Fox Host Says He Is Sorry For Comments About The President

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Fox Business host Eric Bolling says he is sorry for unfair comments made against President Obama recently on his program. He should be sorry.

He said “Why is he having a hoodlum in the hizzhouse” among other things about the President. What kind of crazy stuff is that readers?┬áThis kind of treatment is just plain wrong.

This is nothing new from Fox TV. They have made a habit of blasting the President since he has been in office. The question why do they do this against President Obama?

Why did Bolling say this crap when the President of Bongo Ali Bongo made a visit to the White House? Bolling’s comments were out of line and yes racist.

Folks let’s be real about this crap. Fox is treating the President like this because he is the first African American President. They did not treat President George W. Bush like this.

Finally how come Fox does not show most of the President’s press conferences. MSNBC does and CNN does but Fox does not. This is wrong folks. Wrong in my opinion. Gordon Curvey

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