Is It Time To Take Dennis Rodman Serious?

“One Man’s Opinion” Gordon E. Curvey

As many of you know I love music. I have produced “Music Inner City TV” for going on 23 years. I have met and interviewed flat out legends like James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Ernie Isley, Dionne Warwick, Ice Cube, ¬†Al Green, George Duke, Chaka Khan, Big Daddy Kane, Leon Huff, Rick James, Smokey Robinson and many others including media icon Oprah.

But I also have a passion for sports. When the Sonics left town it was like a family member died. I just cannot understand why we do not have a NBA team after 41 years of having a team. During those years I watched a guy who painted his hair etc but was one of the greatest players of all time and his name is Dennis Rodman.

Yes Rodman did weird things off the court during his time with the Pistons and Bulls and Spurs. He was one of the greatest rebounders of all time. Rodman thought every rebound was his. Players of today need to study his play on the court and learn from his passionate play on the court.

Dennis Rodman became famous all over the world and he became famous in a far away country like North Korea. It seems basketball is loved in this country. So because of that the President of the country, Kim Jong Un has somehow reached out to Rodman and Dennis has made trips to North Korea to visit and the President and Rodman have believe it or not become good friends.

Of course we here in the America are wondering big time how these two have formed a friendship when they seem as different as night and day. But it has happened though the game of basketball. This is a fact. The question is now what can happen between the two friends when it comes to the very very unfriendly relationship between the U.S. and North Korea.

It is a fact the U.S. media thinks Rodman is a stupid clown with no brains in his head. After Rodman’s latest trip to North Korea I saw a dude on CNN call Rodman a bunch of negative names during a interview with Jake Tapper. And Tapper himself made fun of Dennis.

But check this out did Tapper and his guest and others make fun of George Clooney and Angelina Jolie and others for making trips to unfriendly countries? HELL NO!! So why talk negative about Rodman? Is it fair? I say NO!!

But the question is readers should we take Rodman serious? He has made inroads to a country that we have zero relationships with and he has a open door to fly to North Korea and visit his new friend Kim Jong Un anytime he wants. By the way his favorite player is Micheal Jordan and he loves to watch American movies. Should we try to use Rodman to make waves and finally maybe President Obama and Kim Jong Un will talk about the problems between the two countries? Stranger things have happened readers.

Rodman wants to use the game of basketball to try to obtain a meeting or even a phone call between North Korea and the U.S. North Korea has asked Dennis to help train the North Korea national team and Rodman said yes. Let’s sit back and watch this relationship between Hall Of Famer Dennis Rodman and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. I am NOT going to laugh at Rodman and call him negative names like others in the media are doing. I refuse to do it.

Yes North Korea seems to be a extremely poor nation whose citizens cannot even get a PC or laptop and get on the internet. Most citizens cannot own cell phone and on and on. Citizens cannot to a local theater and watch a movie etc. But hopefully things will change down the line. Strange as it may seem but maybe sports will break down a barrier in North Korea and their citizens and can finally enjoy the freedom we have in America.

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