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Music Inner City Radio Podcast/Seattle’s 1150am KKNW/6-2-2012

Seattle’s own “Music Inner City Radio” podcast on 1150am KKNW aired 6-2-2012. Hosted by Gordon Curvey and Tony O from Direct Supply Entertainment. Featuring urban music. entertainment and sports news and more including exclusive interviews. 24-7 on-demand.

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M.I.C-TV Webcast/Guest: Baby Bash

Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” webcast with guest Baby Bash interviewed by Robert Redwine Jr. here in Seattle. Also hot music videos and much more!! The ONLY real locally produced urban music/interview TV show from the Northwest (U.S.) On the air since 1990!! To advertise contact us via text-email 206-445-3989/gcurvey@yahoo.com  206-445-3989.


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What In The Heck Is Going On With Harvey’s Ex Wife?

ARTICLE FROM eurweb.com (Full story click here)

If you go to some of the “urban” sites on the net you most likely have saw a story or two about the situation between comedian and radio and TV host Steve Harvey’s ex wife and current wife. It is real strange.

It started when Harvey’s ex wife Mary putting a series of three You Tube videos out discussing the possible cheating on her with other ladies while they were married.

She went on and spoke out more on You Tube and other outlets. Now Harvey’s current wife, Marjorie is tired of the actions by Mary and wants to sue Mary. I am sorry to say this could get ugly.

Meanwhile, Harvey went on his radio show and said he did not cheat on his ex wife and is

wondering why she is coming out with so called dirt years after they broke up. I totally agee with Steve.

Mary Harvey has come out and said she is broke. In my opinion she is a jealous female who has noticed that Harvey a solid career with a radio show, TV show and has had two best selling books.

Again, as a outsider I don’t understand why Mary Harvey has waited years after she left Harvey to go on You Tube and put Steve on blast. I don’t understand it at all other than one word……jealous.      Gordon Curvey

“Music Inner City News Magazine” is the #1 urban news magazine on the Internet from the Northwest.

In the next few days please watch “Music Inner City Broadband TV” a web version of our TV show that airs on Comcast On Demand all over Western Washington state 24/7.

Just go to “get local” and then “around the sound” and enjoy the shows. Our webcast programs will feature hot videos and exclusive interviews and entertainment and sports news and little politics.

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Music Inner City TV Webcast/12-15-2010

Entire program of Seattle’s own Music Inner City TV based in Seattle, Washington. M.I.C-TV airs 24/7 on Comcast On Demand all over Western Washington state. Urban and pop videos and exclusive interviews. Celebrating 20 years on the air!


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Breaking News: T.I. Arrested For Suspicion Of Possessing Marijuana

ARTICLE FROM 979kissfm.com (Full story click here)

Rapper T.I. was arrested along with his wife Tiny for suspicion of possessing marijuana in West Hollywood, California.

Officers pulled the car over T.I. and his wife were in and smelled bud and they were arrested. They posted a $10,000 bail and was released.

When I first saw this information on T.I. I said…..WHAT THE HELL!!!! Of course you are innocent until proven guilty but I thought T.I. was going to do his best to stay out of trouble after a serving time in jail for weapons possession charges. I guess I was wrong.

After T.I. was released from prison he went on a big tour of schools and community centers to speak with kids about staying in school and getting a good education and staying out of trouble etc. And now this. I am VERY disappointed in T.I. if these charges are true.

T.I. should remember he was given another change to be a role model kids can look up too. A chance to be a leader in the hip-hop game and out of it too. Guess he did not want to be a role model folks. Guess he was fooling us.

Readers what guys like T.I. and folks in the public eye (even myself) need to realize is that we are people young folks look at to be leaders and role models. We do not need to be hanging out at clubs until 2am or we do not need to be beating up people or even our ladies or girlfriends or vise versa.

If these charges against T.I. and even Tiny are true I will be VERY disappointed. Remember Tiny, the wife of T.I., is a former member of the singing group Xscape and a star of a reality show. So young ladies look up to her too.

I will be giving you more details on the arrest of T.I. and Tiny right here on the #1 urban website in the Northwest…..”Music Inner City News Magazine”   This is “One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Please watch “Music Inner City TV” on Comcast On Demand TV all over Western Washington state. Just grab your remote and go to “GET LOCAL” and then go to ‘AROUND THE SOUND” and enjoy the programs morning noon or night.

