Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Says Race Is A Problem

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It is a problem that in my opinion is as obvious as two left shoes. And that is the mis-treatment of President Barack Obama by the right wing Republicans and hosts on right ring radio.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has come out and said that the dept ceiling problems between the President and the Reblicans and right wing is due to one thing and that is President Obama is a African American.

I ask you readers did you ever hear of President George W. Bush and the late Ronald Reagan called a lier by folks who disagree with him? The answer is no! BUT President Obama has been called a lier MORE THAN ONCE by right wingers and the Tea Party and right wing radio.

Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have flat out called the President a lier right over the air over and over and over. What in the world is that?

Rep. Lee wants folks to tell it like it is when it comes to the President. The President being called a lier over and over PLUS other negative things that have happen when it comes to President Obama like a senator shouting at the President in a open meeting of the House in D.C. and other negative things that have happened leaves one to think one thing only….it is President Obama being African American. Pure and simple readers.

It is time for others to join Rep Sheila Jackson Lee and stand up and say what IS REALLY GOING ON. President Obama is being treated like dirt in this debt ceiling situation and as President period by the right wing, Fox News and others is because he is the first African American President and they will do ANYTHING to get him out the White House!! This is what they want BADLY!!  Gordon Curvey

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