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What Is Happening To Children Taken From Parents Is Beyond Sad!


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“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Ladies and gentlemen and FB friends I am a big man. But I like all of you I have feelings. Feelings of being happy and feelings of being sad. I talked about some of my feelings of depression in a earlier blog after the terrible terrible passing by suicide of the man who produced my favorite TV program Anthony Bourdain.

But their is another story that has me feeling very sad. And that is the little babies and kids being taken from their parents down in southern Texas. It is a very very sad and emotional situation. Republicans and Democrats are blaming one person and one person only…Donald (I will not call him President) Trump. No one else I can blame for this other than Trump. Period. This dude needs to be impeached immediately.

What is going on at the Texas/Mexico border is a outrage and Donald Trump is the reason. Trump is a so called man who tells LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE! He has a “zero tolerance ” rule in his mind that is separating little  kids and babies from Mexico and other countries who left a situation that included gang violence and much more for a better way of living in America.

Agents at the border have always done their jobs. BUT their jobs are much different under Trump than it was under President Bush 1 and 2, President Clinton and President Obama. Kids are being taken from their parents to be in basically cages. Yes they are giving them three meals a day and a shower etc. But their is one HUGE problem. The little ones are taken from their mom and dad. THIS IS VERY VERY WRONG!! THIS IS AT THE FEET OF DONALD TRUMP.

To make matters worse Trump is blaming the Democrats  & is saying the Democrats do not want to stop the gangs from coming into the United States, do not want to stop drugs from coming into the United States and more. He REFUSES to look in the mirror at himself. Trumps own lady came from another country for goodness sake. She had to file papers to be a American!

I have watched the tape of little kids crying at a border building after being separated from the parents. It had me crying ladies and gentlemen and I am a big fella. It is very very sad and very very wrong. And does Trump care? HELL NO!! He is double ling down and even triple-ling down in saying he refuses to let MS-13 gangs in the U.S. and drugs in the U.S. and he says he refuses to allow families to enter the U.S. illegally.

But their is no law folks for him to separate families. NO LAWS!! It is a Trump made law of zero tolerance. Trump can end this no tolerance BS TODAY!! But he refuses. He continues to want to separate kids from the parents. And Trump is using RACIST TERMS LIKE FAMILIES ARE COMING INTO THE U.S AND “INVESTING” OUR COUNTRY!! Yes he used the word “INVESTING” This is unacceptable!

First Ladies Obama, Bush, Carter and even Mrs. Trump are speaking up in behalf of these poor kids being taken away from their parents. Laura Bush has barely spoken out on anything in the past BUT she is making her voice heard on this and this is great!

What REALLY bothers me is empty headed puppets like Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pence and Sean Hannity, Steve Cortes and others getting on TV and taking up and supporting Trump. This is just beyond stupidity readers!! I am watching Cortes blaming the parents!! Steve Cortes needs to put the crack pipe down.  He is a very very mixed up so called human being. I wonder how much Trump is paying this fool.

Ann Coulter another Trump puppet said the kids from South America etc are “child actors” WHAT KIND BS COMMENT IS THAT!!!!  But I am glad to see a few Republicans going against the clown Trump and they are speaking up too. But their needs to be many many more speaking up!

It is time for the clown Trump to stop blaming the Democrats. Trump is saying he will cut aid to countries who allow “bad people” to leave and try to enter our country. What kind of BS is this? Unbelievable! It is time for Trump to stop blaming a REAL President in President Barack Obama for EVERYTHING!! Trump HATES Prez Obama and still thinks he was born in Kenya!!


Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders and Pence and the Homeland Secretary should should be on Air Force One with Trump. Ladies and gentlemen this situation regarding these children being taken from their parents is one of the worst things I have ever seen. With a buffoon in Trump using words like “invested” etc. And blaming Democrats for bringing in  MS 13 gang members and drugs. This guy is STILL bringing up the freakin elections and how he won over Mrs. Clinton. This is just CRAZY!!

What Trump is doing is all about his CRAZY wall at the border down in Texas/Mexico. A wall that will never get built. Mexico said they will not pay one cent for a crazy wall. But Trump keeps talking about it. Meanwhile kids are not with their parents. And I am glad to see companies like Facebook, Boeing and Google taking a stand against Trumps policies on taking kids from their parents.

In my opinion and many others, their are people that need to step down or be removed from their jobs because of this. People like Kellyanne Conway, the Homeland Secretary Kirstien Nielsen and others should STEP DOWN IMMEDIATELY!! Nielsen for sure should step down.

Watching these kids in cages like animals hurts me big time. It should hurt you too. All because of of a man who has never experienced being poor and down on his luck. Trump and his kids were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Here is another thing readers. Trump should hop on Air Force One and visit South Texas and the see the cages these kids and families are staying in. Why doesn’t he do that!!!

Nielsen has no idea what is going on. She could not even answer questions the other day. Just plain wrong!! She gets in front of cameras and talks about the kids that are taken away from their parents are having good meals, taking showers, playing video games and watching movies and more. GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK!! THESE KIDS ARE NOT WITH THEIR PARENTS!!!

What will happen next to the children and parents separated from each other who knows. All I know is Donald Trump and family are sleeping well at night. Unlike little kids who are taken away from their parents. A truly sad story. But guess what readers? Trump always has buddies at the voice of the Republican Party…Fox News to run to and tell his crazy opinions!!



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The Passing Of Anthony Bourdain Has Me Thinking

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Anthony_BourdainHello everyone and I hope you are well and thanks for reading this very important edition of “One Man’s Opinion”. I type this with a heavy heart because the host of my favorite program on television (besides my programs “Music Inner City TV” and “Sports Inner City TV” and the program “Shark Tank”) Anthony Bourdain committed suicide and is gone.

I was a huge fan of both of his programs “No Reservations” and “Parts Unknown”. I looked forward to watching Bourdain’s new programs to see where he is at in the world and what he is talking about when it comes to the city and it’s food and music culture. Yes I said music culture because Bourdain knew about music. Hip-hop, r&b, pop and rock, Anthony knew about his music. That’s real folks. Hell he sat and had dinner and a beer with another down to earth dude, President Barack Obama in Vietnam. I could not imagine the clown Trump sitting down and having a beer and dinner with Anthony can you?

Bourdain seemed to be a very down to earth fella despite him being worth about $20 million. He would rather but on some jeans and some sneakers and walk the dusty streets of some far away country to meet folks and have a few beers and discuss and have their countries food. Anthony Bourdain did not give a DAMN what color people are!!!

He went to Somalia and kicked it with their people. He went to Iran, he went to Tokyo, he went to Mexico City, he went way down south here in the U.S. to Mississippi, he went to Cuba. he went to Libya and many many many other countries to show us different cultures, different acting people and of course different food.  His two programs were just great and very informative programs. Hosted by a man who was not afraid to discuss his past problems with cocaine and heroin when he was younger.

“Parts Unknown” even came here to Seattle to film. I wish I could have met him and interviewed him. It is just a complete shock to know Bourdain committed suicide at 61 in France. All his fans are just shocked. Their was not a program like “No Reservations” and “Parts Unknown” on television. And he was a one of a kind host. A host I guess that fought what many of us have fought but we did not know about and that is depression. Yours truly have and still is fighting depression.

I have fought depression for a long time. Not being happy because I cannot seem to find that right lady to love. That hurts me deeply. I have forgot how it is be in love. All my adult time on this earth I have not been able to talk to my mom or big brother about what I am going though. Just cannot do it. I am wrong all the time and that’s it.

In the last eight years I have lost my right lung due to a rare form of pneumonia. I was in Swedish Hospital here in Seattle for nine days. I was sick puppy ladies and gentlemen and that was for sure. And I have had two other operations since then. Plus I had a terrible fire in 2005 in which I lost everything. I have nieces and nephews who did not make ONE PHONE CALL to see how I was doing. Not one phone call or visit. That hurts me to this day.

Why this happened only their mom and dad and other family knows why. But it hurts. Recently, one of my nieces graduated from lawyers school in California. Along the way she had assistance with scholarships from churches and other organizations. But when I asked for help to attend broadcasting school when I was younger…no assistance.

But ladies and gentlemen that did not stop me. As the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said I had a dream to be in broadcasting. I went on the teach myself how to put together a TV broadcast and how to edit and in 1990 I started “Music Inner City TV” which as many of you know is running on Comcast Xinity On Demand and Xfinity X1 in Washington State, Oregon and California. I have met and interviewed legend after legend after legend including James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Quincy Jones, Shaq, Micheal Jordan, RUN DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Salt N Pepa and many more including media icon Oprah.  God is good.

I want to thank Comcast for allowing me to have my programs airing in all west coast markets of Comcast. Producing my tv shows has helped me keep my sanity. It has helped me when I get depressed. I can always go and jump on my pc and work on the next program. Not making the money I should be making hurts me big time. But I stay on the grind and pray it will change.

true happinessThanks to the many fans of my tv show. When you come up to me when I am out and about and when I am on my Adult School Crossing Guard with the Seattle Public Schools on 32rd and East Union here in Seattle and tell me how much you enjoy my tv show and keep on grinding, it lifts my sprites. More than you ever know. Because of my tv show and media it seems it has made true friends go away. Friends have been hard to find. And that hurts me. When a big NBA or NFL comes on, I do not have a true friend I can talk to about the game. That also hurts me big time. It really does.

Truth be told I keep a lot of stress inside of me and that is a no no. Like I said earlier, I cannot talk with family. They do not listen. I have first cousins here near me in the Seattle area who I am afraid to talk to. So readers the late Anthony Bourdain and I have things in common. We both fought a word called depression. I am still fighting on a daily basis.

Bourdain gave in and committed suicide. Word is he sought help from a doctor but did not follow directions and ended up more depressed and we saw what he did. I have thought about suicide MANY MANY MANY times. But I am afraid of death. This is why I have not done it folks. And I cannot let the fans of “Music Inner City TV” and “Sports Inner City TV” down. And I know their are others who look up to me as a role model.

But EVERYDAY I am at home wondering can I find true happiness and true love. It seems I cannot. Thanks for all the support from parents and and other staff at Madrona Elementary School here in Seattle. Sarah and her husband and kids Adam his daughter and Kimberly and her kids and others are really nice people. Also thanks to the Seattle Seahawks and Mariners for allowing me to conduct interviews. I hate the school year is coming to a end because I love going to my job in the morning/afternoon. I do not look forward to the end of the school year. It makes me really sad. I am not going to lie.

I can go on and on about my time on this earth. Tomorrow is another day. I thank god I make it day by day. If I wanted to hurt myself I have PLENTY of medicine in my cabinet to get the job done. But I just cannot give in. I want to attend one more ESPYs red carpet or I want to interview another music legend. I want to find a pretty lady to host my music/entertainment program. I want to hopefully obtain a angel investor or major sponsor. And I want to find true love in a lady.

If I do what the great Anthony Bourdain did, I will not be here for everything I just mentioned and more. It was very sad to watch “No Reservations” and “Parts Unknown” all weekend on CNN. It really was. What a great loss. A real down to earth dude. We did not realize how hurt deep down inside Anthony was.  Just like many of you do not know about my personal feelings. I hope Bourdain’s passing and my thoughts made you think.

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What Is The First Amendment?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

first-amendment-rights-2-728-300x232Hope everyone is well. Because of a situation I recently had, I want to briefly let folks know if you did not know, a little about the First Amendment. Because I am sure like myself many of you folks heard it mentioned but did not know a lot about it.

So i took it upon myself to learn a little bit more on this topic. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of expression from government interference. It prohibits any laws that establish a national religion, impede the free exercise of religion, abridge the freedom of speech, infringe upon the freedom of the press, interfere with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibit citizens from petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

The most basic component of freedom of expression is the right of freedom of speech. The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without government interference or regulation.

Generally, a person cannot be held liable, either criminally or civilly for anything written of spoken about a person or topic, so long as it is truthful or based on an honest opinion, and such statements. The right to free speech includes other mediums of expression that communicate a message.

Despite popular misunderstanding the right to freedom of the press guaranteed by the First Amendment is not very different from the right to freedom of speech. It allows any individual to express themselves through publication and dissemination. It is part of the constitutional protection of freedom of expression.

