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Steve Smith Donates $100,000/Sports Radio Says NOTHING!!

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People ask me why do I have a problem with sports radio here in Seattle. A city with two sports radio stations, 710 ESPN and sports radio KJR and they have a grand total of ZERO African Americans or people of color on the air on a regular basis.  KJR has had only ONE in twenty one years…Rick Dupree. This is flat out wrong.

Many times the issue of race comes up because the three major sports in the U.S. are dominated by people of color. When you have a staff with no people of color over the air, they cannot discuss issues of race. The topic cannot be discussed…..period.

The code word “thug” is used over and over and over again when discussing a African American or person of color. NEVER against a non person of color. Say players in the NHL. Only against people of color.

Another problem is this. POSITIVE stories about African Americans in the sports world are barely talked about. Like this story about Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers who gave $100,000 to families of the terrible Colorado shootings. That is great what he did.

Now readers if Smith got charged with hitting his wive or girlfriend or got caught with drugs or got into a fight in a nightclub at 3am or got caught speeding in his Benz, it would be discussed ALL DAY and NIGHT on sports radio in Seattle and nationwide on Fox Sport Radio or ESPN Radio.

A BIG shout out to Steve Smith for his donation of $100,000 to the families of the Colorado shootings. For sports radio not to talk about what he did was terrible but you know what? Not surprising.  Gordon Curvey

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Is Serena Williams The Greatest Female Sports Star Ever?

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A question needs to be asked. Is Serena Williams the greatest female sports star in history? People are starting to ask this question after Williams won a fifth Wimbledon ladies title.

Serena won her fifth title by beating Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland. But check this out readers. Serena ties her sister Venus who has also won five Wimbledon ladies titles. This is unreal that two sisters can dominate like this in a sports. And in my strong opinion not enough is being said about this by the sports media in the U.S.

Is it because they are African American? That could be the case. I don’t know but one thing for sure we are going to talk about it. Serena and Venus have dominated ladies tennis. Pure and simple.

In a sport where you are “old” at about 26 or 27, Serena became the oldest winner of the ladies title at Wimbledon. She is 30 years old. But she has shown that she has not slowed down at her age. It shows how great she is. More needs to be said about how great she is.

Yes Serena at times is outspoken. Oh yeah she speaks her mind from time to time. But so what. Should that be the reason the media does not give Serena the press she should get? If so that is wrong. Serena Williams in my opinion is the greatest female sports star in history. It is time to realize this. Congrates to Serena Williams for winning here fifth Wimbledon title.

Gordon Curvey

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World Peace Called A Thug For Elbow? NHL Players Also Thugs?

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I am listening to Fox Sports Radio and the JT The Brick program with Tom Looney which I do a lot. I find the program informative and also entertaining most of the time.

But when it is not informative and entertaining is when JT goes off on people with this code word “thug” and so on that he uses ONLY against African Americans and people of color.

Mata World Peace threw a elbow that hit OKC player James Harden in a game against the Lakers. It was a hard elbow that is for sure. But is World Peace a “thug” but what about NHL players who get into nightly fights on the freakin ice with elbows flying, players blood on the ice and players teeth on the ice too. BUT I have NEVER heard a white NHL player called a THUG!!!

Tonight I have heard JT call World Peace a “thug” 10 times. But I NEVER heard JT or any other white sportscaster call a NHL player has done MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE THAN WORLD PEACE A THUG!!! This is wrong and unfair.

Readers most African Americans know that when a white sportscaster or news hosts call a African American a “thug” it is a CODE WORD FOR THE “N” WORD.

I know it and most African Americans know it. So readers, African Americans get treated on way and whites another. Pure and simple. African Americans like World Peace get called a thug, and JT says his actions are “violent” and “senseless” BUT when it comes to white NHL players lightweight names like “goons” and “chippy play” are used.

Readers I am NOT trying to take up for Mata’s actions. It was wrong. But one thing is not being brought out more. And that is James Harden elbowed or hit World Peace earlier in the nose. This is not talked about enough. Again I am not taking up for what World Peace did but this needs to be brought out.


When Mata World Peace tosses ONE ELBOW he is a THUG! But again readers, WHAT ABOUT NHL PLAYERS? Something is not right here folks. It is infair treatment of African Americans.

Again readers, the word “thug” is a CODE WORD FOR THE “N” WORD that white sportscasters and others use against African Americans and people of color AND NOT USED AGAINST WHITES. This is just a fact. Pure and simple.  Gordon Curvey


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Seattle Mariners Honor Jackie Robinson Day? What A Joke!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

Happy the Mariners won today, but sad that on today we celebrate Jackie Robinson Day, the Mariners have one African American on the team, Chone Figgins.

So we have Figgins, batting coach Chris Chambliss and broadcaster Dave Sims and that’s it. I saw the opening day ceremony on TV and watched all the Mariners players plus other Mariner staff come on the field and besides Figgins and Chambliss, no other African Americans. This is truly sad as a African American born in Seattle.

Today I am watching the game on TV and I am searching for a African American at Safeco as far as the fans. I cannot find one readers. This is a fact. Just white face. Is this Vermont or South Dakota or Utah or Seattle?

The Mariners do little to ZERO marketing in African American owned media in Seattle (ie The Facts and Medium Newspapers and Ztwins Radio) and my media outlet Music Inner City TV. It is like the Mariner organization do not care about having African Americans at the games, on the team and in the organization as a whole. The question is why?

I listened to white sports jocks on 710 ESPN discuss Jackie Robinson. One thing that turns my tummy more than ANYTHING is hearing a studio full of white folks discuss the issues of race and racism WITHOUT another African American around!!!

But I guess on 710 ESPN and KJR that is the way it is because they have ZERO African American sports jocks!!

The Mariners traded away a still possible great player in Adam Jones who hit a 450 ft homer today, did not go after Dusty Baker for manager a few years ago and did not go after Prince Fielder hard enough.

Look at the Dodgers, Atlanta, Philly, Tampa, Reds, Pittsburg etc. They have young speedy and exciting African Americans like the Weeks brothers and Upton brothers, Matt Kemp, Brandon Phillps etc. Where are they on the Mariners?

Finally, when the Mariners have little kids with cancer or cancer in re-mission, why is it ALWAYS a little white kid? When will I see a little African American kid running the bases?

The late Jackie Robinson would not be happy with the situation of African Americans with the Mariners and his widow Mrs. Robinson and daughter too. And the great Hank Aaron would not be happy too.

We need more than the TOKEN “RBI League” We need more African Americans players like Torii Hunter and CeCe Sabithia And Curtis Grandison who reach back into the inner city with their foundations to tell kids that baseball is great game to play.

Because after 12 or 13 years old young African American kids turn to basketball and football. Do the Seattle Mariners care? Does MLB care? It looks like they do not. This is truly sad on Jackie Robinson Day. Comments? Holla at me at


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The PGA & MLB……Two Peas On A Pod

Today I turned on the Masters on TV to see what is going on with Tiger Woods because the only reason I would watch golf or the PGA is when Woods is near the lead or on top. I quickly found out that Tiger was not doing well and was way back of the leaders so I got my remote and went to the NBA game.

In my opinion the PGA is just like Major League Baseball. Both sports do a terrible job in reaching the African American community and possible fans. It is truly sad in my opinion. The problem is why is this going on? When I turn on a NBA game or NFL game I see a reflection of American. White and brown faces. It is called diversity.

When I watched the Masters today, I searched and searched for diversity in the crowd. It was not found. And of course Tiger Woods is the ONLY African American in the PGA tour. Again, this is truly sad. Where are the next African American Tiger Woods on the PGA tour?

What is the PGA doing about this? The PGA and MLB have two “token” organizations. The First Tee for golf and the RBI League for baseball. In my opinion these organizations are not doing hardly anything or I will say the word again, token when it comes to what the First Tee and RBI are doing to try to reach young inner city youth and even adults.

What I saw watching the Masters this year bothered me. When I saw the crowd and even the players in the Masters, to me it did not reflect America or even the world. No diversity. It is a problem in the sports of golf and Major League Baseball also because when I see a baseball game on TV or when I go down to Seattle’s Safeco Field to conduct interviews at batting practice, I don’t see African American faces hardly at all.

Young inner city youth can care less about attending a Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field or watching Tiger on the PGA tour on TV. They are to busy shooting hoop or playing football. It seems the higher ups in PGA management and MLB don’t care readers about reaching minority youth.

