Bruce Jenner Goes Public With Feelings About West

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I knew it was coming readers. I have been waiting to read about Bruce Jenner and his comments on the relationship between Kim Kardashian  and Kanye West and it has happened.

The question is this. Is it for ratings for their popular reality programs? I say yes. Jenner has went public on his feelings about West not “being around” the family etc. He says he has only met West once. The question is folks is why is Jenner going public with stuff? Do we really care if Kanye has only met Jenner once or twenty times.  Truth be told I don’t give a damn! And you should not care too. This is all about the reality show readers.

To me this is something that should be kept in the Kardashian household. If I was West and Kim I would be mad as hell at Jenner for going public about his feeling on West and how many times he has met him. Is Jenner trying to make West look like a bad person or something? It seems that is the case when you check the above story.

I think Jenner is way out of line for going public about West. Again it is something that should be kept in house. That is why I think it is all about a topic for a up and coming program for their reality show. Come on folks, you know I am right.    Gordon Curvey

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