Because of what happened to me recently which some of you know about, I thought I would talk a little about the First Amendment here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”



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Everyday Gentrification Bothers Me In Seattle’s Central Area

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

central-district_chart-780x520Ladies and gentlemen I am a person who grew up on 30th and East Spring St. here in Seattle, Washington’s Central Area. I went to Madrona Elementary School and Meany Middle School. And then Roosevelt in North Seattle.

I used to be in a African American neighborhood. I went to Madrona with plenty of African American kids. Black teachers and principals and I felt relaxed. The playground at recess or lunchtime was full of black kids and faces. I got my haircut at Erma’s Barber Shop and Daye’s Barber Shop and went to Joe’s Grocery Store owned by Joe and Mea and Madrona Pharmacy to by candy and sports magazines. Went to IGA Store.

I went to the Doll House and Sammy’s for great hamburgers and fries. I also went to Jordan’s for candy and magazines and pop etc. I walked up East Union St to walk to Meany Middle School. Past KZAM Radio and see the dj’s talking on the air. There was a Chinese place to buy food on East Union and the food was great. Just like it was at Mrs. Helens and Oscars on East Madison.

During the summer Madrona Park was packed on three courts with guys and gals shooting hoops. There used to be African American plays at Black Arts West on 34th and East Union. The Black Panthers offices were on 34th too.

I used to go to the Red Apple for stuff too. They had great baked chicken at Red Apple at Promenade 23. Promenade 23 was part owned by a family friend, the late Jimmy Sumler. Used to run into him all the time. He was a member of a social club that my late dad Leon Curvey was a member too called the Westerners. Jimmy also owned Jimmy’s on East Madison. They also had great food!!

I grew up going to church and Sunday school at Mt. Zion where the late great Rev Samuel McKinney was the pastor. Of course Pastor Mckinney recently pasted away. RIP to Rev. He was a great man.

Because of gentrification “my Madrona area” is no longer the same and it hurts me deeply. I am a Adult School Crossing Guard on 34th and East Union right by the school I went to from kindergarten thur 6th grade, Madrona School. I leave my job in the morning and afternoon EVERY DAY feeling sad that I do not hardly see black faces. I see plenty of white folks driving expensive Audi’s and BMWs and Mercedes and Volvos etc.  I have been on 32rd and now 34th and East Union on my job for going on four years.

And every day I leave sad and get in my car feeling sad. Saying to myself what has happened to the Central Area I grew up in. When ever I see a black face I am VERY VERY happy. Mainly I see white folks and white folks walking their freakin dogs. Some walking three dogs at a time. Big poodles and little dogs.  Sorry to say, white folks hang with other white folks. They act like they “own the Madrona area”  NO they do not own the Madrona as far as I am concerned.

And as a school crossing guard I have sorry to say experienced racism on the job. Shocking this would happen to me a African American in a former African American area. But it is true readers. The subtle racism by white folks which is the worse.

Like for instance parents from a special Seattle Public School named TOPs whose kids catch the bus to school at 34th and East Union where I am at every morning. TOPS is a school for kids who are very very smart and they have a different form of education than regular Seattle Public Schools. I slowly began to notice something.

What I found out was most of the parents from this school and even a few of the kids acted “uppity” or “special”. Many times I speak to the parents and say good morning and they barely say anything or if I would not say good morning they would not say good morning too. Many many days right before I leave to get in my car I say “See everyone later and have a good day” and most of the parents would look at me like I am the Statue Of Liberty. They would say nothing. Basically only one or two would say something.

So I decided to not say anything to them anymore. I am not going to go out my way to speak to these “uppity” acting TOPS parents any more. It is not going to happen the rest of the school year. Sorry to say one of the parents who acts “uppity” is African American.

Gentrification is going on in a lot of major cities in the U.S. In L.A. and New York and other cities. Taxes go up, whites move in and African Americans move out. Because of gentrification the Central Area here in Seattle has turned into yuppie land. Powell Burnett Park and other parks in the area full of white folks and there kids and of course their dogs.

My good friend Wyking Garrett is doing a huge job trying to keep a little of the CA that gentrification has not hit yet. But he has a very hard job ladies and gentlemen.

It hurts me when I drive down 23rd and pass by Earls Cut and Styles and see basically nothing but white folks. It is like I am dreaming. I is amazing that this has happened and happened quickly. Just look at the chart I have here. To me it is very very devastating  as a guy who grew up on 3oth and East Spring St.. It is just unreal folks!!

There was a time when most white folks would fly past 23rd and East Union or 22rd/23rd and East Madison where Oscars and Deano’s was  in their cars like they were driving in the Indy 500!! With their windows up etc. They wanted no part of the Central Area.

Now all I see is white folks on East Union and East Madison like I said, walking their dogs or walking with another group of white folks, never do I see white folks walking with some black folks. They hang to themselves. And most of time do not speak to African Americans. They will look at black folks like they are criminals or gang members. Or like a black dude will steal their cell phone.

I will give some more of my thoughts on the gentrification of Seattle’s Central Area soon. A area where sky high rent for apartments and town homes and homes have forced African Americans out and whites in. When I see the Red Apple gone, Richlens gone, it hurts me. It hurts me each and every day!!

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Why Is Trump Going After Amazon? It Is Obvious!!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

jeff_bezos_trump_splitI am here in Seattle, Washington where huge corporations like Microsoft, Starbucks and yes Amazon main headquarters are in the area. And it seems your President (not mine) Trump is going after one of these huge corporations. The questions is why?

It seems Trump is going after Amazon for one reason and one reason only. It is because he knows that Amazon leader Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post. A news organization that has been a big time critic of Donald Trump since he has been a so called President. So Trump is going after Bezos.

So the pathetic Trump is now making threats to raise postal rates on the tech giant Amazon which many consider this a war between Trump and Bezos. This threat cost Amazon over $35 billion in stock on April 2nd.

It seems higher postal rates could hurt Amazons online profits which depends on the Post Office. Come on ladies and gentlemen unless you are the great and former guest on “Music Inner City TV” Stevie Wonder you can see what is going on. It is like what the another former guest on “M.I.C-TV” the late great James Brown sang “It Is The Big Payback” by Trump. It is a outrage!!

Trump is trying to lower the boom on Bezos and Amazon because of the Washington Post. People are saying Trump’s charges that Amazon is exploiting the U.S. Postal Service is “made up” and Trump’s charges are hurting Amazon and it’s shares.

What Donald Trump is doing to Amazon is just plain stupid and just plain wrong. It is a perfect example of retaliation by the arrogant Trump. It again shows me what a REAL PRESIDENT and a man with style and class in President Barack Obama and the great former First Lady Michelle Obama and Sen. Hilary Clinton said and that is Donald J. Trump is unfit to be President.

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Why Do African Americans March on MLK Day In Seattle?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

kenya marketLadies and gentlemen thanks for coming to my website to read my posts and my thoughts here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” and “Sports Inner City Online”  It means a lot. It really does. One thing that bothers me is MLK Day here in Seattle.

WHY do African Americans get together every year at Garfield High School to talk so called “unity” and to speak about racism and exclusion of African Americans and people of color and more topics concerning people of color? Why? To me every MLK Day here in Seattle gets me very very upset! People then march to downtown. FOR WHAT????

Watching African Americans “trying” to have some type of unity FOR ONE FREAKIN DAY!!! It is a damn joke ladies and gentlemen! Do we as African Americans have unity during the year? I SAY HELL NO!!

Readers AFRICAN AMERICANS HAVE NO UNITY IN SEATTLE as far as I am concerned. African Americans have ZERO mom and pops stores in the Central Area or Rainier Valley. ZERO folks!! Also African Americans have ZERO malls full of businesses like the picture here of a mall on Rainier Ave South here in Seattle FULL OF BUSINESSES RAN BY CITIZENS OF KENYA!!

I ask you readers how come we do not a mall full of businesses ran by African Americans? NOT ONE!! The Asian American community and now East Africans HAVE MALL AFTER MALL AFTER MALL AFTER MALL of businesses. AFRICAN AMERICANS A GRAND TOTAL OF ZERO!! Asians run Viet Wah grocery stores and of course have a community in the INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT/CHINATOWN FULL OF BUSINESSES RAN BY ASIAN-AMERICANS!!

I listened online to the MLK Jr. event at Garfield High here in Seattle. I did NOT hear speakers telling us or asking us African Americans to be small businesses owners like other races. What I did hear is the same ole same ole blaming the white man for our condition.

This is BS!! Truth be told my worse enemies as a business man HAS BEEN MY AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE!! Real talk ladies and gentlemen Uwajimaya-Pics_Outside-Store-Front_IMG_0812real talk for sure. Blaming Trump for everything. Can we blame Trump for African Americans not opening up MALL AFTER MALL of Asian and now East African businesses? HELL NO!! Can we blame Trump for many young poeple buying $5,000 rims to put on a 1989 Monte Carlo?

Buying rims instead of pooling our money like the Asians and East Africans and having a meeting at someone residence to discuss opening up a new business. This is what African Americans as a whole in Seattle like to do. Buy a new car etc instead of opening a new business.

Asians and East Africans have total unity. They do not wait until a special day to unite. Truth be told I have a story to tell but NO AFRICAN AMERICAN has asked me to speak on MLK Jr. Day. I had and still have a dream. I wanted to be a broadcaster when I was a teenager and I worked my ass off to have a name all over the music industry. I have TWO PROGRAMS that air 24-7 all over the west coast and stream online. Now I am trying to blow up my NBA webcast “Sports Inner City/Off The Court”

Hopefully I will obtain a badly needed Angel Investor or major sponsor. I say a prayer everyday. I don’t wait until MLK Jr. to try to act African American for a day and then the next day back to the same. That ain’t me. I can go on and on about the fake MLK Jr. Day here in Seattle.

Where are these so called leaders who show up at MLK Jr. Day every year when ANOTHER young brotha or sista is shot and killed in the streets of Seattle? WHERE IS THE DAMN OUTRAGE??? I don’t see it!! But let a white officer shoot a black person we are outraged. Give me a break readers. This upsets me big time.

So in ending, why do African Americans march on MLK Jr. Day in Seattle? Sorry to say to me it is a joke and total waste of time. I am sure many of you will not agree. That’s ok. I am a big boy.

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Why Millions Of Americans Miss The Obama’s

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Obama-Barrack-Obama-Fist-Bump.021916I think back nine years ago when President Barack Obama became the first African American President Of The United States and Michelle Obama became the first African American First Lady. As a African American I was so very very happy. I am not going to lie, I cried!!

I never thought I would ever see a black man as the most powerful person in the world. But it happened. When President Obama became President millions and millions of citizens felt proud. Proud to be a American. I should say more proud to be a American. Truth be told, every time I saw President Obama or First Lady Michelle I was happy. When EVER I saw Prez Obama or Michelle on TV I stopped what I was doing to watch. Press conference after press conference. Speech after speech.

Of course President Obama and First Lady Michelle became role models for millions and millions young African Americans and people of color and we felt it was great to have someone who looks like us in the White House.

Of course the President could have done more as a African American in the White House. He could have spoken out more on all the killings in his home city of Chicago. He could have made more visits to Chicago. And he could done more on the unemployment situation going on in the African American community. We can also say of course all President’s could have done more….right?

But again millions of us felt happy and proud to have a African American as President and felt proud Michelle Obama was our First Lady. Michelle Obama used her platform to speak to young African American girls. Asking them to take education serious and stay out of gangs and do not use drugs. She was a TREMENDOUS First Lady. Hell many say she was more popular than her husband. And she is popular as hell right now as is her husband.

As we know, President Obama not only won the first time he ran he won a second term also! A African American man won two terms as President Of The United States. Unreal ladies and gentlemen.

Readers I was lucky enough to cover President Obama aboard Air Force One when ever he visited my city of Seattle, Washington. In the eight years he was President I covered Air Force One at Seattle-Tacoma International airport five times and EVERY time it was a thrill to see the big 747 with the United States Of America land and then finally stop about a 100 feet from all the reporters.

It was just great!! I can go on and on about my thoughts on the eight years of the first black President of the U.S. During the last few years in the White House, this businessman Donald J. Trump said over and over that President Obama was born in Kenya. Even with the President showing his birth certificate that let EVERYONE see Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Last time I checked Hawaii is a state in the U.S.

