After MLK March In Seattle Back To Same Ole Same Ole

“One Man’ Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

mlkpicseattleIf you know anything about ya boy Gordon, you know I do not have a problem speaking my mind on issues. Some of you may disagree and some may agree with my views. But I will say how I feel.

In this story I am writing about something I feel very strongly about. And that is our so called African American community or should I say Negro community here in the home of the Seahawks..Seattle, Washington. I have been here all my life folks. But we have a huge program in this city in my strong opinion and that is NO UNITY!! NO UNITY IN THE NEGRO COMMUNITY OF SEATTLE!! A SHAME!

As Negros here in Seattle we have no unity. We don’t speak to each other, we do not open up different kind of businesses other than ANOTHER church or ANOTHER restaurant serving food to make you fat and have diabetes and high blood pressure, ANOTHER barber shop or beauty shop, and that’s about it as whole.  It is a shame. You know why? Because the few businesses we have we do not support them.

Look at the Vietnamese and Koreans and now the East Africans. They come to America to make money and bring up their kids. Most come here with NOTHING but a pair of worn out shoes and what they and their children are wearing on their backs. BUT guess what? They will go to school and learn a trade and safe their money and have a meeting at someones place and pool their money and then open up a mom and pop store or a cell phone business or a travel agency or a $1 store or a grocery store(s) or a donut place and MANY OTHER TYPE OF BUSINESSES.

Meanwhile we as Negros in Seattle walk around and past by each other and do not speak to one another etc. Here is a example. I am a Adult School Crossing Guard for the Seattle Public Schools at 34th and Union here in Seattle. I am telling you the truth folks most white folks pass buy and speak to me with “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”. Some will say “The sun is out and it going to be a nice day” or “Have a good weekend” or “How about the Seahawks” etc.

BUT sorry to say most African Americans or Negros will pass right by and say NOTHING!!! Like I am a invisible man or Casper the Ghost or something. Most Negro females will pass by looking mean like a parent just died or their dog ran away or they just had a argument. So I will go out my way to speak to them after they pass by. Some I will ask….how come we do not speak to one another as Negros.

Some will say “I am sorry I was day dreaming” or “my mind was drifting” etc.  Give me a break with the “day dreaming” crap. We have a very serious problem readers if you are a African American reading this. Yeah we can get together once a year and “act” like a real black man or lady to sing “We Shall Overcome” and then march to a empty building on MLK Day. Meanwhile MLK Park is empty.

But guess what readers, the next day IT IS BACK TO THE SAME OLE SAME OLE. No unity, not speaking to each other, not opening up new businesses etc. If you are in Seattle, get on the bus or your car and start in the International District/Chinatown and then get on Rainier Ave South or MLK Jr. Way South and count how many small malls FULL OF ASIAN OWNED BUSINESSES. It is unreal. Count how many African American/Negros with a mall full of businesses. The grand total will be ZERO!! The Asians have Chinatown for goodness sake. FULL OF BUSINESSES!! Owned by Asians.

We don’t have a problem getting loans to buy a new Cad SUV or buy $5,000 rims on a 1979 Buick Regal, but how about opening a different kind of business like the Asians and now East Africans? Our priorities are twisted. Very twisted readers. We need to wake up and smell the coffee like other races. They smell the color of money every day when they run to the bank with a smile on their faces and we have frowns and walk  around looking angry and not speaking to one another.

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