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Diggy Simmons Is Making A Name For Himself In Hip-Hop

ARTICLE FROM s2smagazine.com (Full story click here)

We have seen young Diggy Simmons grow up from a little kid to a young man because of watching him on TV for years on “Run’s House”

Of course his father is the legendary Rev. Run of the group Run D.M.C. Rev. Run has done a great job in bringing up his kids. A great job. Some think Rev. Run’s kids are spoiled brats. I do not think that at all.

It seems to me Rev. Run made his kids get a good education in school and has brought up his kids to want to work hard when they get older. Diggy Simmons has grown up and has worked hard to make a name for himself in hip-hop.

Yes for sure doors was opened up for Diggy because of who his daddy is but truth be told young Diggy Simmons has skills. Real talk. He really does.

Here is a question. If you watched “Run’s House” you will know that Diggy Simmons big brother JoJo is also a rapper but we have not heard from JoJo regarding his music. Maybe we will one day. In the meantime, shout out to Diggy Simmons and we will be playing his videos soon on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV”  Gordon Curvey

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Music Inner City Bio: Russell Simmons

Full bio of Russell Simmon click here

There is one person who I respect tremendously besides my mom, President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey and that is businessman Russell Simmons.

Russell is someone young kids in the inner city can really look up to. He came from nothing and made himself into a multi-millionaire.

Simmons is worth $340 million. He started Def Jam Records with Rick Rubin 1984. A member of the legendary rap Run DMC, Joseph (Rev Run) Simmons is his brother.

He sold his stake of Def Jam Records for $100 million. Simmons does a lot of charity work which you can read about in the M.I.C bio.

Russell started the “Hip Hop Summit Network” a few years ago to work on problems in hip-hop music like the “B” word and the “N” word in rap and hip-hop lyrics. For some reason the Summit had big turnouts in every city it had sessions in EXCEPT here in Seattle. For some reason ( i know why) the people or person responsible for putting the Summit together here in Seattle for Russell just messed up and did not do the work to make the “Hip Hop Summit” a success here in Seattle. What a shame.

Russell started a website called “Global Grind” a few years ago with his brother Rev Run and it has been a success. It is at www.globalgrind.com

Anyway a big shout out to Russell Simmons from “Music Inner City” Keep doin what ya doin bro!!    Gordon Curvey

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