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Bryant Gumbel Puts David Stern On Blast!

ARTICLE FROM thegrio.com (Full story click here)

Veteran broadcaster Bryant Gumbel is fed up with the actions of NBA Commissioner David Stern because of his actions or words in the on going labor talks between the players and the owners over this NBA lockout.

Gumbel had some stong words for Stern. Please read the article in the link above. Bryant basically called Stern a slave master and the NBA players are their slaves. And because of this we may not have a NBA season. Which will be TERRIBLE.

Bryant as a sports fan is pissed and so am I readers. If you check out Stern he can come off as arrogant and uppity. Like “I am Dave Stern and who are you?” Meanwhile days are passing by and we the fans of the NBA have already had two weeks of the season canceled. This is just not good.

Bryant should also put Micheal Jordan on blast for not being in the meetings. MJ in my opinion should get his ass off the golf course walking around with a big cigar and help the players!! You see MJ was a all time great  and is now a owner. No one in the meetings can say that. He can come from both angles. MJ should be in the meetings.

And so should Kobe Bryant, KG, LeBron, Melo, Amerie, Dirk, Jason Terry and other vets of the NBA. Get in the meetings and help Derek Fisher to hammer out a deal so we the fans can enjoy the NBA. We will keep in up to date with the NBA lockout right here.  Gordon Curvey

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MJ Makes Comments On James & Heat/James Possible Home?

ARTICLE FROM blackbloggers.com (Full story click here)

The REAL king, Micheal Jordan made some comments regarding LeBron James and Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh joining together in Miami on the Heat and they were not good.

He basically said he would not have called Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or Charles Barkley etc to form a super team in the NBA. The is a blast of James by MJ. By the way I wonder how James feels about this because MJ is his idol.

James is getting plenty negative pub all over the place for his bolting from the Cavs. In Cleveland he is really getting negative press in the newspapers on TV and the net and of course from Cavs fans.

And word has leaked about the possible new multi-million dollar home he may move into soon in the Miami area. And folks when you see the pics (above link) you will know the cat has some real dough in his pockets.

I think differently on James and Wade and Bosh. I don’t like the move by these three. It is that simple. I do not like the move.

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