Why Do People Continue to Disrespect President Obama?

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Here is a question readers. WHY do people continue to disrespect President Obama? It is a flat out OUTRAGE! When I see this happen it makes me very angry. Is it because the President is African American? HELL YES! Let’s be real readers!

Recently another fella decided to do what he wants at a press conference held by President Obama in the White House garden. Most likely he left home that day and said to himself that he is going to shout out at the President in the middle of a press conference seen by MILLIONS on TV.

This guys name is Neil Munro who works at a right wing blog called the “Daily Mirror” which is ran by far right winger Tucker Carlson. Carlson has made a living talking negative about President Obama just like Hannity, Rush and many others.

So when Munro disrespected President Obama at the press event, Carlson supported his actions!! I just CANNOT understand this readers. This is WRONG and this crap did not happen to George W. Bush or Bill Clinton did it? The answer is NO it did not. It is happening to President Obama because HE IS AFRICAN AMERICAN PERIOD!

But readers Munro is not the first person to disrespect President Obama while he is speaking. It has happened TIME and TIME again. Hell a clown called President Obama a lier IN THE MIDDLE OF SPEAKING IN THE HOUSE IN WASHINGTON D.C!! Imagine that! So if that can happen I guess anything can happen.

But the President fired back at Munro this time and he was angry. I don’t blame President Obama! Go Barack! Stand up and let these fools know that it is VERY VERY disrespectful to interrupt the President of the United States while he is speaking. Heck, even Fox News host Chris Wallace said this was “a outrage”.

How can Tucker Carlson or ANYONE rather you like the President or not agree with what Neil Munro did! It is flat out wrong and should not happen and I happy the President let Munro know what time it is!! Real talk!!   Gordon Curvey

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