And listen to “Music Inner City Radio” every Friday night at 10pm in the Seattle area and suburbs on 1150am KKNW and streaming LIVE online at www.1150kknw.com Classic soul, exclusive interviews, new and recent songs and more.

To advertise with us online, on TV and the radio for one VERY VERY low price call us at 206-445-3989 or e-mail us at gcurvey@yahoo.com

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Halle Berry Does First Interview In Three Years With Vogue

ARTICLE FROM popcast.com (Full story click here)

Kind of strange that actress Halle Berry is doing her first interview in three years. And also it is strange she is doing it with Vogue Magazine.

I am thinking why Vogue and not Oprah? If am not mistaken, that was her last big interview on former guest on Seattle’s Music Inner City, Oprah’s program.

In my opinion, Berry has been bitten by the Oscar curse because since she won her Oscar, the movies she has acted in have not been anything to write home about.

She is getting paid big dollars for her roles but in my opinion, she needs to really take her time and pick good roles for her.

Also it is also strange why her love life is always in a turmoil. One fella after another fella after another fella.

Is it her or is it the fellas she picks to be in love with. Her relationships just do not last long.

She is one of only a few African American actresses who can land lead roles in Hollywood. Here is a question readers…..why?

I will be writing a story on this topic, the lack of lead roles for African American actresses very soon right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”    Gordon Curvey

#1 for urban entertainment in the Northwest online and on TV, it is “Music Inner City”. And now we are on radio on 1150am KKNW every Friday at 10pm in the Seattle area and online at www.1150kknw.com

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KUBE93 Needs To Play Local Artists During PRIME TIME!

ARTICLE FROM blogs.myspace.com Full story click here)

“One’s Man Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

(Thanks for everyone’s support during my health problems!)

I came upon the above article on the net yesterday and even though it was from 1997, every thing in the article is happening TODAY!! And yours truly is even mentioned. To my surprise!!

The article is by a cat who is not afraid TO SPEAK UP AND TAKE STANDS, just like me. It is a cat named Davy D out of the Bay Area. Just like my homie former Seattle NAACP chairman Carl Mack. Not afraid to speak up.

The above article is about Seattle’s KUBE 93 and their stance of not playing local artists during prim time. Let Usher or Drake or Lil Wayne or Ray J break out with a new joint, KUBE is all over it. But let Mac Slug or Chocolate or Twin G or Tacoma’s own Bassrock come out with a new joint and it is nowhere to be found on KUBE’s playlist.

KUBE 93 has been playing national artists on KUBE 93 without giving PRIME TIME air spins for local artists unless you are Seattle’s own Sir Mix-A-Lot and a few others.

It is time for local urban artists to stand up and take a stand just like artists did against Power 106 in L.A. and KMEL in the Bay. They said enough is enough and HIT THE STREETS with pickets and a march. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN HERE IN SEATTLE. The question ……….will it happen. I think no.

I think local artist are scared to take a stand. Afriad of their rep, afraid to take a risk. To laid back. Cats in Los Angeles and San Fran were not afraid. So now San Quinn and Mac Mall and L.A. artist can get their stuff played at 5pm and 6pm and 7pm.   hours instead of 11pm or midnight or not at all.

Local Seattle area artists the ball is in your court. Will you shoot and sink a 15 footer or shoot a brick. We will see. Again read my homies Davy D article. It is 2010 not 1997 but nothing has changed.

KUBE gave me real nice sound system for my computer after my terrible fire in 2005 for which I was very happy!!! But then they continued to ban me from the SJ etc.

The above article says that the FCC has told Clear Ch. owned stations and other stations to SET ASIDE 8,500 HOURS FOR LOCAL ARTISTS AIR SPINS DURING PRIM TIME!!. Let me repeat, the FCC has set told Clear Ch stations to SET ASIDE 8,500 HOURS for local artists air spin during prime time.

This WILL NOT happen if local Seattle/Tacoma artists continue to sit on their ass. and not march down to the radio meetings that KUBE 93 has EVERY WEEK and demand they will play the LOCAL artists hot new joint during PRIME TIME!! do not TAKE A TERRIBLE JOINT DOWN THEIR.

As you local artist lay in the cut and do nothing then you will not have airspins on KUBE. If you want to continue to be ghetto celebrities to catch the honeys then keep doing what you are doing as local artists.

In 1994 and 1998 myself, Curtis “Boss” Elerson, Gene Dexter, Silver Shadow D., Wojack, Robert Redwine, Melvin Hart and a few others brought out the pickets in front of KUBE 93’s offices. We meant business!!!! We had thousands of stickers and a bunch of pickets. We stayed up until 3am making picketts etc.

