President Is Fighting Against The Republican Party AND Fox News!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

The other day President Barack Obama made it official that he is running for a second term for your President. His first term has not been easy at all. Look at his gray hair. We all know people need jobs to put food in the table, gas in the car, feed the dog, pay the light pay and on and on.

The President is running against a party that from DAY ONE when he and his beautiful and lovely wife Michelle moved in the White House, Hannity is out to make him a one term President. It has came out that meetings were held THE DAY HE TOOK OFFICE for a one-term President. This is truly sad readers.

I think Sean Hannity and Fox News were in those meetings. Because from President Obama’s first day in office Hannity has decided to make the President his whipping boy sort of speak. Hannity has said NOTHING and I mean NOTHING positive about the President. He can’t even call him President.

 Most Republicans will not call our President…..President. BUT they call President George W. Bush…President Bush. Why do they do this? To me it is very disrespectful of our President. I always call President Obama….President! Because that is what he is.

I think Sean Hannity HATES President Obama. I really think he does. Not only that I think it is racism by Hannity and others at Fox News. Joining the racism by right wing radio which by the way Hannity is part of along with Laura Ingraham, Rush, Micheal Savage, Micheal Medved, here in Seattle with John Carlson and many others nationwide.

Thank god for Rev Al Sharpton on TV every day Monday thur Friday on MSNBC at 3pm Seattle time and on radio 10am to 1pm Seattle time. The show airs on the Ztwins here in Seattle. And also thanks to others on radio like Micheal Eric Dyson and Micheal Badisen, Warren Balentine and others.

Oh yeah MSNBC has given Professor Patricia Harris Perry a program of her own every Saturday and Sunday morning. That’s GREAT that MSNBC has given African Americans a chance to have their own programs. Hopefully Dyson will be next in line for a program because he does a great job when he subs for various host on MSNBC like Big Ed and others.  What is CNN waiting for?

We here at M.I.C will do our little part to help in the re-election of the President. If we all do a little it will all add up.

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