Trump continued time and time again to say Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Today as the so called President, Trump STILL thinks President Obama was born in Kenya. It is a fact that Donald Trump (will NEVER call him President) has shown that he HATES President Obama!!

Since he has been in office Trump has NEVER said ANYTHING positive about the eight years of President Obama. NEVER ladies and gentlemen has Trump said anything positive regarding President Obama. This is just flat out wrong!! Keep in mind readers, President Obama walked out the White House with a WHOPPING 60% APPROVAL RATING!! Currently Trump’s approval rating is at a VERY VERY LOW 36%!!

President Obama is smooth! He knows how to handle Trump. Yes I wish Prez Obama would speak out more when Trump criticizes him over and over but this is the way he has decided to handle Trump right now. But Prez Obama is writing a book.

Cannot wait until his book comes out. It should be VERY VERY interesting!! I just am thankful that I had a chance to witness eight years of President Obama and First Lady Michelle. A dynamic couple. Two very intelligent people. Two tremendous role models for younger African Americans and people of color. And oh yeah it has been great to see Malia and Sasha grow up to be beautiful young ladies.

For sure from time to time I will be writing about President Obama and First Lady Michelle (will ALWAYS be First Lady to me)  activities as private citizens. Slowly Prez Obama is doing more public speaking and Michelle also. Hopefully both of them will soon give their honest feelings on this fella who lost by a 3 MILLION votes and a man who is totally unfit to be President…Donald J. Trump.

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“Music Inner City TV” Webcast/Topics: Trumpcare, Diddy & More!

diddyopeninghisschool“Music Inner City TV” webcast from Seattle, Washington. Topics include Trumpcare failing, Sean “Diddy” Combs opening a new charter school for children and more. Hosted by yours truly Gordon Curvey. A spinoff of our main programs “Music Inner City TV/Sports Inner City TV” on Comcast-Xfinity On Demand and Xfinity X1/all west coast markets/ Washington State-Oregon-California. Go to “get local” and then “inner city tv”

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If you Don’t see the video and are using Windows XP IE 8 or belowclick here to download google chrome to view the show

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People Of Color Are In Trouble With The Election Of Trump

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

donald-trump3 As we all know now, your next President (not mine) will be the bigot and sexiest and racist Donald J. Trump. As a African American I am very sad and depressed that Trump was somehow elected to take over for the first African American President, President Obama in January.

How did this happen? It happened because Trump reached his base. Angry white men and also females. Angry because they were tired of a black man in the White House the last eight years. Pure and simple. Trump slogan was “Let’s make America great again” and “let’s take back our country” and crap!! Code words ladies and gentlemen. Code words for RACISM. He means let’s make America white again.

Trump was supported by a flat out racist in David Duke and supported by white nationalist and white supremacist organizations all over the United States. Why did this happen? Because Trump was talking stuff they wanted to hear in EVERY speech he gave. This is a fact.

Donald Trump knows NOTHING about the African American culture and our problems. He makes crazy comments like “I have support from the blacks” WHAT KIND OF RACIST COMMENT IS THAT? He has discriminated against against African Americans in renting from his apartments in New York. He wants to ban Muslims from coming into our country. He wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the U.S. He wants to get rid of Obamacare quickly. These are problems folks. Real problems. BUT angry white folks, the supporters of Trump did not give a damn voted for him to become YOUR next President.

I am watching CNN and their are protests in the streets of New York, Chicago and here in Seattle. People are angry folks. Angry that Trump was elected as President. A racist and sexiest clown was elected as President.

This bigot STILL thinks President Obama was born in Kenya. This is racist to the core. Just like he is. And don’t forget what he said on thehillary-clinton-color-purpura-06 Access Hollywood bus in 2005 with Billy Bush. He said made comments about a ladies “p…y” and more!! This is a OUTRAGE that this bigot and sexiest was elected President.

Yes Mrs. Clinton made mistakes in her run for President. She did not go to major parts of the United States to speak and spend campaign money and we are seeing now that was a huge huge mistake.

You have to give it to Trump. He went every to speak. He worked his ass off. I will give him that. He worked very very hard to get elected. And I guess it paid off. Because his angry white base put him in office.

He said over and over and over that the election will be “rigged” Does he think that now since he won? HELL NO!! Folks what the election of Trump has sadly shown us is that racism is ALIVE AND WELL in America and we area DEEPLY divided nation. African Americans/people of color on one side and whites on the other side. This is truly sad.

This dude treats females as sex objects and bimbos. Look at what he said about grabbing females by the p…y! And this fella is your President how can this happen? It is a bad dream for me and millions of other African Americans and people of color AND yes millions of Clinton supporters of all races. This is a divided nation ladies and gentlemen. People are upset and angry that Donald J. Trump will be President. I have not been able to sleep. I get emotional when ever I discuss this bigot being President.

Trump will undo EVERYTHING that President Obama has tried to do the last eight years. Do you think Trump knows ANYTHING about historical black universities that President Obama has tried to help? HELL NO!! Does he care? HELL NO!! This cat TRIED  to come into the inner city for a FEW speeches. That was a joke. He had his uncle tom puppets with him when he went to a African American church in Detroit etc.

Also keep in mind readers, Trump said MANY MANY times that we can walk down the streets of any inner city AND GET SHOT!! What kind of ridiculous comment is that? Trump knows NOTHING, let me repeat NOTHING about the inner cities of America.

TRUMP WAS BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON IN HIS MOUTH!! HE DAD LEFT HIM MILLIONS. He has NEVER had a broke day in his 70 years on this earth. Just like his children. They went to best schools and drove the best cars and had steak for breakfast. Steak for lunch and steak for dinner. Drank the best wine. Never paid for seat on a plane and waited in line at the airport like the rest of us.

President Obama has to meet with Trump in the White House. He has to do it since Trump is the new President. I just think and will always think that Trump should NEVER step foot in the White House. But he won and he will be moving in the White House in January. President Obama has to meet with a man who STILL thinks he was born in Kenya!! These are facts readers. President Obama has to meet with a bigot who STILL thinks he is WAS BORN IN KENYA!!

As I have said, I think as many others think that Trump is a racist and a bigot. He said time and time again “Let’s take our country back” WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THAT FOLKS? He meant he wanted his white angry base to vote for him as President so he and help take the country back into white hands for white people. That is what he meant readers.

There are millions of people who are now very very worried that their families might be deported very very soon when Trump walks into the White House. This is a HUGE HUGE problem ladies and gentlemen.

I will be back soon with more views on the election of Trump as YOUR next President.

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WHY Do Black Folks Hate Each Other?

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

mlkhatepicReaders one thing I am TIRED of hearing is how certain people do not like me as a person. I have heard this over and over and over. So I said I am going to find out some info on this topic on African Americans hating on each other.

Above is one of the best information I found on this issue. This brotha threw down on the topic. In Seattle there seems to be very little unity among African Americans. Unlike Asians and East Africans and Hispanics. It seems we as black folks seem to be full of hate and jealous feelings against one another.

Heck their is a female having a event that gives out awards in November and in the media section yours truly is not nominated for two years in row!! How can that be readers?

Not only that, their are four radio talk shows in the Seattle area ran basically by African American hosts and yours tuly has not been invited on to be a guest to discuss my long history of broadcasting. All of them have had every Tom, Dick and Harry as guests except for yours truly.

One hosted by my childhood friend Mr. Eddie Rye, one hosted by a person I respect as a broadcaster Mr. Frank P. Barrow, one hosted by Mr. James Gore and one hosted by Mr. J Moore. The question is why? Is it hate? I say yes ladies and gentlemen. BUT I can be a guest on a well known sports program on a “big” local station basically at any time!!

The person having this event I have known since she was young. There are outlets that are nominated in the media section that cannot hold my jock. Real talk folks. I am just keepin it real. The problem is the “Stockholm Syndrome” Pure hate against yours truly folks. And jealous feelings towards ya boy too!!

The article above breaks down in his opinion why we hate on each other. One of the reasons is called the “Stockholm Syndrome” which is a mental illness folks. Yes it is. It started in the 16th century after slavery became legal in the U.S. Read the article to find out more on the “Stockholm Syndrome”

I mean I have a friend who (i think) is part of the “Music Inner City TV” team. I have known this person for years. This person has told me she has tried to sell a few ads for my TV program and people will not do business with my program because they do not like me as a person. Otherwords they let their personal feelings towards me get in the way of business. The “Stockholm Syndrome”.

This is CRAZY. The “Stockholm Syndrome” in full effect baby!! This is one of the reasons why in a small way American black folks cannot build wealth like Asains and now East Africans and of course the Hispanics.

People who talk negative about me DO NOT KNOW ME!! They hear crap about me. It also seems rich NBA players have no desire to be in a position to help other African Americans. I know this for sure. Because I reached out to a prominent very rich NBA player from Seattle who I have known since he was a teenager. I got nothing. Not one red cent. One of the reasons is others who want possible help from this NBA player might have said to him do not help him….help me with my business. So I end up at the bottom of the totem pole sort of speak.

Please read this article folks and LEARN something from it. Because I learned a lot. Real talk. Like I said I am flat out TIRED of hearing people tell me they hate me. Truth be told readers IT HURTS ME VERY VERY BADLY. I mean I am only human. I try to understand why folks do not like me. When all I try to do is provide some entertainment and education that no one in the Northwest is bringing to the table.

When you finish reading this article I posted, think about it. WHY DO BLACK FOLKS HATE EACH OTHER? It is a question that needs to be answered. If not we will NEVER EVER EVER prosper like the Asains and East Africans and Hispanics. If you have a comment on this article and what I am saying also holla back 206-445-3989 or or or

Gordon Curvey

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Sasha & Malia Named On 25 Most Influential Teen List

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

obamasI kind of feel sorry for Sasha and Malia Obama the daughters of President Obama and First Lady Michelle. Why you ask? It is because these young ladies will have secret service with them for the rest of their time on earth as daughters of the President and First Lady.

Hopefully they will grow up and become well rounded females and hold jobs and have fun as young teens. Of course President Obama and Michelle do there best to keep their daughter away from the public eye as much as they can. Heck when was the last time we have heard them talk in the public eye? It has not been since they were younger in the interview I think on 60 Minutes.

They have appeared at a Washington Wizards NBA game and a few other public events but in reality we really do not see Sasha and Malia much ad this is fact and that is the way the Obama’s want it.

To keep it real this happens to many kids of U.S Presidents. They are kept away from the public eye until they are older. Malia is 16 and Sasha is 13 and we have seen them grow up in the White House. What a way for two young ladies to grow up.

Recently Sasha and Malia were named in a list of 25 Most Influential Teens Of 2014 by Time Magazine. Which is great. A lot of young people want to know what is really going on with Sasha and Malia. How do they enjoy going to a movie or do they go to the movies or what kind of young lady things do they do as daughters of a President of the U.S.

It will be very interesting to see as the young ladies grow older and when there parents leave the White House, what paths Sasha and Malia will take. Will they be more public and do interviews? What college will they go to? Will they play sports? Malia is tall and we do know she is interested in sports. Guess we all will see.

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Tavis Smiley Is A CLOWN And A First Class HATER Of The President

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

tavisfull2Let me make this clear I think our President Obama has not done everything right. He has not been a perfect President. Who is right? But I support the President and have from day one when he and his family moved into the White House as the first African American President. I DON’T CARE WHAT TAVIS IS DOING ON “DANCING WITH THE STARS”!!

But there a clown who I used to really like as a community activist, radio show host and writer and his name is Tavis Smiley. I listen to his radio show at every week. I watch his forums on C-Span he puts on all the time. Some of them are very informative with great guests all the time discussing issues in our communities.

But one thing I am FED UP with readers and that his Tavis Smiley’s hatred toward President Obama. Yes I think Tavis hates our President. It is very very obvious folks. He has wrote two or three feakin books on President Obama and his hatred toward the President. I had a copy of one of them but after reading it I quickly tossed it in the garbage.

Here is what Tavis Smiley hatred towards President Obama is about in my strong opinion. The reason is this. Smiley has invited the President to his forums as a guest a few times. He has even asked Michelle Obama. Each time they have refused. And I do not blame the President because he has noticed Tavis blasting him from the start of his term as President. Tavis was a supporter of Hillery Clinton in 2008. A huge supporter.

