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Wendy Williams Goes In On Terrence Howard!

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I do not know how you feel about talk show host Wendy Williams but I have some strong opinions. I first heard about Wendy when she and the late great icon Whitney Houston had a tremendous fall out over the air on the radio in New York where Williams was a huge radio dj. That is how she made her name. Blasting folks over the air on NY radio.

You can You Tube the fight between Williams and Whitney. It got real deep. Because Whitney had “the street” in her and truth be told it never left her all the way to her untimely death. So Whitney stood up to terrence-howard-empire-foxWendy. She was not having it at all. That is for sure.

So if you watch Wendy’s show on TV you know she does not have a problem of going in on folks. I am very surprised no one has confronted Wendy more often over the years like the late great Whitney did. I am shocked. I mean Williams calls folks names and every thing. From Chris Brown to Donald Trump or from 50 Cent to Taylor Swift or Kanye West. It does not matter to her.

Now her latest blast is against actor Terrence Howard who is currently starring in the hit TV show “Empire” which I refuse to support by viewing it because it is on Fox owned by Rupert Murdoch who allows Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and others put President Obama on full blast EVERYDAY since the President has been in office. This is real talk. I refuse to give Fox my support.

But guess what folks? When it comes to Terrence Howard I agree with Wendy. Please read the article above and for more information on Howard attacking ladies please Google it and a lot of information will pop up. Readers I DO NOT AGREE WITH A MAN HITTING A LADY FOR ANY REASON!! And Howard has admitted hitting females.

THIS IS WRONG WRONG WRONG and I agree with Williams and maybe Terrence should not be employed on the hit program “Empire” and should enter a program to help him with his temper. Until he does that, he should not be employed on any TV show or any movie role!!!

I think EVERYONE should do what I am doing and not watch “Empire”because you are supporting a business that is owned by a person who has a entire TV network that has been against President Obama in every way possible for seven years let by Hannity and O’Reilly. It has happened on a every day basis. Please try to understand what I am saying readers. Thanks.

Gordon Curvey

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