Berry Asks For Reduced Child Support Payments

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

berryLet’s be truthful Halle Berry’s movie career lately has not been the best. Yes she gets paid top dollar as a Oscar winner but I guess she has not got real good roles to play in Hollywood. This is very obvious.

But then again, as a African American actress or a person of color in Hollywood and a female too it makes it even harder. When I watch “Access Hollywood” and “The Insider” and “Extra” and “Entertainment Tonight” you do NOT see stories on black actors male or female. It is like black actors are not in Hollywood. For real readers.

Also Berry’s love life has not been the best too. It seems she goes from man to man. And now she is in a sad battle with one of her ex men over child support payments for her child Nahla.

Halle was ordered to pay $16,000 a month child support payments to Gabriel Aubry. But Berry wants the payments to be reduced to $3,000 a month because she feels Aubry is not looking for work while getting the payments for little Nahla. First of all how does Berry know what Aubry is doing with the payments? She does not know in my opinion.

Also in my opinion Berry should not have had the child. But they did and the judge said pay $16,000 so she should do what the judge says and pay the money. I cannot believe that Halle would ask the judge to reduce the payments. She is worth millions so she should stop complaining.

The poor child is in the middle of this crap. This is why some children grow up with problems with their parents constantly at each other. Truly sad readers. Truly sad.

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