Just look at the so called marketing of both sports. You do not see minorities. The commercials lack “hipness” or the word “corny” can be used sorry to say. It is like both sports think they are still in 1945 instead of 2012. Turn on NBA-TV or the NFL Network and see how the NFL and NBA market their sports readers and then turn on the MLB Network. It is as different as night and day.

It also takes  African American players to reach back and give baseball and golf camps or clinics NOT in the surburbs but in the “inner city”. Baseball and golf’s higher ups have to show they CARE about reaching kids in the inner city because right now it seems they don’t give damn.

When I turned back on the Masters today and saw Bubba Watson winning the Masters, I again looked at the massive crowd and saw no diversity. And later in the day I turned on a MLB game with Texas and Chicago and the crowd had no diversity. Just like a game at Safeco Field for the Mariners.

Thanks to CeCe Sabithia and Torii Hunter and Tiger Woods for what they are trying to do with their foundations to reach youth in the inner city. But readers Major League Baseball and the PGA need to wake up and smell the coffee and do a MUCH BETTER job in reaching the inner city to get possible fans and even future players to play golf and play baseball.

Because like I said, without Tiger in the PGA, you don’t see diversity. And in baseball the number of African American players have gone way down just like the fans in the seats. Will this problem get better? I guess we just have to wait and see. This is “One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey.

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Miami Heat Players Wear Hoodies In Protest Of Killing

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I MUST BE DREAMING!!! Sport figures have taken a stand on issues in the community and in the “inner city” Somebody wake me up! This is unreal!!

As you know their is worldwide anger at the killing of a 17 year old unarmed young African American named Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. He was going home to watch the NBA All-Star game with a bag of Skittles and a can of ice tea. He was almost home.

He was then confronted by George Zimmerman a so called watch man for the area who thought young Trayvon was a gang member or something because he had a hoodie on. Zimmerman shot this 17 year old in cold blood!! A SENSELESS MURDER!! The African American communities in the U.S. and even the world are very very upset at the killing by George Zimmerman of Martin. And by the way……ZIMMERMAN HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED. HE IS A FREE MAN WHILE TRAYVON MARTIN IS SIX FEET UNDER!!!

In protest of the killing by Zimmerman, the Miami Heat of the NBA took a picture with all the team wearing hoodies. I am glad to see these multi-millionairies like Dwayne Wade and LeBron James and hris Bosh “speaking out” on the killing of a young unarmed fella who is dead for no reason at all other than being a young African American walking home with a hoodie on.

Shout out to the Miami Heat for there “protest” concerning the killing of Trayvon Martin. We will keep you informed with more on this story right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” The #1 urban news magazine on te Internet from the Northwest (U.S.A)    Gordon Curvey

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NBA All Star Saturday Was One Word…..BORING

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If you are a basketball junky like me and love the NBA, then after watching the “NBA All Star Saturday Night” you realize that MAJOR changes need to be made and made now.

It was very very boring. The 3 point shootout……boring. The dunk contest….boring.  All the rest…..boring. Something needs to be done to change things up for next year. It has to happen. I only watched it because I love basketball.

In the so called “highlight event” of “All Star Saturday Night”, the dunk contest, who was the players? It was a bunch of no names. I have never even heard of the winner Jeremy Evans of Utah. It was very very boring and unexciting.

Something has to be done to hopefully get players like Russell Westbrook or King James or Deron Williams or other big names to be in the dunk contest or sorry to say just do not have it anymore. The NBA needs to try that next year a game between American NBA vs Europe NBA. I think that would be different.

The All star game was a dunk contest. Some of which should have been in the dunk contest. But the last 10 or so minutes was very exciting and even featured a very hard foul by D-Wade against Kobe. By the way the Heat come into the Staple Center to play the Lakers so that should be interesting.

If James wants to be TRULY great he has to start to make key baskets when it really counts like Kobe does. Because he did not come through in crunch time AGAIN late in the 4th.

Unless the NBA makes major changes to “All Star Saturday Night” they will have to change it to “All Star Boring Night” That’s real talk! Gordon Curvey

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Have You Seen The Tremendous Dunk By Blake Griffin Yet?

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Basketball fans, have you seen the out of this world dunk by the Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin? Just click the link above to view the dunk. Hold on to your seat!!

Griffin acted like the Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins was not on the court. He just leaped over Perkins who is about 6-9 or 6-10. It was crazy, it was off the hook, off the chain, off every damn thing!! Blake Griffin is a modern day Dr. J or a current Shawn Kemp.

I have watched a lot of basketball. It is by far my favorite sport. I have not seen a dunk like Blake Griffin over Perkins at the Staple Center. The crowd went crazy and so did the players. I was watching the game on NBA-TV and when the dunk happened I jumped to the ceiling!!

The think Griffin has untapped talent. He needs to work on his outside game. 15 to 20 ft jumper. He also holds on to the all to long at times and the other Clippers stand and watch while he holds the ball. He needs to work on this.

LeBron James and Blake Griffin are the most exciting players in th NBA. This is a fact. They put butts in the seats of every NBA arena to watch them play. The NBA is starting to market Blake as the new face of the NBA. He is doing a lot of commercials for different companies.

And a good thing is he is a good cat. We never hear anything negative about Griffin. He is kind of quiet but he is still the kind of dude the NBA can put out front like the NFL had Peyton Manning out front.

Again that dunk by Griffin was one of the best of all times. That is for sure! The thing is…..HE IS STILL VERY YOUNG! We have many more huge dunks to view in the future.    Gordon Curvey

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Tired Of Hearing About Andrew Luck! Some Think Grif III Is Better

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It seems EVERY sports outlet is talking about Stanford QB being the best thing since sliced bread and a for sure #1 draft pick in NFL draft.

But check this out readers, IF he comes out who said Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III can’t be the #1 choice by a NFL team? I think he is better than Luck and many others feel the same way! But if you listen to sports radio hosts and watch ESPN etc it is Andrew Luck…Andrew Luck…Andrew Luck. I don’t think this is right and a put down of Grif III and what he did on the field at Baylor.

Many think Grif III is a better athlete than Luck, has a better arm than Luck, and don’t get it twisted folks, Just because Luck went to Stanford that does not mean he is more intelligent than Grif III. By the way Grif III is a very intelligent young man, just like Luck. Did you hear his speech win he won the Heisman? Cat ain’t no dummy! Real talk!!

Of course Grif III has not decided if he is coming back to Baylor or if he is tossing his hat in the ring for the NFL draft. We will have to see what happens. By the way Grif III Baylor Bears is playing our Washington Huskies in a few days in the Alomo Bowl.

Is Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III better than “The People’s Choice” Andrew Luck? I join others who say yes!!  Gordon Curvey

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Kobe Bryant Not Happy With Odom Trade To The Mavs

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This past week has been a crazy week for the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. A big monster trade was suppose to take place but David Stern said “Sorry no go” And stopped the big trade that would brought “CB3″ Chris Paul to the Lakers.

Now the word is Lamar Odom who was suppose to go to the Hornets, asked the Lakers to trade him. He felt unwanted by the Lakers who wanted to trade him. So guess what? He was traded to the the champs Dallas Mavericks!! What???? And guess who is upset?

Yep Kobe Bryant is unhappy with his friend being traded to a team that blasted the Lakers out of the playoffs last season. With a unhappy Bryant I see possible problems down the road if the Lakers do not replace Odom with another good player. The thing is…….who?

Lamar Odom might have got traded because the Lakers were not happy with the off season TV reality shows with his wife etc. But that cannot be because the brotha won the Sixth Man Of The Year award. He should have made the all-star team at mid-season too. The Lakers traded Lamar to the Mavs for basically nothing.

There is some strange things going on in the NBA. I am VERY glad my favorite sport is coming back on Xmas Day but this trade, then no trade, then trade has bothered me as a NBA fan.   Gordon Curvey

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The NBA Is Coming Back!! Tentative Settlement Reached

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Last night after downing some more Thanksgiving food in my tummy, I flipped on to NBA-TV for the latest news on the NBA lockout. Because I knew the players and owners were meeting in New York.

And BAM! Breaking news! A tentative settlement has been reached between the players and owners. As a basketball junky I am happy as hell that the sport I love is coming back. The NBA is the #1 sport for me as a sports fan followed by football and baseball.

When the NBA season ends I get depressed as a sports fan. Real talk. And of course being here in Seattle, our Sonics left town for the one horse dust town Oklahoma City so I have to follow the many players from the Seattle area playing in the NBA like Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Jason Terry, Brandon Roy, Spencer Hawes and many more.

