Black Faces On Stage By Republicans Ain’t Enough/Clint Eastwood

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I have been waiting to write a article about what I have seen at the Republicans Convention from Tampa and I do not like what I have seen folks. Not at all. The icing on the cake was tonight. It has shown me that the Republicans are playing a joke with African Americans.

They have thrown a few black faces on the stage to speak highly of Gov. Romney and that is suppose to satisfy black folks all over the U.S. It is suppose to make us happy and show us that they care about the plight of African Americans and minorities but I will tell you what, it does not fool me. Does not fool me and millions of others!!

Just watched Gov. Romney give his speech and to me it was nothing new and the same speech by all the rest of the Republicans and that is blaming President Obama for EVERY THING!!! President Obama is just a terrible man according to the right, the tea party and oh yes….Fox News led by Sean Hannity.

But the worst part of the night was 82 year old Clint Eastwood. He was one word…..TERRIBLE!!!!! The movie legend up their was a very wrong move. Who decided to put him up their should be fired. And the bit of him talking to a empty stair was unfunny and again TERRIBLE. And also was unfair to a President Of ┬áThe United States. It belittled President Obama and it was VERY demeaning to the President. JUST WRONG! All during primetime. The most powerful man in the world was a EMPTY CHAIR next to Clint Eastwood! Eastwood should have stayed home on his ranch or at his home on Malibu.

Finally, the Republicans “tried” to put Negros……I mean African Americans on the stage to show they have support by black folks BUT when I saw the camera shot of the crowd in Tampa I have to search VERY HARD to see a black face.

In my strong opinion when ever I saw a Negro….I mean a African American face clapping and cheering for Romney it made me want to go grap some Tums and Alka Selzer!! How can ANY black person support a party who does not give a damn about the African American community is beyond me.

Having a few face faces on stage was not enough. Readers watch next week at the Democratic Convention and you will see a true America. You will see DIVERSITY. A rainbow of people. Asians, East Africans, African Americans, whites etc. This is America readers. On a night Romney gave his speech, the night turned into the TERRIBLE so called performance of Clint Eastwood. That is what folks will be talking about.

Gordon Curvey

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