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Are You Disappointed With The Programs On B.E.T?

ARTICLE FROM thegrio.com (Full story click here)

I have been waiting to say something on this topic for awhile and then I saw the above article in The Grio website so I said now is the time to say my views on Black Entertainment Network.

I have been very disappointed in the programming on B.E.T. for a long time. In my opinion there is to much videos and reality shows and older programs and not nearly enough news programing.

I remember when B.E.T. had a nightly news program at about 10pm Seattle time that I never missed. It was a very good program hosted by Jackie Reid. It had news and views from the African American point of view every night. Why the program was taken of was and is beyond me. That was just crazy in my opinion.

Their needs to be more news specials on B.E.T.  Much more. More primetime news shows maybe hosted by Ed Gordon and other B.E.T personalities. News on the programs of unemployment in the African American community, teen suicide, the drug and gang problems in our communities, the problems of students dropping out of school and on and on. This is not happening like it should on B.E.T.

I want B.E.T to be more like CNN. News, news and more news. You can come to local programs like my program “Music Inner City TV” for some music videos etc. But even with my show, I try to entertain and educate.

I hope B.E.T. President Debra Lee will see the light and do much more news programming and less videos and reality shows and older programs like Bernie Mac and shows like the Game and others.

I want more positive stories on for instance President Obama because as we know MSNBC and CNN and for sure Fox News does not do enough positive stories on our President and other politicians. Why not a “biography” type of program with profiles on Morgan Freeman or Halle Berry or even Rev Jesse Jackson or Denzel Washington etc.

This is just my opinion. I agree with the folks at the Grio. I hope and pray the B.E.T. will give us much more news and views from the African American community. A good way to do that is to bring back “The B.E.T Nightly News” right now!!   Gordon Curvey

“Music Inner City TV” is celebrating twenty years on the air. Thanks to those of you who have supported us thought the years.

And thanks to EVERY ONE for making “Music Inner City News Magazine” the #1 urban website on the Internet from the Northwest!!

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Jackson Upset At Lack Of Black Anchors At Night

ARTICLE FROM blackvoices.com (Full story click here)

Well it seems Rev. Jesse Jackson is upset at CNN as well as Fox News and MSNBC as well as NBC and CBS and ABC for not having African Americans on TV nighttime or prime time news as anchors. And if you at the point he trying to make, you have to agree.

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien is upset at Rev. Jackson for making this point. But what Ms. O’Brien has to realize is that what Rev. Jackson as well as Rev. Sharpton is talking about is one thing. There is zero African Americans on prime time news on national TV news in America. None. Soladad is a anchor on the morning news on CNN.

And what O’Brien is upset about with Rev. Jackson is Rev. Jackson saying O’Brien is “light skinned” and that their needs to be more “darker” skinned African Americans on primetime news as anchors.

What Rev. Jackson and others are saying is it seems guys like Don Lemon and T.J. Holmes are “light-skinned” brothas on CNN. Unlike Tony Harris. But Harris is on in the early afternoon. Holmes is on mainly on the weekends as is Lemon.

Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton and others are saying where are the African American night time anchors? There is Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity, Greta, O’Reilly, John King, Chris Matthews, and on and on. CNN just started a new program at night with zero African Americans. The fella who is taking Larry King’s place in January is not African American. The question is why is this going on.

I do not agree with Rev. Jackson and Rev. Jackson on every thing. But I agree with both of them on this point. There needs to be one or more African Americans on prime time night time news on cable TV. Remember their is none right now. This is not fair and not right.     Gordon Curvey

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