If every thing goes right, training camp and free agent movement will start December 9th and the NBA season will FINALLY start on Xmas Day with a great triple header. The Knicks vs. Celtics, Lakers vs Bulls and a NBA finals matchup with the champ Mavs vs Heat.

Here is the thing readers. Why in the HELL did it take the owners and players this long to work this out? I just do not understand it. They had been having meetings for two years. Crazy folks.

But anyway I am just glad the NBA is back and I can sit in front of my big screen and enjoy the best atheletes in the world. Yes it is just a 66 game season. But guess what? A 66 game season is better than no season.

Gordon Curvey

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NBA Players Reject Owners Deal So Will We See A NBA Season?

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I was thinking positive regarding today would be a good day as far as ending the NBA lockout but I was wrong big time because the NBA players rejected the owners deal.

The owners led by David Stern had a deal on the table that would have started the season on December 15th and the season would be a 72 game season instead of 82. But that ain’t going to happen.

The way it looks now readers NBA fans will have to look at old games from the 70′s and 80′s and 90′s on NBA-TV instead of watching KD, KG and Kobe. This is truly truly sad.

I am on the players side big time. The players make the NBA so the owners can bank BIG dollars. Fans pack NBA arenas to see D-Wade, LeBron, Dirk, Seattle’s own Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry and others play but it looks like we will not watch NBA games for awhile.

If you listened to Stern today, the owners will not back down and he blasted Billy Hunter who works for the players. He sounded very arrount and uppity. Like what Bryant Gumbel and another person said about Stern that he acts like a “platation owner and the players are his slaves” This is outrage!! Remember the NBA players are majority African American or a person of color and the owners are 99% white. Micheal Jordan is the only black owner.

Being in Seattle, I cannot watch live NBA basketball anymore so I hav to watch on TV or go to Portland or watch a game their games are always sold out. I have to watch the games on NBA-TV or TNT or ESPN. I just want to see the season start. That’s all I want as a sports fan.   Gordon Curvey

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Juan Manuel Marquez Was ROBBED And Pacquiao Handed A Win!

“One Man’s Opinion” By Gordon Curvey

Readers I am a tremendous boxing fan and I have always been just that. But again I think boxing was given ANOTHER “black eye” when welterweight champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao was given a win against Juan Manuel Marquz in Las Vegas.

If you watched the fight you clearly saw that Jaun won the fight. The fans knew it, the announcers knew it and HELL if you looked at Pacman’s face he knew Marquez won he damn fight!

But the judge gave the fight to Pacquiao. Were the judges Stevie Wonder, the late Ray Charles and Jose Feliciano? The had to be blind.

Yes it was a tight fight and a few rounds could have went one way or another. But clearly Marquez won the fight that millions watched on Pay-Per-View.

In my strong opinion I think this was a set up by Bob Arum so he can line his pocket with the fight every boxing fan wants to see. A fight between Manny and the undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather sometime next year.

It would be the biggest pay-per-view take in boxing history. Everyone wants to see this fight. So did Bob Arum tell the judges to give Manny the win? 

I think so. And if this is the case which of course can never be proven, it is truly sad. And I feel terrible for Marquez. He was robbed. He fought his ass off at the age of 38 and was robbed of the title. TERRIBLE!!!!!!   Gordon Curvey

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Joe Paterno Out At Penn State After 46 Years Over Sex Scandal

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

After 46 years legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was fired after 46 years as the head coach at the school over a flat out TERRIBLE sex scandal where ex defensive coach at Penn State Jerry Sandusky has been charged with having sex with as many as nine kids.

This is THE WORST sports story I have written about since I have done this site. Might of fact, it is one of the worst stories PERIOD. How can this dude Sandusky allegedly have sex with kids as young as 10 years old on the Penn State campus? HOW?

If Sandusky did this to this to kids he is the LOWEST KIND OF A HUMAN BEING ON EARTH!!!!!!!! If he did this I hope he is sent to prison where other felons can show him how child rapists get treated in prison!!

Now folks let me say this about Joe Paterno. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN GONE YEARS AGO!! Joe Pa is 84 years old and word is Penn State wanted him out years ago but Paterno had so much power at the school he just said basically “you can’t fire me and I will leave when I want”  Again in my opinion he should have been gone years ago.

Now because of this sex scandal finally he is gone after 50 years at Penn State. I agree with the firing because Paterno should have CALLED THE FREAKIN POLICE ON SANDUSKY WHEN HE FIRST FOUND OUT ABOUT SANDUSKY MAYBE HAVING SEX WITH KIDS. But he did not do that. The question is why?

Finally, what in the HELL is wrong with the STUPID students at Penn State? For them to riot and protest the firing of Paterno is just plain STUPID AND WRONG!! I just can’t believe the students did what they did in support of Coach Paterno. Unreal.

This story makes me SICK in my damn stomach readers. It is just a terrible story all the way around. I just saw Hall Of Famer Franco Harris on MSNBC and he is upset at the firing of Paterno. Harris is ex Penn State star running back under Paterno.

Yo Franco, STOP SUPPORTING COACH PATERNO!!! Paterno should have been gone YEARS AGO!! It should NOT  have taken this sex scandal for the officals at Penn State to remove him. Franco HE IS 84 dude. Let me repeat, he is 84. Wake up Franco and all supporters of Paterno should wake up too!!!

I don’t give a damn about the money Paterno has brought to Penn State. He should be gone just like Sandusky and the President of the school. GONE! Gordon Curvey

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Bryant Gumbel Puts David Stern On Blast!

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Veteran broadcaster Bryant Gumbel is fed up with the actions of NBA Commissioner David Stern because of his actions or words in the on going labor talks between the players and the owners over this NBA lockout.

Gumbel had some stong words for Stern. Please read the article in the link above. Bryant basically called Stern a slave master and the NBA players are their slaves. And because of this we may not have a NBA season. Which will be TERRIBLE.

Bryant as a sports fan is pissed and so am I readers. If you check out Stern he can come off as arrogant and uppity. Like “I am Dave Stern and who are you?” Meanwhile days are passing by and we the fans of the NBA have already had two weeks of the season canceled. This is just not good.

Bryant should also put Micheal Jordan on blast for not being in the meetings. MJ in my opinion should get his ass off the golf course walking around with a big cigar and help the players!! You see MJ was a all time great  and is now a owner. No one in the meetings can say that. He can come from both angles. MJ should be in the meetings.

And so should Kobe Bryant, KG, LeBron, Melo, Amerie, Dirk, Jason Terry and other vets of the NBA. Get in the meetings and help Derek Fisher to hammer out a deal so we the fans can enjoy the NBA. We will keep in up to date with the NBA lockout right here.  Gordon Curvey

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I Hope Tarvaris Jackson Proves The Seattle Sports Media Wrong!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

MUSIC INNER CITY NEWS MAGAZINE: COMBINING MUSIC AND SPORTS/As a NFL fan here in Seattle I have listened to local sports radio hosts on KJRam and 710 ESPN put new Seahawk QB Tarvaris Jackson on blast on a daily basis since he got into town. I think this is very unfair.

All this happens to black QB’s in college and the pros. People say black QB’s do not have the intelligence to play QB and the are just “athelatic’ This is wrong and it is unfair in my strong opinion.

Yes Jackson did not a great pre-season. Well dah……. Well play after play dude was running for his life!! The Seahawks O line offered him zero protection during the pre-season games. This is real.

I hear sports radio jocks here in Seattle like Jim Moore and Dave Mahler saying Jackson is a stop gap until the Hawks get a better QB or a “taller QB”. Again this is just unfair to treat Jackson in this manner.

Let’s go back when Matt Hasselbeck was named the Hawks starter. People did not treat Matt in this manner but it is happening to Tarvaris Jackson. It is wrong readers. Wrong.

Jackson was sitting behind one of the greatest players of all time in Brett Farve with the Vikings. He was not given a chance. Now he is on a team where can hopefully prove his skills.

A lot of fans and sports radio hosts want Charlie Whitehurst to start for the Hawks. I will say this, During the pre-season if Charlie was at QB for the Hawks we would have suffered a hundred sacks!!! He has zero speed. Jackson does.

