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How Can Congress Be So Damn Dirty!!

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Barack ObamaFolks I am telling you one thing. I saw a story today on MSNBC with this lady who talked about the lose of her unemployment checks. She discussed how it is hurting her already. I saw already because as I type this, 1.3 million people will not obtain a unemployment check.

The lady said she lost her job in February and has had problems finding another job since then. She said she will have to move home with her parents soon. She will have zero income coming in with the loss of her unemployment check. Nothing for food, nothing for rent, nothing for gas in her car, nothing to pay for anything. Most of the 1.3 million people who will be experience the loss of the weekly unemployment check will go though the same thing. This is truly truly sad.

Who is the blame for BS? It is Congress! These assholes don’t give a damn about folks suffering. These clowns in Congress are highly paid and even if they where not in Congress, a lot of them where rich already! A lot of them were born with a silver spoon in their damn mouths!

And most of these fools who do not care about the 1.3 million people who will be suffering today are Republicans and people on the right who also want to MILLIONS from the food stamp program!! REPUBLICANS WANT TO SEE FOLKS SUFFER!! Why? Because they want to stick it in ANY way they can to President Obama.

They will say people are suffering because of President Obama!! When the Republicans are the damn blame!! Readers this is a damn shame. It makes me angry to know that besides the folks already unemployed and suffering from day to day, their will be 1.3 million more! And here is the question folks. What will people do to survive? Steal? Sell drugs? What will folks do to pay their bills?

The sad part is Republicans don’t give a damn about people suffering. They are putting food on their table and paying their bills etc. Everyone reading this who care should be upset. I know I am.  Congress should be thrown out! Let them go to a families home and sit down and talk to people who cannot find a job and put food in their babies tummy. And let them know how it will be with zero money coming in. Maybe that will help them start to care. BECAUSE WHAT NOW THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN AND CAN CARE LESS!!   Have a comment? Leave it here or email us at Gordon Curvey

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