So why would the President be a guest on this haters events when he has wrote three books bashing him? Would you be a guest folks? I would not and that’s a fact. Because Smiley has went below the belt in bashing the President. He and his best friend Dr. Cornell West. Both have been on a mission against President Obama.

They both think the President has not done enough for the African American community. They have been VERY outspoken on this too. The President is not stupid. he hears of Smiley and West bashing him. He knows Smiley has written books about the President and what he is not doing for the African American community.

Tavis Smiley is a fool and a clown. He is now saying that the African American race has went down and is doing worse under the President. Why would Smiley make such comments? What is the reason? What Tavis needs to realize is that the President is the President OF EVERYONE!!Not just black folks. When you read Smiley’s books and watch his forums he has NOTHING good to say about the President. NOTHING. The question is why readers? In my opinion he is mad that the President goes to Rev Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Convention as a guest every year but the President does not attend Smiley’s events.

Also when the President calls a meeting at the White House with African American leaders, Rev Sharpton and others are invited BUT Tavis and Dr. West are not invited. Tavis and West are mad about that so they go on a crusade and put down the President at every chance they can get.

Tavis Smiley and his friend Dr. West are flat out haters against President Obama. It is truly sad reader. They need to “grow up” and stop hating the President and realize that the President does not have to attend your events Tavis.

And why should President Obama and his wife attend a event the guy putting it on has wrote book after book putting him on blast and not only that Smiley was putting the President on blast when the President was running back in 2008. Again remember guys like Magic Johnson and Bon Johnson as well as Tavis support Mrs. Clinton. So Tavis and West need to give the President a break and stop the public hate.

Gordon Curvey

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Oprah Says President Disrespected Because He Is African American

ARTICLE FROM (full story click here)

gordonandoprahpicReaders from day one the right and the Tea Party and the Republican Party was out to destroy EVERYTHING President Obama tries to do. Let me repeat…EVERYTHING!! This is just a fact.

The right held a huge meeting on DAY ONE when the President and family moved into the White House as the first African American of the United States. In the meeting the plan against the President was formed. Little did they know four years later he would win again by a landslide. You know the right was very  very upset and still are everyday. Guess they should have ran someone who had a chance to beat the President. Gov Romney and before that Sen. McCain were not the ones to challenge President Obama.pres

As a African American it is truly truly sad to see the pure outright racism by Fox News against the President. Led by Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and others they put down the President on EVERYTHING everyday!! Every topic they disagree with the President. I will bake a cake and celebrate when I hear Hannity and others agree with something the President has done.

Media icon and former guest on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” Oprah Winfrey said in a recent interview that the President is disrespected because of one thing….he is African American. I agree with Ms. O 1000%!! Things have happened to President Obama that has NEVER happened to say President Reagan or Bush #1 and #2. It is all because President Obama is a very proud and very intelligent African American who happens to be the President Of The United States.

Folks I do not agree with everything the President has done or has not done, BUT one thing is for sure I respect him and I am still proud of him becoming the first African American President. I wish someone would challenge Fox News and their mis-treatment of the President. That would make me very very happy.    Gordon Curvey

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How Can Congress Be So Damn Dirty!!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Barack ObamaFolks I am telling you one thing. I saw a story today on MSNBC with this lady who talked about the lose of her unemployment checks. She discussed how it is hurting her already. I saw already because as I type this, 1.3 million people will not obtain a unemployment check.

The lady said she lost her job in February and has had problems finding another job since then. She said she will have to move home with her parents soon. She will have zero income coming in with the loss of her unemployment check. Nothing for food, nothing for rent, nothing for gas in her car, nothing to pay for anything. Most of the 1.3 million people who will be experience the loss of the weekly unemployment check will go though the same thing. This is truly truly sad.

Who is the blame for BS? It is Congress! These assholes don’t give a damn about folks suffering. These clowns in Congress are highly paid and even if they where not in Congress, a lot of them where rich already! A lot of them were born with a silver spoon in their damn mouths!

And most of these fools who do not care about the 1.3 million people who will be suffering today are Republicans and people on the right who also want to MILLIONS from the food stamp program!! REPUBLICANS WANT TO SEE FOLKS SUFFER!! Why? Because they want to stick it in ANY way they can to President Obama.

They will say people are suffering because of President Obama!! When the Republicans are the damn blame!! Readers this is a damn shame. It makes me angry to know that besides the folks already unemployed and suffering from day to day, their will be 1.3 million more! And here is the question folks. What will people do to survive? Steal? Sell drugs? What will folks do to pay their bills?

The sad part is Republicans don’t give a damn about people suffering. They are putting food on their table and paying their bills etc. Everyone reading this who care should be upset. I know I am.  Congress should be thrown out! Let them go to a families home and sit down and talk to people who cannot find a job and put food in their babies tummy. And let them know how it will be with zero money coming in. Maybe that will help them start to care. BECAUSE WHAT NOW THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN AND CAN CARE LESS!!   Have a comment? Leave it here or email us at Gordon Curvey

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Kilpatrick & Jackson Jr….Jail Time For Taking Advantage of Citizens!!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I have been holding back on this topic but I said I have to finally share my thoughts. When I see stories like this readers IT PISSES ME OFF BIG TIME!!! Voters put Ex Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and ex Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (son of the legendary black leader) in elected office and these two freakin fools tool advantage of their positions.

The other day Kilpatrick was sentenced to a long prison term of 28 years for taking advantage of the people who put his ass as the Mayor of a major city in America. His ass-hole was convited of fraud, extortion, tax crimes and corruption. I would have given his ass 50 years for what he did to the city he was suppose to lead as their Mayor!!

Kilpatrick traveled in private jets,had campaign fundraisers HIDE STACKS OF CASH IN THEIR BRAS, played golf at private clubs and
on and one. All this with tax payers of Detroit’s money! Al this behind the citizens of Detroit’s back. He is a crook and would have given him 50 years in prison. This is one of the worse stories of corruption I have ever heard of. He spend around $840,000 of tax payers cash. This is TERRIBLE!!!

And check this out Jesse Jr. did almost the same thing as his African American brotha Kilpatrick did in Chicago!! Spending tax payers money to pay expensive rugs and watches and rings etc. His crime was not as serious as Kwame but I don’t give a damn!!! It was worse enough in my book readers!!

Jackson Jr. AND his wive took advantage of Chicago voters who put him in office. He and Kilpatrick took citizens cash and laughed at them behind their backs while they were living the high life!! This is a damn shame!! Both of these brothas are highly intelligent men who could have done so much with their political careers. Now they will do nothing.

Jackson Jr. and his wive will serve much less time than the crook Kilpatrick so we will see what happens to him. You know the saying that some people should get a second chance. I don’t know if Jackson Jr should get another chance. Kilpatrick may not serve his 28 years in prison. He is 43 years old and Jackson Jr. is around that age too. Let’s see what happens. All I know as a African American I am ashamed of these two fellas. What they did was a flat out dirty crime and Jackson Jr and his wive and Kilpatrick will pay for it in prison.
Gordon Curvey

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Hannity AGAIN Shows How He Hates President Obama

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Fox News and radio host Sean “The Bigot” Hannity again puts President Obama on blast on his TV and radio show. He of course has a problem with the President’s comments on racism as a African American and Trayvon Martin case.

President Obama surprised everyone the other day when he walked into the White House press room and gave his views on growing up  as a black man and how ladies grabbed their purse when he walked into a elevator or other examples of racism he experienced. I was so happy the President came out and said what he said about the case in which George Zimmerman was found not guilty for shooting and killing a 17 year old unarmed Trayvon Martin.

But right wing bigots like Sean Hannity and others on Fox blasted the President on his views. Hannity treats the President worse on his radio show if you can believe that. The sad thing about Hannity is he REFUSES to change or listen when it comes to the President.

You can see it in his racist face that he HATES the President. I think he even hates First Lady Michelle Obama AND I think he hates the President’s kids too. Hannity has NEVER said ANYTHING positive when it comes to the President. I disagrees with everything the President says or does. Hell he even agreed with guy who called the President a lie in the floor or the Senate!! This is low!!

It is a fact that people like Hannity are DANGEROUS. Hannity actions helps to bring hate groups and extreme right wingers out who what to killthe President or hurt him. This is a fact readers. Sean Hannity and some of his Fox News friends are dangerous.

It is no surprise why the President has not and most likely will not be a guest anytime soon on Sean Hannity’s programs.

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Michele Bachmann And Others Talk Impeaching President Obama

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I just walked in and turned on TV to “Politics Nation” hosted by former guest on “Music Inner City TV” Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC and saw Michele Bachmann and other far right Republicans holding a press conference talking about maybe trying to impeach President Obama over the IRS situation and Obamacare.  Are they sick?

I think the Republicans are sick readers. They will refuse to realize that President Obama has won TWO elections in a row by landslides. They refuse to see that he is America’s first African American President and that means the first African American first lady and her beautiful kids in the White House. The Republicans do not like watching President flying in Air Force One all over the world. They hate it!!

And they have a whole network in Fox News as a political mouthpiece led by Sean Hannity. Hannity has been on a nightly rampage against President Obama since he walked into the White House. EVERY NIGHT he and his tight Republican friends blast the President at will with a mean look on their faces. Hannity allows his guests to talk on and on UNLESS they support the President. Then he cuts them off in mid sentence. He does not do this to his Republican friends AT ALL!! If you don’t believe me just watch Hannity tonight.

Michele Bachmann needs to stop with the nonsense and get her brain checked out at the nearest clinic. She needs to go to the clinic with Ann Coulter, Michele Malkin, Micheal Medved, Bill Cunningham, of course Hannity and Rush, Laura Ingraham, Don Imus, Bill O’Reilly and many other right wing folks. They all need to be checked out mentally for sure!!

I am worried that because of Hannity and the right wing zellots, someone is going to try to kill President Obama. This is real readers. Because Hannity and the right wing are helping to bring out the KKK and many other hate groups that want to harm the first African American President. This is a very very serious problem. It is time for the Black Caucas, the NAACP, the Rainbow Coalition, the National Action Network and the Urban League to act against Hannity and Fox News. He is DANGEROUS. What Hannity is doing is wrong and needs to be stopped. What the Republican Party is doing by voting down Obamacare time after time and holding press conferences talking about impeaching the President is DANGEROUS AND WRONG!! I say a pray for President Obama and his family every night. If you support the President, you should too.

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STUPID Fox News Host Asks “Will Malia Take Birth Control Pills”

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Readers one thing is damn sure. FOX NEWS IS OUT OF CONTROL WHEN IT COMES TO PRESIDENT OBAMA AND HIS WIFE AND KIDS! Sean Hannity has been on a DAILY mission against the President from day one when he walked into the White House. And I mean a DAILY mission.

And when Hannity speaks about the President you can see the anger in his face. And the guests he has every night join him in the very negative talk about the President. And I think it is very very dangerous what Hannity and Fox News is doing against President Obama. It brings racists and hate groups out of the woodwork who want to kill or hurt the President. This is a flat out fact readers. Threats against the President is up 400% from when President George W. Bush was President. Let me repeat, 400%! This is a problem that I am worried about.

Now a STUPID Fox News host asks a OUT OF LINE question about First Daughter young Malia Obama. She asks will Malia take birth control pills. WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS READERS? I cannot believe the host would ask such a question over the freakin air!! UNREAL AND ALSO RACIST!! I wonder if a Fox News host asked the same question of the Bush twin daughters when President Bush was in the White House? DON’T THINK SO!!

Fox News is going unchecked on the racism against the President, First Lady Michelle Obama and the children. Where is the NAACP or the National Action Network or the Urban League or the Rainbow Coalition? Where is the protests against the DANGEROUS racist actions by Sean Hannity and Fox News? Where is the Black Caucas? I think when you start in on the Obama daughters YOU HAVE STEPPED OVER THE LINE!! Asking will Malia be taking birth control over the damn is flat out WRONG!! I am real bothered by this.

It is time for some major protests against Fox News and their unfair treatment of President Obama and family. The network and the Republican Party is still pissed that President Obama became America’s first African American President and got re-elected. BOTH BY LANDSLIDES!! It is time for action against Fox News!!  Comments? or or

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Fox Decides NOT To Broadcast The President’s Passionate Speech

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

This morning President Obama gave a very passionate and heart felt speech about the TERRIBLE shootings at Newtown where little kids were shot down like in a western movie by a crazy man. You can tell the President meant business this morning.