So I hope Tarvaris Jackson proves everyone wrong here in Seattle. I am on his side!   Gordon Curvey


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Why Do Some Folks Have A Problem With Vick’s New Contract

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Philadelphia QB Micheal Vick has a brand new contract. A six year-$100 million deal. It seems a lot of sports writers and sports radio hosts and sports radio callers have a problem with Vick getting this huge deal.

I listened to guys like Fox Sports Radio host JT “The Brick” and local host on KJR here in Seattle Dave “Softy” Mahler make comments regarding Vick getting this big contract. And I could tell by their comments they did not like Vick getting the cash.

First of all we all know what happened to Vick regarding the dog fighting ring and his time in the pen. We all know this. It is old news. But JT “The Brick” kept bringing it up on his program even made a comment about Vick having to “check in to his probation officer” etc.  And both JT and Mahler kept bringing up if Vick has changed as a person etc.

Micheal Vick has served his dues! He is doing a lot of work with PETA, he is going to schools and community centers in the inner city talking to kids about the dangers of dog fighting and he has even went to Washington D.C. to speak. So why do folks have a problem with Vick’s new deal?

Vick in my opinion is the most exciting player in the NFL and maybe ALL sports! He puts butts in every stadium he plays. This is a fact. With the big contract I just hope his offensive line will protect him all season so he will not be hurt!

Back off of Micheal Vick. As far as most folks can see. He is a changed man.   Gordon Curvey.

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LeBron James Helps Youth To Have A Clubhouse In Akron

ARTICLE from (Full story click here)

This is the kind of story that the media does not talk about because it is positive. But we here at “Sports Inner City Online” try to bring to the table more positive stories on minority sports stars.

All sports radio want to do is blast African Americans at will. Sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle have ZERO African Americans in ANY position. So they can care less about positive stories about black sports stars.

Did they discuss this story on LeBron James? No. James opened a clubhouse for children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio recently. He donated almost a quarter of a million dollars to the Akron Boys And Girls Club to have the clubhouse for the kids.

James also has a Bike-A-Thon every year and money made at the event is donated to a charity. Yes James was at fault for all the stuff that happened when he moved his talents to South Beach, but James has not forgot his roots. And he is giving back to the community. I think that is great on his part.   Gordon Curvey

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NBA And NFL To Be On Strike/What In The Hell Is Going On?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Well sports fans the NBA and NFL will be on strike. As a sport fan I am very very upset at what is going on because their is a chance we might not have any NBA games the coming season. Basketball is my favorite sport. The NBA Summer League has already been wiped out. This is going to hurt long players and players who want another chance to make a NBA team.

The NFL is on strike but it seems their is a opening for the two sides to agree on everything and we will have a NFL season to watch. I am very happy to hear this. But nothing is in concrete yet.

We the fans are just lying in the cut waiting to see if we can watch our favorite teams play. It is truly sad truth be told. We sports fans cannot buy season tickets for a NBA/NFL team or tickets to a game if there will be zero games. Of course our Seattle Sonics left town to dust town Oklahoma City so we don’t have a NBA to watch but we do have our Seattle Seahawks.

Sorry to say I think the NBA season might be in SERIOUS trouble. If you can remember, the NBA went on strike in 1999 and half the season was cut out. It was truly sad.

What makes this sad is the NBA just ended a great season with great games and great ratings. Now all that gain will be out the window. This is a outrage.

Ray Lewis said if the NFL does not have a season, crime will go up in our cities. I don’t know about that Ray but as a sports fan I will be very very disappointed if both the NFL and NBA don’t solve their programs and help provide us the sports fans the joy of cheering for our favorite team.    Gordon Curvey

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National Father’s Day Committee Names D-Wade “Father Of The Year”

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

So many times we hear all the terrible and negative news on African American athletes and very little on the positive stories.

All week we heard about the last week or so was Miami Heat getting beat by the Mavs and negative stories on Wade and Bosh and for sure LeBron James. This story got covered up with all the negative press regarding the Heat.

The National Father’s Day Committee named Dwayne Wade one of their “Father’s Of Year” That is a great honor for Wade and more should have been said about this.

So many times black kids are growing up not knowing their father’s. It is terrible. But D-Wade is making sure his children know who their daddy is.

You don’t hear about Wade at the club’s hanging out at 2am partying and drinking. He is at home being a father to his kids. And that once again is great on the part ot Wade.

And also in my opinion LeBron James is a great dad also to his kids. You also do not hear about James in the clubs at 2am drinking and acting a fool. He is at home with his kids being a father just like Wade.

So congrates to Dwayne Wade for winning the award and James should get a award too and all fathers black and white should get a award for being fathers for their kids. Gordon Curvey

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Is There A Double Standard Between NHL and NBA Players?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

There is a BIG problem going on in sports. And it is flat out unfair readers. Why is it when fighting happens in the NHL the players are NOT called “thugs”

But if a player in the NBA gets into a fight he is called a “thug” by folks in the sports media like JT “The Brick” on Fox Sports Radio and others and of course sports radio callers.

Andrew Bynum hits the player on the Mavs with a elbow and he is a “thug” by sports media folks and sports radio callers. Lamar Odom throws a elbow at big Dirk he is a “thug” BUT I have seen VICIOUS fights in this years Stanley Cup Finals between Boston and Vancouver.Andre Bynum Hitting J.J. Barea with his Right Elbow in Game 4 NBA Playoffs Conference Andrew Bynum Apologized after Hitting J.J. Barea with his Right Elbow

A player was put in the hospital, cats are tossing elbows left and right. They are not called “thugs” by the media and sports radio callers. Why?

Words like “dirty” and “hard play” and other lightweight terms are used when it comes to fighting in the NHL but if a fight happens with black players in the NBA the word “thug” or “thuggish” is used ALL THE TIME!!

This is a flat out DOUBLE STANDARD readers. Let’s face reality. The NHL is mainly white. The NBA and NFL is dominated by African Americans. Sorry to bring it down to race. But it is a fact. It is very unfair on the part of guys like Mike Salk here in Seattle and JT “The Brick” and many others.

People say fighting has always gone on in the NHL. BS!!! Yes I accept hard hits in the NHL, but when it comes to the vicious fighting I have seen, it is very unfair to use the word “thug” against NBA players but NHL players are given a pass. It is a black and white thing? It is obvious as hell it is.   Gordon Curvey

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Former Guest On M.I.C-TV Big Shaq To Retire From The NBA

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Former guest on our sister TV program “Music Inner City TV” in the Seattle area, Shaquille O’Neal is going to retire after 19 years in the NBA.

He was a guest on our show three times over the years. He ALWAYS took a few minutes for us when his team came to Seattle to play our dearly departed Seattle Sonics. (pic below with Shaq and yours truly)

As a sports fan I am sorry to see Big Shaq retire because I loved to see the big fella play and dominate the courts like he did for almost two decades.

The NBA will miss O’Neal because he was such a fun loving guy. Always joking around. He took care of business on the court and had fun off the court. Not the night club at 2am kind of fun. Just regular fun.

At Xmas time, O’Neal turned into “Santa Shaq” and for years gave away thousands of toys for the kids in the inner city of L.A. and other cities. He was and is a good dude.

We as sports fans hope he will be around the NBA game for years to come on NBA-TV or with TNT. He will great doing that too.

Sports fans should say a big thank you to Big Shaq for the years of greatness he brought our way. Their will never be another Shaquille O’Neal in the NBA. Thanks Big Fella for the years of basketball greatness ad we wish you luck in your post NBA playing life!   Gordon Curvey


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Hey James Haters Sorry! It Is The Heat and Mavs In The NBA Finals

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

For all you LeBron haters out their I feel sorry for you. Because his Miami Heat are in the NBA Finals going up against Big Dirk, Seattle’s own Jason Terry and the Dallas Mavericks.

This is what James wanted when he joined forces with D-Wade and Chis Bosh on the Heat. A chance to win a lot of NBA titles. Well in year one of the Big Three they will get their chance.

It is time to face reality. LeBron James is a GREAT player. At 25 he still can get better and better. Can you imagine that sports fans? James getting better? It is going to happen.

Cleveland Cavs fans have to feel terrible to see James in the finals. I know sports radio in Cleveland is buzzing with James haters. You that is the case.

Anyway it will be a real interesting NBA Finals. Who on the Heat will watch Big Dirk? This cat is on FIRE!! He is a 7 footer with a fall away jumper and other types of shots. Do not be surprised to see James watching him.

LeBron can play all five positions on the court. No other NBA player can do that. He is just a great player so all the haters against him need to stop and realize how great of a player he is.

