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Charles Barkley Is A For Real Clown

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

charles-barkley-shares-a-laugh-before-the-game_crop_exactLet me make this clear Charles Barkley is a clown. Like a clown in the circus. As a basketball junky and a NBA junky, I am a huge fan of Charles Barkley as one of the best players in the history of the NBA. At 6-5 he did things on the court no other player has done.

Barkley had many games with 32 points and 22 rebounds or 25 points 25 rebounds. He was a great player. There has not been a player of his size to do what Barkley did during his career. And of course he has made a name for himself on TNT with Kenny “The Jet” Smith and Ernie Johnson and for the last few years big Shaq..Shaquille O’Neal.clowns17n-2-web

But to me and many many others, Charles Barkley is a clown. First of all Barkley butchers the english language. Every show on TNT the clown show starts when ever he opens his big mouth. He says things that is so off the freakin wall it is pathetic! Charles Barkley is allowed to say things over the air because he makes a lot of white folks happy because he says things to make them happy.

Barkley has lost track of reality. He is a multi millionaire that stays in a huge house in Phoenix and not only that I wonder when was the last time he went into the inner city and talked to kids and hang out. I wonder when was the last time he went to a African American church? Charles Barkley is from a hick town in  Alabama and grew up very very poor.

Then he becomes a NBA superstar and makes millions and what does he do? He marries a white lady. He forgets about for which he came from. A town called Leeds, Alabama. He does what a lot a black men do. Get rich and turns to a white lady instead of a African American female.

Now Barkley has the nerve to comment on the Micheal Brown killing in Ferguson and other issues that deal with black people. He calls people “scumbags” and agrees with the decision allowing Darren Wilson to walk free for killing a unarmed young black kid. I dare Barkley to agree with the decision!! He is a fool and a buffoon and is a joke to most African Americans. He is not a joke to me. He is a embarrassment to my race.

Emmit Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Micheal Irvin, Warren Sapp and yes Barkley and others are not good broadcasters in my opinion but Barkley is the worst! For some reason he has won a Emmy for being a good host on “Inside The NBA”.  Why I would like to know!! He acts like he speaks for the African American community when he makes these stupid comments on issues outside of basketball.

CHARLES BARKLEY DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME AND THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY. Just like Rev Al Sharpton does not speak for me. No black so called “leader” speaks for me. I speak for myself.

I think Charles Barkley should join the Ringling Bros Circus as a clown. Because that is what he is to most black folks.


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Dr. Conrad Murrey Is Found Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter

ARTICLE FROM today.msnbc.com (Full story click here

I sat amazed at what I just saw on TV. I watched the O.J. verdict, the Casey Anthony verdict, the Rodney King verdict and other verdicts and now I have watched Dr. Conrad Murrey found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the King Of Pop Micheal Jackson. Unreal!

As I watched on Headline News as the verdict was announced Dr. Murrey sat like a statue in his chair. When the verdict was announced he was guilty, Dr. Murrey continued to sit there like a statue.

What I do not like is the crowd I saw outside cheering like they all won the lottery. Here is the thing. This is a VERY sad situation. Micheal Jackson is no longer here and Dr Murrey is going to jail. This is very very sad.

In my opinion it is very sad all the way around. Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson lost her son. Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Latoya, Janet, Rebbie, Marlon and Randy  lost their brother way to young. It is very very sad.

I wish the best for Micheal’s kids. They seem like very down to earth and balanced young kids who want to be in the entertainment industry. My prayers go out to the entire Jackson Family. And may Micheal continue to rest in peace.    Gordon Curvey

Watch live video from Music Inner City on www.justin.tv

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