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Tavis Smiley Is A CLOWN And A First Class HATER Of The President

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tavisfull2Let me make this clear I think our President Obama has not done everything right. He has not been a perfect President. Who is right? But I support the President and have from day one when he and his family moved into the White House as the first African American President. I DON’T CARE WHAT TAVIS IS DOING ON “DANCING WITH THE STARS”!!

But there a clown who I used to really like as a community activist, radio show host and writer and his name is Tavis Smiley. I listen to his radio show at every week. I watch his forums on C-Span he puts on all the time. Some of them are very informative with great guests all the time discussing issues in our communities.

But one thing I am FED UP with readers and that his Tavis Smiley’s hatred toward President Obama. Yes I think Tavis hates our President. It is very very obvious folks. He has wrote two or three feakin books on President Obama and his hatred toward the President. I had a copy of one of them but after reading it I quickly tossed it in the garbage.

Here is what Tavis Smiley hatred towards President Obama is about in my strong opinion. The reason is this. Smiley has invited the President to his forums as a guest a few times. He has even asked Michelle Obama. Each time they have refused. And I do not blame the President because he has noticed Tavis blasting him from the start of his term as President. Tavis was a supporter of Hillery Clinton in 2008. A huge supporter.

So why would the President be a guest on this haters events when he has wrote three books bashing him? Would you be a guest folks? I would not and that’s a fact. Because Smiley has went below the belt in bashing the President. He and his best friend Dr. Cornell West. Both have been on a mission against President Obama.

They both think the President has not done enough for the African American community. They have been VERY outspoken on this too. The President is not stupid. he hears of Smiley and West bashing him. He knows Smiley has written books about the President and what he is not doing for the African American community.

Tavis Smiley is a fool and a clown. He is now saying that the African American race has went down and is doing worse under the President. Why would Smiley make such comments? What is the reason? What Tavis needs to realize is that the President is the President OF EVERYONE!!Not just black folks. When you read Smiley’s books and watch his forums he has NOTHING good to say about the President. NOTHING. The question is why readers? In my opinion he is mad that the President goes to Rev Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Convention as a guest every year but the President does not attend Smiley’s events.

Also when the President calls a meeting at the White House with African American leaders, Rev Sharpton and others are invited BUT Tavis and Dr. West are not invited. Tavis and West are mad about that so they go on a crusade and put down the President at every chance they can get.

Tavis Smiley and his friend Dr. West are flat out haters against President Obama. It is truly sad reader. They need to “grow up” and stop hating the President and realize that the President does not have to attend your events Tavis.

And why should President Obama and his wife attend a event the guy putting it on has wrote book after book putting him on blast and not only that Smiley was putting the President on blast when the President was running back in 2008. Again remember guys like Magic Johnson and Bon Johnson as well as Tavis support Mrs. Clinton. So Tavis and West need to give the President a break and stop the public hate.

Gordon Curvey

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