Of course I want to see Seattle native Jason Terry win a ring. So I hope the Dallas Mavs win the NBA title. It will be a great series.   Gordon Curvey.

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Seattle Mariners Correct In Cutting Milton Bradley

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

In the sports scene here in Seattle, the Seattle Mariners cut outfielder Milton Bradley from the team and I think it was the right move for the team to do.

Bradley was just not producing. He is getting paid $12 million and is hitting .213. I am sorry that is not cutting it. I am tired of seeing cats getting paid millions and not producing when I am out here trying to pay my bills, put gas in my car and food on my table.

Truth be told Milton Bradley has some problems. Yes I know the fans were getting on his case on the road and at home but why where ear plugs? I have never seen a baseball player do that. Never. Most likely fans were calling him the “n” word. But to wear earplugs?

Now I am on Bradley’s side when it comes to not doing interviews with local sports radio stations KJR and 710 ESPN. Because he and Mariner player Chone Figgins are the sports radio hosts and callers favorite “whipping boy”

KJR host Dave Mahler even called Figgins “a common criminal” over the air a few weeks ago over the air because he was mad that Figgins did not answer KJR reporters questions after a loss.

KJR management has covered up Mahler’s comments. I went to KJR to ask for a copy of Mahler’s problem and management told me “it was not recorded” Which is a flat out LIE! I have not given up on Mahler and his comment because the NAACP is upset at Mahler’s comment regarding Figgins.

Will I listen to KJR and 710 ESPN about the cutting of Bradley? Hell no!! Because I know they will be blasting Bradley and it will go over the line.

What I am saying here is that the cutting of Milton Bradley from the Seattle Mariners was the correct move for the team. I am glad another brotha Mike Wilson came up from the minors. Why am I glad?

Because I want to see more African American young kids playing baseball. So when local Seattle area kids in the inner city see a Chone Figgins or a Mike Wilson playing for the Mariners that look like they are, they might want to try playing baseball along with football and basketball.

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Kobe Bryant Still Has Hops! Watch His Dunk In Game 5!

ARTICLE FROM (Watch Kobe’s dunk right here)

Some people think “The Black Mumba” Kobe Bryant does not have the hops anymore. They think he is going downhill as a basketball player for the Lakers.

Well sports fans click on the link above and watch Bryant slam big time over Emeka Okafor and Carl Landry of the Hornets in Game 5 of the NBA playoff series between the Lakers and Hornets in L.A.

When Kobe did the big dunk I jumped out my seat. I was one of the fans who thought Kobe did not the jumping ability anymore to perform the great slams he used to do. Man was I wrong!!

Too bad the late Laker broadcaster Chick Hearn was not around. When Kobe made the dunk Chick would have said “Bryant drives the lane SLAAAAAM DUNK!!” It was a game changing play and when he made the dunk I knew the Lakers would win the game.

We will give you reports right here on the NBA playoff so keep coming back to one of only a few urban sports websites on the Internet “Sports Inner City Online”   Gordon Curvey

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Warren Moon Says Cam Newton Is Being Treated Wrong

Former University of Washington great and NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon says Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton of Auburn is being treated wrong and it is racism.

Read the above article to read all of what Moon had to say on this issue. But I will say this, I agree 100% in what Warren is saying in the article. People in the media calling Newton “phony” and talking about his smile etc. He is being treated different.

Also Warren Moon is very upset with the media asking if Newton can run this offense or that offense but others are not being treated this way. He makes a very good point in my opinion.

If anyone can speak on racism and bias it is Moon. When he was at the U-Dub back in the 70′s he was called the “N” word by fans numerous times. It hurt him time and time again. But Moon dealt with it and became a great QB.

I agree with Moon when he says racism is alive and well. Heck, just look at sports radio in this town. And by the way one thing that REALLY makes me mad is listening to sports radio and hearing two people who are not African American discuss racism!! Boy it burns me up!!

I heard two sports radio hosts discuss Moon’s comments and one guy disagreed with Warren when it came to racism and Cam Newton. Readers this sports radio host does not have a clue about the topic so he and other sports radio hosts in this town need to chill out when it comes to racism. They just cannot relate and have zero understanding on the topic. Period.

KJR so called sports radio host Dave Mahler had Moon on his program on April 6th and Moon repeated his thoughts on Newton being treated wrong by the media. Mahler whose program is also on TV, basically fired back at the Hall Of Famer and disageed with Moon comments.

After the interview, Mahler said “I don’t see any racism when it comes to Cam Newton” Now this is from a fella who has never experienced racism as a black man and did not walk in Warren Moon’s shoes when he was treated in the same manner back in the 70′s as Newton is being treated now.

Mahler went on to comment on race relations etc. A topic he knows NOTHING, let me repeat NOTHING about. His comments outraged me. It again shows why a African American is needed on sports radio here in Seattle. Again Dave Mahler shows he knows NOTHING when it comes to race and racism.

Finally, it is real strange that the local newspapers and online sites refuse to have Moon’s comments in a prominent position for the readers. I had to search for the article. BUT UW QB Jake Locker was all over the front page online and in the paper. To me readers this is flat out bias. Moon is a Hall Of Famer and ex U.W. great player. If this is not a big sports story then what is?     Gordon Curvey

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Sports Radio Host Dave “Softy” Mahler And Others Unfair

This so called radio host on sports radio KJR here in Seattle got on the radio this morning (March 23rd) and blasted Washington State basketball player DeAngelo Casto for being caught with weed in his apartment.

The problem is so called jock Dave Mahler did not know the facts before he went off like a cannon on KJR against Casto including calling him a VERY derogatory name that Jewish people use. It is just like calling Casto a NIGGER. Real talk.

That word and “thug” is mainly used against African Americans and people of color. I have heard Dave Mahler use this name against African Americans numourous times since he has been on the air on KJR.

Today Casto lawyer said their is more to this story than what is being reported in the media. In my opinion, something wrong is happening here. Why did the Pullman, Washington police go into the players apartment at 1:30am looking for stuff? Why?

Also why is it that three young men on the WSU team have been picked up for weed? All of them black in a little hick college town of Pullman, Washington? Something is wrong readers.

Also something else is wrong. And that is sports radio in Seattle constantly beating up on African Americans and people of color on a daily basis. 710 ESPN and KJR have ZERO people of color over the air. NONE. So when stories that have to deal with race comes up, the staff DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE!

This past week stories of race have come up in the sports like the Grant Hill vs. jalan Rose situation and also Adrian Peterson’s comment regarding slavery and the NFL. The on air staff on KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle could not touch those stories. Just could not.

I am glad Casto’s lawyer got busy so his client can get a fair shake. Let the facts come out before we judge the young man. The so called sports radio host gets on the air and blasts Casto using terrible names used just by Jewish folks against minorities etc. IT WAS WRONG OF DAVE MAHLER and he should say he is sorry to Casto. Will it happen? No but it should.   Gordon Curvey

I will be speaking up more on the total lack of diversity of sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle. Our readers have to know what is going on. The unfair treatment has to stop.

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The Head Coach Of The Heat Is The Problem/Needs To Go!

Just watched the Miami Heat get beat by the Bulls and Derrick Rose 87-86. It was another terrible loss for the big three of James, Bosh and Wade and it happened in Miami and it did not look good for the Heat and their fans.

It seems the Heat get lost in the 4th. The question is why this is happening. It seems LeBron does not know how or cannot make game winning shots like Kobe does time and time again.

Also it seems Chris Bosh is not touching the ball near the end of games. Dwayne Wade is not really getting good looks too. In press conferences at the end of another loss, Wade continues to say “We will work it out” But you cannot say that with 19 or so games left. That excuse does not work. As a sports fan and a NBA fan I am tired of hearing Wade or James or Bosh giving excuses.

Something is wrong with the Heat. Here is a question readers. Is Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra one of the programs with the Heat? Have the players tuned him out? Are they listening to him? Do they respect him as a head coach? I don’t think so. I think he needs to go.

Yes Pat Riley is 70 years old, but I think he needs to walk from the front office and became the head coach of the Miami Heat NOW!! That’s right, now. Riley has the respect of the players. He has rings. I think it is time for Pat Riley to take over the Miami Heat RIGHT NOW!!!   Gordon Curvey

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Brand New “Sports Inner City Radio” Podcast

Please listen to the latest “Sports Inner City Radio” podcast. Just click the link at the top of the page. The program topics include Micheal Vick, Seattle’s sports radio scene, the NBA All Star weekend and more. Also including classic soul/r&b and hip-hop, public service announcements to the youth and more from the “urban” side. If you are in Western Washington state and have Comcast On Demand please go to “get local” and then “around the sound” and find “Music Inner City TV” and enjoy three to four programs ANYTIME YOU WANT!!! 24-7.

