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Williams Jr Says President Is A Muslim And Hates America & More!

ARTICLE FROM huffingtonpost.com (Full story click here)

Hank Williams Jr. is a real clown and should be a part of the Ringling Bros Circus! One thing for sure he lets everyone knows how he feels about President Obama. For the second time he has said in public how he REALLY feels about our President.

At a recent event Williams told the crowd that the President “hates America” “is a Muslim” and other crazy things. Dude is a far right clown and he is also dangerous. Why is he dangerous readers? Because fools like him brings many other racists out of the closet. And brings out more hate groups against the first African American President.

What also does not help is Sean Hannity and Fox News who on a night basis put President Obama on full blast on national TV and also helps bigots like Williams Jr stay strong against the President. After all have you heard Hannity and O’Reilly say that fools like Williams Jr. are wrong in their unfair treatment of President Obama? Have you heard Rush or Beck say it is wrong for guys like Williams Jr. to say the president is “a muslim” or that the President “hates America”?

As a supporter of President Obama I am asking that other supporters stand up for the President. The election is in November. If you are a supporter of President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden and even First Lady Michelle Obama, it is time to stand up and do what you can to help our President. I am going to do my small part for sure.

Gordon Curvey

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Pesident Obama Announces Osama Bin Laden Is Dead.

President Barack Obama has announced that Osama Bin Laden is dead. (Full story via cnn.com click here) The President announced that Bin Laden was killed in a fire fight in Pakistan.

Word is Bin Laden was living in luxury in a big huge mansion with  huge security. With no Internet service or telephone service. His compound was near a big city in Pakistan.

It took almost ten years for the U.S. to find Bin Laden and kill him. Of course Bin Laden is responsible for thousands of people dying on 9-11. This must be a happy day for the families of those who were killed on 9-11. They must be sad but happy at the same time.

Also this is a great day in my opinion for President Obama. Yes we have high gas prices and yes MANY people do not have jobs and cannot keep their houses and yes many cannot find employment, but you have to give a shout out to President Obama and his administration.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden happened under the leadership of President Obama. He ordered the troops to go in and kill Bin Laden.

I wonder how will Fox News and Sean Hannity and the clown Donald Trump and the other clown Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham and the tea party and others on the right will treat President Obama after the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Will they continue to blast and bash the President? Of course they will. They will find something else to criticize the President on. This will be ashame readers.

A job well done by President Barack Obama and his administration and for the troops who carried out the mission for finding and killing Osama Bin Laden!  Gordon Curvey

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Glenn Beck Ratings Take A Big Hit On Fox News

ARTICLE FROM blackvoices.com (Full story click here)

I am very very glad to read that Glenn Beck’s TV show on Fox News is going downhill. I am glad because of his treatment of President Obama and President Obama KIDS.

Remember readers Beck has made fun of the Prez children, has criticized First Lady Michelle Obama and many more Democrats in dirty ways on his program. But what bothers me more than all is his making fun of Sasha and Milia Obama. THAT IS TERRIBLE!!

So I am real happy to see his programs ratings are down 33%. I am glad a lot of advertisers have taken their ads off of his show too.

Fox News is the voice of the Republican party and the right. That is for sure. Sean Hannity and Bill Reilly and others have a daily plan to blast Democrats and blast President Obama about EVERYTHING. They say nothing positive about our President. Nothing.

Sorry to say readers, it is only going to get worse because of the elections in 2012. Gordon Curvey

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Our prayers go out from “Music Inner City” to the people of Japan after the terrible earthquake that hit their country. The video and pics from Japan is truly truly sad.

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Are You Disappointed With The Programs On B.E.T?

ARTICLE FROM thegrio.com (Full story click here)

I have been waiting to say something on this topic for awhile and then I saw the above article in The Grio website so I said now is the time to say my views on Black Entertainment Network.

I have been very disappointed in the programming on B.E.T. for a long time. In my opinion there is to much videos and reality shows and older programs and not nearly enough news programing.

I remember when B.E.T. had a nightly news program at about 10pm Seattle time that I never missed. It was a very good program hosted by Jackie Reid. It had news and views from the African American point of view every night. Why the program was taken of was and is beyond me. That was just crazy in my opinion.