He said “Shame on you” if you cannot support gun control here in America. I got my remote and before I  changed the channel I knew in my mind the Fox News would not be showing the President’s speech. Guess what readers? CNN was broadcasting the President’s speech, MSNBC was broadcasting the President’s speech, BUT FOX NEWS DID NOT BROADCAST THE PRESIDENT’S VERY IMPORTANT SPEECH! WHAT???

Instead a Fox News anchor was talking about the President’s so called falling ratings. THIS IS A FLAT OUT OUTRAGE ON THE PART OF FOX NEWS!! It again shows that Fox News led by the bigot Sean Hannity is in the bed with the Republican Party/Tea Party etc.

How can MSNBC and CNN realize the importance of the President’s emotional speech and the racist Fox News did not? THIS IS TERRIBLE readers. It proves for sure that Fox News is doing EVERYTHING TO MAKE THE PRESIDENT LOOK BAD. The President was giving a speech about kid’s getting killed at a school that were 6 or 7 years old! The President was giving a speech on gun violence EVERYWHERE in America and Fox News was blasting the President’s “falling ratings”!!! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!

Fox News ratings have been falling big time. Yes there still ahead of MSNBC and CNN. But they are falling. You want to know why they are falling readers? Because of the STUPID actions like they did this morning by not broadcasting the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IMPORTANT SPEECH. I wonder if this was President Romney if Fox News would have done the same?     Gordon Curvey

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Congressman Kieth Ellision Puts Hannity On Blast On HIS Program!

ARTICLE/VIDEO FROM (Full story click here)

Every once in awhile the BIGOT Sean Hannity will invite a guest on his show that he disagrees with when it comes to President Barack Obama. This happens once every blue moon. When he does it turns out to be a big mistake.

So the BIGOT Hannity invited Congressman Kieth Ellison on his program the other day to discuss some of the President’s policies. Before Ellison came on the BIGOT Hannity tried to clown the President as he does on a NIGHTLY basis by playing a series of short video clips of the President talking at various events. The BIGOT Hannity says the President cannot go anywhere without his teleprompter to read from etc.

In the video clips the BIGOT Hannity played silly music in the background. This upset me as well as Congressman Ellison who put the BIGOT Hannity on blast ON HIS OWN SHOW!! The BIGOT Hannity tried to talk down on President Obama like he does every night but Ellison was NOT having it and fired back at Hannity at every point the BIGOT Hannity tried to make. It was GREAT to see this happen to the BIGOT Hannity!!

It is a OUTRAGE that the BIGOT Hannity and others on the Republican TV channel……oops I mean Fox News and right wing radio treat the President of the United States!! It is pure and flat out racism because we have a black man in the White House. Pure and simple!!

The BIGOT Hannity said on his program that the President is a “joke” and “out of touch” with the American people. And he has taken to many vacations and plays to much golf.  He has forgot how much golf his guy former President George W. Bush played.

Finally to make matters worse, the following night the BIGOT Hannity called Congressman Ellison a bunch of racist names including he was “incoherent” during his so called “rant” ONLY because Ellison made the BIGOT Hannity look stupid on his own show program!! That is what really happened readers!! You wonder why night after night the BIGOT Hannity will have panels after panels night after night full of guests who AGREE with EVERY THING HE SAYS!! Full of guests who just want to put down the President on a nightly basis. This is just a fact!!

My next story will be about ANOTHER friend of the BIGOT Sean Hannity, this dingbat named Michelle Melkin. Who like the BIGOT Hannity has made a habit of putting down the President in racist ways. But she steps over the line and blasts the First Lady Michelle Obama!! Stay tuned for my next blog readers and thanks for coming to “Music Inner City News Magazine”  Gordon Curvey

Comments? or  or

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Jesse Jackson Jr. Flat Out Wrong & Jail Is Waiting!

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I try not to discuss in a negative way African Americans and people of color on this site because the “majority media” does a very good job in bashing our community on a daily basis. But in the case I have to write my opinion. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of course the son of the legendary Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wive was flat out wrong in spending some of the $750,000 people in his community of Chicago donated to his re-election campaign.

I was wondering as many others why Jesse Jr. was having so many problems with depression etc.  Well now we know why readers.

This cat was buying Rolex watches, buying stuff from the late Micheal Jackson, taking trips and who knows what else. What made him want to do this is the question? Jesse Jr. was asking for trouble and now he has trouble for sure. The trouble is called jail time. What he did was a outrage!!

So now we will see how many years in prison Jesse Jr. will get. You know this is hard on Jesse Sr. and the Jackson family and Rev. Al Sharpton refused to really discuss this story on his TV show on MSNBC and discussed it very little on his radio show because he is very tight with the Jackson family and know Jesse Jr. all his life.

We we let you know what is going to happen with Jesse Jr. right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”.    Gordon Curvey

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Tired Of Negative Talk About Michelle Obama!!

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I was looking for stories for “Music Inner City News Magazine” and came upon ANOTHER freakin story about some clown talking negative about First Lady Michelle Obama. I am getting TIRED of reading this crap!!

A high school coach down south was suspended because he was recorded talking negative about the First Lady’s backside and truth be told dude should be fired in my opinion. His comments went over the line. This is not the first time some stupid fool has talked negative about Michelle’s behind or how she looks.

Of course you also have people who talk negative about her husband, President Obama. This stuff has went on for four years. And I get upset seeing this BS but I get real upset when I see people talking negative about the First Lady. Hell you even have folks that have said negative things about the Obama’s kids!!!! This stuff has to stop!! And stop NOW!!

Michelle Obama is a tall, very intelligent and beautiful African American lady. As a African American I am so proud of her. For a lady who is almost 50 years old she is in GREAT shape. And so what is the problem with certain folks saying negative things about a black lady who is in great shape?

Truth be told a LOT of ladies wish they had a big behind like Michelle Obama or black females in general!! They do serious workouts in the gym or at home to “try” to get a big behinds. This is a fact! A lot of ladies do not like having a flat backside.

The bottom line is this readers. Certain folks just do not like it that we have a African American President and a African American First Lady. They watch to much Fox News!! So these folks want to pull out the race card and talk about Michelle’s backside and how the President looks. All this is happening with the Obama’s in the White House for four years. WHEN WILL IT STOP?  Comments? or  or

Gordon Curvey

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It Is Time For President Obama To Visit His Home City & More

I don’t talk negative about President Obama too much here because Sean Hannity and Fox News do a great job of that, but I think it is time for the President to visit his home town of Chicago. There was 502 murders in Chicago in 2012 and 52 so far this year. If the President can hop on Air Force One when the children was sadly killed, then he can do the same and visit his home city and have meetings with Rev Jesse Jackson and other leaders about constant blood in the streets of Chicago.  Comments?


Singer Keyshia Cole put Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child on blast ( for her terrible singing during the reunion of Destiny’s Child during the Super Bowl. I hear ya Ms Cole! I was never a fan of Michelle. To me she has always looked out of place as a member of DC. Unlike Kelly Rowland who is a sexy lady. And of course B is sexy as hell! I would rather see Farrah come back as a member of Destiny’s Child. That’s just me. How do you feel about it? Comments?


There was a rumor that the Los Angeles Clippers was looking into a possible trade for future Hall Of Famer Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics. ( The question is who would the Clippers trade to get K.G.? But the other day the Celtics said the rumor is not true. Truth be told since the Celtics All-Star point guard Rondo went down for the season, the Celtics are playing real good ball with the ball moving from side to side instead of Rondo dominating the ball.  Comments?


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Tavis Smiley & Cornell West Continue A Mission Against The President

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Something is going on that I am really tired of readers. It has got way out of hand in my opinion. It is going on with two people I used to respect. I said used to.

They are tv/radio host/author Tavis Smily and Prof. Cornell West and these two have been on a flat out mission against President Obama since he walked in the White House four years ago. The question is why? Well in my opinion the reason is they are flat out JEALOUS. Well let me say this. Tavis is jealous and also upset. Why you ask?

You see Tavis has had panels geared towards issues happening in the African American community to our families and also cities. He has invited the President to be on panels before he became President and the President never shown up to none of them. So this has made Tavis and his good friend Prof. West upset.

So Tavis has got busy and have put out a series of books putting the President on blast. These brothas think and say that the President does not do enough or speak out about things that are going on in the African American community. The first black President should do more for “his people”

West and Smily have went on nationwide tours over the last few years and have gone on many TV and radio shows putting down President Obama. I think they are WRONG! Flat out wrong. They need to chill out in my opinion and realize that President Obama is the President of all America. Not just African Americans.

Tavis and West want the President to have a major press conference on poverty in America and then set up a panel to work on this issue. They want this to happen asap.

What Smiley and West need to realize that the President has a lot on his plate. He does not have to lower himself to demands by Tavis and West and others who are just HATERS against the President and yes…..JEALOUS.

JEALOUS of a black man who was a community worker in Chicago and now is in his second term as our President. West has said some very nasty things about President Obama. Nasty as hell. In my opinion he can have his opinion but he needs to realize again the President Obama cannot just do things for the black community. He cannot.

So in ending, Tavis Smily and Prof. Cornell West need to back off the President and let him be the President. Just because he has not shown up at Smiley’s panels is not reason to put the President on blast. Oh yeah another thing they are upset about is this.

Guys like Rev. Al Sharpton and other African American leaders have a “open door” to the White House and to the President. Rev. Sharpton has had the President on his radio show many times and is invited to meeting at the White House. BUT Smiley and West ARE NOT invited. So as a result, Smiley writes books and tours the country with West putting down the President. It is wrong and they need to stop hatin on the Prez right now!!

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President Obama Takes The Oath For His Second Term

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

On the late Martin Luther King Jr. Day I watched President Barack Obama take the oath for his second term as President of the United States. I got up and watched all activities on C-Span. It was great and historical to watch the first African American President start his second term with Vice-President Joe Biden.

And the President gave a great speech in front of about 1 million people in Washington D.C. I also saw Beyonce sing a great edition of our national anthem and Kelly Clarkston sang great too as did James Taylor.

Then later in the day I continued to watch C-Span and saw the big lunch where Republicans and Democrats had lunch and heard a few speakers including the President. Then I watched the events that was held at night.

I watched the President decked out and saw a BEAUTIFUL dress worn by the beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama and I am telling you she was looking GOOD! Real talk!! Of course the President and Michelle did their traditional dance for everyone while the also beautiful Jennifer Hudson sang Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”

Watching the President and First Lady do their dance put a big smile on my face. It really did. And later I saw the great Stevie Wonder and others perform at one of the events being held. Of course Stevie did a great job as he always does because the cat has so many hit songs to sing as we all know.

So Monday was a good day. It was Dr. Martin Luther King Day, I saw President Obama start his second term and I continued to hear VERY good news of the return of the NBA and our Seattle Sonics back to our city.

A city that should have never been left without a team. By the way will continue to give you updates on the Sonics returning to Seattle right here so please check back and also continue to watch our webcasts and listen to our podcasts!

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The Reason Republicans Are Against Susan Rice?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

As we all know by now, President Barack Obama won by a landslide re-election for four more years as President of The United States. And as a supporter I am very happy to see the President will get four more years. He has a lot of work to do to help folks obtain new jobs so they feed their families and pay their bills.

But what I am not happy about is the Republicans crying like big babies because Mitt Romney did not win the election. Have you seen the looks on their faces when they are being interviewed on CNN or MSNBC or Fox News when the discussion is about the President winning? The look very upset and mad.

So in that vain, we have the possible nomination of Susan Rice to replace current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is going to retire.  But the folks on the right ain’t having it. They are fighting against her before the President can name his choice. And it has got out of hand.

The folks on the right are blaming Ms. Rice for saying lies etc on TV regarding the terrible and sad killings in Benghazi. The bottom line is Susan just spoke to what she was given to say. But the Republicans are blaming her for everything. This is wrong!

Sen. John McCain and many others on the right and of course Sean Hannity and Fox News are leading a terrible witch hunt against the highly intelligent and qualified Susan Rice. They refuse to back down.

In my opinion readers I have to say this. Many folks DO NOT want to see a African American President, a African American Attorney General and a possible African American Secretary of State. Let’s be real readers. I think I am right.