A LOT OF YOU YOUNG CATS DON’T KNOW THIS HAPPENED BUT IT DID. It is time for a new generation to do what we OG’s did in 94′ and 98′. You have to DEMAND THAT KUBE PLAYS YOUR JOINTS DURING PRIME TIME!! A FCC law will back you up because I am sure those 8,500 hours have not been taken up. REMEMBER THIS IS A LAW ARTISTS. DEMAND THAT KUBE PLAY YOUR HOT JOINTS!!

Organize yourself and speak out. Do you want to be seen on maybe 106? Remember ONLY SIR A-LOT IS THE CAT WHO HAS BLOWN UP BIG FROM SEATTLE. This is flat out sad. He has not had a hit since 1991 with “Baby Got Back” This is 2010!!! It is time for the Seattle/Tacoma area to be put back on the hip-hop/r&b/rap map!!!!!    Real Talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason for our protest was for local artists air spins and to have more African American dj’s. As a result of our protests “Future Flavours” was started and Tony B’s work load increased at KUBE. But sorry to say, as far as airspins is concerned it ain’t happening except for on J-Moore’s late Sunday night program “Sunday Night Sound Sessions” Also “Streetbeat” with host Tony B has NEVER had myself on as a guest to discuss my almost TWO DECADES broadcasting. The question is why? Is it Tony B and his ego or his boss at KUBE93? I don’t know, only Tony knows.

Do you want to continue to be “ghetto celebrities” or do you want to do what my friend Davy D says in the above article? Time will tell. Stop the sleep walking artists. Stop being afraid to take a stand. Organize, build your pickett’s and let KUBE 93 know that you want radio air spins during prime time on KUBE just like they did at Power 93 in L.A. and KMEL in the Bay.

Cats were not afriad in SF and LA. Hundreds hit the street. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE IN SEATTLE.

Another thing is I am tired of is hearing hard core gangsta rappers or just rappers and urban artists fall into KUBE to be interviewed by Eric Powers and for some reason the terrible Dirty Harry. As a OG African American in the game it just turns my tummy to hear the so called interviews. It hurts big time.

OK, these are my feelings, please read the above link and remember NOTHING  has changed at KUBE since 97 as far as prime time radio spins. The ball is in the artists court.  What are the artists going to do?

Finally, I think it is a shame that KUBE has blocked my coverage of the KUBE Summer Jam for the last five years. Meanwhile they allow artists to use the word “nigga” and other words with young kids in the audience.

KUBE will not have warnings to parents and guardians on the KUBE website or on the air or on the tickets. All KUBE cares about is making $$$ of the BACKS OF AFRICAN AMERICAN ARTISTS. After the SJ, they run to the bank.

My friend Julie, why don’t you take the lead?

Gordon Curvey

-Music Inner City TV/Music Inner City Radio/Music Inner City News Magazine

-M.I.C-TV/Comcast On-Demand (our new location /go to “Get Local” and then “Around The Sound” all over Western Washington.

-M.I.C-TV/SCAN-TV/Sat/9:30pm/ch 77/Seattle area and surburbs.

-Music Inner City Radio/Friday night/ 10pm/1150am KKNW/Seattle area and surburbs/www.1150kknw.com live streaming



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Music Inner City TV Webcast/Guest: R&B Singer Joe/6-11-2010

Complete program of “Music Inner City TV” from Seattle with guest r&b singer Joe plus music videos you don’t see all the time on MTV, VH1 or other video ch.


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BREAKING NEWS: Rap/Hip-Hop Legend Guru Passes Away

ARTICLE FROM chicagotribune.com (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Rap/Hip-Hop legend Guru has passed away from cancer at 43. Guru was a guest on Seattle’s Music Inner City three times over the years.

A friend of mine, Walt Atkinson was one of his favorite fans. And he was one of my favorite artists too. Guru and DJ Premier formed a dynamic duo in the rap/hip-hop world.

They formed the group Gangstarr and put down many hits over the years in their own great way. They had their own style. When you turned on the radio you knew who they were right away if you knew about urban music.

A lot of young artists need to study video of Guru and Gangstarr. They were vets who knew how to entertain a crowd unlike many artists of today.