Their needs to be more news specials on B.E.T.  Much more. More primetime news shows maybe hosted by Ed Gordon and other B.E.T personalities. News on the programs of unemployment in the African American community, teen suicide, the drug and gang problems in our communities, the problems of students dropping out of school and on and on. This is not happening like it should on B.E.T.

I want B.E.T to be more like CNN. News, news and more news. You can come to local programs like my program “Music Inner City TV” for some music videos etc. But even with my show, I try to entertain and educate.

I hope B.E.T. President Debra Lee will see the light and do much more news programming and less videos and reality shows and older programs like Bernie Mac and shows like the Game and others.

I want more positive stories on for instance President Obama because as we know MSNBC and CNN and for sure Fox News does not do enough positive stories on our President and other politicians. Why not a “biography” type of program with profiles on Morgan Freeman or Halle Berry or even Rev Jesse Jackson or Denzel Washington etc.

This is just my opinion. I agree with the folks at the Grio. I hope and pray the B.E.T. will give us much more news and views from the African American community. A good way to do that is to bring back “The B.E.T Nightly News” right now!!   Gordon Curvey

“Music Inner City TV” is celebrating twenty years on the air. Thanks to those of you who have supported us thought the years.

And thanks to EVERY ONE for making “Music Inner City News Magazine” the #1 urban website on the Internet from the Northwest!!

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Jackson Upset At Lack Of Black Anchors At Night

ARTICLE FROM blackvoices.com (Full story click here)

Well it seems Rev. Jesse Jackson is upset at CNN as well as Fox News and MSNBC as well as NBC and CBS and ABC for not having African Americans on TV nighttime or prime time news as anchors. And if you at the point he trying to make, you have to agree.

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien is upset at Rev. Jackson for making this point. But what Ms. O’Brien has to realize is that what Rev. Jackson as well as Rev. Sharpton is talking about is one thing. There is zero African Americans on prime time news on national TV news in America. None. Soladad is a anchor on the morning news on CNN.

And what O’Brien is upset about with Rev. Jackson is Rev. Jackson saying O’Brien is “light skinned” and that their needs to be more “darker” skinned African Americans on primetime news as anchors.

What Rev. Jackson and others are saying is it seems guys like Don Lemon and T.J. Holmes are “light-skinned” brothas on CNN. Unlike Tony Harris. But Harris is on in the early afternoon. Holmes is on mainly on the weekends as is Lemon.

Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton and others are saying where are the African American night time anchors? There is Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity, Greta, O’Reilly, John King, Chris Matthews, and on and on. CNN just started a new program at night with zero African Americans. The fella who is taking Larry King’s place in January is not African American. The question is why is this going on.

I do not agree with Rev. Jackson and Rev. Jackson on every thing. But I agree with both of them on this point. There needs to be one or more African Americans on prime time night time news on cable TV. Remember their is none right now. This is not fair and not right.     Gordon Curvey

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Democrats Take A Beating/Prez Has To Stay Strong

ARTICLE FROM yahoonews.com (Full story click here)

Well we all know that the Democrats got beat pretty bad in the elections on Nov 2nd. The right pick up plenty of seats in the House and Senate. That is a fact. But I am here to say President Obama you have to stay strong.

The President had a press conference today (Nov 3rd) and he looked sad and defeated. As question after question was fired his way about the Democrats taking a beating. But the Prez hung in there the best he could.

In my strong opinion, I saw the handwriting on the wall readers. You had the Tea Party riding all over the country blasting the President and his policies and also a ENTIRE network in Fox News lowering the boom on President Obama on EVERY PROGRAM. Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Greta, and on and on on Fox News. It is the network of the Republican Party and also the Tea Party.

Here is another point I want to make. Where is the right when people are in jail for wanting to kill the President? Where is their voices? Where is their voices when people try to shout down the President while he speaking? Where is the right speaking up on some of the insensitive actions of the  Tea Party members against our President? The right is silent.

