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Music Inner City Bio: Usher Raymond

USHER BIO: (Click here for bio)

usher-raymond2I first interviewed this r&b singer and actor when he was about 13 or 14 years old when his career first got off the ground here in Seattle. You could tell at that very young age that Usher would be a star in the music industry.

A lot of young talented people come and then they go but not Usher Raymond. He has followed up one hit with another hit and then another hit and so with that when Usher does a concert he has a concert if you know what I mean. He FOR SURE ain’t no one hit wonder. He has a catalog of hits to play at his concerts. And of course Usher has fans in every part of the world so he can have concerts in every part of the world.

Of course he is not the late “King Of Pop” Micheal Jackson (who is) but in my opinion he has been the nearest thing to MJ. And yes of course MJ is a idol of Usher and if you go to a concert by Usher you will see the dancing by Raymond that can remind you of MJ. The same goes for Chris Brown.

Yes Usher has had some controversy in his life but that happens to high profile entertainers from time to time. So it happened to Usher with problems with his former lady and his kid he had with her. It got real deep and it was covered by the media big time but that case was settled and Raymond has moved on with his career. Which for him is a good thing.

And Usher is still a young man even though it seems he has been around for decades. When you are as talented as Usher is his career can continue until he is a old man or should I say older like Sammy Davis Jr. or Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly did. Because like the folks I just mentioned, Usher not only can sing and dance but he can act too. And he is a good actor too. He is a triple threat in entertainment. Like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez.

Please read the bio link above and learn more about Usher and stay tuned for the next move by this talented fella. By the way, “Music Inner City Television is featuring Usher and the making of one of latest music videos “Good Kisser” on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/24-7/Western Washington state/go to “get local” and then “around the sound” and online soon too right here!!  Gordon Curvey

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