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Kobe Wins 4th MVP In 148-143 West Win

Kobe Bryant wins 4th MVP Award at the 2011 NBA All Star game in Los Angeles at the packed Staples Center. Bryant also had 14 rebounds. Read about the game and much more at one of a few urban sports websites on the Internet our sister website “Sports Inner City Online” at

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White Sox Pitcher Mark Buehrle Hoped Vick Would Be Injured

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I was shocked to see the stupid comments by Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle and his wife Jane about NFL player Micheal Vick. I could not believe what and his wife said.

OK he and his wife love dogs. I love dogs too. Always have. I also think Vick was big time wrong in what he did to those poor dogs. He was wrong. Let me repeat….wrong.

But Vick paid his dues. He served time in the big house for 18 months. He seems to be a changed man. He was named “Comeback Player Of The Year” etc.

Why would Buehrle and his wife come out now and say they wished Vick would have got hurt or injured on the field in a NFL game? That was a TERRIBLE thing to say!!! Wrong.

Buehrle made these stupid comments on which has now taken the interview down from there site but his comments are still on his twitter account.

And not only that, I feel major league baseball should fine Buehrle for his stupid comments regarding Micheal Vick. His comments were uncalled for. Will MLB fine him? I don’t think so but they should.   Gordon Curvey

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Deion, Marshall And Shannon Make NFL Hall Of Fame

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

The class of the 2011 NFL Hall Of Fame has some great and very familiar names going in. One of which some say was the great athlete in the history of the NFL.

Marshall Faulk, Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders plus the founder of NFL Films Ed Sabol are going in the NFL Hall Of Fame.

Some people say “Neon Deion” is the greatest athlete to ever play in the NFL. He was a great defender, and great punt returner and while he played in the NFL, he also played major league baseball AT THE SAME TIME!!! That was unreal readers.

Sharpe was one of the best tight ends in the history of the NFL with the Denver and Baltimore. He got into the HOF after two tries. And Faulk was a great running back with the Colts and Rams. He was part of the “Greatest Show On Turf” while with the Rams.

Can’t wait to here the HOF speeches by Sanders and Sharpe because both of them are never at a lost for words. They will tell you what is on there mind.

Ed Sabol is innovator of filming pro sports. In my opinion he and his son should have been in the NFL Hall Of Fame years ago.  Gordon Curvey

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Seattle Writer Good Story On How Basketball Brings Races Together

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I have give credit where credit is due. Seattle sports writer Steve Kelly wrote a good story in the Seattle Times (click the link to read) about how basketball helped him and how he realizes how basketball brings black faces and white faces together.

And it is true. No other major sport has the personalities basketball has so in my opinion and Kelly’s it brings us more together as a people.

For instance I went to a game right before the NBA season started at Seattle’s Garfield High School put on by Seattle native and Portland guard Brandon Roy. At the game you saw Asians, East Africans, African Americans and whites in the audience having a good time watching the game of basketball.

I am sorry to say, when you go to a major league baseball game at Safeco Field here in town, the only people of color you see are the ushers and the ones on the teams. It is a little better at NFL games but not much.

But if you look at the audience at a NBA game it is a rainbow of colors. Just like it is in America. It is that way at a high school game, college game and of course the NBA.

Kelly’s article was a great article. I just wish Steve Kelly would be bold enough to write a story in the Seattle Times regarding the radio station he has a show on every week. Sports radio KJR which does the COMPLETE OPPISITE of what his article is about.

The station has ZERO diversity. NONE. In sales, producers, on the air and in management. This does not reflect the fields and courts of America. In my opinion, yes basketball knows about the word DIVERSITY. It helps to bring people together. But Steve a sports radio station which you work for, does not know about the work DIVERSITY nor do they care.      Gordon Curvey

It is the Steelers vs. the Packers in the Super Bowl. I wanted the Jets and Green Bay but it was not meant to be. But it will be a good Super Bowl. To read more on the upcoming Super Bowl and more Click here. Story via

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Jim Nantz Opens Up Again Over The Air. What’s Up?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

What is going on with CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz and his blasting of cats over the air with his own comments about sports stars.

First he goes over the air and puts Tiger on blast last year about his comments on the golf course. Basically saying Tiger lied about cussing to himself and getting mad after a bad shot and how it is not a good look to the viewing public.

Now Nantz has gone on his high horse to criticize members of the New York Jets after scoring a TD or being happy after the game against New England. His comments were out of line and Phil Simms his broadcasting partner disagreed with Nantz and said so over the air.

Jim Nantz needs to check himself and get of his holier than thou platform. This cat cheated on his wife for years and it is well known. Where does he come off making these comments over the air about players? I don’t get it.   Gordon Curvey

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Racial Opportunity Still A Problem/Even In The Sports World

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

ESPN is doing a series of programs coming up regarding race relations and opportunity for African Americans on the field and off.

The programs are in relation to the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. I hope everyone will watch the programs on ESPN. I have seen parts of it already on ESPN and it was real sad knowing that here we are in America with a African American President but still their are major differences in our country.

Please read the above story and learn about the differences on how whites and African Americans think on certain topics. It is truly sad that sorry to say, whites and blacks think differently. That is the bottom line.

This is why I am so outspoken on the makeup of sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle. Mainly KJR who has shown they know nothing about the word diversity. Nor do they care. In twenty years they have had a grand total of one African American behind the mic on a regular basis. One.

What really bothers me is KJR is broadcasting from the 2011 King Holiday Hoopfest here in Seattle. And they are playing commercials with the voice of Dr. King etc. In my opinion, KJR SHOULD NOT be involved in any way in broadcasting games from the King Holiday event when they are doing the complete opposite of what Dr. King lived and died for.

The company has zero African Americans or people of color in their workforce. Zero. I just think they need to realize that it is wrong to be involved with the event until they practice what Dr. King fought for. I hope everyone will watch the series of reports on ESPN regarding the opportunities for African Americans in the sports world. It should be a eye opener.   Gordon Curvey

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Sol Alosi Should Be FIRED For Tripping A Player From The Sidelines!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

As a sports fan I saw one of the worst things I have ever seen on the field or court in the game between the Jets and Dolphins. It was TERRIBLE!!

The Dolphins Nolan Carroll was jetting down the sidelines on his way to a possible touchdown when all of a sudden the Jet strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi put his knee and foot out from the sidelines and tripped Carroll!! THAT WAS A LOW DOWN DIRTY MOVE on the part of Alosi.

I just cannot believe the NFL did not suspend this guy. And I cannot believe the New York Jets did not fired him. The Jets suspended Alosi him for the last few games and fined him $25,000. That is not enough in my opinion.

Carrol could have been hurt real bad by the stupid and crazy actions by Alosi. I have never seen anything like that on the football field.

Again readers, Sal Alosi should be fired by the New York Jets and fined big time by the NFL. That is for sure.  Gordon Curvey

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Wrong To Suspend Albert Haynesworth For Four Games

I have been following the Albert Haynesworth situation the whole season and I am upset as a sports fan how this cat was handled by Washington Redskin head coach Mike Shanahan. And the Skins management also.

They made a example of big Al. As soon as Haynesworth came to camp, he was made to run spints by Shanahan. Albert did not have the time in the spints the head coach wanted so he blasts him in front of the media for which I think was wrong saying he was out of shape etc.

Haynesworth is a very big fella of about 6-5 or so and 360 Ibs. What does Shanahan expect? I feel the Skins made big Al look bad in the public eye by talking bad about him in the media. George Karl used to do the same thing here in Seattle. Blast cats in the media. By the way good news Karl is cancer free.

Readers, the Skins are trying to get back at Haynesworth to get back the $21 million signing bonus they paid him in April. Come on, the late Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see that. The Skins can just cut him and move on. Why they are not doing that shows me and others that the Skins are out to make Haynesworth the fall guy and re-coup the millions they have paid him.  Gordon Curvey

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James Hits 38 In A Rout Against TERRIBLE Cleveland Cavs

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Sports fans what I saw tonight has me MAD as a guy who loves the sport of basketball. I was hyped up to watch LeBron James come back to Cleveland to play the Cavs. I was ready. I had my popcorn popped and was ready for a good game. Boy was I let down.