The tea party does not have to pay for ads. The have a whole network on their side. That’s real talk folks. Fox News is on their side!!!

Also it is sad that their is zero African Americans on TV as anchors on night-time cable TV news in the U.S. None on MSNBC, none on Fox News, none on CNN. How come Don Lemon on CNN cannot be on prime time at night on TV during the weekday instead of being on only on the weekend? Why not Tony Harris on CNN at night? I will write more on this issue soon.

Why not Roland Martin at night time? This is just not fair folks.

So it is time for President Obama to roll up his sleeves and get to real big time work because the right is out to get him. Fox News is out to get him too. He has to be ready to take the heat. Even certain folks on CNN and MSNBC are turning on President Obama. But one thing is for sure, people like myself and millions others have the President’s back!!!

STAY STRONG PREZ!!!!    Gordon Curvey

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Why Was Rick Sanchez Fired By CNN?

ARTICLE FROM dimewars.com (Full story click here)

Did you hear that CNN host Rick Sanchez of “Rick’s List” was fired the other day? He is no longer a host on CNN. He went on a radio show and called TV host Jon Stewart “a bigot” and also said “CNN and other networks are ran by Jewish people”

Sanchez also said that it is wrong for Jewish folks to call themselves “minorities” And that Stewart and others did not have the poor conditions he grew in.

Sanchez is a minority. He is a Cuban-American. Born in Cuba. And he came to America, grew up and made something of himself.

Rick Sanchez was the nearest thing to a minority that was on the air on CNN with his own weekday hosting gig on the station. And he always had African Americans and people of color like Roland Martin and others on his show on a regular basis to give their views on topics.

Yes he was wrong to blast the folks who were paying his salary. He was big time wrong on that issue but did he make a point about Jewish people thinking they are a minority?

What Sanchez was saying on the radio show was that a lot of white folks who are Jewish, call themselves “minorities” are not minorities.

I watched his program sometimes and truth be told I agreed with him on topics and I did not agree with him on topics. He put President Obama on blast a lot. But he also stood up for him too. And he took up for African Americans and people of color on many a topic.

I say Sanchez should not have been fired. Maybe the real reason he was fired was his ratings. Because Fox News and I think MSNBC was killing “Rick’s List” in the ratings.

You will see him again soon on cable TV. Mark my word. You will see him again.     Gordon Curvey

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President Obama Is Correct About Fox News

ARTICLE FROM news.yahoo.com (Full story click here)

President Obama again has put Sean Hannity and his friends Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck on blast in a article in Rolling Stone Magazine. And he is correct!

In the article, Prez says Fox News is “destructive”  He is so right. Fox News is on a daily mission against the Obama administration and for sure President Obama.

I monitor Sean Hannity on a nightly basis. I think Hannity HATES the President. I really do. Folks if you can tune in and watch Hannity’s show at 6pm or 9pm (Seattle time) and just look at his face when he talks about President Obama.

You can see the anger in his face. Just like Beck and O’Reilly. But for sure Hannity. Since the Prez has been in office, Hannity has NEVER said one good thing about him. Not one thing. This is terrible.

What Foxs News has done is help form the Tea Party and help bring bigots out in the open. And even other groups like the KKK and other hate groups. You may disagree with me, but it is a fact readers.

The Tea Party in my strong opinion is made of a group of bigots. Running around talking about “taking back our country” and other stupid comments. What does “take back our country” mean? You know and I know what that means.

That means they are disappointed that a African American is the most powerful man in the world and they do not like it. Never in their wildest dreams that they thought a black man would become President.

So folks it is truly sad that a ENTIRE network is against President Obama. But guess what? Brotha Obama is a cool dude who can handle the pressure. It rolls of his back. All I can say is STAY STRONG President Obama, myself and millions of your supporters have your back!!      Gordon Curvey

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Why Is Glenn Beck So Popular?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Why is the clown Glenn Beck so doggone popular? I watched his rally in Saturday on TV and saw his so called speech and afterwords I was wondering one thing. What in the hell did he just say?

It was a speech that showed me he is a lost soul and the drugs he used to take has messed up his mind because I did not understand what the hell his speech was about.