Every time I interviewed Guru it was a great interview. Sorry to say I lost my interviews with Guru in my terrible fire I had a few years ago. But I have the memories of myself kickin it with a true legend….Guru.

Hey Guru, thanks for all the great music you left us and thanks for all the interviews you did with M.I.C-TV. R.I.P bro.

Will be playing videos of Guru in the next M.I.C-TV/Radio.

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Mo’Nique’s Brother Admits To Molesting Her On Oprah

ARTICLE FROM oprah.com (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

This is a very very interesting story I just learned about at former guest on “Music Inner City TV” Oprah’s website.

Regarding the brother of Oscar winner comedian/actress Mo’Nique who admitted to molesting her when she was a young girl. This is a shame readers.

Can you imagine this cat keeping this inside of him for a long long time? And also for Mo’Nique to keep this inside of her for a long long time also. I know this was very very hard on the both of them.

As many of you know, Oprah has said she was also molested when she was younger so I guess Oprah can relate big time to Mo’Nique.

It will be very interesting to see what happens with this story and the relationship between Mon’Nique and her brother.

“Music Inner City News Magazine” is one of the top urban websites on the net. Also check out “Sports Inner City Online” at www.sportsinnercity.com for urban sports news and issues.

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Interview With Snoop’s Mom & Aunt/Wonder’s Son Coming Up On M.I.C-TV

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

One thing for sure I am not Mr. Money Bags etc but the man above has allowed me to be here after a devastating fire in 2005 in which I lost EVERY THING to meet and interview a lot of great people and top of line entertainers and more.

Yesterday (March 30th) I interviewed the son of legendary entertainer Stevie Wonder, Muntez Morris. He is a singer who has a new single coming out featuring Snoop Dogg. You will hear the song soon on M.I.C-TV.

And speaking of big Snoop. Today (March 31st) I interviewed in person here in Seattle the mother of Snoop, Evangelist Beverly Broudus Green and Snoop’s aunt Erma “Dena” Varnado. Who also is a gospel singer. (pic to the left is Ms Varnado on the left and Evangelist Green on the right at our M.I.C-TV interview here in Seattle and below a pic of Mr. Morris)

Both of the interviews were very insightful and full of knowledge. The son of a legendary performer and the mother and aunt of another legendary performer.

I have been very lucky over the years to interview James Brown, Muntez’s dad Stevie, Chaka Khan, Al Green, Dionne Warwick, Ernie Isley of the Isley Brothers, Smokey Robinson, Carlos Santana,  and even media icon Oprah Wnfrey and many more.

And give a platform for upcoming artists in the Seattle area and nationwide. Thanks everyone for supporting us and god willing we will continue to try to bring you content you cannot find anyway in the Northwest and put it out their for our world wide audience right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

The interviews with Snoop’s mom Evangelist Beverly Broudus Green and Snoop’s aunt Erma “Dena” Varnado and Stevie Wonder’s son Muntez Morris will be on “Music Inner City TV” in the next few weeks. Details soon right here!!

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Music Inner City Radio Podcast/1150 KKNWam/3-26-2010

Complete program from “Alternative Talk” 1150 KKNWam edition of “Music Inner City Radio”. Entertainment and urban sports news, classic soul and hip-hop/ new music, exclusive interviews and more! To advertise with us on TV. radio and the interview for our VERY low month;y rates, please call 206-445-3989 or e-mail us at gcurvey@yahoo.com

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M.I.C-TV Webcast/Guest: EXCLUSIVE With Snoop Dogg’s Mother & Aunt

M.I.C-TV webcast from our Comcast On-Demand program. Based in Seattle, Washington. Exclusive interviews, underground and mainstream music videos, and much much more!! This program features a EXCLUSIVE interview with rapper Snoop Dogg’s mother (Evangelist Beverly Broadus Green) and Snoop’s aunt (Erma Varnado) here in Seattle.


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Music Inner City Radio Podcast/1150am KKNW/3-18-2010

Complete re-broadcast of “Music Inner City Radio” in Alternative Talk 1150am KKNW here in the Seattle, Washington area. Entertainment news, President Obama news, urban sports, classic soul and hip-hop music and more. Hosted by Gordon Curvey.

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Tiger Woods To Return To Playing At The Masters In April

ARTICLE FROM pga.com (Full story click here)

Well it is about time. The #1 player in the world of golf Tiger Woods is returning to competition on the course at the 2010 Masters in April.

I know fans are happy, CBS, NBC, ESPN, ABC etc is happy, advertisers are happy.