So it is VERY interesting to see who President Obama will nominate. Will it be Ms. Rice? Most people think so. If so, things will get very interesting for sure.

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President Obama Wins A Second Term As President

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Students held big protest over the re-election of President Barack Obama Tuesday night on the University of Mississippi campus. Why did this happen folks? This is crazy. (Read story from right here)

Tonight was a very happy night for me as I sat and watched the first African American President of the United States Barack Obama, win re-election to a second term as President.  I never thought I would see a African American President, now he has four more years!

To see President Obama walk on stage before a wild and cheering crowd in Chicago with First Lady Michelle Obama and their beautiful children, it just made me very happy.  And if you are a supporter of the President I am sure you are happy too because in my opinion it would have been a huge mistake to elect Mitt Romney.

If Romney was elected it would be President George W. Bush all over again. Romney said if elected he would make cuts to Medicare, Amtrack, Planned Parenthood, Social Sucurity, FEMA, food stamps and much more. It would have been terrible. How anyone would vote for Romney is beyond me readers. But then again Romney had Fox News on his side led by Sean Hanitty.

I watched Fox News after CNN said that President had won and this crazy Karl Rove was making excuses and was saying he did not think the President had won yet. Rove is crazy! Can’t wait to hear Hannity cry like a baby because his guy Romney was beat. But you can bet that Hannity will continue to talk negative about President Obama on a nightly basis during his second term just like he did during the first term.

Finally, as I watched the crowd when Romney gave his speech after his loss, I could not see a black face. It was a sea of white faces. The Republicans need to realize that America is not all white. It is a melting pot of African Americans, Asians, Latinos, East Africans etc. The right needs to start RIGHT NOW to reach into the black community and latino community etc and show that they care about our plight in America.

Romney won big time in states like Arizona and Utah and Montana and Wyoming where there is hardly a black face in sight. The Republicans have have a long long history of not reaching African Americans and people of color and showing us they care about us. When you watched the crowd in Chicago after President Obama won you saw whites cheering, Asians cheering, East Africans cheering, African Americans cheering,

This is America folks. And on November 6th, Americans voted for President Obama to serve four more years. He has a lot of work to do. People need jobs etc but I think the President will try to work hard to improve some of the problems that are going on today. Hopefully the Republicans will FINALLY work with him because so far they have not. I am happy that President Obama won a second term now as Big Ed says on his show on MSNBC “Let’s get to work”



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Racism Is Still Alive And Well Despite Black President

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BREAKING NEWS: Because of Hurricane Sandy all events have been put on hold by President Obama and Mitt Romney. The President has to be the President in charge the next few days.

If you have kept up with race for President between President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney then you know the issue of race has shown it’s ugly face again and it’s ugly folks. Real ugly.

People like former Gov. John Sununu, Ann Colter, the son of Sen. Tony Thompson, Sarah Palin and other folks have shown that just because we have had a African American President for the last four years it does not matter. Racism is alive and well in America and it is truly truly sad. And it upsets me.

Gen. Colin Powell came out the other day and again put his support behind the re-election of President Obama. Then Sununu who is one of Romney’s tops aides, came out and said the Powell is supporting the President because he is a fellow African American. That is a bunch of BS!!

Then Ann Culter calls the President a “retard” Also former Gov. Sarah Palin says the President needs to stop “shucking and jiving” A very racist term that goes back decades. And Sean Hannity has the NERVE to say the left is playing the so-called “race card”.

And Thompson’s son said in a meeting that he hopes the President will get beat so he can go back to Chicago or maybe Kenya!! This is TERRIBLE!! What kind of off the wall comment is this readers?

First of all readers, this term “race card” is ONLY used by non-people of color. You have never heard a African American bring out the term “race card” If you have PLEASE let me know. Why is this term used against black folks? It is just like the word “thug”. It is used almost 100% of the time against African Americans and people of color. This is real talk!!

And keep in mind folks that President Obama has been fighting racism since day one by Fox News and right wing radio hosts like Mike Savage, Laura Ingraham, Mike Medved, and even John Carlson here in Seattle. It has been this way since the President and his beautiful family moved into the White House.

So with a few days to go before election day, we are getting plenty of reports of African Americans and the right playing games with our votes just like in 2000. So that will be what I will be writing about in my next story.  Stay tuned!   Gordon Curvey


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Republicans Don’t Believe Unemployment Is At 7.8%

“One Man’s Opinion”  by Gordon Curvey 

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It is amazing that certain folks in the Republican Party and the right cannot believe that the unemployment rate is at 7.8% The question is why? It is crazy that folks think that it is “fixed”.

I watched Fox News and of course the bigot Sean Hannity had guest after guest on his program saying what he was saying. That the 7.8% unemployment rate is fixed so President Obama can look good a month before the election. Hannity and his far right guest looked angry. The were very upset.

One of Hannity’s guest blamed the 7.8% unemployment on “Chicago Politics” and one cat said “the 7.8% unemployment “doesn’t smell right at all” Say what?? What are these guys smokin? Why does it have to be “fixed” President Obama has said over and over that slowly but surely things are getting better. But he said their far to many people out of work.

These far right Republicans and Fox News hosts and radio hosts like Lura Ingraham and Rush will say anything about the President of the U.S. One guy former Sen. Sununu said the President is “lazy and a lier” Yes he said this about the leader of the free world, President Obama. Unreal.

Yes, Gov. Romney won the first debate. I have to admit he did. I did not understand why the President allowed Romney to tell lie after lie during the debate. But I will tell you this. The President is going to come back BIG TIME in the next debate. You just watch readers. And I think Vice-President Biden will do well against Sen. Ryan in the Vice-President debate.

At the time I typing this article, it is one month left to election day. As you know I am a supporter of the President and I am going to do my very little part to support the President because I believe in him and what he is trying to do for America. Unlike Gov. Romney who can care less about 47% of us and is a guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and can care less about problems in the inner city.

Just take a look at events held by Romney and Ryan. Readers how many African Americans or people of color do you see in the crowd at his events? Otherwords no diversity at Romney and Ryan events. BUT when the President has events, take a look at the crowd. It is a RAINBOW of faces that reflect the faces of America.

I believe in President Obama. I believe things will continue to improve if we re-elect him to another term. I hope everyone reading this blog has registered to vote!! If you have not……ashame on you!!!   Gordon Curvey

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The President/ Clinton/ Biden/First Lady Knocked It Out The Park!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I don’t know if you are a supporter of President Obama or Mitt Romney but I will tell you what. I am a supporter of President Obama and I am going to support his re-election for four more years.

This week I watched great speech after great speech at the Convention in Charlette. Unlike the BORING Republican convention in Tampa Bay where they told lie after lie after lie about President Obama. Remember one thing readers and that is from day one the right had one thing in mind and one thing only and that is to make President Obama a one term President of the United States. Period.

They had a meeting with Republican leaders on the day the President was sworn in to plan on making him a one term President. And they have tried to do every thing that goes against our President. Heck some of them still think President Obama is not a American. Or he is “not one of us”

But in Charlette I watched some of the best political speeches I have ever seen. First Lady Michelle Obama walked onstage in Tampa with a great looking dress and gave a great speech. She knocked it out the park. The governor of Ohio gave a great speech. He knocked it out the park.

Vice-President Joe Biden gave a great speech too. Brought the house down and yes he knocked it out the park. And the best hitters in my opinion were President Bill Clinton and of course President Obama. The President NEVER gives a boring speech. When he speaks it is like a African American minister giving a sermon on Sunday morning. I feel insprired every time I here a speech by our President. Real talk.

But to be truthful the best speech in my opinion was by President Bill Clinton. It was a 45 min political lecture by the former President. I am not going to lie. It was the best speech I have ever heard. He just broke it down about the Republicans and Paul Ryan and Mit Romney. Point by point and issue by issue. Bill Clinton is one thing folks…a politician and that is what he is. Clinton in my opinion won the race against Romney with his speech.

The Democratic Convention was the most diverse event I have seen. All races and creeds. Keep this in mind readers. And that is the Republicans only had 47 African American delegates out of thousands. Only 47!! That is not American folks.

So let’s see what happens now that the two conventions are in our past. I hope President Clinton and others help out the President out on the road  to help re-elect President Obama so he can finish what he has started.

After all as Clinton said it is no way he can get every thing done the way President Obama wants in one term.  He has to have another term to help people get back to work.

If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan wins well I might as well pack my bags and move to Africa or something. In my opinion if the Republicans win minorities are in trouble in America. This is a fact. It just cannot happen.

Gordon Curvey



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Black Faces On Stage By Republicans Ain’t Enough/Clint Eastwood

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I have been waiting to write a article about what I have seen at the Republicans Convention from Tampa and I do not like what I have seen folks. Not at all. The icing on the cake was tonight. It has shown me that the Republicans are playing a joke with African Americans.

They have thrown a few black faces on the stage to speak highly of Gov. Romney and that is suppose to satisfy black folks all over the U.S. It is suppose to make us happy and show us that they care about the plight of African Americans and minorities but I will tell you what, it does not fool me. Does not fool me and millions of others!!

Just watched Gov. Romney give his speech and to me it was nothing new and the same speech by all the rest of the Republicans and that is blaming President Obama for EVERY THING!!! President Obama is just a terrible man according to the right, the tea party and oh yes….Fox News led by Sean Hannity.

But the worst part of the night was 82 year old Clint Eastwood. He was one word…..TERRIBLE!!!!! The movie legend up their was a very wrong move. Who decided to put him up their should be fired. And the bit of him talking to a empty stair was unfunny and again TERRIBLE. And also was unfair to a President Of  The United States. It belittled President Obama and it was VERY demeaning to the President. JUST WRONG! All during primetime. The most powerful man in the world was a EMPTY CHAIR next to Clint Eastwood! Eastwood should have stayed home on his ranch or at his home on Malibu.

Finally, the Republicans “tried” to put Negros……I mean African Americans on the stage to show they have support by black folks BUT when I saw the camera shot of the crowd in Tampa I have to search VERY HARD to see a black face.

In my strong opinion when ever I saw a Negro….I mean a African American face clapping and cheering for Romney it made me want to go grap some Tums and Alka Selzer!! How can ANY black person support a party who does not give a damn about the African American community is beyond me.

Having a few face faces on stage was not enough. Readers watch next week at the Democratic Convention and you will see a true America. You will see DIVERSITY. A rainbow of people. Asians, East Africans, African Americans, whites etc. This is America readers. On a night Romney gave his speech, the night turned into the TERRIBLE so called performance of Clint Eastwood. That is what folks will be talking about.

Gordon Curvey

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Mitt Romney: Zero Support By African American Voters!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I was really not shocked when I saw this story regarding Mitt Romney. The story says Romney has ZERO support from African American voters according to a new poll by NBC/Wall Street Journal. Again I was really not shocked.

Republicans have a LONG history of little outreach to the African American community. It is like they do not care. Yes Romney made a “fake” showing at the NAACP convention a few months back and he met with a few black folks concerned with education but that has been it readers.

When Romney spoke at the NAACP event he told the crowd “I am your man to help with problems in the African American community” I almost to call 911 when he said that!! We heard cheers. But we found out later that the “cheers” came from his supporters that were planted in the crowd to cheer for him!! I am telling you the truth folks! That really happened.

Of course President Obama has a 94% ratings in the poll. That is not a shock right? And of course our First Lady Michelle Obama is VERY popular. She is just a great lady.

It is no surprise that I am a supporter of our President. And like Spike Lee told Piers Morgan the other day, I am going to do my part, little as it is to help him get re-elected in November.

It is a fact that the Republicans led by Romney are trying to STOP AFRICAN AMERICANS FROM VOTING IN KEY SWING STATES LIKE OHIO AND FLORIDA. This cannot happen!! It is a fact that the race between Romney and President Obama is a dead heat right now and the right is trying to play games with African American voters. IT HAS TO STOP AND STOP NOW readers. This cannot happen!

So Mitt Romney with ZERO support among African Americans…..not a surprise.   Gordon Curvey

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Williams Jr Says President Is A Muslim And Hates America & More!

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Hank Williams Jr. is a real clown and should be a part of the Ringling Bros Circus! One thing for sure he lets everyone knows how he feels about President Obama. For the second time he has said in public how he REALLY feels about our President.

