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Music Inner City TV Video Podcast/Topics Include Gen. Colin Powell/NRA Attack On The President’s Kids & More PLUS Hot Music Videos!

Broadcast form Seattle and hosted by Gordon Curvey. IMPORTANT: To watch HOURS AND HOURS of “Music Inner City TV” programs (Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/24-7/Western Washington state/go to “get local” & then “around the sound”)  past and recent just click the ‘TELEVISION SHOW” link above. Grab your headphones and enjoy the programs!

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Music Inner City TV Webcast/Guest: NBA Player Klay Thompson

“Music Inner City TV” webcast with guest NBA player Klay Thompson.  member of the Golden State Warriors. This is a spinoff of M.I.C-TV on Comcast/Xfinity On-Demand that airs 24 HOURS A DAY/Morning, noon or night all over Western Washington state! Go to “GET LOCAL” and then “AROUND THE SOUND” Two-four programs to view!! To advertise with us at our VERY VERY LOW RATES click “advertise” link above and call 206-445-3989 or 206-414-6118 or e-mail us at gcurvey@yahoo.com  or reach out via Facebook www.facebook.com/gordon.curvey  or Twitter www.twitter.com/gcurvey


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