media get behind the microphone and just down right say “I don’t like the guy” And they are tired of “his act” and are tired of his “preaching and dancing”. Which in my opinion is borderline racism. Today I heard a former NFL player say he is tired of Lewis and his “act” and cannot wait until his last game is over. Ian agreed with him. Those comments were BS!!!!

Myself, I am not tired of Lewis dancing and his so called “preaching”. Ray Lewis since the case in 1999 has tried to be a first class role model for kids. His record is clean for the last 13 years. He goes to community centers and schools and he talks to the kids about staying in school and etc. He has tried to be a first class role model for milllions of kids all over the world who loves his play off the field and on the field.

But the now the media is jumping on a SI story that Lewis may have used a deer spray that might have helped him recover from a serious injury he had during the season. This deer spray is banned by the NFL. Lewis has said the story is not true. So readers what side are you on? I want to know WHY SI came out with this stuff about Lewis ON THE SAME DAY AS MEDIA DAY FOR THE SUPER BOWL???? WHY? Was this planned by SI to make Lewis look bad because he is riding on such a high in helping his team reach the Super Bowl? I say YES!!

So now Lewis is fighting the 1999 murder case and the deer spray story instead of discussing the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl vs the 49ers. This is crazy!! Real crazy.

But certains fools like Ian Furness and Randy Cross and others do not like Ray Lewis as a person. They can care less about his Hall of Fame play for 17 years on the field. They want Lewis to suffer. They want to make Lewis look bad just like they wanted Mick Vick and OJ to look bad.

I think Ray Lewis is the best linebacker of his day. And one of best of all time in the NFL. When I watch the Super Bowl I want to see Lewis win and go out into retirement a winner. And I want to see him do his dance at the start of the game for the last time. And I want to hear what he wants to say after the game too.

Others want to say he is “preaching”. I call it putting down knowledge. This is what I call it. I hope sports radio will get off the 1999 case and this deer spray SET UP by SI and disgame in which one of the best NFL players of all time will play his last game.  Hopefully one day the real truth will come out about really happened that day in Atlanta. For everyones sake including the family of the deceased!

Is SI trying to sell magazines with this Lewis story put out on press day at the Super Bowl? HELL YESSSSS!!!!


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It Looks Like Our Seattle Sonics Are Coming Back!!

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As a HUGE NBA basketball fan today/tonight is a great day because of the news that our Seattle Sonics may be coming back to play here in Seattle by the fall at Key Arena! This is great great news!!

So as a sports fan I was happy today as my favorite NFL player Ray Lewis will retire after playing in the Super Bowl against the 49ers after the Ravens beat the Falcons to advance to the Super Bowl and then my phone blew up with a text or two with news that a deal will be announced that the Kings will be moving to Seattle.

The group led by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer will buy the Kings and the team will be named the Seattle Sonics and the team will play in Key Arena until a new arena is built here in Seattle no more than 5 or 10 minutes from where I stay.

When the Sonics left town in 2008 it was a very sad day for me as a sports fan. A team that was in Seattle for 41 years left town for Oklahoma City. A team that brought us our only real pro sports title in 1979. I just could not understand it and every time I watched OKC on TV I thought about our departed Sonics.

But now it looks like the Seattle Sonics are coming back and I am happy as hell!! Sports is my way of relaxing from thinking about all my bills and the stress of doing my TV show “Music Inner City TV” and other things. For years  went to morning shoot-arounds at Key Arena to conduct short interviews with players and coaches

Over the years I interviewed Shaq, C-Webb, Dirk, Phil Jackson, Charles Barkley, Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, George Karl, Rip Hamilton, Doc Rivers and many many other NBA players INCLUDING Micheal Jordan! It was. a fun not work when I went to the Key to conduct interviews. It really was.

I will have stories here on “M.I.C News Magazine” and also on our sister sports website “Sports Inner City Online” at  Gordon Curvey


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Russell Wilson: More Than A “Teacher’s Pet”

“M.I.C News Magazine” will have a report after the game between our Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Redskins so please come back right here!!

Well as 2012 ends and 2013 starts, we here in Seattle are happy as football fans that our Seattle Seahawks are in the NFL playoffs to play RG3 anf the Redskins under the leadership of Head Coach Pete Carroll. Man what a season!

It will be a game that will feature two dynamic young and very intelligent QB’s in RB3 and Wilson.

Man it is going to be a exciting game. And both teams are good on defense too. It is not all the offense.

Readers I just knew that Russell Wilson was going to be a future star. I saw it in him while he was playing in college for the Badgers. I saw a star in the making. And then I saw it in pre-season games that the Seahawks played. While guys like former NFL QB and now football radio jock Hugh Millan was calling Wilson “a teacher’s pet” on local sports radio station KJR, I knew he would be a future star in the NFL.