First of all I saw James come on the court smiling. But what really pissed me off was seeing a few of the Cavs players hugging James!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Why on earth would ANYONE on the Cavs want to hug LeBron after this cat left the Cavs last summer. When James left he was saying the Cavs team is not a team I can win a title with so I am cutting out of town.

James toyed with the pathetic Cavs. One time he hit a jumper from about twenty five feet right in front of the Cavs bench and he looked at a few of the Cavs smiling!! What the hell!!

The fans who yelled stuff at James had ZERO effect!!! NONE!!!! It was like a JV team playing against the varsity. Boys against men. I was real upset as a sports fan at the TOTAL lack of effect by the Cleveland Cavs in a game that should have been like their game seven. All Cavs fans should be real upset at the team and even head coach Byron Scott. They let their city down. And let me down as a basketball fan.

Again why would ANY Cavs player hug James before the game or after the game. That was terrible. If I was the owner of the Cavs I would be upset at his team. This kind of crap I saw tonight by the Cavs would NOT have happened back in the day when Rick Mahorn and his bad boy Detroit Pistons was playing.

James would have been laid out when he came into the lane for a dunk like he did tonight. The Cavs did not put a hand on LeBron!!!! What a joke!!! What a joke!!!   Gordon Curvey

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Sensational Performance By Micheal Vick Against The Redskins

ARTICLE FROM (Full article click here)

The performance I watched by Micheal Vick is the best I have ever seen by a athlete. PERIOD! It was something that leaves me thinking about why our Seahawks did not sign Vick.

Because what I saw by Micheal Vick against the Redskins and Donavan McNabb was something I have never seen folks. The first play of the game….BAM!! A long TD pass by Vick. First play of the game. A on point pass for a TD. I could not believe it.

Micheal Vick and LeBron James are two players I would pay to see play any day, all the time!! Vick is a changed QB than the player he was in Atlanta. A totally different player. And it seems as a person as well.

We all know what he did. It was wrong. But he served his dues. Hell Vick just got caught dog fighting. You can come in any hood in the U.S and see dog fighting. That is a fact. Does not make it right but it is a fact.

But like I said, Vick served his dues and as a teammate of Vick I just heard of sports radio say “It is water under the bridge”

As sports fans, let’s enjoy players like Vick and James and Kobe and other great players. They are the guys who make all of us love sports.

It burns me up to hear these “angels” calling on sports radio putting down Vick. That is a felon and saying he should not be playing in the NFL etc. That is pure BS!!! All you angels need to chill out because look at actor Tim Allen.

He sold coccaine and served time for it. Was he given a second chance? The answer is yes. And he has made millions of dollars. Allen by the way is a felon.

I want to say thanks to Mike Vick for providing me a sports performance I will NEVER forget.  Yo Seahawks, you should have signed Micheal Vick!!! Gordon Curvey

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Only 15 African American Head Coaches In Division One Football

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

There is something big time wrong in college football readers. Something really wrong. Look at the sidelines of a big time college football game. You will not see to many African American head coaches.

There is only 15 FBS black head coaches out of 120 schools. Let me repeat. 15 FBS African American head coaches out of 120 schools. Something is very very wrong here.

Is seems African American young players can dominate on the field but can not find a head coaching position at FBS schools.

You will see PLENTY of assistant coaches who are African American roaming the sidelines at every school but you do not see to many of black folks at the top.

The head coach here at the University of Washington is only 35 or 36 years old and in my opinion DID NOT serve his dues. The head coach at USC in my opinion did not serve his dues. There is hundreds or even thousands of African American guys who are qualified to be FBS head coaches but they are not being picked.

Sports radio stations like here in Seattle on 710 ESPN and sports radio KJR WILL NOT discuss this situation because they DO NOT CARE!! Or they will say Ty Willingham was given a chance here at the UW and did not do well.

Well just because Willingham failed that does not mean other African Americans should be counted out as head coaches. This is a severe problem. African Americans should be given more of a chance to be head coaches in FBS schools. 15 out of 120 schools is a big time joke!! Please read the story above.    Gordon Curvey

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Vikings Cut Randy Moss/The Question Is Why?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

NFL player and future Hall Of Famer Randy Moss was released today by the Minnesota Vikings a day after the Vikings was beat by Randy’s former team New England.

Moss at the post game press conference for some reason praised his former team and the head coach and to me that might be a reason for his release but truth be told, something happened in the locker room or on the team plane that got Moss cut from the team.

Head Coach Brad Childress has the power to cut players and he did just that to Moss. But fans are wondering one thing……..why?

I am confused just like Viking fans are confused. I know Vikings players have to be confused and even angry at what happened to Randy Moss.

So now here is the question. Who will pick Moss up? Miami? What about here in my hometown of Seattle with the Seahawks? Our O line is not the best in the NFL but let’s see what happens. Rumor is the Seahawks have connected Randy’s people.

Or what about going back with New England? I guess we have to wait and see. We will report on it when Moss signs with another team right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”    Gordon Curvey

“Music Inner City News Magazine” is the #1 urban website on the Internet from the Northwest (U.S.) Spread the word!!

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NBA Season Starts On Tuesday With New Tech Rule

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I love watching football and really only watch baseball when it is World Series time (want Ron Washington and the Rangers to win the Series) but I am a basketball junkie. So I am happy as hell the NBA season is opening on Tuesday.

Of course our team here in Seattle, the Sonics left our city a few years ago to a dust town in Oklahoma City!! A team that was here for FOURTY ONE YEARS and brought our city the only true pro championship in 1979.

I will NEVER get over Clay Bennett moving our team and I will NEVER forget Starbucks founder and former Sonic majority owner Howard Schultz selling the team to Bennett.

So I have to follow the many Seattle natives in the NBA like Jamal Crawford, Jason Terry, Nate Robinson, Rodney Stuckey, Terrence Williams, Spencer Hawes and others and just enjoy the NBA from distance.

With the season starting this Tuesday, there is a potential problem with a new rule that lets the refs call a tech on a player who gets called for a foul and just brings his hands up or shows just a little disgust it seems.

I have seen calls in pre-season that made me say…….what? So you know the players will not like this new rule. Some fans will like the new rule because they are tired of players “whining” when a foul is called on them. But I think this new rule is going to be a big big problem.

But anyway bring on the NBA season!!!     Gordon Curvey

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Mike Vick Proves He Is A #1 QB Again In Win Over Jags

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Micheal Vick once again has shown football fans and just sports fans that he is one of the most dynamic athletes in ANY sport.

Vick was involved in four TD’s in the Eagles rout of the Jags 28-3 this past Sunday. The threw for three TD’s and ran for another. Some of the plays Vick made, no other QB in the NFL could have made. This is a fact.

He has shown us fans and even Philly coaches that he is a different player than the player a few years ago in Atlanta. He is a much smarter player. He is not taking off running all the time like he used to do because he is hanging in the pocket looking for a receiver.

Coach Reid made the correct decision in starting Mike Vick. But here is question for you guys. Why did the camera keep showing second string QB Kevin Kolb on the sideline all the time? I have never seen a second string QB get so much air time.

Kolb is not the QB of the Eagles right now. Micheal Vick. Coach Reid named Vick the starter. So why did the cameras focus on Kolb so much? I just don’t understand.

Next week is a game NFL fans will be watching. It is the Washington Redskins against the Eagles in Philly and the return of former longtime Eagle QB Donovan McNabb. This is going to be a great game!!

We will give you our views of the game next week. Shout out to Mike Vick for showing us he is a great NFL QB. It shows what second chances can do.       Gordon Curvey

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Ray Lewis Visits School In Baltimore To Inspire Kids

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I saw this article online while online at the Baltimore Sun newspapers website and I thought I would share it with the readers here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

I wanted to share this article with you because so many times we learn about NFL players and yes……African Americans doing bad things. Being caught with drugs or beating up their wife or getting in a fight at 3am in a nightclub.

I want share this article about future Hall Of Fame member and current member of the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis, visiting a school in Baltimore. A positive story on a NFL player.

When Lewis was in trouble a few years ago, it was headline news on Sportscenter and CNN etc. This story about Lewis visiting a school is just on the Baltimore Sun newspapers website. In my opinion this story should be talked about more.

These kids will remember Ray Lewis visiting their school forever. But what I have learned about Lewis, he does this all time as far as reaching back and putting smiles on inner city kids faces. As well as talking to the kids about staying in school and getting a good education.

