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New Business By 50 Cent To Help Feed Poor Children

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ARTICLE FROM atlantapost.com (Full story click here)

I don’t care if 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson is from the East Coast. I am writing about a dude who is not just about grabbing the mic and rapping in city to city and buying big cars and more. 50 is about making money and also giving back.

He is starting a new energy drink called “Street King” and every time someone buys the new drink, it will help a poor kid have a meal in Africa and elsewhere. This is a great move by 50.

Read the article and you will learn more what he has done to give back. To many times we read about rappers like T.I. or Shyne or DMX and The Game getting in trouble.

Might of face The Game is in the news for maybe calling 50 gay in a tweet recently. And that 50 may be gay like a lot of rappers but not admitting it. Just ANOTHER beef started by The Game in his years of problems with 50. When in the hell is it going to stop?

Of course 50 made about 200 milion dollars when he sold his investment in Vitimin Water. And other business ventures has lined the pockets of 50. Plus he makes a lot of cheese making movies in Hollywood.

But this news business he is starting is great on the part of 50. Selling energy drinks and feeding children. The majority media needs to talk more about this. BUT as many of us know the majority media wants to talk negative instead of positive when it comes to hip-hop and rap artists. Sometimes they do good things!   Gordon Curvey

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Why Black Businesses Fail But Hispanics And Asians Do Not/Part 1

ARTICLE FROM community.essence.com (Full story click here)

I hope you readers read the above article about why African American businesses or do not do well compared to white, Asian, Hispanics and now East African owned businesses.

There is a reason for this folks. As a black owned business here in Seattle for more than twenty years, sorry to say my worst “enemies” have been black folks. No support from local promoters, no support from hip-hop/r&b artists, and no support from black owned businesses. BUT these same folks will in a hurry take their cash to the “majority” owned businesses.

“Music Inner City News Magazine” is in the TOP 500,000 IN THE WORLD in website traffic and getting better everyday. Keep in mind there are at least 20 to 30 million registered websites in the world. Plus we are in the top 100,000 in the U.S. These stats are from www.alexa.com (type in sportsinnercity.com in the search area)

And “Music Inner City TV” is getting PLENTY of traffic everyday. And we are the ONLY locally produced urban program on Comcast/Xfinity On Demand here in Washington state. But black folks here will give me EVERY EXCUSE under the sun NOT to advertise with us. Then if I say something about this issue I am “whining”. This is crazy!!

As one of the articles I saw this morning said on this topic said “It seems a lot of black people are racist towards each other MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY as well as FINANCIALLY”

And “When black folks work on the racism towards black owned businesses it is then we will see black businesses prosper”

Also readers, Hispanics-advertise, Chinese/Asians-advertise, East Africans-advertise BUT as a whole blacks do not. Want a example? Go pick up a black owned newspaper and then go pick a Asian or Hispanic owned newspaper OR watch a Asian or Hispanic owned TV show or network. Then watch my TV show “Music Inner City” here in Seattle or online right here. This will make my point.

Sorry to say but Koreans are making MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars selling black hair products. I can park my car in front of a Korean supply store and will see black female after black female going inside to spend cash. EVERYDAY the Koreans here in Seattle and else where are laughing all the way to the bank!

I don’t care how they obtained loans to open up new businesses! We as black folks do not have a problem getting a new SUV or Caddie or Lexus but what about opening a new business like the Koreans and other Asians, the Hispanics and now the East Africans are doing?

President Obama and others talk to us about going our own businesses. BUT the problem is, when black folks open new businesses, black folks need to support them.  I will be back with Part 2 on this topic in a few days.    Gordon Curvey

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M.I.C News Magazine: Business/New Blackberry Phones

ARTICLE FROM huffingtonpost.com (Full story click here)

Look out for two new Blackberry phones to hit the market by the summer. The Blackberry 9900 and 9930 for you Blackberry fans out there.

The new phones will have 4G speed and 5 megapixel camera for pics and much more to offer the public who might be looking for a new Blackberry phone.

I just got a new Blackberry Curve. My first real nice phone. Been having the normal cell phone but in the business I am in I had to step up my game and obtain a real nice phone.

Cannot get all the video I want but it has a lot of other things I need like getting my e-mail and sending my text to folks etc. I just got the iheart app to listen to a bunch of radio stations on my Blackberry. Plus music videos and more.

Will be having more business stories right here on the #1 urban news magazine on the Internet from the Northwest “Music inner City News Magazine”   Gordon Curvey

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Tyra Banks Going To Harvard Business School

ARTICLE FROM blackvoices.com (Full story click here)

Ex supermodel and talk show host Tyra Banks is heading back to school. She plans on attending the Harvard Business School real soon.

Banks wants to know about the business world because she wants to be another Oprah or Bob Johnson in the business world. If you have not noticed both of them are billionaires and have very well in the business world.

I have a lot of respect and honor for Banks. She is a tremendous role model for young inner city young ladies who look up to her as a role model. Banks does a lot for inner city kids with camps and she speaks to kids in schools.

You don’t hear about Tyra Banks hanging out at clubs or getting in trouble with the law. It is always positive when it comes to Tyra.