The crowd at his rally was 99% white. The crowd at Beck’s rally were anti-President Obama. Haters against our President because he is a African American. Our first African American President.

What Beck and his conservative friends like Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity is doing against President Obama is DANGEROUS. Very dangerous folks.

Folks what Beck and his right wing buddies are doing is bringing out bigots and racists that do not like African Americans or people of color. One of these clowns may try to harm our President. I hope and pray this does not happen but if you listen to what the right is saying it could set someone off to try to hurt President Obama. These right wingers are very very angry.

This rally was led by a man in Glenn Beck who called President Obama a racist. Who got a African African American Van Jones fired from his job, who went after Acorn and now the organization is no longer around. And what I am real bothered by is this. GLENN BECK MADE FUN OF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S 11 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!! This guy is a sick puppy.

Like I said earlier, I think the drugs he used to be hooked on messed up his brain. He should be in the Ringling Bros. circus as a clown.

So why is Glenn Beck so popular? He is popular because he is leading the hate against against President Obama. And has support from his Fox News friends in Hannity and O’Reilly and others.

Readers if you are a supporter of President Obama like myself, please do like me and say a prayer for our President and his family. He needs our support against bigots like Glenn Beck. This is One”s Man’s Opinion.

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Foxs News Is On A Mission Against The Obama Administration

ARTICLE FROM cnn.com (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Unless you have been under a rock, you know Shirley Sherrod has fired by the Obama Administration for a speech she gave back in March at a NAACP event in which she talked about a issue years and years ago.

A guy who for sure is on Fox News secret payroll, doctored a tape of Ms. Sharrod’s speech and made it seem she is a racist against white folks and put it on the internet.

This same clown was responsible for taping a so called “pimp” who went inside of Acorn and found dirt and now Acorn is no longer around. All the secret video by the way backed by Fox News.

Fox News was also behind the firing of another Obama administration employee who is African American who they secretly taped and put that on the net and then  was broadcasted on Sean Hannity and Bill O’Rielly and everyone’s show on Fox News.

Now Fox News went on the warpath against Shirley Sharrod a very hard working lady whose father was killed years ago. He was a community activist. By the way, the killer(s) were never found.

Something has to be done about Fox News. From DAY ONE they are out to bring down the first African American president, President Barack Obama and his administration.

Finally, I think President Obama has to give a major speech on race relations again. I think he cannot run from it. He has to it. Sorry to say readers……racism is alive and well in America.

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Why Would Glenn Beck Make Fun Of Young Malia Obama?

ARTICLE FROM mediamatters.com (Full story click here)

In my strong opinion Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Bill Cunningham, Micheal Medved, Micheal Savage and others are in the same boat. They are on a mission to bring President Obama down in any way possible.

One of the ways is for the clown Glenn Beck to try to bring down one of President Obama’s daughters Malia. He did it over the air on one of his shows. THIS IS THE LOWEST OF LOWS BESIDES CALLING OUR PRESIDENT THE “N” WORD.

Beck has already called President Obama “a racist”!!! What in the heck is wrong with Beck and the right wing?

For Beck to make fun a 11 year old little girl and the Presidents daughter is beyond low.

As far as I am concerned Glenn Beck should be fired by Fox News and fired NOW. And the owners of his radio show should fire him too. But of course it will not happen.

But here is a question. WHERE IS REV SHARPTON AND REV JACKSON IN SPEAKING OUT MORE AGAINST HANNITY AND BECK AND FOX NEWS? It is very strange to me that these guys allowed Beck to get away with this classless act against Malia Obama. The question is why? I will be writing more on Sharpton and Jackson soon.

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Why Does Rev Sharpton Go On Glenn Beck’s Program?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I just saw Rev. Al Sharpton on Fox News and the Glenn Beck program. I quickly said to myself very quickly why would Rev. Sharpton go on Beck’s program? Then again it seems Rev Sharpton is on everyone’s program. Is he trying to lead or is he trying to be a celebrity?

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham and others are the reason their is so much hate against the left and so much hate against President Obama. GLENN BECK IS ONE OF THE LEADERS OF THE TEA PARTY FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!

