Racism In The Tech World? It Is A Huge Problem

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Tonight I was on the net looking for good stories for “M.I.C News Magazine” and BAM I came across a story that made me very happy and also very sad because I have been waiting for a major story on the racism in the tech world.

If you read the story above and if you are a African American like me with two websites that is getting a lot of traffic every day but need help to really became a major player you might get a little depressed. I work very very hard to bring to the table two nice websites with good stories and issues here on this sites. My sports site “Sports Inner City Online” at www.sportsinnercity.com. But I want to make money with my two sites. Just like many whites and asians.

I have tried to reach out to a group of fellas here in the Seattle area for instance who have a website called Geekwire (www.geekwire.com) and they also have a radio show. I asked them to do a possible story on what I am trying to do and they gave me the cold shoulder and did nothing for me and to be truthful, it was racism.

These same fellas help to put on tech events etc in the Seattle area. The people who attend these events are almost 100% white. I see the pics of the events and watch the web shows online and see zero black faces. The price to go to these events are also high so a lot of African Americans or people of color may not can afford to attend.

Recently I tried again to reach out to the fellas at Geekwire about maybe helping me with a story or maybe introducing me to people in the tech world who might can help me. The did not respond to my emails or calls. So it seems I am running into racism like a lot of African Americans have suffered.

I been watching a program named “Bloomberg West” on Bloomberg TV almost EVERY night for the last year. The program features information and stories about the tech world and business world. It is broadcast from San Francisco near the tech capitol of the U.S. The Silicon Valley.

There has been a grand total of only two African Americans I have seen on the program in a year. TWO. It is like African Americans are a complete no show in the tech world or Silicon Valley. Just whites and asians. That’s it folks. Something is very wrong. It is racism.

I want to try to be a tech entrepreneur. My sports site “Sports Inner City Online” is one of only a few “urban” sports websites on the Internet. Covering people of color in the sports world. I need a angel investor or other types of help so I can take the site to where it can a success. But I think I am running into racism. I need to be a guest on “Bloomberg West” or have a story done on my sites by Geekwire.

In my opinion if a possible angel investor would look at what I am trying to do, they would invest. Remember both of my websites are spinoffs of my TV show “Music Inner City TV” which has been on the air for 22 years here in Washington state. We are on Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand 24 hours a day.

It is time for people like me who are African American and have dreams of being a tech entrepreneur and make millions of dollars like many white folks and Asians to get help along the way. Racism in the tech world is real folks. Now is the time for people in the Silicon Valley and even here in my area to realize this and let’s work together to try to solve this problem of racism in the tech world or the problem will continue to get worse and worse.   Gordon Curvey

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