More Than 700,000 Jam Downtown Seattle For The Seahawks

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Russell WilsonLadies and Gentlemen it is cold as hell here in Seattle as I type this. It was cold as hell also here in Seattle when maybe a million people yelled and screamed for our World Championship Seattle Seahawks.

People started to line up for the best viewing of the parade though downtown Seattle a night before the event in the cold weather! I am sorry folks but THEY WERE SOME CRAZY FANS!! No way on earth would I camp in frigid cold just to wave at a team. NO WAY NO HOW READERS!!

Here in Seattle all buses were packed, the light rail system was packed, their was no parking in downtown for the parade and at and near Century Link Field where the celebration took place. There was no way I was going to mess with the traffic and packing etc even with a TV show I really should have been their to get reactions from the cheering Seahawk fans.

As the trucks went by with all the Seahawk players and coaches and even with team owner Paul Allen, the crowd just went nuts. Marshawn Lynch sat in front of a truck and threw Skittles at happy fans all along the route. And the World Championship trophy was passed from truck to truck so the players can hold the trophy above their heads for the fans. It was really something to see.

At Century Link Field all the players were introduced for the packed stadium. Oh yeah, Century Link Field was packed with mostly season ticket holders. The Seattle Mariners allowed Safeco Field to open up for fans to watch the events on the giant screen TVĀ  and it was packed also. I am telling you Seattle loves the Seattle Seahawks who won their first NFL world title. I just in front of the TV my warm apartment and was just very happy to see all the happy fans. People of all races and ages were just happy with smiles on their faces. Not worried about their bills or other problems. They was just happy that out home team won the freakin SUPER BOWL!!!

I want to thank the fans of Seattle for turning out in the cold cold weather to cheer our Super Bowl winning team and THANKS for the Seattle Seahawks for providing us fans with a great great season. I wish the NBA was watching Seattle. Remember we are without a NBA team since our Sonics left in 2008 for OKC. I pray that we can obtain a team very very soon. Don’t forget the Sonics brought us our first World title in 1979.

There is no way we should be without a NBA team!! NO WAY!!

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