A BIG shout out to Ray Lewis for being a superstar on the field and off!! This is “One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

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Tiger Woods Says Marriage Problems Affected His Game

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Tiger Woods said his problems with his now ex-wife Elin messed with him game on the golf course during the last year or so.

Duh……..yeah I guess Tiger. But do I or even you have sympathy for Tiger? I don’t. I have ZERO sympathy for a man who cheated on his wife over and over and over. This cat has been great on the golf course and terrible as a husband. And I mean TERRIBLE!!

I feel sorry for Elin and I feel sorry for Elin and Tiger’s kids. What will Tiger tell his kids when they are older about his cheating ways? Will he tell them the truth?

To be real we should not care about Tiger’s love life, but the more I think about it, the more I care because Tiger Woods should be a role model for his kids and for the millions of other kids who looked up to him.

After all he has the Tiger Woods Foundation and even has a school in his name. I think it was wrong for Tiger to act like he did knowing he has his kids who call him daddy and the kids who attend his school and the kids who have been helped by his foundation.

Since he now has his divorce from Elin, I hope he can act like a role model, and win some events and act like the #1 player in the world.      Gordon Curvey

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NBA Welcomes Mailman, Pip, D.J And Others To Hall Of Fame

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

The other day I was in basketball heaven as a basketball junky as I watched the Hall Of Fame event on NBA TV. It was a GREAT event to watch.

Among the folks going in this year was the “The Dream Team” of the 1992 Olympics that included Karl Malone, Magic Johnson, Micheal Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Scottie Pippin, Charles Barkley and others. And the 1960 Olympic team that included the great Jerry West and “The Big O” Oscar Roberson.

Going in as players included Malone and Pippin and WNBA legend Cynthia Cooper, and former Seattle Sonic, the late Dennis “DJ” Johnson. Johnson was represented by his brother and wife.

Johnson was a starting guard for our Sonics win they won the NBA title in 1979. Also going in as a player was the late Gus Johnson.

I think Cynthia Cooper gave the best speech. Followed by Karl Malone. Bob Hurley Sr. has had a good speech.

At least 70 Hall of Famers showed up for the ceremony in Springfield, Ilinois. It was a great seeing all the great NBA players being interviewed and watching tape of great plays made by this years group of Hall Of Famers.

Like I said, I was in basketball heaven.     Gordon Curvey

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Lack Of Diversity On Sports Radio In Seattle/Part 1

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

As I get ready to have a serious operation this week I have some thoughts I want to share regarding the sports radio situation here in Seattle, Washington (U.S.)

The two stations are 710 ESPN and KJR. 710 ESPN has been on the air for a year or so and KJR for 19 years in the Seattle/Tacoma area. For 19 years KJR has NEVER had a African American with his or hers own regular program. Currently their total workforce has a grand total of ZERO African Americans the last time I checked. That includes producers, over the air, sales and management.

I will talk about 710 ESPN in Part 2 of this story but I want to discuss KJR in Part 1. KJR constantly blasts African Americans and people of color in a negative way with out the other point of view from a African American or person of color. THIS IS UNFAIR!

Words like “THUG” is used by the all white staff of KJR against African Americans and people of color ONLY. The word “THUG” is a code word for the “N” word. It is used by callers and hosts. This word is NEVER used against whites in the sports world. NEVER.

KJR management just hired two more whites to be on the air, Jeff Aaron and Hot Shot Scott. Scott worked at sister station KUBE93 and Aaron used to a sports jock on KJR. Was fired or laid off and now he is back.

It is like the management of KJR do not care about diversity over the air. Or having a African American with his or hers own program. Stephen A. Smith (a African American) is on KJR at 3am but it is not a local show. It is a Fox national program.

A few years ago, their was a meeting held with African American community leaders and KJR management in which PROMISES WERE MADE BY KJR MANAGEMENT. Promises that included working on diversity in hiring and over the air. Promises where made to myself and other community folks like former Seattle NAACP chairman Carl Mack.

But then Mack left town and KJR backed off the promises that was made. In other words, KJR management LIED TO ME AND CARL MACK AND OTHERS. This is wrong. KJR management has shown with the hiring of Scott and Aaron that they DO NOT care about having a African American over the air on KJR. Period.

KJR is like a frat club or Elk’s Club in Vermont or South Dakota. No blacks in sight. They are friends and buddies instead of workmates. They call and text each other after work etc. Even the bumper music is all white most of the time. Bumper music is a term for the music played in the background after a commercial etc. No T.I. or Drake or Jay Z or Kanye West or Lil Wayne or Rihanna or classic soul like Stevie Wonder or The Isley Bros etc. Instead it is Aerosmith or ZZ Top and The Little River Band etc or even on Mitch Levy’s show, Frank Sinatra etc.

Issues of race comes up all the time on KJR and the all white staff CANNOT RELATE. They do not have a clue on the topic. Also it hurts me hearing the KJR jocks constantly interviewing African Americans THEY CANNOT RELATE TO what so ever. These cats are from the inner city or deep south etc. Hearing Mitch Levy and Dave Mahler and Ian Furness and now Aaron interviewing these inner city cats turns my stomach!!

The only jocks I like on KJR is Dick Fain and Elise Woodward. Yes they are white, but Woodward played basketball and has dealt with African Americans and people of color and Fain coaches at Mt. Rainier High School and deals with inner city cats all the time.

This is Part 1 of “Lack Of Diversity On Sports Radio” Part 2 I will deal with local sports writers who are “in bed” with sports radio, Mitch Levy’s “Bigger Dance” contest and discuss 710 ESPN and more.

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MJ Makes Comments On James & Heat/James Possible Home?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

The REAL king, Micheal Jordan made some comments regarding LeBron James and Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh joining together in Miami on the Heat and they were not good.

He basically said he would not have called Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or Charles Barkley etc to form a super team in the NBA. The is a blast of James by MJ. By the way I wonder how James feels about this because MJ is his idol.

James is getting plenty negative pub all over the place for his bolting from the Cavs. In Cleveland he is really getting negative press in the newspapers on TV and the net and of course from Cavs fans.

And word has leaked about the possible new multi-million dollar home he may move into soon in the Miami area. And folks when you see the pics (above link) you will know the cat has some real dough in his pockets.

I think differently on James and Wade and Bosh. I don’t like the move by these three. It is that simple. I do not like the move.

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James To Play In Miami With D-Wade and Bosh/Lost Respect!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Well we all know now where LeBron James is going to play and that is with the Miami Heat with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

In my opinion I am pissed at James. Why? Because #1 he is arrogant. During his stupid hour long show on ESPN he talked in third person. #2 He flat out let the fans down in Cleveland. If I was in Cleveland or his hometown Akron, I would feel tremendously upset at self titled “King James”. “King James” a cat who has ZERO RINGS!!!!  LET ME REPEAT ZERO RINGS!!!!! “King James” my a..!!!!!!

Having a team of Bosh, James and Wade is a cop out. And if they don’t win, I will be happy. I hope the Celtics and Orlando and the Hawks kick the Heats ass!!!

I was a BIG fan of James. But I am not anymore. He thinks he is bigger than the game. His fame has gone to his head. James going to the Heat hurts me as a NBA fan. A NBA junky. I am real bothered by this move by James as a sports fan.

I just heard Chris Brussard on ESPN say James left $20 to $30 million on the table in order to win. Yo Chris…..I DON’T CARE!!!! i HAVE LOST RESPECT FOR THE SO CALLED “King James”.

Well Cleveland fans I guess be happy you still have a NBA to cheer on even without James. Our Seattle Sonics left town after forty one years here. We don’t have a team to cheer on at all. But as the late 2Pac rapped…..Yo Cleveland sports fans KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!!

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Chris Bosh To Join Dwayne Wade In Miami

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Well at least we know where two of the big time free agents are going to play next season after waiting and waiting for a answer.

Chris Bosh, formerly of the Toronto Raptors, will join his good friend Dwayne Wade in Miami to play for GM Pat Riley and the Miami Heat next NBA season.

Of course this will improve the Heat big time. They still need a big center to guard Dwight Howard and a point guard to really hang with the Celtics and the Magic.

Now we wait for King James to make his choice which he will do on ESPN Thursday night at 6pm.

“Music Inner City News Magazine” covers entertainment, urban sports, politics and much more. Plus webcasts, podcasts, MTV News, links to other sites.

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