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Oprah Says President Disrespected Because He Is African American

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gordonandoprahpicReaders from day one the right and the Tea Party and the Republican Party was out to destroy EVERYTHING President Obama tries to do. Let me repeat…EVERYTHING!! This is just a fact.

The right held a huge meeting on DAY ONE when the President and family moved into the White House as the first African American of the United States. In the meeting the plan against the President was formed. Little did they know four years later he would win again by a landslide. You know the right was very  very upset and still are everyday. Guess they should have ran someone who had a chance to beat the President. Gov Romney and before that Sen. McCain were not the ones to challenge President Obama.pres

As a African American it is truly truly sad to see the pure outright racism by Fox News against the President. Led by Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and others they put down the President on EVERYTHING everyday!! Every topic they disagree with the President. I will bake a cake and celebrate when I hear Hannity and others agree with something the President has done.

Media icon and former guest on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” Oprah Winfrey said in a recent interview that the President is disrespected because of one thing….he is African American. I agree with Ms. O 1000%!! Things have happened to President Obama that has NEVER happened to say President Reagan or Bush #1 and #2. It is all because President Obama is a very proud and very intelligent African American who happens to be the President Of The United States.

Folks I do not agree with everything the President has done or has not done, BUT one thing is for sure I respect him and I am still proud of him becoming the first African American President. I wish someone would challenge Fox News and their mis-treatment of the President. That would make me very very happy.    Gordon Curvey

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