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Time For Washington Redskins To Change Their Name

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USP NFL: WASHINGTON REDSKINS-OTA S FBN USA VAThe Washington team in the NFL needs to change their name and change it now! The team got a wake up call the other day when a law was passed  where anyone can use the Redskins trademark to make money and the team cannot do anything!

Of course the team led my Dan Snyder will appeal the ruling. But to many Native Americans this is a victory. Native American groups are saying the name Redskins is a racist name which IT IS!¬† And they are getting more and more support in their battle against Snyder’s team. For instance, the Seattle Times sports department recently said they will no longer use the name Redskins in their sports section. That is GREAT!

It is amazing that Snyder has said he will never ever change the name of the team. He is being very stubborn and very arrogant. He not listening at all to the calls of Native Americans and others to change the name. All he cares about is dollars. It is time for Dan Snyder to wake up and smell the coffee and change the name of the team! The Native Americans groups and others who are standing up will not back down. They mean business!! When will Snyder see that the Native Americans will not back off?

Recently Washington QB Robert Griffin III says the time is not now to comment on the topic. Well what in the hell is he going to say “Hell yeah the name is racist and I think Mr. Snyder should change the name” HELL NO WE KNOW THAT AIN’T HAPPENING!

Why not the Washington Governors or the Washington Officers or something. But for sure the name Redskins has to go!

Gordon Curvey

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