It seems to me Rev Sharpton loves to jump on MSNBC, loves to jump on CNN and for some godly reason, loves to jump on Fox News.

Is it because he loves to be seen on national TV and be seen? What the heck is it? It kind of bothers me when I see Rev Sharpton over and over and over again on Fox News and CNN and MSNBC. But what bothers me the most is Rev Sharpton on Hannity’s show and Beck’s show.

Both of those fellas blast Rev Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson and of course President Obama at will when ever they can. So again, why would Rev Sharpton continue to go on their programs?

Beck and Hannity on a everyday basis call President Obama a “socialist” a “radical” and constantly talk about President Obama’s “radical” friends.

To me, I think Rev Sharpton loves to see himself on National TV with his very nice suits on his hair looking nice.

When I turn on the TV and see Rev. Sharpton posted up on Glenn Beck’s show knowing how he is treating our President and other people of color I have a problem. Remember Beck called President Obama “a racist”. I guess Rev Sharpton has forgot issues like this in order to be seen on national TV.

I respect Rev Sharpton for standing up for issues regarding people of color. I really do, but on this issue, I do not support him at all.

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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: First Lady Michelle Obama

ARTICLE FROM wikipedia.com (Full bio click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Friday night I was watching Fox News and the “Hannity” program to see what Democrat he was going to beat up on or what negativity he was going to throw down on President Obama.

Then all of a sudden BAM!! He blasts Nickelodeon TV for giving First Lady Michelle Obama a award for the work she is doing. Hannity said the kids station is “leaning toward the left”  WHAT!!!!! I could not believe what I was hearing readers. It was a OUTRAGE!!

If Hannity is not beating up on the President, then he will pick his wife to beat up on. Since the President has been in office I do not think Hannity and others on Fox News or even others on the right, have said anything positive about the beautiful and intelligent and outstanding Michelle Obama.

Michelle is a GREAT First Lady and a GREAT role model for young girls and young ladies of ALL COLORS AND RACES. And also she is a wondeful mom to her kids. How cats like Hannity can say ANYTHING negative about her and a award she is getting is BEYOND ME!!!

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Fox News Host Interrupts President Obama Over & Over In Interview

ARTICLE FROM huffingtonpost.com (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I just saw the so-called interview that this so called host on Fox News did with President Obama. I will not use the clowns name in my article.

It was one of the worst things I have seen on TV. This dude interrupted the President over and over and over again in this interview on Fox News. Look up the word disrespect. This is what the so called interview was.

If I was the President, I would have worked out of the room and ended the interview. This was planned by Fox News to try to make the President look bad.

In my opinion, President Obama did not have to go on Fox to pitch his health care plan. That would have been the last place I would have went.

Hannity, O’Reilly and others on Fox News treat President Obama like dirt. They don’t even call him President Obama. They call him ‘this guy” or “that guy” or even just “Obama”. But they will call W. Bush “President”.

And by the way, do you think Fox would have treated treated W. Bush in the manner they treated President Obama? The answer is NO!

Check out how the fella treated the President in the link above.

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President Obama Donates All Of Nobel Peace Prize Money

ARTICLE FROM cbsnews.com (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

A big shout out to President Obama for donating all of the $1.4 million prize money from his win of a Nobel Peace Prize to 10 different organizations. This is a great move on the President’s part.

Some folks, mainly people on the right say President Obama should not have received a Nobel Peace Prize and truth be told President Obama was a little shocked but the bottom line is he did get it. So folks need to stop hatin on the President.

People like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham and Glenn Beck and others on the right want to blast President Obama every chance they get on every topic. He cannot do anything right in their eyes. Nothing.

Heck, Fox News does not even shows Presidential press conferences held by President Obama when at the same time, MSNBC and CNN show it. What’s up with that readers? Did they treat former President George W. Bush that way?

Do you think Fox News and others said anything about President Obama donating all his prize money to children and youth organizations etc? No they did not. This is truly truly sad. Again good looking out Prez for you donating your prize money to different organizations. That is a very positive move on your part.

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