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President Obama Wins A Second Term As President

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Students held big protest over the re-election of President Barack Obama Tuesday night on the University of Mississippi campus. Why did this happen folks? This is crazy. (Read story from washingtonpost.com right here)

Tonight was a very happy night for me as I sat and watched the first African American President of the United States Barack Obama, win re-election to a second term as President.  I never thought I would see a African American President, now he has four more years!

To see President Obama walk on stage before a wild and cheering crowd in Chicago with First Lady Michelle Obama and their beautiful children, it just made me very happy.  And if you are a supporter of the President I am sure you are happy too because in my opinion it would have been a huge mistake to elect Mitt Romney.

If Romney was elected it would be President George W. Bush all over again. Romney said if elected he would make cuts to Medicare, Amtrack, Planned Parenthood, Social Sucurity, FEMA, food stamps and much more. It would have been terrible. How anyone would vote for Romney is beyond me readers. But then again Romney had Fox News on his side led by Sean Hanitty.

I watched Fox News after CNN said that President had won and this crazy Karl Rove was making excuses and was saying he did not think the President had won yet. Rove is crazy! Can’t wait to hear Hannity cry like a baby because his guy Romney was beat. But you can bet that Hannity will continue to talk negative about President Obama on a nightly basis during his second term just like he did during the first term.

Finally, as I watched the crowd when Romney gave his speech after his loss, I could not see a black face. It was a sea of white faces. The Republicans need to realize that America is not all white. It is a melting pot of African Americans, Asians, Latinos, East Africans etc. The right needs to start RIGHT NOW to reach into the black community and latino community etc and show that they care about our plight in America.

Romney won big time in states like Arizona and Utah and Montana and Wyoming where there is hardly a black face in sight. The Republicans have have a long long history of not reaching African Americans and people of color and showing us they care about us. When you watched the crowd in Chicago after President Obama won you saw whites cheering, Asians cheering, East Africans cheering, African Americans cheering,

This is America folks. And on November 6th, Americans voted for President Obama to serve four more years. He has a lot of work to do. People need jobs etc but I think the President will try to work hard to improve some of the problems that are going on today. Hopefully the Republicans will FINALLY work with him because so far they have not. I am happy that President Obama won a second term now as Big Ed says on his show on MSNBC “Let’s get to work”



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Mitt Romney: Zero Support By African American Voters!

ARTICLE FROM bet.com (Full story click here)

I was really not shocked when I saw this story regarding Mitt Romney. The story says Romney has ZERO support from African American voters according to a new poll by NBC/Wall Street Journal. Again I was really not shocked.

Republicans have a LONG history of little outreach to the African American community. It is like they do not care. Yes Romney made a “fake” showing at the NAACP convention a few months back and he met with a few black folks concerned with education but that has been it readers.

When Romney spoke at the NAACP event he told the crowd “I am your man to help with problems in the African American community” I almost to call 911 when he said that!! We heard cheers. But we found out later that the “cheers” came from his supporters that were planted in the crowd to cheer for him!! I am telling you the truth folks! That really happened.

Of course President Obama has a 94% ratings in the poll. That is not a shock right? And of course our First Lady Michelle Obama is VERY popular. She is just a great lady.

It is no surprise that I am a supporter of our President. And like Spike Lee told Piers Morgan the other day, I am going to do my part, little as it is to help him get re-elected in November.

It is a fact that the Republicans led by Romney are trying to STOP AFRICAN AMERICANS FROM VOTING IN KEY SWING STATES LIKE OHIO AND FLORIDA. This cannot happen!! It is a fact that the race between Romney and President Obama is a dead heat right now and the right is trying to play games with African American voters. IT HAS TO STOP AND STOP NOW readers. This cannot happen!

So Mitt Romney with ZERO support among African Americans…..not a surprise.   Gordon Curvey

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Total Disrespect Of The President By Governor Brewer

ARTICLE FROM cleveland.com (Full story click here)

I am sure you have seen the pic here of Arizona Gov. Brewer going off on the President Of The United States Barack Obama. I am still totally shocked that this racist governor had the nerve to PUT HER FINGER IN THE FACE OF THE MOST POWERFUL MAN ON EARTH.

Who in the HELL does she think she is readers? She wrote a book and said some negative things about President Obama and word is he was not happy about it so in his calm and cool way he let her know about it and she PUT HER FINGER IN THE FACE OF THE PRESIDENT! I just cannot believe it.

Then she has the nerve to go on right wing radio and TV the day after the incident and say “I felt threatened” and the President is “thin skinned” WHAT???? I know she did not go there! How can she feel “threatened” by the President Of The United States? Did she feel he was going to punch her?? Come on let’s get real!

I am OUTRAGED by the actions of Gov. Brewer towards President Obama. But you know what is sad? On right wing radio and TV (i.e Fox News) racists and bigots are cheering Gov. Brewer for putting her finger in the face of the President. This is terrible!! Flat out terrible and wrong. I have never seen a President treated in just a manner in the U.S.

Truth be told Gov. Brewer needs to hold a press conference and say she is sorry to President Obama. Sorry for totally disrespecting the President Of The United States. It needs to happen very soon. Word is First Lady Michelle Obama is not happy with Gov. Brewer.

The Republicans and right wingers are totally out of control against President Obama. With Gov. Brewer putting her finger in the face of President Obama, it shows just how out of control they are. This crap has to stop. Next thing you know some bigot is going to try to shoot the President. Just what a writer in a Jewish newspaper wanted. Again this bigotry against President Obama has to stop!  Gordon Curvey

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