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Williams Jr Says President Is A Muslim And Hates America & More!

ARTICLE FROM huffingtonpost.com (Full story click here)

Hank Williams Jr. is a real clown and should be a part of the Ringling Bros Circus! One thing for sure he lets everyone knows how he feels about President Obama. For the second time he has said in public how he REALLY feels about our President.

At a recent event Williams told the crowd that the President “hates America” “is a Muslim” and other crazy things. Dude is a far right clown and he is also dangerous. Why is he dangerous readers? Because fools like him brings many other racists out of the closet. And brings out more hate groups against the first African American President.

What also does not help is Sean Hannity and Fox News who on a night basis put President Obama on full blast on national TV and also helps bigots like Williams Jr stay strong against the President. After all have you heard Hannity and O’Reilly say that fools like Williams Jr. are wrong in their unfair treatment of President Obama? Have you heard Rush or Beck say it is wrong for guys like Williams Jr. to say the president is “a muslim” or that the President “hates America”?

As a supporter of President Obama I am asking that other supporters stand up for the President. The election is in November. If you are a supporter of President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden and even First Lady Michelle Obama, it is time to stand up and do what you can to help our President. I am going to do my small part for sure.

Gordon Curvey

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President Obama Disrespected Again/When Will It Stop?

ARTICLE FROM cnn.com (Full story click here)

I am getting real bothered by the total disrespect folks give the first African American President Barack Obama. It continues to happen. The question is why?

It happened again in Boston where clowns shouted at the President as he spoke. I hope the fools were thrown out the joint quickly!!

The other day it seems another fool tossed a book at the President. Remember when another clown shouted at the President as he spoke to the country in the Senate floor. Now that was the epitome of disrespect readers.

And there have been other incidents where people have shouted things at the President as he spoke to a audience. This is crazy. This is flat out wrong!!

And I am sorry to say it is happening to our President because he is African American. Many of us in the African American community feel this way.

This disrespect of President Obama HAS TO STOP!!! This makes me feel like I have felt since President Obama has been in office that someone might try to kill our President.

Because Fox News and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and Bill Reilly along with other right wing bigots like Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh and others on right wing radio who is charging up racists and bigots to come out and blast our President in just about every way possible. Even a so-called brotha in Micheal Steele is criticizing President Obama big time.

The situation with the lack of diversity on sports radio is one of the reasons I started “Music Inner City Radio” here in Seattle on 1150am KKNW. As the host, I am one of only a few African Americans on the radio airwaves in the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington market.

But like I have said, those of you who are supporters of our President, stay strong and say a prayer for President Obama and his family. I do every night. He needs our prayers and our support.   Gordon Curvey

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