Republican Mississippi Voters: President Obama Is Muslim

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I ran across this story while I was at my daily visit to a great website “Huffington Post” and it said that a whopping 52% of Republican voters think President Obama is a Muslim. The question is why?

President Obama has said time and time again he is not a Muslim but I guess folks think he is not telling the truth.

Just like certain Republicans think President Obama has lied about where he was born and that issue continues to come up time and time again. This is crazy and wild. And not only that wrong.

Not only do 52% of Mississippi voters think President Obama is a Muslim but also 45% of Alabama voters think he is Muslim too. What is going on? Again the President has said he is NOT Muslim. So why does folks STILL think he is?

And here is a question readers. How come Newt and Mitt and Paul and Rick have not denounced such crazy polls about our President? They are not saying a thing about this. Might of fact they are making things worse with the terrible things they say about the President in their travels all over the U.S.

President Obama has been in office for 3 1/2 years. The Republicans and people like Sean Hannity, Rush, Newt, Romney, Rick, Fox News and more are making things worse and helping to shape certain folks very negative opinions against Presidet Obama.   Gordon Curvey

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