We Here In Seattle Are Super Bowl Champions!!!!!

ARTICLE FROM nfl.com (Full story click here)

seattlewinsWE ARE SUPER BOWL WINNERS HERE IN SEATTLE!! Our Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. and it was a BLOW OUT FOLKS!!

It is Seattle’s first big title since the 1979 Seattle Sonics. The city of Seattle and the 12th Man is going crazy!! We are waiting for the big parade here in Seattle. That will be crazy. I hope to be there to obtain interviews with the crowd for my TV show “Music Inner City TV” and for here online at “Music Inner City News Magazine” and at my sports site “Sports Inner City Online” www.sportsinnercity.com

Word is the big parade will be here in Seattle starting at 11am for our Seahawks. Myself I cannot help to think about two guys on local sports radio KJR. Dave Mahler and his pal (a word Mahler users ALL THE TIME) Hugh Millan wanted Matt Flynn as the starter for the Seahawks over Russell Wilson.

Hugh Millan even said that Wilson was Pete Carroll’s “teacher’s pet”!! NOW WHAT HUGH AND MAHLER????? WE JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL UNDER RUSSELL WILSON!!! Myself and KJR’s Brian Abker stood behind Wilson. AND WE WERE RIGHT!!

I just knew that Russell Wilson was the QB to lead the Seahawks. He is a born leader. This is a fact. Readers we have a very young team too. We can be back in the Super Bowl in the near future. I will be back with more stories on our Seattle Seahawks. WHO JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL!!

PS Wish their was more people of color reporting for the sports media here in the Seattle/Tacoma area. This is a huge problem in my strong opinion. It just is not a good look.

Gordon Curvey

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