Republicans Don’t Believe Unemployment Is At 7.8%

“One Man’s Opinion”  by Gordon Curvey 

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It is amazing that certain folks in the Republican Party and the right cannot believe that the unemployment rate is at 7.8% The question is why? It is crazy that folks think that it is “fixed”.

I watched Fox News and of course the bigot Sean Hannity had guest after guest on his program saying what he was saying. That the 7.8% unemployment rate is fixed so President Obama can look good a month before the election. Hannity and his far right guest looked angry. The were very upset.

One of Hannity’s guest blamed the 7.8% unemployment on “Chicago Politics” and one cat said “the 7.8% unemployment “doesn’t smell right at all” Say what?? What are these guys smokin? Why does it have to be “fixed” President Obama has said over and over that slowly but surely things are getting better. But he said their far to many people out of work.

These far right Republicans and Fox News hosts and radio hosts like Lura Ingraham and Rush will say anything about the President of the U.S. One guy former Sen. Sununu said the President is “lazy and a lier” Yes he said this about the leader of the free world, President Obama. Unreal.

Yes, Gov. Romney won the first debate. I have to admit he did. I did not understand why the President allowed Romney to tell lie after lie during the debate. But I will tell you this. The President is going to come back BIG TIME in the next debate. You just watch readers. And I think Vice-President Biden will do well against Sen. Ryan in the Vice-President debate.

At the time I typing this article, it is one month left to election day. As you know I am a supporter of the President and I am going to do my very little part to support the President because I believe in him and what he is trying to do for America. Unlike Gov. Romney who can care less about 47% of us and is a guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and can care less about problems in the inner city.

Just take a look at events held by Romney and Ryan. Readers how many African Americans or people of color do you see in the crowd at his events? Otherwords no diversity at Romney and Ryan events. BUT when the President has events, take a look at the crowd. It is a RAINBOW of faces that reflect the faces of America.

I believe in President Obama. I believe things will continue to improve if we re-elect him to another term. I hope everyone reading this blog has registered to vote!! If you have not……ashame on you!!!   Gordon Curvey

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