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White Sox Pitcher Mark Buehrle Hoped Vick Would Be Injured

ARTICLE FROM yardbarker.com (Full story click here)

I was shocked to see the stupid comments by Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle and his wife Jane about NFL player Micheal Vick. I could not believe what and his wife said.

OK he and his wife love dogs. I love dogs too. Always have. I also think Vick was big time wrong in what he did to those poor dogs. He was wrong. Let me repeat….wrong.

But Vick paid his dues. He served time in the big house for 18 months. He seems to be a changed man. He was named “Comeback Player Of The Year” etc.

Why would Buehrle and his wife come out now and say they wished Vick would have got hurt or injured on the field in a NFL game? That was a TERRIBLE thing to say!!! Wrong.

Buehrle made these stupid comments on mlb.com which has now taken the interview down from there site but his comments are still on his twitter account.

And not only that, I feel major league baseball should fine Buehrle for his stupid comments regarding Micheal Vick. His comments were uncalled for. Will MLB fine him? I don’t think so but they should.   Gordon Curvey

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Bristol Palin Better Than Brandy On D.W.T.S/No Way!!

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Did you happen to watch “Dancing With The Stars” the other day? Did you see Brandy dance better than Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol? Well I did. So why is Brandy going home and Palin is going to the finals?

I will tell you why in my strong opinion. The Tea Party in which Sarah Palin is leader of made mad phone calls to members to vote for Sarah’s daughter. I know this has to be the case readers.

Unless you are the late Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder, you saw Brandy her dance partner Maksim dance better than Palin and her partner. You know it and I know it. Everybody should know it.

This is a crime that Brandy is not going to the finals. It is not fair. And it is wrong. The Tea Party and the right made sure that Bristol Palin would be in the finals.

You saw the shock on Brandy’s face when it was announced she is going home. If you looked at her performance you had to be shocked too unless you are a Tea Party member or Palin family members and folks on the right.

Brandy Norwood should be in the finals of “Dancing With The Stars” Pure and simple. It is terrible that she is not!!!   Gordon Curvey

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