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Kilpatrick & Jackson Jr….Jail Time For Taking Advantage of Citizens!!

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I have been holding back on this topic but I said I have to finally share my thoughts. When I see stories like this readers IT PISSES ME OFF BIG TIME!!! Voters put Ex Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and ex Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (son of the legendary black leader) in elected office and these two freakin fools tool advantage of their positions.

The other day Kilpatrick was sentenced to a long prison term of 28 years for taking advantage of the people who put his ass as the Mayor of a major city in America. His ass-hole was convited of fraud, extortion, tax crimes and corruption. I would have given his ass 50 years for what he did to the city he was suppose to lead as their Mayor!!

Kilpatrick traveled in private jets,had campaign fundraisers HIDE STACKS OF CASH IN THEIR BRAS, played golf at private clubs and
on and one. All this with tax payers of Detroit’s money! Al this behind the citizens of Detroit’s back. He is a crook and would have given him 50 years in prison. This is one of the worse stories of corruption I have ever heard of. He spend around $840,000 of tax payers cash. This is TERRIBLE!!!

And check this out Jesse Jr. did almost the same thing as his African American brotha Kilpatrick did in Chicago!! Spending tax payers money to pay expensive rugs and watches and rings etc. His crime was not as serious as Kwame but I don’t give a damn!!! It was worse enough in my book readers!!

Jackson Jr. AND his wive took advantage of Chicago voters who put him in office. He and Kilpatrick took citizens cash and laughed at them behind their backs while they were living the high life!! This is a damn shame!! Both of these brothas are highly intelligent men who could have done so much with their political careers. Now they will do nothing.

Jackson Jr. and his wive will serve much less time than the crook Kilpatrick so we will see what happens to him. You know the saying that some people should get a second chance. I don’t know if Jackson Jr should get another chance. Kilpatrick may not serve his 28 years in prison. He is 43 years old and Jackson Jr. is around that age too. Let’s see what happens. All I know as a African American I am ashamed of these two fellas. What they did was a flat out dirty crime and Jackson Jr and his wive and Kilpatrick will pay for it in prison.
Gordon Curvey

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