Should “Sorority Sisters” Be Removed From The Air On VH1?

sororitysisters2“Music Inner City Television” webcast from outside of Century Link Field after our Seattle Seahawks beat the Carolina Panthers. With fans giving there comments about the game. Webcast up very soon right here!!

I do not know about you readers but their is one thing I am TIRED of and that is turning on TV and seeing motor mouth African American females cussing and swearing all through the programs. TIRED!!!!!!

The question is why does this continue to happen? Are the producers of these programs white or African American? “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and “Love & Hip-Hop” and more have black females not acting like REAL ladies. Instead they act like clowns and buffoons. Calling each other bitches and MFs and “you ain’t shit” and “I fucked you man” and much more!! Are these real classy females readers?

Now ANOTHER classless program has joined the mix…the terrible terrible “Sorority Sisters” on VH1. Who in the HELL gave the green light on this worthless program?? Who are the producers of this crap? It is suppose to be about African American females who are part of college sororities and the things they go though in their routines of being in a sorority. This show should hae NEVER EVER BEEN MADE!!!

But check this out folks. Sorority presidents from Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho, Zeta Phi Beta and Alpha Kappa Alpha have asked VH1 to remove this piece of a show called program. I do not blame them readers. I have watched two of the programs and I just cannot understand why this crap was put on the air. I am amazed. This so called program is one of the worst reality programs in the history of reality programs!!!

Sorority presidents have said in a statement that “Sorority Sisters” is not a accurate reflection of these organizations” Man that is the freakin truth! I know African American females DO NOT act like these motor mouth and loud ladies. Or should I say so called ladies. Using all the cuss words in the dictionary. It is truly truly embarrassing as a African American to see this BS on national TV where millions can watch it.

Folks here is a fact. Millions of non African Americans who watch these reality programs with African American so called ladies cussing and swearing, they think this is the way most black females really really act. Now this is very sad. I hope and pray that VH1 will remove this BS program off the air ASAP!!

Gordon Curvey

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