Not only is she beautiful but she knows what she wants to do. I wonder how classmates are going to feel with Tyra Banks in the classroom.   Gordon Curvey

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George Clooney: Doing Work He Does Not Have To Do

BIO of George Clooney via wikipedia.com (Full bio click here)

Actor George Clooney can sit back and look at his bank account and his Oscar he won and drive around Hollywood in his Rolls and enjoy a big nice house on Malibu. But he decides to roll his sleeves up and work for the people in Sudan. He means business. He is very very serious about his work in this African country.

Often times when he is finished working on a movie he is on a plane to the Sudan. He puts his money where his mouth is. His life right now is making good movies and the people in Sudan.

Sudan in Africa is one of the poorest countries on earth. Dirt poor. But Clooney wants to help the people of Sudan in any way he can with time and money. Clooney puts his money where his mouth is. He rolls up his sleeves and goes to work for the people of Sudan.

I just think folks need to know what George Clooney is doing for the people of Sudan. He means business folks and that’s real talk. He is very serious about his work in Africa. A BIG shout out to George Clooney who is a Oscar winner and like I said can sit back and count his money but he does not do that. Thanks George for what you are doing for the people of Sudan.

More entertainment and news gossip coming soon!!

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How 50 Cent Is Worth A Half Billion

ARTICLE FROM wahingtonpost.com (Full story click here)

I watching TV the other day and saw a program about Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. It was a very good program telling how he grew up and became a very rich man.

The above link tells the story on 50. He grew up very rough and of course sold crack and and he did his “thug” life on the streets of NY.

But he used the cash from drugs to help him pay for his future career and he was determained to make it in the hip-hip/rap world and became one biggest stars in the game.

But Jackson did not stop at being a rap star. He wanted to be a business man too. And for sure he became a HUGE business man.

Investing in Vitamin Water and running G-Unit, 50 is multi-millionaire worth about a half billion dollars and growing.

Truth be told his music has taken kind of a back seat to his acting and his businesses. I have a lot of respect for cats like 50 and Diddy and Nelly and Jay Z. These cats make huge profits on the stage and for sure off the stage.      Gordon Curvey

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Young Daughter Of Will Smith Wants Fame Like Parents

ARTICLE FROM digitalspy.com (Full story click here)

The young daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith wants fame just like her parents and if that is the case, she will be a mega star.

Young Willow has a new song out “Whip My Hair” that is blowing up. She is starting out in the music business very very young which is good.

Artists like Usher and Bow Wow started out very young. And they are still going strong. Of course Will can train his young daughter in the game. All the ups and downs of the music business.

One of Smith’s young sons is a actor and a good one at that. He will have a long career in the acting business just like his daughter will have a long career in the music business.

You will be able to watch Willow Smith’s new music video “Whip My Hair” very soon on “Music Inner City TV” which airs all over Wetern Washington state on Comcast On-Demand 24/7 (just go to “get local” and then “around the sound” and hear the song on “Music Inner City Radio” on 1150am KKNW every Friday night at 10pm (unless there is a game and it will start right after the game). The radio shows streams online live at www.1150kknw.com

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50 Blasts Diddy And Rick Ross! He Needs To Chill Out!!

ARTICLE FROM taletela.com (Full story click here)

Why is it 50 Cent is always out here criticizing other rappers and performers all the damn time? He has made a habit of this over the years. Why readers?

Now he has Diddy and Rick Ross on blast because Diddy as always,  is trying to make smart business moves with his career. It can be with his Sean John business, or his vodka business or Bad Boy, Diddy most of the time is clocking MILLIONS in the bank.

50 made a VERY smart investment in VitaminWater which earned him millions and millions of dollars, unlike his music career which has went down the tubes. Stop hatin 50 and produce some hits by you.

The cat needs to stop hatin on Diddy. I respect Diddy as a dynamic businessman and entertainer. Unlike 50, when Diddy performers he is not walking back and forth on stage holding his nuts!!! Diddy ENTERTAINS!! Real talk.

And why blast Ricky Ross? He is just trying to make moves with his career by joining forces with Diddy so what is wrong with that readers?

Yo 50, stop hating, handle your G-Unit business and your career and FINALLY produce a hit. By you and a cat on your label!!

Thanks for making “Music Inner City News Magazine” one of the top urban sites on the internet for entertainment and urban sports news, podcasts and webcasts and MUCH MORE!!

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Tyra Banks To Have Online Casting Call For The Next A.N.T.M.

ARTICLE FROM s2smagazine.com (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Super model and talk show host Tyra Banks will doing something different for the coming season of her show “America’s Next Top Model”

If you are interested in trying out for the show, you have to go ONLINE to enter. For all the information on what you have to do, just click the link above.

When I watched her show when she announced that this is her last year of her talk show, she said she is moving forward in the digital world. Doing more things online.

And you know what folks that is what I am trying to do. Do more things online. That is the future. I want to do more webcasts and podcasts on my websites and hopefully make money too.

I know Ms. Banks will be flooded with pics via the e-mail from beautiful ladies from all over the world who wants to be “America’s Next Top Model”.

I don’t know she is going to do this. This is going to be a very very hard job for Banks and her crew of judges who work with her.

So if you a interested in maybe becoming the next top model, please click the link above and enter.

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