At a recent event Williams told the crowd that the President “hates America” “is a Muslim” and other crazy things. Dude is a far right clown and he is also dangerous. Why is he dangerous readers? Because fools like him brings many other racists out of the closet. And brings out more hate groups against the first African American President.

What also does not help is Sean Hannity and Fox News who on a night basis put President Obama on full blast on national TV and also helps bigots like Williams Jr stay strong against the President. After all have you heard Hannity and O’Reilly say that fools like Williams Jr. are wrong in their unfair treatment of President Obama? Have you heard Rush or Beck say it is wrong for guys like Williams Jr. to say the president is “a muslim” or that the President “hates America”?

As a supporter of President Obama I am asking that other supporters stand up for the President. The election is in November. If you are a supporter of President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden and even First Lady Michelle Obama, it is time to stand up and do what you can to help our President. I am going to do my small part for sure.

Gordon Curvey

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Why Do People Continue to Disrespect President Obama?

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

BREAKING NEWS: Rodney King found dead in his swimming pool. He was 47. Details and thoughts soon.

Here is a question readers. WHY do people continue to disrespect President Obama? It is a flat out OUTRAGE! When I see this happen it makes me very angry. Is it because the President is African American? HELL YES! Let’s be real readers!

Recently another fella decided to do what he wants at a press conference held by President Obama in the White House garden. Most likely he left home that day and said to himself that he is going to shout out at the President in the middle of a press conference seen by MILLIONS on TV.

This guys name is Neil Munro who works at a right wing blog called the “Daily Mirror” which is ran by far right winger Tucker Carlson. Carlson has made a living talking negative about President Obama just like Hannity, Rush and many others.

So when Munro disrespected President Obama at the press event, Carlson supported his actions!! I just CANNOT understand this readers. This is WRONG and this crap did not happen to George W. Bush or Bill Clinton did it? The answer is NO it did not. It is happening to President Obama because HE IS AFRICAN AMERICAN PERIOD!

But readers Munro is not the first person to disrespect President Obama while he is speaking. It has happened TIME and TIME again. Hell a clown called President Obama a lier IN THE MIDDLE OF SPEAKING IN THE HOUSE IN WASHINGTON D.C!! Imagine that! So if that can happen I guess anything can happen.

But the President fired back at Munro this time and he was angry. I don’t blame President Obama! Go Barack! Stand up and let these fools know that it is VERY VERY disrespectful to interrupt the President of the United States while he is speaking. Heck, even Fox News host Chris Wallace said this was “a outrage”.

How can Tucker Carlson or ANYONE rather you like the President or not agree with what Neil Munro did! It is flat out wrong and should not happen and I happy the President let Munro know what time it is!! Real talk!!   Gordon Curvey

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President Is Fighting Against The Republican Party AND Fox News!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

The other day President Barack Obama made it official that he is running for a second term for your President. His first term has not been easy at all. Look at his gray hair. We all know people need jobs to put food in the table, gas in the car, feed the dog, pay the light pay and on and on.

The President is running against a party that from DAY ONE when he and his beautiful and lovely wife Michelle moved in the White House, Hannity is out to make him a one term President. It has came out that meetings were held THE DAY HE TOOK OFFICE for a one-term President. This is truly sad readers.

I think Sean Hannity and Fox News were in those meetings. Because from President Obama’s first day in office Hannity has decided to make the President his whipping boy sort of speak. Hannity has said NOTHING and I mean NOTHING positive about the President. He can’t even call him President.

 Most Republicans will not call our President…..President. BUT they call President George W. Bush…President Bush. Why do they do this? To me it is very disrespectful of our President. I always call President Obama….President! Because that is what he is.

I think Sean Hannity HATES President Obama. I really think he does. Not only that I think it is racism by Hannity and others at Fox News. Joining the racism by right wing radio which by the way Hannity is part of along with Laura Ingraham, Rush, Micheal Savage, Micheal Medved, here in Seattle with John Carlson and many others nationwide.

Thank god for Rev Al Sharpton on TV every day Monday thur Friday on MSNBC at 3pm Seattle time and on radio 10am to 1pm Seattle time. The show airs on the Ztwins here in Seattle. And also thanks to others on radio like Micheal Eric Dyson and Micheal Badisen, Warren Balentine and others.

Oh yeah MSNBC has given Professor Patricia Harris Perry a program of her own every Saturday and Sunday morning. That’s GREAT that MSNBC has given African Americans a chance to have their own programs. Hopefully Dyson will be next in line for a program because he does a great job when he subs for various host on MSNBC like Big Ed and others.  What is CNN waiting for?

We here at M.I.C will do our little part to help in the re-election of the President. If we all do a little it will all add up.

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Clooney Does Big Work For The People Of The Sudan

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I was thinking about this the other day and I said I am going to write about this here on my website and that is about actor George Clooney.

This guy of course is one of the best actors in Hollywood and has made millions  but guess what readers? He is not chilling in a large boat drinking the best wine and driving his large Rolls around Hollywood.

Clooney and his dad is putting big time work in one of the poorest countries in the world…the Sudan in Africa. This cat puts his money where his mouth is and goes to work to help feed the poor help the people of Sudan in any way he can. His work in the country is just great.

George Clooney does not have to do this. He can sit back and count his money after filming another movie. But he refuses to do that. He has a calling. His calling is helping the people of Sudan have food, help them get a education and much more.

A big shout out from Music Inner City to Geoge Clooney for all he is doing for the people of Sudan. Why does George Clooney help the people Sudan?

Because he wants too!!! Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City Radio Podcast/The Killing Of Trayvon Martin

 CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN TO PROGRAM!! It is 24-7. New program coming in the next few days covering politics/urban sports/entertainment and more! From Seattle, Washington.

A “Music Inner City Radio Podcast” about the senseless killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon was walking home to watch the NBA All Star game. And was killed. With classic soul and hip-hop music.

It is very strange how Fox News and the right are twisting things up to try to make the late Trayvon Martin the victim!! Clowns like Sean Hannity are pulling people no one has heard of to be on his show to bash how “high profile” community leaders are trying to “grab the limelight” over the Martin case.

Of course thyare talkin about Rev Al Sharpton, Rev Jesse Jackson and radio talk show host  Micheal Baidison and others.

Guys like Joe Oliver are coming acting of the woodwork to say they are friends of George Zimmerman and that “in his gut” he knows Zimmerman did not kill a unarmed 17 year old without a reason.

Hannity is a racist and is treating President Obama like dirt since day one when he became President. He is running a daily segment on his show called “The Real Obama” where nightly he blasts him on issues the far right has problems with.

“Music Inner City Radio” podcasts are 24-7 on-demand and you can also listen to podcasts of our radio show on 1150am KKNW that airs every Saturday at 10:05pm Pacific Time. And streams online at    Gordon Curvey


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Documentary On President Obama “A Road We’ve Traveled” Here


Have you viewed the well made 17 min documentary on President Obama yet? If not you can view it right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” by clicking the link above.

The short film is on “Hip Hollywood” website ran by former guest on “M.I.C-TV” and a host on “The Insider” Kevin Frasier.

Actor Tom Hanks narrated the film highlighting the accomplishments of President Obama’s first term in office.

Former Presient Bill Clinton, David Alexrod, VP Joe Biden and others appear in the film which is also being shown in movie theaters across the country.  It should be seen by all supporters of the re-election of the President or by voters who have do not realize what the President has done so far while he has been our President.

We here at “Music Inner City Ent.” are supporters of President Obama and his supporters have to stand up against the VERY unfair treatment by folks like Sean Hannity, Rush, Laura Ingraham, Micheal Medved and others.   Gordon Curvey

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Republican Mississippi Voters: President Obama Is Muslim

ARTICLE FROM (Click here for full story)

I ran across this story while I was at my daily visit to a great website “Huffington Post” and it said that a whopping 52% of Republican voters think President Obama is a Muslim. The question is why?

President Obama has said time and time again he is not a Muslim but I guess folks think he is not telling the truth.

Just like certain Republicans think President Obama has lied about where he was born and that issue continues to come up time and time again. This is crazy and wild. And not only that wrong.

Not only do 52% of Mississippi voters think President Obama is a Muslim but also 45% of Alabama voters think he is Muslim too. What is going on? Again the President has said he is NOT Muslim. So why does folks STILL think he is?

And here is a question readers. How come Newt and Mitt and Paul and Rick have not denounced such crazy polls about our President? They are not saying a thing about this. Might of fact they are making things worse with the terrible things they say about the President in their travels all over the U.S.

President Obama has been in office for 3 1/2 years. The Republicans and people like Sean Hannity, Rush, Newt, Romney, Rick, Fox News and more are making things worse and helping to shape certain folks very negative opinions against Presidet Obama.   Gordon Curvey

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Rush Limbaugh Is The Biggest Fool On Earth

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

One thing is for sure readers. Rush Limbaugh is the biggest fool on earth and the biggest fool on the radio. And in my opinion he should not be on the radio and should be fired!

This clown gets behind the microphone and calls this young lady Sandra Fluke “a prostitute” and “a slut’ about her views on birth control etc.

Yes their is a thing called freedom of speech but Rush has went WAY over the freakin line in my opinion and in many others opinion. This cat has a problem and should be removed from behind the microphone.

Rush Limbaugh’s ego is out of control and he has said stupid and racist and unfair comments regarding President Obama since he has been in office and now his unfair comments about a person he does not know in Sandra Fluke shows again he should not be on the air.

I hope all his sponsorship folks will leave his program. I hope people will see how wrong his comments are towards Ms. Fluke and towards ALL ladies in general.

Maybe all the pills Rush was taking or still taking messed up his brain because for Rush Limbaugh to call this young lady “a prostitute” and a “slut” over the air is just flat out WRONG and EVERYONE on the right and EVERYONE in the tea party and EVERYONE in the Republican Party should come down hard on Limbaugh and join me and many others to say this fool should be fired and removed from the air or suspended for his terrible comments.   “One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

Breaking News: Limbaugh has said he is sorry to Ms. Fluke but in my opinion he only did this because a few of his sponsors were pulling out from his radio show!

By the way, Rush should say he is sorry to President Obama for all the crazy and negative things he has said about him.


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Total Disrespect Of The President By Governor Brewer

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

I am sure you have seen the pic here of Arizona Gov. Brewer going off on the President Of The United States Barack Obama. I am still totally shocked that this racist governor had the nerve to PUT HER FINGER IN THE FACE OF THE MOST POWERFUL MAN ON EARTH.

Who in the HELL does she think she is readers? She wrote a book and said some negative things about President Obama and word is he was not happy about it so in his calm and cool way he let her know about it and she PUT HER FINGER IN THE FACE OF THE PRESIDENT! I just cannot believe it.

Then she has the nerve to go on right wing radio and TV the day after the incident and say “I felt threatened” and the President is “thin skinned” WHAT???? I know she did not go there! How can she feel “threatened” by the President Of The United States? Did she feel he was going to punch her?? Come on let’s get real!

I am OUTRAGED by the actions of Gov. Brewer towards President Obama. But you know what is sad? On right wing radio and TV (i.e Fox News) racists and bigots are cheering Gov. Brewer for putting her finger in the face of the President. This is terrible!! Flat out terrible and wrong. I have never seen a President treated in just a manner in the U.S.

Truth be told Gov. Brewer needs to hold a press conference and say she is sorry to President Obama. Sorry for totally disrespecting the President Of The United States. It needs to happen very soon. Word is First Lady Michelle Obama is not happy with Gov. Brewer.

The Republicans and right wingers are totally out of control against President Obama. With Gov. Brewer putting her finger in the face of President Obama, it shows just how out of control they are. This crap has to stop. Next thing you know some bigot is going to try to shoot the President. Just what a writer in a Jewish newspaper wanted. Again this bigotry against President Obama has to stop!  Gordon Curvey

New “Music Inner City” podcast or webcast coming soon RIGHT HERE!

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President Obama Sings Al Green’s “Let Stay Together” @ The Apollo

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

President Barack Obama flew into the Big Apple for a fundraiser after a trip to Disney World In Florida for a major announcement. This is 2012 the year of the big election for his current job so he is hitting the road to talk to the people.

