If George Zimmerman Thinks Its Over…It Is Not!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I will tell you the truth folks. I am very upset at the decision in Florida in the George Zimmerman case in which he killed a unarmed young African American kid in 17 year old Trayvon Martin last year. He was found not guilty by a jury that included no African Americans.

First of all how did this case go to court with no African Americans around. This was wrong from the start. I watched the case everyday and was not happy with the lawyers supporting young Trayvon. Was not happy at all. Because how could they go day after day and not bring up race in the mix. They said it was not about race. WHAT!!!  This is BS!! IT IS FLAT OUT ABOUT RACE!!

Young Trayvon was profiled by Zimmerman as a young African American thug with a hoodie on. Trayvon was walking to go watch the NBA All Star game and was stopped by Zimmerman. A neighborhood watch man who was told after calling the police NOT TO GET OUT HIS CAR TO STOP TRAYVON. But Zimmerman did not listen!

Soon a unarmed young boy was dead. Shot by the wannabe policeman Zimmerman. And now this dude is allowed to go home a free man after he was found not guilty. THIS IS WRONG READERS!! WRONG!!

It hurt me to see Zimmerman and his lawyers are happy as hell when the verdict was announced. Zimmerman parents of course was happy and Zimmermans friends and his lady was happy. Meanwhile Trayvon’s parents stayed away from the courtroom when the not guilty verdict was announced. Of course we know they are upset at the decision by the jury. There family lawyers are upset. And millions of others are upset too.

It looks like Zimmerman has got his gun back too. The gun he used to kill a unarmed boy! This is a outrage!! But readers don’t think it is over for George Zimmerman. It is not. It looks like civil charges might be brought up on him. Civil rights leaders like Rev Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson and the leaders from the NAACP and Urban League and other groups are leading the battle to see that George Zimmerman pays for killing Trayvon Martin.

We will have more stories and information regarding the unjust not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman.


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