Tavis Smiley & Cornel West Continue To Bash President Obama

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It is amazing how and why Tavis Smiley and his good buddy Professor Cornel West continue to put President Barack Obama on blast in a big way. The question is why are they doing this?

They went on a tour of many cities to check on how poor people are living in these bad economic times. But during the tour they do not waste time in blasting President Obama. West is more outspoken against the President than Tavis.

West might as well call the President a “Uncle Tom” By the way, that is what comic Steve Harvey is calling Smiley and West for their treatment of the President.

In my strong opinion here is what is really going on. You see guys like Rev. Al Sharpton and other African American leaders have White House access to the President. BUT Tavis and West do not. Tavis has asked President Obama to come to his Town Hall events he has yearly and the President has not shown up for one reason or another.

So because of all this, Tavis puts the President on blast as does his friend Pro. West. These cats are HATERS and are jealous of Rev. Sharpton and other African American leaders because they can pick up the phone and call President Obama or they can go to the White House for a meeting. West and Smiley cannot. So they blast President Obama every chance they can.

I used to have a lot of respect for Smiley and West but I have lost that respect. Their treatment of President Obama is wrong in my opinion. The President meets who he wants to meet. If he does not want to meet with Smiley and West that is the way it is. Both of them need to stop hatin on the Prez.   Gordon Curvey

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