He is letting the people know that his job will take longer than one term. And he asking his supporters to support him in the elections so he can finish his job that he started. He has a hard job in front of him but but we here at “Music Inner City” is a supporter of the President.

Yes things are rough. Companies like Clear Channel are cutting back big time but slowly but surely things are getting better. He needs another term to help get people back to work.

I watched the CNN Debate on TV from South Carolina and it was a outrage what the candidates was saying about the President of United States. Romney said the President is “dangerous” Readers how can President Obama be “dangerous” when under the Prez, the most dangerous man in the world Bin Liden was caught and killed. A man who killed more than 3,000 folks in 9-11. How can Romney say the President is “dangerous” I do not understand this AT ALL.

The other candidates also blasted the President at will. Remember one of them called President Obama “a food stamp President” What kind of insane comment is that? It has to stop.

While in New York he went to a fundraiser at the home of filmmaker Spike Lee that brought in a lot of money and then he went to the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem to speak. In the crowd was another legend. Former guest on Seattle’s “Music Inner City TV” Rev. Al Green.

President Obama noticed Rev. Green was in the audience so he said a few things about Rev. Green and then sang a few words from a Green hit “Let’s Stay Together” and the crowd went crazy. President Obama can hold a tune folks. Click the link above to see the Prez at the Apollo. Gordon Curvey

New “Music Inner City” webcast on Saturday right here! Stay tuned.

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“Take Our Country Back” What In The Hell Does That Mean?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I have been watching the Iowa caucus coverage on TV and listening to the these Republicans say over and over that is “Time to take our country back” Readers what in the hell that this mean?  Take it back from what?

This has been said over and over since President Barack Obama first stepped foot in the White House as our President of The United States. Do the far right and Republicans mean take it back from the first African American president of the U.S? I think so. No I know so.

Remember the Republicans are doing EVERY THING to make President Obama a one term president. Every thing readers. It is ashame what the right are saying about our president. Dirty low down stuff. Below the belt stuff. It is wrong.

They refuse to say ANYTHING positive regarding President Obama. NOTHING. Not only that, these conservatives REFUSE to call President Obama ….President. They will call him “Obama” or “Barack Obama” but not President Obama. This is planned folks by the leaders of the tea party and conservatives and the right. It is VERY disrespectful of President Obama. Hosts and reporters do the same. They refuse to call the president……President Obama.

And what in the hell is “conservative values” Don’t understand readers. And where do the Republicans find these Negros……I mean African Americans who call themselves conservatives? And heck, these guys blast President Obama worst than anyone! Real talk. Cats like Herman Cain and J.C Watts and Micheal Steele.

I am asking the supporters of President Barack Obama to STAND UP! The time is now! The 2012 election season has officially started today with the Iowa caucus. I am going to have more articles here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” to show my support of the re-election of President Obama.

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President Obama Fighting Against A Entire Network

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Supporters of President Obama it is time to stand up. It is coming toward 2012 and it’s time to make your voices heard and support President Obama and his re-election.

Remember one thing. The right has one goal and one goal only. And that is to make the Prez a one term President and that is for sure.

Everything he is doing and has done since he has been in office is being challenged by the right. Everything readers. It has been a total respect of President Obama. It is a outrage!

I DO NOT agree with everything he has done since he has been in office. But that does not mean I am not a supporter of him. One thing for sure he is fighting against a ENTIRE network in Fox News.

Sean Hannity has made a point of blasting the President SINCE DAY ONE of his presidency. Every since the President and his family moved into the White House, Hannity and and others at Fox News have had one thing in mind and that is to bring President Barack Obama down.

Heck, the right has even talked negative about Michelle Obama and EVEN HIS KIDS!!! This is sad. Hannity refuses to say ANYTHING positive on the President. The same as Rush on radio.

Sorry to say even some at CNN and MSNBC are against the President. CNN reporter Gloria Borger is always talking negative about the President. And she never says President Obama it is always Obama or Barack Obama. Why is it some have problem calling the President, President Obama?

So I am going to do my small part as a supporter of President Obama and bring you the other side of the negativity of Fox News and the right. We have to stand up if you are a supporter of the President because 2012 is right around the corner.    Gordon Curvey

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Williams “MNF” Opening Pulled After He Calls President “Hitler”

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Since 1991 country singer Hank Williams Jr. song was at start of every “Monday Night Football” game but after his unreal statements about President Barack Obama on Fox News.

Williams went on Fox News and compered President Obama to HITLER! I just cannot believe this clown said this on national TV about our President! Totally shocked!

So ESPN pulled his theme song from MNF. I hope for good. Williams should hold a press conference as soon as possible to say he is sorry for making that stupid comment. Will he do it? We will see.

Here is a question readers. Why does racist things continue to happen to President Obama? Time and time again we read about insensitive and racist comments and statements about the President. It is just terrible!!

But President Obama is a cool dude and he just let’s it roll over his back and moves on. Bottom line is the Tea Party and the right and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh etc are doing EVERY THING TO MAKE PRESIDENT OBAMA A ONE TERM PRESIDENT.

This is a fact. So it helps clowns like Hank Williams Jr. make crazy statements comparing President Obama to Hitler! Again I can’t believe he said that!!   Gordon Curvey

Watch “Music Inner Ciy TV” 24/7 on Comcast/Xfinity On-Demand all over Western Washington state. Just go to “get local” and then “around the sound” and enjoy three to four programs MORNING/NOON/NIGHT!

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Sharpton Named Permanent Host Of “PoliticsNation” on MSNBC

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Former guest on Seattle’s “Music Inner City TV” Rev. Al Sharpton was named permanent host of “PoliticsNation” on MSNBC. The program starts Aug 29th.

Of course a lot of folks do not like Rev. Sharpton because he is a “outspoken” African American community leader. I am not one of them. I respect him a lot for taking stands that many other so called leaders are afraid to touch.

Just like President Barack Obama, I do not agree with everything he says or does but I have respect him for trying to uplift the African American community.

A HUGE shout out has to be given to MSNBC for allowing Rev. Sharpton to have his own program. Because a African American was needed in prime time cable news. And more is needed.

Hopefully Micheal Eric Dyson can obtain a program too. He did a great job when he hosted for a few days a few weeks ago on MSNBC. Here is a question. What is taking CNN so long to allow a African American to host a program on the outlet?

Why not allow people like Ed Gordon or Roland Martin and others a chance to host a program. Hopefully it will happen on CNN. Of course we will not even discuss Fox News. It ain’t going to happen on that channel!  Gordon Curvey

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Tavis Smiley & Cornel West Continue To Bash President Obama

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

It is amazing how and why Tavis Smiley and his good buddy Professor Cornel West continue to put President Barack Obama on blast in a big way. The question is why are they doing this?

They went on a tour of many cities to check on how poor people are living in these bad economic times. But during the tour they do not waste time in blasting President Obama. West is more outspoken against the President than Tavis.

West might as well call the President a “Uncle Tom” By the way, that is what comic Steve Harvey is calling Smiley and West for their treatment of the President.

In my strong opinion here is what is really going on. You see guys like Rev. Al Sharpton and other African American leaders have White House access to the President. BUT Tavis and West do not. Tavis has asked President Obama to come to his Town Hall events he has yearly and the President has not shown up for one reason or another.

So because of all this, Tavis puts the President on blast as does his friend Pro. West. These cats are HATERS and are jealous of Rev. Sharpton and other African American leaders because they can pick up the phone and call President Obama or they can go to the White House for a meeting. West and Smiley cannot. So they blast President Obama every chance they can.

I used to have a lot of respect for Smiley and West but I have lost that respect. Their treatment of President Obama is wrong in my opinion. The President meets who he wants to meet. If he does not want to meet with Smiley and West that is the way it is. Both of them need to stop hatin on the Prez.   Gordon Curvey

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And look for “MUSIC INNER CITY RADIO” podcasts COVERING URBAN SPORTS NEWS AND ISSUES. New program very soon.

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President Called “A Tar Baby” & “Your Boy” This Is Crazy!

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ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

Readers what is really going on with the right and the name calling of our President? It is out of control and it seem groups like the Tea Party and the right do not care.

Congressman Doug Lamborn recently called President Obama “a tar baby” and the bigot Pat Buchanan was on MSNBC with Rev. Al Sharpton and made a comment to Rev. Sharpton saying “your boy Obama”. What??

The far right is OUT OF CONTROL against President Obama! Another point is this. Have you noticed the far right and Tea Party and hosts on Fox News like Sean Hannity CANNOT call President Obama President?

They will say “Obama” or “Barack Obama” but not President Obama. BUT they will call George W. Bush President Bush or a right wing congressman or lady Senator or Govornor etc. That is TOTAL disrespect of President Obama and let’s face facts readers it is all because President Obama is a African American in the White House.

This “tar baby” comment is a bottom of totem pole remark! And Pat Buchanan was smiling and laughing at Rev Sharpton when he made the “your boy Obama” comment on MSNBC. Rev. Sharpton was as a serious as a heart attack and was pissed at Pat’s remark.

We here at “Music Inner City News Magazine” wish President Obama a “Happy 50th Birthday! He has a VERY VERY tough job. People don’t have jobs and cannot find jobs and can’t keep their homes etc but our President is trying hard to improve things. Stay strong President Obama. Many of us are behind him to get him re-elected in 2012!  Gordon Curvey

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Will Rev Al Sharpton Obtain A New Program On MSNBC?

ARTICLE FROM the (Full story click here)

It seems because of his good ratings in his fill in time on MSNBC, Rev Al Sharpton may get a hosting position on MSNBC real soon.

It seems a lot of folks have a problem with this. The question is why? I don’t understand at all. Why do folks have a problem with Rev Sharpton having his own program? Is it because he speaks his mind on issues that deal with the African Americans and people of color?

I think that is it. That is for sure readers. What else can it be? Their is not another reason. Rev Sharpton is speaking up for folks on the left and poor folks in the inner city and standing up for President Obama.


Hosts like Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck and their guests like Laura Ingraham and others have treated the first African American President Barack Obama like DIRT each and everyday. Hannity and former Fox News host Beck treat President Obama MUCH WORST on their radio shows.

So why do folks have a problem with Rev Sharpton maybe getting a hosting gig on MSNBC? I don’t get it readers. It is very very unfair.

Fact of the matter is a African American host is needed on prime time cable news and on CBS, NBC and ABC because right now their are ZERO. the NAACP and the National Urban League are speaking out on this issue of a lack of a African American host in prime time cable news.

If Piers Morgan can be hired to replace Larry King, a fella from England, then why do people have a program with Rev Sharpton? By the way I think Morgan is terrible. Give Ed Gordon or Roland Martin or even Tavis Smiley a prime time cable show?

I hope people will stop bashing the possible hiring of Rev Sharpton as a host on MSNBC. I have been watching him and he is doing a great job. By the way Rev Sharpton is former guest on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV”   Gordon Curvey

“SPORTS INNER CITY RADIO” podcast produced 7-27-2011. Urban sports news and issues. Based in Seattle. Also urban music and exclusive interviews with sports stars, coaches and more! TO LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM CLICK HERE

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Says Race Is A Problem

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here)

It is a problem that in my opinion is as obvious as two left shoes. And that is the mis-treatment of President Barack Obama by the right wing Republicans and hosts on right ring radio.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has come out and said that the dept ceiling problems between the President and the Reblicans and right wing is due to one thing and that is President Obama is a African American.

I ask you readers did you ever hear of President George W. Bush and the late Ronald Reagan called a lier by folks who disagree with him? The answer is no! BUT President Obama has been called a lier MORE THAN ONCE by right wingers and the Tea Party and right wing radio.

Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have flat out called the President a lier right over the air over and over and over. What in the world is that?

Rep. Lee wants folks to tell it like it is when it comes to the President. The President being called a lier over and over PLUS other negative things that have happen when it comes to President Obama like a senator shouting at the President in a open meeting of the House in D.C. and other negative things that have happened leaves one to think one thing only….it is President Obama being African American. Pure and simple readers.

It is time for others to join Rep Sheila Jackson Lee and stand up and say what IS REALLY GOING ON. President Obama is being treated like dirt in this debt ceiling situation and as President period by the right wing, Fox News and others is because he is the first African American President and they will do ANYTHING to get him out the White House!! This is what they want BADLY!!  Gordon Curvey

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