Rush Limbaugh Is The Biggest Fool On Earth

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One thing is for sure readers. Rush Limbaugh is the biggest fool on earth and the biggest fool on the radio. And in my opinion he should not be on the radio and should be fired!

This clown gets behind the microphone and calls this young lady Sandra Fluke “a prostitute” and “a slut’ about her views on birth control etc.

Yes their is a thing called freedom of speech but Rush has went WAY over the freakin line in my opinion and in many others opinion. This cat has a problem and should be removed from behind the microphone.

Rush Limbaugh’s ego is out of control and he has said stupid and racist and unfair comments regarding President Obama since he has been in office and now his unfair comments about a person he does not know in Sandra Fluke shows again he should not be on the air.

I hope all his sponsorship folks will leave his program. I hope people will see how wrong his comments are towards Ms. Fluke and towards ALL ladies in general.

Maybe all the pills Rush was taking or still taking messed up his brain because for Rush Limbaugh to call this young lady “a prostitute” and a “slut” over the air is just flat out WRONG and EVERYONE on the right and EVERYONE in the tea party and EVERYONE in the Republican Party should come down hard on Limbaugh and join me and many others to say this fool should be fired and removed from the air or suspended for his terrible comments.   “One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

Breaking News: Limbaugh has said he is sorry to Ms. Fluke but in my opinion he only did this because a few of his sponsors were pulling out from his radio show!

By the way, Rush should say he is sorry to President Obama for all the crazy and negative things he has said about him.


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