Millan called Wilson “a teacher’s pet” more than once over the air with his buddy fellow radio jock on KJR Dave Mahler basically backing him up. They both wanted Matt Flynn to start and that Wilson should sit and watch and learn behind a “experienced” QB in Flynn. I was NOT buying it at all. By the way Millan called Wilson “a teacher’s pet” because Coach Carroll was standing behind Russell and bragging about him because of his steller play during the pre-season. Now Millan and others look like fools!

Under the leadership of Russell Wilson, the Seahawks are in the NFL playoffs. And by the way, RG3 is another future star just like Andrew Luck with the Colts. And all three of them are in the playoffs! Unreal. The playoffs will be off the chain this year and it is wide open to see who will be going to the Super Bowl. We in Seattle hope it is the Seattle Seahawks!!

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Ray Lewis: The Hall Of Fame Is Waiting For Ya!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

As a sports fan today is a sad day because my favorite NFL player may be playing his last game. His name is Ray Lewis. To me the greatest linebacker of all time in the NFL.

Of course players cannot play for ever. We all know that. But I wish Lewis could play for ever. This cat gives 200% on the field and the leader of the Baltimore Ravens. When you think of the Ravens you think Ray Lewis. It has been this way all his career. Might of fact when you think Baltimore period you think Ray Lewis.

It will be very interesting to see what Lewis will do when he finally retires. He wants to see his son play Ray Lewis III who will be a freshman at the University of Miami for sure. Will he join “Primetime” and “The Playmaker” and the crew on the NFL Network? Or will he join the ESPN football crew? What will Lewis do? Hell he can be a minister too! Because Lewis knows how to preach for sure!

So I want to thank Ray Lewis for all the thrills he gave me as a NFL fan. Football will not be the same without Lewis. He just brought something to the table no other NFL player has brought.

Yes Lewis had a VERY serious problem with the law in 1999. We know this a fact. The fact of the matter is people make mistakes. Even serious mistakes. But since he made that mistake in 99, Ray Lewis has became great on the field and off the field. Doing commericials and speaking to kids in school about getting a good education and much much more.

Ray Lewis has become a first class role model for young inner city kids. He will do great things when he retires in my opinion. This is why I say the Hall of Fame is waiting for Ray Lewis in five years.

Gordon Curvey

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Phil Jackson Will Not Coach The Los Angeles Lakers

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Basketball fans in L.A. and all over the world are shaking their head and wondering what is really going on with the Lakers. Everyone including your truly thought the legendary Phil Jackson would be returning to the sidelines to coach the Lakers to maybe another title.

But that is not going to happen because all of a sudden Mike D’Antoni was named the new head coach of the Lakers to replace the fired Mike Brown who was let go last week. But how D’Antoni got hired is what everyone is taking about. Most thought that Jackson was going to be named the head coach of the Lakers again but Jackson was shocked when he got a call late Sunday to say he will not be the next head coach.

There are rumors that Jackson and owner Jerry Buss have never fully “made up” when Jackson retired a few years ago. And it has led to Jackson not being picked to coach the Lakers. Fans at the Staple Center in L.A. were cheering “We want Phil”  at the last home game for the Lakers but that ain’t going to happen.

So now with the hiring of D’Antoni the Lakers have hired a coach who quit on the Knicks last season and has coached teams that love to run but also does not play any defense.  Word is D’Antoni will hire a so called “defensive specialist” to help him but will that help? And with a running team, how will this happen with a point guard in Steve Nash who used to play for D’Antoni in Phoenix but is now 38 years old, Kobe Bryant who is 34, Metta World Peace who is 32, Pau Gasol who is 31  etc.

Also how will a running team help or hurt Dwight Howard? We will see. The Lakers will not have to learn the triangle offense of Phil Jackson and instead will basically be playing street ball. Get the ball and run. The possible return of “Showtime” in L.A. Let’s see what happens.

Gordon Curvey

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What’s Next? It’s The Bikini Basketball League!

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We all know the sport of basketball is a very popular sport all over the world. The NBA truth be told is behind soccer as the world’s most popular sport. You see basketball being played every where.

Of course NBA players like Kobe and LeBron and Shaq and MJ etc are very very popular. And we have the WNBA for the ladies that is gaining every year as a popular sport. But now guess what folks? A new league is popin up. It’s the Bikini Basketball League. No I am not lying!! Real talk.

The league is starting soon with ladies playing basketball in bikinis. This is going to be crazy! We already have ladies playing football half naked and now ladies playing basketball the same way. Anything to make money I guess.

It the league will start of in about four cities. Read more information above.    Gordon Curvey

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