If you are a golf fan, you are happy that Tiger is returning to play.

With Woods returning, that is more cash for everyone. No matter what you think about the problems of Tiger’s love life, one thing is for sure. He is the best golfer maybe in the history of the game and the game needs Tiger Woods.

Yes certain players on the tour blasted Tiger about his problems. Even a older legend like Tom Watson said some things about Tiger. But I am sure Tiger will make folks forget all that win he starts kicking their butt on the golf course and wins events just like before.

Commercials are running already on CBS about the Masters and the return of Tiger. When Tiger arrives at Augusta, it will be one of the biggest days in the history of sports on TV or TV period besides President Obama taking office.

I will be watching. Like I said before the only time I watch golf is when Tiger is near the lead and maybe John Daly. That’s it.

So welcome back Tiger. The sports world needs you and golf needs you. I hope Tiger learned from his huge mistakes and becomes a better man, a better husband and a better father.

BREAKING NEWS: You can now watch ESPN’s “Right Now” right here on “M.I.C News Magazine”!! Basketball, football and baseball news and much more. Updated all the time, 24 hours a day!!

“Music Inner City News Magazine” The #1 urban online magazine in the Northwest (U.S)

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Chris Brown Asks For Radio And Fans Support

ARTICLE FROM essence.com (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Singer Chris Brown is doing something he thought he would never do. And that is to ask for his fans support in buying his new cd and is also asking radio to play his music.

Ever since his problem of beating of singer Rihanna, he has had problems with his career.

It is for sure not like it was before the problems came down on him.

But in reality Brown cannot blame anyone but himself for his problems. He brought them on himself. He should have did what he did to the beautiful Rihanna.

Having said that, the question is this. Is it time for fans to forgive Brown and buy his music? Is it time for radio to start playing his music again? Truth be told I do not even hear any past Chris Brown music on the radio like “Kiss-Kiss-Kiss” and others. Do you?

Brown is doing every thing courts have asked him to do and more. He is even going to schools and community centers to talk to talk to youth etc.

What will it take for radio and fans to support Chris Brown like before the Rihanna incident? It does not help when programs on TV like “The Insider” and “Showbiz Tonight” continue to blast Brown when ever they can.

This story is very very interesting. Let’ see if the negative treatment of Chris Brown will continue. For his sake and career, I hope the negativity stops.

“Music Inner City News Magazine” The #1 urban online news magazine in the Northwest (U.S.) A spinoff of “Music Inner City TV” on Comcast On-Demand all over Western Washington state 24/7! Just grap your remote and go to the “music” list.

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Music Inner City Radio Podcast/1150 KKNW Program/3-4-2010

Music Inner City Radio broadcast of 1150 KKNW program. 3-4-2010. Classic soul and hip-hop, new music, entertainment and urban sports news. A spinoff of “Music Inner City TV” Hosted by Gordon Curvey.

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Tyra Banks To Have Online Casting Call For The Next A.N.T.M.

ARTICLE FROM s2smagazine.com (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Super model and talk show host Tyra Banks will doing something different for the coming season of her show “America’s Next Top Model”

If you are interested in trying out for the show, you have to go ONLINE to enter. For all the information on what you have to do, just click the link above.

When I watched her show when she announced that this is her last year of her talk show, she said she is moving forward in the digital world. Doing more things online.

And you know what folks that is what I am trying to do. Do more things online. That is the future. I want to do more webcasts and podcasts on my websites and hopefully make money too.

I know Ms. Banks will be flooded with pics via the e-mail from beautiful ladies from all over the world who wants to be “America’s Next Top Model”.

I don’t know she is going to do this. This is going to be a very very hard job for Banks and her crew of judges who work with her.

So if you a interested in maybe becoming the next top model, please click the link above and enter.

BREAKING NEWS: Now you can listen to “Music Inner City Radio” podcasts from our 1150am KKNW radio programs RIGHT HERE!! Just click “podcast” link above.

And if you are in the Seattle area listen to “Music Inner City Proz” with Big Gee. Saturday night at 8pm (Seattle time) on 1150am KKNW. Featuring local artists music.

And new “Sports Inner City Radio” podcasts will be online at “Sports Inner City Online” at www.sportsinnercity.com  Urban sports news plus classic soul music and more!

This is “Music Inner City News Magazine” based in Seattle, Wa (US) One of only a few full service urban websites. Urban sports, entertainment news, webcasts and podcasts, links and much more.

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