Violence In Auburn, Wa Leaves Three Dead! Violence Has To Stop!

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Today is a beautiful sunny Easter Day here in Seattle, Washington. I go to my laptop to read the news as I always do and went to the Seattle Times’s site and saw news of more violence where people are pulling out guns and then all hell breaks out and three people are dead.

This follows a shooting last week where another person was shot and killed. The shooting where three young people was killed happened in Auburn which is near Seattle. It happened at a sports bar. As you see in the pic from the Times you see crying relatives or parents or friends knowing that someone in their family was killed or injured on or before Easter Day. This is another family that will see a young person dying and dying way to young. Way to young.

Here is a question. How come this violence has to happen? How come folks can’t go and have a good time and get in their rides and GO HOME??? Why is it certain folks want to solve things by pulling out guns? When you do this it can only lead to death a terrible injury or big time jail time. In my opinion as a older cat when ever I hear of another young person dying to senseless violence it is like a family member of mine died too. I feel terrible. And ANYONE reading this should feel sad like I do.

As the Producer of Seattle’s own Music Inner City TV, I have for more than 22 years asked EVERYONE to give advice to young people about staying in school and stopping the violence in the streets and other things geared towards young folks. From Oprah Winfrey or Micheal Jordan to a local artist, I ask them to give their advice. Their is TO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE DYING IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA!!

Keep in mind, there a little baby that was shot and killed recently in Chicago due to senseless violence! Soon readers young people will have nowhere to go and have fun and hang out so then what will happen? More violence? I am trying to figure this out. Back in the day if a person got angry or something a fist fight would happen. But not these days. Cats are pulling out the 9′s and firing like they are on Gunsmoke on TV. Something is wrong.

As President Obama is saying. Too many guns are in the streets of America. Something has to be done. The NRA and right/Republican Party needs to stop fight the President on this issue and come to the freakin table with the President!! If not, we will hear about more people dying like the killings in Auburn, Washington and else where in America. THE VIOLENCE HAS TO STOP. My prayers go out this Easter Day to the family or relatives of the folks killed and injured in the Auburn violence. WE HAVE TO STOP THE VIOLENCE AND INCRESE THE PEACE IN AMERICA!! Comments? or  or 

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