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Congressman Kieth Ellision Puts Hannity On Blast On HIS Program!

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Every once in awhile the BIGOT Sean Hannity will invite a guest on his show that he disagrees with when it comes to President Barack Obama. This happens once every blue moon. When he does it turns out to be a big mistake.

So the BIGOT Hannity invited Congressman Kieth Ellison on his program the other day to discuss some of the President’s policies. Before Ellison came on the BIGOT Hannity tried to clown the President as he does on a NIGHTLY basis by playing a series of short video clips of the President talking at various events. The BIGOT Hannity says the President cannot go anywhere without his teleprompter to read from etc.

In the video clips the BIGOT Hannity played silly music in the background. This upset me as well as Congressman Ellison who put the BIGOT Hannity on blast ON HIS OWN SHOW!! The BIGOT Hannity tried to talk down on President Obama like he does every night but Ellison was NOT having it and fired back at Hannity at every point the BIGOT Hannity tried to make. It was GREAT to see this happen to the BIGOT Hannity!!

It is a OUTRAGE that the BIGOT Hannity and others on the Republican TV channel……oops I mean Fox News and right wing radio treat the President of the United States!! It is pure and flat out racism because we have a black man in the White House. Pure and simple!!

The BIGOT Hannity said on his program that the President is a “joke” and “out of touch” with the American people. And he has taken to many vacations and plays to much golf.  He has forgot how much golf his guy former President George W. Bush played.

Finally to make matters worse, the following night the BIGOT Hannity called Congressman Ellison a bunch of racist names including he was “incoherent” during his so called “rant” ONLY because Ellison made the BIGOT Hannity look stupid on his own show program!! That is what really happened readers!! You wonder why night after night the BIGOT Hannity will have panels after panels night after night full of guests who AGREE with EVERY THING HE SAYS!! Full of guests who just want to put down the President on a nightly basis. This is just a fact!!

My next story will be about ANOTHER friend of the BIGOT Sean Hannity, this dingbat named Michelle Melkin. Who like the BIGOT Hannity has made a habit of putting down the President in racist ways. But she steps over the line and blasts the First Lady Michelle Obama!! Stay tuned for my next blog readers and thanks for coming to “Music Inner City News Magazine”  Gordon Curvey

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